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  1. I feel like base shamanism and its subsects could use some heavy work before even more stuff is added onto it. Though I understand the want for new stuff, there is already quite a lot of content with the lore as it stands (though again, yes I understand there was more in the past).
  2. I nearly spit out my water reading this. Maybe 2-3 places at a time will have over 10+ players and that’s at nearly peak times
  3. Just remove all the magic on the wiki or put a big spoiler at the top of each section saying to go to the forums for up to date info. Same thing with creatures, there's no need to do an overhaul when each of these are often changing.
  4. Skin Name: Kung Fu Farfolk Discord: BobBox (Austin)#4660 Bid: $15 @Pancho
  5. Skin Name: Traveler's Garb Discord: BobBox (Austin)#4660 Bid: $10
  6. [!] This missive can be found throughout the world. Seeking Knowledge Hello to all who have spared but a moment of their day to read this missive. Before I jump into requests, I will allow you to learn about myself. My name is Mitros and I am a peasant who has spent most of my life wasting away in a field for measly portions of bread. Now that I suspect I am some ten years away from my death of old age, I seek to explore the world and learn it and its people's many stories. Here is what I can assure you, should you reach out to me. Firstly, I will listen to your stories without prejudice. I will devote time to clearing my mind of any prior thoughts and will accept each idea with a clean slate. Secondly, I will not spread the information given to me. My hands are nearly too weak to write, so instead, I will listen to your ideas and stories without the need to tell them to others. Third, I will debate ideas and speak on theoreticals only should someone request such. If you agree with my morals above, feel free to look at the list below of topics that I am interested in learning about. - Arcane magics and how they work. - Druidic magics and their theories. - Alchemical explanations for the world and potions. - Creatures of the world. - Recent histories of peoples and nations. - Spiritual theories. - Any other forgotten topics, please inquire. I do hope this missive reaches the correct crowd as I do not have many coins to circulate it around the world. Please feel free to send me a bird so that we may arrange a time to speak, should you agree to my ideals. In return for speaking to me about these topics, I will do my best to find and give some sort of object as payment. - Mitros, an aged man soon to be a scholar.
  7. Bit late to the party on the post, but I believe that some land should be near impossible to traverse without using the roads - say giant valleys with steep walls, etc. I want places that make me as a player feel small and areas where there is only one or two ways through a biome. I want big valleys, not with spiked mountains surrounding them but with flat land, like the Grand Canyon. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I want paths high above big drops.
  8. Can't wait to see the first post canceling Rilath now! :) Good luck man
  9. Feel like halflings and people who are klones should be able to be cursed (though they wouldn't be able to use other klones once cursed). Generally, I think the continued push for the CA to kill players (especially 4 players in 12 ooc hours for the altars) is a tough street to go down, even if it is rooted in old Fwitches. I think a note should be made that NPC bodies cannot be used for feeding or rituals as well, as I've heard of witches trying to snag easy feeds from them. I think this should be limited to just human strength so that orcs don't have some random advantage out of nowhere. Just a few thoughts here, certainly didn't read everything in depth or all the abilities, this was just at a quick glance.
  10. Make an autoshop in a nation or settlement and names will remain anonymous for most players besides maybe stewards if they care to look that far into things.
  11. I personally enjoy seeing intense magical items and artifacts on sale for thousands of minas on the daily. Buying enchanted items from across the map and automatically knowing how to activate them is great! Full removal or only selling blocks needs to be the change here, people who think you can’t sell anonymously without it clearly haven’t put much thought behind the issue.
  12. I truly believe that the best experiences that one can have in RP are when they are both unknowing of what's happening on an IC and an OOC level. Going into a spooky settlement not knowing what lore they roleplay around or what that lore is even capable of is a feeling I'm afraid I'll never get again but one that I chase. Not only does this RP create a true sense of mystery, but it also often causes you to step up the level you're rping at as you take the time to go over each of your emotes meticulously to ensure you're rping with quality.
  13. As the war between two major factions begins to churn a third group has entered the fray, though not as grunt soldiers meant to fight significant battles upon open fields - no, instead as vultures hungry for swords, bows, ammunition, and minae. These vultures are said to be dressed in blue and often follow these large battles and skirmishes like hungry wolves - stalking the bodies which still lay upon the green grass and brown soil. These men are oftentimes seen taking what remains upon the bodies before sinking back into the forest where they await more battles, though recently they have begun to target civilians and other innocents as the large militaries are distracted. The Vultures are said to perform hit and run tactics, oftentimes pulling alongside civilians in a carriage before jumping out and robbing them, though it is not unheard of for them to establish roadblocks, steal ships, burn barns, or steal crops. Originating as nothing more than a nuisance, The Vultures have slowly been growing bolder and any military would do well to ensure that they properly plan out battles with them, lest they lose soldiers in the process of a gruesome battle.
  14. ︎ Port Avluk ︎ A crown upon the waves It has been known for years that the cursed water near Ando Alur contains multitudes of shuul living within its depths and so sailors rightfully stayed far away from the land - though now that the disgusting void taint is lifted, these creatures are long gone and so people may travel and live freely once more. Sailors of all origins must no longer fear their boat drifting towards the irregular mountainside but now towards the manor which sits upon a rocky outcrop - though perhaps getting stuck there wouldn't be so bad... ——— Port Avluk is a one-of-a-kind manor that sits upon the water and has the goal of supplying the world with various artifacts, automatons, and other valuable goods. Let all nations and individuals know that they may order supplies from this blessed crown - and so all may have said goods shipped to themselves or their respective nations. For those who wish to visit the port in person, please go to Eastfleet and follow the road through Ando Alur. We sincerely wish that all who are curious may come over and experience this gem in person - and so we welcome you with open arms. -Sincerely, Port Avluk.
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