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The Beasts of Sodden Farm


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The Beasts of Sodden Farm

12th of Godfrey's Triumph, 1954

As Written by Vylandris Vuln'ibar

The pastoral industry in the United Kingdom of Aaun, particularly in its Crownlands, is an industry that has been left largely untouched. Untapped potential has allowed smaller farms such as my own the ability to grow in an unfettered market. With my freedom, I have been able to perfect irregular techniques to create a superior formula that results in beasts far larger than any man. Bovines that are bountiful in leather and meat on their bones. The bulls are vigorous, sturdy beasts. Allow me to showcase my two prime subjects.



King John the Mighty next to a Sodden Farmer


King John the Mighty, named after our beloved monarch, King John I of Aaun, is the most outstanding specimen to ever walk Aevos. He is the most virile creature that shall ever walk in life. His offspring are the beefiest bovines to the point that his offspring tend to be harvested for leather and steak as donations to the Crown. As he prowls among Sodden Farm hunting for poppies to consume, he struts with a domineering gait befitting of an alpha. His esteemed bovine dynasty will forever be cemented.



King Edmund the Steadfast next to a Sodden Farmer


Named after our former monarch, King Edmund II, this bull is the firstborn son of King John the Mighty. Edmund is the embodiment of what it means to be a prodigy. With John’s genetics and a slightly altered diet, Edmund is youthful yet surely bound to surpass even John in height and body mass. This result is expected to be achieved through a strict exercise regimen that involves dancing to traditional Aaunic ballads. His favourite seems to be “An Adrian’s Lament”, a comedic ballad detailing the apparent sacrilegious event of the former Duke of Adria Heinrik Sarkozic urinating in a basin of holy water and proceeding to plunge his head into it only to be punished by God with an infection that rendered him temporarily blind.


For these two bulls, there can be no equal. There is nobody more hardworking than an Aaunic farmer and there is no bull sturdier than an Aaunic bull. To any enemies of the United Kingdom of Aaun, I recommend that you lay down your weapons as the Principality of Celia’nor has. You are outmatched and there will be no mercy for we possess King John the Mighty and King Edmund the Steadfast.

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