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  1. The soon to be made Baron of Cascanova shuddered in fear. “Responsibility.” It had been the man’s worst fear.
  2. “The Church is growing bored.” Remarked a young Galbraith heir whom was inked out all along his arms.
  3. Ser Demetrius squinted his eyes at the missive, before putting on reading glasses. “That can niet be right, can it?” He pushed his glasses down to rub his eyes before lifting them once more. “His Holiness jest blessed by the Aengul of Courage, surely their jest nie day that boring that he must ban tattoos.” He’d state, from the safety of his own home, he feared the wandering pontiff look alike would find him too. @Javert
  4. ELECTOR NAME: Demetrius ‘Al Valiant’, Count of Barcevina ELECTOR HOUSE: Ruthern var Balian. VOTE CAST: Da.
  5. THE BIRTH OF HAMMERHEADS “By Bones and Barrows.” Per Ossa et in Barcis Issued by the County of Barčevina 16th of Horen’s Calling, 104 B.A The Comital House of Ruthern happily announces the birth of Lord Heinrik Matyas var Ruthern @andydreww, the Heir’s Heir of the Senior Line of House Ruthern. Lord Heinrik shall have the right of birth to the County of Barčevina and all of its holding upon the timely abdication or passing of Her Ladyship, Dame Viktoria Carosa var Ruthern once she assumes the Comital seat after her father, Count Demetrius. As of canonist tradition, the young lord was baptized and he shall be held within the estates of Count Demetrius var Ruthern and his esteemed household. We ask those of the Kingdom of Balian to welcome the new lord and future of the Kingdom. IN HOC SIGNO VINCES. Signed, His Excellency, Ser Demetrius Laonicus ‘Al Valiant’ var Ruthern, Patriarch of House Ruthern, Count of Barčevina, Baron of Vastravo, Lord of Alriczan, Marshal of the Regiment of Saint Lothar, Constable of the Royal Duana. Her Ladyship, Dame Viktoria Carosa vas Ruthern, Heiress of Barčevina, Cavalier of the Order of Saint Michael.
  6. “In this Sign you Conquer.” In Hoc Signo Vinces “By Bones and Barrows” Per Ossa et in Barcis Issued by the Royal Duana 9th of Sun's Smile, 104 B.A With the development of the Raevo-Balianese Cultures, The Right Honorable Ser Demetrius var Ruthern has sought to align the titles of his estates to fit along with the mixed culture of the Raevir Household and its Motherland, the Kingdom of Balian. For the title of County of Marsana shall henceforth be renamed to the County of Barčevina and the Barony of Turanov to the Barony of Vastravo. This document is recognition of such changes under the oversight of Her Royal Majesty, Sybille I and His Royal Excellency, Kristoff var Ruthern. Signed, Her Royal Majesty, Sybille I, by the Grace of GOD, Queen of Balian, Princess of Providence, Duchess of Helena, Reutov, Sunholdt and Lorraine, Countess of Pompourelia and Kositz, Viscountess of Eflen and Anatis, Baroness of Renzfeld, Brucca, Valens, Malenos and Ciavola, Lady of Portoregne, Atrus and Monterosa, Warden of La Costa Rubinissima, Protector of the Heartlanders and the South, etcetera. His Royal Excellency, Kristoff Alexios var Ruthern, Amiratus of the Kingdom of Balian, Lord Seneschal of the Crown and Chief Minister of the Royal Duana. His Excellency, Ser Demetrius Laonicus ‘Al Valiant’ var Ruthern, Count of Barčevina, Baron of Vastravo, Lord of Alriczan, Marshal of the Regiment of Saint Lothar, Constable of the Royal Duana.
  7. To His Holiness Caius Primus, House Ruthern casts its vote for House Barbanov to be granted the title Duchy of Adria. Signed, Ser Demetrius ‘Al Valiant’ var Ruthern, Count of Marsana.
  8. The Count of Marsana smiled joyfully looking upon the missive. "It jest due time moy did away with the Imperialistic values e embraced the true culture of Balian. - Too caught in the past to hold onto vyr future."
