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  1. Yera chokes on her drink. "Fairest??" She peers at the bloody scene before her then back at the paper.
  2. What came next was blood. (And a 5hr CRP session) What's still to come...?
  3. <An internal message announced within the City State of Hohkmat> I Yera Silveira hereby make known my intention to stake claim and create a fourth magister seat within the City State of Hohkmat, as indicated to the Grand Magister and Vizier of Wind, under judgement of the current residing Magisters. For those that do not yet know me, I have served upon the Council of the continents Elven motherland, founded and serve as chairman of the Silver Merchant Sovereignty that continues to bring in new merchants to its thirty plus stalls and vendors, redesigned the Districts of Eternal Struggle and Great Paradox, and created the Hidden Tower. My Promise With my assets thus far, I have provided housing and support to the mages that have aligned themselves with myself and the Hidden Tower. Going forwards, I shall create a system for beginning and intermediate magi to grow their own powerbase and knowledge in tandem (enhanced) with their studies at the Academy. Resources and items at a standardised and fair price that won't be affected by the machinations of foreign kingdoms (as indicated by a dataspread that now includes hundreds of entries from all over the continent). New housing available to members of the public willing to abide by non-violence with those of this magisterial position, and guidance. My current contracts maintain withstanding and are not affected by this pledge. Final Word I am young, and have conjured everything I have over a matter of years, as opposed to centuries, and shall continue to move forwards as quickly as I can. The Magi of Hohkmat should become powerful. Not just in strength, but in soul, ambition, wisdom, intelligence, charisma and love. It is a form of greed, but with lines set, honour kept, and untempted will, it is a greed we need. Not to become unruly, to scrabble for every mina, every artifact and every opportunity- but to become powerful and strive for a greater future without losing ones self and ones morals. To want the best of both worlds, the perfect outcome. Thus embodies... Seat of the Great Paradox Seat of the Eternal Struggle Seat of the Sorcerous Path ... The Seat of Boundless Greed
  4. Tired lonely and sad? Want things to buy but don't know where to look? Head to the Silver Merchant Sovereignty Shopping Mall! We have over thirty merchants setting up stalls all in one place for your convenience. Are you a merchant or merchant guild owner? We have large spaces you can setup headquarters within, or Tax & RENT FREE stalls. Location: North West of Haelun'or (1624, 4, 2864) --> Right near the soul stone for Haelun'or
  5. To those whom this concerns, The average price of Leather up to this point in time has been around 1.745 Minas on a continental scale. Sold on average at Haelunor (2m), Balian (1m), Numenor (2m), Lurin (1m), Norland (2m), Haense (1.7m), Urguan (2.7m), Talar'nor (1.25), Petra (1.75) and Aaun (3.6m), with these prices being collected over the course of the last ten years. I would personally urge independent merchants not to sell themselves short by selling below a minimum of one point five. You would be actively losing Minas, which even if it does not directly affect you- affects the economy of your local area, your family and your future prospects. The Silver Merchant Sovereignty will be releasing a new Fair Trade Agreement along with our Price Comparison Dossier, in accordance with King Cyris of Petra, with an agreement to meet between joining merchants and set a minimum price for agreeing Merchants and Merchant Guilds. Building towards a better future for us all- For a crashing economy serves no one. Signed, Yera Silveira Trade Princess of the Silver Merchant Sovereignty https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/228723-silver-merchant-sovereignty/
  6. A post lay attached to the notice. Respectfully, Lady Dyonne did not decline the debate. Rather she verily agreed and then war was declared on her home days before the debate was to take place. As such, it could be posited that one side of the debate was under and still would be under an extreme sense of duress. Currently acting as Okarir'akaln of Haelun'or; and someone that HAS NOT altered their blood to gold. I implore that you set a new date for a thorough debate in which her case can be explored properly without political manipulation. In the interest of fairness, Yera Silveira Current Okarir'akaln of Haelun'or @Kenzo74
