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  1. Hreidunn, Member of the Shields of Ablution remained confused at what the Shields of Absolution were.
  2. Hreidunn sat on a ruined wall in the Fallen Capital of Balian. "May tah' fallen rest in peace, My Shield Brothers of Ablution will avenge tah' folk that fell for da' citeh'."
  3. Grand Fishing Tournament of Almaris 112 of the Second Age I am Hreidunn of the Fishing Guild of Almaris, the dedicated Harbormaster. I entice those around Almaris to join in my contest. One to claim the title of King of Fishing, it will be a daring challenge. I wish that the Fishermen and Fisherwomen of Almaris are up to my task. We will host several preliminary challenges in each Fishing Hub. The hubs of our Fishing Guild and locations of the tournament in question: Kingdom of Haense The Ashen Realm of Nor’asath Duchy of Helious The Iron Horde of Krugmar Ronam Manor of Urguan Hefruum of Urguan The victors of each preliminary round will be granted 25 minas each. The victor of the Championship after the preliminaries will be granted 250 mina and the Crown of Fishing. Hreidunn, First Harbormaster of the Fishing Guilds of Almaris Sylvanas 'Drakon' Annungilben
  4. rip Twandhi, love u babe
  5. Silan’siol Guardians of Nor'Asath Published First of the seed, 6th. 105 S.A Preface. The Silan’siol, born from the Vindicators of Uradas in 64 S.A, prevailing itself within the walls of Stygian Hollow. Passing onto three Onyx Chiefs along with their officers til present day. With the establishment of Onyx Chief Relnol Loa’Chil, the Silan’siol will shed new light upon itself as regulations and reformations are to pass. Introduction Khel’Diraar. The Elite Guards of Nor’Asath, titles only granted by those who possess the rank of Vindicator or the executive power of a Primarch. Mali’ker who’ve acquired the skills manship to that of an exceptional warrior, whether that be through strategic prowess or down right brute force. This privileged position is permitted to act in defense of the Primarch’s Immediate Council, Heial’tahu, or Heial’uell. Silan’siol. The regular troop, among all positions alike. This group consists only of Neophytes, Sableguard, and the few Nightblades which lack the ability to join that of the Khel’Diraar upper ranks. They’re the basis of those who wish to make the profession of a soldier. Enlistment Khel’Diraar Enlistment. Neophytes and Sableguards of the Silan’siol who wish to enlist into the special group of the Khel’Diraar must adjoin that of a current serving member as that of a Squire. Though unlikely for those named Neophyte, if shown exceptional skill. They can be placed into the elitist group once making the rank of Sableguard. Silan’siol Basic Training. All soldiers underneath that of the Silan’siol must pass the rigorous torture that is basic training. Then only shall they take the oath to become a fully fledged Sableguard. Hierarchy Prince of Nor’Asath Holds all executive powers over the Silan’Siol, is to take full control in times of war or crisis. Vindicators Soldiers that have proven their combat prowess and leadership during tenures in the Nightblades rise to the ranks of the Vindictators , who serve as general officers responsible for hosting training, espionage, and commanding their mal’onn and lari’onn in and out of battle. Nightblades The bulk of the rank and file, the Nightblade is one who has completed their Oath to the Primarch and Silan’siol. They take up arms in defense of the Mali’ker people, and go out to do battle with our enemies. They report to the Primarch and his Vindictator subordinates. The fighting force of Nor'Asath, seen as experienced members of the Silan’siol. Sableguards These newly made soldiers that have yet passed their basic training and graduate beyond the ranks of the Neophytes are called Sableguards. They are of age to become soldiers and undergo an oath towards the Vindicators, Silan’siol, and Primarch. Neophytes Young ‘ker, yet to lift a blade but eager to raise arms and join the Silan’siol so they may fight for the well being of our Primarch and Nor’Asath. Primarch of Nor’Asath, Archon of Stygian Hollow, Prince of the Mali’ker, and Clan Lord of Loa’Chil Halerir and Vindicator of Nor'Asath
  6. Relnol Loa’Chil glanced at the missive and chuckled. “The **** is a Great sage of Mani”
  7. Relnol chuckled. “High Prince in a nation that has a lesser population than Nor’Asath.”
  8. Relnol raised his brows with brief shock. “Kingdom of Malin’or, that’s to cause a bit of uproar.”
  9. “What is a Lubba?” Relnol thought.
