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  1. Dragonslayerelf

    Charter System [Your View]

    Please tell me we’ll have a part of the map that isn’t quite freebuild but is similar to the charter system in but cheaper potentially? Additionally, it’d be nice if there was a procedure of becoming a nation that isn’t stealing another nation’s capital.
  2. Dragonslayerelf

    How’d you get your Username?

    I got mine as obviously as one could. I was young, I liked elves, I liked dragons, I’d just got gifted skyrim. Dragonslayerelf. Also, my alternative, dragonslayingargonian, was a few characters too long for the character limit and didn’t have the same ring. Yes, I had skyrim when it first came out in 2011. Also, I got MC in 1.4.5, which is 2012. So ye, I was 7 years younger.
  3. Dragonslayerelf

    7.0 - Vaults and You

    Oh, good. I thought you meant that you were denying all old RP items with a sweeping blanket ban. Nevermind then, this seems like a generally good idea so we don’t have godswords floating around.
  4. Dragonslayerelf

    [Clan Shrogo] The Evil Sun Sets Again

    The Evil Sun Sets Again The Shrogos had gathered in force to witness the rise of a new Gobbgoth and, by the Gobbgoth’s mandate, were set upon the task of slaying a great beast. Nuda’Shrogo, one of the Mushobs of the Shrogo clan had been given the task of leading them, and they sat in contemplation. “Okee Bruddaz, gather around. Mi haz the Mad Capz for lat.” The Mushob would say, giving the sacred shrooms of the Shrogos to the gathered to, ideally, empower them for the hunt ahead. However, the hallucinogenic mushrooms of the Shrogos had varying effects on them. Some fell to the ground, their limbs flailing as the mushroom took ahold of their bodies, experiencing shocking visages that caused them fear. Others would not see this, instead feeling invigorated and strong, stronger than regular goblins – despite the fact that they were not, and merely believed to be so. However, once the seizing subsided, they all looked up. "Fullow DUH MOON!” Shiitake’Shrogo shouted, and then above their heads they saw a smiling moon, the symbol of the Shrogos, floating towards their destination. Hollaring and hooting, their minds addled by the mushrooms, they followed the moon in the hopes that it would lead them to their quarry. After following the moon for some time, they found a cave that had been turned into a cage for a great beast. What ordinarily would’ve appeared to be but an emaciated desert bear captured in a rusted cage appeared to them as a great beast wreathed in flame, its claws emitting from its cage, the bars shining as if they were blessed by Luara herself. "We must flat this bear and take da cave for Luara!” shouted Nuda as \they readied themselves. Shiitake’Shrogo picked up a rock and threw it at the bear before, enraged by this provocation, broke loose from its bindings and attacked them. Some feeling powerful, others feeling weak, began to attack the flaming beast. However, the bear seemed to gain the upper hand when it pinned Shiitake’Shrogo to the ground, raising its claws to slash at the face of Shiitake before Kordz’Shrogo, a young goblin, shouted "Bite bite... Eat bear!” The Shrogos began to bore into the creature and, as they did so, they saw the flame of the bear dim as it died. When their hallucinations ended, they found themselves having eaten most of the emaciated bear, which some continued to do. Upon realizing their victory, Nuda shouted “Dah Muun prevailz dah Evil Sun!” and the Shrogos rejoiced. To commemorate their victory, Nuda hacked the rib bone of the bear off, keeping it as a memento to their victory over the Evil Sun in the name of Luara. After this, the cave was seized, and a home was found for the Shrogos, their victory solidifying their faith and reverence for their patron spirit, Luara.
  5. Dragonslayerelf

    7.0 - Vaults and You

    I mean you should, yes, look for unbalanced/OP items, but if its something that’s just ‘ancient’ and exists for flair, maybe has some cool magical effect but that’s about it, it should be allowed, even if it has to do with old ET items. Also, misc stuff like animal parts, fossils, artifacts with no power, etc, should all be allowed even if they’re from old ET. I think the ‘old et or old signing’ condition is kinda bs.
  6. Dragonslayerelf

    7.0 - Vaults and You

    Wtf, sometimes RP items from ETs and GMs/Admins/moderators that are no longer around can become relics that are important to RP. I can understand vetting OP items, but vetting old items from old ets and old gms/admins/mods seems ridiculous.
  7. Dragonslayerelf

