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  1. Nathan_Barnett36

    The Monarch Wears The Crown No Longer

    Siegmund sheds a slight tear, vowing to serve the new king
  2. Nathan_Barnett36


    Siegmund prepares his armoury in preparation of the civil war.
  3. Nathan_Barnett36


    Full Name: nathanbarnett36 City of Residency: Reza Year of Birth: 1646 Address: Reza, Palace
  4. Nathan_Barnett36

    Maria Kovachev for Maer, 1705

    “A vote from me” says Siegmund
  5. Nathan_Barnett36

    Rezian Citizens Act

    THE REZIAN CITIZENS ACT 13th of Deep Cold, 1705  All which of whom reside within the Kingdom of Haense and are required by law to register for citizenship. Those must complete a registration form to purchase commercial and/or residential property, or rent housing within the city of Reza. Citizens are placed by a system of classifications that describe a person’s social and political status within the realm. You are required to register as a citizen to own property, earn wages, or hold public office. Unregistered individuals will not be classed as a citizen without completing proper documentation. Citizens are expected to provide documentation to any government official at any given time. Failure to do so may result in jailing, fining, ect. Individuals with fraudulent, forged, or otherwise unofficial papers are subject to fines. Mcname: IC Name: Residancy/ Street name, number: Class/ Title: Signed Head Steward Siegmund Corbish
  6. Nathan_Barnett36

    The Arcas Landing Festival 1706

    Siegmund readies his horse, planning his way to the capital. Name: Siegmund Corbish Mcname: nathanbarnett36
  7. Nathan_Barnett36

    Transition Mishap

    I found it fun tbh. I think Xarkly will be doing an event today anyway.
  8. Nathan_Barnett36


    “They stole my land” says Siegmund, “I’m helping Adria!”
  9. Nathan_Barnett36

    A Dragon’s Journey

    Siegmund plots to overthrow the new, virgin emperor to take it as his.
  10. Nathan_Barnett36

    Minecraft crashing on LOTC

    I’m still getting the downloading terrain error since last week.
  11. Nathan_Barnett36

    Divine Imperial Command: The Pontifical Throne

    “Cassius had a princess of Haense killed so they could get a new Horen, he’s no innocent man at all” says Siegmund.
  12. Nathan_Barnett36

    "A Better Haense For All"

    "Any party that supports heresy and the support of free religion in the empire is not the party or candidate for me. Those in the empire should be canonists, nothing else. Anyone who agrees with this man and the understanding that you can be part of any religion in the empire, needs to be burnt at the steal. PURGED!" shouts Siegmund. Clenching his fist and continues on with his plotting.
  13. Nathan_Barnett36

    Rule Clarification [OOC Rules Enforcing IC Status Quo?]

    Did you read mogs response? Nobody has access to the scrolls. If you were given them in to then fine, but no one has. Releasing them is both metagaming and powergaming if you have no to access to it. You really do hate the empire and it clearly shows. Anything anti empire/ human, you pounce on it.