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  1. ♛Maership Election of Reza, 1724♛ [!] An array of missives are bolted unto wooden posts throughout the capital of Hanseti-Ruska, the seal of House Barbanov impressed into its lower right quadrant. Va birodeo herzanav e Edlervik, With the time coming to an end for our most recent Maer Butch, who was reelected at the last election. Now comes a time for another election for the people to vote their new Maer. The responsibilities of a Maer consist of spearheading citywide growth activity such as filling up city-based positions and maintaining infrastructure. They will also be tasked with ensuring events are held within the city of Reza and the surrounding land in its area, to attract new potential citizens to the city. Any and all citizens of Reza can run for Maer if they do so wish. The current Maer can rerun to keep his position if they do so wish. If one wishes to run as Maer, they must fill in a candidate form with their speech lasting no longer then three saint minutes to the Lord Seneschal. If there is no speech, it will lesson the chances of you being voted in. All potential candidates have until the next month to fill in a candidate form (Tuesday 16th, 15:00pm EST). The quicker you fill in a candidate form, the quicker voting can start. All forms submitted after the deadline will not count and you may only cast 1 single vote. Voting as a proxy for another person is not permitted. Signed, Siegmund Corbish, Lord Seneschal of Hanseti-Ruska If you’re looking to become Maer for the city of Reza, post your candidate form below. If you do not wish for other potential candidates to see your speech until voting starts, then pm me directly on discord. Just @LordSeneschal on their and I’ll get to you. You all have until Tuesday 16th, 15:00pm EST. All applications after will be ignored. Voting will open as soon as there is two or more candidates available. Format Ign: IRP Name: Age: Residence: Discord: Speech:
  2. "Didnt even know there were any tensions" says Siegmund
  3. “Who’s we?” asks Siegmund
  4. Don’t understand why people on vb can’t join, you’re defending your nation against an attack..

    1. KeatonUnbeaten


      logic, @nathanbarnett36; did you really expect GM’s and admins to have any

  5. “So everyone is aware, he came to Court in Reza, asking for land and such. He was declined as he had no men with him. He even said he understands. What you see here is, this man is didn’t get what he wanted so he throws a tantrum” says Siegmund
  6. “Hey sir, I’m not a rat. That title is reserved for my best pal, Bottle Wick!” shouts Siegmund
  7. “How can you rebel from an empire which got dissolved.” says Siegmund
  8. I’ve already said I don’t think we should redo, what more do you want from me
  9. Another day another thread
  10. Nobody wants to redo that fight, thats why it isn’t being redone.
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