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  1. Dragonslayerelf

    Flamboyant's bad logic

    Hahaha, what a carefully considered, relevant, and insightful reply. If this is a life lesson, according to you this means “never get angry and say **** because you’ll get dicked over for it.” That is hardly what anyone should take away from this. What they should take away is that iMattyz is te victim of a harsh ban for harassment that didn’t happen (no GMs feelings were harmed im the making of this ban) but even if it did, it’s discord. It’s someone’s private discord. If you see all the GMs and admins suddenly disappear from your discords, I think you’ll know whats happening and why. People want the ability to speak freely on a medium they hope the staff doesn’t have influence in, so we make discords separate from the main one. If this is FlamboyantRage’s decision, we might as well only use the main discord where everything and anything we say is monitored anyway. Besides, this ban in no way reflects anything racist, and “diarrhea of the mouth” is a subjective term. Hell, I could be utilizing diarrhea of the mouth right now according to you, but the difference is I live in a semifree country and have the right to say what I like in a private setting. Unless its anything dangerous and illegal I’m saying in private, it shouldn’t be subject to the same scrutiny as it being said in public. Also, as to what @Aelsioln just said, Matt has the right to say those things in private the same as you should have the right to talk negatively about people you know in private. Does it make you a ****? Yes. Should it be bannable? No. Regardless, its toxicity to the server and on the server that counts. I’ll now go double check to make sure you’re banned from the Dominion discord so we can say what we please in peace, thank you for coming forth with this evidence that points to you being the source of this unjust ban.
  2. Dragonslayerelf

    Enough is Enough.

    Where do you draw the line? Discord. Your authority ends there. Beyond the realms of the LoTC discord, you should have no power. You’re meant to be moderators of the forums and of the server, that’s it. If I send some PM to someone saying some mean ****, I should be blocked and I’m a ****, yes, but I shouldn’t be banned, much less for what iMattyz did. What iMattyz did is express his opinion about a system thats broken and a team thats ineffective. If you want to ban him for bad behavior thats fine, just ban him for bad behavior on the forums and/or the server and for something that isn’t an opinion of a team that’s grown increasingly malign. Saying “he’s done **** in the past” isn’t a valid point, its an excuse. Yall should unban him and stay the hell out of our private conversations if the content presented isn’t downright illegal according to international or national laws, not according to whether someone insulted someone or not. #FreeiMattyz
  3. Dragonslayerelf

    The iMattyz question

    free my man imattyz
  4. Dragonslayerelf

    Enough is Enough.

    Yo Leo, I think you should focus more on the whole of GM activity instead of throwing the orcs under the bus. That can get a separate post if you like, but we should come together OOCly to talk about the BS the GMs do to both communities. Orc's've been getting fucked over by this BS too man.
  5. Dragonslayerelf

    Enough is Enough.

    There's also the issue oft GMs moderating things said over private discord chats, things said to other players either in confidence or in non-LOTC mediums where they have no right to be moderating anything. iMattyz' rant, for example, happened on a private discord in a chat that is not owned by LOTC and is just a discord for a group to get tohgether. Moderating discord is another abhorrent tactic the GMs use to limit what we do and what we say and, again, for their own fragile ego. This, along with other practices like these bans above, is absolutely terrible for the playerbase and makes the entire GM team feel less like they're regulating the game for us and more like they're doing it for themselves. #EnoughIsEnough
  6. Dragonslayerelf

    [Clan] Gorkil Clan

    Mi fix'd. Agh dat'z dah poynt. Zhaym. Iv lat iz wiik agh kannub du dah fing id iz tuld, dah uruk dezervz humiliyazhun. ((also, I read the wiki and that's literally what it said. Copied it verbatim despite the fact that it seemed a little fishy and I'm glad to see I was right.))
  7. Dragonslayerelf

