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  1. The rhetoric behind your post can essentially be reduced to "we should be nice to each other", which I think is something decent to look at from an aspiratory standpoint. Being nice is good. I don't think there are many people here who can deny that in its most basic form. The simple reality though is that LotC just does not work like that. You've been around long enough to know this; I don't know why you're asking questions you already know the answer to, or what you were expecting people to reply with. Were you hoping for an injection of hope to get you through these trying times? The best advice I can give anyone is to commit themselves to a set of principles and find a few friends. You can't please all people. In my experience, you can't even please most people. All you can do is please yourself, and the best way to do that is find a few principles that are important to you and stick to them. All too often people sell out on this aspect for pixel advancement, so just don't. As for friends, that should be self-explanatory. Not having to be alone makes it easier to stomach toxicity and maybe, just maybe, have a little bit of fun.
  2. Try this shit out its called Goblin Gas, hehehhehe

  3. A Princely Melee To the plebians and peers of Almaris, To celebrate Prince Olivier II’s return from isolation and the dispensation of the regency, House van der Sainte-Blandine has seen fit to host a melee tournament at the stronghold of Caer der Hodenn during our liege lord’s tour of the realm. Food and wine shall be served to spectators, and a champion’s purse of 200 minae shall be offered to the victor of the tournament. All eager participants should nail a response below this poster. Signed, Lord Philippe Hakon van der Sainte-Blandine, Baron of Caer der Hodenn FORM FOR PARTICIPATION: (OOC) Discord: IGN: (IC) Name: Age: Race: Nation: LOCATION & TIME: Caer der Hodenn, Savoy. -300 1800 Sunday, 7:00pm EST For clarification, this will be a PvP tournament.
  4. A Condemnation of Heresy To the plebians and peers of Almaris, I, Philippe Hakon van der Sainte-Blandine, Baron of Caer Hodenn and leal subject to the Principality of Savoy, do hereby renounce the Michaelite schism on behalf of both myself and my House. We praise our liege lord Olivier the Younger on his atonement and bid the Anti-Pontiff Christoff to do the same, lest he suffer eternal torment in the Void for his epic transgressions against the Creator. Signed, Lord Philippe Hakon van der Sainte-Blandine, Baron of Caer der Hodenn
  5. An Announcement of Matrimony To the plebians and peers of Almaris, This missive concerns the matrimony of the Right Honorable Philippe Hakon van der Sainte-Blandine of Caer der Hodenn and the Palazzo Mistress of Robes, Guenda Letizia di Sarola. The families of di Sarola and van der Sainte-Blandine have enjoyed amicable relations, stretching back to Deimos Colborn and issue’s service to Paul di Sarola during his tenure as Bishop of San Luciano. Therefore, it is only fitting that Deimos Colborn’s successor enjoys a long and fruitful union with a lady of the di Sarola bloodline. The ceremony will take place on the noon of next saints day. Though it is expected to be a small and dignified affair, the citizenry will not be barred entry should they seek to bear witness. A private reception will take place after at the halls of Caer der Hodenn, where those with invitations will be treated to a hot supper, red wine and ample conversation. Invitations: All peers and nobility of the Principality of Savoy, along with their entourage. Inductees and Oathed members of the Scarlet Chapter. Anyone else deemed suitable to enter, at the Baron’s discretion. Signed, Lord Philippe Hakon van der Sainte-Blandine, Baron of Caer der Hodenn OOC Information: The wedding will take place 3pm EST on the 11th at the San Luciano cathedral.
