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  1. Major Sir Rylan Swint nods, remembering why he can’t retire.
  2. BobBox

    Swint Shop

    Swint Shop Est. 14th of The Grant Harvest, 1769 “Time has a wonderful way of showing what really matters.” Let’s face it. Your wife didn’t marry you for that handsome mug of yours. She wants those sweet gifts you promised you'd get her every week. It's the 18th century, the archaic hobby of staring at the sun to tell time is long past. This business, established by David Swint, intends to fill the empty pockets and wrists of all the citizens of Helena by creating customizable, affordable, and fashionable watches of all types. Customizable ((Click Above For Catalog)) Each watch made by the Swints is completely your vision. The buyer can choose from an extensive range of options including but not limited to: Case Colors, Dial Colors, Straps, and Chains. Want a custom symbol inscribed? Sure thing! Custom picture on the dial? We can do that too. Affordable With a starting price of 150 minas, anyone can purchase a pocket or wrist watch. What’s that? You want to spend more than 150 minas on a watch? Don’t worry! There’s plenty of room for the price to go up. Fashionable With a near custom tailored look every watch can accentuate your voguish taste. With over 96 different color combinations you can grab a watch to match each outfit in your wardrobe. Trying to look slick for a certain someone? Try an all black watch. Trying to catch someone’s eye? Gold is the color for you. A man beams as he shows his betrothed the watch he got her. A man beams as he shows his betrothed the watch he got her.
  3. Major Rylan Swint nods in approval of the metals. “God bless the men in red! One God, One Emperor, One Country!”
  4. With the appointment to the post of City Clerk of Helena, Sir Rylan Swint takes over the responsibilities of the Clerks. The City Government thanks Mister Philip Louis for his time in service as City Clerk. Edict of the City Clerk, 1768 Issued on 10th of Malin’s Welcome, 1768 I . On Private Sales of Crown Property As established by the Edict of 1763, in order to facilitate the job of stewarding the city of Helena and ensure that our ledgers remain updated and correct, it was decreed that private housing sales would need to be overseen by a steward, and proper payment collected based on the seller’s asking price. Throughout the past 4 years, it has become evident that this system is not being followed, as as such make the following revision: Effective Immediately, all third party sales must be submitted to the Stewardry to sell, document and deliver payment to respective parties as needed. Private Citizens may contact any Clerk to have their property listed on a public board, and proper signage will be placed. As such, any sales not conducted by a Clerk will be deemed invalid and nullified, and the property in question seized by the city for proper resale. II. On Third-Party Rentals of Property It is the opinion of the City Clerk that while a person might legally occupy a property and call it their own, the property ultimately is only “rented” from the Crown, as tax is considered to be a “rental fee”. To allow for someone to exploit this and charge such high amounts of Mina for a mediocre sized living space is preposterous. As such, effective immediately, we do temporarily ban rentals of crown property, until proper legislation to regulate such is enacted by the Livery Corporation of Helena. Failure to comply will be considered a crime, but tenants will not receive any protections should landlords suddenly increase prices or evict those living within their space. As for landlords, if the tenant claims to own the property and there is no proper evidence contradicting this, you may be out of a property. III. On Unused Shops on Merchant Street It is the opinion of the City Clerk that while the shops in Merchant Street may have shelves filled with goods, these shops should be put to use for companies with active store clerks. As such these shops will be subjected to activity checks, and if not met may be evicted. IV. On Tax Advances The City Clerk is of the opinion that buying multiple years of taxes is contributing to the housing crisis and is hurting sales. As such, homes & businesses will only be allowed to purchase one year of taxes at a time unless a Clerk is informed of a special circumstance. Should any issues arise, please do contact the Office of the City Clerk of Helena, within The Visitor’s Center IN NOMINE DEI, City Clerk of Helena, Captain of the Imperial State Army, First Regiment, Fourth Brigade.
  5. Username: BobBox Character name: Thrandobal l’sdeeph Age: 230 Race: Elf Are you a citizen of Tor Eldar?: Ye Discord: BobBox (Austin)#4660
  6. “Ah, the “brave” and “noble” elf takes the high ground once more. What more would I expect?” Asks Sir Rylan Swint as he sips on some wine.
  7. “Ek ok thu will be sturr laoch together some day.” David repeats, still not believing that their adventures together would end so soon...
  8. BobBox