  9. The Regiment of Saint Lothar From the Royal Duana Est. 6th of Sun's Smile, 101 B.A The Conclusion of an Era. Penned by Ser Demetrius var Ruthern, Constable of the Royal Duana. To my loyal, persistent Marines of the Armada, I, Demetrius var Ruthern, with good faith write these reforms with the Kingdom of Balian’s best interest in mind. As the successor to Lord DeNurem and his legacy, I create the foundation of these reforms in sound mind, to assure the everlasting security of our great Kingdom. Hoping that the men before me who have been seated within the position as Constable will not have to rest in unease that the defensive forces of Balian falter under my call. With the power entrusted in me, I call for the ending of the Kingdom of Balian’s Era of Exploration. Once an effort declared by His Royal Majesty, King Adrian I, Don Dante DeNurem, and my father, Lord Gaius Geoffrey var Ruthern, our Third Amiratus; GOD rest their souls. I hope our Kingdom may prosper with these reforms, or so I shall be removed from office and the successor after me shall make it right. With regards, His Excellency, Ser Demetrius Laonicus ‘Al Valiant’ var Ruthern, Marshal of the Regiment of Saint Lothar, Constable of the Royal Duana, Count of Marsana, Baron of Turanov, Lord of Alriczan. TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Chain of Command II. Specialist Units and Ranks III. Traditions of the Regiment IV. Constables of Old V. Martial Law VI. Requirements for Promotion VII. Oath of Service __________________________ I. CHAIN OF COMMAND As the Regiment is an established military which holds an autocratic structure. The Regiment of Saint Lothar is dedicated to being at the forefront of defense within our Kingdom, implementing a sense of both security and prosperity within its people and the crown. All as said, the ranks which make up the Regiment are as so. MARSHAL | DON MARECHAL The esteemed commander of the Regiment holding the highest position, embodying a combination of skills, extensive experience from years of dedicated service, and an unwavering commitment to their Kingdom. This distinguished rank signifies the peak of martial accomplishment, serving as a symbol of honor and leadership. The Marshal's responsibilities entail the management of all affairs related to the regiment, ensuring its success and prosperity through strategic military endeavors. CAPTAIN | CAPITÃO Appointed by the Marshal, these individuals have demonstrated skill and unwavering commitment in the face of war, earning their place as the second highest ranked individual in the army. A Captain's primary responsibilities revolve around the supervision of the rest of the officer retinue, ensuring they fulfill their roles effectively and efficiently. Their duties include the coordination of operations, strategic planning, and the overall well-being of their soldiers. GARRISON COMMANDER | COMANDANTE DA GUARNIÇÃO Garrison Commanders hold a specialized role within the regiment, attached to the rank of Captain or Lieutenant, they’ve been entrusted with the responsibility of supervising the collection of forts and strongholds under the jurisdiction of the regiment, with an objective of ensuring their operational efficiency and readiness to respond to any circumstances. LIEUTENANT | TENENTE These accomplished officers, known as Lieutenants, shoulder a range of responsibilities crucial to the functioning and effectiveness of the military. Lieutenants bear the responsibility of designing trainings that cover a diverse range of skills, spanning from battlefield tactics to strategic formations. OFFICER CADET | OFICIAL CADET The achievement of the Officer Cadet position is of dedication and diligent service whilst in the ranks of non-commissioned officers. It represents a critical phase in one's military career, where individuals are entrusted with the opportunity to undergo training and mentorship under the guidance of their senior officers. This role is vital in shaping them into capable and effective leaders within the regiment. Only those at the rank of Banneret are eligible for the position of Officer Cadet. BANNERET | BANDEIRANTE The rank of Banneret stands as a singular rank, achieved within the of non-commissioned officers, earned through the display of seniority, valor, and exceptional dedication among one's comrades in the ranks of foot soldiers. This elevated status is not easily given but is rather rewarded for a soldier's journey marked by exemplary service and the passage of time. MAN-AT-ARMS | HOMEM-AT-ARMAS The senior enlisted rank within the regiment, encountered in various roles such as patrols and everyday operational duties, is the rank of Man-at-Arms. This rank is granted to those that show capabilities amongst the battlefield and exemplary service as a soldier. MILITANT | MILITANTE The first progression of many ranks amongst the Regiment, showing one's dedication and true heart of service. This rank is given to a soldier following the successful