  6. Philippe Hakon van der Sainte-Blandine lay sitting on a rigid, uncomfortable cedar chair in the study of Caer der Hoden. He was well informed of the rising tensions between the nations of men and dwarves, and aptly knew that an armed confrontation was nigh certain - after all, Dwarves always fulfill their grudges, be it against a swindling merchant or a brash Emperor. Thousands were to die over a dispute between ten hot-headed skirmishers, a dispute that could have been settled with a conversation rather than a war. But was it truly about a pack of half-men being denied elven ears, or was it something more ingrained, something that could not be settled in a single meeting? The truth, Philippe knew, was that Urguan simply practiced a way of life that was diametrically opposed to that of the Empire's. And where there is disparity, there is turmoil. The Baron of Caer der Hodenn was not idle during the prologue to war, he was writing letters for numerous requisitions. Food, horses, pack animals, camp supplies and other provisions needed to transport and keep his men fed. The clicking of leather shoes against the stone brick floor of the castle resounded as one of his bannermen barged into the study bearing parchment. The Footman performed a crisp salute; "News from Urguan, my liege. The Irehearts have sworn revenge on the Emperor." "Dismissed." Even in spite of his giddiness, Philippe kept a stoic composure. His man saluted once more and exited the room. Reading the contents of the letter, Philippe smiled the sun's smile at the prospect of another feast for crows. "So it begins."
  7. The Scarlet Chapter "The art of war is of vital importance to the state. It is a matter of life and death, a road to either safety or ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquiry which can on no account be neglected." - an unknown Easterner commander whose name has been lost to the tides of history. The sigil of House van der Sainte-Blandine: a blossoming red grapevine. Introduction A squadron of Sainte-Blandine crossbowmen ambushing a YPA patrol near the road to Rozania. Sainte-Blandines were warriors long before the establishment of the Scarlet Chapter. Originally beginning as a holy order known as the Legion of Godfrey, they scoured Almaris, using asymmetrical warfare to root out infidels, heretics, and other enemies of the faith. Prince Olivier Renault found use for these stray fighters, giving them highly dangerous missions to carry out behind enemy lines. The Sainte-Blandine family carried them out to the letter, and so the Prince saw fit to elevate them to nobility for their service to the state. Deimos Colborn van der Sainte-Blandine was the Patriarch of the family, and therefore the one to receive the title grant. Fashioning himself as the Baron of Caer der Hodenn, he began recruiting and drilling an army out of his castle known as the Scarlet Chapter. The Scarlet Chapter was named as such due to the red capes that Sainte-Blandine bannermen wear over their armor, being inspired from the fact that red is one of the main family colors coupled with black. They are seldom worn during battle however, instead acting as a kind of dress uniform that members wear during formal meetings. Actual command of the levy was largely delegated to Deimos’s son and heir, Philippe Hakon van der Sainte-Blandine, who held the rank of Commandant. After Deimos’s abdication a few years after his title grant, Philippe inherited the title and subsequently unrestricted authority over the family’s army. Organizing massive recruitment drives, Philippe seeks to grow the Scarlet Chapter into a formidable fighting force worthy of the Prince’s favor. Sainte-Blandine military doctrine is built on the idea of contracts, a system where new recruits swear themselves to the Chapter for a period of six years, where they are prohibited from joining other levies or leaving the line of duty without leave. This agreement is treated as both a legal contract and a religious oath, with a priest acting as witnesses. Leaving the Chapter without permission during this time is regarded as perjury, desertion and sacrilege, and therefore punishable by death. There are considerable rewards that make this restriction worth it, however. Members of the Chapter are entitled to free housing and a monetary salary, allowing for rapid social advancement that would otherwise not be available in the civilian world. Many soldiers sign on for more contracts simply because of the bonds they have made in the Chapter; one finds their most dependable allies in the battlefield, after all. Chain of Command A Lieutenant sporting his darkened plate mail and battle-tattered cloak. The military hierarchy in the Scarlet Chapter is simplistic in nature, lacking many of the filler ranks of most armies. Officer