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  1. Lord Samba pledges fealty, dawning his technicolor dreamcape.
  2. A response will come for the legal representatives bearing the seal of the Supreme Court. Sir, The Supreme Court has voted, and accept your appeal for the review of sentencing. We will move forward with determinations on whether a trial is necessary to make a ruling, and will call you and your team should we decide such. Chief Justice, Sir John d’Arkent, KCHE
  3. The Chief Justice observes the treatise with interest, before knocking his grandson on the head with his cane. “I don’t think she read the law,” he informs his grandson before taking a hefty sip from his whiskey.
  4. Sir John contemplates dawning his old lion pelt for the occasion.
  5. <=> The Birds of Helena <=> Philip Augustus I am enchanted, in an eternal way, by the nature of birds. They can do every thing we humans cannot, and often many things we can do, they surpass simply by the nature of their inherent and inalienable majesty and mystery. I am compelled to publish this, in hopes that the people of Helena and the whole Empire may know better the nature of our avian comrades which make Helena and the surrounding lands their home. Crowned Jay My favorite local avian, by far. You cannot find them often inside the walls of Helena, except perhaps at bird houses in the yards and balconies of the metropolis. I find their nests in the treelines outside the city. Once, I came back to a nest every day, to watch the small birds grow from hatchlings with naught but down, and see the blue flush into their features. They fly often in pairs or small groups, and so I depict them as such, searching out their favored treats amongst the local acorn trees. Ruby Pigeon I cannot go ten steps in Helena without sighting this avian pest. Yet despite their massive numbers, and how they bombard us with their droppings, by themselves they are singularly beautiful. I find myself in d’Arkent square from time to time, dropping pieces of soft bread. When they begin to clutter in massive flocks, I find it difficult to resist chasing through them, as if I were a giant routing an army. For the best. Most consider them pests and would find my compassion for them distasteful. I depict them here in a more elegant form, a tree branch with sweet berries, ripe for the taking. Ari Duck I find these birds most often in the Lake Helena, and River Ari adjacent. They are less a nuisance than our pigeons, but just as much enjoy my breadcrumbs. I insist on visiting them when by myself, where they are most amicable to my approach. My parents insist I must remain within the city when without guard, but I have managed to sneak away to offer them my solitary care from time to time. They are known to mate for life, and so I depict them in their matrimony, partners in a daytime swim. Ruby Hummingbird I wonder more often than I wonder of more important things; how can it flap his wings so quickly? Such wonderful strength, muscles that, to scale, would serve a hundred times the strength of a man’s. They dart from flower to flower, often in the gardens of Selm and the surrounding fields, feeding on their sweet nectar. Here, I depict them in still form, but stillness misrepresents them, and so I am almost sad to do it. Bird of Providence So wise, these creatures. A very common pet in Helena, and the Crownlands; the first of which were imported from the Spice Isles some fifteen years ago by a ragged Rhenyari merchant ship. Many escaped, as it were, and you can find them rarely in the trees. They hide perfectly, not unlike the more shy of my friends, their feathers offering them perfect camouflage, except where their colorful heads are revealed. Their calls are very distinct, ranging from repetitive clicks to piercing screeches. Some can even be taught to utter words from our languages. I named mine ‘Sigismund,’ for I often feel his primitive form of wisdom offers him clairvoyance beyond any human capacity. Intensely social creatures, here I depict them congregating en masse. Auburn Hawk Perhaps the rarest to spot in the wild, but a fine bird for hawking. I myself have hawked with them several times, and with confidence I can say their affinity for the hunt is unmatched by any living thing. To see one is the wild is only to spy them far above your head. To see them in their most natural form is to witness a predatory dive. They fly like an arrow from heaven’s bow, but never without purpose. They always return to the sky with their prey in their hands, lest one of their kin seek to seize it from them; not an uncommon occurrence with the recent draught of small game. So, I depict them arguing over a freshly caught prey. Great Petrine Owl If eyes could see a soul’s nature, it would be these. Stoic creatures and vicious predators, who tell long stories with their forward gaze. Entirely nocturnal, spotting one in the light is a nigh impossible task. You are more likely to catch their glowing eyes from the treeline, where they spot small critters most suited to make their meal. I have seen one in daylight only once, clinging to a tree nearby the Roussard estate, hiding its face from the daylight. I tossed a stone at the trunk of the tree to gain it’s attention, and from there I depict its curious glance. Emperor Pheasant A particularly small type of pheasant, though named for its glorious color and proud gait. These avians are full of a natural energy, dashing across the treelines of the Emperor’s forests in search of tiny insects on which to feast. When I am not hawking, I am hunting these tiny creatures. Their flesh is particularly tender, and difficult to overcook. A Crownlands delicacy, I often eat with a puree of chickpeas or carrots. Though I am spoiled in that I’ve the time to hunt, and the cooks to bring out the flavor. I depict them here on an afternoon stroll, fearlessly crossing an open field. Ruberni Snipe These odd looking creatures inhabit the wetlands and muddy terrains along the Crownlands, the River Ari, Lake Helena, and River Rubern. My research reveals they are a relatively new native to the lands. Speculations abound that the countless bodies found in the rivers from battles and wars of the Troubles gave way to a bloom of swampish flora, the perfect environment for these dainty things. Here I depict them hiding amongst the mudgrass, either lounging in safety or in fear of some great predator. Joey’s Hawk Can the nature of a bird be evil? I should think so. The largest bird in my book, with wingspans taller than me. This condor’s primary food is carrion, and in the Troubles, I have read, they were so commonly seen that they grew to be named ‘Joey’s Hawks’. They nest in the mountains surrounding the basin in which the Lake Helena sits, and when they soar overhead, their shadow cast can frighten you into hiding from what would seem some otherworldly drake. Here I depict this frightening creation hunched over in some maniacal pose, in hopes to capture its dastardly omen. Western Crow The second-most common avian in the Crownlands, besides the Ruby Pigeon. These creatures fly in large flocks, feasting on whatever they can find. Unlike their eastern cousins, however, the Western Crow is somewhat of an adept fisherman, and I have caught them on more than one occasion feasting on river-crabs and small fish. I depict them here, feasting on their most recent tiny prey. ((I write this in homage to John J. Audubon, one of my favorite artists. Please donate to the John J. Audubon society if you appreciate these pieces and the creatures depicted as much as I do.))
  6. Bjorn Ironside raises his stone axe to the sky after sacrificing a collection of baby seals to the Allfather, “I hate Helena!”
  7. John d’Arkent coughs, “Poor Mr. H.”
  8. Hey friends of the craft,

    I’m trying to get a sub button for my stream and only need 10 more followers!

    If you have the time hit me with a follow and I’d really appreciate it...



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      Sell out 🤡 

  9. Sir John drinks alone, his House uninvited despite a Cathalon being his granddaughter.
  10. Nyseia reads the letter before frowning deeply, “A soldier follows orders. A soldier shouldn’t need to apologize.”
  11. Nyseia nods, having done his duty in curtailing the Morsgradi war party.
  12. John accidentally drops his ballot, and drops his entire glass of whiskey on it.
  13. “Who knew my father was so popular, so posthumously,” John laughs.
  14. ((Damn this is really nasty she’s a kid trying to have fun and none of these are serious roleplay responses
  15. John bobs his head, grateful to see his loyal opposition embarking on their own fair and glorious mission!
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