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  1. The redline also says "or anything similar", which covers the testing you've mentioned.
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  3. A lone man drifted through the halls of Hallowcliffe, robes dragging across the floor behind himself as he went. There was much to discuss, much to be said, however now he merely went to his office - the kitchen. After securing a large scoop of sand to eat, he would disappear into the winding hallways so that only the moving gazes of the paintings could track him and reveal his location. Eventually arriving at his lab, the man secured some metallic parts so that he could fix himself and his now missing finger. Life would go on - at least for him. Perhaps eating so many rocks truly didn't make his skin any stronger, perhaps he had not eaten enough rocks.
  4. I will now be taking mina donations that will go towards claiming my title as emperor of the holy orenian empire

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  5. Please Read Before the times when infernal powers were so concretely cemented into our world, there were many periods when The Lords collectively rescinded the abilities granted to these lands and the descendants within. While the sole reason for the removal of powers is unknown, it can be inferred that either it was due to some intense abuse (similar to the abuse of the void, common among the voidal magii of today) or that some scheme against The Lords was created by the mortal agents, and subsequently noted and punished by their infernal rulers. While it seems more likely that the latter of the two options is what had happened, in reality, it is estimated that some mix of the two most likely occurred. This period (spanning from the first creation of mortal agents of Moz’Strimoza through the event titled The Summoning) will be referred to herein as The Old Times, as this period predates The Modern Times. Although The Old Times covers all pre-modern history, it may be divided by specific time frames and events. As seen below, the three major dividers of The Old Times are The Ancient Times, The Infernal Takeover (encompassing First Contact and The Inferi War), and the Pre-modern Times (encompassing The Failure and The Summoning). Spanning from the first mortal agent until The Infernal Takeover. The Ancient Times is a metaphorically dark period of history wherein much of the information about The Lords, the mortal agents, and their combined ambitions is lost. It has been determined that through the change of many continents, old fliers, pamphlets, books, and even simple stories of the mortal agents have been lost due to the death of descendants and nations, as well as the limited carrying capacity of those who did survive[1]. While information on this period is mostly lost, we can be sure of a few key events. The beginning of The Ancient Times can be traced back to when the first mortal agent was created within descendant lands. This mortal agent, in all likelihood, must have coerced others into deals with The Lords so that infernal powers could spread across nations and continents. This is the first key event. Secondly, as mentioned above, we can be sure that some combination of abuse and scheming against The Lords occurred[2]. This event did not escape the attention of The Lords, who, in response, swiftly revoked the powers initially granted to the mortal agents. Lastly, we can confirm that the descendant world was noted by The Lords as a viable battleground to continue their infernal conquering and fighting. It is heavily theorized that Velkuzat, in his unending greed and hunger, noted the lands to be ripe with weakness due to the inferior metals and alchemy, as well as the heavy influence of the void on many descendants[3]. Naturally, it was not long before other Lords and their generals began to seize parts of the world as their own. [1] It is often acknowledged that while many papers could have survived, they are out of the reach of the current mortal agents. If any are found, it is advised that they are copied and taken. [2] We can be sure that time has passed between the first agent and the betrayal of The Lords due to the immense amount of mortal agents who lost their powers. [3] While it is possible that other Lords originally noted our realm as vulnerable, evidence points to Velkuzat first noticing the land in his unending hunger. It was only upon closer inspection by Kholidav that weakness was noted. It is very possible that other Lords even tainted the lands before contact was made, possibly contributing to this weakness. A depiction of the comet striking the ground. Spanning from First Contact until the Pre-Modern Times. First Contact First Contact refers to the beginning stages of The Infernal Takeover. During this time, the chosen generals of Moz’Strimoza made contact with Arcas via a colossal comet that struck the land and shook the continent to its core. Caught off guard and unsuspecting, the descendants hastily converged at the impact site, though many were quickly slaughtered by the powerful generals, much like a cat swatting mice with its paw. It was during the First Contact that descendants quickly began to scramble to form alliances against these prevalent threats, though it would take some time before the chosen warriors of the descendants were trained properly. It is this grave overestimation of their own abilities that lead many descendants to die in vain. The most prevalent alliance formed is The Firewatch[4]. This alliance was formed in the year 1777, though it would take some eight years after the founding before the first descendant victory was achieved. At the same time that many descendants were rallying together to fight the infernal generals, many also contributed their wartime efforts to the opposite effect - assisting them. Whether it be through sacrifice, spying, disinformation, or other actions, it is believed that through the efforts of these turn-coat