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  1. "Is that so. ." A Nephilim spoke from the corners of the dwelling he resided in. A foul look rested upon his face that slowly faded into a smile.
  3. Deriving from the hearts of Norland, the Níðhöggr Warband stands proud as a bulwark against the dark that lingers within the far northern lands of Almaris. Purpose The purpose of the Níðhöggr is to defend the northern lands against that of darkspawn that seek to plague the souls of the descendants who linger within these lands. Members of this warband find themselves doing countless training, preparations, and missions in their endeavor to rid the plague that stains this world. They often only protect that of the North and disregard the lands to the south of them for they are unknown to the people of this warband. Members come from all walks of life so long as they adhere to the purposes that the Warband puts forth as a group, and actively participate in the warbands betterment. Soldiers are encouraged to grow strong within themselves and to become increasingly knowledgeable of the world. History The History of the Níðhöggr is rather unknown. The current descendents of the Warband only recently descended south from the far north in which they had once lived. Their current numbers are rather small though with them they carry some history. Long ago these members took upon themselves disguises as they placed themselves among civilizations of the world. Their eyes often hidden behind a mask as they observed the sins of the world running rampant before them. Oftentimes they will allow such sins to build and swelter before taking action. In times past they have found themselves growing extremely small as a result of their divine mandate. This mandate, being that they are to give their all even their lives to slay darkspawn persists to this day. During battle they are unable to retreat, unable to turn away even if one soldier stands before twenty for it is their sole purpose within this life and the next. Due to this, one unsuccessful mission could result in nearly the entire order being wiped out by strong forces. Rituals The Blooding Ritual - If an individual finds themself wishing to join the Níðhöggr Warband, they have one simple starting task. The seeking Member is set out into the world with nothing more than their armor and a weapon of their choosing. To join they are to seek out a darkspawn and sever their head from their body. Once this is done they must bring it back to the Warband and display it as a showing of their strength. If they are successful in this, they will undergo a special ritual in which they are branded and marked by the warband signifying their conjoining. The Ritual of Consumption - This practice is often disregarded by many of the world however it is one of the core beliefs of the Níðhöggr. Upon slaying a darkspawn, they believe that by consuming their bodies they will permanently rid the darkspawn from the world in which they exist, and destroying the power that once drove the dark force they had slain. By doing this they signify themselves within the Warband by showing not only their strength, but their willingness to do what must occur. Often they bathe in the blood of their fallen enemies rejoicing in their death and the cleansing of the world. The Oath of Persistence - Cowardice and Weakness are two qualities that are unwelcome within the warband. All members who find themselves completing the Blooding Ritual, serve an oath during every breath of their life. This oath being the Oath of Persistence. In battle warband members must fight to their very death. Any act of retreat, cowardice, or weakness will render them an execution on behalf of the Warband’s Hierarchy. They are to serve as the frontline against any inquisition regarding that of the dark. Fire and Blood - Fire and Blood are sacred materials among the warband. Through fire and blood they slaughter their enemies. They often use spells regarding flame, coat their armaments in fire, and wear the blood of their enemies. The appearance of members often is a tell of how much battle they have endured. Their beards and hair often stained a dark crimson ichor. Their weaponry and armor would be scarred from battle and even coated in ash. Rankings Rankings in the Níðhöggr are quite simple. At the top of the Níðhöggr lies the Warlords, whereas the rankings such as Warbosses, Warriors, and Recruits lie below them. Warlords - The Warlords of the Níðhöggr are members who have been within the warband not only the longest, but have proved their purpose and worth among the grouping. They are the commanders of the group and wear the helmet of the Warlord which is a helmet adorned in blood and horns. They are the strongest and most powerful among the grouping and direct the warbands proceedings. Warbosses - Warbosses are members who have proven their worth in battle and their ability to lead those below them. They are strong individuals who are given much trust within the grouping. Their capabilities, if used, will quickly lead them to that of the Warlord ranking through time and effort. Warriors - Warriors are general members of the warband. They are often newer members who have yet to ascend in the rankings, or they have been deemed weak and still need to prove themselves. Warriors are the life and blood of the Warband. Without them the warband itself would not exist. Recruits - Those who have not yet completed the Blooding Ritual find themselves within the Recruit ranking. They can still participate in the methods and tasks of the Warband, however if they have yet to prove themselves with such the simplest of tasks, they are incapable of ascending. Once they complete the Blooding Ritual however, they will be given armor, and a rank within the group.
