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  1. "Why do these folk pretend that they have Aauns best interest at heart. The Stassions are clearly just a party of warmongers who seek to make everyone out enemy. No wonder Petra gave the Stassions land to the Kingdom of Aaun, they cause more problems then they're worth. Just the other saints day, the Stassions rallied alongside the ferrymen and raided another canonist nations capital and executed the heir to the Kingdom of Balian" Says Arthur, a long standing soldier of Aaun
  2. Servers boring at the moment with no official world event line. I remember back in Anthos and such we had the harbingers. We need an actual antag. I dunno, it doesn't feel the same anymore.
  3. I thought spook just meant like an edgy character or just an unusual person who does unusual things, it's mainly referred to dark magic users.. I could be wrong...
  4. The Rat Trap "Guilty" "Guilty" rang out in the cathedral. Bult knew what this meant. Unclipping his warhammer as the inevitable fight had begun. The remaining Von Dracos scurrying around in the sewers, a scene so familiar to the ageing Wick. Cutting down the few stragglers, white in their eyes as they were cornered and hauled into the streets of Karosgrad. "Don't worry, I'm not a brute, you'll have a fair trial." Said the Wick, throwing his hand in the direction of Emil "Bring the prisoners to the cells". He'd take a firm grip of the captives bindings with his only hand, dragging him away into the depths of the Barracks. The Wick would not betray his words to the Von Draco captives, offering up conversation, food and water. Walking up and down the damp and dirty corridor, he'd just so happen to peer into Joseph's cell. A makeshift noose tied around the poor mans neck, standing on top of the cells bed. "What are you doing!" he'd shout, rushing on into the cell while calling on another guard for assistant. "I've done my duty for my liege. For Velec. All they would ask now" spoke to Adrian knight, so sure he would be executed. He wanted the easy way out. He did not want to die with honour and with pride. Instead, alone in a cell. "Wait!" he'd be cut short as the Adrian Knight jumped off of his bed, the noose snapping under the enormous weight of the pompous man, failing in his attempt to end his own life. "Damn" is all the knight could mutter. “He led a raid in Petra, so I would like to bring him there for a fair trial.” said Renilde "Not to mention, the Adrian forces will be here for him any moment, no doubt.” Alas, she was right. Joseph and his Von Draco associates were dragged out of the cells that they became so fond of and into the square of the Barracks. However, a small force of elves made their way into the square atop of horses. “Ti, considering one of them is wanted in Celia'nor and I was denied extradition” Valyris proclaimed. Unsure on what to do, convinced that something is amiss “My understanding is the King wishes for these prisoners to be executed.” said the Wick, however it fell upon deaf ears. “If you wish to extradite them all, I'll need a written slip from Cardinal Allobrogum.” said the lone haeseni prison guard. With a quick and stern response from Valyris “I don't work for the church" Bult was sure something was wrong, he'd make his way over to the elves atop their horses. “Wait, you can't take them to Celia'nor." Bult explained, his sword partly drawn. “These men aren't going anywhere.” a voiced echoed from behind, The King of Balian came marching into the square. At that moment, the elves quickly fled on their horses with the prisoners on stow, Bult would quickly try to make a poor attempt to chase them down. The prisoners now broken out, he made his way to Celianor alongside the King of Balian. "We're here for the prisoners you stole from Haense" Bult shouted up to palace. Disappointment set on his face when the two guards of Valyris explained that the prisoners had been executed. Not convinced, Bult and the Alexander I searched the streets of the city incase any of them had escaped their capture from the elves. Moments later, "Bult! The other von Draco that escaped is down here." A voice shouted. Rushing over to the gate, Sofya Von Draco stood conversing with the people of Celianor. With a quick and surprise attempt, he'd rush over to the old woman and dive into her in a poor attempt at a tackle. Unfortunately, the Wick not being so agile anymore, was no so quick in his tackle. Sofya quickly rushed back, unsheathing her sword. The sound of Alexander I pulling out his sword and Bult unclipping his warhammer from his belt filled the square. Sound from behind followed shortly after as Valyris and her guards made their way into the square. Ever so quickly, a sword pummelled into the back of the old Wick. A stab in the back from the guards of Celianor, the most dishonourable deed of combat. He quickly lurches forward, spinning around in shock and pain. Stumbling back over his old feet, his rear meeting the hard floor as he tried to give some distance from the dishonourable guards. "Wait!" he shouted. A sword made it's mark in the Wick's neck, the final blow to end of a very old man. Blood covered the Lord's Aaunic armour and the streets below. Finally, he joined the seven skies with his fellow Wicks. What came of the King is unknown, maybe he made it out. "Coltaine, is that you?"
