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  1. Anna Ulyssa sets herself to prayer for the soul of her Great-Aunt, frankincense perfuming the air of the Temple of the Eternal Flame from which she begged the salvation of Novellen. In the thick of the forests of Vienne, Claude received word of Anne's death by a courier's approach. Her expression went morbid, her heart sour. The pressure of time's decay attacked her face, a hostile hand swift to throttle the rabbit freshly entangled in her hunting net. "I need no reminders of what lies in wait for me. I shall seek my tears some other day- Anne would not have wanted me to spoil my fun." Her lips conveyed a decent smirk, rising as did her knife upon the creature's skin.
  2. Lady Claude encounters the foreign missive during her daily bout of information debriefings, a bead of sweat collecting at her temple. "Castle Woldzmir has been in the hands of the Haeseni the whole time?" She whispered to none but herself, a shiver running up her spine, "Mon dieu... What a large structure." She could not cease to ponder the fact for the rest of the evening.
  3. Little Mathilde fumbles with the collar of her dress, vexed trills issuing her complaints to the seamstress, "It sq-atches!" The cherub whined, wrestling the sleeves down to droop over her shoulders liberally. "Puhfect." She mouthed cheekily, arms heft into the air with joy - terribly, the sleeves bounced back up.
  4. St. Daniel of Al’Khazar, the first King after the Silence. THE LITURGICAL CALENDAR DICTATES THE YEAR 1873 AS THE FAST OF THE SILENCE. The silence was a period of human history succeeding the reigns of Horen and Owyn as rulers of the Kingdom. The era contains dubious historical documentation, infringed by canon myth and legend that cannot be discerned as either fact or fantasy. The year 1873 coincides with the liturgical devotion to the Fast of the Silence, a tradition of the faith in which men are recommended to sacrifice intemperate cravings in order to submit themselves unto God’s virtue, imitating the taciturn period aforementioned. The city of Vienne invites all to partake of this fast, commencing on the preceding month in the form of the Savoyard’s Smirking Bacchanal, the celebration of the tavern’s grand re-opening. This is to be followed by The Promise Day. In the final month of the year, the Weary Harvest shall occur, collecting the food necessary for the Breaking of the Fast. TIMELINE -+- 1872 THE SMIRKING BACCHANAL The Savoyard Smirk’s re-opening celebrations, wherein there will be plentiful drinking games and tavern brawls! The public preparation of a hog on a stake within the square of Vienne will be a happy side effect. The 14th of Sigismund’s End (( Tuesday, May 17th, 7PM EST )) 1873 THE PROMISE DAY The fasting audience will jointly tumble one of the trees of the Vienne Forests with one big push, hulling it to an open area to be chopped into flat circular pieces. Attendants will then be made to carve a single word that symbolizes excess in their life into the slabs. Finally, the slabs will be tossed into a burning pyre, erect from the residual wood. This process symbolizes the promise of fasting. The 13th of Horen’s Calling End (( Wednesday, May 18th, 6PM EST )) THE WEARY HARVEST The fasting audience is invited to join the farmers of Vienne in the winter harvest, forcing their final moments of exhaustion to coalesce, thus bringing them closer to God. The 13th of Sigismund’s End (( Tuesday, May 24th, 7PM EST )) 1874 THE BREAKING OF THE FAST All people of the Kingdom are welcome in the King’s first royal feast, with the spoils of the Weary Harvest utilized in the preparation of several dishes endemic to the Stassion Court. The 13th of Horen’s Calling End (( Wednesday, May 25th, 7PM EST )) IMPORTANT NOTE: All those who attend the Promise Day who are then caught breaking their fast will be socially persecuted.
