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  1. The Office of the Governor The Officer of the Governor is a position appointed by The Sovereign of the United Kingdom of Aaun. The Purpose of the Office is to supervise the sale and handling of the estates and land surrounding the Kingdom of Aaun and the crownlands. However, this position excludes the landed nobility such as Adria and Minitz. The Governor only supervises the land owned by the Crown's Government. The Governor has the power to: 1) Sell land that the crown sees fit to be used 2) Refuse the sale of land and estates for any given reason 3) Evict land and estates for any given reason 4) Controls the taxation and development of the capital and it's surrounding land 5) Appoint steward positions for the capital 6) Search all lands and estates (excluding landed nobility) for any given reason 7) Uphold the law in the capital and surrounding lands We are recruiting for a position of Steward for the Capital of New Vienne We are recruiting for a position of Officer to the Governor to assist in land and estates If you are interested in the position, please Contact the Lord Governor, Bult Wick Operation Root All citizens of the United Kingdom of Aaun that owns land or estates in the crownlands are subject to their property being searched. The Office of the Governor may turn up at any time to search your property for any signs of criminal activity or signs that there is unnatural things occurring at the property. It is expected that the Officers would be allowed to enter the property without obstruction. If criminal activity is found to be occurring on the property, then the Office of the Lord Marshal shall be informed, the land closed off and the individual detained for further questioning. The Objective of Operation Root is to ensure our surrounding lands and estates in the crownland is free from criminals and unnatural beings His Excellency, the Governor of the Crownlands and Treasurer of the United Kingdom of Aaun, Sir Bult Wick
  2. "Very strange why the people of Haense are so against the testing of people to make sure that they are not undead. The head of the Inquisition is a Ruthern, but they left that part out to push their agenda. All they would have you believe is that Aaun is responsible to push their new Empire with Petra at the helm. Makes no sense, now they're threatening action against the Church but simply testing folk to make sure they are not a spawn of Iblees. They also coincidentally left out the part where the forces who rallied to Sedan also killed a priest then tried to place it on Aaun!" says Bult Wick, sighing at yet another attempt by Petra and Haense to make it a bigger issue then what it really is.
  3. "What has forcing a nation to convert to canonism got anything to do with Haense. Isn't that the job of the church?" would ask Bult, simply shrugging at yet another pointless war
  4. "This man will do anything to get a mina out of Aaun. He really must hate it" says Bult Wick, sighing at yet another attempt to extort a kingdom
  5. Add minecraft vanilla mines to the mining system instead of just either a massive block with ores spread out in it or the current system where u left click a head that represents the ore. That way, mining would actually be fun and exciting when you find a mineshaft or a massive ravine, especially with the deep dark update. Obviously, strip mining wouldn't be allowed
  6. The only thing that I get from these ban reports is that taketheshot was tos banned for being a nonce. Can't trust anyone!

  7. "Why are we trying to get involved in yet another war. This is clearly where it is going, why get involved in an internal war. It is a waste of our resources, our army and our time" says Bult Wick, preparing to board up his home once again for the inevitable world war
  8. but which degenerate doxxed you?
  9. he just hasn't felt what it's like to touch grass. Just today I did a BBQ and burnt my eyes from the smoke :( Wait! I didn't touch the grass either!
  10. I don't get it, was it meant to be funny or something else?
  11. elves are just weird tbh

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