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  1. Feigned Wiping a tear from under his eye” Will meet again in afterlife cousin“ He’d return to the wild continuing his hunt
  2. “Damn, sad to see you go bro” later The Mali went back to doing whatever or whoever he was doing
  3. Xaevial

    The Huntsmen

    Application Roleplay Name: Ozyais Nulltyr/Dimpledorc Race: Mixed Elf Age: 137 Desired role: Contractor Reason for enlistment: Lack of purpose OOC Username: Xaevial Discord Tag (Example#3333): Xaevial#3313 Timezone: EST
  4. The Fellow Rutledge would chuckle “Maybe after this he’ll have the guts to put a baby in her” He Murmured grinning
  5. Moses was tapped” Matthias, did you forget that you now lack sight, how will you even know you’re at the fair?” He aimed to calm the blind boy down
  6. The Infamous Cocoa caked skin Havin’ elf would seem joyful for the new ruler” Aww **** “he later remembered that a certain girl he knows is especially pale
  7. From the hills of Cloud Temple, A white-furred monkey man laughed “Xen will Honor Hou Shen!”
  8. Ozyais stood there hunched over As He Dug Into An Ominous Cocoon Enveloped In A Dark Mist He Pondered ” Damn. . . I Actually Thought She Was Cute Too” he Sulked For A Moment As He Proceeded To Dislodge The Girl Encased Within The Aforementioned Cocoon
  9. “Exquisite!” The elf stated as he pondered over the text
  10. Li Xen Simply Watches seeing as he feels he has lost his honor ”Not This Time Brothers”
  11. Xaevial


  12. Name : Ozais Grimlore Age : 95 Gender : Male Combat Experience: Has Been In Most Of The Elven Militias including that of The Ivae’Fenn And the Virarim Is Sutica your Homeland? If not then where: He is Sort Of In between Homelands Right Now======= OOC =======IGN : Primordian_ Discord : Primordian_#3313
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