  4. Located amidst the bustling city of Velec there lays a peculiar apothecary at the back of the town’s square. Within this apothecary travels will find an assortment of items. Whether it be remnants of a fallen beast, peculiar items, potions, quests, journeys, each and every thing you will encounter here has a story to tell. Bounty Board As you enter this shop, upon your left above the fireplace will be a marked bounty board. This bounty board provides travelers with an assortment of quests that they can complete for the shop owner, Rhaegal Roznikovic. Upon completion, one will need to find him for an award that resembles the quest at hand. This can be anything from an automaton craft, potions, secret knowledge, and more. Quests Should you be in need of a quest to further expand your knowledge and abilities within your life, you will certainly need to seek out a worker within the shop. Upon doing so they will give you a quest that will result in an award alongside what awards you find whilst on the quest. Some of the ones given so far revolve around finding magical seeds, collecting beasts, finding a certain reagent, and so on. Potions This shop has acquired itself a hefty collection of potions. Nearly all potions are able to be made should one ask, however within the shop there are premade potions available that are changed near daily. Be sure to check in once a day to check which stock is available for purchase. Automaton Crafts Automaton crafting is a beautiful work of art that helps many in dire need. Whether it be new limbs, eyes, or even a companion to guide you along your path all of this is available should one seek out the owner of the shop, or find one of his workers to pass along the message. Once a week a small automaton craft will be put for sale within the shop that goes off of a first come first serve basis. Knowledge There are many within this shop with great knowledge of the World. Should you wish to exchange recipes, learn more knowledge, or challenge one here in their philosophies each and every word carries more behind them. It is wise that you seek those who reside here out for your questions of the world. Whether it be the Aungudaemonic, the Canonical, Magicks, Engineering, Stories of War, anything is possible. The Adriatic Alchemist Guild With the recent developments of the City of Velec, it is key that those within it are also developing themselves. In light of this, those of the Wicked Thicket see it reasonable to host an Alchemist’s guild within the city’s walls. This guild is welcome to all alchemists and engineers who reside within the local region. Meetings will be held occasionally to speak on alchemic developments, new inventions, presentations, lessons of knowledge, and more. Once further developments and structure is initiated within this Guild, members will be asked to partake on quests, aid the local military with potions for the defense of the city, and attend other challenges that reveal themself in the future. It is important to note that this guild does welcome those who are not gifted in the alchemic arts, however the guild is not a ground for garnering yourself alchemy. You will need to do this upon your own accords to participate further in guild activities. If you are interested in joining, seek out Rhaegal Roznikovic.
  5. THE UM’EI OF THE HOLY TO THE RECIPIENT OF THIS SCROLL, Through your time within my brood, you have proven yourself to be strong and quite the challenger of what the majority of us deem as proper. You’ve attracted my attention and therefore your time has come to endure the trials of your Ordainment. May GOD bless you upon this journey and may you learn from your experiences you endure upon it. “For his flames are holy and pure they will burn the demons, the holy knights and more. For it is the fire of Him, the King, they are the cure.” TRIAL I The first of your many trials to come, will serve as a test of your endurance. You are to travel deep into the firelands until the flesh upon your legs swells and begins to wilt away. Here you will encounter many artifacts and creations of our people. You will encounter shrines, castles, towers, and more. Take your time here, embrace the history of our people and the path that lies before you. TRIAL II The second of your trials revolves around our ability to blend into our surrounding environments. For this trial you are to indulge yourself in the cultures of another. Whether it be Haenseti, Oyashiman, Elven, the culture does not matter so long as you learn from your experience within it. You are tasked to learn from this culture, perhaps a new trade, studying their religious beliefs, and so forth. It is key that our people know the methods of the world so that we can use them to our cause. TRIAL III The trial of combat. Here you are to seek out a Nephilim of your choosing and not only challenge them to a duel, but you must win this duel as well. Should you fail, you will try again until you are successful in your endeavors. I will instruct each of them to not hold back regarding this trial, and to use any means necessary to defeat you. TRIAL IV The fourth trial of your journey will be regarding your image as a Herald of Azdromoth. You must announce yourself amongst a city of individuals and preach the Word of Our Lord. Do this wisely and seek to right the wrongs of our past. Show them that the fires that burn within us are of balance - not of destruction and terror. TRIAL V The last of your trials is often morally challenging for many. This trial serves as a test of your faith in our cause and its reasoning that it has in the hearts of others. You are to seek a member of the sides coined ‘dark’ and ‘light’. Here you will trial them for their actions and seek to convince them to conjoin their inner flame with that of our own. Should they refuse such as you near the end of this trial you must slay them for their reluctance of penance.
