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  1. Dragonslayerelf

    Roleplay Screenshot Thread (Free for anyone to use)

    Spirit Walk RP w/ KBR, TaxSeason, Sykogenic, Dakirennis, and a man whose name escapes me atm https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oROeBqPiqKTH9DjPnzRKYLCLgUOc7dz797r40szRfeo/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Dragonslayerelf

    Dragonslayerelf's Resignation

    If you’re too thick to read the bloody fine print then you’re too thick to understand that it was a comparison and a likening, not an equivalence. I air my real grievances, I get banned. Such is the way of the server. Who wants to play a race with a deep culture and lore and abundance of rp when you have someone who’s angry that that community is mistreated. Its popularly attributed to Voltaire. I can change it if you fancy. And, I fully intended to stop at my last post if it wasn’t for the admins putting TreatyCole in the uncomfortable position between me and the ‘community guidelines’, which I didn’t want to put him in because I respect Treaty, so I simply resigned. I’ve been pointing out problems I see in the community using the diction I see fit, which the staff clearly doesn’t. It wasn’t a ‘temper tantrum on an alt account’; That was fully intended to be out there. It was meant to generate conversation. I don’t complain about the ET because the ET is one of the only good staff teams on LoTC atm. I did my work diligently and didn’t complain. And no, I don’t think I will.
  3. “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” ~Voltaire~ Well, here it is. The end of my long tenure as ET. No, it is not because I am stressed. No, it is not because I can’t keep up with the quota. No, it’s not because of IRL issues. It’s because the staff has become a restricting body that I can no longer respect, no longer support, and, as a result, no longer be a member of. In my heart, I am an American. An American that believes in a certain set of rights that are inalienable. The staff, by their own doing, has alienated these rights. The chain-and-ball of the ‘staff & community guidelines’, that, once upon a time, were guidelines, have become the straitjacket of all members of the staff. They have taken away any staff members’ 1st amendment right, the one enshrined globally by all freedom-loving democracies. The right to free speech. I don’t care if you don’t agree with what I say, find it hostile, find it displeasing, but this fundamental right, believed to be so by brilliant minds such as Voltaire and Locke, has been fundamentally violated. Therefore, I sign this letter of resignation before the admins lock me away and say it was for the betterment of the server, that I was a hostile, toxic, radicalized writer of forum posts. I, Dragonslayerelf, officially resign from the ET. Take off the straitjacket; Take off the shackles; There will be no use for them, for I am free.
  4. Dragonslayerelf

    The Bloodpact of Krug's Kin

    Znitgit’Shrogo, in the bowels of Enrohk’s Temple, held the blade and bled on the other individuals present, shouting “Lop Luara!”
  5. Dragonslayerelf


