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  1. Hey there everyone, were on the lookout for a few people who'd be willing to help our family grow into a noble house once again! We are a Waldenian family that originated in Haense, and has stayed mainly with them and a small few other nations along the way. You'd be playing a kid character in the next few weeks. at the moment, they are around 2-5. My Disc is Limo_man if you are at all interested
  2. ~The White Petal Tavern~ Amidst all the tired working farmers and the thieves rampantly rummaging through people’s shanny shacks, stood a tavern - one that had been struck with life once more! Two Mondblumes took up the reigns of renovating the little old place in order to restore some of its previous glory. It was no easy task, however. It took months to plan and build it all out, and, once it was all together, its brand-new lower floor almost cried out for customers with its welcoming charm and warm atmosphere. It was perfect! All that was left was for the pair of tavern managers to re-open the building to the public and show off its new features: A nostalgic fight pit for the BSK to remind them of Haenses taverns of the past, a brand new bounty board to help irradicate the threats from around Haense, and a plethora of new drinks to replace the old menu! Come visit the White Petal Tavern for a hearty drink or a round of fisticuffs in the fight pit today in the farmlands out the back gate of Haense! Jurgen and Michele Mondblume
  3. Resurgence By: Juger Mondblume A statement told by Limo_man/ Limo_man#7300 Being brought up, I was taught Haense’s Brilliance and pridefully cheered around to common folk and ranted on and on about how grand of a place it was in Almaris. It was quite the talk of us Mondblumes. Though - our name lost its weight after what can only be called ‘an unfortunate turn of events’ where most of our family died out in the Kingdom of Haense. Our name used to strike hope into people and remind those in Haense of a story of fighting to gain a place and giving everything we had to our nation. Yet, now? Now it is only recognized as a name in the history books that bears little to no significance from what I’ve seen. . . I spurned it. How could that which I cherished be ripped from my grasp at that young of an age? Before I had the chance to make an impact or change anything? But alas, now I am the only one who can make an impact. My family is now extinct to my knowledge. No brother or sister to share the weight. No mother father or grandparent to seek advice from. Just a sound mind and hearty resolve to take on this new land that I’ve had to travel to and through all on my lonesome. Of course, along the way, there were some travel companions, but none stayed long enough to make it to Haense. Nonetheless, while alone, I am determined to revitalize my family name back to this great nation! I will not be forgotten and not talked of like the older generations. I will bring life to my family and revive old traditions that have been lost to the score of time!
  4. ~A Broken Boy~ An LOTC Rp story of a minor haunting wearing off Musica Emptied glass bottles could be heard clanking and clattering outside Haense’s walls. A boy had lined them up atop the smithing forge next to the city’s farm fields where he’d begin knocking them down with a slingshot that launched corks - some of the falling bottles shattered upon impact with the ground as others made a loud bang and rolled off to the side. This boy looked, aside from being too drunk to utter a word, somehow both angry and fearful. These expressions both adorned his face like permanent markers staining a piece of printer paper. The last bottle then hit the ground leaving the boy to let a long angry grunt out. He was left staring at nothing but the shards and splotches of glass and hard liquor that were scattered around the ground, “Even when I am drunk I don’t feel right,” the boy dropped the slingshot and sank to the stone floor allowing for his head to sink down onto his knees. His weary exhausted eyes closed shut - however, something clearly was plaguing him and his young mind. It’d take seconds before the boy brought his head back up in terror of what he had seen when his eyes closed shut. His body then trembled and shook as violently as the glass bottles did while shattering chaotically all over the ground. His dry, tear-stained, face started to produce a long long stream of tears that left him up for the whole night; this boy was so sick that not even his pained tears could bring him to sleep. Morning came along and the boy’s thoughts gathered. He was free for now from his traumas and such. But he was not in fact free from the Bottle’s alluring calls and endearing warmth that the boy yearned for. As the calls were answered in the tavern, and the boy gripped the neck of the bottle. People’s haunting words of judgment from all around him started to overwhelm him. The boy could only take so much before he broke a little bit more. He stood from his seat in the bar and left the judging and afflicting crowd to wander the teeming streets of Happy Haense. His inner monologue started to unravel itself out to him. It was as though it had been hidden away behind a curtain for far too long. . . “Adrian. If you keep this