descendants, the true value of having mortal agents was realized by The Lords once more. The resurgence of infernal arts in mortal hands is attributed to these secretive endeavors by valiant descendants; however, these powers would not manifest for many years. An artist's illustration of the corrupted Al'Faiz. The Inferi War Although the examination of every battle's circumstances and outcomes in The Inferi War exceeds the scope of this paper, it is important to acknowledge the essential timeline and highlight the major victories that occurred. In 1777, the descendants united to establish the Firewatch Alliance, and by the following year, in 1778, they undertook a strategic march across the Korvassan sands to confront the infernal generals in battle. It is only through the help of some strong explosion that the descendants managed to walk away without completely being slaughtered. Two years later in 1780, the Firewatch Alliance attempted to defend the city of Al’Faiz against the infernal general of M’ag’nus C’arne. This too was in vain as the city was quickly overrun by infernal siege engines. Following the siege of Al’Fiaz, it was not long until the neighboring city of Vanmark was taken. As a city containing mostly merchants, it is said that little resistance was given to the new infernal rulers. It would only be in the year 1785 that the Firewatch Alliance managed to secure a victory and ‘rescue’ the city, though it was mostly in ruin by then. It was two years later in 1787 that the descendants once more overestimated their abilities and were slaughtered in great fashion at the duel sieges of The Doghouse and the siege against General Pol’Gorous. The Doghouse occupied the once beautiful city of Vitenna, and it is there that Zekul’akudah destroyed any descendant hopes of retaking the former vacation lands. Likewise, although little is known about General Pol’Gorous, it is known that the descendants failed to achieve victory against him in the Last Light Camp - a now former stronghold of the descendants. Finally, in the year 1791, the descendants achieved their first real victory in the Siege of Agrothond, and although they were able to hold off the generals and their forces, many lives would be ultimately lost. It was one year later that descendants ultimately claimed victory over the inferi generals and drove them from the lands of Arcas, but at that point, the continent was already doomed. While many generals, battles, and locations existed beyond those listed above, their significance in the war was comparatively less than the others, either due to their lack of involvement in major sieges or because descendants focussed their writing on other parts of the war[5]. [4] The name of the Firewatch Alliance ended up being quite ironic, as many of the original members oftentimes watched as their cities and friends were all consumed by fire. [5] Other distinct factions played large roles, though many of them merely defended their territory rather than expanding it. The Hive, for example, assisted others in battle but rarely attacked cities by themselves. Spanning from The Blessing to The Summoning The Failure Although it was during the time of the Inferi War that The Lords once more realized the benefits of mortal agents, it was not until many years had passed on the next continent that the powers were handed back to descendants. Picking the perfect descendant to facilitate the spread of infernal powers is no small task, and it is no surprise that Kiiztria chose a descendant who had little qualifications. Now known as Mozizkhar[6], this descendant quickly began to devote more of their time to their bookstore than their teachings. It is for this reason that nearly all of their students struggled and could not progress in their learning. The damage enacted by Mozizkhar to their mortal agent students is nearly indescribable. Many of these first agents never progressed in their teachings, and it is only because of the brave actions of their student Daz’rukrai (a follower of Kholidav) that our existence was secured. The Summoning After years of waiting for lessons, Daz’rukrai finally was able to perfect the manipulation of malflame and beasts, though they were left lacking in the other fields. It was finally decided between Daz’rukrai and her following that they would summon a foreign zar’akal from Moz’Strimoza so that all of the lessons could finally be achieved. Through the use of various blood-arts, sacrifices, and gifts, the Zar’akal was finally summoned in a ruined building outside of Providence. This zar’akal would be known infamously as Siegmund, Prince of Carrion[7]. Upon summoning, a deal was brokered so that Daz’rukrai could finalize their teachings and achieve her true potential. In exchange, Siegmund was granted freedom into the mortal world. An artist's interpretation of the summoning of the Siegmund. After Daz’rukrai finished her lessons, there was little downtime and she quickly began to teach her students so that they too could become useful to The Lords. It was only after a meeting was called between all the mortal agents that Mozizkhar and her group of students (all of whom were nearly untaught) stomped off in a rage. After this meeting, Mozizkhar and many of her students were never seen again, and it is heavily speculated that The Lords removed the failure’s powers and sentenced them all to death as punishment. The bookstore Mozizkhar had so viciously fought to work in would remain in ruin and abandonment for the rest of the Almaris’s history. This is the final event of The Ancient Times, and it marks the transition into what is known as The Modern Times where a majority of our known history exists. This will be covered in a later paper. - Written by Ren. [6] For their cowardice and lack of action, Mozizkhar is often called Mozizkhar the Failure as they nearly caused the removal of mortal agents once more. [7] It is this very zar’akal that would later go on to torch the entirety of the Haenseti Capital of Almaris.
