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    Cukie1's Art Pile

    Not bad.
  2. H7R5

    The Path To Hope

    (lol ur post to rep ratio is already fucked let narthok post it next time hahahaha) "I suppose I don't need an invitation as it will be conducted at my home most likely." Says a bark skinned dryad as she hears news of the marriage in Nordengrad. "How interesting a Nordengradic union will be to witness." She says idly before returning to collecting excess sap from her tree, as letting the liquid drip down the bark and seep into the soil was both dangerous and wasteful after all.
  3. H7R5

    [Denied] Cornivore's Application Team Application

    Great lad with a big heart and brain. This guy would be good to have on the AT, he's shown a lot of growing up in the past few months.
  4. What have I started everyone going for staff. Still, think this lads dope and would do a good job, and his joke actually made me laugh. so +1 🙂
  5. H7R5

    [Community Review] Raids

    It's not gonna happen overnight. Accept progress. This is already a big change which is why it's making people sweat, but we're never gonna make progress if we want everything done overnight. People will only recognize how god awful the current system is once it's gone.
  6. Keening is a good man with strong family values. He even took my name once and well, impersonation is the best form of flattery. And besides, anyone who strives to be like me MUST be a good man, Solid +1. Would excel in the position.
  7. Great guy, great work ethic and great sense of humor
  8. Username B7W4 (DeanoBambino) Discord Hucksley#2171 Timezone PST What group/playerbase are you most involved with? Norland / Orcs Staff History None Ban History I wanted to get banned so I threw a temper tantrum on the forums until I got banned. Additionally I got banned in the past for some petty rule infraction that I don't remember but I hold to the opinion that I didn't do it. Blacklist History: Not that I remember. Why do you want to join the Event Team? I would like to bring more roleplay to the players of LoTC, the community has done so much for me in the past and I have enjoyed quite a few events, my favorite ones have been from Murlocs. I've got a couple good ideas that I would like to see on the server rattling in my head, and I have friends in the team that can help me learn the ropes and keep me on track. Even if I sometimes let off a vibe that I don't, I love this server and I really want to make it better, I decided instead of staying stagnant and just whining, it would be more constructive to join the team, experience it and give more educated feedback to the team. Why should we accept you onto the Team? I'm great at improvising in roleplay and going with the flow, also great at adapting written stories to fit somewhere else. Additionally, I have a lot of friends on the team that I have worked well with and desire to work with, I'd be happy to collaborate with the team to make bigger events that require more ET, and I have friends in the lore team that can help me understand and use the servers lore that I am fuzzy on. I'd love to work with the team and help to make it better if possible and bring roleplay to the server in the process. What kind of events do you aspire to create?: I'd personally love to do both RP-PvP RP, and RP-PvE events. I am well versed in the Norlandic, Orcish, and Human lore, and though it's been a while I started playing the server as an Elf and know the lore decently well. I'd love to run event lines that build up to a big event and actually follow through on the big event at the end, perhaps hiding clues in the events prior to reward the players for actively participating in the event chain. I love the thought of dynamic choices which alter the story based on previous actions, I am always a fluid writer and very good at adapting to anything thrown at me, no matter how outlandish it seems. I'm also not afraid to punish characters in RP for making dumb, uninformed or trolly decisions. I would love to make events that people remember fondly and that help shape up characters and will actively seek constructive criticism. What makes a good event? A lot of factors make up a good event, clear concise descriptive text, patient players, a good build can really help the quality of the event as well. The main thing that makes a good event though is effort. Effort is the main thing, anyone can write a few words and slap down a dozen mobs, but that's not a good event. You want to make something that players will remember and look back at with fondness, you want to make compelling characters with whimsical or real motives, fun or deep stories, and pick a setting that makes the entire thing more immersive. Another important factor is adaptability, improvisation, If you're able to adapt to whatever the players throw at you, it will feel more believable, and immersive. And one of the most important factors to a good event, is fun. Create three in-depth event scenarios. I’m not looking for some prelude or whimsical idea here -- we want an indicator as to your talent and potential to be on the ET. You don’t need to write a word-for-word script, but we want a solid structure and plan as to how you’d organize and carry out an event: Event 1 - Small group 5-7 players. A woman is outside a collapsing mine, she requires help as her husband is still inside, she hope he is still alive, but if he isn’t, then she wants you to recover his amulet which is a family heirloom, then at least she can bring a small comfort to the man’s family. The adventurers would then choose how to approach the collapsing mine, or if they even wanted to approach it at all. They enter the mine. (Or don’t) And deal with puzzles, and other safety mechanisms, or safety hazards from the cave-in. There will be potential to die, however, once they reach the body, if they reach the body, (Should they die they would be found by another party doing the event later.) they will most likely search it for the amulet and any other goods and once they do, the man’s ghost would appear, and tell them of his wife’s treachery, she had him killed in the mine so she could inherit his fortune, then covered it up with a cave in, the party returns, or doesn’t (I can improvise) And confront the woman, either killing her for her misdeeds, perhaps making a bargain or intimidating her, she gives them some coordinates to the buried treasures and once they go to retrieve it, they receive goodies to reward them for their time! (Of course they would forfeit the chance to receive the extra goods should they execute her.) Notes: Cave-ins to egg party on to advance when a lul comes in the RP. Event 2 - 1-2 players. Orcish spirit, butcher. There are an infinite amount of spirits for everything, some are just better known than others, this one, is a butcher, a horror film inspired humanoid looking to find meat to butcher and eat. This particular being would embody the concept of fear and gluttony. The event starts off with some consent from a player, I would give certain details without revealing the concepts of the character and event chain, I would explain that for this event, their character would likely be maimed or killed. Once consent is given, I would place a book in their inventory, a rather scary child story book about a boogeyman who harms bad children, and through reading it they would learn the basic backstory of the character without revealing too much of their mysterious nature. Over the course of a few days, the character would begin to notice strange things, people appearing in their vision for a few moments, whispers etc. these conditions would worsen until one day they wake up inside of a strange room, laying down on top of a bloodied table and prepared to be chopped up. The character would hear footsteps approaching the door, then the door knob slowly turning, followed by the door creaking open, by this time, the monstrous humanoid would enter the room and proceed to sharpen knives, not noticing if the player had moved from the table or not, if the player stays there or hides, this would change the dynamics of the roleplay, perhaps even they could perform a sneak attack and slay the monster, however the roleplay would be completely dynamic. Should they defeat the monster, the other side of the door he entered would be completely black darkness, exiting through it would bring one back to the real world, however, should they die then the character will be returned to the cloud temple with knowledge of every single chop, incision and pain they experienced during the butchering. Perhaps a bad dream, perhaps not. Event 3 - Small group 5-7 players. A seer arrives to a village/city and tells of a beast so strong that it could threaten the balance of the nearby ecosystem, this beast is so big apparently, that it slays other beasts of it’s kind, and over-hunts the nearby prey, surely allowing this beast to continue running rampant would leave hunters empty handed and leave a bigger impact on the nearby village/city eventually. (Note: Begin the event with reports of dead predators a few days in advance.) Should nothing be done to find this beast, animal would eventually wander closer and closer into villages, however if a group actively sought to hunt the beast, they would follow clues left behind, like tracks, droppings etc which would lead them to a kill sight, signs of a struggle between two animals and eventually a patch of disturbed dirt, digging through this would reveal a predator, a meal stored by the beast for later consumption… Perhaps the hunters would prepare traps and wait patiently for the beast, or perhaps they would be more aggressive and seek the beast out further. Either option would lead to an eventual conflict with a dire beast, an animal so strong that it could put up a decent fight against a small band of characters… Only once they defeat the beast, they are able to determine that it was a female, perhaps the spawn of an alpha, or it’s mate…
  9. H7R5