    [Clan] Gorkil Clan

    Clan Gorkil "Ang Gijak-Ishi" - Iron in Blood ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "To Enrohk for bloodlust, to Vulka for leadership, to Gentharuz for our weapons. These are the spirits who we pray to to grow closer to Gorkil and his kubs." ~Shakul'Gorkil, Warchief of Clan Gorkil Clan Gorkil is a clan that, above all, prizes military might. In the militant nation of Krugmar, where raiding, fighting, and blood is held above all else, Clan Gorkil stands out as the clan that strives to have the best fighters, the best tacticians, and the best orcs. Their role model is Gorkil, second son of Krug and great strategist of his time, their founder his son, Angbad. Brutal and cunning, yet wise and contemplative, Gorkils live to be the prime military tacticians and soldiers. Their clan has taken many twists and turns in the past, they have always stayed their course, and always strove to be as honorable, as capable, as faithful, and as loyal as they could possibly be. Their history is long and storied Ancient History Gorkil the Orc was a the son of Grahla and Krug, the weaker brother of Rax and the 2nd son of Krug. He was consistently overshadowed by his older brother, who, the moment he learned to fight, consistently demonstrated the fact that Rax's strength far supassed his own, and as a result was forced to live in the shadow of a stronger orc. This shaped who he later became, a shrewd tactician and intellectual who was capable of backing his strength with strategy. Gorkil himself had several children, the notable of whom were Angbad, who exemplified Vulka's sphere and followed after his father as an equally apt tactician, the second of whom was Azog, the underdog of Gorkil's children who eventually proved to be one of the greatest smiths of his time, and the third of whom was Ugluk, a renowned for his skill as a warrior. These virtues of the children of Gorkil are what the Gorkils of Krugmar draw from when praising their three most idolized spirits, Vulka, Gentharuz, and Enrohk. The clan itself was founded by Angbad, first son of Gorkil, who modeled the clan after his own tactical prowess. During the clan wars between clan Rax and Dom, the Gorkil Clan aimed to hold true to the bonds that Gorkil felt with his sister, Dom, and thus sided with the Dom clan during the conflict. During the reigning Wargoth's campaign, he annexed many of the minor clans that followed Clan Rax. The forces of the various clans eventually closed in, and the Battle of Nomad Plains had begun. Through the combined effort of the Gorkil and Dom clan's efforts, and the Gorkils had came out of the battle with minimal casualties. However, it was found out that the leader of clan Dom had become one of the first dark shamans and he, along with his clan's shamans, had enslaved spirits to give themselves powers beyond that any shaman has seen before. Thus, their trust in their allies betrayed, Clan Gorkil withdrew from the war. After the war, clan Rax was victorious. Clan Dom was banished, and Tythus, son of the prior wargoth of clan Rax, became the first Rex and formed the Warnation of Krugmar. The Laws of the Gorkils The Gorkils have been guided by a set of laws created by a prominent figure, Vagud'Gorkil, in more recent times. These laws, set in writing, are as follows: If a Gorkil finds a person who is injured or starving, be they Uruk, human, kha, or any other race, and this person has done nothing to harm them or another Uruk, it is a Gorkil’s obligation to assist them by tending for their wounds, bringing them to a doctor or healer, or feeding them and offering them shelter. If the Wargoth demands something, a Gorkil should comply without question. A disagreement between two brothers must first be sorted out by talking with each other and trying to reach an understanding. If they fail to come to an understanding, they will have an honor klomp. Never betray your Clan: Betray it not by acting. Betray it not by failing to act. Betray it not by deed. Betray it not by word, sign or inscription. Do not perform dark or white magic. All orcs must abide by the code of Mauogh. The punishments, devised by later Wargoth Othmgahk'Gorkil, are as follows: For leaving an injured or starving person, you will be forced to fast for one week. If you repeat this offense, you will be cast up into a freezing mountain and forced to fend for yourself for two weeks. If you repeat this a third time, you will be killed by lacerations to the neck. If you back down from a fight or cower, you will have your fingernails torn off. If you do this again, you will be branded with the word ‘coward’ on your forehead. If this is done again, you will be cast out from the clan and made a whitewash. For not following the Wargoth’s orders, you will have your right hand crushed with a hammer. If this offense is repeated, you will be branded with the word ‘disgrace’ and cast out from the clan. For betraying your brother, you will have your neck lacerated with a rusty dagger. With later additions by Warchief Shakul'Gorkil as follows: For the possession of any sort of non-shamanic magic, you will be cast out of the clan. For Dark Shamanism, you will be cast out of the clan