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  1. Sir Anthony Basrid smiles upon reading the missive and promptly marks down the date.
  2. Inigo Montoya Inspired Set [Steve, 50 minas] Telmarine Armor Set [Steve, 50 minas] Discord - BobBox (Austin)#4660
  3. The Study of the Rhenyari Relics Published on the 6th of Owyn's Flame, 1807 Introduction Since arriving back from the lands of Ba’as, my mind has been buzzing with the stories and history of the Rhenyari, and in an attempt to satisfy these visions, I have decided to write a paper on a few of the Rhenyari Relics which I have seen or own. Rhenyari Relic of Simon Basrid Colonel Basrid’s Riding Sabre This riding sabre is made of steel and brass and was gifted to Simon Basrid when he was appointed as Colonel of the ISA. It is was made during th
  4. An artist’s depiction of the House of Commons building. A Fire in Providence It was the 12th of Horen’s Calling when court had just ended in Providence. Many were returning home after eating a delicious meal when calls were heard. Quiet at first, the calls soon grew louder. I was within the crowd when the calls were heard, calls of a fire that had broken out in the heart of Providence. The large crowd surged forward as they began towards the House of Commons building and arrived at the scene soon after the soldiers had, many of whom rushed inside the
  5. Anthony questions where these “hordes” and “crowds” of people are, and also questions when the last time they had a king was. He then walked away from the crazy man shouting to himself in the square.
  6. Seems like there's a lot to keep track of in the red lines, especially with the pregnancy / cooldown on it, pedal harvesting cooldown, how the pedals need to be ST signed, and how they can go bad. Especially when birthed ones come into the equation, the amount of work needed & dates to keep track of by ST and players only multiplies. 120 year life span personally seems like a lot considering them can give birth at least 3-4 times during that. Also should note that you only say ST approval is needed for catching them, but not for them being birthed. Perhaps if nothing was ST signed it would
  7. A Theory on the Titanic Bones of the Kharasi Oasis Published on the 6th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1808 A depiction of some titanic bones in the Kharasi Oasis Introduction Since publishing my paper about the Kharasi Oasis, I have been approached with a theory that could possibly explain the Titanic Bones that are found in the desert regions. This paper aims to explain the theory and the reason that I believe it is valid. The Theory This theory, as proposed by Dilvyn Deveral and discussed between him and myself goes something like this. Long ag
  8. Anthony Basrid does a quick check of his materials. Water, sword, vest, and lots of writing paper and ink.
  9. The Study of the Kharasi Oasis & Desert Regions Published on the 15th of Sigismund’s End, 1807 A sketch depiction of the desert lands of Kharasi. Introduction Since arriving in these new lands it has become evident to me that people have tended to build civilizations in the more moderate or cold biomes of Almaris. Since noticing such, I have made it my goal to explore the lands in which people have not yet touched. This research paper is a product of such action. The Kharasi Desert’s Structure While it may look like one continuous desert at first g
  10. Amthalion Wick heard of the news but a moment before he finished his last drink. Pausing for a long moment, he then spoke. “I knew you since I was but a boy, and I took the Wick name for you, but it was never enough.” He sighed midway through his words, a hand soon pushing away a man that had been listening. “But I am not surprised. While others took bets at my life, you enjoyed the castle. But as people seem to find out, castle life doesn’t save you from a blade, and a blade won’t halt its progress because you hold a quill and write for the greater good.” Glancing towards the listening man on
  11. Anthony Basrid wonders how many times they will mess up his families invite, as it is still wrong.
  12. The Young Lord looked over the various outfits in his room, deciding which to wear. It didn't take long before he saw an old Rhenyari garb, one worn by a renowned statesmen. Nodding once as he tried it on, the Basrid then smiled, ready for his special day.
  13. An Anthony Basrid begins to think of gift ideas for his sister, crossing off everything that isn't sharp from the list as he does so.
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