  6. Dragonslayerelf

    [Clan Shrogo] Luara's Chosen Ascended

    The First Step: The Spirit Walk Znitgit’Shrogo and Nuda’Shrogo walked forwards, having made the decision to speak to Burbur’Lur with speaking to Luara, taking up the offer the Farseer had made a while ago. They were skeptics, having not known Farseeing or Shamanism on the island they came from, knowing only the visions provided by the Mad Caps, which were believed to be attributed to Luara. After a brief conversation, they, along with Nazark’Gorkil, headed to the Dom’s Tusks Tavern, where they were met by two dark elves, Dak’ir Des’nox and Caanan Syllar. Then, walk began. Burbur gave a prayer to Ghorza in the old blah, saying “Ghorza keep us safe in our travels. Luara, today I, Burbur'Lur student of Phaedrus'Yar, as well as Nazark fellow student of Phaedrus bring you four of your loyal servants, who wish for guidance in their ways of life. Please deliver us safely to your realm, so that we may gaze upon your beauty, and be made anew with your guidance.” They were transported to a land unfamiliar to them. The ground was gray and dusty, glowing a faint grey glow that the Shrogos found pleasing. They knew, from the topography of the moon they studied so often, that they were in the plane of Ghorza. Excited, the Mushobs began jumping around on the moon excitedly as Dak’ir and Canaan stood in awe. Nazark, evidently attempting to test the gravity, would put as much force as he could into a jump that sent him high into the sky, out of the viewpoint of the others. Soon, however, they too followed, first Nuda, then Znitgit, then Burbur and the dark elves. As the last of the them leaped into the air they would strangely all catch up, meeting in the air before rocketing off into space once more. After what seemed like hours, or minutes, they came to a standstill on a small white platform floating in the void of space. Around, moons of all sizes floated, as small as baseballs or larger than Atlas' own moon, shining their own light down upon the collected group without any help from a nearby star. "Wot'z dah Old Blah blahin' for Prayz?" Znitgit asked twice, before being given the answer. Nuda, mischievous, attempted to snag a small moon from Luara’s realm, inserting it into his robe. Of course, the moon wouldn’t have come back with him, but due to his ignorance, he believed it would. However, soon enough, the booming voice of Luara resonated through them. The shamans translated for the Shrogos and the Dark Elves, who did not speak the language of the spirits. “Little ones, I am impressed, you gave up the moon you asked to stay on forever in order to have a slim chance at finding me.” Despite this not being true whatsoever, Znitgit looked up into the heavens where he saw a massive moon before him, shouting back enthusiastically, his voice cracking as he used the entirety of his voice. “Yub! Yub! Wi wanted ta blah tu lat, great n' miyti Luara! Wi wanted tu blah tu lat directli agh blah diz!” He'd then think for a moment, pondering over what he'd just heard before butchering the language of the spirits "Lop-Luara!" All others repeated the praise in the common tongue. “Little ones why have you come to my realm? My faithful followers are always welcome, but I must ask, is it for guidance as this Shaman said?” Znitgit, even more gladdened by this statement, shouted at the heavens once more. “Wi needz lat'z giydanz, Luara! Lat'z blezz'd uz wif lat'z smilez in da niyt! We'z needa gruk; Wub can wi du fa' lat on da Mortal Plane? Wub can wi du dat'd reeli hona lat, dat'd mayk lat 'appi, dat lat miyt continya'a smile upon uz, az lat 'az in da pazt? Agh, am wi geddin' da shrinez riyt? Mi'z nub gruk'd iv wi propa'ly gruk'd wub lat peep'd liyk, agh mi'd just liyk'a mayk sure we'z nub offendin' lat by geddin' it wrong.” His voice belted as he shouted at the heavens, his fanatical enthusiasm ringing from his voice. Nuda would mention that “Nuda flat big bear for lat, to honor lat.” as he spake of the Evil Sun’s Bear, killed days prior in the honor of Luara. “The shrines will never be of my visage, as nothing of mortal creation could ever be. But they are appreciated none the less. But you ask what you can do for me” Her eyes, the great eyes akin to that of a hungry wolf, appeared in the distance, staring the goblins down as she awaited her answer. As the eyes appeared, the others would praise Luara in awe. Znitgit, even more emboldened to reply, responded accordingly, his shrill voice ringing out. “Yub! Lop Luara! Yub!" as he gazed jubilantly into the eyes in the distance, evidently brimming with fanatical energy as he looked onwards towards what he only assumed to be the eyes of Luara. "Lat'z'v blezz'd uz