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  1. ”Mi kub wuz diz azh’zt maztur? Mi nub gruk ov ‘im” Spoke Murak’Gorkil beneath the shade of a tree in the savannah, smoking a fat dooby packed with cactus green
  2. Here’s hoping I play LoTC again when the new map opens...
  3. Smoking some cactus green in the savanna and gazing over a painting depicting a certain green Orc made by Quavinir, he was given the news of his eldest son’s Whitewashing and Hargurr’s Wargothdom ”Well, lat’z nub much ov ah zon ov Murak until lat’z been whitewazhed atleazt azh tik... Mi’z glad Hargurr haz taken lead, though. Reluktant Waghgoffz mayk wize deziziunz. Mi only fearz mi wyll have to get off mi fat arze to help out”
  4. ”Diffurenzez agh politikz muzt be zet azide to worzhip owah Anzeztahz. Mi zupportz diz konklave” spoke Murak upon hearing his invitation
  5. TheNanMan2000

    A New Snagagoth

    ”Anuvah azh ov mi zonz aimin’ fer leaderzhip. Bub’hozh, kub” spoke the happy father, enjoying his retirement
  6. Murak was smoking cactus green in the savanna beneath the shade of a tall tree when he was brought the news. ”Ah modezt reign, agh left ztill admired by hiz people. That’z dah mark ov ah hozh, humble Rexdom. Hozh job, bruddah Akrukil. Welkome to dah Old K*nt Klub”
  7. Man, I really love Quavinir’s artwork.  Nothing gets me up in the morning like one of his pieces

  8. TheNanMan2000

    Clan Lak

    Praise Laklul
  9. ”Boomzteel wuz ah koward’z weapun anyway.. But mi nub gruk’d narkoticz wuz banned..” said Murak as he read the missive, glad no one else would fall victim to death outside of an honourable fight.
  10. “Ang Gijak-Izhi” Declared Murak’Gorkil at the arrival of a new Honourable Rex
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