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  1. Esfir pins the invitation on her door, before taking to scour her family's for a fitting gift for the princess! It had to be perfect, of course.
  2. Juniper quickly takes to write a letter …..Except it takes a few hours to arrive because her skygod is at school.
  3. Juniper, who is working on a sleeve, grins in non-Canonist.
  4. Esfir beams, very proud of her papej!
  5. Juniper's eyes lock upon a certain few lines of the missive. Her hands shake; she is livid. She looks to the backpack in her room, and hisses beneath her breath, "Soon..."
  6. I don't know what any of this means because I'm not a druid but the formatting eats so clearly you know what you're talking about
  7. A wave of guilt washed over Juniper. She knew she had done the right thing, forcing him to break ties with the devil. But yet, there was a familiar pang in her heart. A lonely one- a child left without a parent they once held dear. A sigh escaped her... She really hoped Sermi's head would not have to be kept in her apartment for too long, however.
  8. Liridona, though she had not known the Weiss Viscount well, welcomed her fellow Haeseni into the Seven Skies. He had been a strong man, an honorable man, and he deserved to be commended for his life.
  9. "That's mea Hauchmamej," Young Esfir says with the utmost pride, hanging up the snippet of Amaya's veneration within the walls of her room.
  10. "You spelled my name wrong," She points out.
  11. "......Did Aithlin forge my signature?" Deyanira squints.
  12. Juniper shows off the missive she helped format to her boyfriend when she visits him in prison. "See!" She assured him, "We've been doing so well. Soon we'll get you cured." @Rushodan
  13. "I'm too pretty to fight..." Deyanira laments, quickly taking to whine about the whole ordeal to her cousin. @Statherian
  14. Accompanying the martyr is another ancestor of the Viscount- his aunt. If she were alive, perhaps she would have a second heart attack.
  15. Liridona weeps tears of joy from the Seven Skies.
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