in da niyt wehn Aztran scowl'z agh kurzez uz wif burnin' skin! Lat'z bihn owa liyt in da dark ub niyt an' allowed uz freedom from oua cavez! Lat'z am oua patron zpirit! Zo yub, mi agh mi'z klan azkz 'ow bezt wi kan serve lat! We'z endebted tu lat!” “This request will seem odd to you, it even seems odd to me, young goblin of the night. I extend this request to all of my followers gathered here. A lesser of the Sun, wages a harsh war, he must be defeated so that he does not take over as Great of The Sun. Aztran and I have coexisted since the beginning of time, despite our dislike for each other, it would be bad for me if another spirit took over. So I ask of you, worship Aztran, as you worship me. So that he may stay strong in this battle, perhaps his curse against you may be lifted.” Znitgit, in shock, looked to both of the shamans, his energy sapped as he concernedly asked “Lat, lat tranzlayt'd dat riyt, yub?” “It am az he blahed, Aztran iz in need ub help. Even mi did nub gruk diz.” responded Burbur. Confused, Nuda questioned “Lat wan uz to wozhip da zun.... to mayk da zun strongah..... zo da sun can flat hiz lezzer.... so lat can live in harmonee wif da zun... ?” However, Dak’ir was not as hesitant, stating “This will be done. We'll build a shrine in the Sable in his honour as well. Balance must be kept.” Still confused, Znitgit shouted once more to the heavens. "Huh, wehl, Luara, id'z miy hona' n' plezha tu zerv lat'z will. Id'z latz infinit wizdum tha' we rely on, day agh niyt, duzk 'il dawn. Wi'd bi ah glob tu blah nub, zu mi blahz yub! Wi wihl gib dah wurd tu owa klanzmen, zu dat lat miyt zumtik flat Aztran latzelf agh bi dah unli liyt in da zkiy! Iv zuch iz az lat willz, zuch iz az wi duz! Lop-Luara!" A great feminine laughter explodes through the space around them, the eyes shrinking as they grow closer to the group. “I am honored you would do such for me. I will continue to need your support if I am to kill Aztran myself some day.” Dak’ir, now realizing her plan, voiced his realization. “And become the empyrean itself. Lûp Luara! Let her great plan begin.” “Is there any finals words, or will you return and tend to my wishes?” Primarch Dak'ir Des'Nox stepped forward, kneeling before the great eyes and bowing his head low. "Only that we will see this through, Mother Moon. And that I wish to thank you for the kindness you did my family, my people. Blessing my daughter and saving the dark elves. I will see to it that they serve you as they did in ages past." Realizing that they were done, they were sent back, and the last thing they saw was the smiling head of the most beautiful, white wolf they have ever seen. Dwarfing the moons around it as their vision faded. The Leap: Wargothdom Assembling his clan and any of Krugmar he could rally, Znitgit’Shrogo prepared himself for the great speech he was going to deliver to his kindred upon the newly-built Shrine of Luara and near the Shrine of Aztran, both of which he personally had laboured day and night to complete. He inhaled as he stood up before the crowd, flanked by Nuda and Burbur as he looked down into the crowd. Then, feeling inspired in that moment, he began. "Alright den, lat gitz!" he'd shout, crossing his arms and beginning to pace back and forth as he gestured towards Luara. "Mi bilt diz zhriyn ub Luara, da azh dat zmiyulz un uz, da azh dat gibz uz zhelta', zo dat wi kan blah unda 'ur shadow." He'd then pause, evidently for dramatic effect. "Mi agh Nuda 'ea blah'd wif Luara! Mi grukz we'z dah firzt dub gitz ub oua clan tu blah tu Luara, ull wif da helb ub diz git 'ea." He'd motion to Burbur. "Now, we'z got zome zkah dat'z gunna sound ztreynj… Bud Luara azked mi tu blah tu lat, blah dat we'z gotta ztart worzhippin' Aztran! Deyr'z ah lezzur unda' Aztran dat'z gettin too powaful, agh whiyl Luara kan flat Aztran zoon enuff, wi'z gotta keep da Zun week zo dat Laura kan flat Aztran. Dat meenz keepin' Aztran, agh nub diz lezza.” All in the crowd emitted some sentiment of confusion, whether it was the Shrogos questioning why they’d need to worship their nemesis spirit, or the other orcs questioning why the worship of Aztran was a bad thing, and why the Moon should take control of the skies.The Rex, confusedly questioning the Shrogos from the audience, would ask “Dah zun iz whut teztz owah ztrenff, agh keepz owah kubz ztrong. It iz alzo whut keepz dah Zhara agh Albai out dah dezert, punizhin' der armiez when dey entah. Why zhuld we weaken her?” Znitgit took note of all this as he continued to speak. “Mi gruk dat wi'z ull hayt agh dezpiyz dah Evil Zun, Aztran, da git dat makez uz niid'a walk in da niyt agh ztay in owa kayvz, dah git dat kurz'd uz in da azh't tik, bud Luara 'erzelf azked mi agh