  5. Good you banned him but I can't help but feel that you banned him just to show that you're "listening" and taking what people said here seriously. You had the same evidence as you have now compared to when you posted your previous comment saying you wouldn't ban him. It doesn't seem genuine, just a save face type of thing. Regardless, the right thing has been done now.
  6. *tries to hold trol accountable like the staff said *is not held accountable when trying to make him accountable for his actions
  7. Come on now who deleted that comment showing Trol holding a swastika in minecraft?
  8. "A rare occurrence if you actually spotted a real Adrian amongst their rally. Full of renatians and mercenaries. The Duke couldn't fight with the people of Adria, since they all left him, so he had to get pretenders over to help him. Shameful." remarked Bult to his Adrian captive.
  9. The Death of the Sarkozic Girl A copy of the handwritten letter is pinned to the missive below It has come to the attention of the Lord Governor and Treasurer, Bult Wick, that a handful of fake letters are being sent to vassals and Lords of the Kingdom of Aaun, pretending to be myself. A very alarming letter was recently sent to to Viscount Sapron. Within the letter, it claims that Prince Emil Caius has murdered the missing Sarkozic girl shortly after she returned the bodies of the Regent of Adria and his heir. This is completely false. Once the bodies were delivered to the Vienne gates, I was the only one at the gate to bring them inside. Prince Emil arrived later at minitz, unaware of the situation until he was informed that the bodies had been returned. The last time we saw the girl, she was heading back in the direction of Velec. These false statements can only mean one thing, the girl was murdered by the foreign troops of Adria and now they wish to pin the blame on Prince Emil. It is shameful. I ask all citizens of this great Kingdom and our allies to corroborate any letters that are sent around. The dogs of Adria wish to push dissent into our ranks. They will not succeed. Let it be known that the dogs of Adria murdered the Sarkozic girl after forcing her to bring the body of the Regent of Adria and his heir to Vienne - His Excellency, Lord Governor and Treasurer, Bult Wick
  10. The Office of the Governor The Officer of the Governor is a position appointed by The Sovereign of the United Kingdom of Aaun. The Purpose of the Office is to supervise the sale and handling of the estates and land surrounding the Kingdom of Aaun and the crownlands. However, this position excludes the landed nobility such as Adria and Minitz. The Governor only supervises the land owned by the Crown's Government. The Governor has the power to: 1) Sell land that the crown sees fit to be used 2) Refuse the sale of land and estates for any given reason 3) Evict land and estates for any given reason 4) Controls the taxation and development of the capital and it's surrounding land 5) Appoint steward positions for the capital 6) Search all lands and estates (excluding landed nobility) for any given reason 7) Uphold the law in the capital and surrounding lands We are recruiting for a position of Steward for the Capital of New Vienne We are recruiting for a position of Officer to the Governor to assist in land and estates If you are interested in the position, please Contact the Lord Governor, Bult Wick Operation Root All citizens of the United Kingdom of Aaun that owns land or estates in the crownlands are subject to their property being searched. The Office of the Governor may turn up at any time to search your property for any signs of criminal activity or signs that there is unnatural things occurring at the property. It is expected that the Officers would be allowed to enter the property without obstruction. If criminal activity is found to be occurring on the property, then the Office of the Lord Marshal shall be informed, the land closed off and the individual detained for further questioning. The Objective of Operation Root is to ensure our surrounding lands and estates in the crownland is free from criminals and unnatural beings His Excellency, the Governor of the Crownlands and Treasurer of the United Kingdom of Aaun, Sir Bult Wick
  11. "Very strange why the people of Haense are so against the testing of people to make sure that they are not undead. The head of the Inquisition is a Ruthern, but they left that part out to push their agenda. All they would have you believe is that Aaun is responsible to push their new Empire with Petra at the helm. Makes no sense, now they're threatening action against the Church but simply testing folk to make sure they are not a spawn of Iblees. They also coincidentally left out the part where the forces who rallied to Sedan also killed a priest then tried to place it on Aaun!" says Bult Wick, sighing at yet another attempt by Petra and Haense to make it a bigger issue then what it really is.
  12. "What has forcing a nation to convert to canonism got anything to do with Haense. Isn't that the job of the church?" would ask Bult, simply shrugging at yet another pointless war
  13. "This man will do anything to get a mina out of Aaun. He really must hate it" says Bult Wick, sighing at yet another attempt to extort a kingdom
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