up then your whole family will no doubt leave you and hold great shame to your name for many generations - especially your Modir and siblings. You must fight your crippling addiction so that you can figure out who killed your father and make him proud by accomplishing the feats you had set out to do when you were just a happy boy. He was a good man and wouldn’t in any way shape or form tolerate your idiocy the past few months. Grow up.” The boy wept a few tears before tossing the bottle of Jaegermeister into a garbage bin. Of course, it didn’t go in. He was drunk. Very. . .drunk. But it was a sign that the fragmented shards that resembled his once happy life had finally started to try and desperately tug and string themselves back together. This boy then closed his eyes for a moment again in hopes that days and weeks of insomnia and pain would let up and allow for a small brief respite. To his surprise a pleasant array of cooling feelings overtook his entire body; specifically it most prominently effected his head. This overpowering release of his paranoia, hysteria, and ‘fog’ was so strong that it’d drop him to the ground and leave him incapable of moving for minutes. While prone on the pathway, the boy even began to see things while the bad exited his body. As Haeseni citizens who’d assume the boy passed out from alcohol wandered the streets around him, this pulsing feeling started to subside along with the vision that was projected out to him of two hands held out to him surrounded by a warm golden glow and clouds that looked as fluffy as a pillow of cotton candy. These hands weren’t exactly special in any certain way regarding their physical features, but it’d still emanate this otherworldly presence that comforted this boy and his broken mourning state. The boy let a long deep gasp out as he came to and stared around in a calm and mellow manner. The pain, fear, and irritated expressions that had followed him around anywhere he went were now gone. Completely vanished as if they weren’t ever there to begin with. A few stray tears escaped his eyes without the boy even realizing he was crying. He pulled a finger up to a rolling tear and dipped the tip of his pinky into it to see what was happening. Once he confirmed it to be nothing more then a tear, of what was likely joy, he let out a big hearty laugh. This boy didn’t even believe that what just happened could have happened; perhaps he even thought himself to have gone a little mad. His reinvigorated gaze then pulled away from his hands and met with the sheet of blue clear sky that seemed to bear no end - he’d mumbled out at something - or rather to someone up above. “If that was you Pappa - thank you for lessening my burdens, no matter what they might have been. I felt as though I were trapped in a box by them. . .” A small grin beset onto the boy’s face, “I won’t completely give up drinking though. It’d be too hard and alcohol tastes very good. But I promise that I won’t let it ruin my life Pappa.” With those parting words Adrian Andrik Colborn, this boy, had a purpose again - a purpose and path that could very likely lead to one’s demise. But this broken boy was ready to embark on the daunting adventure ahead - even after crossing its foreboding peripheries. Signed, Adrian Andrik Colborn
  5. Adrian sank back near the forge his father had originally taught him to smith and opened a bottle of Jaegermeister he had taken from the Haense Inn - it was his first official drink. The boy splashed some onto the ground in honor of his father and then began to drown his tears out with the grasp of the bottle. "Pappa....you weren't supposed to go yet.Co-Come back and help me find Ada...." Adrian said staring up forlornly at the large expanse of glittering stars in the sky that seemed even brighter due to the tears clogging his vision. A little later on, hours after he'd drink the bottle down and sob for as long as his body let him, Adrian began back toward the city - for some reason it was daytime and the birds were out and teeming around the gates to the city of Crows. As he approached the gates his father was stood there atop his killer's bodies stoically staring off into the distance. Adrian smiled a wide smile, "Pappa...you scared me there for a moment," his arms extended out to hug his father. "I know you are probably mad that I drank, but please don't do that again Pappa. Or else..." he said with a long drawn out laugh. In an instant this respite from pain was abruptly put to an end by the prickly and sharp straws of a scare crow in the Haense farm fields that he was hugging waking him from his drunken slumber. "Huh???" His eyes darted around at the wheat and cows that roamed about and then back to the scarecrow.... "You are really are gone now...." Adrian slammed a defeated fist into the scarecrow knocking it down before staggering over to the forge to grab the matching shortsword he had smithed for himself and his father, and his smithing matierials before returning to Haense "I will kill whoever did this to you Pappa. No matter the cost." Adrian declared - however, it didn't take long for the bottle to come calling for him again, and he'd find his sorrowful heart down in the tavern drinking his pains of his father passing and his Sister running away out of his life.