  5. Claude is impressed, taking keen notice of the soldiers as they wander about the city, and even saluting some.
  6. OOC: This letter is received exclusively by all of His Majesty’s royal peerage. Roleplay connected to this information is not to be metagamed. [!] A letter arrives via royal courier for each peer of the Orenian Kingdom. ‘LO TO HIS MAJESTY’S BELOVED PEER, THE KING & QUEEN OF OREN request the presence of one’s noble household for a day of conversation within the Claudian Tourney Grounds, joined by fellow members of the highest class. Peers are expected to don the most genteel of heirlooms and familial crests, displaying the opulence of their station and historic prevalence. Thus, His Majesty shall henceforth call the first Adriatic Court of the Kingdom into session, a day dedicated to discourse concerning the nobility’s preservation and sanctity. The preemptive arrangement of all topics pertaining, including peerage evaluation, the route of the noble bearing, scandal and other related matters is encouraged. If no such topics are available, the day shall service the nobility’s appetite for carousal and allied chatter. Thus, the Adriatic Court shall henceforth customarily precede or succeed Royal Courts of the Kingdom by a month, although it may also be called upon to address urgent crises. The date shall be decided by conference. -+- IMPORTANT: DETAILS REGARDING DECORUM HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN anticipates the execution of the following for the first Adriatic Court: On arrival, peers and household members shall stand and intermingle in a bevy before the tent’s opening. They shall then wait to be summoned inside by order of rank. Ranks will be summoned together, with individual houses named by order of title creation. Whenever a new house is elevated, they shall be announced individually in the same manner. This shall be repeated upon the succession of the Kingdom. HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN anticipates the execution of the following for all Adriatic Courts thereafter: Peers and household members shall seek to display the heirlooms they possess in their jaunt to be seated and throughout the duration of the court. ((OOC: Emote the description of the items)). Peers and household members shall be stood together. Peers and household members will commission Adriatic attire, described as befitting the event of a hunt, feast, chase, etc. Note that due to short notice, this particular expectation will be omitted for the first Adriatic court. All communications regarding marriage arrangements are taboo within the Adriatic Tent if committed without a letter in advance to the Queen, who shall moderate all such discussion as the de facto head of the Astercalia Tempore. The attendance of bannermen shall be prohibited, bar one for protection. All bannermen shall stand in wait outside beside the King's Guard. GOD WITH US, HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Frederick I, King of Oren, forever August, King of Renatus, Curon, Kaedrin, Salvus, and Seventis, Grand Duke of Ves, Duke of Helena, Novellen, Sunholdt, Furnestock, Petra, Oltremont, South Arentania, and Lorraine, Count of Mardon, Baron of Renzfeld, Protector of the Heartlanders and Farfolk, etcetera HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Vivienne of Savoy, Queen consort of Oren, forever August, Queen consort of Renatus, Curon, Kaedrin, Salvus, and Seventis, Grand Duchess consort of Ves, Duchess consort of Helena, Novellen, Sunholdt, Furnestock, Petra, Oltremont, South Arentania, and Lorraine, Countess consort of Mardon, Baroness consort of Renzfeld, Protector of the Heartlanders and Farfolk, etcetera HER EXCELLENCY, The Princess Claude of Savoy, Lady Privy Seal and Steward of the Adriatic Court
  7. An unknown waldenian woman of Derfey allegiance hymns in a chant of enchanting and melodic gospel while lighting her torch with the rising flames: “BURN DIESE FOTZE ‘TIL ZEIR EYEBALLS FALL! HAIL DERFEY!”
  8. Lady Claude shoo'ed away her grandson's courier, her mind reveling in the possibilities for her formal attire. "You are to be the nephew of a Queen." She'd state to the petit Count, rapidly pouring kisses as concession atop the beau's forehead.
  9. FEAR NOT THE EVIL THAT MARTYRS OUR TEMPLES The encore of an undaunted basilica crumbling at the hands of heretics; history pierces the mind of God’s doting servants; men and women watch in fright, defenseless against darkness. In maelstrom, the cowed canonist may question the posture of the Exalted's command over the pew. He may stray from his flock to bid his prayer in what he considers a solitary peace, the prayer ‘done right’ within one’s own sacred habitation. He beckons his countrymen to do the same, falling from the grace of God’s holy structures into individual worship, for why must cathedrals guide our devotion? To those that herd men away from their sanctuary, I say that what is holy cannot bestow its blessing without the unity of pure men’s hearts in a center of benediction, and to allow evil to splinter the faith when our chapels- the monoliths of God’s amity -are torched by heathens is the acceptance of the faith’s lack of fervor. Thus, we must contend with stronger zeal and exchange blows against that cynical blasphemy. Men have always deemed mercurial events to be miracles only to be met with flagrant opposition, but in the felling of a controversial place of worship like the Basilica of the Argentate Star, there is no contest to the fact that such is a dauntless attack on the possibility of the faith's reprisal. A Basilica represents canondom in the unity that the Exalted foresaw, reveling and worshiping together for the betterment of the conglomerate of humanity. In Oren’s Basilica, no longer under anathema, the name of God began to grow new eminence; his devoted priests returned to keep his walls free of indignity, angering the awaiting blasphemy. When canonist churches are infiltrated by the blasphemy, we wish to recede into our cocoons to avoid the temptation of their sin, but I contend that we must instead violate the light so that it might shine a fire that cleanses. The house of the lord’s servants in Balian may be corrupted by hazards of human nature, such as lapses in recent memory when they might have welcomed the Azdrazi into their temple. It is no fault of men that the evil idols whisper of suborn, but it becomes the fault of men when one cathedral crumbles in a realm by the hand of heresy, only for a neighbor (even if disgruntled) to welcome another heresy with open arms. That cathedral now becomes tainted, desiring the renewed fervor of men who have become ignorant to their chapel’s sanctity. Canondom’s zeal is lost on the souls of the complacent. To cower from our places of worship when hostility arises is to accept the complacency - the apathy. It is not courage to seek out compromises, it is indolence. When one cathedral falls, we must rebuild; when one cathedral is depraved, we must regroup. We cannot allow our places of worship to go abandoned, just as we cannot abandon the faith. Signed, Acolyte Anna of Providentia
  10. A young Claude de Savoie is spotted dancing about the Augustine Palace before her debut, decked in black and white cloth. Decades later, Anna Ulyssa mounts the carriage to Mardon, the steel of her chestplate clinking in the bounce of travel. A waiting cherub listens silently to a bard...
