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    In Flaming Revelry

    A stone being of titanic proportions remembered visiting the town once. He would not forget the scaled ones hand in burning it down next time he came upon them.
  2. BobBox

    Strange Tidings

    Brother of East-Meets-West enjoys reading the various tombs that he hands out before going to sleep.
  3. Discord: BobBox (Austin)#4660 Bid: $6, $4 Skin Number: 3, 4
  4. Discord: BobBox (Austin)#4660 Bid: $6 Skin Number: 3
  5. A Basridi Father smiles proudly.
  6. [!] This paper is sent out anywhere anyone would read it and also in front of the large gateway. Aether being down below, I call to you. Consumer of flame, Refuser of energy, Consumer of sound, Answer my written words. ----- Your sounds we heard true - Be they warnings or callings? Are you one with your prison? Or do you demand separation? Is your cause true to your signs? Or do you hate what I’ve seen? ----- O’ one in the dark, I will visit you soon. I pray for answers unknown, And for a bright light. - The one who saw
  7. Discord: BobBox (Austin)#4660 Bid: $10 each Skin Number: 2, 4, 1
  8. Discord: BobBox (Austin)#4660 Bid: $10 each Skin Number: 2, 4
  9. Tawkin Amendment Mutation Changes: Warm & Cold Blood: Old Variant: New: Warm / Cold blood is now considered a lesser mutation and does not take up a major mutation slot. Purpose: Heightened Dexterity: Old Variant: New: An individual may be mutated to possess superior dexterity and hand-eye coordination, allowing them a greater degree of precision and enhances reflex time. Of course, this is not done to any superhuman extent, and those who bear the mutation must still possess adequate awareness and space to move in the event that they attempted to dodge an attack. For example, a mutated individual may dodge a singular arrow or projectile of about the same shape should they be completely focused and aware of the threat during this time - though such would require 2 emotes to perform. In exchange for their heightened dexterity, the average man will find themselves to be lessened in physical constitution, though not necessarily weak in strength. This means that while they might be able to maximize their strength to that of a well-trained fighter, they may receive bruises easier and would be made more susceptible to harsher blunt force such as a hammer or heavy fall. - Can be used to dodge a singular crossbow bolt or similar sized projectiles once per fight without fail, though this requires complete focus over 2 emotes to perform. - Dexterity cannot be used to do backflip dodged or other sorts of ludicrous acrobatic performances. You are still limited by the biological capacity of your body. - This does not make an individual faster in terms of movement speed, only allow them reflexes that put them on par with the maximum for their race. - Heightened dexterity is not spider-sensing. It does not allow you to sense or perceive oncoming threats to any greater extent than another regular individual. - Those who bear Heightened Dexterity, though not necessarily weakened in strength, will be more prone to blunt force damage and bruising as a result of the mutation. Purpose: Natural Weapons: Old Variant: New: An individual may be granted a mutation that allows them to bear natural weapons or a layer of natural armor in three distinct locations. In the case of natural weapons, the two optimal locations to have them would be either of the individual’s arms, able to be made akin to that of a blade, spear, or other melee-based armament that would essentially replace said limb aside from bladed weapons, which can be hidden in the skin at the extent of a large scar where it would extrude in battle. These often appear as made of flesh and bone, and have durability akin to that of heavy steel, the weapon’s weight depending upon the type and size — though may still be shattered with enough force, akin to one splintering their bone. Natural armor, meanwhile, would range from thicker skin to chitin, the former being more like that of tanned leather while the latter may rank up to the strength of iron plate — at the cost of being more distinct and noticeable. - An individual can only bear either one natural weapon spanning up to two meters, or two natural weapons (on both arms) which extend for up to one meter. They may be any manner of sword, spear, or melee-weaponry but cannot have any ranged function (i.e. crossbow). - The stronger the armor, the more noticeable it is. Hardened leather skin would appear more firm and coarse, though would appear mostly normal; whereas chitin would bear up to iron durability but would appear like scales that manifest wherever they are placed. - Armor may protect against mundane attacks and hits, though would do little to nothing against environmental or magical elements such as flame or wind. - The locations and types of natural armaments are not interchangeable on whim and require that the individual be re-mutated with the new locations. - One may only have either Natural Armor or Natural weapons as a single mutation. Simultaneously bear weapons and armor would require that one use up both mutation slots. - Natural Weapons/Armor are constantly visible and cannot be hidden or dispersed by any magical means, though they may be mundanely concealed under things like armor or a cloak. - Any natural bladed naturally weaponry under 1 meter in size may be hidden in the skin at the cost of having a large and visible scar where the weapon would extrude in battle. It may be “drawn” in one emote and causes some pain as it breaks the skin. - Weapons can not be drawn if they would hit a surface. For example you couldn’t place your hand on someone’s chest and draw the weapon. Purpose: Hypometabolism Old Variant: New: This mutation grants the recipient a higher metabolism and regeneration, allowing them to recover from would-be grievous injuries in an unprecedented period of time. The