Nuda 'ea t'do dat! Right, Nuda?” “Yub... yub... Prayz Luara... Prayz Luara” He’d nod, his sentiment affirmed. He’d then begin to speak. “Yub, az 'i blah'd. Now, zinz Luara 'erzelf'-,” “Luara haz blahed to mi agayn, zince latz brotherz vitized her.” said Burbur, evidently preparing to reveal his purpose for being upon the podium. “Oi, wehl lat goez azh't.” “Nuda tried to tayk zumtin from her realm, but hi could nub! Zo zhe blahed to mi to bring dah Zhrogoz ah gift! For latz cave, or wherever latz will uze it! To remind latz ub her lyfe forever.” He produces a rather unspectacular looking, white, round rock with some small dents in its surface. As the goblin lifted the rock into the air, however, it would begin to glow much as the moon did in the night sky, rapidly going through the phases of the moon before staying at a full moon "Zo long az latz bringz diz littul moon to azh ub her zhrinez every day. It will continue to glow. It will bi ah tezt ub all latz devotion." Znitgit’Shrogo, slightly disgruntled by Nuda’s betrayal of his trust, would shake his head as he continued his speech and took the moon into his hands. Raising it on high, he would shout “Bub'osh! Wi'll cherizh diz artifakt foreva! Lop Luara!” in praise. Murak, still confused, would shout once more “But why zhuld we upzet dah balanze? Dah znow from dah Zouth kreapz Norff, agh dah zun keepz diz dezert warm. We kan nub gruk ov whut diz may kauze.” “Rex, lat will underztand zoon.” Burbur assured. Znitgit, slightly irritated by the Rex’s questions, but still keeping his pontificatory tone, would continue. “Dat'z wub mi wuz gettin' to! Wi'z niid Luara tah tayk da Zun! Wi'z niid DUB MOONZ! Tuu lung 'az Aztran kurz'd uz ull, zum uf uz moa den uddaz,” he'd look at his own complexion and his bretheren's complexion for reference "Wif burnin' zkin! Too long'v wi niided'a 'iyd beneef robez! Wehn Luara maykz da Zun da Dub'zt Moon, da znow'z'll be kept bak, da winta'z warma agh da zandz 'ot, but nub burnin' ub da zkin will fall upon da zunz ub Krug, da zunz ub Schnub, agh da faifful ub Luara!" Znitgit, now holding the moon up once more, shouts "Diz iz da zeedlin' ub dah dub'zt moon! Diz iz dah faiff wi'z gotta nurture until i'd becomez ah great Shroom, great enuff tu replayz da zun!" He'd then smile "We'z gonna zpeek wif Luara nekzt tik, nub az Mushobz, bud az ah klan! Ani ub mi'z bruddaz'll gruk Luara ihn 'er miyt agh 'er 'oshnezz! Ani ub mi'z bruddaz'll bayv in 'ur liyt n' bi zoothed by 'er boomin voyz! Lat gitz, diz iz oua chanz tu bi nub lunga' kurz'd! Oua chanz tu bekomm greyt! Bud, wi'z heer fur anudda reezun bruddaz!" Smiling his signature sharp-toothed, cunning smile, he’d look towards Murak, shouting “Mi wuz gunna tayk diz opportuniti tu azk dah Rekz, formalli, iv wi kan bi grukk'd az ah bub'hozh Waghgoff klan diz tik. Wi'z grown, wi'z bihn honourabul, agh wi'z da bezt Gobbo klan arownd. Rex, wub lat blah?” Rex Mûrak'Gorkil rubbing his chin, he stands up from his chair and makes his way to the stage "Dah Zhrogoz have pruven der numbahz, agh der Zpiritual Worzhip." He draws a skinning knife from his belt, speaking "Zhow mi lat'z arm. In view ov Luara, Dah Bad Moon, agh deze Urukz ov Krug'z blood, mi zhall give lat dah zkar, agh wiv it, Waghgoffdom." Gobbgoth Znitgit'Shrogo nods, taking out his arm and extending it towards him, pulling up his sleeve in Murak's shadow as to avoid the sun touching it. He'd smile proudly, allowing himself to be cut by the Rex with a satisfactory, sharp-toothed smile on his face. Rex Mûrak'Gorkil places the knife to his skin, thinking for a moment before looking to the colossal Moon casting its shadow onto them. He'd then trace the blade over the skin, as though an artist sizing up a portrait before digging it's point deep into his skin, carving out the shape of the Bad Moon with an upside-down V with a dot in it's center above the scar, a symbol familiar to anyone familiar with Karazept, "Znitgit'Zhrogo, az Rex ov Krugmar mi pronounzez lat Waghgoff!" Having achieved what he set out to do, and elevating his clan to higher stature, to be amongst such great clans as Gorkil, Raguk, Lur, and Lak, he smiled, continuing. “Luara, peep 'ow latz followurz riyz diz day! Now iz da tik vur honurin' lat, agh tu honur lat, wi'll bi doin' lat'z azht kommand tu lat'z followurz!" He'd then nod, looking at the shrogos beneath them. "We'z gonna get a zakrifiyz fur Luara fur Aztran! Wi'z gonna gib 'im dat bit'a powa 'e niidz ta ztomp on da udda git agh kiip Aztran arownd! Wi'z gonna keep 'im week fur Luara ladz! Luara'll bi watchin' ova uz” Victorious already, he led his clan out to a great hunt in the name of Aztran, knowing that Luara’s clan would succeed.
  7. Dragonslayerelf

