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  1. unbann me u ruin my christmas...

    1. Aengoth


      how could you ruin his christmas


    2. JasperJohn
    3. ShouHeiKun


      how could he ruin my christmas

      and he ignore my message

  2. perm banned on new years for something i already made a successful appeal for over a year ago.. feels good

  3. Welcome! Message robobadger or ShouHeiKun in game and we will get you set up! As an answer to your question -=- The order's goal is to thrive as self dependent rulers of the lands for which they settled. We have a work in progress discord. -=-
  4. -=- The Order of Azeron -=- Opening -=- Azeron was a small coastal village, springing into existence shortly after the boarding of Atlas. It's best features consisted of a large farm, and plentiful fish. Being so close to the road, however, caused many people to flock towards Azeron. As the village thrived, it was targeted. Others preyed on Azeron, stealing crops and robbing villagers. After years of relentless attacks, a man named Elton took command. He started raising a militia, setting up guard towers and doing patrols. The brigands caug
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