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  1. Inside the keep of Reinmar, a lone figure sat next to a crackling fireplace. Cedric sat alone, his eyes fixated to the dancing flames inside the fireplace. On his hands, he held an aged, rusty sword. It was called the 'Brotherhood of St. Karl Zvaerd', and it was the first real sword the knight had ever had. He still remembered, how his father had called him to the forge, saying he had a gift for the young boy. It had been the greatest thing the boy had seen back then, a real sword, forged for him by his father. And all that had become of it was rust. The Marian Knight t
  2. IGN: Frymark Character name: Ser Cedric Barclay
  3. IGN: Frymark Persona Name: Cedric Barclay I will be able to attend both events.
  4. A warrior’s end Ea byk zwem zanyotsk ter ea byk denpetravesk I would have perished, had I not persisted The air was cold as Sacul woke up again. He looked around himself for a while, as he recalled the events that had happened. He could hear the screams of burning men and other sounds of battle as he remembered what had happened. He had taken part in the latest attack against the bandits that had been pillaging the Haenseni countryside. In the midst of the battle he had seen the enemy commander, and
  5. Frymark


    Sacul Risha was the second child to the Risha family, which lived in a small city in the Holy Orenian Empire. Sacul’s father and mother were priests in the Canon church. Sacul loved to play wargames, and his parents never truly liked that. They wanted their son to become a priest, just like the rest of the family. Sacul didin’t have many friends, excpect for his older brother, Jon, who Sacul played with a lot. Later, when Sacul started to become older he started to secretly train at swordfighting with a local guard, who Sacul paid to teach him. At this point Sacul’s parents were really getting
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