ranks exist solely for the delegation of troop command so that one man does not have to shoulder the burden of the entire army, meaning that the number of Lieutenants exists proportionally to the overall size of the Scarlet Chapter. If the Chapter’s size is diminished, fewer Lieutenants will be appointed. If the Chapter’s size is massive, there can exist many Lieutenants. Due the highly militaristic nature of House van der Sainte-Blandine, quite a few members of the family end up joining. Blood relatives do not get paid, as it is considered a purely volunteer job on their part, but on the other hand they are free to leave any time they wish without being considered a deserter. Furthermore, Sainte-Blandines that enlist are instantly instated as Lieutenants, even if no men are available to be assigned to them. The Chapter is nepotistic in this regard, yet the chain of command is overall a meritocracy. If a Sainte-Blandine is unfit for the Chapter, they are expected to resign, or be expelled by the Baron if necessary. The Baron of Caer der Hoden or his Regent holds absolute authority over the House’s military. He is able to appoint and remove Commandants and Lieutenants at will, and his orders supersede all in the Chapter. He is responsible for paying and housing his men, administering discipline, and providing a sense of direction for the Chapter. The Commandant acts as a second-in-the command of the Baron. They are tasked with arbitrating disputes between Lieutenants and Footmen whenever the Baron is unavailable. Different Barons treat their Commandants differently. If the Baron in question is an experienced commander, the Commandant is more of a right hand man. If the Baron does not have a military education however, the Commandant can find themselves delegated with command of the entire army, being vested with all the military authority the Baron has. They receive a salary of 30 minae just like lieutenants. Lieutenants are Footmen that have proven themselves to possess the spark of leadership. They are assigned command of five to eight Footmen by the Baron, with whom they are charged with keeping focused and disciplined. They can also command Footmen under another Lieutenant, but only if said officer does not contradict the order. Due to their added responsibilities, they receive a salary of 30 minae. Footmen are inductees that have partaken in the initiation ritual and are now serving their first six-year contract. These make up the vast majority of the Scarlet Chapter. They are assigned to a Lieutenant, who acts as their superior officer. They receive a salary of 20 minae. Inductees are outsiders that show interest in joining the Sainte-Blandine levy. Since they have not sworn their oath yet, they are not promised to the Chapter and do not receive payment or protection, but at the same time are free to go their own way should the military life not be to their liking. Secondary Ranks A depiction of an aged combat trained brandishing a sparring sword. There are a number of specializations in the Chapter which are not subject to the chain of command, but act more as a designation of skills that the soldier is adept at. Examples include field surgery, combat, equestrian practices and engineering. The Baron and the Commandant decide together who deserves this designation, with the Baron ultimately having the final say. Field Physicians are practiced healers that are skilled in both immediate first-aid and long term recovery. Most of those bearing this title tend to have a prior background practicing medicine before joining the Chapter, though it is not unheard of for members with limited knowledge learning from existing Field Physicians and earning the designation themselves. Combat Trainers stand out amongst their red brothers as exceptional fighters, having slain numerous foes and possessing experience in a wide variety of weapons. As such, they are the ones that Footmen usually turn to when seeking to hone their skills, and are the hosts of great training sessions. Equestrian Workers are those among the Chapter that can breed war-horses. A valuable skill, alongside a highly profitable one. Equestrians are given the resources and time to breed these stallions, with steeds of sufficient quality being requisitioned by senior command for usage by the Chapter at large. Forgemasters are tasked with making sure that the Chapter’s armory is well stocked with weapons and armor. They are provided with the materials and workstation needed to produce this equipment, and are requisitioned certain quotas to fulfill. War Engineers use ingenuity and science to help the Chapter in battle. They are expected to be able to build trebuchets, raise palisades, dam rivers and construct siege towers in a short span of time through collaborative teamwork