    A Soldier's Mistake

    Rylan Swint glanced out his window for what felt like the tenth time that hour. ”Da, when do we see Ma again?” Asked his kids. “I’m not sure, legr gotrs. I’m not sure.” He said, deciding it was a good time to rest.
  9. Basic guns should be added and would be a great feel for the server
  10. Rylan Swint sheds a tear for his friend and fellow soldier. “Hydwa for serving. Vaegar for craunen. May we meet again another day.”
  11. Sir Rylan Swint begins to practice for his own fight in between training sessions with Sir Octavian
  12. Rylan Swint smiles brightly at the news “I wonder what happened to your ears, good elf? Perhaps try to tell me. Oh? Cats got your tongue? Oh Wait! I forgot that I have it.” Rylan returns to his job, a large smile on his face for the rest of the day.
  13. The Expedition Of Man Rylan Swint’s rendition of His Imperial Majesty’s Ship “Red Helena” moments before it sets sail, 1756 It was a quiet day as the Imperials boarded their boat. Whether they were happy to go, or sad to leave there was tension in the air that no one could ignore… The journey to Athera kicked off without a hitch. Not long after the last Orenians entered the boat, it began to sail on the high seas. Across from His Imperial Majesty’s Ship,the Haense boat “Geltenkaros” could be seen at all times as it’s yellow and black sails kept it at a good pace. Rylan’s rendition of the Haense Boat “Geltenkaros” as it sets sail, 1756 The first month of the journey was met with minor conflicts for the Imperials. Many claimed a room and began to settle in. However, the occasional sea monster was seen, though they mostly fled when confronted. The mood on the ship was cheerful and hopeful, and the skies were clear throughout... Captain Rylan Swint’s drawing of a sea monster, moments before it fled. A drawing of an Officer’s room. The second month began much like the first. On one particular day, spirits were high for the Imperials and decorations were hung around the boat. A party was planned for mid day, but just as the sun began to rise a Siren was heard singing on the side of the boat. Though it proved no match for those on board and the gathering continued unimpeded. As the Imperials and Haensemen began their celebration, a ghostly sight interrupted the affair. Out of the water arose a ghostly ship demanding gold and threatening death if payment was not made quickly. Once again, the ghost crew stood no chance against the might of Oren- for the volley of arrows and blades were both swift and true. The ethereal visage was returned to the icy depth of the boundless ocean from whence it came. With the party over and a successful battle under their belt, the humans went to sleep for the last night. Red Helena with party decorations on the second day of sailing. Rylan Swint’s rendition of the ghost ship. Rylan Swint’s rendition of the battle of the ghost ship. Another month at sea came and went, the children of Horen had quickly adjusted to a life at sea by this point. Though their complacency was soon interrupted by yet another danger from the sea. A tentacle suddenly appeared from the water, followed by many more. As the two human boats scrambled to gather supplies and fight off the beast, Red Helena was cracked in half by the mighty beast hidden below the water. The groups retreated onto Geltenkaros to defend from the unending attacks. But they too met the same fate as their sister ship and Geltenkaros was split in two. All those that came to the rescue of the scattered passengers met the same fate, and many more boats were lost to the beast. Only those that were able to board the life rafts in time survived the event, with everything else being claimed by the sea. The Imperials were at the mercy of the currents, praying they be taken to their destination . . . Athera. Rylan Swint’s rendition of a tentacle. Geltenkaros surrounded by tentacles. Their prayers indeed seemed answered as the first human boat made landfall at the site of some old ruins. At the order of the Emperor himself, a base camp was established from which the Human Empire could further explore the lost lands of Athera. Rylan Swint’s rendition of the Peter’s Landing
  14. Captain Rylan Swint sheathed his bloody sword with a smile. ”Run home to Rubern, you all die the same no matter the location.” He’d state before walking back to Helena.
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