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  1. CampingNut47

    [✗] O_Xone

    I wish to remove this ban from O_Xone since he had friends over and was screwing around and didn't mean anything from what he did that banned him.
  2. CampingNut47

    [✓] CampingNut47 ban appeal

    I wish to remove a ban since I have two brothers and we share the same internet.
  3. CampingNut47

    [Accepted] Top_Goon's Application Team Application

    this man is the guy to Number one that helped me out on this server
  4. CampingNut47


    I lived near the edge of Marna my entire life. I have trained with a bow through hunting and with a dagger for if I run into predators or bandits. I have worked on my parent's farm for years until I decided to take training in the sword and learn how to be a soldier. I have killed bandits before, but they came to me. I was friendly yet firm with people. It was until I saw my friends get ambushed and murdered. I had an anger problem ever since. I plan to be the best I can by living near the border of Daeland where I lived in. I took over the farm after my Parents died from a common cold. I trained harder and even took my father's lucky hunting bow. I have been good at arms ever since. I have lived at the farm my whole life, and I still go into the woods like I did as a child. I lost the place last month because of a fire that someone else started. I am moving to the very edge of the city Marna. I plan to make my parent's proud through my new skills that I gained throughout my life.