  6. Atop a large pillar a Nephilim sat pondering the words of the missive, “Elven politics have corrupted my precious urukin. . . perhaps I shall help the Rex cleanse these vermin from his lands.”
  7. “Ding! Dong! Willy tha’ Billy Goat is Gone!” cried out a Goblin from afar!
  8. Lair PRO MC Name: Qizu Lair Name: Uruloki Lair Members: Qizu, creamynoteblock, rukio, Tabby64, TreasonSeason, Diogenerate, kindEmperor, ItemVendor, outcook, high_fire, lordoflosers, Sug Proposed Lair Locations (Highlight/draw at least three on the map): Lair Lore (supply link to an existing creature or other lore if being used as basis for this lair) (1000 words minimum): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ArT1DkwFBfB7L4z7zp4vrLH8rVcIpUxarNeSm0ykwNw/edit?usp=sharing Lair Build and Infrastructure (photos required, give dimensions): I am waiting to see what location we would get if accepted to begin building, however we intend on a tower/castle like structure with lots of gears, engineering aesthetics, flora, and draconic features. Update : WIP Photo Why can this group not fulfill their roleplay niche in an existing settlement or nation? (Give a detailed answer and examples of how this has not worked in the past.): In times past I have had many troubles working within nations as having a Nephilim group within them brings them many troubles and even warclaims that permanently damage the nation. It is not viable for a nation to host a larger Nephilim group within them as it puts a large target on their back. As per the other two Nephilim lairs, my group is vastly different from theirs in our approach of roleplay. We are significantly different in our beliefs, our relations, and how we enjoy roleplay. Alongside that in the past there has been conflict with these groups that I feel would continue should we move in with either of them. Having our own lair would put the target off of the back's of nations and allow us to do more with our roleplay outside of wearing disguises 24/7 whilst in them. How does this lair add to the greater world around it? How will its existence benefit its roleplay group and the server at-large?: Throughout time Azdrazi and Heralds have been significant contributions to the server's story. It is key that there are groups engaging players and making the server's story more exciting. I feel that if my group has a lair, I can continue efforts I have put together in the past whilst taking what I have learned from my mistakes back then into account. With this new group of Heralds and Nephilim rpers, I feel as if we have quite the good shot at providing a resourceful, and exciting group for people to interact with. I would like to expand this group, more heralds, more rpers, however such attention is not something that I can ask a Nation Leader to allow.
  9. What do you think would be fair for the spells?
  10. This spell was carried over from current lore so I am sure the ST have an answer, however I added a redline regarding your question.
  11. "Physiology - The body of a corrupted Nephilim is quite unique in nature. Their appearance resembles a struggle between undeath and the true nature of a Nephilim. Their flesh and organs grow decayed and their body resembling their descendent-self, only to be smothered with black or violet fires that surround their bodies. They have two large bone-like horns on their head, and some have also attained bone-like tusks, giving them a maximum of four horns. These horns have no practical function and will crumble easily in combat. These creatures lack visible organs, with their insides replaced with black flames. As they lack vital organs, they cannot be harmed by illness, venom, or poison, but they are weaker in durability and can be harmed by cold temperatures or freezing environments."
  12. I will likely be adding / reworking spells in the morning.
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