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  1. THE BEST BARCLEI BURGANN PLEES COME SAY HALLO TO ME A depiction of HER LADYSHIP Aloisa Liesel Barclay of ROOMAR The missive is very clearly written by a child, where the penmanship was crude and many words were misspelled. There is even crayon used on some of the sections. TO THE GUTTEST BOYS Its that time of yeer again, and all the gurls across the land are geting lonly, with no won by thare side! YOU CAN FICKS THAT! Aloisa Liesel Barclay is looking for a boo to do things for her and get her gifs! In this leter, sent to al the chilldren her age, is a list of her own kwalities, and what trayts and ideeas she wants her sootor to hold! Don’t miss your chance on such a great gurl! WHY ALOISA IS NICE: I. I am realy pretty, way to pretty, even. II. I am the bestest gurl in all of Haense cause I am III. Im doing realy good in my studys, so I am sooper smart, more smart than other people with blond hare. IV. I have big dream, and lots of minas. V. My favorit color is blu. VI. I like flowers, and Im not alerjick like stoopid peeple. VII. I have the bestest dog in the world, and you can see him sometimes VIII. I run the bestest theeter companey in the whole world, so you can see thos shows IX. I am prety WHAT ALOISA WANTS: I. Someone who will get me blu thing II. Someone who will giv me chokolats III. Someone who will give me flowers IV. Someone who will give me gifs V. Someone who will not be meen VI. Someone who will give me fur VII. Someone who will give me jewelerey VIII. Someone who will do what I say Send a berd to Aloisa Barclay! SIGNED HER PRINZESSINSELF, Aloisa Liesel Barclay [OOC] I made this post for just some light fun, please refrain from responding on this forum if you are not a child character!
  2. Aloisa Barclay smiles at her sister's faults, glad to be making her Mother proud with her excellent barking skills.
  3. Haeseni Youth Thespian Society Portrait of the play, “How St. Tobias Saved King Sigismund II”, circa. 404 E.S. [!] Enclosed in each flier was a handwritten note scribed by Lady Aloisa Barclay herself! Hold onto this one, folks. It might be worth something someday! Her writing though, was less than superb. She had correct spelling and punctuation, though her handwriting was absolutely atrocious. Though, I suppose, give the girl some slack! She is only six years old, afterall… “Dearest Reader, Ich have an offer du will nicht want to miss! If du are a child and like acting, du could make it a career in my really neat thespian society! We will preform only the most neatest shows and we will have the best time ich think. Mein club will be the best because ich am a gutt leader, a really gutt one. Ich will make everyone’s mouths drop like really far because ich can do that and ich will. In mein club, we will make our own shows and show them to our parents and anyone who else wants to see it, ich think we will sell the whole seats of the house because we will be so gutt. Anyone can audition to join, and ich think a lot of du will get in because du are almost as gutt as me! Please send a letter to me when du decide to try and join and ich will send one because because ich am gutt at responding. Our first meeting will be in five Saint’s Days, and ANYONE can come to that one. Anyone! Except adults- well- ich think the Koenas and my Mamej can come- but nein other! Du will have a gutt time! Signed, Aloisa Barclay —--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OOC: Saturday, January 1st @ 2 PM EST
  4. Joanna Grace held no expression upon her face as the news was broken to her. Simply, she excused herself and began to walk. Through the forest’s trails, along the river, across the prickly expanse of a grassy plain, until she could walk no more. She had been close to her father as a child, but as the pressures and stress of growing up and her bastardry ensued, she found herself distancing herself. From him, from her family, from friends… she had suppressed that hyper child she once was, allowing herself to bask in silence. All she could feel in these moments were that she made a mistake. She should have pushed herself harder to keep a relationship, she should have relentlessly tried. But she didn’t. Was she allowed to mourn? Was she allowed to weep for a man she had pulled away from? Falling onto her knees in the prickly grass, she simply rested there. No tears formed, none at all. She pointed her face up enough so that the warmth of the sun burned on her pale cheeks. She sat there for a while. And as the darkness took over the land , and the chirps of crickets ringed, she stood, making her way home to prepare for her own mourning period.
  5. Aloisa Barclay glares at the missive that she had assistance reading, letting out a huff as she thinks on her mortal enemy's ideas. She sets it to the side, before beginning to scribble on some paper, her poor, ugly dog by her side. "Ich will be a better readerer than her, ich will, Peaches!" she declares confidently, pressing her lips together in concentration as she begins to craft the best poem a small child could. Peaches, Aloisa's poor, ugly dog, simply drools, before knocking himself out by running full force into her bedpost.
  6. Aloisa Barclay squeezes her dog to her chest, nearly suffocating the poor, ugly thing. She lets out a shrill squeal that echoed through the halls of Reinmar. "Ich hope this means ich am a princess! Ich would be a really good one, ich think!"
  7. Adryana welcomes her first boyfriend into the seven skies. “What took you so long? I made vy a pie twenty years ago, it’s almost gone cold!”