  6. [!] Please RP finding and reading this missive in any place you'd like. The content within is not hidden. She prays blindly, does not question, and is not enlightened. A singular step separates those who are knowing and known and those who are unknown, to it and them - the Five-lord’d God. It is a singular step forward to cast doubt on your previous learnings, to instead relearn from it. Break free from the chains of mental captivity, free yourself from the bindings of lies. Let the learnings of the past fade into ash and cinders. Admit your mind to it and them, question all, realize, awaken—all with the help of it and them. Yet if you await the answer of it and them, be patient still. It is their light that shines brightest when you need it most. Though if patience wears thin, there is still hope—act. Make your existence known to it and them so that you may be brought into the light. Be guided by humble shepherds, walk peacefully to it and them. But do not forget. A singular step backward is the first step away from it and them, but this will only cause a stumble - Yet it is a simple stumble that quickly turns into a fall. And when you fall, do not expect it and them - the Five-lord’d God - to help anymore. For when you cast aside it and them, they cast aside you.
  7. An Observation - Hidden Powers of Old Before delving into my observation, there must first be a level of understanding that accompanies you on your reading journey. Firstly, it is important to note this paper's goal - to inform the reader. I make no effort to persuade the reader into thinking my writing is correct, nor should I ask others to push the beliefs within. Instead, it is best if the reader pauses and thinks critically about the observation noted within. Should they disagree with my statements, I offer them the ability to reach out and write to me. Secondly, before reading one should familiarize themselves with two points on the map below. Denoted in Figure One with a triangle is Chulir, the large mountain that cannot be trekked. Denoted also in Figure One by the square in the southeastern part of the map is the temple located within the jungles. For a complete reading experience, I would recommend the reader venture to and become familiar with both locations, although it is not needed to understand the contents of this paper. Figure One - The Mountain, The Temple, and the land inbetween. Upon venturing to and encountering the jungle temple, one may first be struck with a sense of wonder and awe. For those who have not ventured to the temple (and for this I cannot blame you, as it is quite remote), the structure itself is nearly 100 meters by 100 meters in its dimensions and is situated in the center of a lake, prompting one to wonder how often it was used in its prime. Daily commutes to the temple would have been a trek, and no signs of boats or docks were left behind close to where the temple is located. There are four stairways at the base of the temple, each built in line with a cardinal direction, and upon climbing said staircases even those who are novices with the alchemical would notice the symbols carved into the stone. Below is a depiction of each. -=-=- The Alchemical sign of Fire, inscribed upon the southwestern corner. Gazing upon this symbol brings forth memories of hot coals, open flames, feelings of warmth, etc. The Alchemical sign of Water, inscribed upon the southeastern corner. Gazing upon this symbol brings forth memories of waves, lakes, and other water related activities. The Alchemical sign of Air, inscribed upon the northeastern corner. Gazing upon this symbol brings forth memories of strong winds and other air related imagery. The Alchemical sign of Aether, inscribed upon the northwestern corner. Gazing upon this symbol brings forth memories of magics, mana, and other related images. -=-=- Normally this observation may mean little as many of other peoples long before us have come to discover the meaning of our favored symbols, however the astute in alchemy may quickly notice that one of the symbols is missing - that being the sign of Earth, but why is this important? The Alchemical sign of Earth - the missing symbol from The Temple. Gazing upon this symbol brings forth memories of dirt, rock, and perhaps even The Mountain - Chulir - for those who have ventured to it in the past. It is a well-reported fact that gazing upon an alchemical symbol invokes thoughts of what it represents - and with a quick glance at the Earth symbol, one who has traveled to Chulir or the large mountain will instantly be reminded of it. Is it possible that these two wonders of our world are somewhat intertwined? - One should think so, and I theorize that it is the land between these two connected monuments that may be especially magical or alchemical in nature - to an extent that we have not seen before. It is the current-day realm of Adria that has settled the lands between these two monuments - lands that I hypothesize the original owners of the Jungle Temple inhabited. It is my theory that these lands were once lived in by an old civilization that would venture to the temple rarely, or in times of need so that they may pray or perform rituals. From these rituals and prayers, the land between The Mountain and The Temple would receive some blessings that the people desired, thus allowing the civilization to live prosperously for some time - though they were of course gone before we had arrived. We - as descendant kind entirely - can only hope that these lands may still retain some of the once gifted magical properties. This of course leaves the main unanswered question of how we may utilize the temple’s power, or how we may create temples of our own design to benefit from these blessings. If someone has any theories related to this, I ask them to reach out to myself. Please feel free to reach out if you have questions or want to discuss the topics listed in this paper or other topics. Proudly sponsored as a scholar by the nation of Balian. Written by Tallow.