  7. Haelunor Office of the Okarir'Akaln Merit System 13th October OVERVIEW Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya! As the Silver City strives towards progress and health for all its kindred, we have highlighted a few tasks which upon completion beget mention and praise for their critical nature to the state at large. Unlike many petty nations Haelun'ors people have long been above the sin of greed, and have been generous in their donations towards the betterment of all. Self Report Form: Report your points here! Recurring Quests - Mina Reserve; 50 Minas (+2 Rep) - Stockpile Reserve; Iron, Copper, Gold, Redstone Block, Leather, Netherite (+1 Rep per stack) - City Event (+3 Rep) - Meet and greet; roleplay with pink tags and make them feel welcome to the city. (+1 Rep) - Earn a medal for service to Haelun'or! (+5 Rep) - NPC Quest; An NPC will occasionally appear by the city noticeboard! They have a quest, complete it first and claim the reputation! (For fetch quests, deposit in barrel beneath NPC)(+4 Rep) - Player Quest; A player quest will occasionally drop. Complete it and claim the reputation. (+5 Rep) OOC SPECIFICATIONS When you complete the quest, fill out the following Google form, take a screenshot of the evidence of your quest completion and- you're done! Reputation gained does slowly decrease over the years, but the decay is not drastic. Got a good idea for a quest that improves Haelun'or? Write it at the bottom of the Merit report form! MILESTONES As you aid the city your achievements will be made known. The Gazette will occasionally release a segment mentioning the good that you've done and how attractive and pure you are. Wow! Lots of our neighbours read the gazette, so you'll be famous! Good Citizen (20 Rep) You have contributed greatly to Haelun'or and the people of the state are starting to realise as much. Honoured Citizen (60 Rep) Are you the second coming of Larihei, or a saint in disguise? Your achievements and aid of the city are to be commended, you are an asset that should be covered by the Silver Council.
  8. Okarir'akaln Proposal for Wartime Laws (This proposal is released to establish a legal framework that clearly defines war crimes. This definition should include acts such as the deliberate targeting of civilians, torture, pillaging, destruction of cultural heritage, and the use of prohibited weapons.) In order to maintain a just and civilised society, it is imperative for a nation to enact policies and laws specifically addressing and prohibiting war crimes. These policies and laws will serve to protect the rights and dignity of individuals during times of armed conflicts. Adopting comprehensive policies and laws against war crimes is crucial for a nation to uphold justice, protect descendant rights, and maintain order during armed conflicts. By establishing clear guidelines, ensuring accountability, and actively prosecuting the perpetrators, such a nation can contribute to a safer and more compassionate world. As Mali'thill, it is up to us to set an example for all other beings, and thus it is even more imperative that we remain measured in how we treat enemy combatants and people even in war. This proposal is thus an attempt at spurring a collective effort at new laws and policies for protecting the weak and vulnerable. Here is a basic framework for policies and laws against war crimes for Haelun'or and its armed forces; written in consultation of the Okarir'Sil; 1. Accountability and Jurisdiction: Establish a dedicated court or tribunal responsible for prosecuting war crimes. Ensure that this court has the necessary authority, resources, and independence to carry out fair and impartial trials. Clearly define jurisdictional boundaries to ensure that all perpetrators, regardless of their status or affiliation, can be held accountable for their actions. The Tribunal must consist of the Okarir'sil and either a second Okarir or a Tilruir. Without either of these a Tribunal is not official in its completion. The accused individuals are brought before the tribunal for trial. They are provided with legal representation (or can represent themselves), and the proceedings adhere to fair trial standards; including the right to a defense, presentation of evidence, cross-examination of witnesses, and the right to appeal judgments (at the cost of appeal fees [100 Minas]). In the case that the Okarir'sil is to be held accountable via tribunal, the entire Silver Council must be present. 2. Prohibition of Targeting Civilians: The intentional targeting of civilians is a grave crime. This includes acts such as indiscriminate attacks, alchemical bombings or magical destruction of populated areas, and deliberate attacks on apothecaries, academies, and religious sites. Civilian lives must be protected at all costs. If granted asylum, Civilians are to be afforded Third Class Citizen rights under Article 33 of the Silver Constitution. 3. Protection of Prisoners of War: Prisoners should be treated with basic dignity and protected from harm until judgement. This includes provisions ensuring their physical integrity, fair treatment and access to medical assistance. Prohibit acts of torture, inhumane treatment, or any form of forced labor until either trial or an official ruling has taken place via the Okarir'sil. 4. Protection of Cultural Heritage: Safeguard cultural and historical sites, monuments, and artifacts during armed conflicts. Strictly prohibited is the intentional destruction, looting, or appropriation of cultural heritage. Measures to ensure the preservation and restoration of damaged or destroyed cultural property should be made where possible. 5. Prohibition of Prohibited Weapons: Identify and prohibit the use of weapons that cause unnecessary suffering or superfluous injury. Magic or alchemical attacks that create uncontrollable or widespread damage to the environment and indiscriminately target civilians are entirely prohibited; including but not limited to necromantic weapons, plagues and void tears. 