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  1. This. The problem is that the mods are highly resistant to land being owned by players without paying exorbitant fees. I’d actually like to get an underground criminal organization going, banditing for a reason, maybe selling the stolen products in a shopfront and claiming that they are legitimately acquired, but there are so many roadblocks to doing this. Additionally, this kind of a system would open up for mobile merchants and caravans and **** and open up even more pathways for RP. Part of my idea with Mi’Jara was to be this shady merchant who eventually lorded over a criminal overworld with money and goods acquired illegitimately, maybe stealing from neighbouring shops with RP or acquriing the assets of other businesses through Rockefellian techniques, however, there are very few alleyways for criminal RP to occur beyond the current meta of halting someone with a copy-pasted emote and killing them irp before doing an inventory search and asking for **** or asking people to D40, which leaves me with an unsatisfying feeling. As such, the only banditlike character I’ve ever played has been my orc, however, even then I’m hardly a bandit, I usually just take people back and sacrifice or slave them and it’s only the rare occasion when I actually take people’s pixels (say if they were incredibly rude and assholish the entire time). I agree with the opposition to unenforced PKing, however, the problem with this is that the server is built upon the optional PK. So many systems are in place, so many characters alive, based on this unenforced PKing. If PKs were suddenly enforced there’d be a riot from half the population of the server because the unenforced PK has been the way of the server for years excepting in certain scenarios (captured NL, pk clause duels, etc). I usually PK on a quality based system (was the RP surrounding the death good/would the death advance RP) and I have PK’d a few characters because they died legitimately good deaths and I knew the PK would advance RP and everyone’s story in some way, or thought it would. PKing my old welf guard Lindrael triggered a murder investigation, PKing my goblin warlord Znitgit was supposed to add fuel and investment to the war with the dwarves for the Shrogo clan – even though the war then proceeded to not occur – and I forget but I feel like there’s one I’m missing. Regardless, there are many systems in place that inhibit criminal RP and crime in general and limit it to this cartoon highwayman parody. However, the problem is that instead of people coming up with ways to fix the problem, they just complain that banditry and crime are the problem. A fantasy world without the roadside bandit or the abusive thug is a bleak one devoid of intrigue, devoid of risk, devoid of danger. There’s been an increasing push for actions that OOCly make the world a safer place rather than people taking IRP steps to make it so. Banditry cooldowns, raid cooldowns, limits on the raid cap, etc, all artificially condone this idyllic domestic rp server that many of us didn’t come to LoTC for. If you want a world without violence, go to a High School RP server and play the pretty schoolgirl. Instead of molding LoTC to that, we should be molding LoTC to be more open and allow for more dynamicity, more intrigue, more options.
  2. I’m just going to @ 3 + 1 people that I know can vouch for my banditry rp @Jaded @TheAlphaMoist @Wyvernbane Trust me when I say that banditry in and of itself isn’t the problem. It’s the people who are being bandited and its sometimes the bandits themselves. The people who are being bandited often bemoan, complain, and shittalk the entire time in OOC and discourage the bandit from engaging in CRP considering that their general experience is to be countered with every attack/move they do with a complaint in OOC. The people who are doing the banditing are not only trying to avoid the metarally, but also trying to get something out of it and dip before they get killed by a squad of 20 dudes that roll up out of nowhere. As a result, shitty bandit RP ensues. However, what I typically do when I bandit is ensure that I at least give the people I bandit a good experience. 9 times out of 10, I don’t even pop them or ask for their pixels; I had a sacrifice on my Shrogo back in my banditing days where all I took was their gear and, after the sacrifice was through, i gave it all back to them before they SS’d. I had a fight on my Shrogo where this guy said he worshipped a sun god, not the right thing to say to a Shrogo, and we had some short and enjoyable CRP before he got thrown off a cliff IRP and rolled a 1 for the landing. Again, didn’t ask for pixels or loot. Bandited on my frostbeard where I ran into Llyria screaming that my wife was being attacked by a bear only to lure 2 people out into the wilderness and engage in combat, which resulted in them giving me an ear and a sword and me coming out of it with a missing arm – character development. I don’t know what happened on their side (is why I pinged Unwillingly and AlphaMoist) but the problem is not banditry, it’s how people on both sides approach banditry. A lot of what I see here is **** like ‘they’re just after my loot’ ‘they just want my pixels’ and honestly while there are a few roving goonsquads that do, the vast majority of bandits have an RP reason for banditing and, due to their negative past experiences, rush it because they have the impending sense of a metasquad – which is not aided by the person being bandited who complained incessantly. Additionally, there’s @Daicen who was a snaga for a day during Marimba’s event and who I think – feel free to correct me if I’m wrong – enjoyed it. We captured him during one of the orc’s roving bandit squadrons and we made him a slave. He can give his own account if he wants to However, the problem is that people constantly attack banditry, when really they should analyze their own attitudes towards it and wonder if their attitudes contribute to the problem.
