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  1. Nathan_Barnett36

    A Dragon’s Journey

    Siegmund plots to overthrow the new, virgin emperor to take it as his.
  2. Nathan_Barnett36

    Minecraft crashing on LOTC

    I’m still getting the downloading terrain error since last week.
  3. Nathan_Barnett36

    Divine Imperial Command: The Pontifical Throne

    “Cassius had a princess of Haense killed so they could get a new Horen, he’s no innocent man at all” says Siegmund.
  4. Nathan_Barnett36

    "A Better Haense For All"

    "Any party that supports heresy and the support of free religion in the empire is not the party or candidate for me. Those in the empire should be canonists, nothing else. Anyone who agrees with this man and the understanding that you can be part of any religion in the empire, needs to be burnt at the steal. PURGED!" shouts Siegmund. Clenching his fist and continues on with his plotting.
  5. Nathan_Barnett36

    Rule Clarification [OOC Rules Enforcing IC Status Quo?]

    Did you read mogs response? Nobody has access to the scrolls. If you were given them in to then fine, but no one has. Releasing them is both metagaming and powergaming if you have no to access to it. You really do hate the empire and it clearly shows. Anything anti empire/ human, you pounce on it.
  6. Nathan_Barnett36


  7. Can’t even connect, stuck in loading terrain then disconnects me...

  8. Nathan_Barnett36

    WC Delay and outcome logic

    Aye because flying olog was 2 maps ago. Times have changed pal...
  9. Nathan_Barnett36

    i need help?

    Find me his whitelist account and I’ll paypal u 100
  10. Nathan_Barnett36

    this server is in shambles

    My comment was removed. I’ll repeat what I said I guess. GMs are players to, they play the server. An anonymous staff report is to keep it anonymous. Jandy clearly didn’t want to be anonymous and there is no forum rule stating he must write staff reports there. I don’t see why it was locked as it broke no forum rules and I don’t understand why my comment was removed.
  11. When Remove Xalid thread gets deleted..

  12. Nathan_Barnett36

    We cookin

    A nice wrustlers S/F chicken sub with a pork pie. Nice.
  13. Nathan_Barnett36

    Land Auction Annoucement

    Nobody bid on NP1!
  14. Lotc retweeting a bus announcement...