and forethought. The Sanguine Oath A depiction of the Commandant fighting in a skirmish on horseback. Inductees pledge themselves to the Scarlet Chapter during a ceremony known as the Sanguine Oath. Witnesses to the ceremony tend to be tight lipped about it, thought it is said by former bannermen to be considerably more gruesome when compared to the initiation ceremonies of other armies, involving ritualistic execution of prisoners before Inductees speak their vows. All that is known is that it is done with a Canonist priest as witness, hallowing the Sanguine Oath as a divine pledge made not only before the Sainte-Blandines, but before the Creator himself. This ritual bears great cultural significance for House van der Sainte-Blandine, as it binds the bannermen and the house they represent together. In the most informal sense, all Scarlet Chapter bannermen become honorary Sainte-Blandines after taking their oath. This is why the Chapter is so fierce as to punish those who break their oath; the contracts that bannermen sign are not mere legal agreements, but highly personal promises made before their new family and the Creator. Enlistment Information Prospective Inductees waiting for a ship to Caer der Hodenn so they might take their oaths. The Scarlet Chapter is a socially accepting group, as far as Savoyard militant orders go. Anyone is free to take the oath and will be treated well so long as they can keep up with the physical and mental demands of the Chapter, alongside showing respect for the Savoyard culture and way of life. (OOC) IGN: Discord: (IC): Name: Race: Age: Are you part of any other nations or levies?: Would you be willing to renounce those allegiances to join the Chapter?: Do you have any skills or trades that may be useful?:
  8. "Philippe, you must marry before the castle goes to you." Philippe's lord father Baron Deimos spoke to him in the study as the sullen heir apparent buried his nose in a contemporary tome concerning the exalted Emperor Godfrey I's reign. "Marry? Let Valentin have the castle when I die. Hell, it's preferable to marrying one of those palazzo trollops." "I am serious." Deimos loomed over his son, the weathered inquisitor's menacing aura striking a chord in even the stalwart Philippe "You will marry or I will ship you off to the monastery." "Marry who?" Philippe frowned. "Well, there was this poster, you see..." IGN: Suitblade Name: Lord Philippe Hakon van der Sainte-Blandine, supreme leader of the Scarlet Chapter and rightful heir to the Barony of Caer der Hoden. Age: 30 Place of residency: Caer der Hoden, Savoy Bank account balance: More than you, honey. Hobbies: Torturing and crucifying people who do not share my religious beliefs. One interesting fact about yourself: My mother is dead.
  9. Locate the Archon Dog. Finish the deed.

  10. Discover the basement of the beast

  11. SURNAME: Banner FIRST NAME: Bartholomew ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: 2 Ildon Avenue, Redenford YEAR OF BIRTH: 1813 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the Right-Bank District?: Yes. Do you have any other title, peerage or military service that may conflict with becoming a Member of the House of Commons, as per the Edict of Reform (1763)?: No. If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the House of Commons, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: Yes. ((MC NAME)): Suitblade
  12. Stefan Vladimirovich lay asleep in the barracks of the modest yet fortified keep of House Carrion, certainly a promotion for the Dobrovian footsoldier when contrasted to his destitute abode dug beneath the hamlet's granary. Rising from his bedroll and the slumber which confined him to it, that Raev bore witness to this strange parchment, pinned to the castle's wooden infrastructure. With the assistance of one local esoteric Saevel, the literately challenged strelt pieced together a response. Name: Stefan Vladimirovich Race: Human Age: Twenty six winters Past Accomplishments: Put my sword through a Herald of Azdromoth, fought through the Tenth Nordling War, scourge of all Elf fornicators in Orenia. ((Discord: Suit#7207)) ((Username: Suitblade))
  13. [!] Numerous dark cloaked figures visit cities and settlements alike, nailing the following message written with letter stamps to any notice board they could find. [!] Let it be known by all that the Mali’ata Rowan Laetheryn has been discoverred a servant of the Titan, a Herald of Azdromoth in light of newly attained evidence. Offer her no quarter or entry to your lands, for she would see the Titan’s influence spread from Oyashima to the Rimevald.
  14. RP Name: Timothy Chambers MC Name: Suitblade Voted: Yes
  15. "There are no scraps in my scrapbook." - Philip "Phil" Leotardo

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