    [Clan Shrogo] A New Age of Goblins

    The Challenge The sun was high in the sky, and yet Znitgit’Shrogo knew no fear that day, only pride and ambition. He had written a strongly worded letter to the Gobbgoth, Shiitake’Shrogo, and sent his pet rat along to deliver it. He had prepared himself for the fight, as the Mushob had picked 2 of the finest Mad Cap Mushrooms he had in stock for the occasion, as was tradition. He had sent for his brothers to come as well and, when he saw Shiitake, he shouted “Gobbgoth, lat does nuffink! Mi challengez lat to da position of Gobbgoth!” Shiitake accepted the challenge, and they went to the Klomping Grounds and waited as the sun settled below the horizon, waiting for the moon to rise so Luara may look upon them. The Ritual The goblins waited until the moon began to rise, looking out at it as the Mushob began to speak. “Let Luara peep ova dis klomp an’ gib ‘er power an’ light to da winna. May Luara empowa dah git who’z right. Lup Luara!” The Shrogos repeated the praise, and a cry of “Lup Luara!” sounded across the flats. They then both ate the Mad Caps, convulsing in the sand for a few moments before both rising up, their eyes red, their teeth bared, and their mind frenzied. Nuda would step forth, giving a statement to both, but their minds were not focused on that. They were primed and ready to klomp, and then the frenzied fight occurred. The Aftermath Znitgit’Shrogo emerged victorious from the scuffle and cried “Lup Luara!” to the heavens after he won. He smiled at the falling moon as he knew the Evil Sun would emerge after chasing the Hosh Moon out of the sky. He then said a few words to his clan-members, appointing Shiitake’Shrogo as the first Herdgobba, and promising a glorious future to them. He gathered them all before the Rex, officially making them a Warchief Clan and thereafter sending them on a hunt to join the Wild Season. He knew the Dawn of the Shrogos was upon Krugmar, and that their rise would be told of by goblins for generations.
  8. Dragonslayerelf

    Redemption for Incompetence

    I fineagle’d it back*. Big difference. Divine got the tile w/ the Horde after the war, and then after that, through some good diplomacy RP, we managed to reclaim our land. And then the ooc war that happened after lost our tile again. I wasn’t ‘given’ anything back.
  9. Dragonslayerelf


    Znitgit’Shrogo would come off the boat, carrying bottles of Shrogo Shroom Beer on a sling beneath his robe. He snickered as he arrived, knowing that his unique brew would sell well to those in this new land. “Le’z make diz zkah ouaz boyz!” he’d exclaim happily, leaping onto the beach and then rubbing the sand off of his robes.
  10. Dragonslayerelf

    An Open Letter To Dunshire

    Shakul’Gorkil sighs as the small people he tried to protect – and eventually convert to Spiritualism – were being oppressed once more by mongol invaders. Thus as it always was and would be, for the Halflings were an easy target to pick on, despite the fact that there was no honor nor glory in picking on small, slightly rotund, simple people, and rather the honor lay in the fight with those who would seek to rob from them. Two words emitted from his mouth, a parody of those of the other invaders “Nub epik.”
  11. Dragonslayerelf

    Dev Update December

    wtf whether to have vaults or not is a no brainer we need vaults. Vaults are essential considering that certain RP groups have held important RP items that are significant to their culture for several maps now. I personally know of several of Krugmar’s that should be preserved and protected. Having a map transition without vaults is like getting on a plane without your luggage.
  12. Dragonslayerelf

    The September Prince Eventline

    This is literally the only way to appease the entire server and yet people still bash on it Wtf is wrong with this community, this man pours his heart and soul into this event line. Who cares if it cuts a few corners to get there? The lore tends to be too rigid and too immalleable for its own good anyway. If you want events to be perfectly in cadence with the lore instead of defying druidism clause 9 section 23 subclause 7 sentence 12, abolish the ET and have the LMs do events instead on top of what they do as lore moderators in reading and crossreferencing every single piece of lore in their sphere. No? That’s what I thought. Continue @Aesopian, continue doing what you love and what you’re good at.
  13. Dragonslayerelf


    “Dezpiyt dah iruny in miy zurkumztanz, mi appruv ub diz.” a grizzled Gorkil would say.
  14. Dragonslayerelf


    Also, remember: Gorkil Clan Best Clan
  15. Dragonslayerelf

    A New Rex of Krugmar - Mûrak'Gorkil

    Shakul’Gorkil nodded with pride as he cracked his knuckles, saying “Murak zhud bi ah bub’hozh Rekz. Ang Giijak-Izhi!” as he prepared to make his journey to the city of San’Khatun, prepared to klomp for his honor if the need arose.