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  1. as the aging man Johan Vuiller would get the news of the passing of Theo a tear would fall by his cheeks the man shaking his head as he looked towards the fire “Another one gone.. my dear brother.. I shall never forget our years together, our blessed days of happiness, our days of battle furry. You where truly one of my best squires.. you will never be forgotten brother.” the Knight-Regent emeritus would stand from his chair taking a hold of his trident to aid him as he walked towards the walls of his home. The man taking a hold of the painting he had of Theophilos moving it towards another wa
  2. The Tribunal The letter would be marked with the coat of arms of the Auditor of the Tribunal, Johan Vuiller. A painting of the Auditor of the Tribunal, Johan Vuiller. "Much like the changes that come to the Church with each High Pontiff, the Tribunal sees its own changes as a new Auditor rises to that office." - Johan Vuiller. Table of Contents I. The Hierarchy of the Tribunal. II. The Roles of the Tribunal. III. The Roles of Canon Lawyers. IV. The Extent of the Powers of the Tribunal and the Auditor.
  3. Johan Vuiller smiles as he reads over the treaty. “May God bless both the people of The Empire and Kingdom of Haense, and may the canonist flock prosper as one” he’d sign the Lorraine as he looked over a map of Almaris
  4. «The Orinians truly show their canonist values in freeing those in prisoned.” Johan Vuiller would give a slight dip of his head “These actions must be taken into account after their testimony’s have been given.” He’d smile the suns smile starting to write down four letters from the Auditor of the Tribunal. @grnappa @Imperium @KBR
  5. On the Petition for Ecclesiastical Trial The missive would be sent to Joaquin Nuñez of Osanora. and would also be published around the churches of Almari. Stamped with the coat of arms of Johan Vuiller. @Burnsider “Joaquin Nuñez of Osanora. do know that your petition has not been ignored. It has been heard within our halls. The crimes against our Holy Laws, His laws that you describe has been broken is not something we the Tribunal take lightly. So I invite you to bring any eyewitnesses to meet with me, the Auditor of the Tribunal in neutral territory of the Dual
  6. a letter would be sent to Joaquin carrying the coat of arms of the Auditor. "Fair Joaquin, I'm glad to see an petition being called for where people believe the canon law to have been broken. The matter shall be looked into, but i would have to ask of you that you send me a witness list and their testimony's of the incident in question. I would also like to welcome you to Oren to bring me these words yourself and tell me what you know of the situation at hand. Blessed day ~Johan Vuiller Auditor of the Tribunal." With the letter an coin stamped with the face of Exalted Owyn. @Burnsider
  7. Johan Vuiller would smile reading upon the Golden Bull, swiftly finding his feather pen and parchment.
  8. A Time of Suffering and Warm Steel A missive is published throughout the cities of the Holy Orenian Empire, emblazoned with the coat of arms of the Vuiller family A painting of the Imperial State army marching into battle at Elysium. A time of suffering. During the hardships our people now endure, these times of Nordling aggression, it is of utmost importance that we lend our aid to our comrades. This begins with understanding the conflict at hand. Who do the men and women of the Imperial State Army fight in this war, and what are they defending? The
  9. would give a slight dip of his head as he looked the missive over, the aging man rather was going to grab som parchment writing to the High Pontiff with the blessed news of the pious ways and victories of the ISA. @GoldWolf
  10. As Johan would read over the Imperial missive he’d give a slight dip of his head before placing it down at his desk, the aging Priest and former Knight-Regent of the Canonist Church would look towards his armor resting in the corner of his office. “For too long have these heathens made treats against our Holy Empire and the Holy Mother Church.. no more.. I swear it on my fathers name of Saint Harald. I’ll fight until my last breath to protect our noble canonist flock, thus is my duty and path..” the towering man would stand up from his desk finding his old Holy Knight armor carrying the color
  11. The former Knight-Regent and Lay Cardinal Johan Vuiller would smile upon seeing his fathers name in the large collection of venerations and Saints stating to his children “Your grandfather was truly and virtuous man, a man I have spent all my life trying to make proud and follow in his footsteps of a pious life.. may we never forget his life and teachings and may he bless our family for all eternity.” he’d walk towards the cathedral of Oren looking to the statue of his father Saint Harald “oh father, how i would have wished we would have had more time.. for vy to see vyr grandchildren grow a
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