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  1. SubscriptShark2

    The Theodosian Imperial Academy

    Student application IGN: SubscriptShark RP Name: Leopold Kristoff Stafyr Discord: SubscriptShark#8199 First Option: Governance Second Option: History Third Option: Language Fourth Option: Religous Studies
  2. SubscriptShark2

    Winter is Coming

    Gradon Frostbeard would cry out his war cry and would follow his brothers in death
  3. SubscriptShark2

    Divine Imperial Command: The Pontifical Throne

    Lance sat down in his house “seems that it is going stable, if we rewarded every individual for service in a battle, we would have a population of heroes, he was just doing his job and is no less then any of us.”
  4. SubscriptShark2

    "A Better Haense For All"

    lance ljord looked towards both Men above “I think that things can have better impact, because i have not seen any of you consider the fact that trying is a step to success, or failure.” As he reached for his paperwork and went back to it.
  5. SubscriptShark2


    ROLEPLAY Name: Lance Ljord Age: 64 Race: Human Status of Blood (Nobility, Gentry, Commoner): Commoner Past Labor Experience: Brotherhood Past Military Experience: Royal Army, Black company Brotherhood. Place of Residence: Markev OOC Username: SubscriptShark Discord: uve got my discord
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  7. SubscriptShark2

    haha norland wi com 4 u xD

  8. SubscriptShark2

    The Big Dogs are Back

    got us good
  9. SubscriptShark2

    A Priests Report - Demons of Arberrang

    Mattheus looked down onto the paper, wondering to himself why thing's had turned out like they have, but agreeing that it is needed.
  10. SubscriptShark2


    Full Name: Lance Ljord Year of Birth: 1628 City of Primary Residency: Markev ((MC Name: Subscriptshark
  11. (IC) Name: Vottomir Lamsto Age: 20 Race: Human Place of Residence: Marna Occupation: Mercenary Experience: Been traveling the roads since i was little. Will you swear an oath of allegiance?: Yes (OOC) MC Name: Pearwls Discord Name: Already got it Do you accept a PK clause?: Yeah