  6. A Colborn Rp story ~Baking Mayhem~ It was an ordinary day just like any other in Haense, and Little Adrian had just gotten done with his feeble attempts to impress his family in the tavern’s “strength test”; though it wasn’t only him who failed this hammer and anvil strength test. His whole family aside from his mother, Makenna Colborn, kept failing to hit the anvil with enough strength - most of it was due to the large crate of rubber mallets that sat next to the anvil. Adrian, His Father Godric, and his best friend/2nd cousin Dominic Colborn kept using them instead of the real hammer. That was until Aren Colborn, Adrian’s other best friend, hit his toe instead of the anvil, but this wasn’t a rubber hammer this time - it’d leave him on the ground in pain for a good bit as Godric aided the young man. Meanwhile, Makenna saw this as an opportunity to give her a go at this test. With a resounding ‘BANG’ she not only struck the anvil with an extreme amount of strength on the scale, but she’d also strike awe into those around her. Little Adrian was astonished by her power and wondered if she had taken up blacksmithing or woodcutting in secret. After the chaotic line of people wanting to take a go at hitting the anvil had cleared, Godric decided it was time to get home for some rest and a nice dinner with the family. Makenna even suggested that she and Adrian should bake cookies together; of course, Adrian agreed with her suggestion and even got to invite Dom and Aren along for the coming adventure. Once the group had reached the house Makenna and Aren went inside to set up the cooking area while Dom and Adrian went outside with the dogs so they could do dog things. It didn’t take long for the boy’s curiosity to get the best of them - a very thorny berry bush with ripe and tasty wild berries riddled all over it caught their attention. The dynamic duo of Colborn's began picking from the berry bush. Some were extremely sweet while others were exceptionally bitter, though while they picked and picked little Adrian would prick himself in the hand with one of the hundreds of thorns on the bush. “Ouch!” He yelled out with a small amount of panic filling his voice. Before Dom even knew what was happening, Little Adrian had caught his whole back in the monstrous bush - this covered him in small cuts where the thorns still stuck in, abrasions, and scrapes. Adrian’s first instinct was to rub his back against the nearest surface that he could see, and this of course did not work! Dom ended up brushing and picking a lot of these thorns from his back as Aren and Makenna checked to see the commotion that was going on outside. After a brief chat, they’d all go in and start baking the Legendary Colborn cookies! ~A Picture of the Kitchen Workspace~ The boys all began dragging out materials from the barrels in the pantry - Adrian even managed to come across the cinnamon, rat poisoning, and cooking wine, unintentionally, while searching for several ingredients. This led to him and his mother conversing over the heroic actions that he had done not too long ago: He stole his dad’s shipment of dried kelp blocks to donate it to the Kingdom since, in his opinion, it was not too useful for his family compared to how those in the kingdom planned on using the blocks. While this conversation transpired, Aren and Dom started mixing the various ingredients in the other room; they didn’t seem too responsible together - Aren cracked an egg on Dom’s forehead, causing a mess that Makenna scolded Aren for. Nonetheless, the ‘fellowship of the cookie’ continued on their quest to bake the best cookies ever. They shortly ran into some obstacles that impeded their baking journey: Makenna and Dom fell asleep in their chairs, leaving Adrian and Aren to finish the Legendary quest on their own! A sudden surge in productivity fell upon the two, and they prepared the rest of the recipes with all their hearts - eventually, the delicacies were ready for the furnace! Adrian slid the tray into the baking machine and waited for it to be Done. The cookies were finally ready, and Adrian went to take them out of the Furnace. Suddenly, as he pulled the tray out, flaming kindling and hot coals slid out onto the ground! ~The Severity of the flames~ (According to the 5-year old Adrian Andrik Colborn) The chaotic and violent flames whooshed and hollered at Little Adrian, and shook him - the boy held himself together though. He stood brave in this hellish scenario and ran to the basement with Aren and splashed one bucket after the next onto the raging flames. Finally, the last conflict the two faced was dealt with in a controlled manner. The Fellowship’s quest was now complete! The two still-conscious children dug in and feasted upon the cookies that tasted like a “extremely expensive fancy restaurant food” (Adrian Andrik Colborn). Signed, THE HONORABLE, Esmée Gabrielle Kortrevich, Viscountess-Regent of Krusev Published By, Adrian Andrik Colborn
  7. A story developed off of the ideas of @Seussalmighty ~A Heroic Delivery~ One fine day Little Adrian returned home from exploring all of Karosgrad doing everything that a typical Toddler vigilante with pronunciation issues would do. A run-down cart stacked with kelp met him at the door to his humble abode; plus a foul smell of seaweed that filled the air around him. He walked over from where he stood, and suddenly a man stepped out from the back of the wagon asking for his father: Godric Adrian Colborn. “I need this man’s signature!” That was the stranger’s specific wording. Adrian replied saying it wasn’t him and breezed passed the delivery man who had been waiting there for hours at that point - his little developing mind didn’t really think the Kelp blocks to be beneficial to anyone at the time. However, it didn’t take long before his small good-willed self conjured up an idea to gain renown for his family and help the citizens of Haense. Shortly he peeked through the window just to make sure the strange Haeseni trader was still there before opening the door to his house, and telling this person that his father explicitly told him that he could sign for him; this of course was a lie, but due to the amount of time this exceptionally patient person had waited, he let the 5-year-old get away with his little story. After Adrian signed his Father's name on the contract, he began leading the way toward the bank which is where the new gigantic chest sat within the bank. It was practically bursting at the seams with all the Dried Kelp Blocks inside it. The boy figured that he could help those in need of fuel for their furnaces. Or maybe it was just to give the people a really odd snack to fill their hungry bellies. And that he did - of course, his father wasn’t too amused by his little menace’s stunt though. . . Signed, Adrian Erik Colborn Published by, Adrian Andrik Colborn Louis, GMRO. Come claim the blocks from the chest in the bank which I added to!!!