completion of their basic training, marking the beginning of their martial service. LEVYMAN | MILICIANOS At the base of the regiment lies the rank of Levymen, serving as the initial step for newly enlisted members who aspire to dedicate themselves to the noble cause of serving the Kingdom of Balian and Her Royal Majesty. __________________________ II. SPECIALIST UNITS AND RANKS QUARTERMASTER | @Artemis13 The Quartermaster is the overseer of the Regiment of Saint Lothar’s Armory, their purview extends over the accumulation of all resources and gear and ensures that is distributed evenly amongst rank. As quartermaster, it is their rightful duty to guarantee that the reserves never fall low, should they be stripped of rank. STANDARD-BEARER | @oryP Our standard-bearer leads the battle as a proud member of our frontlines, it being the utmost responsibility for a soldier of the regiment. Should our banner falter, so will all soldiers on the field. It is held by the most experienced and combat capable soldiers enlisted, if they’re to fall in Battle, our forces will crumble. CHAPLAIN | @Kaii Inside the regiment, the chaplain serves in the spiritual and emotional needs of our men and women. The Chaplain conducts all religious matters which may range from guidance, rites, confession, and counseling of a soldier, they reflect the strong connections between religion and warfare. COMMISSAR | VACANCY The Commissar of the Regiment Saint Lothar’s plays a role in ensuring all standing members of the regiment are both well disciplined and kept with good morale. They’re to prevent disloyalty and betrayal within ranks, using indoctrination and if necessary coercion. THE ROYAL SENTINEL’S | LADY SENTINEL @_yink_ The Royal Sentinels ST. JULIA’S CLINICAL SOCIETY | MEDICO ANZIANO @Lmcfc The Clinical Society of Saint Julia __________________________ III. TRADITIONS OF THE REGIMENT The following are the traditions of the regiment, all of which are expected to be followed and kept up in good faith should the Constable fail in his duties to administer the forces of the Kingdom of Balian and ensure its security. Rites of the Fallen The deceased, whether during his/her service or not, shall be delivered to the catacombs of the regiment within the stronghold known as the Presidio. Our fallen shall have their rights listed and final testament/will by a Priest of the Church of Canon. Finally being put to rest alongside the weapon they last turned to battle with. Unless of course they are of noble descent, carrying forth the right of their loved ones to do away with the departed as they wish. Trophy Hunt The hunt many levyman engage in before beginning their career as an official member of the Regiment of Saint Lothar. Showing one's capability to make steadfast decisions, combat prowess, true of heart nature, and valor. Only an officer of the retinue may conduct a hunt and send a group of levymen to take on a beast of the wild. The Monarch’s Oath Once a soldier has finished that of a successful Beast Hunt they shall be tasked with swearing an oath before the Hall of Monarchs. They are required to have four witnesses during the ceremony, one of which must be a member of the Royal Duana, oftentimes being the Constable of Balian who should be conducting the Monarch’s Oath. __________________________ IV. CONSTABLES OF OLD Lord Viktor van Darkwood [ 1 B.A - 14 B.A ] @DarkWrath94 The first Constable of Balian who served under John I, the First King of Balian, not much is notable about his time as Constable, only that he had formed the Brotherhood of Balian. Viktor van Darkwood vanished not long after the formation of our army. Lord Peter of Arkent [ 14 B.A - 55 B.A ] @ErikAzog Count of Salia, Peter d’Arkent was responsible for the reformation of the Brotherhood of Balian into the Company of Balian. His time as Constable was nothing short of prosperable, leading to its growth and influx in recruitment just after the disappearance of his predecessor, Lord Viktor van Darkwood. Lord Peter of Arkent’s most notable accomplishment being during the Siege of Cloudbreaker, the forces of Balian and its allies successful, of course the organization of such was left to Lord Seneschal Ledicort Vuiller. The Company then faltered after the events at the fall of Almaris, leading to the end of Peter of Arkent’s lead. Lord Dante DeNurem [ 55 B.A - 91 B.A ] @Maur Upon the arrival of the land of Aevos, Dante DeNurem focused his efforts into a reformation of the Company into that of the Royal Balianese Armada. His actions being most valuable to the abrupt increase in recruitment and a bolster in our Officer Corps, being one of the more prominent Constable’s of Balian, he quickly became an icon of the Kingdom. Soon after his lead, he earned himself a Knighthood within the Royal Orders of Chivalry, Torreveliar Dante DeNurem ‘Al Rook’ of the Order of Saint Lothar. After many long and thriving saints months, the tensions between the realm of humanity was at a rise, declaring war between