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  1. coalminerkid219 reporting for duty @Harrison
  2. Shoving LOTCers in lockers on school rp innit

  3. Imagine getting taken out by the LOTC Gestapo.

  4. Jaelon

    A Captured Officer

    A CAPTURED OFFICER The Curonian Officer, in his cell! A merry band of Ruberni set off from their dwellings to hit the roads, as usual. On their findings they found a man who so proudly boasted of taking his sword to many High Elves - an odd display from a side that are in the process of reaching out to the Silver State. Regardless, the man was captured and cast in to a cell, so as precedent sets. You may come to Rubern to negotiate a ransom, lest this man be slain like the rest. (OOC: Prisoner executed, can close.)
  5. Imagine saying someone should die over your pixel roleplay. Cringe!

  6. Jaelon


    ANOTHER ONE. AIS soldiers running down their inferior rivals! Another One. Another One. Another One. A routine experience for the members of the AIS, another day and the retinue led by commanders such as Augustus, Antonius & Doctor Daniel sallied their forces amongst the lands of Helena, at the footing of King Peters land they stood and for a countless time faced a similar sized force ahead of them. This time comprised entirely of Reivers - due to this, confidence surged through the AIS ranks; we all knew, when was the last time Reivers won a fight, let alone a war. Though, the fight did not start as quickly as anticipated for the Reiver forces begged upon the sky-gods to assist them, save them either. A desperate plea for help that was brushed aside, and with that? The forces charged, or well, at least one did. The Reivers fled like the cowards they are. Running from afront of Helena all the way towards the High Elven Citadel, mowed down they were. Despite the warnings of a Reiver return, a warning to stay away from the road - the AIS ignored such a warning; for good reason. The Reivers lay dead at their feet another day.
  7. Doctor Cedric hastily scratches a few notes. The plague was spreading in the Orenian forces, inflicting delirium. He’d have to collect more samples soon.
  8. It seems like these posts periodically arrive stating that staff will be moving forward with a new way to address problems and that they’ll eliminate the issues that have been happening. Afterward, nothing happens for a while until another public post is made complaining about the lack of change/action. I’d like to think your heart is in the right place but it really isn’t easy to believe this with how things have gone previously and how out of touch it seems you are with the community’s opinion. Also, a few parts of this message seem either poorly worded or conceived. I can understand the idea of not wanting to get Discord notifications on your phone, but the fact that you close off a line of communication for the people who need help the most is a problematic stance without even delving into the other things you’ve said here. Communicating with a large volume of players is part of the job of an admin and if you’re too busy or don’t want to handle it, you should probably abdicate the position to someone else. A lot of this post is a diversion from addressing the pedophilia problem on the server to talking about action against “toxic” (undefined) behavior. These issues don’t really seem related and it kind of seems like you just want to brigade against some strawman people who I at least haven’t encountered. (i.e. “radical idealogues”) instead of addressing the real problem. Finally, I would really recommend taking a moment to think about the fruitfulness of creating a separate entity to resolve these “Safety” cases, when problems involving those already on staff have been woefully mishandled. P.S. Western Values is an extremely arbitrary statement.
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