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  1. server somehow full at 283/500

  2. “This literally makes no sense, you are the capital of the Orenian Empire....” says Siegmund Corbish
  3. Siegmund Corbish exits the palace “Look what they did to my King!” he shouts in a fit of rage
  4. “Theres no such thing” says Siegmund
  5. It was only a matter of time before the DrFate had his say about the devil that is Oren!
  6. Hope you aren’t expecting a response Frill
  7. “He was involved though wasn’t he..” says Siegmund
  8. So is streaming while captured going to be in these new rules because it isn't in the current ones?
  9. Siegmund Corbish scurries off of the roof as the royal decree reaches him
  10. Siegmund would ponder how a cardinal writes about is own “assassination” and claim it on a nation he so evidently hates.
  11. “First of all if the government of Haense put severed heads in Helena, why would we advertise that we did it. That is stupid and dumb. Clearly it was setup to further your propaganda against the Kingdom of Haense. Secondly, you are trying to start an uprising with the citizens of Haense, that could be considered treason. Watch what you say. You are trying to integrate with our citizens while trashing the current government. It won’t work.” Says Siegmund, tossing the missive into the fire.
  12. “if my long lasting colleague, Terry May, endorses her then she is the right pick for the Maer position. She has my vote!” shouts Siegmund
  13. “But you’re in skygod prison how could you help?” says Siegmund Corbish
  14. “One less person to cut down.” says Siegmund Corbish
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