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  1. Senator Siegmund Corbish rises from his seat as Senator May finishes his statement “Mr President, I agree with my good friend Senator May. The acts proposed will help support the integrity and security of our vassals which is at a state of collapse or in desperate need of support from the Empire. I believe this will help the Kingdom of Curon very well, after regaining control, they are in need of support so that the Kingdom can strive forward as a great nation apart of the Empire. I feel that for us to decline these acts or simply ignore it, would be derelict of our duty’s as Senators, to represent our people.”
  2. SURNAME: Corbish FIRST NAME: Siegmund ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Bihar Place VII DATE OF BIRTH: 1672 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the province of Helena?: Yess Do you have any other title, peerage or public service that may conflict with becoming an Imperial Senator, as per the Edict of Establishment (1736) or Edict of Election (1736)?: Nay If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the Imperial Senate, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: N/A ((MC NAME)): nathanbarnett36
  3. “I love propaganda” says Siegmund
  4. Siegmund arises from his seat "I see no problem with this bill. It will help maintain law and order in the empire. However, I would like Senator Napier to clarify on how these courts will be kept bias and corrupt free" he pauses. "We do not want an innocent man it woman going down for a crime they did not commit".
  5. “I’m fairly sure Talons Grotto is an ally of the Empire.” says Senator Corbish “They had one of their own men kill themselves to frame the Kingdom of Haense but that didn’t work out very well”
  6. Senator Siegmund Corbish steps up to dias “I swear to be true to the Emperor and the realm and not to maintain silence about any evil that I may know which is being contemplated against them. I swear to work tirelessly to the betterment of the Empire and the Orenian people that comprise it. I swear also not to eat or drink with traitors and not to have anything in common with them, and always to defend the honor of the gentlemen I serve. This I swear by the Holy Scrolls”
  7. The Office of Senator Siegmund Corbish has issued a statement To my fellow Citizens, It is with great honour that you have voted for me to remain as your Senator in the Imperial Senate. I have never been more proud of our nation and its people. I have served this nation for as long as I have lived. Starting off as a simple merchant, a long time ago, I joined the military. I went up through the ranks of the military to become a skilled warrior on the battlefield. I have fought in many wars, protecting our people and what our nation stands for. In recent years, I have served in many government positions, serving the people of this great nation. I was the high steward, in charge of making sure the city ran effectively and that our citizens had a place to live. I was then offered the job of Lord Seneschal, which I happily took with open arms. I was one of the key members on building the defence for the city of Reza during the war of the Two Emperors. We prevailed! I now serve as your Senator representing you, the people, in our great Empire. I will always put our people first and I will not accept any acts or deals that will not benefit the people of our nation. I would now like to address some concerns that a small few people have spoken about. People claim I am not loyal and that I am an Emperor shill. People have claimed that I do not care what the citizens of the Kingdom of Haense want. People have claimed that I stood by while the NAFTA was dissolved. It is all untrue. I am loyal and will remain loyal to the Kingdom of Haense until death do me part. I have been with this nation since I was born and whatever people say about me, I know that I serve this nation with loyalty. In regards to the dissolvement of the NAFTA, the Imperial Senate was not consulted or even approached regarding this issue. It was impossible for me and Senator May to know that this was going to happen. I will bring this issue to the Senate as this is one of the key reasons the Senate was created, to deal with issues like this. Konstanz Barclay claims I stood idle while this happened. The truth is that Konstanz Barclay was representing the Kingdom of Haense as an ambassador alongside Ser Konrad. Ser Konrads signature was even on the act. If I were present in that meeting, I would’ve walked out at the suggestion of it being dissolved. Now, I would like to remind the people of the Kingdom of Reza that I work for you. I will not stop doing my job, I want the best for everyone in our nation and that is what I will do. With that, I would like to formally announce my endorsement of Senator Terrence May when he runs for re-election. He is the perfect fit to remain as a Senator alongside me. He has served this nation for a long time and is a very loyal person. He has proposed many bills during his time in the Duma. He is a very good friend of the Royal family and is well known in the city of Reza for his good actions and commitment. God bless the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, and may god bless its citizens Signed His Excellency, Siegmund Corbish, member of the Imperial Senate for the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska
  8. Senator Corbish approves of this message “Not voting for me would be a huge mistake for the people of Reza. Being a long time servant for the people of this nation, I see no one else fit to take on this responsibility. Me and Senator May are already planning up acts to present to the Imperial Senate that will benefit the citizens of our nation and the Empire as a whole”
  9. Senator Siegmund Corbish continues his campaign for re-election in the city of Reza
  10. SURNAME: Corbish FIRST NAME: Siegmund ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Reza, VII Bihar Place DATE OF BIRTH: 1672 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the province of Haense?: Yes Do you have any other title, peerage or public service that may conflict with becoming an Imperial Senator, as per the Edict of Establishment (1736) or Edict of Election (1736)?: Nay If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the Imperial Senate, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: Aye ((MC NAME)): nathanbarnett36
  11. Siegmund Corbish makes his way to the Senate Chameber in Helena to start his two year term. “It is with great honour that I serve as a Senator for my constituency. I am proud to represent the citizens that cannot have a voice for change. It is important to rid corruption out of our Empire and make our Empire great again. I am looking forward to the upcoming changes that we will be voting on. I plan to make my way to around my constituency to discuss their thoughts on the Empire and their recommendations that the Senate can take on board.” Siegmund sets back down into his seat, glancing over the bill proposed by Terrence May
  12. IGN: nathanbarnett36 Character Name: Siegmund Corbish Age: Classified Place of Residence [Street / County Address]: Inside the town hall storage area Position: (Alderman or Maer) Alderman Speech [Optional]: “Well, what is there to say. I have served as the Lord Seneschal and high steward, representing the citizens of haense with their best interests at heart. I have also served as the leader of the opposition. I know how duma works and I vote on acts that would benefit the citizens. It would be a grave mistake not to have me as an Alderman.”
  13. ♛Maership Election of Reza, 1724♛ [!] An array of missives are bolted unto wooden posts throughout the capital of Hanseti-Ruska, the seal of House Barbanov impressed into its lower right quadrant. Va birodeo herzanav e Edlervik, With the time coming to an end for our most recent Maer Butch, who was reelected at the last election. Now comes a time for another election for the people to vote their new Maer. The responsibilities of a Maer consist of spearheading citywide growth activity such as filling up city-based positions and maintaining infrastructure. They will also be tasked with ensuring events are held within the city of Reza and the surrounding land in its area, to attract new potential citizens to the city. Any and all citizens of Reza can run for Maer if they do so wish. The current Maer can rerun to keep his position if they do so wish. If one wishes to run as Maer, they must fill in a candidate form with their speech lasting no longer then three saint minutes to the Lord Seneschal. If there is no speech, it will lesson the chances of you being voted in. All potential candidates have until the next month to fill in a candidate form (Tuesday 16th, 15:00pm EST). The quicker you fill in a candidate form, the quicker voting can start. All forms submitted after the deadline will not count and you may only cast 1 single vote. Voting as a proxy for another person is not permitted. Signed, Siegmund Corbish, Lord Seneschal of Hanseti-Ruska If you’re looking to become Maer for the city of Reza, post your candidate form below. If you do not wish for other potential candidates to see your speech until voting starts, then pm me directly on discord. Just @LordSeneschal on their and I’ll get to you. You all have until Tuesday 16th, 15:00pm EST. All applications after will be ignored. Voting will open as soon as there is two or more candidates available. Format Ign: IRP Name: Age: Residence: Discord: Speech:
  14. Don’t understand why people on vb can’t join, you’re defending your nation against an attack..

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      logic, @nathanbarnett36; did you really expect GM’s and admins to have any

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