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  1. DESCRIPTION These creatures tower over their original wolf cousins by nearly three times their common size, resembling the size of a quarter horse. Fully grown they stand at four feet to their shoulder, and loom over seven feet when standing on their back legs. Their hulking stature makes it optimal for their orcish companions to ride them with ease, charging down their enemies with immeasurable ferocity. Their colors can range from pure snow white, earthy browns, to midnight black and others in between. They are as beautiful as they are deadly, their claws easily able to slash flesh into fine ribbons. Their mouth is full of dagger like teeth, that is known to be able to cut through flesh like butter. They are known in the wild to hunt in packs and could easily take down a creature far larger than themselves in few numbers. Lur wolves also server in many roles of hunting. As they represent the clan of hunting orcs, there main service is to the feeding and care of the clan. Working with their masters, lur wolves have many qualities to thrive in a hunt. Tracking down beast and prey comes at ease for them with their many features. ORIGIN AND BEHAVIOR These enviable creatures seem to be the perfect beast for Uruk kind, yet there is only one orcish clan with the innate talent to tame these majestic beasts. The name ‘Lur Wolf’, derives from the Lur Clan as they are the only known clan able to harness the might of these wolves as their animal companions. Though other clans may try to tame these beasts for themselves, they will be rejected and likely turned into a tasty snack. One is not the master of a wolf, nor is the wolf master of the orc. It is a bond forged from pure loyalty that cannot be changed, hindered, or passed on. Lur wolves also spend time advancing along the territory lands in which their master thrives in. Things like, foraging for food, watching for prey, or even exploring the nearby shadows and bushes come at ease with the command of the master. Lur wolves show a very strong bond to their masters and will do as they say for the most part. However the master of a lur wolf can not direct the wolf towards a variety of things. For example they will not attack children and beings of young nature, they will not attack the innocent as a sign of dignity, and will not participate in the slaughter of other lur wolves or orcs unless either have been removed from the clan. OBTAINING A LUR WOLF Trial of Blood When a Lur child is born it is put through a test of pure blood. This is an important step in lur tradition that not only tests the lur descent in a kub, but also their potential. The kub is put into a pit of Lur wolves, where then the wolves will judge the blood of the kub before them. If the wolves reject the kub, the kub would be quickly eaten by the wolves. A standard of orcish ways where only the strongest live. If the wolves accept the kub then the child would be raised in the clan to become the next Lur member. Trial of Age When a Lur kub is around the age of 9 they are brought before the elders for their trial of age. The elders would bring the kub to the Lur wolf den to pick out their wolf. This will begin the bond between the orc and the wolf that will last for life. During this trial, the orc and the wolf would be sent out into the wild and are forced to survive while the rest of the pack hunts them. The wolves will not being held back and if the orc and wolf is caught they could be killed if their bond isn’t strong enough to get them out of the situation. This is a true test of the hunt in which is a strong tradition of the lurs. A kub can spend days training for this on their own, however the hunt is the only true test within the clan. DEATH The bond between the Lur Wolf and the Lur member is for life, and only in this joined life can either thrive. This lifelong unity can only be broken by the death of one or both orc and wolf. Commonly the orc and wolf will die alongside each other in combat. If an orc dies and their wolf remains alive, it is the responsibility of the Lur clan to kill that wolf and allow their spirit to join the orc in the spirit realm. If an orc’s wolf dies before they, that orc will suddenly be completely overcome by grief and eventually die of this overwhelming despair. One cannot live without the other, and though death may part them from the mortal world, their bond continues into the afterlife and for all of eternity. REDLINES Reference Art Purpose For the past couple years the Lur clan has been thriving with a strong and committed community of orc players wishing to further their roleplay by adapting to common orc related things like hunting and beast taming. This animal has been the center and thriving point of our clan as everything that we have done has revolved around these beast. By submitting this lore it is our hopes to ensure that our clan can continue on with our culture and use of the lur wolf. Our main goal with this rewrite, is to aim these animals more towards the use of hunting specifically. It has been commonly misinformed that these animals are created to give us an upper-hand in combat roleplay situations. It is our goal as writers and as individuals of our clan to produce a clearer and better vision for the use of creatures in roleplay. Credit @bookstar – Bookstarz @Qizu – Qizu @DummStuff – DummThicc ((Shall clarification or touching up be needed added to the post by the story team, or even members of the server feel free to contact Qizu via discord (Qizu#0001). Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope you have a blessed day!))
  2. To try out different communities on the server before trying to go straight into one. Stock up on food before leaving spawn. To check up on the wiki for background on races, cities, and even roles your character can take up.
  3. Nothing was said about nation leaders having to compete against each other? Along with the point of cooperation, I continuously talk with NLs through their conjoined chat with staff. As for your point about ‘punishing players’, this is not a punishment. It is taking time to clean out a bunch of space on the map of dead charters, which will further help the newer charters as they come in. Once the lock is lifted as it provides much more space for the charters. This is only a temporary thing.
