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  1. You lose your items in your inventory when you get popped like in vanilla. I'd suggest joining a group so you have a place to store things
  2. Galahad smiles, still walking freely through the north land
  3. "Literally a puppet for when Courland need him the most" says Galahad
  4. @Thomas I thought ban appeals get voted on by the staff team?

  5. "Courland saying he is a one man army yet you gave him a fort. If you just give away forts to a man with no people with him, it just shows how desperate you are to keep people with you" Galahad would say, strolling through the unguarded north with more resources for defenses.
  6. OOC MC Name: nathanbarnett36 Skype[Group Chat Notifications, if you're already added, good]: nathanbarnett.33 Do you have Teamspeak?[microphone not required] (y/n): yes RP Name: Galahad Corbenic Race: Human Age: 49 Religion: Canonist How much are Ruthern Bannermen payed a week?: I am not sure, I do not fight for money I, Galahad Corbenic do hereby swear that my life is pledged to those of House Ruthern, till my oath released, or death taketh me, I shall serve the Lords and Ladies of House Ruthern with my utmost capabilities. I will hold true and steadfast amongst my comrades, to protect the honor of my Liege and myself, I pledge. God Save my soul if I break my oath. If the applicant is found to have written themselves a fake identity in the application, they shall be barred from House Ruthern.
  7. "Ave Ruric" says Galahad
  8. Galahad simply strolls through the north with fellow Ruthern bannermen, arriving at Metterden with a cart full of weaponary and armour. "It's a good thing there are no guards patrolling the north, its a walk in the park to get here".
  9. An Urguan soldier attempting to sneak through the underground tunnel into the krag before getting knocked off the cliff to their death
  10. I got adblock but still seeing ads on the forums?!?

    1. Weabootrash


      u dont have adblock then 

  11. Hi

    I'm not banned
  12. *Galahad punches Wick and Coltaine before dragging them off to Norland in a casket, ready to aid*
  13. Minecraft Name (s): (Include any alts) nathanbarnett36 Blacklist reason: (State the reason listed when you try to log on) Trolly/ poor rp and trolly rp through raids. It was a 1 week blacklist. I forgot to appeal it and I thought I'd appeal it now. I don't really know the format for blacklist appeals so I'll post this. @Assassinofawsome
  14. Why would you stop a warclaim when it is 30 minutes away from being finished then continue it tomorrow for another hour or two. That just gives everyone a chance to regear and to get everyone who died to return. That is such a **** thing to do and has never been done before...

  15. porknchops

    +1 Pork for GM