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  1. Dragonslayerelf


    “Dah zkah mi blah abowd nuw clanz?”
  2. Dragonslayerelf

    [Idea] Moving Structures

    There could easily be rules and regulations around this. Skyships are unlorefriendly and thus can just be nuked by mods. There can be rules saying that people can’t move their mobile builds into an area within x blocks of a tile. Stuff like that.
  3. Dragonslayerelf

    [Idea] Moving Structures

    This idea is a simple one. Is it possible to make moving structures with the framework provided by the various plugins we have installed without having to modreq every single time? Things like boats, caravans, giant mammals, etc, would logically be able to move about but I was wondering if it would be possible to have them actually move about [including, if people log off in a moving structure, the transportation of that person to the new structure’s location, effectively just changing the location the server believed the person logged off at.] This could possibly be done using something like a SS pillar where instead you can have a different pillar that is essentially just where you spawn when you log in that would dynamically move with the structure.
  4. Dragonslayerelf


    if we had something like this start to mobilizing on i’d put my 4 on ap computer science to good use.
  5. Dragonslayerelf

    The Departure

    Departure The clan wars had ended. He knew this, and yet his rage compelled him to fight. He had equipped himself that day: The Warsword of Krugmar was in his hands, he donned his finest armor, and he set out to the field of battle to face what he anticipated would be a horde of enemies before him. He was filled with wrath when he entered the field, and yet it was empty. An empty victory for Shakul. He headed back to his clan hall, agitated still, and checked his mailbox. He had sent many letters to Gilgamesh, all of them reading one thing: “Led uz end diz ihn ah klomp, agh peep wub Krug willz.” He had been repeatedly denied his klomp, and so he would be denied no longer. He spent the rest of that Krug’s day at his forge. The clanging of metal and the hissing of steel being cooled rang from within the bowels of the clan hall as he forged his weapon. “Diz azh’ll bi zpezhul.” he’d remembered him saying of the incomplete blade, but now he had a reason for it to be so. He replicated the blade that lay next to him, the Waghzult ob Krugmar, to perfection. The only problem he had happened upon was the crimson color of the Waghzult due it being comprised of Bloodsteel, the steel of the Raguks. Undeterred, however, he finished the piece and let it cool as he retrieved paint, the same dark red paint he used to create the banners of the Gorkils, and slopped it across the mock sword. A crimson red, identical to that of the Waghzult, was the result. He admired his handiwork for a moment before looking at it. “Ah falz zult vur ah falz rekz.” he remarked, a wicked smile upon his tusked mouth. He put it into a box, locked it, and sent the key to Gilgamesh. “Miytii zurprize un ‘iz ‘andz wen hi gedz diz.” He carried the box to the 2nd gate of San’Kala and placed it there, writing a note and leaving a copy of his book atop it. Thereafter, he departed from San’Kala, for a time that he figured to be temporary. “Wehn dah kubz ub Krug regayn dehr zenzez, mi wihl return.” the overthrown Rex resolved. With the Waghzult at his back and his warboar, Narzulb, beneath him, he departed. The hooftracks would be lost in the desert sands, the wind eventually kicking them up and leaving any who would seek to follow him guessing. The Rexdom of Shakul’Gorkil had ended. The beginning of Gilgamesh’s had begun.
  6. Dragonslayerelf

    A Sermon on Humanity's Strength

    "Zavaj am bub'hozh." the nearly-deposed Orcish Rex would say with a firm nod after hearing of this. "Week am nub'hozh. Urukz am nub zhiip. Liib dah zhiiplinezz tu dah twiggiz."
  7. Dragonslayerelf

    Da Purpuhl Punizha

    Rex Shakul'Gorkil, despite his immense anger, at least acknowledges that this orc had at least the scraps of honor. He did not shy away from an honor klomp, and the matter was settled as it was started. "Zic zempur tu whiytwazhez." he said, a platitude he'd heard from the Church but modified to suit his needs: Thus always to whitewashes. The Halfhammer of Gorkil marched to continue his bloody crusade.
  8. Dragonslayerelf