process of regeneration is passive and relatively fast-acting depending upon the wound, though is never instantaneous or capable of being regenerated in combative scenarios. This would be done over the course of narrative days, months, or even years as the wound is slowly kneaded back over with flesh and bone until it has completely mended or at least left a scar if the wound was truly severe. As a baseline, healing is increased by double its natural rate and significant injuries such as gashes, lost fingers, toes, and ears would require one IRL day to regrow. Significant injuries that are dangerous, though not outright fatal such as lost arms, may be healed over the course of one irl week. In exchange for this ability, the individual will find themselves unable to clot their blood through any exterior means, such as tippens root or alchemical tonics, and are left to solely rely upon the mutation. In exchange for this ability, the mutated individual will receive what would be akin to cancerous tumors or even leprosy, with their regenerative abilities acting against them. This only appear where the character has had regenerated flesh. This would incentivize the mutated individual to conceal this affliction, as it would be incredibly noticeable lest they wore heavy cloths and bandages. Such would be incredibly painful, and would leave the mutated individual with a necrotic sort of appearance, costing much of their appearance and health wherever they had regrown flesh. These cancerous tumors only last for one IRL week. - Regeneration cannot repair fatal wounds such as a stab to the throat, punctured hearts/lungs, a smashed head, etc. At most, it would only painfully delay the time it took to perish. - Regeneration cannot bring an individual back from death, nor can it prevent death. - Anything that is more significant than a small gash, scrape, or cut will require at least one IRL day to heal, though appendages and limbs can take upwards of one IRL week. - Those with the regenerative mutation cannot receive any benefit from medical or alchemical healing/sealing of wounds, and must rely upon their mutation. Deific healing is fine. - Hypometabolism grants no advantage to speed or strength. - Regeneration cannot take place in combative scenarios Purpose: Homunculi Changes: Previous: New: Their regenerative properties, being unhindered by the whims of the soul, are astonishing, allowing them to recreate their entire form upon death over a cruel and gradual period of time. After being killed, a Homunculi will have to wait an IRL week before they can regenerate completely, though they will be confused and weak for a period of three IRL days after such. Limbs take three IRL days to regenerate. On top of this, if a Homunculi drinks a Juliet's potion they were be permanently killed as their body turns to stone. This does not require OOC consent. Purpose: Juliet's Potion Changes: Previous: New: The Juliet Potion is an alchemical unction that allows the alchemist to shuffle between pygmies upon consumption. Should any mortal or alchemist drink the potion, they would be overcome by a sudden paralysis as they contort into a crumpled fetal position, their soul leaving them as their body lays where it was - though it would still be alive. This would effectively render the soul displaced from its former vessel, shuffling them into the next available one should there be any. Should the consumer not be a klone upon drinking the potion, they would simply be restored by the monks as normal. Yet should there not be any available pygmies for the alchemist in question to inhabit, they will be forced to PK, as the monks will not aid a character who attempted to circumvent death. Purpose: Klone Changes: Previous: New: With the implanted vessel, the alchemist must saturate it with the vitae, this being the very lifeblood of the new vessel. Afterwards, in a meticulous process, the alchemist must fill a clay vase with an oil wrought of alchemic growth and life while the vessel lies within it. This will grant the vessel an alchemic “nutrience” which allows it to grow, and at a much faster rate than naturally-born men. More daring alchemists who may employ swiftness and vigour symbols within the jar’s oils may find their vessel to grow at twice the rate, yet to the greater risk of the shell. Klones may be grown at double their normal rate when the signs of swiftness and vigour are used, though this also doubles the chance of getting mutations while they grow. Purpose: Credits: BobBox: Writer Valannor: Consultation / Idea bouncing Bonito_: Consultation / Idea bouncing Johann: Consultation / Idea bouncing
  10. A HARDENED WAR GENERAL MUSIN began to angrily scream in the square. "Retribution! If Toast is not avenged to the fullest capacity by every single nation on this evil land I will personally rain down hellfire so strong all nations collapse. Famine will strike the land and the blood of innocents will fill the rivers until they are stained crimson red! Innocents will be slaughtered in droves and non shall survive if my five star soldier is not avenged!"
  11. BobBox

    The Link

    [!] This scrap of paper would be anywhere anyone would read it. Do you hear the trumpets? I extend my hands to thee, o’ snake. I am the link between you and the divine - I bow down so we may be rid of the swine. In old times, I knew not who I was, But through you, o’ snake - I ascend. Walk towards the trumpets, the blinding lights Towards the snake within. We need not gods, for you, o’ snake. I bow down wholeheartedly - So that within the books of man, We may be honored - And within the books of gods, We may be despised. I call out to you, other voices in the darkness, Let our cries shake the abyss. -The devoted being
  12. Skin Name: Stylish Overcoat Discord: BobBox (Austin)#4660 Bid: $15 @SaviourMeme
  13. Skin Name: Stylish Overcoat Discord: BobBox (Austin)#4660 Bid: $10
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