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  1. Here we go again.

  2. Sign me up. Omg I can’t wait to rp this incorrectly.
  3. Norawen released a silent sigh as she heard the news of Xavis’ passing. She gazed outward, blindly into her room, seeing only darkness within her visage, having abandoned the gift of sight, a gift which Xavis himself introduced to her...for which she had forsaken. She felt in part, some responsibility for his death, believing that she had failed him. Alas, time moves infinitely forward, and so to must she. Xavis’ soul may have faded away, but he shall live on for eternity within her memory, and her spirit. “So long my friend, this is goodbye, may we see clearly in another life.”
  4. Norawen would huff at seeing the advertisement. ”Another shot at finding someone meaningful...let’s see how well this goes, shall we?”
  5. Norawen would glance the paper over, giving the document an affirmative nod before flipping her hood up to cover her head. ”May this inner purge of my city begin.” She muttered, then stepped away.
  6. I think guns should be allowable depending on the specific type. Blunderbusses, muskets, and flintlocks are all good examples of a balanced weapon to implement. Single shot, terrible accuracy, loud and smokey (no one is going to NOT notice that someone fired a weapon), long and painful reloading process, and take a lot of time to produce. Similar items of explosive goodness would be mortars and cannons, also balanced in their own right, and completely useless if they’re not used for siege purposes or naval purposes. So my gist on the matter; yes, as long as we use only single-shot, inaccurate weapons that only have a chance to kill. Do not however, implement automatic or semi-automatic weapons WITH accuracy, weapons which could easily be powergamed. Though of course powergaming is easily doable in the field of firearms, but I’m sure our good ol’ staff team can work out a way to make sure there’s a balanced system. That is all
  7. I knew the birds were robots, I knew it.
  8. *Norawen gave a solemn salute, she was going to miss the rather attractive Trade-Empress
  9. Norawen would look the document over with a thoughtful gaze. “Organizing the mages globally doesn’t sound like an awful idea. I might look into this, I do hope they don’t turn me away.”
  10. As a filthy, degenerated void-mage myself, I can’t exactly participate in such an event, but spectating it was quite enjoyable. It’s a creative, and fun way to give people something to do. Nothing wrong with it.
  11. We’ll start a coupe, and then I’ll coupe you!

  12. You can’t rollerskate in a buffalo herd

  13. Well, I guess I’m back then!

  14. OOC: MC Name?: Pillzberry Discord?(Required, can PM me.): Pillsbury #7718 -=- IC: Nora Full Name: Norawen Snowborn (Barondil) Race: Snow Elf Age: 164 Reasoning for joining?: I simply wish to acquire more knowledge about the world around me. I live in such a large place, yet I know so little about what the make-up of the air I breathe, the ground I walk on, the food and liquid I consume. All of this is rather peculier to me, and makes me curious. I hope to be able to share similar interests with the other members of the guild, and perhaps move to discover this wonderful realm's secrets. When are you free for an interview?: Any time Do you swear to follow and uphold all of the Guild's rules and customs?: Yes What position do you seek?(If an official position, let me know.): Explorer What is your favorite color?: Blue
  15. Delete Nexus


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      Better idea, delete LoTC's entire gamefiles.

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      delet this

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