    [Plant Lore] Psilocybin Schnibea

    Fixed. IRL I know almost nothing about drugs aside from the fact that they’re addictive, so I’ve edited it! Thank you for the feedback.
  8. Dragonslayerelf

    [Plant Lore] Psilocybin Schnibea

    UV rays cause it to wither away (or just Aztran’s influence via the sun.) It’s not a ‘reskin of cactus green but unique to my clan’ kinda thing. It’s not even meant to be unique to my clan; I want other cultures using this lore. However, as it would currently be implemented, it serves an influential point in the culture of the Shrogos. We don’t even have shamans, but we do have Mushobs, which are spiritual leaders that basically just get everyone high on this crap and interpret their drug trips after, usually something along the lines of “Luara blezzez lat!” or “Luara peepz lat needz moa’ worshippin’! Go sacrifice someskah!” However, more than that, it’s also used as a method of receiving ‘visions’ that often fuel occasions and events that I do with the clan. TL;DR It’s not that, but if any shrogos or anyone who uses the drug becomes a shaman, it’s a nice feature to have.
  9. Dragonslayerelf

    [Plant Lore] Psilocybin Schnibea

    Psilocybin Schnibea Origin The Schnibea mushroom, known to the Goblins of Clan Shrogo as the “Mad Cap” mushroom, is a form of highly hallucinogenic mushroom native to the distant island the Shrogos came from, and have since entered the ecosystem as an invasive species of mushroom in all the lands that they have gone to, chief among them being Atlas. Borne across the oceans by the great migration of the Shrogos, the mushroom has been used for a great many purposes by the clan and can be utilized by others for much of the same purposes. General Facts The mushroom thrives in moist caves where dead things may be stored, and can thrive in places like dark pantries or larders if a sampling was brought near them. If the conditions are ideal, and it has the space, the Schnibea mushroom can grow to be the size of a small tree over many years, however, a naturally grown mushroom will never reach this size as it competes with itself in nature for nutrients. If the mushroom is brought into the light of the sun, it will wither away, however, artificial light and firelight do it no harm. The mushroom, when kept in a dark environment, can last for long periods of time without dying. Appearance The Schnibea mushroom comes in two varieties, a brown and a red variety, both of which compete with each other in nature. It is unknown whether these are 2 different species or the same type of mushroom, however, they both have the same effect. The stalk of the Schnibea mushroom is consistently a bone-coloured white, and can be as hard as wood at room temperature, however, it softens with heat. Effects The effects of the mushroom include hallucinations that can be either positive or negative, a relative strengthening or weakening of the body depending upon the mind’s response to the hallucination, and, after prolonged use, decreased resistance to the sun as it causes the melanin of the user to decrease progressively, as well as mild insomnia. When under the influence of the hallucination and the body begins to produce adrenaline, the user will grow irrationally furious and enter into a frenzied state. Seemingly at random (roll a d12, if it’s a 1, this occurs) or if the hallucination presented is ‘failed,’ as in the consumer experiences negative emotions (anger, fear, greed, etc) during the hallucination, the user will fall to the ground and violently convulse for anywhere between an hour and a few minutes. (1-4 emotes) The psychedelic nature of the mushroom is compounded with the fact that the substance is highly addictive, those in withdrawal suffering from sporadic seizures til they continue to take the substance. An overdose of the mushroom can potentially cause the user to become irrationally insane as their hallucination lasts for months or even years, and can potentially, in high enough quantities, cause total brain cell death. All of the potency of the mushroom is contained within its cap, with the stalk being effectively useless for anything other than rooting it to the ground. The Schnibea mushroom, when used in alchemy, has 2 different effects when its different varieties are used. If the brown variant is used, it acts as a mild earth symbol, however, the red variant acts as a mild fire symbol. Additionally, Shamans can use this as a substitute to Cactus Green to attune their minds to the spiritual plane and enter the spirit realm.
  10. Dragonslayerelf

    Charter System [Your View]

    Please tell me we’ll have a part of the map that isn’t quite freebuild but is similar to the charter system in but cheaper potentially? Additionally, it’d be nice if there was a procedure of becoming a nation that isn’t stealing another nation’s capital.
  11. Dragonslayerelf

    How’d you get your Username?

