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Found 6 results

  1. Dear Magister Yera, This letter comes to you from Captain Vicnan Hawkins of The Last Port Of Cormath. I was recently in your city seeking your assistance regarding the effects of a magic spell; this is beside the point. While there, I was ordered into a Darkspawn test; while I had no problem with this and complied, I was then ordered into a search. During this time, they deemed a dagger, which I bought while visiting Norland from a man named Volkov of The Murkwater Company, to be dangerous and unlawful. Volkov promised me that this dagger would help me in the upcoming siege against the Harrowers, so I bought it for 600 mina, which is not cheap, mind you. When I told them that the dagger was my property and that I would not be giving it up, they drew their weapons and threatened me. The members present seemed to be grunt soldiers however I did have the displeasure of having to deal with Cardinal Villorik primarily. To add to this, I let them know that I have an active treaty with you, ensuring no citizens of Cormath would be harmed while in Kaethul and vice versa; they practically scoffed at this statement. I then relinquished the dagger, as I feared they would jump to conclusions as the Canonists do and execute me there in the tavern. If you need further proof, ask Ar-Malna; they were present during the entire encounter. As a city leader, I understand the need to protect your citizens, and I will continue to respect and abide by the treaty we signed, but I hope that this issue of these guards being overly violent can be fixed in the future. Best Wishes,
  2. THE CONDEMNATION OF THE DEMON WORSHIPPING MAGISTER HAUS OF HOHKMAT I AM YERA SILVEIRA. I assisted in the burning of Hallowcliffe Manor, who many know was the heart of demonic activity upon the continent of Aevos. I have long since fought darkspawn because of their targeting of my people, my loved ones and myself. I have fought the undead, demons and any who have targeted my people. I have not done so in secret, and have always ridden forwards for the protection of others. You may not like me, but I have always kept my word, and my character is known. The leader of the attack on Hallowcliffe Manor, the nest of demons, and who has been a source of fear for Darkspawn for many years, though controversial and disliked by many, was Lanre Cerusil, who has spent the last decade fighting darkspawn fervently. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/233772-the-destruction-of-hallowcliffe-hall/ TWO YEARS AGO, WE uncovered that Haus, Magister of Hohkmat, was actively working with the demon worshippers of Hallowcliffe and subsequently entwined with the ‘White Cat’, otherwise known as Sarryn. Haus was confronted with this information and affirmed it, acting and pretending as though he were manipulating the woman. This was informed to the Grand Magister of Hohkmat, Razad, Fatebinder who did not act. Upon the burning of their manor, the duo of Haus and Sarryn plotted revenge, which led to the assassination of Lanre Cerusil and the plotting of my own assassination, as Overlord of Kaethul, vassal of Haelun’or. [Summary: Haus admitted to being ‘close’ with Sarryn and learning from the demon cults leader.] [Summary: Haus assassinated and plotted the assassination of Lanre Cerusil and the Vassal leader of Haelun’or, whilst holding the second highest position within Hohkmat.] AT THE SOUTHERN SUMMIT, I revealed Haus’s allegiance with demons to the world at large, working with Sarryn. A trial was to be held, where the evidence collected would be mounted against him. A curfew was to be enacted with a neutral third party where I freely agreed to be tested with aurum, with salt, to be judged by the spirits, by diviners and any canonist group that stepped forwards. IT WAS AGREED A trial would take place, with both myself and Haus remaining within our respective homes. He did not. Meanwhile, the Grand Magister of Hohkmat visited Kaethul with a group of ‘guards’, disregarding the evidence and the testimony of a separate party of accusers of Haus’s darkspawn acts, as well as the evidence of Kaethul, sourced from Hohkmats very own spies. THE PALADINS CAME FORTH with the results of their own darkspawn investigation, revealing that Haus had been working alongside a Lich in order to fight a voidal horror initially, and was believed to have made further deals for power. A letter was shown to him, detailing that Sarryn, named the ‘White Cat’ had claimed ownership of the attack - proving his connection to the demon worshippers that he protects. STILL, THE GRAND MAGISTER disregarded this, claiming the ‘White Cat’ could be anyone. This evidence was presented to the Grand Magister of Hohkmat, who scoffed, called it hearsay and decided to claim ownership of Kaethul, a Haelun’or vassal, on behalf of Hohkmat in a public missive. [Summary: Hohkmat has allowed Haus to retain his titles and land despite evidence being provided for his working alongside darkspawn.] [Summary: Hohkmat, has infringed upon the sovereignty of Haelun’or with its proclamation that the Grand Magister can decide who owns Kaethul should Haus assassinate Yera.] APPROACHED ON BEHALF OF the church, Father Nerium brought forth his own evidence to present, risking life and limb to do so. [Summary: Haus has fraternized with Azdrazi begging them for boons and gifts.] FATEBINDER ACTED ON HIS own accord to protect Haus from judgment and enact their own archaic rules where Haus’s allies can freely enter the foreign territory of Haelun’or, and