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  1. CONFIRMATION OF THE RIGHTFUL HIGH PONTIFF EVERARD VI For generations our blood has served the Holy Mother Church, our own father serving as a Cardinal and the Knight-Regent of the canonist faith, leading and watching over and founding the last two Holy States of our Holy Mother Church, our family having served under each High Pontiff since Pontian III. Thus upon the news of schism a shock rang through our hearts and home, both being proud patriots of the Holy Orenian Empire as well as the Church of man, it was clear to us that this was a rift between His noble flock and His Holy Institution that needed to be healed, one that is in dire need for the salvation of each Canonist. Because what are we if not the children of GOD? Where shall we find salvation if our churches were to fall empty and silent. Sadly did word reach me late as I was on a diplomatic meeting outside the border of Almaris, but now as I have returned we shall make it official, that the House of Vuiller stands behind the rightfully elected High Pontiff Everard Sextus, our bothers and sisters still standing proud behind the banner of our Faith. Let it be known that if any Vuiller shall see the imposter who has taken the name of Micheal I upon himself, they are to apprehend him and deliver him to the Canonist Church for rightful trial by the Tribunal of the Auditor. Cum aquilis longe victores regnamus. “With the eagles farsight we reign victorious” As declared by, His Excellency, the Solicitor-General, REV VUILLER, the BARON OF VUILLERMOZ.
  2. Father Johan Vuiller.. a aged patriot of the faith and Empire would be saddened as he made his way towards the clinic. Having been dreading this day for multiple years by this point. Ledicort being his now last living friend within this mortal realm of GOD.. as he entered the clinic he saw his son Rev seated next to his wife Diana Vuiller of d'Azor, the daughter of Sir Ledicort. he spoke to their family for a while before the time came for Ledicorts final confession. "Brother.." was the only words leaving Johan as he first entered the room the two aged men stayed within the clinic in private for close to two saints hours, what was discussed only now known by Johan, who soon himself would carry these secrets to the seven skies.
  3. The newly named peer and Baron of Vuillermoz would widen his eye hearing of the letter his son had PRIVATLY sent to the Emperor, the man seeming at a loss for a moment as he would have a serious conversation with his youngest son. "I pray for us both Kristofer that this letter is niet received by the palace..."
  4. Johan Vuiller, the elderly man would tremble from the news.. his aging legs failing him as he fell to the ground. His student, a close friend, the woman he had had the pleasure of teaching from her early years.. a woman whom had grown to become a prime example of a woman of the Empire. Once more had he seen those he thought would succeed him in life pass before himself. a anger filling him, as his gaze turned to the seven skies tears would start to flow from his elderly eyes.. Lord Rev Vuiller would stand in disbelief, his leader for years, the Archchancellor and Princess Imperial.. Josephine Augusta, the Duchess of Crestfall would never be forgotten..
  5. The aged Holy Knight would continue to make sure his armor was polished and nice, his weapons sharp and his lorraine cross bound tightly to his chest "These dwedes has come for a war they can niet win. A war where they are deemed to fail and fall.. Their blood will fill the grass grounds of Oren, their mountains fall silent and call.. After all these attacks.. may the Ireheart Clan be wiped from existence, GOD is on our side" he signed the lorraine, readying himself for war Rev Vuiller, the Baron of Vuillermoz would look to his wife Diana, shaking his head within their estate "Just as the time came for us to be at peace and rest, living our life in happiness and bless.. It seems we might need to get ourselves a home in Providence again as well my love" he walked to her kissing the top of her head as he wrapped a arm around her @PrettyCuteAnna
  6. Johan Vuiller, the aged holy knight and former Cardinal would go grab one of his cows, pulling it after him "I swore to give them a cow for eternal milk during their wedding! and I was niet able to before they left! God smite me if I'm niet able to do so now!" He smiled warmly as he tried to find them
  7. Rev Vuiller would dip his head, celebrating with his father Johan, the man speaking as they looked to a fire "They have to learn, mess with a eagle and vy get the claws"
  8. Riders on the River Petra Sir Arthur and his soldiers barreling over the fields 16th of Horen’s Calling, 1849 As word was heard of an attack upon the lands of the Empire, the members of the ISA quickly got to their horses rushing down to the bridge over the Petra. There our troops were met by a band of Ireheart manlets as well as members of the group known as the Ferrymen, cowardly hiding in the muck and brush searching for easy prey, each mounted on horseback. Prey they would not have, our numbers swiftly overwhelmed them this day, they now knew they had made a dire mistake. Among the stalwart defenders of the realm stood Sir Arthur Gendik-Komnenos, leading a contingent of ISA, at the ready with lances atop their steeds stood also the Duke of Cathalon Thomas Andrew Helvets, the Duke’s son Helton Rhodes Helvets, and two warriors clad in crimson. As the heathens would hurl their hate at the Empire, Father Johan Vuiller led in a prayer of battle to rebuff their vile braying. The holy chants rang throughout the wheatfields of the Empire, the nature of GOD flowing with the true spirit of the Canonist faithful. As the hymn of “OREN AUT MORTEM” boomed from the soldiers of Oren, the sound of our righteous steel clashing with the dwed-forged armor and bandit bones arose, serving as the call to hunt the filth from our lands. An Imperial Auxiliary would falter ahead of the force as the vultures circled in for their carrion, though he would be redoubled with a second wind as the charge of the cavalry broke out over the bridge, sending their manlet riders into a full rout. My own stallion took an arrow in his neck, quickly throwing me from my horse, thus I joined our brothers in faith on foot, hunting down the heathens and scouring them into the fields of barley and hay, now trampled by mounts who had lost their riders. Our enemies’ numbers laid there trampled and bloodied, we cut through the enemy to a man as wheat to the scythe. Once back within the capital city of Providence, the ISA gathered within the Imperial Palace telling his Imperial Majesty of their victory against those who wished to hurt our Empire and the noble flock. Here Sir Arthur Gendik-Komnenos would be granted a life-peerage for his service and brave leadership within battle. Our crimson comrade-in-arms who had aided us would join us in the Imperial Palace of the Augustine, their aid celebrated and given their thanks from His Imperial Majesty Philip II. Let it be known to those that would invade the realms of man, those who dear attack the noble flock of GOD, our blades are ready, our war cries loud and our honor and trust in GOD shall never be broken. Father Johan Vuiller The Knight-Regent Emeritus, founder of the formerly known Palatine Guard Order of the All-Saints, Lay-Cardinal Emeritus, Auditor of the Tribunal, Chamberlain of our Faith, Founder of the Black Library of Vuillermoz, Horen’s Giant, Former Dean of the University of Saint Sixtus IV, Knight of the Black Sepulchre, Protector of the Church of the Canon and its faithful, former Circuit judge of Oren and Deputy of the Rangers of Eastwood.
  9. "Ah the heathens show themselves once again, those whom has failed their rebellion.. they should have seen how their allies fell short against Orenian steel today." the aged priest and Holy Knight would shake his head as he stood there with the ISA after the protection of the noble flock against the Ireheart heathens.
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