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  1. SubscriptShark2


    Jan Petyr Baruch had gotten word of the news, shocked to hear that His imperial majesty had abdicated.. he said to himself “Well i’ll be damned.”
  2. SubscriptShark2

    Maria Kovachev for Maer, 1705

    Jan petyr Baruch would sit down in his manor, noticing something being put in his mailbox “Wonder what this could be?” his eyes went over the letter, before he quickly ruined it into a ball and threw it in a corner “Pffft, not worth my time HMPF”
  3. SubscriptShark2

    Missive for Chamberlain Applicants

    Discord (If comfortable): SubscriptShark#8199 IGN: SubscriptShark Persona name: Jan Petyr Baruch Persona Age:  22
  4. SubscriptShark2

    Maership Election of Reza, 1706

    IGN: SubscriptShark Persona Name: Jan Petyr Baruch Age (Must be above 18): 22 Residence: Haense, Reza 
  5. SubscriptShark2

    Medieval Age 1203 AD OOC

    OOC APP Nation name: Hungary Population: to be edited Summary of History: to be edited Discord: you got it
  6. SubscriptShark2

    The last of a generation

    [!] A letter is posted within the Markev barracks. For nearly sixty years I’ve served and fought for Haense. I’ve seen Kings rise and fall, yet my loyalty and dedication to Haense remained unwavered. Now as the twilight years of my life draw ever near, and my bones grow weak, I look back a reflect on those long years. I served under the former Lord Marshal Rhys var Ruthern, as apart of the famed Black Company then continued to serve within the Brotherhood of Saint Karl. I labored through the ranks until, finally reached the rank of Commandant, using my years of experience to train the generation in combat. Now it's time to hang up the sword, resign from my post as commandant. I will continue to serve Haense, and if called on rise to its defense, however, it's time for a new leader to rise from the ranks of Royal Army. I shall never falter, Commandant Lance Ljord
  7. SubscriptShark2

    An abdication

    A young Jan Petyr Baruch spoke up “I look forward to this, Let us brighten our future and see what may be ahead of us.”
  8. SubscriptShark2

    The Theodosian Imperial Academy

    Student application IGN: SubscriptShark RP Name: Leopold Kristoff Stafyr Discord: SubscriptShark#8199 First Option: Governance Second Option: History Third Option: Language Fourth Option: Religous Studies
  9. SubscriptShark2

    Winter is Coming

    Gradon Frostbeard would cry out his war cry and would follow his brothers in death
  10. SubscriptShark2

    Divine Imperial Command: The Pontifical Throne

    Lance sat down in his house “seems that it is going stable, if we rewarded every individual for service in a battle, we would have a population of heroes, he was just doing his job and is no less then any of us.”
  11. SubscriptShark2

    "A Better Haense For All"

    lance ljord looked towards both Men above “I think that things can have better impact, because i have not seen any of you consider the fact that trying is a step to success, or failure.” As he reached for his paperwork and went back to it.
  12. SubscriptShark2


    ROLEPLAY Name: Lance Ljord Age: 64 Race: Human Status of Blood (Nobility, Gentry, Commoner): Commoner Past Labor Experience: Brotherhood Past Military Experience: Royal Army, Black company Brotherhood. Place of Residence: Markev OOC Username: SubscriptShark Discord: uve got my discord
  13. SubscriptShark2