6. Protection of Healers: Healers and care givers are to be provided with the necessary resources, safeguards, and legal immunity to carry out their duties without fear of persecution or harm. Healers and care givers lose their status if they actively fight, provide weapons or reasources to fight or actively contribute to the war effort on either side. 7. Protection against unjust raids: The seizure of supplies used for funding and supporting a war effort is expected; however the seizure of basic resources required to survive and the pillaging of personal property should be guarded against. Searching individuals on the roads for weaponry beyond that which is expected for personal protection, contraband such as Daemonsteel or ferrum is permitted and seizure is to be expected. Seizing minas/personal effects/tools, however, is prohibited unless the individual is proven to be an enemy combatant, not just an enemy civilian. Thank you for reading, I hope that this proposal leads to alterations and additions to our great Silver Constitution, for the betterment of our Kin across the continent, Signed Yera Silveira Okarir'Akaln of Haelun'or Founder of the Silver Merchant Sovereignty Consulted by Alexander Nightingale Okarir'Sil of Haelun'or
  9. A Silveira High Elf smiles as she reads this missive, knowing full well that the Sythaerin's stockpile was going to be paying for this entire thing.
  10. Okarir'Akaln Public Address 21st of Snow's Maiden, SA 147 Public address from the Okarir'akaln of Haelun'or, the master of coin of the Silver State's ruling council, Yera Silveira; As a violent supporter of peace and strong willed proponent of international trade and prosperity; I make this address. Over the centuries our kin and the descendants of this world have faced great trouble, strife and hardship. Darkspawn, invasions, the occult and betrayals rearing ugly heads in the face of logic, love and our future. It is through guidance of the wise and knowledgeable- bound by indomitable ties of family such as the Malaurir Silvos Sythaerin. Through the commitment of those willing to dedicate themselves and encourage others toward medicine and alchemy after our great migration for so long, despite a lack of recognition for their efforts; Noruiwyn. Through the competency and honour of foreign leaders; such as Fleet Admiral Dante; who has yet to fail to impress in his conduct. His assignment a clear commendation to his liege King Adrian. Through the ambitious few who now strive to achieve, lead and help all our people; And those of the old, who once left to return again, the embers of hope and change ever alive within. That we are able to continue onwards, striving for prosperity and health. Not unfettered from problems, but with the tools and spirit to overcome each and every one. Ahernan; I offer a token of thanks, to Fleet Admiral Dante and his Kingdom in the form of 300 further minas to accompany the three Ikurnamon Longswords (Quality: High, Netherite) donated to his men. 100 Minas to a Sillumir of the Tilruir'tir Sorcaril Sythaerins choice in their recent promotion through extraordinary service. And finally as Okarir'akaln I would like to initiate a scheme for this annum promoting the ambitious, young or old, within Haelun'or - providing a grant of 100 Minas to the next three who organise and run any kind of festivity, debate or event. The council recognises effort, and my station shall pay close attention. Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. Summary TLDR; 300 Mina donation to Fleet Admiral Dante for his continued fair and competent service. (Delivered Sat) 100 Mina donation to a Sillumir of Sorcaril Sythaerins choice. (Delivered Sat) 100 Mina grant for the next 3 NEW Events in Haelun'or. Signed, Yera Silveira @Maur @ErikAzog @MrSyth @haelunorpeople
  11. Closed! Congratulations @MrMojoMordor& @YaBoyJay_ Where possible, please get in contact via discord and/or head to the Silver Merchant Sovereignty to retrieve your items/pay! Discord: ewdrawings Ign: Ewdrawings
  12. Hiya; this is my first submission. I welcome constructive feedback/help! If something doesn't make sense please illuminate this for me so that I can fix it. Void magic doesn't currently alter the body- because it hasn't been used in that method. This magic submission attemptedly changes that with heavy downsides that even out the strengths. (E.g. Not being able to use magic in combat, not being able to bind with more than 2 enchanted items, not being able to dodge or block void magic attacks). I'll edit it further to expand on the rituals being more like internal enchantments in how they are formed, as that's essentially what the void circuit is meant to be. The niche it is filling is allowing an enchanter to enchant items and cast utility spells all the way up to T5 out of combat/stressful situations, whilst allowing the user to fight like a normal person or spell sword. The bonus; would be that it's reliant on IC progress, rp and accumulation of wealth/items in order to progress such as the Reinforcement Ritual. I've edited it to say that it does not rely on Alchemical knowledge, and the herbs are largely ritualistic components.