    [Community Review] Raids

    Plate armor is ridiculous protection, you don't kill someone in plate with sword, you beat them until they're exhausted from the heavy plates and then you open their visor and stab them in the face if you wanna kill them.
  10. H7R5

    [Community Review] Raids

    leo sweating bruh
  11. H7R5

    [Community Review] Raids

    I'm sure you've been in hundreds of raids, but I've been in hundreds more on both sides (even dozens on your side), attacking and defending. I've been in the mindset that you have been in before when I played an Elf, and here's why Elves are constantly targets. The Elves are pompous asses both in game and out, always have been condescending towards people outside their clique. Perhaps if you didn't view all raiders as cavemen "ME SMASH ME TAKE PIXELS" You wouldn't have this problem. Act decently and find RP solutions to RP problems and OOC solutions to OOC problems. If someone is raiding you for OOC reasons, get them banned instead of halting progress because you refuse to put in the work to better the server with reports to rid toxic behavior.
  12. H7R5

    [Community Review] Raids

    Yikes untrue. Don't give people a reason to raid you and they will not raid you. The reason why raids on LoTC are so fun in the first place is the purpose behind it, if this wasn't true then these people would be playing on faction servers where there are no rules.
  13. H7R5

    [Community Review] Raids

    Another thing that I think is odd is that people think that raiders want to raid their factions for no reason or just to bully them. If there is no benefit to raiding you, no armor, no wealth and no political motive, then you will not be raided... Just don't conduct yourself like an ******* and lay low and no one will bug you, people are looking for a fight and loot, not people who just sit there and ***** the whole way through, that's not fun for either party. Raiders are just going to raid each other and you're going to roleplay. find an RP SOLUTION to RP PROBLEMS, you don't need to rely on OOC barriers for every problem, and if someone is OOC'ly harassing you, get them banned, it's really not that hard.