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  1. Charles Louis scoffs up in the Seven Skies, “What the hells is a Van Prusens? Sounds like what a hardly literate Marian clerk would write down instead of our proper names.” Henry Louis receives word of this proclamation in the offices of P.P.P. in Owynsburg. He shakes his head disappointingly, grabbing a fresh piece of paper and starts a small flurry of correspondence.
  2. Charles-Louis Preussens wonders just how desperate the cabal in Helena must be to supplicate to cutthroats of the high seas to defend their landlocked nation.
  3. Charles-Louis Preussens sits in his parlor, frowning at the self-aggrandizing Count’s letter. “Count Jan needs to pay his taxes, not let everyone know the business of his family.”
  4. Ign: ironhex2 IRP Name: Charles-Louis Preussens Age: 23 Residence: 7 Marian Boulevard Discord: ironhex1#0518
  5. Charles-Louis Preussens receives notice as he unpacks into his residence in Adria, “Ah, good, they’re already getting to things.”
  6. Mcname: ironhex2 IC Name: Charles-Louis Preussens Residency/Street name, number: Ludovar/Pruessens Manor Class/Title: Noble, Heir Vicounty Anhalt and Heir County Osterland
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    There you go, just lmk if there's anything else. Thanks!
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    Martin Castyre is the youngest of a line of Savoyard mercenaries, a proficient, professional family practice that excels as personal bodyguards to merchants and nobility, and as stout warfighters. This tradition had been carried through the Lotharingian Civil War by Martin's father. The war, and the terrors his father experienced in it, made his young father into a hard, cold man. His father saw only mistakes in the horror of war, only the errors of each and every soldier's technique, kit and so forth. Bent to not see his son end the same way as he saw so many others, he pushed Martin from birth to be the best that he could be, training him hard, often and brutally. Martin's mother left for another man, never agreeing with Martin's father's attitude towards the raising of their son and resenting the cold man that was raising her son into another cold man. However, by the time Martin was ready to start taking contracts of his own, he had found his sire dead in his bed, finally gone to rest with the others from the bloody war. Martin didn't shed a tear, that wasn't the way he'd been raised, he simply went to take his father's place, informing his new client that he'd be taking the place of his father. NOTE FOR APP TEAM: Accidentally filled out my app before setting up a forums account, so apologies for the repost.
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