    [Clan Wars] Unhinged, Unknelt, Undeterred

    Rex Shakul'Gorkil would just like to clarify that he was indeed injured but he was unafraid. He was merely recuperating and resting on the steps as he planned his next actions.
  9. Dragonslayerelf

    [Clan Wars] Unhinged, Unknelt, Undeterred

    UNHINGED The day began in a tavern. He had come to celebrate the return of Durr'Lak, Swampgoth of the Laks. He knew they held an unstable brotherhood, but he knew the brotherhood of orcs was stronger than the divisiveness of a period of turmoil. He knew that orcs were orcs at the end of the day. He knew that all orcs were orcs in the eyes of Krug, that they must all share their suffering, their fighting, and their kindred spirit. They had forgotten. He had come for a celebration. He had come to welcome a brother back into the arms of his people, and thus sat across from him, with his mate beside him, prepared for a feast. He found it strange that no food was on the table, no drinks pre-prepared. Kotturrik'Braduk, his mate, sat beside him. Then the cries of "Flat dah Yarz, flat dah Gorkils, dey'm dishonurabul zkahz." began. He tried to impart wisdom upon them, but they held only hatred and bloodlust. And so, expecting conflict, he prepared to leave. "Lat coward!" cried the young Lak runt, Rognor'Lak, that had bested the Rex due to a slip of combat. He turned, incredulous, prepared to fight again, before the Swampgoth said "Kniil." to his mate. Again, he tried to explain to them that uruks did not kneel, but they had only blind rage and senselessness. And thus, they fell upon Kotturrik'Braduk when she would not kneel. Shakul'Gorkil asked Duk'Braduk why he did not aid his wargoth, and he said she was no wargoth, no orc. He was a coward. And thus, Shakul'Gorkil began to sift through the fold. He tried to fight against the pile before Krukleyd assailed him. The Warhammer of Gorkil was sundered, both the orc and the weapon and the man. Sundered, but not rendered useless. He lashed out and roared as he fought against Krukleyd, but Duk'Braduk hit him in the back with his warhammer, resulting in his leg being cut off. They then left, and a crowd of Laks emerged to mock the Rex. "Lat kannub walk!" one said. "Dat wihl bi fix'd." he retorted. The battle came and went. Shakul'Gorkil charged into the fold and went berserk on many of the Raguks and Laks. The Gorkils and Allies were defeated, and Shakul was captured. He was put in reins and dragged along. He resisted his bondage and fought against his captor, Durrr'Lak. "Whiy am wi kapzhurin' dah Rekz, owur leedah? Nub poynt to kapzhurin' owur uwn leedah." a goblin said. "He'z not owur leedah." said another. "Yub, but he'z leedah tu zum." After injuring Durrr'Lak and kicking at Duk'Braduk, he was knocked out and dragged to Fort Stronk. UNKNELT He was awoken by a bucket of sea water and the face of a red orc with yellow warpaint and a blue orc with red warpaint. The red orc seemed to be in control, though he was unsure. He cursed at them, spitting at them and saying "Zkah lat." The larger red orc, who he know recognized as Krukleyd, Skullcrusha, or Morkar - the one with many names - left Durrr and Shakul after snickering and claiming that he bowed to Artimec, the enemy of all Orcs. After that, he was left with Durrr. "Kniil." he repeated in so many words. Shakul refused. This went on for some time. He continually refused to kneel. He was beaten, and yet he bit at Durr's fists. He was kicked, and yet he kicked at Durr's knee with his metallic limb. At length, he was tossed off the edge, dangling just above a precipice. He used his metallic leg to climb slightly above the area he was stuck in. "Kniil. Ur mi'll zend lat intu dah ozhen." Durr repeated again. "Dah ozhen id iz." he then said, biting off the cord as Durrr sliced off the rest of the rope and left him to the sea. He then found an alcove after shimmying around the rim, crumpling into himself as he gnawed off all the ropes upon him. He took his metal leg in hand and jumped off, swimming to shore. He had not knelt. UNDETERRED He returned to San'Kala. He was reinvigorated. He was enraged. He was angry. Kotturrik had gone to Kaz'Ulrah and gathered a few dwarves together to form a search party to look for the missing Rex. When they found him, he was sitting on the steps to his clan hall, his leg unstrapped and at his side. There, he decided to convene a meeting. There, he decided to speak to the Wargoths of the allied clans. There, they spoke, and they reached a conclusion. That they were coming for those who wronged him.
  10. Dragonslayerelf