  10. Annil'tir SA 95, Trial of Aldmoor Jusmia-Oussana SA 96, A court hosted by that of the Primarch, High Priestess, and Halerir. Several petitions were brought before the direct command of the Government of Nor’Asath. Presenting a case in which questioned the ability for Relnol Loa’Chil to hold two positions in which had overseen the setting of laws and enforcement of said laws. Creating a requirement for a set of skilled professionals to guide and accuse those whom violate the Codes of Nor’Asath, in honor of the Primarch Netseth Loa’Chil. Annil’tir Code - One deemed as a Evar’tir will act without bias and ensure the equality and fair treatment of all. - Lying under the oath will bring forth treasonous allegations on behalf of the Primarch, leading to a brief and quick execution. - By the order of the Halerir, you’re to give those accused to an Evar'tir in their defense. For it may be their birthright. Appointed Ranks of the Annil’tir Halerir - Third to the Prince and aids in advising the Prince in managing city affairs, be it financial or cultural. The Halerir typically takes on a leadership role among the High Council and generally is hand-picked by the Prince to handle internal affairs. The Halerir in practice acts as a representative of the Clan lords and the people of Nor’Asath remaining open to presenting their collective desires. Its primary duties are to oversee and manage that of the Heial’tir and set the Laws and Codes of Nor’Asath into order. Heial’tir - The serving council of the Halerir, managing both the court sessions and that of an accused is provided that of an Evar’tir. Ensuring that proper justice is served, especially that of punishment. Evar’tir - Acting as legal warriors, they’re to aid in affairs involving the Silan’siol if legal actions are needed. Defending and accusing in a Court of Law. Showing bias to their client to make sure they’re to receive proper justice for wrong-doings that have trespassed or made claims against them. Signed, Primarch Netseth Loa'Chil, Prince of Dark Elves Relnol Loa'Chil Halerir, Protector of Dark Elves
  11. Relnol Loa’Chil sat at his desk, crying with laughter at his dismay that someone had thought to consider himself a dictator. “He couldn’t handle his discharge from the Silan’siol and treason accusations very well.” Stating as he had used the parchment to fuel an open flame.
  12. Ooc: bro really used a berserk picture for himself
  13. On this 7th of Gronna and Droba, 444 E.S. Nightfall upon the barracks of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl, patrolmen doing their rounds sealing the gate of the Bastille for tonight's rest. Residing within his unofficial office which had yet been approved by the Lord Marshal, unknown what was to befall upon his poor soul. It had been well past midnight, the moonlight glistened brightly through black and yellow stained glass across the hall within Ser Emil Barclay's Office, shining upon the floor. A candle had illuminated his office well whilst he wrote with a fountain pen. Pain, brief as it may have been. He felt something internally, like he had been squeezed in the left center of his chest. An unbearable, uncomfortable pain enveloped him, he had cold sweats as he rose to his feet. Hollering, yelling, whatever it would've taken to spare his life. The panic and dread overwhelmed him, he had collapsed as he felt light-heading and weak. Weight overcame his eyes, they felt heavy as if he couldn't hold them open. Brief moments before he fell into unconsciousness. Mainly caused from the blows during his battle against the Enlightened, he had brief moments before the concussive trauma made its play in taken his responsiveness. With that said, all he could do was think to himself on the cold hardwood flooring. All he could do was reminisce on his childhood as tears and snot ran down his nose. Overcome with fear, he had been brought back to the times where he father still drew breath, his mother hadn't been driven to insanity, and his sister hadn't disappeared. Remembering back to when he'd patronize his Uncle Arthur Komnenos or the warm embrace of both his Mother Amelia Hughes and Aunt Primrose Gendik. Before the haunting memories made their way through his mind, the death of his Aunt, the disease which had slain and taken his fathers life. The insanity which had caused his mother to forget all and abandon himself and his sister Yvonne, and worst of all the disappearance of his twin sister. The cause of the constant voice ringing throughout his head driving him to commit heinous acts upon the Field of Battle. His dramatic and psychopathic outbursts, his schizophrenic synapse from the traumatic and stressful events. All key components to his downfall, his eyes collapsed he had fallen unconscious, only an hour had passed before Sergeant and Lead of the Logistics Corps and Quartermaster of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl, Andre Hughes. A man who had been tortured through the torment of the Brothers War after the collapse of the Orenian Empire. Deprived of all family, drive, and motivation. Once again stripped of something he had valued, life. Andre Hughes will had been blank.
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