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  1. As a climate change poster at school said, "Keep the world bussin' and stay bussin'." Courtesy of grade 7.

  2. ORENIAN COURT MAGE CORPS SECTION I The role of the Orenian Court Mage Corps is to serve the imperial household of oren with tasks that are needed to be completed in regards but not limited to, magical artifacts, undead or phantasmal presences, combat and defensive assistance, magical research, and issues or matters related to magical topics. The Corps will participate in artifact recoveries, and training with one another to better prepare for what may arise in the future. SECTION II This group is under the command of first, the Emperor/Empress, secondly the G
  3. "Dobrov" states Fiyem as he looks over the recent battlefield, seeing the bodies of decapitated goats that have littered the field and water's edge.
  4. Tobias Sarkozy would grumble from the darkness that surrounds him. He'd continue to stare at the stone wall before him in silence not really knowing what is going on back home in Providence.
  5. Discord Name: Qizu#5409 Skin: Druid Man Bid: 20 Mina
  6. What is one roleplay community you always wanted to try out, but could never force yourself to?
  7. Tobias would frown as he saw the news, "Oh GOD..." he says as a tear runs down his eyes. "I was just there, catching up with him... he was just-" he would be cut short. Fiyem upon hearing the news from afar would open a bottle of alcohol. "It is a shame. I always remembered going for drinks and gossip with George. He will be dearly missed.."
  8. Fiyem and Lomi would frown together as they hear of the news, "We, we never got to have our tea party.."
  9. THE DEFENDING OF PEOPLE OF THE FAITH A depiction of the slaughtering of Canonist in the city of Gamesh The topic of war and battle is often debated in the different clerical sects and even dioceses. Many men of the faith will find themselves seeking for any chance of peace in which they can amount for with any given conflict. As of current it is often said that the clergy does not participate in wars that are of political origin. However the question often arises of the participation of the clergy within the defensive stance within wars, especially the wars of past and prese
  10. And then threatening me about it..

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