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  1. Nathan_Barnett36

    A Call for Sensibility

    “False, not a single soul in sight. Nobody was killed because nobody was there” says Siegmund
  2. Nathan_Barnett36

    A Call for Sensibility

    “Ops, to late for that” says Siegmund, arriving back to Markev with the raid party, not a defender in sight.
  3. Nathan_Barnett36

    The Grand Reopening of Arbor

    “Shut this **** down, its an eyesore!” shouts Siegmund, barring anybody from Haense to attend.
  4. Nathan_Barnett36

    Taking What is Ours

    “I’m the emperors second half bastard son. I am fit for Emperor!” shouts Siegmud
  5. Nathan_Barnett36

    An Ultimatum to the Invading Realms

    “Nothing to worry about, we’re already stock piling food supplies anyway!” shouts Siegmund in Krepost in the middle of a meeting.
  6. Nathan_Barnett36

    The Big Dogs are Back

    fyi, none of ur norlanders would have perms to the citizens doors so using it is technically against the rules. Just saying.
  7. Nathan_Barnett36

    The Big Dogs are Back

    It’s fairly sad that you refer to yourself as a “the big dog”.
  8. Nathan_Barnett36

    Rule Proposal

    shut up ggt
  9. Nathan_Barnett36


    Not to mention, you can’t down someone without emoting and multiple gms have said you cannot use shout chat to emote your tackles as they would be to far away if u have to shout it... Fireheart, who actually complained to you about these checkpoints,? Legit question
  10. Nathan_Barnett36

    [LIVE ELECTION RESULTS] Belvitz, Markev Elections Today

    Siegmund waits for the election resutls to be updated.
  11. Nathan_Barnett36

    Reaffirmation of Candidacy, 1688

    Siegmund rubs his hands together “Perhaps I should run!”
  12. Nathan_Barnett36


    Full Name: Siegmund Corbish Year of Birth: 1646 City of Primary Residency: Haense ((MC Name: nathanbarnett36
  13. Nathan_Barnett36

    The Holy Order of Purifiers

    “Hold on a moment, I thought these norlanders swore to his Imperial Majesty that they would have a church in their city devoted to canonism. What is this madness” would shout Siegmund as he prepares for a crusade.
  14. Nathan_Barnett36

    The Markev Maer Election of 1685

    Siegmund nominates himself for Maer as he will set things straight in haense once and for all. “I’ve been with haense for ages, I know what its problems are and I will solve them! These random people nominating themselves as maer haven’t even been with haense as long as I have. With my banishment lifted, I know what needs to be done ”
  15. Nathan_Barnett36

    7.0 Annoucement!

    Remove freebuild and place the nations/ empires vassals close to the capital. Do not spread them far apart to cause more problems. Have them 100-200 blocks away from the main city/ mainland to help centralize roleplay. Like Kralta was to Abresi in Anthos. Also don't go giving very freebuild city like Arbor nation status because they want it. At that rate you'll have over 15 nations to fit into the nation ring.