  8. kids will still age themselves up, they wont abide
  9. As someone who joined young, it is abhorrent how many predatory people roam around this server.
  10. The Raven-Haired Boy A painting of little Zoran, 400 E.S. Zoran Kutznetsov was born on the 23rd of Wzuvar ag Byvca 400 E.S. to his parents, Sanja and Alexander Kutznetsov. It had been an eventful day for his poor mother, as she had been utterly choked in the streets and had her life threatened by some pesky bandits. Even laying in the hospital bed with her son, she was getting tended to for the harsh bruises. Born with all ten fingers, and all ten toes, two feet and two hands, two eyes and one nose, Zoran was found to be quite a healthy baby boy. He was most noticeably found to have a strong set of lungs, his cries ringing throughout the hospital building, seemingly using all of his might to make such sounds. Despite the hardships of the day, everything seemed to be perfect. A healthy boy and happy new family, that’s all that should matter, right? There was only one issue with this “perfect” scene. The boy was growing sprouts of raven hair atop his small head. Blonde and Brown make black, right? Right? No. It didn’t. Despite Sanja’s attempts to blame the generic “mishap” on how her father had the hair color, the boy looked nothing like Alexander. A Haeseni, yes,but not like her husband. Of course, upon hearing such news, word spreads, and that was all Sanja was afraid of for her newborn child. Theories of who could even possibly be the father circulated around swiftly. Too fast for Sanja to stop. “The child is Lord Rhys’, vy know their history,” says some. “Nie, Nie. It must be Lord Joren’s, Ea saw them together a few times before.” says others. “She did have a budding friendship with Prinzen Marus,” a few add. “What if the ***** seduced the koeng!” Extremists declare. Which was right? Sanja kept to herself as these questions arose, refusing to answer a single one of them. She would not admit who it was, that information would have to be discovered without her aid. Her child, Zoran Kutznetsov, was quite obviously, a bastard. [OOC] Just this was a cool fun fact, but the painting was made by Halyna Kutznetsova, which is actually very, very funny. Laugh. Rn. Laugh. Do it.
  11. A Servant and Her Sin Stork Carrying a Baby (circa. 1830) Each day, it became more noticeable. Each day, her clothes grew snugger and snugger. Each day, she had to tie her corset more loosely. Each day, she was bombarded with the fear that they might find out. The servant girl grew more and more aware of her inability to hide for much longer, she held on though, to the bit of disguise she could muster. She hid it until she couldn’t. Her seventh month. Up until this change in her, she had been nothing but a twig; skin and bones. She had suffered the plights of starvation, conquered the heavyweight of malnutrition, and was slowly growing to a healthy state… slowly. Now, with such changes within her, she found there to be more substance on her arms, her legs, her face. She looked … normal. Perhaps that’s why she was able to hide her sinful state for so long. She knew it was time to let up; to show off the sin she committed. She was to face her demons, as that was the only true way to be rid of the frown upon her by Godan. On the fourth day of her seventh month, she pulled her corset snugly, she wore a dress that was her usual tight-fit. She wore her pregnant state like an accessory. She had tasks to do, work to be done. And so she did those things. Her steps fail to falter as she strides through the city, big-bellied and all. A person would have to be blind to not see her change. For those who cared to read the weekly news, she had only been married two months ago, and by the look of her, she was anything but two months pregnant. She wore her sin, her precious sin, like a necklace; a pearl. She was unafraid now. Sanja Kutznetsov was ready for judgment.
  12. The Swift Union Depiction of Sanja and Alexander’s Wedding Celebration Come join us in celebration of Alexander Novikov and Sanja Kutznetsov’s forever union! The pair will be united under Godan, with a simple sermon in the Chapel of Saint Tylos, and invite their guests to drink with them in the Reinmaren feast hall afterwards! OOC: Sunday, November 14th, 2PM EST, 7 PM GMT Barclay Chapel
  13. Sanja Kutznetsov gazes at the missive with a blank expression, sucking in a sharp breath. Unable to look at it for another minutes, she crumbles the paper in her hands, tossing it into a nearby bush. The servant girl then promptly proceeded to search in her knitted bag for a half-used cigar thereafter.
  14. The Cowardly Duchess Marjorie Baruch, before weight loss journey (circa. 1735) [!] TW (self-harm, suicide) One fateful night, within the extended residence of the Valwyck keep, Marjorie Baruch stood by the window, watching as the rain pattered against the glass. What was once a calming sound to the woman, was a dreaded one; menacing. It seemed to have a voice within it’s droplets, egging her on to do what she had told herself that she would. Marjorie watched this go on for a long while, her eyes widening slightly every now and then as lightning struck close. Peeling herself away from the window was hard, her gaze shifting to the end table that awaited her fate. It is with pure self-hatred that she moved towards the object of fate; the glistening silver of the blade she chose. She had ruined herself by shutting herself in, too consumed in self-induced solitude to have noticed the horribleness of the woman she was. Absent in her children’s life- absent in her own. She was not the Duchess this family was meant to have. She was nothing. If only she had gotten over her fears, if only she had tried harder. It was too late now, either way. Her children hated her, the rest of the family estranged, she was no longer Duchess and could not make up for her lack of activity. She could not twist back the time and change the fate set herself in. If only she could go back to those youthful days, if only she could stare back into the eyes of the love of her life and tell him that she would run away with him like he asked. If only. She did nothing. She was nothing. She is nothing. So, the middle-aged woman lifts her sleeve, revealing the self-hatred cuts along her arms. She picks up the dagger; her fate. She accepts it. She left no note; no reason. Nothing. The cowardly woman was no longer what she thought she never should have been. Alive.
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