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  1. A depiction of the recent battle between Un’Satum and Balian. THE BATTLE OF GYBOHT Through the course of the entirety of Un’Satum’s existence, they have been met with naught but daggers and blades pressed against their throats from the Kingdom of Balian. Countless times they have spun lies, attempted to rally forces outside our lands, intrude upon our claims, threaten those who seek to ally us, threaten to declare war upon us, and threaten to kill us all. However, countless times they have failed to follow through with any of these threats. Why is it that their bloodthirst is aimed upon our people? Nevertheless, it is time that such bloodlust is finally answered. Whilst they sit among their ‘prestigious’ walls and slander our people, we saw an opportunity to answer their callings of war. Entering their city with minimal resistance, our forces captured an essential part of the Balianite machine: a Princess. After which we had returned to our lands and put her in captivity as we awaited for the men of Balian to come and save her. And alas, they had come. However, even with their rallies of Petrans, Farfolk, Balianites, and more, they failed to step even a foot inside our camp. One by one, we began to cut their forces down as the battle ran long into the night. Their soldiers grew tired, and they began to beg us for mercy in the means of a skirmish between their best soldiers and ours. Given that we are of the blood of KRUG, their best soldiers didn’t stand a chance, being wiped out without a single drop of blood from our men. It was here that the humans abandoned their princess that we had captured. They became cowards, giving up on rescuing her and leaving her to die. Despite this, we are not orcs of dishonor, as allowed her to return home safely after we treated her wounds that she had endured during her capture. However, we say this onto those who had embraced defeat at our doorsteps: ~ Your unwarranted warmongering and bloodthirsting will no longer go unanswered. Should you continue, battles akin to the one in which your men fled off in retreat will continue to happen. This is a warning, to cease your aggression towards the land of Un’Satum.
  2. if you are interested in playing a robot dm me : )

    1. Peralien


      Hi can I aggressively both powergame and metagame? 😊

  3. Qizu

    The Pompourelian

    “Good work boys!” cried out a Nephilim upon reading the advertisement.
  4. As one of the few that witnessed the occurrence of Alucard's death he spent the night grieviing within his room. Throwing items across, destroying everything in his sight in a fiery rage as he did this. "Why? Why? Why? I was going to save you, but you f*cking took that from me!" he shouted out into the walls of the castle he resided within. After calming himself the creature sat alone in the corner of his room weeping, before him destruction and wrath.
  5. Qizu


    "You fool." replied a Nephilim reading the ramblings, "When the cycle completes, those who made pacts with him will be drawn into his realm and serve as cattle for him to feast on. Such was said by him himself, you are but a fool. As per the regards of demons and the end of all, he is no demon but a spirit of another realm. Perhaps you will enjoy being a cow when the time comes."
  6. Warchief Plank nods in approval of the story as he heard Papir tell it onto the lands.
  7. “Didn’t you make a pact with the Azdrazi, allow me to erect a settlement within your lands for azdrazi, work alongside me for many elven months, allow Skaatchnak to make a pact with Azdromoth himself that was still in existence upon his death, and now proceed to ignore the fact that darkspawn raiding your city are worse than a casualty of war” asked Morur’ei.
  8. ((Im confused why are our dms being put on here after you guys asked for people to talk on discord instead of forums ))
  9. ((I didn’t post anything lol))
  10. In a distant land Morur’ei applauds when he reads the flier on a nearby dock!
  11. A man reads the paper with a snicker, "How odd is it, that people will believe the words of darkspawn instead of their very kin."
  12. Across the lands of Un'Satum, a horn blared through the city awakening all. Orcs and goblins alongside resident knights and warriors began to gather at the walls of the city, awaiting for any challengers to come.
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