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  1. Jean Robert Laurent frowned from the Seven Skies.
  2. Bishop Alexios began to draft plans for a new church, and a new bull...
  3. Alexios could be seen frantically packing objects for liturgical use from inside the humble apartment located above the Chapel of St. Arpad in Numendil, preparing to spread his own particular brand of worship to anyone who would appreciate it!
  4. Alexios is already at the Holy See explaining to everyone that Paladins worship Xan, hate GOD, and eat babies.
  5. The Bishop put down his souvlaki as he saw yet another courier stop by the Parish mailbox. Frowning, Alexios got up and went to the mailbox where a comical cascade of missives fell out. With a sigh, the Priest grunted and picked them up and began reading them. Brows furrowed at the details and the accusations being thrown about, the Bishop decided to first offer up a prayer for the soul of the deceased child and then pen a letter to the Order. "O LORD, remember first your people who art thy inheritance..." He muttered as he lit incense and picked up his quill.
  6. Bishop Alexios lit another candle for beloved Stanislaw next to the one already reserved for Father Tonito in the crypt of the Cathedral of Saint Arpad, closed his eyes, and began to pray. In a moment of melancholy he cried out, "O GOD! Will I have any friends left by the time this godless War is over?!" Inhaling sharply and composing himself, he once more bowed his head and began to pray anew.
  7. Bishop Alexios, tipped his Mitre to the Hieromonk, from one Orthodox Canonist to another. Invigorated by the Homily, he penned a letter to the man! ἄξιος! AXIOS, Brother Osvald! I write to you this day from Veletz, for a copy of your Homily has reached me through the siege lines. Glory to GOD, that it has done so for I find it's message universal and it's contents very pertinent! Words on parchment alone cannot describe the depths of the sorrow and tribulation I have felt over this War. Nothing is so sad as a Canonist waging War against his fellow Canonist. I weep for the family of GOD, for it is most beautiful and wonderful when Brothers dwell in unity and love. I pray that this madness comes to an end soon, for the only regret I feel from reading your Homily is that I did not get to experience it in person! Keep us in your prayers Brother Osvald, His Imminence, Bishop Alexios P.S. Magnificent Vestments, if you'd mind sharing your tailor I'd be delighted to be one of their patrons!
  8. Full Name of Man - Fyodor Kovachev Name of Woman - Lucia Hervela Kovachev Location of Ceremony - Cathedral of St. Arpad Date of Ceremony (Year) - 1957 Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony - Bishop Alexios
  9. Bishop Alexios looked over sagely at Cardinal Stanislaw, "Short the Church stocks - Don't give me that look, just do it!" The Bishop sighed before he pulled out the massive bill for the upcoming Pontifical Residence. "... We're going to need the money."
  10. Let it be henceforth known throughout the realm that Father Alexios, vicar of the diocese of St. Emma under Bishop Odo, is in search of an autmaton crafting teacher. He wishes to serve as an apprentice and to better appreciate the mysteries of the machine so that he may become a Lord of The Craft. Compensation for the knowledge is offered, for Veletz is desperately in need of an in-house prosthesis specialist.
  11. Father Alexios squinted at the parchment with the various documents attached. "Malaka. He got me."
  12. Father Alexios, having been epicly pwned on the forums, prayed deeply for the man regardless.
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