  3. Shakul’Gorkil wonders where the other 40% of the entrance fees go as he runs his metallic hand through his beard, consequently trimming his beard hair as a result.
  4. Shakul’Gorkil grumbles as he contemplates rallying for the war on the Dwarves’ side anyway before realizing that’d mean fighting along elves, grumbling as he shook his head and grumbled, now contemplating rallying for war on the Llyrian’s side before then re-contemplating that position and instead choosing to contemplate rallying as a 3rd party altogether. Melbil Frostbeard looks foward to the fight, his injured status not letting him be put down as he rested in the barracks of the Frostbeard clan, his injuries sustained at the hands of Llyrian dark magic.
  5. tl;dr **** no Long version: Removing banditry not only further arbitrarily stifles RP, it caters to this insular worldview and opinion that everything should be safe. The fact is that travelling the roads in a medieval fantasy setting is and should be dangerous. Additionally, for those doing the banditing, whether they are orcs or simple highwaymen, there is a certain amount of investment that they obviously see in it. The solution to a surplus of banditing is not to remove banditing as a possibility but to have guardforces do novel things like, I don’t know, patrol the roads. Additionally, for certain playerbases cough, orcs, cough, banditing supplies a certain resource that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to have. We bandit for sacrifices, slaves, and other such things, and in doing so provide them with new RP beyond their limited sphere of RP. Whether they accept it or not is up to them, however, I’ve often had people say that they enjoyed their experience after sacrificing them or bringing them on as a slave for a while (see: Daicen, who we brought along to the event that Marimba recently streamed and who told me later that he enjoyed being a slave for a little while.) However, even beyond that, bandit companies add a certain amount of risk to travelling the roads. Carrying valuable **** on you when you’re on the road should have a consequence if you’re caught unawares by a bandit company. However, that is why there should be a certain amount of player-forwarded initiatives to counter banditry. The fact that instead of assembling a guard force to patrol the roads and guarantee the safety of all or guard forces being given the duty to occasionally patrol their own damn roads people choose to complain about banditry on the forums bewilders me even to this day. However, more to the point, LoTC is a server that should open alleyways to new RP and chances for interaction between populaces to happen in conflict, and limiting conflict to such a great extent is counterintuitive to the long term health of the server.
  6. alt purchased messages sent RP’s back on the menu bois
  7. hi @TarreBear whitelist my alt pls

  8. the problem is they're 3 months behind on the support tickets so even if they quicken their pace n cut it down to 2 months i'll really only ever see support in October
  9. Shakul’Gorkil nods from [RP_POST_LOCATION], hearing of the events happening in Krugmar as he waited for the Aengul, Mojang, to free him from his cage. “Nazark wihl bi ah bub’hozh Rekz. Id’z abowt tik hi ged’z hiz zhot ad leedihn’ owur peepul, Krug grukz hi’z led dah Gorkil Klan mani mani tikz.”
  10. Shakul’Gorkil went to the gas station to go get cigs and he never came back. Shakul’Gorkil contemplates how to turn this into an RP post.
  11. Na man, if I’m going to buy one I’ll get it myself. Thanks for the offer though!
  12. This’ll be a very short post but due to some weird glitch or error in Mojang’s systems, I’m now unable to log onto my Minecraft account. As I don’t have any alts, I can’t really play on the server any more. If you want details of what exactly the problem is specifically, feel free to ask, however, I’ve been unable to log onto my minecraft account and when I follow through with the ‘forgot password’ link, the password reset link doesn’t get sent to my email. I have reason to suspect it’s either been hacked or just glitched in some way, and Mojang support is predicted to take up to 2 months to get back considering they’re currently working on reports from June (and the page was updated today.) So, it looks like I’m having a break forced upon me!
  13. Well, make an application then! Format's on the last page. Nvm, my mate ninjaclimb’s taking that slot.
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