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  1. TheNanMan2000


    As the current Rex of Krugmar, me, Brazilianski and many of my other loyal friends amongst the Orcs have made a massive push to centralize ourselves around RP again, and to enrich Orcish culture. Our playerbase has also followed along in our focus, making strides to remove toxicity and bringing as much of our conversations to RP as possible. As a former Human for many years, I can honestly say that being an Orc is not only great RP, but an amazing lifestyle to lose yourself in. +1
  2. TheNanMan2000

    A New Rex of Krugmar - Mûrak'Gorkil

    Music to Accompany Reading Official Declaration of a New Rexdom - Mûrak'Gorkil 4th of Deep Cold, 1693 The displacement of the Orcs has left Krugmar weakened and without a centralized location for Clan meetings and permanent settling of Krugmar’s people. Many of the Orc veterans of the Clans have gone on pilgrimages or not been seen for many months, and few were left behind to take up the mantle of Rex. Wargoth Mûrak'Gorkil and his Clansmen marched on Fort Stronk and he declared his challenge to the title of Rex. None accepted the call, except from Rognor’Lak, a warrior from the all-too-recent Clan war which had split Krugmar from the inside during Shakul’Gorkil’s Rexdom. Mûrak'Gorkil, siding with his kinsmen, defended Shakul and as such, Rognor felt duty and honour-bound to challenge him. Accepting the fight Mûrak and Rognor faced off, then fought unarmed and unarmoured, until Mûrak was victorious. Rognor’s duty satiated, defeated in fair and honourable combat, declared his loyalty to the now Rex and Wargoth of Clan Gorkil, and so Mûrak went on to the rest of his kin, and spread his word.. ”Tu mi bruddahz agh ziztahz ov Krugmar. Wi have been zacked by Albai, kicked by Zhara agh had owah alliez, Kaz’Ulrah, razed tu dah ground, but yet wi ztand! Owah hiztoreh iz nuffin’ but zack agh ruin, but nevur hav wi been lozt tu dah zandz, agh zo neithur zhall wi now! Tu mi anzeztahz, all dat have kume before me, bakk tu Gorkil himzelf, mi zwearz by lat’z zpilled bluud dat mi zhall zerve diz title hozh! Tu dah next yearz ov owah hiztoreh, agh tu bein’ rumembah’d for yearz tu kume! Ang Gijaak-Izhi!” Now under the new Rexdom, San’Khatun, the Orcish City in the desert has been made the Nation’s Capital. Many Orcs would begin making their way across the sands to their ancient homeland and to leave the grasslands behind, belonging to Elves and Humans. The Ranks and Government established by the previous Rex, Gurukk’Lak, is kept.
  3. TheNanMan2000

    Challenge for Rexdom - Mûrak'Gorkil

    A New Challenger Approaches From deep within the Desert North of plundered Krugmar, a Challenger marches the waves of sand and sharp effaces of stone. A black furred Demigryph, decorated with scars from past hunts, with a brown skinned and equally scarred rider atop, wielding his famous Poleaxe. Beside him are his loyal Clansmen, Shakul’Gorkil, ex-Rex of Krugmar and devout follower of Azog, greatest Blacksmith and 2rd born son of Gorkil. Another, Nazark’Gorkil, a long-standing Farseer of the Clan who’s knowledge keeps us standing. Then is Skorkon’Gorkil, a past Ugluk, riding his own Ugluk Bull as a monument to his past Clan, dedicated to the 3nd born son of Gorkil, Ugluk the renown Warrior. So is Rokag’Gorkil, a Lutauman under the famed Falum’Lur and an Orc who’s legend is still in the making. The group of Orcs, bound by blood and the steeped history of Clan Gorkil, pass Krugmar’s battered walls and ransacked buildings on their march to Fort Stronk, it’s grim display a reminder as to the adversity Orc-kin face, and the result of falling to it’s foes. Such a fall shall not be permitted, an oath whispered by Murak, although fully knowing his Ancestors and the Spirits were listening. Finally reaching Fort Stronk, standing tall as a bastion of Orc-kind’s final stand and surrounded by the ocean, the group of Gorkils march through the camp and into the keep, declaring infront of all Orcs present “Ay am Mûrak'Gorkil, pazt Waghchief ov Klan Gorkil, loyal bruddah ov Waghgoff agh Targoff Vorgak’Gorkil agh pazt Waghgoff, agh Rex, Shakul’Gorkil, now Waghgoff ov Klan Gorkil, challungez all whu zeek dah title ov Rex to ah azh on azh, unarmed klomp in Zan’Khatun, dah Goi in dah Dezert!”
  4. TheNanMan2000