  11. [!] Flyers appear around the Kingdom of Oren. ➻ A Local Trades Showcase ➻ A Performing Bard ➻ Folktale Face Painting ➻ Fortune Telling ➻ The Game of Dunk-a-Dwarf ➻ Street Food Vendors ➻ A Carousel And more! Contact the Court of HRM Queen Vivienne of Savoy If interested in being an employee of the Carnival.
  12. Claude stood beside Frederick as he printed the published papers on Ioanna's behalf, for the King had offered the Basridi refuge from the destitution that had once been her lover's paradise. She pressed her palm over Ioanna's shoulder, watching with a ready smile before she began to speak, "To scorn a woman is to condemn yourself to a slow and painful destruction. When will men learn this?" @Lionhz
  13. Anna was blessed by the sight of Conrad whenever she neared, the warmth of his air and spirited demeanor rivalled by no other man - she wondered how many maidens he might acquire upon the next Astercalia's end?
  14. I was actually bragging just a few hours about how this conflict hasn't had much ooc toxicity? I'm not sure if you're speaking about the CRP as I wasn't there but I actually haven't caught a single instance of real vitriol. Lion has been stressing acceptance in the Oren discord as to not have any of that, and if there is any then it's snuffed by a lot of people who care about their community beyond this civil war (most). Individual reports of toxicity are sadly not able to be controlled, and as for the peterphile thing that's just something said by the immature bunch, it's not widespread. I don't mean to psychoanalyze but being those on the Imperialist side and having been displaced from Providence city and original Oren discords, it can be very easy to get overwhelmed. You have to try to focus on seeing this as a consequence of the roleplay rather than OOC.
  15. POEMS OF WAR & WHIMSY By Anna Ulyssa ((Art by Edwin Austin Abbey)) These poems are published on behalf of The Imperial Princess Anna Ulyssa of the Holy Orenian Empire, now an Acolyte of the Canon Church, who contemporarily suffers from mild hysteria due to the loss of her parents. These are writings of several years of reflection upon the state of humanity and man’s will, beginning from age 14 and ending at age 21. 1 Musings of a Beard, 1859 The dead God hath forsworn Horen, Tempt by the widower mistress: power, kiss her honey hair. Kill their young, let not men recover, their unity shall mean our perish. Thus, let us bathe in the blood of sterility, and slumber in dreams of genocide. Urguan, thy glory shall prevail. 2 Crumbling Humanity, 1859 Red Pontiff ‘pon his glory schism, allegiance corrupts canonism. The canine scent of Vargentgotz: slaughter kin, forsake thyne cross. The Black King’s Moot, when men lick tongue on heathen boot. Woe to ye who praise the sun, your folly is the meekest son. Goats dine from Petrine broth, and bleet when Oren bids no troth. 3 Wigged Brothers, 1860 Haiku Here lies peacefulness dovetailing with apathy To create frailty. 4 Devise of Kinslayers, 1860 In the night will blade in crimson bite the deadened flesh of prince and wife. Venomed bread will fell the King to bed, be righteous men beseeched to tread O’er the corpse of hacked and sewn up dwarves that the day will see a crown in court Of the Real heir-Prince that’s been concealed and lords shall crumble ‘till they kneel. On the page will stand victor of age, a fleshling prince upon old stage. 5 Southbridge, 1861 Bled their tongue with the taste of carrion black to abstain from death’s permanence. Ble’ssed the jaunt of heartland soldiers in silver to regale the ruination of armistice. Bridge of Humanity, contest the North And the mini-men. Bridge of Dwarves, contest the Wigged And the mercenary. 6 Consort Curse, 1864 A magnanimous lady falters not before monarchs, she protests in silent loathing. A revered lady glitters, yet she embitters. A lady of great distinction commands courtiers’ passion, but is never a court quaintrelle. She is prized on highest podiums as the most charismatic socialite yet the most exceptional warrior. She must be relegated to shrew because she is most shrewd (and equal parts imbecile). A perfect lady: she is male, better than halfwitted girl. 7 The Duel at Arichsdorf, 1866 Honor tilts the sword to dirt and buries it in ancestral catacombs, where it waits beside the husks of soldiers of the 18 years war, not Urguani. Honor is besmirched, a graverobber comes to dig it out with a shovel in-hand used to crush the bones of slumbering corpses as they wake from the disturbance. A pavane of skeletons begins, the dead take up arms against men with the steel of legacy and faith once enshrouded beneath centuries-old coffins. Scrags wither, for they cannot battle what denies they exist, And honor sinks once more into pits.
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