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  1. Dragonslayerelf

    Missive to Ord and Az'Adar, 1680

    The Rex of Krugmar hears of this, and says "Kriymz? Vrum wub mi grukk'd ub id id wuz ah klomp wif flat agriid az dah kondizhun ub lozz. Twiggiz am truli kowurdz dehn, mi peepz." with an incredulous tone before heading back to repairing the city of his great nation that had been plundered by the elves.
  2. Dragonslayerelf

    GM Monthly Update Log - August

    I'd just like to state that by virtue of numbers, the GM team can only sustain around 20-25 people without the average person failing to meet the 3% quota unless yall specifically only did 3% of each modreq so that everyone is at 3% all the time and then you could maintain 33, which is impossible, so no you don't need more GMs unless you start getting rid of the terrible ones. Also basing it off of modreqs answered is an objectively bad way of measuring a GM's usefulness. GMs often have more important roles than just answering modreqs and, while like a margin of 2% and then an assessment is reasonable, GMs should be graded on quality, not quantity. It's important to note that people who want high %ages can only take easy modreqs like 'i have this 1 chest here that needs eviction' or 'dude's being meanie :(' and thus reach the 3% quota, but those who get hard modreqs (Nl: Hey I need my entire city evicted, overseeing warclaims, raid watchTM, etc.) can simply avoid them unless they're cronies. There's also situations that spring up that need moderation that don't get modreqed. Quality GMs should be rewarded over quantity GMs.
  3. Dragonslayerelf

    Puddle__, Slothtastic85's Application Team Application

    +2 but they denied me because i made valid points they didnt like will prolly deny you too
  4. Dragonslayerelf

    Reviving the Angathgul: The Naakh'Ilzgul

    Shakul shakes his head. "Diz organizayzhun wud bi hozhur iv lat nub triyd tu mayk peez. Urukz nub lib ah wey ub peez. Wagh am dah ztayt ub urukz. Wagh iz nezzezzari. Peezmungerin' am nub'hozh. wehn lat haz zkahz dat peep tu wulk ull uvvah lat."
  5. Dragonslayerelf

    Your View: Raids

    I like raids meaning more but I feel like this should be a different type of raid with the current 'blitz' kinda raid still allowed but different and under a different category. This should be like a 20 man raid where, if the other side loses, you can loot up to 4 chests, break a few more locks, and burn a house down or something. **** that's reasonable but works. Also, gonna get yelled at FMs for doing this but I can't add this to my previous post [or dont know how], but nuking activity with raids is a valid strategy to nations at war. If nations are nuked until they're inactive, the military is evidently falling apart or can't effectively protect the people. They get frustrated, make new characters, and simulate people leaving because their nation cant properly defend them.
  6. Dragonslayerelf

    Krug's Will

    Rex Shakul'Gorkil signs the document, hoping he will not be BR'd
  7. Dragonslayerelf