and branded a whitewash. Thereafter, hunting parties will seek you out and prospective Gorkils can bring your head to the Wargoth for advancement. For failing a task, Orcs will have dung attached to parchment and have that parchment stuck upon their head until that time when it falls off of its own accord. Removing this parchment will cause the orc to have their back subject to the Trail of 100 Knives, where their backs are slowly flayed cut by agonizing cut, with the flayer intentionally doing so at a slow pace. The pattern flayed on will read "Failure." down the orc's back. In the most serious of cases, a “Blood Eagle” would be performed on one’s persona. Your back would be slit open, and ribs hacked away from your spine. This would cause it to spring apart to resemble an eagle’s wings. The executioner would then draw the lungs out of your back and draping them over your shoulders, leaving you to die. The Traditions of the Gorkils There are many traditions that the Gorkils adhere to, one of the more prominent and well known ones being that Gorkils cut into themselves with long knife marks. A Gorkil who has seen many battles typically has a dense concentration of scar tissue on their arms, where they run the knives along. These cuts not only are used to prove the Clan's resilience, but also inspire the 'Blood Rage', a frenzylike state that allows Gorkils to use their ancestral curse to their benefit and enter a berserk-esque state. Traditionally, Gorkils have frowned upon the worship of Immortal Spirits due to their association with Shamanism and the overall distrust Gorkils have had of Shamanism from the time when Dom turned their backs on the clan, but the worship of Immortal Spirits has become far more common, even endorsed by the current Wargoth, who designed his scriptures and methods around them. While many older Gorkils feel that the Spirits, who sided with Dom, betrayed them along with the clan itself, it is also thought that it was the Shamans themselves who betrayed them, not the spirits, and that they should still be praised. Regardless, Ancestral worship is generally more common among the Gorkils than that of the Immortal Spirits. It is also common for Gorkils to own Warboars, large desert boars that run with exceptional speed and are capable of withstanding the desert's harsh conditions, or ride scaddernaks raised from their birth as eggs, large lizardlike beasts that also reside in the desert sands. The Ranks of the Gorkils The Gorkils are divided into a collection of ranks to show both seniority and superiority in the clan heirarchy. A helpful guide was made by Wargoth Shakul'Gorkil to explain what these ranks are and how to rise through them, entitled 'Rizin Dah Rankz', and is made publicly available to those who wish to join the clan, with the Gorkil scribe goblins copying the pamphlet many times over. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ioApQnfgOQN4F8lTJEO-8N68O76Rjr_ZZ4uBnPQPGOw/edit?usp=sharing However, Gorkils are divided up into ranks thusly: Warchief/Wargoth At the top of the hierarchy sits the Wargoth or the Warchief, the current leader of the Gorkils, who can be challenged only by Elders of his clan. Exceptions can be made for other valid claimants. Elder Just below the Wargoth or Warchief sits the clans many Elders, wise, typically older orcs who have been known to have enough worldly knowledge to suffice as advisers to the Wargoth/Warchief whilst simultaneously acting as officers to the Gorkils. They are to be obeyed as if they were the Wargoth himself if the Wargoth is not present, but anything they do can be over-ridden by the sitting Wargoth. Blud Below the Elders sit the Bluds, mature orcs who have completed all the trials available and who have not yet embarked and completed some sort of grand task in dedication to one of the Spirits, but who have shown themselves to be capable enough to act as lieutenants to the Elders and Wargoths. Bluds are also to be obeyed by Kindred orcs and Thralls, but are not given the same precedence as an Elder or Wargoth. Anything they do can be overridden by either and they cannot advance another orc in their trials, only an Elder or Wargoth can do that. Kindred Kindred orcs are afforded all the rights and perks that come with being a Gorkil, with armor and weapons provided to them by the clan's armory and custom weapons and armor being afforded to them by the clan's smiths, should they provide the materials with which to make them, as well as having the right to own property in the form of housing and raise families, rights that the Thralls beneath them do not have. They, however, are the rank-and-file of the Gorkils, and most Gorkils are expected to reach at least the rank of Kindred in their lifetime. Thralls Thralls are the new recruits of the clan, and do not possess the ability to own property aside from the small hovels in the muddy regions of the Clan Hall, intended mostly for the use of the slaves to the clan. They do not have the right to have a family or independently own property, and for as long as they're a Thrall, what's theirs is the Clan's. Note: Instructions on how to join the clan are on the "Rizin dah Rankz" doc.
  8. Dragonslayerelf