butcher the people of Kaethul, instead of fair trial. Whereupon, Haus sent letters to others, detailing the name ‘White Cat’ had killed Lanre. A fact not spoken to him, either further implicating his involvement with Sarryn, a fact he has brazenly admitted in person to me, or implicating that Hohkmat’s Grand Magister is aiding the darkspawn sympathizing Demon Worshipper. HAUS AND SARRYN BOTH saw fit to try and implicate me, by revealing one of their alleged spies amongst our ranks, as though we knew of them and simply kept them around despite our war on the demon worshippers. It is believed he will attempt to claim we randomly had darkspawn in high positions without investigating them. Thus, attached below are copies of the warrants signed that existed prior to this interrogation, witnessed by Lady Ember and numerous guards, investigating Lady Eshonai, and her darkspawn tests that followed. As well as the accounts our investigators have had carried out on two likely warlocks who have avoided our territory since the attack on Hallowcliffe. WE HAVE OPEN INVESTIGATIONS involving Castiel and Cordelia, both of which were banished by Lanre from the realm of Kaethul and Haelun'or at large following the attack on Hallowcliffe Hall. Their suspected state as warlocks was discussed with Paladin Aeolus ‘Glitterboy’. IT IS A PROVEN fact that we have fought the demons, necromancers, undead and every other hellish creature that has come for us, even when our numbers are low at the small hours of the night. If my testimony is insufficient still, feel free to test, interrogate, or investigate me. I have nothing to hide. IN SUMMARY: HAUS, MAGISTER OF HOHKMAT, admitted his ties to Sarryn ‘The White Cat’ and his learning from the leader of a demonic cult. He has also admitted in private to working with and for such a demon worshiper, which is further corroborated by multiple other forms of evidence. Furthermore, Haus consorted and fraternized with the Nephilim and begged for gifts and favors from them. FURTHERMORE, HAUS PLANNED THE assassination of Lanre Cerusil and additionally plotted to assassinate the Overlord of Kaethul. The Grand Magister of Hohkmat has allowed this, and permitted the retention of Haus’ titles despite the evidence provided regarding this and his consorting with darkspawn and demons. Haus has allowed the body of Lanre Cerusil to be taken by the undead, and allowed him to be raised into a weapon against the living. Hohkmat, a vassal of Petra, has also infringed upon the sovereignty of Haelun’or’s vassal of Kaethul and claiming its succession is liable to Hohkmat. In the wake of the incident, Haus claims that he had no involvement in the murder despite the reports otherwise, but still seeks to condemn myself and the legacy of Lanre Cerusil as darkspawn defenders. What does he have to fear if he is innocent? His motives are clear. AND SO IT IS ORDERED BY THE OVERLORD OF KAETHUL, A BOUNTY IS TO be put for the head and belongings of the darkspawn sympathizing, demon worshiping Haus, who has threatened my life and my wellbeing as a sovereign citizen of Haelun’or, member of its Silver Council and Overlord of the Commerce City-State of Kaethul, a neutral and peaceful region, who has murdered my husband who was the foremost champion against the demonics and Gashadokuro, who has deceived and corrupted the world of Voidal magi into something that serves the dark and festers with the influence of dark magic so that he might sustain his personal connections with the dark as he foolishly seeks the destructive path towards his goals. WHOEVER BRINGS HAUS TO KAETHUL ALIVE, BOUND AND BLINDFOLDED, SHALL BE AWARDED 3000 MINA & an additional 100 Minas (up to 2000) for the heads of any proven darkspawn sympathizers that attempt to fight for him after being shown this missive. THE OVERLORD HAS, SINCE THE 13TH OF THE GRAND HARVEST, S.A. 170, REDUCED THE BOUNTY TO: 1,000 MINA Plus an additional 100 mina per supporter of Haus, up to 1,000 mina. RULES: -Do not kill any child, pregnant woman, or unarmed man/woman - Those that crowd Haus may truly be unaware of his doings, please try to convince them with words not to aid him and show this missive where necessary. SIGNED, HER SERENE HIGHNESS, YERA SILVEIRA, Overlord of Kaethul, Master of the Hidden Tower, Matriarch of Clan Silveira
  3. AS THE STATE OF Kaethul has prospered greatly in recent years, the Overlord has sought to integrate a new position to assist with the city’s functions: the Mayor of Kaethul. Any adult citizen who holds a position, is an active member of a guild, or owns a residence within Kaethul may announce their candidacy and run for office. THE ELECTION PROCESS WILL take place as follows: After candidates have announced their intent to run for office, each nominee will give a speech on their beliefs of what the position of mayor should entail and the responsibilities the position should hold, and how they believe they could best fulfill the position of mayor. Following the speeches, the general populace of Kaethul, or the Hall of Commons, will vote on whom they believe to be the most promising candidates. Thereafter, the nobility of Kaethul, or the Hall of Lords, will pick the candidate they believe to be most competent of the elected pool. ANY WHO WISH TO announce their candidacy may do so by sending a bird to Anatoliy Godunov (@Caedis), or any other steward of Kaethul. SIGNED, YERA SILVEIRA, Overlord of Kaethul, Master of the Hidden Tower, Lady-Magister of Hohkmat JUNIPER ROSE, Advisor to the Overlord of Kaethul, Steward of Kaethul
