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  1. TheNanMan2000

    The Banishment of Clan Raguk

    Music to Accompany Reading The Banishment of Clan Raguk 13th of The Amber Cold, 1703 Deep within the Orcish deserts, north of the old sacked and pillaged Capital stands San’Khatun, the current refuge of Orc-kin. Within the City holds the Orcish Clans, and the Clans of Gorkil, Lur, Yar and Shrogo are bound together in a bloodpact. The Raguks, a Clan that has had a large impact on the Warnation stands with a dishonourable Wargoth, shunned by the other Clans. Many of it’s members are revered for their dishonour and disrespect for Krug’s Tenants. The blood of Shagarath and Groggnar are stained in the sand. A party of Raguks, including Krukleyd, Leydluk and Wurst gang up apon the duo with others such as Blogus the Black and Dr Sauerkraut. Blogus the Black, once the two had been outnumbered and butchered, cannibalized Groggnar’s corpse infront of all those present. Before such events, the Raguks once again gang up apon a half-blood Uruk. When contested by Groggnar, at that time their Wargoth, one of the Raguk Goblins fights him. Now with others watching, Krukleyd intervenes in the one on one fight by kicking his Wargoth in the ribs. Later, Wurst challenges Groggnar to a fight. The fight is accepted, however once Wurst defeated Groggnar, he declared himself Wargoth. No such agreement was made, and the Rex was not present to watch what is supposed to be a series of three fights. After such, Wurst then gives the title to Leydluk, his father. The Rex, Groggnar, and Wargoths of Clan Lur, Yar and Shrogo gather. Three times within a short space of time Clan Raguk has shown contempt for the code of Honour, and stood idly by and laughed as a whitewash Orc cannibalized another none whitewash Orc. Before these events, Clan Raguk has garnered disdain from the Clans through countless other acts of questionable care for Krug’s will. As such, the leaders came to a decision. “Az Krug watchez from dah Ztarguzh’Ztroh, agh dah Anzeztahz whu zpilt der bluud tu uphold dah Kode ov Honour, dey fear for dah future ov owah Kind. Whut kynd ov Rex am I tu ullow zuch dizhonour to be karried out freely wivout repent? Agh whut have we bekum for zuch ah fyng tu happun?..” the Wargoths present grip their spears, swords, shields and axes “If it were unleh ah few membahz ov dah Ragukz dat zhowed zuch dizhonour, it wuld be ah mattur ov whytewazhin’.. But der kontempt fer owah wayz haz gone far longur dan kan be ullowed. Dey replaze Honour wiv Powur. Dey replaze loyalteh tu lat’z kin wiv zelfizhnezz agh dah evur korruptin’ pull ov dah bloodluzt. Groggnar tried changin’ Klan Raguk, but dey have nub changed. Now, Klan Raguk iz banizhed. All thoze within’ diz Bloodpakt zhall ztand bezide me az ah baztion ov whut iz expekted ov Urukz.” He then writes down on a large piece of parchment, giving it to an Orc to be transcribed multiple times and then read out to all those within San’Khatun. “By dah dekree ov Rex Murak’Gorkil, agh dah Waghgoffz ov Klan Gorkil, Lur, Yar agh Zhrogo, Klan Raguk iz banizhed from Krugmar. Leydluk’Raguk, Krukleyd’Raguk, Wurst’Raguk agh Blogus ‘The Black’ are whitewazhed agh zentenzed tu flat. If kaptured alive, dey zhall bekum dah blood-eagul. Klan Raguk zhall be kompletely removed from Krugmar, agh dah memburz nub lizted muzt blah tu dah Rex, or dah Waghgoffz ov dah lizted Klanz, tu be ullowed bakk in dah Nayzhiun agh join ah new Klan. Ragukz whu du nub blah tu dah Rex or dah Waghgoffz zhall be konzidured whytewazh, ~Rex Murak’Gorkil” Beneath the letter is the seal of Clan Gorkil, Lur, Yar and Shrogo Within San’Khatun, warriors of the Clans would be taking to their weapons and armour. Clansmen are readying themselves in training grounds for a potential battle. Others would be forming hunting parties for to track down the recently whitewashed Raguks, some of the hunters may even themselves have personal vendettas against them. Krugmar is ready for a state of War.
  2. TheNanMan2000

    The Bloodpact of Krug's Kin

    The Bloodpact of Krug’s Kin 10th of Malin’s Welcome, 1700 The Orcish peoples live far in the desert, within the blistering heat and home to a numerous display of ravenous beasts lurking the dunes for prey, Krugmar stands as a bastion to Krug’s Kin, and the Clans that call it home Within the Temple of Enrohk, the Clan leaders gather, Akila’Lur, Nurena’Yar, Znitgit’Shrogo and Groggnar’Raguk stood together, along with the Rex of Krugmar and Wargoth of Clan Gorkil, Murak’Gorkil. Deliberating the future of the Nation, and it’s past falls, the Clansmen decided upon a bloodpact, promising to stand by each other’s side until they met their end. Stood in a circle, Rex Mûrak'Gorkil drew his weapon, the Sword of Enrohk, found inside Enrohk’s Temple inside the coffin of an Orc defiled by Necromancers. The boon of Enrohk within the metal boiled Mûrak's blood, and formed multiple lacerations on his arm, forcing him to with-hold the bloodlust. Stabbing it into the ground, the group clutched it’s blade, squeezing tight until blood dripped from their hands, soaking it’s metal crimson from each Wargoth. They gave out their oath, and with the Spirits and Ancestors as their witness, the bloodpact is sealed.
  3. TheNanMan2000

    What Pokemon would your character have?