    The Codes of Krug

    The Codes of Krug KRUGHAI Defying the Rex’s direct command is against the Codes. The Rex is the orc chosen by Krug to lead the people of Krugmar. That being said, challenging the command is not against the law, as long as the command is still followed through with. Punishable by: Demotion, pugging, whitewashing, execution, mutilation, cursing. (Depending on severity) Defying the command of the Targoth is equivalent to defying the command of the Rex. The Rex can override the command of the Targoth, however. The command of the Warboss is less than that of the Targoth and the Rex, and can be overridden by either or a Wargoth of the clan of the commanded. The Gruntboss has the least authority, and can be overridden by the Wargoth and the Warchief of a clan as well as the Warboss, Targoth, and Rex. Chieftains do not have this right. Punishable by: Pugging, whitewashing, execution, mutilation, cursing. Attempting to stage a military coup without going through the traditional system of challenging the Rex and having your claim validated by the Council of Goths is against the Codes. Punishable by: Whitewashing, execution, mutilation, cursing, sacrifice. Killing the defenseless is against the Codes. If a person has no weapon, they can be captured, not killed. Alternatively they can be klomped 1v1 with fists only, the result of which determines the loser’s life. Punishable by: Demotion, confiscation of weapons, disallowing participation in raids, pugging. Raiding a location on the “Don’t Raid” list is against the Codes. Punishable by: Demotion, confiscation of weapons, disallowing participation in raids, pugging. Using Krughai authority to influence the Clan’s decision making is against the rules. Wargoths outrank Warbosses and Gruntbosses, and, on in-clan matters, the Targoth. Doing this is against the Codes Punishable by: Demotion, pugging. RELIGION Worshipping non-spiritual deities is against the Codes. Punishable by: Pugging, whitewashing, mutilation, sacrifice. Dark shamanism and Naztherak is against the Codes. Punishable by: Execution, mutilation, sacrifice, whitewashing. Using Shamanism for personal benefit instead of as a device to aid in the leading of our people in the worship of the Spirits is against the Codes. Shamanism is a method for those who are devout to further serve the Spirits, not to further their own personal agenda. Punishable by: [Disconnection] (when lore is confirmed) Pugging, whitewashing. Attacking and/or killing a shaman who is not a whitewash or dark shaman is against the Codes, unless in a personal dispute or honor klomp where death is an agreed punishment. Punishable by: Mutilation, execution, whitewashing, sacrifice. Conspiring with a dark shaman/naztherak/inferis, giving shelter to them, or withholding information about known dark shamans/naztherak users is against the Codes. Punishable by: Mutilation, whitewashing, sacrifice. Contacting Ixli to gain knowledge, unless sanctioned specifically by the Goj or Rex in a time of great need is against the codes. Punishable by: Mutilation, execution, whitewashing, sacrifice. HONOR Attacking and killing someone without a weapon with your weapon is against the Codes. Punishable by: Pugging, branding, painting. Killing a foe who is severely outnumbered and outmatched is against the Codes. (5v1) Punishable by: Pugging, branding, painting, exclusion from raids Killing someone who doesn’t expect to be killed, unless they were attempting to kill you themselves, is against the Codes. A fight is a fight, and should be approached in a headlong manner as opposed to a dishonorable and misleading manner with stealth and deceit. Punishable by: Pugging, branding, painting, whitewashing. Killing another non-whitewash orc in a circumstance that is not an honor klomp where a death was agreed upon is against the Codes. Punishable by: Execution, whitewashing, mutilation. Shying away from a punishment is cowardly and therefore against the Codes. Retreating from battle unless it is to regroup and charge forth once more, surrendering to capture, bending the knee to another non-orc, or anything else that can be viewed as an act of cowardice is also against the Codes. Punishable by: Whitewashing, mutilation, pugging, branding, painting. Going back on your word is dishonorable and thus against the Codes. Your word and promise is an orc’s noblest thing. The word of an orc should never be put to question, so ensure that it isn’t. Punishable by: Execution, whitewashing, mutilation, pugging, branding, painting. Purposefully stirring dissent or rebellion against any superior officer through deceit, especially without publicly or privately addressing your concerns with said officer first, is against the Codes. Punishable by: Whitewashing, pugging, branding, mutilation, painting. Not abiding by the agreed upon terms of an Honor Klomp after loss is against the Codes. The will of Krug is determined in the heat of battle. Punishable by: Whitewashing, pugging, branding, mutilation, painting. Klomping without purpose makes a klomp invalid. A fight is not to occur without valid reason. This includes fights with non-orcs. If a descendant’s populace has slighted the Orcs, they are actively at war with them, they are insulted, deemed worthy to be slaves, or anything else, they are to be fought, otherwise they are to be let be. Punishable by: Whitewashing, pugging, confiscation of arms, invalidation of klomp. Killing children is a no-go. Children are too weak to fend for themselves, and should be left alone until they are able to be fought. Orcish children are exempt from this policy should they be so bold to challenge another orc to an Honor Klomp for their life, or are killed by one of the many traditions of the orcs that weed out the weak (such as how Gorkil children are tossed into a scorpion pit and made to escape on their own.) Punishable by: Whitewashing, pugging, mutilation, painting. Thievery is against the Codes if it is from another orc. Punishable by: Whitewashing, execution, pugging, mutilation, branding, acquisition of stolen property. SLAVES Slaves are not to be abused unless enacting discipline for misconduct. Slaves are to be branded with the sigil of Krugmar and be given nothing aside from squalor. Slaves own nothing: The Snagagoth should have access to all of their personal possessions. Upon becoming a slave, all of the minas that slave owns goes to the Treasury of Krugmar. Slaves owning anything of their own unless it be for their trials to Honorary is against the Codes Punishment: Acquisition of property, disciplining. Slaves are never to insult any trueborn orc. Slaves acting against their superiors is against the Codes. Punishment: Disciplining, mutilation, rebranding, torturing. Slaves are to possess nothing of wealth. Fine clothing is to be replaced with rags, jewelry with ropes, finery with chains. Punishment: Acquisition of property, disciplining. Slaves are subject to being honorable as well. Slaves being dishonorable are to be excluded from the right of becoming Honorary. Punishment: Disciplining, rebranding, torturing, any other punishment for the Code they break. Magic is not to be used by any Slave. Slaves that are using magic are violating the Codes. Punishment: Disciplining, torturing, rebranding, sacrifice. Slaves that become Honoraries are to be treated the same as any trueborn Orc by slaves, though they are inferior to the orcs themselves. PUNISHMENTS SACRIFICING - The act of killing an individual in the name of a Spirit, usually in the name of the one they have wronged. WHITEWASHING - The act of banishing and hunting down an individual who has broken the Codes. Having attained the status of ‘Whitewash’, they must complete many long and arduous trials to prove themselves to the Warnation to be readmitted to society. This often depends on their crime. MUTILATION - Removal of the offending body part. Thieves typically have their hands removed, liars, their tongues, et cetera. PUGGING - The act of painting an orc’s tusks pink, giving them face paints looted from other civilizations, and forced to wear dresses, also taken from other civilizations, for an extended period of time. The orcs can also be beaten by any other orc who sees them and is obligated to not retaliate. Times vary from a Krug’s week to several Krug’s months, and the pugged are intended to be shamed actively. Their klomps can be denied and their honor is questioned for the entire duration of their pugging. If the are of authority, it is rendered invalid for the entire duration of their pugging. BRANDING - The act of branding sigils of the offended that usually indicate their crime. These can vary from lettering to symbols depending on the issuer. The sigils can be placed anywhere on the body of the offender. PAINTING - The act of painting the orc with a variety of symbols, colors and words across their body that cannot be washed off until their painting period is over. Any orc can participate in this, and usually they are slurs, negative symbols, or ridiculous colors intended to connote that an orc is being actively shamed. TORTURING - Done exclusively to slaves, it is done to ensure that they understand the error of their ways. They will be tortured by the Snagagoth until they understand what they did was wrong and why it was wrong.
  8. Dragonslayerelf