  13. Magic Lore - Void Cultivation The internal Void Circuit had previously been developed by elven artisans centuries ago in order to account for a lack of strength and stamina for purposes of crafting enchanted items. However, further development of this technique and integration has led to a number of differentiated benefits and side effects to the skill. Those who have created an internalised Void Circuit are referred to as Void Cultivators as the field of study and progression later became. Elven Artisans have long been known for their exquisite craftsmanship and artistic talent, weaving delicate tapestries, carving intricate sculptures and crafting beautiful jewellery. However, their talents extended beyond the realms of the physical arts as they sought to unlock the secrets of Void Magic in a way that was conducive with their craft. It was during a golden age of prosperity, where peace and prosperity aligned that an ambitious group of artisans and scholars set about overcoming some of the weaknesses of void magic and creating strengths in its place, bottling it up within an individual so that they might infuse their very body and muscles with power. At first, the elven artisans struggled to comprehend and control this newfound magic. The void energy proved volatile, resisting their attempts to tame it, wreaking havoc on their minds and emotions. But they persisted, experimenting with different techniques of mediation, control and understanding. Overtime they began mapping out internal circuits that better harnessed the void and reduced the risk to one’s body and soul. At a level of mastery the primary effect of Internalising one's void circuit is that very little void energy escapes from the body of the caster and they actively absorb void essence from the surroundings, soaking it up like a sponge, thus, it is considered to not be environmentally damaging. This internalisation of the void essence causes one's organs, tissues and bones to be exposed to very high concentrations of controlled void essence for extended periods of time, which carries a greater risk of mutation but with the teachings of this technique and alchemical stabilisation, several benefits to one's physicality - and likewise downsides and disadvantages. Much like many magic branches, there are tiers to the art of Internalising a Void Circuit. In this instance, there are five tiers and entering each one requires both a dedicated period of study and accumulation then expenditure of resources. Magic Explanation A void cultivator is guided through the process of internalising and trapping their void essence after creating an anchor inside them with the use of careful control techniques and specialised enchantments. They will be unable to expend this essence in any great amount and will constantly draw in essence from their surroundings and the void itself. Eventually they reach a point in which their body starts using void essence to fuel itself, or they summarily perish from over saturation or mutation. This assuming that they do not die undergoing the rituals and Ecriture construction of their circuit and cores. Around their formed cores are intricate enchantments called Void Ecritures, used to facilitate the energy of the void essence infused in metaphysical locations formed within their body towards beneficial ends. A practitioner of void cultivation will eventually infuse their body with so much void essence that they are almost as much void essence as they are flesh and blood. Provided that they do not lose themselves in this, they will become far more influenced by the void physically and without proper willpower, mentally as well. A cultivator's organs may become more and more redundant as they progress, needing to eat and sleep less as time goes on as the cultivator sustains themself on the void essence flowing through them. Whilst a cultivator will still bleed out or die if attacked, they are more likely to survive if not finished off as the functions of major organs are partially replaced by the cores they have developed. A void cultivator should avoid strenuous activity or meditate in order to replenish lost energy - though they can also absorb void energy from ambient sources or items. Origin Void-Core Ecriture Ritual Root Ecriture Ritual Sacral Ecriture Ritual Solar Ecriture Ritual Heart Ecriture Ritual Throat Ecriture Ritual Brow Ecriture Ritual Crown Ecriture Ritual The Discipline Ritual Ultimately the discipline ritual involves the cultivator cracking and grinding their arduously formed cores down into almost nothing. They must manipulate their internal void essence diffused within their body into attacking the hardened shells that have formed almost permanent structures within their bodies. The pain of this ritual is incredible and in worst case scenarios can even lead to death. Provided the void cultivator has the willpower to survive the process, their body will be left weakened and ravaged by the void essence. However, their body will now be entirely permeated with this essence and the circuit