  4. Qizu

    New Year New World

    This is still a topic up for debate. If you have additions to it feel free to add on our talk with charter members about your opinions so they can relay the information into our discussions!
  5. Nation & Charter Team Update | The management of Arcas | As we move into the new year, the World Team is charged with the task of managing the Nation & Charters System which governs the distribution of land through regions and tiles. Much discussion has taken place and we begin to realize that the current system that was implemented at the beginning of this map has left the communities of the server suffering and the map scarred. Something must change. With the task of tackling this issue weighing heavily on the team, we move forward to enact the following changes. Charter Lock At the time of this post, there are currently 68 charters. To us, this is an absurd amount of charters that have negatively impacted the server. Many of these charters that are created are soon abandoned and the map is left notably scarred as a result of this. After much discussion within the World Team, we have decided that we will move forward with the implementation of a ‘Charter Lock’. What this means for you, the players of LOTC, is that the formation of new charters will be removed. If you have already begun the process of creating a charter and gathering signatures, you will be permitted to continue with the creation of your charter. However, we will not allow new charters to form for the foreseeable future. Activity Update Activity has been a hot topic for the entirety of Arcas. It is in our opinion that we will not be implementing the old system of maintenance of activity which proved to be too much of a strain on many of the larger groups on the server. We are however faced with the task of implementing a way to measure and judge which regions are truly dead in terms of activity and can have their regions removed so that clean up may begin. With this in mind, we will be implementing a very low bar for our expectations of what is considered to be an active region that will be implemented in the near future. This activity requirement will begin to roll out when the server has stabilized with the 1.15 update and a period of two weeks has passed for the server player count to recover. Once the system is announced as coming into effect, all charters will need to maintain a minimum of 0.02% activity. Currently, this will see the removal of ~20 charters that have been under the requirement for quite some time. From that point forward, we will reevaluate charter activity and adjust it to continue the thinning process. Charter Team Recently on the NCMT, we have taken on more members and are still open to fleshing out our roster a tad bit more! If the management of the communities of LOTC is something that interests you, or you feel that you have an idea that might help shape how we manage these systems going forward, I encourage you to make a World Team application! As side note, no system is without flaw and without criticism. As such, I encourage anyone who desires to express constructive criticism to do so by contacting me over discord. ((NCMT updates will continue to come out as needed to give updates to these implemented changes and our path forward.)) |Brought to you by the Charter Team, Kaelan__, Erik0821 , Cpt_Noobman, and Qizu.|
  6. Qizu Ugrad'Lur 127 Mau'Madur
  7. Ugrad'Lur would smile upon seeing the missive including Mau'Madur. "Ukee mi wihl brihng mi ologz as bodyguardz tho."
  8. RP Name : Basilio MC Username : Qizu Discord : Qizu#0001 Affiliated Nations : Irrinor / Paladins Why do you wish to come? : I am wishing to come on my paladin initiate to assist in helping my fellow initiates and paladins. Along with that, I am interested in collecting specimen of nature for my Taliame'onn seed for studies. This event would also be a great character development fof my wood elf.
  9. [Background/Origin] [Abilities/Spells] Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 [Red Lines] [Tier Progression] [Bibliography] [Contributors] The One and Only Qizu
  10. Nah, we aren’t beggining till February so that the Lag will be handled by then.
  11. The Joining of Clan Ogr, and Mau’Madur The Meeting In the deep caverns of Mau’Madur, a meeting took place between the Kezuhk, and a very… heft, fellow. Standing at 10 feet, 870 pounds and colored a dark green, known as the Tyrant of Clan Ogr, Zarok’Ogr met Ugrad at the bone alter among the shaman temple. The Pledge Among the documented presented by Ugrad, contained the obligations of Clan Ogr as they join Mau’Madur. Clan Ogr and its Ologs pledge to... Protect the Ruler, and overseer, Kezuhk of Mau’Madur. Defend the high council of Mau’Madur. Serve among the many other uruks who keep Mau’Madur running. Not Eat any Uruks even if they are Starving. Not Eat any Uruks if they are full. To keep the best interest of their clan in mind, shall a vote come upon the council in which they will be represented on. Signed, Kezuhk of Mau’Madur, Ugrad’Lur Tyrant of Clan Ogr, gruuuub Zarok’Ogr
  12. In response to the Gorkil Wargoth, Ugrad says “Funny ob latz tu blah daht. If mi remembuh, latz ran tu Irrinor for protekzhun after Oren zlaughtered tha urukz in krugmar. You once hid behiynd dem, and nowh latz inzult deir people? Guud luck fyndink relatzhunz wib them in the fuytur fohr krugmar!” from there, he shakes his head walking home in dissatisfaction.
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