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  1. "Arthur "Horen" was recently fighting against you, so why are you now defending him? It makes no sense at all" says Galahad
  2. make this ban GM
  3. woah there!
  4. And just to be clear, I would be appealing for what happened in Courland (Defender default argument) that day or my attitude in general? Also when would the next GM meeting for ban appeals?
  5. I never asked Pyro, Kincaid and co to post on the forums. They decided to do that on their own because they care about me. And I'm not going to go full tinfoil hat right now, but I am positive that the blacklist on me has been changed because when Beast contacted me, saying I would be blacklisted, he didn't mention anything about trolly rp if I remember correctly. And by what kipples was saying on skype, he was certainly implying that the logs contributed to my ban. The ban message also suggests that I was not just banned for what happened that night. I'm also not going to lie to you, I have not yet appealed that blacklist. I completely forgot about it until recent. It's been longer then a month since that blacklist so I honestly thought I didn't need to appeal it. If this gets my ban extend... well..
  6. Hey Cablam and @JVQ, can I  get a response to what I said on Kincaids first thread?

    1. cablam


      I'll be responding a bit later tonight, had an exam earlier today and I've been trying to get caught up on some other stuff this afternoon.

    2. Nathan_Barnett36


      Yeah, no problem. I only posted this incase you wasn't aware that I responded on the thread.

  7. tfw your ban message is something completely different to what the gm manager is saying

    1. Algoda
    2. Hero_Prodigy


      I feel your pain nathan. You'll get through this man and justice will be served

  8. Can I get unbanned now, thanks.

    1. Rip and Tear

      Rip and Tear

      tfw they unbanned Wud instead

  9. > Banned for calling people retards and ***** in rp > Staff try claim it was another reason > Ban message clearly states bad attitude in rp and against players/ staff... > Was never reported by a single person I called a retard in looc > "Nathan Evidence" clearly has images of my rp in it, being used as evidence > Is banned by a shadow council of GMs because they clearly know what the people I called a retard, want
  10. I would consent to it @Harrison. @cablam, you're completely wrong about the ticket. No ticket was even made and the fact that you're lieing about it makes it worse. Kipples told me that he was "afk" in the square and just happened to see the rp. If I was banned for what happened there and then, why was kipples grabbing logs of me even pming njbb, a joke? Why was he using out of context things I said as "evidence"? The blacklist was because I returned to where my other character had recently died and I tried to join in on the raid, it had nothing to do with my attitude towards other people, I even confessed to that. I have not been warned once in the past month, or since the blacklist about my attitude. It said nothing about attitude on the blacklist and if I wasn't banned for what I have said in the past month, then why even get logs and post them on the evidence doc to get me banned? Why post them if they're not being used. You can check kipple's logs, he handled no modreq there and he said in looc he was afk in the square and heard my shouts. But you won't so why am I even making this point? Did the people who I was arguing with, even want me banned? @Kukiii Here are the logs for everyone to see: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eivGWGXBMiTvwO9lQuiKyjgMVJEhvoMHp7aDiq0AThs/edit and not one person addressed any concern or made a ban report/ reported me to staff after I called them a retard or *****, kind of suggesting they don't care... Then why has he posted logs of my rp where I have called people retards and ***** to the "Nathan Evidence" doc? Why does the ban message have "poor attitude in rp and..." if it isn't even related to my ban? Thats not what he said/ implied on skype. I can most the logs with kipples from skype onto here if you really want and let people decide what he means by it. I also would like logs where I asked kipples to go through my logs, up to 91 days ago showing I had poor attitude please. Not a single person who I called a retard and ***** in looc ever made a ban report or reported me to staff. So why do you feel the need to decide whether they were insulted by it or not?
  11. The best part is, that isn't even forum warning worthy. But watch it get removed and you given one anyway.
  12. The people I was calling retardsd never approached kipples about it or reported me for it. Kipples went and grabbed those logs on his own accord. That should suggest something...
  13. wheres that rep at?

    1. Flugal


      Depends on where the erp went

  14. fm handbook looks trash
  15. ggt is my antag!