    Dragonslayerelf's Application Team Application

    I am aware that I'd have to follow standards I don't agree with but I'm fairly sure that's just called life. In life you do things you aren't exactly satisfied with because there are rules that you'd like to change but either aren't in the position to at the moment or can't from your current perspective. Joining the team for me is something that I've wanted to do regardless, but it was sort of spurred by wanting to see a change. Not that I'm going to sabotage the application process to do it. My point in joining the AT is more to be an irritating thorn in your side nagging you and making you aware of my opinion whilst still following the procedures instead of immediately going "Vivre d'Revolution" and buggering the entire process up. That's just being irritating and something of an *******, not a winning strategy if I'm trying to actually do well. I don't quite see what you're talking about in terms of 'Bias'. If you have a clear set of requirements regarding what constitutes a good application and what constitutes one that should be denied, it seems pretty hard to screw up the application acceptance part. While, yes, my replies to Slothtastic's thread indicate my opinion, I'd just like to note that I had a long and well thought out response to another player instead of a sort of 'screw you' kind of response, highlighting exactly what my qualms with their philosophy were and presenting my ideas in a long format with, initially, evidence backing my claims that unintentionally had the effect of potentially insulting accepted applicants which was, again, not my intention. Regardless, I don't exactly have a bias against people who don't know English: English is a hard language with a lot of bull**** caveats that you sometimes learn even later in life after being in an English speaking country all your life and still go 'what' (like how we butcher Latin or French and call it 'English' still). Also, in none of my examples did I say 'this person doesn't do English well, deny them.' I was looking at the quality of the content, not the quality of the linguistic use of English. Snow white esque sleep? Bad. Lore and historical events? Good. Cliches? Bad. Those are the only examples I presented with no reference to grammar or use of English whatsoever. The only thing I was really bashing on is the fact that our applications are incredibly short and thus disservice those who want to join because it is so superficially surface-deep and thus some applicants have a misunderstanding of what they're coming into. However, you have the right to your opinion and I have the right to mine. thx pond ❤️
  9. Dragonslayerelf


    “And get out y’weaklivered bastard” said the grumpy ginger Immortal just before lighting his 3rd blunt that evening, the smoke from the rolled up paper tube of cactus green suffusing the air, the smell of the herb hanging around the man like a cloud now. “No fuckin’ mages’n’ere.” He’d then take a flask of highly distilled alcohol attached from his belt and took a sip of it, his mind slowly becoming doubly addled “Yer a cow’rd’n’a trait’r’t yer nation.” He’d still be wearing the outfit given to him by his King, the blue outfit of a common thug, but without a helmet, merely remaining in a dark alleyway in Irrinor, a shadowy blotch on the wall. ((Really good post though, well written and immersive. I almost felt bad for breaking into the mages guild!))
  10. Dragonslayerelf

