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  1. For bows, it's already setup so that a slingshot can fire in 2 emotes for 10m. So just make it so that an archer can fire in 2 emotes at short range and 3 emotes long range. Crossbows are a counter to the mage blocking spells.
  2. Define definitively rigid things that the types of Armour are good and bad against perhaps? For example... Heavy (Plate/Half-Plate); - Weakness: Heat/Cold, Magic - Resistant: Physical Medium (Scale/Chain/Hide); - Weakness: Piercing - Resistant: Slashing Light (Gambeson/Leather); - Weakness: Physical - Resistant: Falling, Heat/Cold, Magic Where they in good faith RP out the damage in accordance with the guideline set.
  3. Yera leans back in her chair, setting back a glass of wine that had been filled a few too many times in celebration. "Ungh I'm hammered...-" She blearily reads the missive, more than a little tipsy. "Oh.. I'm sure people will take this seriously and return it."
  4. Overlord of Kaethul, Yera Silveira-Cerusil, smiles warmly on seeing the document signed, having stood witness throughout. "How joyous. I do so welcome the cultural practice they have surrounding this accompanying wine too."
  5. Yera pouts as she has the missive taken from her hands. "Rude! I was trying to read that deliberate attempt at sparking dissent and instability in Haelun'or."@Cobbler
  6. "A surprise to me at the time, but not a murder from what I have seen and read. Theveus allowed Celia'nor to finally have justice for abhorrent acts against them via the hands of Braxus, by taking him into their custody to receive judgement. His fate ultimately became theirs to decide, justice theirs to reap." Yera tacks on the end.
  7. "MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA." Yera states definitively.
  8. This timeline needs correcting. The tension with Balian occurred prior to my appointment. Since then I have visited Balian in person to speak with her Majesty to come to an understanding and begin the steps forwards towards continued peaceful coexistence. I have brokered a defence pact with the Iron Horde, a trade pact; gaining us two additional mines to access as a community (daemonsteel and diamond), and have participated in the write-up of the Confederation alliance. I have also shouldered over sixty percent of the empires yearly finances upon my own back. Yera Silveira Overlord of Kaethul, Okarir'san of Haelun'or
  9. Approved. @phoenixremi
  10. Yera sips from her cup of tea. "Well it's been almost a decade of talking and discussing this alliance. It's good that we finally have a platform for some good old fashioned neighbourly trade routes and commerce. Time to start carving out some tunnels for a rail network, and some contract writing. A century without war would be nice. There were too many bandits in the last, and I'm looking forward to peace."
  11. Aww man, now I'm gonna have to completely rework my char. (For legal reasons this is a joke)
  12. "Gasp, another demon annoyed I'm routing out demons and getting upset publicly about it. Just release whatever made-up stuff you think you have. My hands are clean, anyone that does some basic investigation won't be fooled by your lies. I'm not chasing you, I'm just living my life and keeping your stain out of my backyard." Yera responds, sending back a letter.
  13. "A known demon is trying to smear my name." Yera deadpans. "Well whatever."
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