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  1. Nathan_Barnett36

    Articles of the Royal Duma of Haense

    Dammit, I was hoping this was the warrant list!" shouts Siegmund in the haense square.
  2. I'm sure as hell there isn't 36 staff directors. https://gyazo.com/92fb5ef4adb7373a195a4365fd026a77 So how has my appeal been viewed over 36 times when according to the staff, only directors can see it?

  3. Nathan_Barnett36

    Wulfery's Event Team Actor application

    What? Of course it is. The comments on the application are there for people to voice their opinions on whether he would be a good member of the team, according to the players opinion. I didn't make a report because I couldn't be bothered with all the hassle. I am just showing screenshots where I have had bad encounters with Wulffery and I don't believe he'd be a good part of the ET.
  4. Nathan_Barnett36

    Wulfery's Event Team Actor application

    No thank you. Had multiple run ins with Wullfery where he showed a very toxic attitude when it came to roleplay, has straight up refused to roleplay with me before because he thinks I am toxic. Have had to call Wolfkite over 3 times in a day because he was breaking rules. I'll post a few screenshots below Downing and arguing about downing with no rp: https://gyazo.com/1ebbbe7f08a321f257521db370d01490 https://gyazo.com/fc98ae66aae4a31c4b672d6bb480942d https://gyazo.com/1ded77796e582b7d62292103d1759f94 https://gyazo.com/9d0159e6d2d7cc571b4ffd778a19bda4 No rping people /breaking his door: https://gyazo.com/9de1fddfe6da6ce0267255c070fa08ad https://gyazo.com/6b3f496146eb0656e547766e4f93ba63 https://gyazo.com/c54a22458a87dfb2137c47c32ec51f45 Another situation where I got downed and Wulfery was present in the situation. They emoted tackling me in quiet so clearly I would not have seen it, they knew that and downed me to reemote it: https://gyazo.com/610ec33111abdeb2f84f1884a800742c https://gyazo.com/bc2eb0a371ec9ffa92e2c19ba1da84b4 https://gyazo.com/b7c9ab2abd5abc2ec82dc41ea722449f Would not be a good addition to the event team at all. I guess you could make the argument that I oocly hate haense. That argument would be pretty dumb since I've been with Haense now for around 2-3 maps. I don't oocly hate haense. My current character, Siegmund hates the guard force and goes there to disrupt the guards activities for reasons which I won't get into on this post. I have not been toxic to anyone in haense, situations only come about when you lot begin to bring ooc into rp.
  5. 5 month ban for memeing in rp is bloody pathetic. Literally every single person on lotc in rp even gms, if you claim you don't you're just bullshitting. Gonna start gathering logs and filing a ton of ban reports. Got to get these dirty rule breakers off my server!

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    2. Narthok


      The ones I literally listed point by point on his ban.

    3. Nathan_Barnett36


      What, that he donated $500 so he should know better?

    4. Kanadensare
  6. Ban reporting my best pal Hurf u best be expecting fire!

  7. Nathan_Barnett36

    Your View: Raids

    This isn't the fringe and the point of a raid is a surprised attack
  8. Nathan_Barnett36

    Elections of 1679

    "Uh excuse me. I nominated myself for Maer to!" he'd shout
  9. Nathan_Barnett36


    "Bloody power move!" shouts Siegmund as he prepares to fight for the winning side, because he's a winner!
  10. Nathan_Barnett36

    Ban Consistency

    Eitherway, both gms and admins have been saying discord cannot be used as evidence, similar to skype. Matt flamed the staff, in a non lotc related, private discord and is banned anyway. It seems that you are no longer allowed to talk trash on the staff in your own private discords anymore.
  11. Nathan_Barnett36

    Admin Censorship

    LOTC staff back at it again, honestly not surprised at all.
  12. The staff bully the community can we ban the staff now?

    1. Lark


      Got an example? Report it. Don't ***** about it on the forums. 

  13. Damn, people on lotc are so sensitive. Cry at the tiniest bit of **** talking. Suck it up and move on.

    1. UnusualBrit


      We're in a community of emotional teens ofc people are going to get pissy. Also above response.

  14. Nathan_Barnett36

    GM Monthly Update Log - June

    can't wait to find out what the staff been saying about me.
  15. Damn, never seen multiple threads get removed so quickly. Staff in panic mode.

    1. Tornado_


      *sweats intensely in panic.

    2. KiausT (The Alpha ****)
    3. Lark