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  1. Enlistment Form: Full Name: Johann von Freimark Age: 22 Gender: Male (supposedly) Race: Human [Username: Frymark ] [Discord: Frymark#3075 ]
  2. You know you cant be in a war to sell provinces in eu4, right?
  3. "They haven't done the oath, they haven't done the oath, they haven't done the oath. No Chief without the oath, no chief without the oath." A man mumbled to himself while rocking back and forth as he sat, arms tightly wrapped around his knees.
  4. Mareck also prepared his speech. With a smile. Wide smile.
  5. Johann Barclay welcomed his old Brother to the Skies, extending a hand out to grasp Alex's, "Hello there." He stated with a faint but fond smile.
  6. "We won the first war, because we were right." Muttered a figure from the Skies, "Thousands of Haeseni sacrificed their lives because we were just and right in our pursuit of the Anathema." He then shook his head "But now, no righteous or just cause exist. Just bloodshed and shame for what used to be a glorious and fair Kongzem."
  7. From somewhere, a figure smiled.
  8. LETTERS FROM THE DUCHY OF REINMAR Issued by the DUCHY OF REINMAR On this 15th day of Wzuvar ag Byvca of 428 ES AN ALLE REICHE UND VÖLKER DIESER WELT, With great pain, do we announce the death of His Princely Grace, Sir Johann Barclay, Duke of Reinmar and Prince of Sutica. His Princely Grace - After having left an official resignation from the position of Lord Marshal of Hanseti-Ruska and a missive of abdication from his role as The Duke of Reinmar and Patriarch of House Barclay - unfortunately was murdered on the way back to his home in Reinmar, by a group of unknown brigands. After 46 years of leading the Ducal House of Barclay, and another 32 as the Lord Marshal of Hanseti-Ruska, Johann Barclay is at last at peace.
  9. The Duke of Reinmar plucked another petal from the rose in his office. Only one remained now.
  10. "Soldiers follow orders, that's what they enlist and are trained for." Grumbled the Marshal of Haense, "If the King gives a command, that command is followed! Death to those who wont, aye?" He'd bang his fist to the table once, then expectantly raising his gaze just to be met by a empty office.
  11. Johann gently took off one of the three petals from the rose in his office. Now only two remained, and the Duke imagined them green and blue.
  12. [!] A year from now, the Duke of Reinmar would kneel before a gravestone, next to the rose fields of his home. The aged man took out a picture and a candle, lighting it up while singing quietly to himself, alone.
  13. ''And now you're the last." Was all the Duke muttered in return, signing the Hussariyan
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