    Clan Gorkil in San'Khatûn

    Shakul would wonder what the hell this orc was doing, then grumbling and saying “Wub dah zkah ahm diz. Hi am nub eben ub diz klan.” He’d then wave his hand and say “Iv diz zkah finkz hi’z ah reel Gorkil, wub ded mi nub heer ub id? Wub nub Nazark? Wub nub uddah Gorkilz? Diz piipz dizhunurabul.”
  11. Minecraft Name Dragonslayerelf Discord Dragonslayerelf#4334 Timezone EST Describe your knowledge on the descendant races Well, I've played a Wood Elf since the day I joined a server and I've had an orc for quite a long while. I also have the rough gist of what Human history and culture is like, as well as what Dwarves are usually like. Not to mention, due to the recent merger in Elvish society, I've found myself increasingly informed on Dark Elven lore and culture. There's nothing really saying how long this has to be, so I'll just sort of present my knowledge in a resume format. Extensive knowledge of Aspectism, Seedlore and Wood Elvish Culture Knowledge of Spiritualism and Spirit Worship involved in Orcish Culture Knowledge of Druidism Adequate knowledge of Human culture Adequate knowledge of Dwarvish culture and Runepriests Adequate knowledge of Dark Elven culture Adequate knowledge of High Elvish culture Poor knowledge of Kharajyr culture. (Though they're technically not descendants since they were made by a Daemon but yeah) Describe your knowledge on other pieces of lore that you believe to be relevant I'll just do the same thing again. I've been around and I've seen quite a lot of various aspects of the lore so I'll just detail it all here: Extensive knowledge of beastlore Above average understanding of Gravens Basic knowledge of magic, magical principles and other such ideas Above average understanding of herblore Basic knowledge of undead Aforementioned tangential pieces of lore listed under 'descendant races'. Detail what drives you to become a member of the application team Well, I have many, many, many qualms with the current application procedure and the quality of the applications being accepted from otherwise high quality applicants that make it difficult to discern who would truly invest in this server, as well as the fact that the current application procedure is nearly nonexistent. There is also the fact that new players deserve more guidance right off the bat than "welcome to our server with your limited understanding of the server itself, have a nice day." and should instead be politely denied and helped in creating a new, better application to further their understanding of what they're getting into. If people wish to leave, we should allow them to be denied, learn more about the server, and then decide to leave as opposed to being accepted off the bat only to prove that our server has an incredibly low player retention rate as they thought they knew what they were getting into and then got in and was like "what, where's x, y, and z thing I expected." Also, I'm the kind of guy who supports a harder, more detailed application process with examples of RP scenarios integrated in the application itself so new players can be exposed to concepts that are involved in RP, with headlining examples being "A dwarvish merchant walks over to you and asks you to buy his product. How do you respond?" and "X thing attacks you. How do you respond?" with a variety of answers that would indicate whether the applicant understands concepts of RP. For example, if the example is "A wyvern attacks you!" (with a link provided to the wiki page on Wyverns) and the person responds with "I kill it.", that person clearly has a more limited understanding than a person who would write "I run away from it because it breathes fire and is massive and I can't kill it." There is also the fact that I believe the new players are being given the short end of the stick by being given such leniency with their application instead of guidance. It'd be much better for the AT to be responsible for guiding an applicant through the process as opposed to simply accepting their application that details how their parents were killed by orcs. Provide an alternate way to assisting new players apart from reviewing applications Providing guidance on how to make a good application, giving detailed reasons for why their applications are denied with examples on how to improve, helping them find their niche in Lord of the Craft, whether they wish to be a blacksmith's apprentice or a trader or a magician or whatever, and - wait that's more than one way crap GO BACK GO BACK! Survey the application process and provide any possible improvements which could be made RP scenarios being thrown at them for them to respond to and interact with. I can't stress this enough. If they get a taste of what RP is like, even with a static example, it will make them just that much better and further their understanding of RP just that much, but it will certainly help all applicants as they enter the server. Provide any additional information that you believe is needed Hm, let me see, I have a personality and I like cursing. Is that good? Tell a joke I make nationblock memes, those are my jokes. I'll just put my last one here though:
  12. Dragonslayerelf

    Make it more challenging to apply again.

    I'm looking at the applications from 2011-2014 as I was one of those applicants, and I can solidly say that all of the applicants from that time period came away from the application process with more knowledge of the lore, - even as bare bones as it may be - the culture, - again, in a bare bones manner - and various defining moments more than any applicant in the modern day. But then I'd ask you to look at the ones you're missing - the apps from circa 2014-2016 - where they were still long applications, with a requirement of a detailed summary of their character, and they pretty often resulted in a more fleshed out character than "I was woken up from some magical sleep." I don't know if you saw the example w/ reference to the specific applications before it got edited by the FMs, but I gave examples of precisely why this system doesn't work. Not to mention, you can't exactly use the same tactic most deflective reporters use, going "What about these super long applications from 2011-2014! What about them?" to defend the current whitelisting procedure. It is bare bones, it is ineffective at breeding at least some mildly knowledgeable RPers from the beginning on, and it needs to be changed. Besides, I'm not suggesting "they shouldn't need to improve their roleplay ability" - they should and we all do perpetually. What I'm suggesting is that they need to at least have some degree of understanding of what they're getting into and what their character should be like as they go in. We all improve - Hell, I still improve when I see better RPers myself and am always changing my RP to adjust for these changes - but we still need a foundation upon which to build. If the foundation isn't there, the RP isn't there. You can't build a castle on a swamp (unless you're bloody Louis XIV), you need a sturdy, stone foundation upon whence to build it. And in response to this, at least I'm not proposing 'make the applications the same as the old ones'. I'm saying make them harder. A good example would be an application designed to have your character interact with certain scenarios with a prompt where you're like: A skeleton attacks you. What do you do? A merchant asks you to buy his product. What do you do? Stuff like that where it would somewhat emulate an albeit static example of roleplay. And also, you're borderline advocating no-whitelist as you're advocating "Whitelist but tremendously easy to bypass."
  13. Dragonslayerelf