    I got mine as obviously as one could. I was young, I liked elves, I liked dragons, I’d just got gifted skyrim. Dragonslayerelf. Also, my alternative, dragonslayingargonian, was a few characters too long for the character limit and didn’t have the same ring. Yes, I had skyrim when it first came out in 2011. Also, I got MC in 1.4.5, which is 2012. So ye, I was 7 years younger.
  12. Dragonslayerelf

    7.0 - Vaults and You

    Oh, good. I thought you meant that you were denying all old RP items with a sweeping blanket ban. Nevermind then, this seems like a generally good idea so we don’t have godswords floating around.
  13. Dragonslayerelf

    [Clan Shrogo] The Evil Sun Sets Again

    The Evil Sun Sets Again The Shrogos had gathered in force to witness the rise of a new Gobbgoth and, by the Gobbgoth’s mandate, were set upon the task of slaying a great beast. Nuda’Shrogo, one of the Mushobs of the Shrogo clan had been given the task of leading them, and they sat in contemplation. “Okee Bruddaz, gather around. Mi haz the Mad Capz for lat.” The Mushob would say, giving the sacred shrooms of the Shrogos to the gathered to, ideally, empower them for the hunt ahead. However, the hallucinogenic mushrooms of the Shrogos had varying effects on them. Some fell to the ground, their limbs flailing as the mushroom took ahold of their bodies, experiencing shocking visages that caused them fear. Others would not see this, instead feeling invigorated and strong, stronger than regular goblins – despite the fact that they were not, and merely believed to be so. However, once the seizing subsided, they all looked up. "Fullow DUH MOON!” Shiitake’Shrogo shouted, and then above their heads they saw a smiling moon, the symbol of the Shrogos, floating towards their destination. Hollaring and hooting, their minds addled by the mushrooms, they followed the moon in the hopes that it would lead them to their quarry. After following the moon for some time, they found a cave that had been turned into a cage for a great beast. What ordinarily would’ve appeared to be but an emaciated desert bear captured in a rusted cage appeared to them as a great beast wreathed in flame, its claws emitting from its cage, the bars shining as if they were blessed by Luara herself. "We must flat this bear and take da cave for Luara!” shouted Nuda as \they readied themselves. Shiitake’Shrogo picked up a rock and threw it at the bear before, enraged by this provocation, broke loose from its bindings and attacked them. Some feeling powerful, others feeling weak, began to attack the flaming beast. However, the bear seemed to gain the upper hand when it pinned Shiitake’Shrogo to the ground, raising its claws to slash at the face of Shiitake before Kordz’Shrogo, a young goblin, shouted "Bite bite... Eat bear!” The Shrogos began to bore into the creature and, as they did so, they saw the flame of the bear dim as it died. When their hallucinations ended, they found themselves having eaten most of the emaciated bear, which some continued to do. Upon realizing their victory, Nuda shouted “Dah Muun prevailz dah Evil Sun!” and the Shrogos rejoiced. To commemorate their victory, Nuda hacked the rib bone of the bear off, keeping it as a memento to their victory over the Evil Sun in the name of Luara. After this, the cave was seized, and a home was found for the Shrogos, their victory solidifying their faith and reverence for their patron spirit, Luara.
  14. Dragonslayerelf

    7.0 - Vaults and You

    I mean you should, yes, look for unbalanced/OP items, but if its something that’s just ‘ancient’ and exists for flair, maybe has some cool magical effect but that’s about it, it should be allowed, even if it has to do with old ET items. Also, misc stuff like animal parts, fossils, artifacts with no power, etc, should all be allowed even if they’re from old ET. I think the ‘old et or old signing’ condition is kinda bs.
  15. Dragonslayerelf

    7.0 - Vaults and You

    Wtf, sometimes RP items from ETs and GMs/Admins/moderators that are no longer around can become relics that are important to RP. I can understand vetting OP items, but vetting old items from old ets and old gms/admins/mods seems ridiculous.