    I don’t play Pokemon but I saw Throh in your team and I’ve decided he’s all I need
  4. TheNanMan2000

    RP Item Giveaway (222 Items)

    I’ve asked for 1 item so far, so here’s my second. Pearl of the Queen, please boyo TheNanMan2000
  5. TheNanMan2000

    RP Item Giveaway (222 Items)

    Can I have Orunduk please? TheNanMan2000
  6. TheNanMan2000

    Redemption for Incompetence

    As the Rex, I can honestly say having a Nation tile will help us grow our RP tremendously. Building up from nothing with a small amount of players is difficult, and I have very little mina, and have little idea of how to even get many since all I do is RP. As such, trying to buy Soul Pillars is a complete nightmare and the new players that have been flooding in recently due to Marimba’s streams and the news of our RP rising is being dampened by our in-ability to meet that demand with enough soul pillar slots, and the fact we live in the desert means people need to travel for around 15-30mins to get to us. If not for the wrongs that have been put on us, I ask for a Nation tile so the playerbase can grow, and from which I can transform those new and old players into RP-centric members of our community, which will guarantee a similar trend down the line when someone else takes the mantle of Rex. I was also told that there isn’t an activity check placed on our new City, so Admins aren’t able to check how many players we got. I’d ask that we have one, as we may end up passing the activity check to become a Nation anyway.
  7. TheNanMan2000

    [Reformatting][Feat] The Feats of Gazigash

    Although I adore Raguk’s massive amount of Lore and unique Clan roleplay, I don’t want every other Clan in Krugmar to feel compelled to push out their own Clan-specific lore pieces and feats in order to keep up with Clan Raguk and it’s aggressive noob-wrangling. It’s not that other Clans aren’t able to, because they are, but because it’s completely un-necessary to keep the Nation of Krugmar, and the Orcish Race afloat, to have Clan feuds for the sakes of circle-jerking. There’s no reason the Clans can’t have their own unique Lore but still mix it all together to make a diverse and attractive Nation to various amounts of players without having 1 Clan farm everything for themselves. Orcs already have insane Clan beasts, atop their Clan lore. We don’t want to compel more Lore bloating.
  8. TheNanMan2000

    OOC: How do I Orc?

    Hey, I’m the current Orc Rex. Feel free to give me a message in-game if you want some RP – My username is: TheNanMan2000
  9. TheNanMan2000

    The Wild Season

    Following tracks through the desert, Murak led three Orcs on their hunt. Zhanzokk’Gorkil, a giant Olog with a massive, two-handed axe. Zralah’Gorkil, another huge Orc with a Poleaxe, and Burbur’Lur, an Elementalist. Eventually, they found a large skull, and apon close inspection, they found a pack of Amber Wolves inside, along with some pups. Before they could make a plan, Zhanzokk let out a blood-thirsty roar, awakening the Wolves, with their Alpha leaping out to Zhanzokk, quickly followed by another. Before Burbur or Zralah could react, another 2 leapt out. Murak, un-accosted and mounted on his Demigryph, spurred his companion forwards, causing the Demigryph to leap onto the back of the Alpha Amber Wolf, piercing deep into it’s back, then quickly finishing it off with a swift blow to it’s head using it razor-sharp beak. As soon as that had finished, he stood up on the saddle, Poleaxe in one hand, knife in the other and leapt onto the back of the other Amber Wolf attacking Zhanzokk, however his weight collapsed the large Wolf, causing it to roll atop him, with it’s acidic fur burning furiously at his skin. Quickly, he stabbed the knife into it’s neck, then it’s stomach, repeatedly until it also met the fate of it’s Alpha. Rising to his feet, skin blistering with blood and acid, Burbur and Zralah was fighting the last Wolf. Before long, that final Wolf also met it’s fate, and after tending to the acid burns many had sustained, they looked inside the skull, finding the Wolf pups still inside, each taking one for their own. Murak still has his Amber Wolf pup, which he trains and feeds tentatively as an experienced tamer, hoping to honour Freygoth with his care for the animal, and Votar for the Hunt. Thanks @Dragonslayerelf for the sicc event
  10. TheNanMan2000

    The Wild Season

    Mûrak would be at his home a little ways-away from San’Khatun, practising his blacksmithing. He’d receive a letter of the news, smiling broadly and letting out a roar ”Glozug Votar!” Then hammering away at the spear-head quicker and with more vigour, awaiting the start of the new Season.
  11. TheNanMan2000


    The Rex of Krugmar, deep within the Desert and sat apon his throne in San’Khatun, deliberates the battle against September Prince. His kin has been slaying and hunting, and he overlooks his war-table, un-sure as to whether he should send his hordes of Warriors and wild beasts against the Champion of the Aspects, or against Elves that had wronged them.
  12. TheNanMan2000

    Of Flesh and Soul

    Ang Gijak-Ishi Iron in Blood
  13. TheNanMan2000

    An Open Letter To Dunshire

    lol **** sake these posts always make me laugh, even though I probs shouldn’t
  14. TheNanMan2000

    A sight to behold

    (Freygoth encompasses all wild beasts)
  15. TheNanMan2000

    Clan Shrogo

    Gobos need some luv. GJ