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  1. Pillsbury

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    I knew the birds were robots, I knew it.
  2. *Norawen gave a solemn salute, she was going to miss the rather attractive Trade-Empress
  3. Doctor Norawen Barondil gave a tired sigh of relief as her friend was pardoned, opening the doors to the medical aid her city needs.
  4. “This is a terrible, yet excellent idea....this is going to go to **** isn’t it?” Says Norawen after signing the document
  5. ((That moment when the Director’s signature is prettier than the nation leader’s))
  6. Norawen disregards her invitation.
  7. Norawen would look the document over with a thoughtful gaze. “Organizing the mages globally doesn’t sound like an awful idea. I might look into this, I do hope they don’t turn me away.”
  8. As a filthy, degenerated void-mage myself, I can’t exactly participate in such an event, but spectating it was quite enjoyable. It’s a creative, and fun way to give people something to do. Nothing wrong with it. ❤️
  9. We’ll start a coupe, and then I’ll coupe you!

  10. You can’t rollerskate in a buffalo herd

  11. Well, I guess I’m back then!

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