    Return from the Mist

    Shakul, upon hearing of Durr'Lak's return, sought to make arrangements to have a great greeting. Durr'Lak was one of the few ologs he truly respected, acknowledging that it was Durr'Lak and his goblin that designed the city of San'Gorka. He contemplated holding a great feast, only to remember that the Gorkils and Laks were at war. The time for embracing one another as brothers long lost would come again.
  11. Dragonslayerelf


    Shakul'Gorkil, upon acquiring the proclamation, brings it into his calloused, dark red hand and looks it over, grumbling. He'd then shake his head, muttering a curse or two before crumpling it up in his hand and, after going through all the appropriate steps, drawing upon the fire from a nearby torch and burning it in his hand, his brow immensely furrowed "Bradukz hav ulweyz bihn alliyz tu dah Gorkilz. Id peepz dat am chaynjin'." He'd then spill the ashes onto a cast of a blade he was forging. "Diz azh'll bi zpezhul." he'd then comment about the blade, pouring the molten metal into the cast as he continued to forge arms for his clan.
  12. Dragonslayerelf


    Rex Shakul'Gorkil emits a 'humph' of intrigue, shaking his head before saying "Mi wihl blah tu dah waghgoffs ub dah Klanz agh peep wub dey hav tu blah. Iv lat kan ged dah majoriti tu blah yub, wi klomp vur rekz. Zuch az id haz bihn, zuch az id zhall bi." with a firm nod, then returning to forging weaponry for the Gorkil's side of the war.
  13. Dragonslayerelf

    Nazark's Head

    Rex Shakul'Gorkil, upon seeing the notice, ripped it off of the wall and shoved it into Rognor'Lak's face in the Flat Lizard Tavern. The rex was infuriated by the wanted death of the fatherlike figure Nazark'Gorkil had been to him, and thus he cursed him out and said "Bruddaz nub flat bruddaz!" as the enraged orc picked Rognor up and carried him to the ruins of the Arena. After this, they klomped and as the Rex wildly swung at Rognor, eventually Rognor came out on top. "Dah klan wagh wihl begihn!" he shouted at the Rex, joined by the voice of the wargoth of Raguk, saying "Raguk am wif lat!" to the Swampgoth. And thus, the Clan Wars of 1682 began.
  14. Dragonslayerelf

    Missive to Ord and Az'Adar, 1680

    The Rex of Krugmar hears of this, and says "Kriymz? Vrum wub mi grukk'd ub id id wuz ah klomp wif flat agriid az dah kondizhun ub lozz. Twiggiz am truli kowurdz dehn, mi peepz." with an incredulous tone before heading back to repairing the city of his great nation that had been plundered by the elves.
  15. Dragonslayerelf

    GM Monthly Update Log - August

    I'd just like to state that by virtue of numbers, the GM team can only sustain around 20-25 people without the average person failing to meet the 3% quota unless yall specifically only did 3% of each modreq so that everyone is at 3% all the time and then you could maintain 33, which is impossible, so no you don't need more GMs unless you start getting rid of the terrible ones. Also basing it off of modreqs answered is an objectively bad way of measuring a GM's usefulness. GMs often have more important roles than just answering modreqs and, while like a margin of 2% and then an assessment is reasonable, GMs should be graded on quality, not quantity. It's important to note that people who want high %ages can only take easy modreqs like 'i have this 1 chest here that needs eviction' or 'dude's being meanie :(' and thus reach the 3% quota, but those who get hard modreqs (Nl: Hey I need my entire city evicted, overseeing warclaims, raid watchTM, etc.) can simply avoid them unless they're cronies. There's also situations that spring up that need moderation that don't get modreqed. Quality GMs should be rewarded over quantity GMs.