the Kingdom of Haense and its allies, which Balian was a part of, against the League of Veletz. The constable put endless hours towards the war efforts, rightfully earning him the March of Moncoure for his work. The declaration of Veletz marching on Balian soil and the passing of His Royal Majesty, Adrian, Lord DeNurem retired rightfully so, his mantle being left to the next leader. __________________________ V. MARTIAL LAW Through insight and best judgment between the previous high command body known as the Board of Admirals and the Magisterium, both branches have come to consensus with the removal of the Panel system, opting to replace it with a Military Tribunal. While the Regiment of Saint Lothar still holds authority to enforce punishment upon their soldiers if an individual is to violate the Lex Militaris. __________________________ VI. GUIDELINES FOR PROMOTION The rank of Marshal demands over thirty years of service within the Regiment, you must also have hosted fifty trainings on record, host three successful hunts for the levyman and to oath them into the Regiment, finally having recruited ten people into the Regiment. Only then shall you be recommended to become a candidate for Marshal. - To be elevated to the rank of Captain you must have been within service of the Regiment for sixteen years, having forty trainings on record, having recruited at least eight people into the rank of levymen and fit them with uniform and keys, even then hosting one successful hunt for levymen. - Those granted the rank of Lieutenant have earned the promotion for serving the Queen’s Regiment for twelve saint weeks with thirty trainings on record, also must have recruited over five people into the military. - To receive the position of Banneret as the single non-commissioned officer rank you must have served eight weeks within the Regiment and have ten recorded training. They must also oath three individuals into the Regiment after successful hunts. - On elevation to the veteran rank of Man-At-Arms you must serve four weeks as a member of the Regiment along with attending over ten trainings within the rank of Man-At-Arms. - Appointed through two weeks of service as a levymen, you must attend and complete three trainings and finish one successful hunt, only that shall you be promoted to the position of Militant. __________________________ VII. OATH OF SERVICE The Oath of Service shall only be conducted after the completion of a successful hunt, only being hosted by a member of the officer retinue. The ceremony shall only take place within the Monarch’s Hall before the busts of past King’s and Queen’s. One must additionally be within the presence of a seated member of the Royal Duana, typically being the Constable, along with two other spectators. "I, [Name], do solemnly swear before God and these witnesses to pledge my sword and service to Her Royal Majesty and the Regiment under her command. I shall be faithful, loyal, and unwavering in my commitment to our cause. I promise to obey Her Royal Majesty's orders without question and to fight with valor and honor in every battle. I will protect and support my fellow comrades in arms, and I will not falter in the face of danger. In times of peace and war, I am bound by this oath to." RECRUITMENT AND REGISTRY FULL NAME: AGE: RACE: ((IGN:)) ((Timezone:)) DISCORD: __________________________ Signed, Her Royal Majesty, Sybille I, by the Grace of GOD, Queen of Balian, Viscountess of Pompourelia, Eflen and Anatis, Baroness of Brucca,Valens, Malenos, and Ciavola, Lady of Portoregne, Atrus and Monterosa, Warden of La Costa Rubinissima, Protector of the Heartlanders and the South, etcetera. His Royal Excellency, Sir Percival ‘Al Lionhearted’ de Lyons, Amiratus of the Kingdom of Balian, Lord Seneschal of the Crown and Chief Minister of the Royal Duana, Grand Master of the Royal Orders of Chivalry. His Excellency, Ser Demetrius Laonicus ‘Al Valiant’ var Ruthern, Marshal of the Regiment of Saint Lothar, Constable of the Royal Duana, Patriarch of the Senior Ruthern, Count of Marsana, Baron of Turanov, Lord of Alriczan.
  10. The Count of Marsana accepted the missive in hand by a young levymen of the Balianese forces. "Y look forward to what mea niet-daughter may accomplish if she jest accepted." A frown gracing the elderly Ruthern's expression "Spasiba for all vy had done, Ser Robyn, vy were as much of a papej as mea own to eam. Y hope moy may still converse even if vyr niet seated on the Duana." The Constable stepped off to continue oversight upon the construction of his fort.
  11. "This missive alone took eam five years e Gwenyth finished it in lesser time." The Count of Marsana pouted about his incompetence.
  12. The Newly appointed Heir to Cascanova stared in disbelief upon the missive. "Guh?" Adrian's mouth was left open. "I'm sorry, Captain Viktoria, I've befallen teur fate as well." The man wept dramatically, however he produced no tears.
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