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  1. Adryana sheds a tear as the news of her old friend breaks to her, "You were good, Brandt. Aloha, my friend," she notes then towards the sky, taking the rest of the day off of her duties to mourn.
  2. Juliya Ipera reads over the missive with furrowed brows, setting it down carefully in front of her afterwards. "It'll take more than a temporary penance to get rid of that sin." She quips, downing another glass of wine, a habit she had overcome years ago.
  3. Juliya Ipera had shut herself into herself in her bedroom for weeks now, the sorrow of her beloved sister’s execution replaced with an undeniable anger. Of course, she had get such a feel before, anger, but never to this extent. Never had she thought she could hate someone. Never did she think she could loathe family member. Usually, filled with forgiveness and grace, she would forgive those who have done wrong, but nothing inside her could push her to do so this time. Her sister, one who was outcasted for following love, the one who took on the responsibility of taking care of her a
  4. Juliya Ipera reads over the missive as she spots her name within the first glance. Her features grow visibly repulsed and upset, slamming the page back onto the table. "It's everywhere I look," she comments with sorrow, her eyes slowly trailing back to the 'm' word that truly broke her every time.
  5. =+=The Vanir Variety=+= Crown Ave I Over the last few months since opening, we have been getting a new set of pets to put on the market! We have a feeling that these will be some of our most popular yet! -=====================- Our Newest Listings: |Pug| One of the chubbiest yet cutest animals on the block! With soft fur and a loving attitude, this little one will surely bring some light into your home! They sure love to cuddle! Though they might choose to hog up your bed! There is a reason these creatures are consi
  6. Adryana Baelius listens absently as she is told the news of her husband's passing, something in her heart had told her that something had happened even before the messenger had arrived at her doorstep. As if it were glass, her heart shattered completely. The man she had loved for almost forty years had moved onto the next life, without her. Though it was no secret that he was absent, she did not seem to mind all that much, she knew the workload he faced, and decided to never give a fuss about such a thing. She had always felt a sense of pride for Basil, and cheered him on, even in
  7. Juliya Ipera smiles fondly as she sees the volume, grazing over her brother's work simply, admiring the writing before beginning to read it. As she reached the first mention off herself, she pauses, folding it quickly and setting it aside, "Another day," she mutters to herself, abandoning her reading for a long walk around the rough mountainous terrain of her home, simply taking in the breeze. She decides to continue the volume another time, when she deemed ready to continue it, though definitely not before downing a large glass of wine.
  8. Juliya Ipera sits in her bedroom, reading over the missive, slowly downing a glass of red wine. "To hell with that," she scoffs, shaking her head. "Thank Godan that I at least got a choice." she mutters, going in to fill her glass as she sat alone in the cold space.
  9. =+=The Vanir Variety=+= Crown Avenue I This pet shop is going to be the best in town! With a wild assortment of animals, and growing stock, we are prepared to be the best and brightest! -======================================================================- Our Current Listings: |Brown Owl| This nocturnal creature will keep watch of you through the night, and will show great adoration to you- once you give him/her some treats! It is a good idea to purchase a cage while the owl is young, or just until you can train
  10. Juliya Ipera locked herself into her room after the news of her brother’s death reached her ears, her heart pounding and her tears flowing. “Joey, not Joey...” she mutters to herself through her pillow, the heavily pregnant woman sobbing into it. She wanted nothing more than to be the pesky little sister she once was, interrupting Josef and Isabel’s alone time just to be around him and feel included. She missed his comforts and their talks already, even though she hadn’t known of his death for more than twenty minutes yet. For a moment, before the end, she had hope that he’d b
  11. Juliya Ipera anxiously waits to hear some sort of good news about her brother's recovery, checking in on him multiple times throughout the days to make sure that he was there, and that he was still alive. Through the nights, as they pass, she prays and prays, hoping that he would be spared, and that she could selfishly have more time with him before he passes at what she hopes to be a much later date.
  12. Marjorie Helaine is probably still just an egg in her mother’s womb, but she cries in joy anyways.
  13. Juliya Ipera steps out into the Palace hall, oblivious off the news of her mother's passing. Stopped by her Aunt Irene, she quirks a brow, listening in to what she had to say. "Nie she's niet." The Princess replies immediately after the words of death broke from Irene's lips. She was then beckoned by the woman to follow, and wanting answers, Juliya complied. She was guided into the ballroom where Irene stood there, offering an embrace. "You will tell me that this is some sort of sick joke," Juliya demands weakly, ignoring the attempts for an embrace. "I am niet one
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