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  1. Rylan Swint smiles brightly at the news “I wonder what happened to your ears, good elf? Perhaps try to tell me. Oh? Cats got your tongue? Oh Wait! I forgot that I have it.” Rylan returns to his job, a large smile on his face for the rest of the day.
  2. The Expedition Of Man Rylan Swint’s rendition of His Imperial Majesty’s Ship “Red Helena” moments before it sets sail, 1756 It was a quiet day as the Imperials boarded their boat. Whether they were happy to go, or sad to leave there was tension in the air that no one could ignore… The journey to Athera kicked off without a hitch. Not long after the last Orenians entered the boat, it began to sail on the high seas. Across from His Imperial Majesty’s Ship,the Haense boat “Geltenkaros” could be seen at all times as it’s yellow and black sails kept it at a good pace. Rylan’s rendition of the Haense Boat “Geltenkaros” as it sets sail, 1756 The first month of the journey was met with minor conflicts for the Imperials. Many claimed a room and began to settle in. However, the occasional sea monster was seen, though they mostly fled when confronted. The mood on the ship was cheerful and hopeful, and the skies were clear throughout... Captain Rylan Swint’s drawing of a sea monster, moments before it fled. A drawing of an Officer’s room. The second month began much like the first. On one particular day, spirits were high for the Imperials and decorations were hung around the boat. A party was planned for mid day, but just as the sun began to rise a Siren was heard singing on the side of the boat. Though it proved no match for those on board and the gathering continued unimpeded. As the Imperials and Haensemen began their celebration, a ghostly sight interrupted the affair. Out of the water arose a ghostly ship demanding gold and threatening death if payment was not made quickly. Once again, the ghost crew stood no chance against the might of Oren- for the volley of arrows and blades were both swift and true. The ethereal visage was returned to the icy depth of the boundless ocean from whence it came. With the party over and a successful battle under their belt, the humans went to sleep for the last night. Red Helena with party decorations on the second day of sailing. Rylan Swint’s rendition of the ghost ship. Rylan Swint’s rendition of the battle of the ghost ship. Another month at sea came and went, the children of Horen had quickly adjusted to a life at sea by this point. Though their complacency was soon interrupted by yet another danger from the sea. A tentacle suddenly appeared from the water, followed by many more. As the two human boats scrambled to gather supplies and fight off the beast, Red Helena was cracked in half by the mighty beast hidden below the water. The groups retreated onto Geltenkaros to defend from the unending attacks. But they too met the same fate as their sister ship and Geltenkaros was split in two. All those that came to the rescue of the scattered passengers met the same fate, and many more boats were lost to the beast. Only those that were able to board the life rafts in time survived the event, with everything else being claimed by the sea. The Imperials were at the mercy of the currents, praying they be taken to their destination . . . Athera. Rylan Swint’s rendition of a tentacle. Geltenkaros surrounded by tentacles. Their prayers indeed seemed answered as the first human boat made landfall at the site of some old ruins. At the order of the Emperor himself, a base camp was established from which the Human Empire could further explore the lost lands of Athera. Rylan Swint’s rendition of the Peter’s Landing
  3. Captain Rylan Swint sheathed his bloody sword with a smile. ”Run home to Rubern, you all die the same no matter the location.” He’d state before walking back to Helena.
  5. Full Name of Man - Rylan Swint Date of Birth of Man - 3rd of the First Seed, 1723 Name of Woman - Sabina Torshi Date of Birth of Woman – 16th of the Sun’s Smile, 1724 Location of Ceremony - The Basillica of the Final Revelation, Helena Date of Ceremony (Year) - 1749 Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony - Cardinal Arthur
  6. RP Name: Rylan Swint MC Username: BobBox Discord: BobBox (Austin)#4660 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Oren Why Do You Wish To Come?: I want to help Oren and it’s army What Skills Can You Bring?: Map making and fighting skills
  8. FULL NAME: Rylan Swint AGE: 20 RACE: Human RELIGION: None REGIMENT OF CHOICE: 1st Regiment ((MC name)): BobBox ((Time zone)): EST
  9. BobBox


    Born in Dominion, Enthmir grew up knowing only his mom. Growing up, he would work all the odd jobs he could find to help support his mother. He would often give all of his earnings to his mom, and because of this his clothes were often torn and a size too small. With the small amount of free time Enthmir had growing up, he made and learned how to play the flute. He even became good enough at it to play on the streets for tips instead of working. Enthmir followed this pattern of working, and practicing his flute for many years until a few months after he turned 48. Around 3 months after turning 48, his mother got sick and soon died. This event shocked Enthmir so much that he left Dominion in search of a better home.
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