  4. In a quaint alterations boutique tucked away on a cobblestone street, the atmosphere hums with the gentle sound of needle meeting fabric. The air is thick with the scent of aged wood and the faint aroma of freshly brewed tea, wafting from a small pot simmering in the corner. At the heart of the shop, bathed in the warm glow of flickering candlelight, sits the master tailor. With weathered hands and keen eyes, he meticulously stitches together a masterpiece, his needle dancing gracefully through the fabric like a conductor directing an orchestra. The tailor's workbench is a testament to his craft, strewn with spools of thread in a myriad of colours, golden thimbles, and delicate pins arranged in precise patterns. Behind him, shelves sag under the weight of bolts of luxurious fabrics—velvets, silks, and brocades—all waiting to be transformed into garments fit for nobility. As the daylight fades, casting long shadows across the room, the tailor's concentration remains unbroken. Each stitch is a labour of love, a testament to centuries of tradition and skill passed down through generations. With every tug of the thread, he breathes life into his creation, weaving together threads of history and artistry to fashion a garment worthy of the ages. Outside, the world carries on with its hustle and bustle, but within the boutique's walls, time seems to stand still. Here, in this sanctuary of craftsmanship, the art of hand-sewing reigns supreme, preserving the beauty and elegance of a bygone era for generations yet to come. Miss Naya B. is hereby commended for her diligent upholding of duty and stalwart heart in the face of adversity and personal crisis. As a continued protector of Kaethul, she is awarded a small token of appreciation. - A handcrafted Mastercraft (Outfit - Skin) [Bought from Teeylin] Signed, Yera Silveira, Overlord of Kaethul, Master of the Hidden Tower, Magister of Hohkmat
  5. The Kazimira Collection The year 165, of The Amber Cold Release The Theme: Nature’s Blessings The Necklace Silver Morning Dew A dazzling necklace sits delicately in one's hand, the strands of silver chains so thin one might mistake them for spider's silk. A mixture of diamonds, moonstone, and seed pearls are hung upon the web of chains, connecting them in some places. Tiny beads of diamond rest along the fine chains, perfectly spacing out each pendant with at least three jewels. In the glittering light of the sun, or the moon, the necklace resembled a silver spider's web, balancing dewdrops on its shimmering strands. A truly gorgeous piece. The Bracelet The Fruits of Her Labor A succulent and nearly seductive bracelet graces your eyes, inviting you to feed upon the plump and shining seeds of garnet and ruby. It seemed to have been made right from Persephone’s tears. The gems have been perfectly smoothed and polished to resemble a pomegranate seed, many of the gems specifically chosen with impurities within, to represent the seed within the tart fruit’s flesh. Each teardrop shaped gem is hung from a silver chain, at least thirty of them bunched together. Garnet and ruby, both representing passion and luck, work together to bring love and romance into one’s life. Wearing this bracelet may signify a desire for a relationship, while receiving it as a gift could have a much more scandalous meaning. . . The Headpiece The Polyp’s Gift A both strange and fascinating piece, this hairstick consists of two sterling silver prongs as the base, sturdy wire of the same material tying the vibrant coral branches to a circular mount. The sprig of gem-quality coral split into several branches, those branches splitting into yet more. Multiple smaller twigs extend from its natural pattern, mimicking a tree found upon the surface. Though polished to a shine, the pinkish-red gem’s original shape had been left untouched. Gem quality coral is not easy to come upon, though it may be received through trade with local polyp populations. Thus, coral is said to represent friendship, and diplomacy. The Fan Birds of a Feather Luxurious cream lace makes up the leaf of this delicate fan, with pastel embroidery decorating the front of such. A sparse field of pastel pink roses, lavender sprigs, pale violets, and white daisies are scattered along where the leaf meets the sticks. A small blue jay flies above the flowerbed, a shimmering green hummingbird feeds from a violet. A butterfly of pure white sits upon a daisy, its friend the red dragonfly hovering on a nearby rose. The ribs, guards and sticks of the fan are hewn from a simple birch wood, polished to a shine. Where to find them All of these pieces can be found at The Kazimira Collection’s stall in Kaethul, located just beyond the city's gate. But hurry! Only three of each design are created.
  6. Kaethul #2: Peace and Coin The Commerce City State of Kaethul accepts the minas provided by Haelun'or as reparations for the unfortunate events that occurred an Elven week ago where an individual was struck with uncontrollable flashbacks and attacked both a citizen of Kaethul and a foreign member of Amathine (who have negotiated their own reparations with Haelun'or on behalf of their citizen). I, Yera Silveira, Overlord of the Commerce City of Kaethul hereby pledge one hundred Minas to the affected Lady Aveline within my care who received injury from this event, and four hundred Minas to be divided amongst the key contributors of Kaethul, in addition to half the taxes of our nation. (Percentage of tax pool taken depends on weekly contribution/influence)
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