    Official Declaration of Raguk Wargoth

    Hozh zkah, bruddah
  5. TheNanMan2000


  6. TheNanMan2000


    ”Uh, whu diz?” remarked a confused Murak, then continued on to find more active RPers
  7. TheNanMan2000

    Vtyx, DPMagnum's Event Team Actor application

    +1 During my time RPing with him, I’ve had a lot of fun, and OOCly he’s also very friendly. I believe he displays all the qualities an ET is required to have, and I know that if he does become an ET, he’ll create fun and engaging events.
  8. Wow guys we got the victory royale


  9. TheNanMan2000

    Sacrifical Deeds to Krug for Mokûrz Staun

    Suitable Ambience Mokûrz Ztaun, Season of Hate Along the road heading to Belvitz, Murak’Gorkil rode his Demigryph, looking for Imperials to slay, he came across a Kha, named Cat. It was the Mokûrz Staun, Season of Hate, and Kha were a desecration to Krug, and their existence has long plagued the Descendants. Murak then took this Kha to Krugmar and knelt her down before the Shrine to Krug For Murak to honour Krug in this Season, he had to inflict pain and suffering onto ‘Cat’, and so he drew his blade, delivering the first blood-letting Blood pooled from the stab-wound , but Kha was suprising resilient to pain, perhaps even a masochist. But either way, Murak carried on the spilling of blood, Krug himself present as the Shrine stood tall over the sacrifice Blood continued to cover the floor, saturating it with a pool of crimson and feed nutrients to the grass Enough blood spilt for Krug, Murak cast aside his knife and threw her back to the ground, beginning to rain elbows onto the Kha’s face with 460 pounds of Orcish force The smell of blood and the sound of blows landing hard on the sacrifice to Krug, Murak began to feel a sense of bloodlust, a need for more gore to be displayed and hate to be inflicted For a final act of pain, Murak snaps her knee, both an act of hatred and display of prowess. Murak wasn’t just a brainless brute, but also adept at fighting and with an understanding of grappling and submissions The mutilation was over and Krug was surely pleased. His act of hatred was overwhelming, Murak was filled with little malice, but no Orc can with-hold from the bestial nature inflicted apon them by Iblees @Catarrh
  10. TheNanMan2000

    Yar Bone Trees

    Wanders apon a Yar Bonetree one day as he rides his Demigryph through the desert, admiring their beauty and dedication to Yar ”Ah importunt Klan ov Krugmar whu’z wizdum haz been prizelezz.. mi hopez lat’z peoplez live on until dah dezert’z zand blowz uway agh dah beaztz uv dah Uzg fade uway”
  11. TheNanMan2000

    [New Metal] Deep Iron

    +1 for a new metal to be smithed by Dwarves +1 Because you’re a fellow Welsh lad
  12. TheNanMan2000

    Malog's Parables

    ”Bub’hozh ztoriez agh wiv plenty uv wizdom tu be leurned... Hozh wryttin’ bruddah” Says Murak’Gorkil
  13. TheNanMan2000

    We Gathered Few - A War Comes

    ”Duh zkah lat blah’n ubowt ‘Uruk zkum’?”
  14. TheNanMan2000


    Wargoth Murak’Gorkil perks up his head at the news, then smiles sadistically, bearing his singular tusk and stomps the butt of his Poleaxe on the muddy ground ”Rex Gurukk’Lak! Ah worveh title for a dedikayted Uruk uv Krugmar! Ang Gijaak-Ishi. Lat haz mi luzk, agh mi Waghboarz, Rex!”