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  1. Albus Dumbledore was reserved for piov how dare you.
  2. Pay taxes with the 2 mina they get a day? Get your head out of the gutter. I will give you an example, I have a brother who plays the server aswell so we share the same IP. How will we both be able to get our voting money each day as only one person with this is can vote in a 24 hour period. What do you propose here? One of us won't get to vote thus will get no mina. You don't seem to understand that if this does mess it up completely, you cannot just reset an economy. Once it starts there is no going back.
  3. you're just jealous of grools success
  4. “You did us a favour, we’ve wanted to leave this corrupt empire for a very long time. Who were you to decide what was best for our own people and nation?” Says Hektor Stafyr, talking to himself as he sits in the tavern, free from imperial tyranny.
  5. “Only a matter of time until he’ll start going on his anti-haense tirade” says Hektor Stafyr
  6. Telanir, the person who everyone called to be demoted a while back is now in charge of the community team despite being “demoted” to focus on development...
  7. “Let’s be real, when was the last time a mass was held in Reza let alone Helena? I haven’t seen a priest in a very long time” says Hektor Stafyr
  8. “And yet you still fail to answer any of the accusations made against the church, including the assassination of the previous pontiff by the Carringtons” says Hektor Stafyr “The current state of the church is in disarray. Corruption and lawlessness resides within the church. It cannot be trusted anymore with the current Pontiff. It’s time for a change”
  9. I think we’re all just jealous of Noobmans success as safety team admin
  10. server somehow full at 283/500

  11. “This literally makes no sense, you are the capital of the Orenian Empire....” says Siegmund Corbish
  12. “Theres no such thing” says Siegmund
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