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  1. @DrHope Hey! I'm pretty interested in this lore actually. Any way we can get in touch? I'd like to help make it happen! 🙂 I have a few ideas that could help it out. For example: Treat it like a disease and a curse, once the victim is inflicted with this blight, it eats away at them mentally, this is only natural once you start slowly realizing you aren't remembering things and going on hunts for both beast and man alike in the night. Additionally, the affliction could block ALL magic from the user regardless of in beast form or not and cause the user to scratch at it's skin and generally act more and more shifty as their hunger grows, like they are going through withdrawal from an addiction. (additionally, the victim would have only small time frames to have control of their form, for example, when they're hungry, or threatened.) I think Alpha's are a lame concept, and I always thought it would be cooler to have the option to be a lone wolf or be with a pack if you fancied the idea of your family having a dark secret. Would also be an interesting tidbit if you were able to be detected by certain animal, like cats would always hiss at you, and would also be very fun to have a weakness to silver, much like the undead are weak to Aurum.

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  3. What kind of ban are you appealing? Forum and ingame Minecraft Usernames Deanobambino B7W4 Ban Reason Warning Point Maximum Players Involved Me, everyone on the forums at the time. By your own understanding, why are you banned? I was banned because I had doxxed multiple members of the community and posted a few inappropriate pictures after multiple warnings and I greatly apologize for what I’ve done. Why should you be pardoned? It’s been a while, and it was my first offense. Norland is back and I want to hang out with my friends again, I really miss them. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? If I want to leave the server again, I will not break server rules and instead I will just leave the server like an adult instead of sticking it to the mineman system. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. After being banned for several months, I understand what I have done wrong. I believe that the community guidelines are an important factor of a good community. I understand that toxicity promotes toxicity and I shouldn’t have done the same things that other players have done in the past. I sincerely regret adding this ban to my record and still believe I should have just left the server cleanly. I understand that I added to the problems of the server by doing something so toxic and would take it back if I could. Community guidelines help to keep everyone safe and having fun, I understand probably better than anyone how toxic and unwelcoming the server can be when it allows hate to fester and I agree with my ban completely. When everyone is acting respectful to one another, the server is at it’s most fun, and I took away from this by forcing an FM to deal with my childish rulebreaking for a ban instead of just requesting one or just leaving like an adult should.
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