  8. The bedridden Yvo Mondblume shifts and shakes around his bed with a slight pained frown on his face. It seemed to be caused by the people talking of this event right outside of his chamber's magnificent windows.
  9. [!] A letter arrives for the lord speaker with the seal of House Mondblume "Zy vish to nominate Isaak Amador for zhe position of Lord Handler." Signed, Yvo Mondblume, Bossir of Richtenburg
  10. Wow i can't wait to get married :)! (This Msg is Sponsored by @sarahbarahherself, as she was the one who told me to say that.)
  11. A letter finds its way to the lord speaker, sealed by the Mondblume seal. it reads, "I cast my vote for Grand Maer Ser Karl for lord handler." -Baron Yvo Mondblume
  12. ~The Haense Monster Hunting Guild’s 1st annual guild meeting~ The Haense Monster Hunting Guild has very recently had its first meeting which went over a few important topics that all members of the guild should need to be informed of. It is the job of this official guild documentation to cover and inform those of what we have discussed in our guild hall, The Hunter’s Inn. Thank you for your time to those who came, and here’s to many more successful meetings in the future. Topics of Discussion: In today’s official meeting, we went over the fundamental functions of our guild and how it runs. These functions include the new board that will be constructed within our Inn’s walls which holds any sightings or jobs to take up, The weekly meetings that will be held in order to discuss the possible locations of new monsters - and any jobs/hunts which have been completed, and finally - the trades and payments we offer to those who bring their gathered trophies from hunts. -Signed Yvo Mondblume 383 E.S
  13. [!] Yet another letter was delivered, bearing the seal of House Monblume "Lord Speaker, I consent to be made Lord Handler, but my personal vote will be to Grand Maer Karl Amador for Lord Handler." Signed, Ser Hildebrand Mondblume - Bossir of Richtenburg
  14. ~A Hunter’s Life~ We who inhabit this world have done plenty of horrifying things. Things that have been eternally engraved in the scrolls and books which hold our long and unforgotten history. However, it seems that even though we wage large wars against our own kind and have caused many crises which have led to our demise, that our accumulation of races continues along with no fear of what has happened in the past - as they had no other choice but to. Instead of wallowing around and trapping ourselves in the worst of pasts, our kind moves forward and learns from the mistakes we make. We make sure never make them again, les we wish for our heads to part from our bodies. Though some things in this world us inhabitants simply cannot push through. . . or exterminate entirely in the end. Though we descendants do our best to get past these small obstacles the world we live in has. But the lingering beasts and creatures who terrorize and threaten the very existence of many kinds must be dealt with. Hell, even though they are plentiful in number, and never able to be fully extinguished from existence, it is our job as those who’ve chosen a Hunter’s life to rid as many of these dark beings and monstrous creatures who walk our lands - all so that people stop cowering behind their gates and walls whilst their lives unravel quickly before them. Signed- Yvo Mondblume “It’s a Hunter’s Life for me!” ~A Hunter’s Code~ Members must abide by this code in order to keep their spot in the guild. Taking a contract or job up means seeing it through No matter the cost. We don’t hunt our own kind, and, under absolutely 0 circumstances, will not ever take jobs to harm other descendants. Monster hunters don’t ask many questions when under contract. See out the job unless it is questionable to your morals, and remember that there are many ways of completing a hunt. In fighting with guildmates is restricted. Help others instead of harming them. :OOC Guild post area: The Haense Monster Hunting guild is a place for those yearning to take on mighty beasts and become reputable to other nations shall thrive! We are a guild that offers out player-run events from those wishing to test the waters in event running, as well as some ST events. Not only will we be doing monster hunts in Haense, and with our own event runners, but we also will be branching out into other nations, looking for work so that we can gather fellow guildmates and attend a larger array of hunts. ~Location of Guildhall~ Haense/Karosgrad The Hunter’s Inn ~Application~ Full name: Ign: Reasons for joining: Experience: Discord:
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