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  1. Philip Augustus would often be seen in the gardens of the Augustine, caring for his hawks, feeding the pigeons, but always humming this most patriotic tune.
  2. Cardinal Pelagius, You have flattered me as revered and graceful when I am neither. I am a humble sinner. I know the nature of flatterers. You and many would assume that to forgive you is graceful, merciful, and holy. I am an old man now, Cardinal, and I have stared into the face of the devil, and clutched the aura of angels. I know what is holiness, and to forgive you does not bring me closer to it. You have apologized for being drunk for my wife's funeral, that you had caroused too much, that your politics interfere with your sense. You mock priesthood wit
  3. James, I abandoned her more often than I was with her. It was the nature of our union, that she loved me so dearly and submitted kindly that my duty as a soldier, as a Prince, was paramount. I am a dire sinner, you see, to have not seen the brightness in her smile. I was cold and decrepit, and when I wavered, she remained the pillar of my faith. And with time, I loved her more deeply than any man ever loved a woman. She gave me good children, sons and daughters to be proud of. She gave me good hope, that I may, in my coldness, become affectionate for the sake of it, and
  4. An elf named Nyseia begins shouting at passerby as they gossip, commanding that they misunderstand the ongoings of the imperial family. He retreats to his shrine of John I, recalling how he, too, had marital issues!
  5. In a visitation of the past, in the gardens of the Novellen, an aging Duke seized a young soldier's hat, turning to another. His dear son. His beloved son. His heir. This old man took the hat and placed it on his own head, raising his fist in salute to the young man, giving to him a display of his pride in his son. "I would follow you into the depths of hell!" He told his beloved son, the young soldier, who drank and smoked and made merry with him. Now, this other Duke would relish in their peace together.
  6. Society of the Nine Stripes INTRODUCTION It is a great preoccupation of the common man and aristocrat alike, of the foreigner and resident alike, what is the complexion of our Empire. The saga of mankind is written in Empire, and in eras where no such state reigns, that name and that idea are upon the lips of every man. Yet with each stripe earned in this struggle for the nation of Oren, we find that no effort is precisely like another, and its peoples are altered by the Country’s struggles, her sovereignty, her sovereigns, her wars, her innovations, and her
  7. The Duke of Crestfall cannot help but be pleased that a common man would seek so fervently to defend the honor of a noblewoman. He pens a swift letter in response, Holy Sir, Your offer is to be never accepted, for folk of lower standing may not, by all tradition, challenge men of higher birth, and certainly not my Imperial son to a duel. I will, however, receive you, as a Holy Sir, and pray with you, should we seek to find the Grace of God together, and reconcile in place of this strange politic of my family you involve yourself in. That you should accept is a great de
  8. An imagined Church of James II <------------------> <------------------> <------------------> <------------------> I address this letter to the Imperial subjects of the south, within Redenford, and namely the Lord Stahl-Elendil, proprietor of the municipality; I have been given the responsibility to serve as your humble Magistrate, and as such, I shall perform my duties without reservation against politic and remorse. That this land, that has changed hands so often it may as well have never been given, is in the state it is, is an exa
  9. A pious Prince in the Augustine praises the decisiveness of the King of Haense, and even the pagans of Norland, to a collection of soldiers assigned to his guard, "There, then. This is where the King of Haense stands, with God. And so the Nordling King has plucked a poison from his nation. There is only virtue in this, I should hope to see this Rurikid in virtuous skies. The Lord above is no doubt pleased, where when pagans have murdered a man of His flock, they have been purged from their own nation."
  10. Philip Augustus lingers outside his afflicted son's chamber, when a message of the priest's death meets his ears. The Prince curses under his breath, dismissing the messenger before lamenting to a nearby soldier, assigned to guard the door of his son. "There but for the Grace of God, so go we all."
  11. Dear James, A grandson, the midwife told me, with a polite address, offering the child out to me as if I were to hold it. I could think of nothing to say but to tell the midwife to return him to his mother. A cold command, my innate affection for the boy clouded by the tumult of my most recent years. My first grandchild, my first grandson, and I could not give him my all, not in the moment, Lord forgive me. I am an aging Prince now, James, but I have no pity for myself. You would be overjoyed to see me live, vicarious, through my children. Josep
  12. On a dirt road, far from those belonging to his home in the Empire, a man of middling age an unorthodox posture is seated astride a warhorse that had once trotted alongside the Empress' own, a decade ago. As the horse trotted lightly along, the brisk air sent the main to pull his leather cloak tighter around himself. Snow was unfamiliar to him. The humid heat in his Helenan youth had not prepared him to be subject to such deviations as the frozen air of the peaks to the south. There was nothing here for him, nothing he could find here that would absolve him of the many aches in his chest for h
  13. Edward Selm and Civil Protection Our Cause There has existed, for generations, an explicit lack of protection for citizens from the abuses of government. In an Empire where the rule of law is key, we have guaranteed liberty, life, and trial to our citizens, and yet we have been painfully relaxed on enforcing those inalienable rights. There is only one way to remedy this. Where we have long operated simply expecting our rights are protected, we must reach into the maw of the political and government elite, and seize it rightfully as citizens of th
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