    Krug's Will

    ========================================= Name of the Treaty: Krug’s Will ========================================= Type of Treaty: [Reformation] ========================================= [Nation] [Name: Krugmar] [Nation] [Name: The Horde of the Thagurz Grish] [Nation Formed] [Name: The Iron Uzg] ========================================= Date of Signing: The Beginning of Time ========================================= Unity has always been a prime factor through which the Orcish race retained its survival, and as such, honorable, good orcs should always strive to be united and brought together for the common good of Krug’s venerable children. Such is how it has been since Krug was first born and his offspring were brought together. Such is how it has been since Tythor’Rax united the warring orcish clans for the very first time. Now, in the midst of conflict, it lies upon the children of Krug to unite once more. Within the dilapidated ruins of San’Kala, Rex Shakul’Gorkil and the three Warchiefs of the Horde held moot. They aimed to put an end to the two factions’ everlasting conflict. Together, they created a vision. One in which Krug’s children banded together under a new, prideful banner. A venerable nation of yore. A conclave to uphold the honorable traditions of Krug’s people, and a war machine bound to strike fear into its enemies. An Uzg of Iron. The treaty, deemed the will of Krug, was recognized that day and signed into law as the Orcs were to be united once more in a new era of Orcish society, an era of strength and an era where the Orcs would become a force to be reckoned with once more, fulfilling Krug’s vision for his children. [OOC Terms] The Horde and Krugmar are abolished as political entities and instead are consolidated in one single entity known as the Iron Uzg. The Clans of both nations and their leaders are to be led by the current Rex, who will rule in a dictatorship with meetings to decide upon important matters. The ruined city of San'Kala is to be made the capital of the Iron Uzg after it is refurbished and repaired from the damages caused by the September Prince. The land provided to Krugmar by Kaz'Ulrah will used for specific purposes involving their proximity to other notable landmarks Any agreements that were signed in the OOC month of August with both the Horde and the Uzg will be maintained, any others are rendered invalid and must be resigned by the current Rex of the Iron Uzg. The OOC acquisition of San'Kala is also one of these, considering it was only attained this month. (Alliance with the State of Qin, Kaz'Ulrah and Camel Bandits + Tributization of Dunshire)
  9. Dragonslayerelf

    [Alliance] The Winning Alliance of 1679

    Rex Shakul'Gorkil signs, having met IRP, and hopes he won't be ban reported.
  10. Rex Shakul’Gorkil would hear of this and nod, saying “Dah pinkirekz blahz hozhli agh trooli. San’Kala agh dah Wonkawuudz am nub owurz, agh wi muzt reklaym wub iz owurz bevur wi go klompin’ uddah pinkiz.” He’d bring forth his warhammer and turn towards the city, remembering its distruction as twere it yesterday. “Wi muzt rebild agh klomp dah twiggiz, albai, frozteez, agh meybi ebben dah buurz twiggiz.”
  11. Dragonslayerelf


    “In da interest of maintainin’ our alliance,” the letter from the Rex would begin, “If da monkeys leave lats lands peacefully and we do nub break ties, am we still subject to dah 48 hour notice? ~Rex Shakul’Gorkil” @Zhulik
  12. Dragonslayerelf


    Rex Shakul'Gorkil, Blackhammer of Gorkil, signs and hopes he doesn't get BR'd again.
  13. Dragonslayerelf


    Rex Shakul'Gorkil, the Blackhammer of Gorkil, also signs
  14. Dragonslayerelf

    A CALL TO ATLAS [Kadarsi Sultanate ask for AID!]

    "Lat flat'd azh ub owur alliyz. Liyk id ur nut, wi am nub guen tu betrey deyur memuri agh dah truzt ub dah azhez dat remayn. Untihl lat kan proov tu bi hozhur dehn ah targed vur tribyootaryin', nub deelz." the Orcish rex would say in response, shaking his head slightly at the Sultan's message. He'd write the words to the Sultan himself, not abridging his blah for ease of understanding.
  15. Dragonslayerelf

    [Event Creature] Gyezu Yeti

    yeti combat 10/10