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  1. I donated because I wanted to lock my chests, turns out I didn't need to give money to the server for that to happen
  2. Always something to criticise...
  3. after gypsy breaks rules I guess
  4. get banned kid

    1. Jake!


      alright, listen here, kiddo, you're gonna get the BR next bucko....

    2. KiwiAlice
    3. Humanistic
  5. Galahad glances as a horse gets teleported during the combat https://gyazo.com/d69dfad5421cb26f48b29db5c2e3e2e0
  6. "Did this even happen?" asks Galahad.
  7. +1 he helped in a skirmish but I died anyway
  8. How is that relevant to the video at all?
  9. Why was the warzone removed again?
  10. hi alt
  11. Why is Kowaman implementing buffs when no one wants it?
  12. "Suggesting you'd do a better job?" says Galahad
  13. THE JOUST (NOBILITY ONLY) NAME: Galahad Corbenic AGE: 55 TITLE: Sergei's ***** LAND OF ORIGIN/HOLDING: Carnatia MC NAME: nathanbarnett36
  14. "Finally, kill these snakes" says Galahad