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The Search for a Tavern Keep


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The Search for a Tavern Keep

Issued on the 18th of Malin’s Welcome, Year 112 of the Second Age







For long has the old capital tavern has been empty, booze is plentiful but there is none to maintain it. Thus the crown put out a call for a tavern keep to come forth and take this task upon themselves. Should anyone be interested in running the old tavern please contact Jarad Munnel or Idril Sylvaeri. Perk will be included.



Contact us in-game or on discord: Joshua#2340 & Josey#5073





Uell ito Maruthiran,

HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Idril Sylvaeri, The V High Princess of Elvendom, High Princess of Amaethea, The Heart of The Sea


His Grace, Jarad Munnel, Taur and Duke of Helious, Duke of Alterk, Margrave of Vali’mae, Count of Voclia, Viscount of Oblen, Baron of Achyae & Sievis, Lord of Sen’nyor, Patriarch of Munnel, Lord Steward of Amaethea

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