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  9. Chulir - Mother Mountain Gazing upon the alchemical sign of Earth reminds one of land, be it plains, mountains, soil, etc… To my friends, both known and unknown. When you are lost within these new lands and are without a compass, do you not turn inwards like an animal finding its home? When your horse grows weary, does it not stray off the path and does it not end up at the base of the titanic mountain? Do your eyes not travel from the base to the shrouded peak? This is Chulir - The Mother Mountain. It is the blessing of Chruinne which drives us forth, transforming the land at our feet so that we may always end up at its base and so we may never be truly lost in this world. It is from this gift of Chruinne that we have this natural pillar within our blessed lands which guides us forth in life. Do not take this for granted though, as it is our lack of faith which prevents us from ascending to the top and viewing the world in its entirety. It is our lack of faith which creates this natural barricade in our way. I pray that one day we may achieve a true blessing so that our feet which are so drawn towards Chulir may step upon her blessed peak. Please do not be afraid to send a letter if you have any questions or would like to speak, for it is my goal to educate peoples on these lands. Tallow, Of Hallowcliffe Hall.
  10. The Last Siege A depiction of the new-found tunnels. The sun upon Almaris fell for the last time as the descendant forces valiantly stood below their final walls. At the sound of marching soldiers, flapping wings, and Mori war cries, the descendants fired their best cannons and swung their sharpest swords. Upon the westernmost part of the city, many stood brave upon their hill and did their best to defend themselves against cannons and beasts, though they soon fell back to their inner wall. Likewise, the eastern defends of the city bravely fought the beaches until blood magic storms forced them back towards their wall and palace. Those at the front of the city held the bridge and decimated countless Torathi before falling back to the inner gate and then the palace. While countless huddled together within the palace, the outer walls of the city quickly began to get overrun. Perhaps by a spark of luck though, as one titanic beast ripped through the walking castle parked behind the palace, the ground on which they stood began to shake, and soon after the floor gave in. Falling into an old sewer, the descendants quickly discovered an abandoned tunnel by the Mori and upon entering it they soon found a safe and long-forgotten region that they could call home for now. It seems the descendants had traded their previous lands with the Mori - whether it was a good trade was yet to be learned.
  11. The World Falls A depiction of San Luciano and what few boats remain. To all within our realm, The defenses of your cities and territories within your land have dealt many losses against the Mori hordes, but we must acknowledge that they are running out of targets and we are running out of cities to defend. It is in our best interest to condense solely upon San Luciano. The Mori armies grow with incredible strength and cities seemingly untouched now will soon be destroyed without guaranteed means of escape for their citizens. To remain in your dwellings is to die. My brothers have again embarked on a journey into the waters to secure a means of escape, though we have not heard back from them. We assure you that this is not a viable method to leave. We must dig in our heels and get ready our final battle, the time may soon be upon us. The time to flee is gone, prepare your blades. Majid, Brother of Brev [Map End - Final Event: Saturday the 20th. 4:30PM EST at Savoy.]
  12. The Dwarves Fall -=- -=- As the sun remained high above the sky, on the opposite side of the world those in the depths of the Urguani Caves managed a hard-fought battle with the Mori forces which aimed to drive them out of their lands. The brave dwarves at the front of their city managed to slaughter swarms of bugs before eventually falling to the inner gate and deploying their vicious traps in an attempt to prevent further Mori pushes into the city. Those in the Temple of the Worldmaker meanwhile delayed countless hordes of spiders and other knights as they fought within melee range of their barricades, though even their best efforts were soon bested by those horrible attackers and the Mori tunnelers. Thankfully for the dwarves, their grit and determination aided them as they held the front gates and prevented them from falling so easily, saving countless lives in the process. The East had begun to fall.
  13. -=- The West Falls -=- Although the descendant forces of Krugmar and Celianor slaughtered countless Mori, at the end of the day they were overtaken by the immense forces, though it was not without inflicting many losses upon them. As the people of Celianor were taken away via a boat of Brev, those of Krugmar fled their capital on foot while their Rex took a last stand. Once the capitals were clear of all descendant forces a sinister ritual began to occur, and quickly after the rest of the world descended into darkness as the sky above broke away. There was truly no safe space that the Mori could not touch - besides from Savoy. While the rest of the world descended into darkness, those golden sands continued to shine brightly as the sun above was never shrouded. Those who had lost their lands quickly reclaimed areas within the ruins so that their societies could continue on despite the hard losses. If nothing else, the descendants knew how to survive in rough times. Despite the new home for some - others had decided to weather the storm… at least for as long as they could, though those left in the north knew they were next.
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