of their body now fully formed. A road has been made, and blockages removed. Ritual Casting The cultivator can be taught how to cast their usual spells provided they are not in a combat situation. Attempting to cast spells in active combat will fail due to the higher degrees of concentration require to influence void essence outside of the body. Ritual casting is generally very simple and requires meditation and the controlling of one’s essence along specific pathways in one's body. Ecriture Enchantment Ritual Ecriture Enchantment is where a Void Cultivator must remake their cores, choosing just three to form and grow and then layer script atop each for the foundations of their enchantment and thus the controlling of void essence within their body. The core choice decides much about their future capabilities and thus should not be taken lightly. Once decided before one’s master, these cannot be changed. Void Ecriture Infusion Ritual The Ritual of Void Ecriture Infusion is where a Void Cultivator cements their progress. Their body is now just as much flesh and bone as it is void essence. This final ritual consists of reaching complete control of their body and mind through meditation and reinforcing their bodies natural essences with rare items or events. The more important the items, the more solid their foundations of cultivation shall be. The cultivator should flood the item and themself with void essence, before finally absorbing it into their core of choice and using this essence to form a final layer of script atop it in the creation of the internalised enchantment and its integration into the circuit. The Cultivator should choose one physical objects of emotional or great value to sacrifice. E.g. Their fathers wedding ring, a rare or legendary potion, the crown of a nation. It is destroyed in the process! The Cultivator should choose one formative IC events that constitute their emotional and mental strength. E.g. Fighting off invaders in a life or death struggle, hunting a great beast that had slain their family, finally being shown care and consideration after a lifetime of struggle and judgement. Tier 1: The cultivator must undergo the Void-Origin Ecriture Ritual and survive. In order to progress further they must then perform the Void-Root Ecriture, Void-Sacral Ecriture, Void-Solar Ecriture, Void-Heart Ecriture, Void-Throat Ecriture, Void-Brow Ecriture and Void-Crown Ecriture Core Forming Rituals. As each core is formed the Void Cultivator regains a little strength. Their organs and body will perform better and closer to the peak of their race. This tier lasts for 2 OOC weeks. Tier 2: The cultivator must stress their progress so far, they do this by performing the Discipline Ritual. The Void Cultivator enters a period of great weakness, performing far below the average of their race. The cultivator can begin growing in true power with a ritual of Lesser Ecriture, cementing it with a Ritual of Void Ecriture Infusion. This tier lasts for 2 OOC weeks. Tier 3: The cultivator must now consolidate their energies and form three core areas to cement their focus; performing the Ecriture Enchantment Ritual. The Void Cultivator’s body now performs at the peak of its race regarding vital functions, organs and physical capability. Their emotions and mind are less easily shaken. The cultivator can learn how to ritual cast spells out of combat. This tier lasts for 2 OOC weeks. Tier 4: The cultivator imbues one of their cores with a ritual of Greater Ecriture, cementing it with a Void Ecriture Infusion. This tier lasts for 4 OOC weeks. Tier 5: The cultivator imbues one of their cores with a ritual of Perfect Ecriture, cementing it with a Void Ecriture Infusion. At tier 5 a cultivator can teach and guide another through their cultivation process. Purpose (OOC): This lore provides a different route of void magic to that which the normal magic and void scion provide. Advised primarily for enchanters/crafters, the user of this lore sacrifices their ability to cast in combat entirely, in exchange for a couple benefits and a couple disadvantages. It also allows for a fair bit of roleplay as opposed to some of the other magic types; as to get any of the advantages you have to /do/ roleplay or gather rare and exotic items or experiences. It’s definitely advised that the teachers of this have the ability to run player events. Redlines: A Void Cultivator seals their void magic within their body without allowing it to escape, contorting it in complex patterns within their body to enact a certain response. It requires incredible strength of mind and character. Void Cultivation is incompatible with becoming an Arcane Scion. Void Cultivation is taught and all rituals must be learned from an active teacher. Void Cultivation takes 1 slot. Alchemical components used in rituals do not require alchemical knowledge, and are instead more ritualistic or symbolic. One merely needs the herb gathered and boiled in the water, requiring no real preparation beyond that.
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