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  1. I’ve already said I don’t think we should redo, what more do you want from me
  2. Another day another thread
  3. Nobody wants to redo that fight, thats why it isn’t being redone.
  4. If you’re as good as you claim, you’ll win easy
  5. "Dont get cocky now, only 4-5 survivors" says Siegmund
  6. 'It's Curon, what the hell did we expect to be honest" says Siegmund
  7. “Begging for people to change sides, I see” says Siegmund
  8. When you climb down a ladder successfully and still get killed...

  9. Pvp fort and fortifications for your capital. Its always been a rule that you cannot add massive defenses. You're just jumping on the bandwagon and it clearly shows
  10. Must’ve been high if you actually thought that would be allowed

  11. Siegmund is rather puzzled, walking freely on the roads
  12. I’ve reported a situation where my items got duped aswell, devreq closed randomly so clearly they didn’t fix it here
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