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  1. Sitting in the quarter deck of Eos, Hildebrand nostalgically fiddled around with a shard of one of the many runestones the party had accumulated in their stay in the Attenlund. "Zhat vas quite a lengsy adventure. Once ve're home, zy'll get to drink as much as I vant." The aged knight mumbled to himself, letting a chuckle out. "Der Abschiede dear Attenlund." A final parting farewell to the harsh lands was said as he flicked the small shard from the ship, and into the waters below with a small sniffle of the 50 year old Hildebrand Mondblume.
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  3. Ser Hildebrand Mondblume casts a meaningful gaze at the Karosgrad docks, thinking to himself, "An adventure awaits us in the near future. I hope that the ties and bonds between this forming crew grow stronger and flourish while we explore and begin to colonize the new lands, so that we may succeed in the long task we've been given to go into the unforgiving and completely unknown lands of the Attenlund." The armor clad knight took one final look at Haense's setting sun, which lit the sky in bright pink streaks that sprung out into the vast skies of the region, before turning back toward his h
  4. IGN: Limo_man Character name: Hildebrand Mondblume Place of residence: Koenastriet IV Position: Alderman
  5. Ign: Limo_man Character name: Ser Hildebrand Mondblume Age:36 Place of residence: Koenastriet IV Position: Tribune
  6. Hildebrand sat soundly by the fire, contemplating the journey ahead. The man prepared a hand written note for his children, as the days before his hunt quickly winded down. "Zy shall become a monster in order to slay one...." Smoke from his pipe wafted into the air as he spoke in his small study. "Zy vill have quite zhe fight ahead of me.... von't zy."
  7. Ign: Limo_man Character Name: Hildebrand Mondblume Age: 32 place of residence: Koenastriet 4 Position:Tribune
  8. “What gives you worry overtakes you. Let’s work together in order to lessen the worry and get your voices heard.” ~The reason that I personally see myself as an eligible candidate in the debate for Tribune~ Once I had to face many goodbyes to my family and had to bear the deaths of two of the role models that I admired most, I began to think. Though I have taken up knighthood and a role in the HRA, I want to be able to better the lives of those who live within Haense so that their lives become more fulfilled and memorable within this fine capital. Once I had reali
  9. Hildebrand nods his head while looking the pamphlet "A good man." he'd say happily with respect inn his voice "Lets become tribune together, yeah?" the man mumbled out after, his words in the same tone, whilst sitting at the breakfast table with the rest of his family.
  10. Overview of Bounty batch: [!] A note looms above the other bounties, indicating importance and more significance over the other bounties. These nailed down paper read: Dear adventurer, recently, there have been disturbances of all sorts down here within the sewers that have been becoming more evident and problematic for those who ally themselves to us. I’m afraid that before more pressing issues are tackled, we must band together in order to clear this dark and dangerous place. Different pathways lay blocked by webs, nests, outposts, etc. Without further ado, I present the
  11. IGN: Limo_man Character name: Hildebrand Mondblume Age: 28 Place of residence: Koenastriet IV Position: Tribune
  12. ~The Arbiter~ ~OOC Message to introduce Companies~ As you can see, companies are being introduced this season to the bounty dealer - along with a plethora of other things. But what is a company you may ask? Well, it is quite simple really. They are going to be the basis of where all of the bounties come from. Plus, they consequently will give out rewards upon maxing your reputation out with them. For every bounty that will be on the bounty board, a clear label will be written alongside it stating what company it is from. Some bounties a
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