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  1. If you're interested in being a Story Actor please try to get your app out today or tomorrow

  2. IGN: BobBox Discord: BobBox (Austin)#4660 Skin: Lord Bid: 17 @marslol
  3. BobBox

    Split The Sky

    ' Spilt The Sky After a multitude of scouting trips by many different groups, the Necromancers were the ones who began the first large action against the beast known as Cloudbreaker. The group brought with them a titan of equal if not greater colossal size which caused the earth beneath the fight to seep out a radius of dread. After waiting for some time, a group ambushed the necromancers before the drake's main lair, and so a battle soon broke out. The group in waiting got the jump on the necromancers, though it was the dark magi’s behemoth that quickly turned the tides of the fight as it slaughtered countless numbers of defenders. Soon after the behemoth emerged and ended the previous fight Cloudbreaker took to the sky to defend its lands although the worm soon dug back into the ground to hide. Outside of the main entrance was where Cloudbreaker headed next, though the worm was close on its trail and soon the two began a battle of titanic proportions. After a multitude of exchanged blows and flames from both fighters, it was clear that the worm was going to win. Cloudbreaker attempted to flee but was unable to do such effectively due to an injured wing, and so soon after the two fought one final battle to see who was superior. Cloudbreaker was soon pushed to the ground, and as it fought to stand, it was engulfed in intense malflame which ensured its death. Soon after, the drake was eaten with little to no trace left behind. Cloudbreaker was dead.
  4. MC Name: BobBox Discord: BobBox (Austin)#4660 Image: Description of Image: you get loreblasted by a demon Dimensions: 2x2
  5. MC Name: BobBox Discord: BobBox (Austin)#4660 Image: Description of Image: demon Dimensions: 2x2
  6. MC Name: BobBox Discord: BobBox (Austin)#4660 Image: Description of Image: goat Dimensions: 2 long 1 wide
  7. Images are big so I spoilered them
  8. Hey man, just specifying for everyone that our "agreeable terms" were just that we'd talk out how we want to do it in the appropriate warclaim post, overseen by moderation as to avoid any problems arising with a presumably mostly pvp based war. There was nothing else concretely agreed upon. If this is the official document for saying you want to attack some dark magic people, perhaps it would be best in a format where PvP and looting isn't the main goal.
  9. MC Name: BobBox Character Name: big Villain of Hell Application: Villainy App
  10. I'll be letting independent groups and nations to now explore for & interact with cloud breaker, if anyone wants to schedule stuff just lmk. I'll be available to assist with logistical planning, etc should you want to do such

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      cloudbreaker grippy making a nephilim act unwise

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      Karosgrad when cloudbreaker attacks during the "peace summit"

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      @Nathan_Barnett36 its what i call ur mothers bum

  11. Bit of odd timing considering the Naztherak rewrite in progress
  12. If anyone has questions about applying for ST, feel free to message me. If you’re on the fence about applying I’d recommend giving it a shot

  13. Looking forward to event interviews, please apply :)
  14. I feel like base shamanism and its subsects could use some heavy work before even more stuff is added onto it. Though I understand the want for new stuff, there is already quite a lot of content with the lore as it stands (though again, yes I understand there was more in the past).
  15. I nearly spit out my water reading this. Maybe 2-3 places at a time will have over 10+ players and that’s at nearly peak times
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