    Make it more challenging to apply again.

    ight, expect my application up later today
  14. Dragonslayerelf

    Make it more challenging to apply again.

    Just one word: Yes. The problem that I consistently see with new players is that they have to be ran through precisely what other people would get denied for not understanding in times like Athera. The new players sifting through the cracks Sky, I know where you're coming from but I look at this response and I just see a long way to represent a highly defensive attitude you feel towards this topic. The problem is that by "harder application" you're immediately translating that into "closed and open question answering" whereas that is an utterly false response. The quality of the applications is questioned, not the length, not the categories, the quality. The problem that we're faced with is that issue: quality. [Insert examples of 3 applications that, due to forum rules, had to be removed.] In example 1, I highlighted a bare-bones application that had a key feature - that key feature being one sentence - which was literally not possible within the lore of Lord of the Craft as it featured a snow-whitesque sleep that is literally not possible. In example 2, I highlighted the use of classic cliches ruining an app's and, by extension, a character's uniqueness, with tropes such as the bandits/orcs killed a significant relation, significant relation died of potentially unknown circumstances, and being left on their own as a child In example 3 I highlighted a good application with ample use of lore and historical events and such. There are 3 case studies that I think accurately reflect my qualms with your claim, but I have one more: the idea that 'oh if you weren't so elitist these players would be better' and 'oh if you were that good when you started why apply at all'. These are both absolute bullshit. We all know that, with the exception of a few, we were all pretty damn terrible at RP when we started out, however its the quality of the "clay" so to speak that we're talking about here. If you have good clay, you can make a good bowl, but if the clay is already bad, you can't make a good bowl. Most of us were sufficient clay to be molded by older players who were better at RP, and -snip-, the 3rd example, is an example of that clay. He already looks like he's immersed in the lore and interested enough in the dynamic between the Dominion and other nations to look into its history and pull that into his bio, The 2nd one is moldable, yes, but it's going to take some work. The 1st one, however, might never be able to be molded into a good bowl and, if so, it will require a lot of work and, even then, she may have the wrong idea of what the server is about and thus may be turned off by it when she actually gets into the world. I myself have not seen this elitist attitude towards new players that you speak of, but we usually try to help as much as we possibly can until we hit a wall where that person simply can't be helped any more or is stuck in their ways because the clay hasn't been handled properly and was left out in the sun. Letting stuff like 'snow white-esque sleep' slide is akin to leaving the clay out in the sun. It hardens the clay, giving it the wrong initial shape, and is harder to turn into a bowl. But if, lets say, you denied that app with the friendly suggestion to "hey, include more lore" or "hey this isn't possible, read up on the lore and you can see what is though!" they'd be at least somewhat closer to a bowl and easier to work on. Not to mention, it really wouldn't hurt the server so much if they just denied the apps that were utterly ridiculous, like the first one, where it's almost a walk in the park to get accepted and added qualifiers that would make most apps like more like the 3rd one, with a little bit of lore that really just requires you to look at the wiki. I'm not saying "make it impossible, grr", nor is anyone here, they're saying make it reasonably challenging such that we don't have applications that get passed on with cliches or with things that aren't possible. I usually don't like typing a lot and I easily could've said 'no, you're stupid, make them harder', but I'd rather give you a long detailed response with the idea of giving you my reasoning for completely disbelieving anything you said in that paragraph.