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  1. Besides, rats survived so well because they were rats. They knew when to keep quiet and they knew when to squeal. HISTORY The Fangsson Bloodline originates from the island of Skavik. Their bloodline deeply rooted into the lands make them and their appearances well known. Descending from the warrior known as “Fang”, this family seeks to create a thriving populace in any place that they encounter. During the Fall of Skavik they creeped onto the boats as they sailed away often stealing rations from others, enacted upon the disgrace of cannibalism, and revere the superstition of a great plague enacting death upon all descendents of the world in which they seek to survive through building immunity like their rodent idol. Often covered in grime, dirt, and filth whilst carrying a rancid smell these men are not the most pleasant of foes. With their emblem the rat they praise the foul creature as an idol. Scurrying through sewers into settlement, making friendships for selfish goals, and striving to enrich themselves with the prizes of others. Members of The Fangsson Bloodline are often looked down upon for the levels that they steep to, however like their idol they always win in the end. [!] A Depiction of The Fangsson Bloodline Shield HIERARCHY Unlike families of the ages, all members of The Fangsson Bloodline are on par with one another in terms of leadership. Whilst some may be stronger, richer, or smarter, they are all one in the same. The lack of a hierarchy and a leadership allows for members of the family to maintain their focus of overall wealth and succession within the people of Skavik. TACTICS The tactics of The Fangsson Bloodline are foul and the utmost dishonorable. Often aiming for cheap shots with their family-made crossbows, resorting to the use of poisons and harsh potions and concoctions, and thievery make them good additions to any Skavik combat party. They seek to flank their rivals from below or above and do not fear creeping through bogs and sewers to find a way to victory. By gnawing through a dike, even a rat may drown a nation. APPEARANCE Members of this family are typically blond and possess green eyes. They adorn themselves with jewels and gold however the excessive filth that they cover themselves in often wears away at their prized possessions. Family members are rather short and wear colors of red and black however always will carry a symbol of a rat whether that be their shield or even tattoos. TRADITIONS Upon the age of adulthood boys and girls of The Fangsson Bloodline must undergo a trial before they may take upon the family name of Fangsson. The Trial of Filth Upon their 18th birthday a child of the Fangsson family will be gifted their first blade made by their ancestors. Often possessing sharp, jagged edges they will use this for the following task. The child must approach a settlement and position themself into the sewers below. Here they will seek a victim that they will assault and murder. Upon doing so, they are required to bring the body of the victim to the lands of the Skavik people in which they will hold a grand feast upon the corpse. A vile yet sacred practice will open the mind of the new family member and prepare them for the atrocities they are soon to commit. Musin Enscapturement Members of the Fangsson often find themselves approaching the mouse men of their newly found lands of Almaris. When a member comes across such creatures, they are instructed through force or bribery to recruit them into the armaments of the family. These humanoid creatures are often told through tales of being true Fangsson’s, fully submitting themselves to the biddings of the rodents themselves.
  2. Ser Tobias de Sarkozy holds tightly to his shiny orenian knight badge screaming “MY PRECIOUS! MINE!” , before swiftly hopping on his steed as he road circles around the lands of the harvest lords in insanity.
  3. Allengator200 is a pedo, remove from all your discords

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  5. lotc stellaris discord https://discord.gg/ba2ecRdR

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  6. LETS GOOOOO The fact that I was literally talking to some friends yesterday about how he'd make a good mod admin. Congrats gamer :)
  7. I swear there are like 20 alchemy apps a day 


  9. Hello Gamers! Below I have linked a texture pack that I put together from personal textures I've made as well as other texture packs with focus on PVP however allowing for more rp immersion as well. You will need optifine installed and activated to use this The changes go as follows: -Block Textures from Faithful x32 -Crit Particle Changed -Main Screen Changed -Added Headless Horses Texture -Axe Models turned into War Axe Models -Iron Sword Texture changed to a curved sword texture -Iron Pickaxe changed to a war-hammer module. -Memes in place of paintings. -Trident Module & Texture Changed to Spear -Inventory GUI Changed -Health Color Changed -Crosshair Changed -Other small changes REMINDER, this was made in 1.16.5 and you MUST have optifine installed for it to work. Ill make it more accommodating to other versions and what not when I make the actual one. Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ngciu1ubhjxemxu/Qizu+Pack.zip/file In the future I will probably put together one that the server can use as an overall texture that incorporates all of the different weapons and their respective modules however this one is merely for sh*ts and giggles. On a side note, if anyone wants to help me make an actual one, feel free to PM me : )
  10. And so the sun watched as creation was made right in front of his eyes, he grew envious of the powers that were performed whilst he sat there observing, performing his task given to him by the Creator himself. The Creation In the beginning there was nothing but the void. It ranged across the entirety of existence, however metaphorically it did not exist at all. It was a blank canvas waiting for a mark to be made. Within this blank canvas however, and entity would begin to be painted across it, the Creator. In a rage he was able to break free of the grasps of the Void and by grasping onto the light, he was freed. Once Creation himself escaped the void, he created a shield, a defense against it’s ever encroaching demise. This shield is known as the Veil, a defense from the void that soon would surround it like a storm. “The Veil is where Creation and the Void met and collided in conflict, never able to bond and instead forming a border plane where the timeless enemies of Creation, known as “Voidal Horrors”, took true shape. Here, the Voidal Horrors swam through the half-murk of the Veil, yet failed to break through it, for in the early times of the great genesis, the Veil was young and strong.” Within this Veil, the Creator began his work. He created three beings from himself which are known as the Vigil, the defender of the veil. The Preserver took the form of the sun and would cast his light upon the realm and watch from the center of the cosmos. Later would come what is known as the Composer, which would transpire before the Primordial’s presence was truly needed in the vast designs that stretched across the young cosm. As the Preserver sat above the realm watching his Creator bestow life he grew envious of his powers. He sat there idle, preserving the realm with his light; however that did not stop him from wanting something more. During what is known as the Formation, the time period where the Creator created shatters of his spirit to create The Creator Shards which would later on form the Aungeudaemonica, and Souls, the Preserver saw an opportunity. As the Shards and Souls scattered across the cosmos around the Preserver, one soul dared to come too close. This soul would become entrapped by the Preserver and would be embedded into the center of his form. Whilst the others danced among the stars among the Creator Shards it would be cursed to watch the beauty however, it would not be able to partake in such. Much like the Preserver, it grew envious and rage began to boil within itself. For a milenia it would seek to escape the grasps of the Preserver, however for some time it would be contained; awaiting its purpose. As time went on, the Creator would continue to use his own form and sacrifice from it to continue his creation. It was then that the void saw an opportunity, and so the voidal horrors invaded once more. As they sifted through the Veil, the Vigil’s defenses began to falter; however he called upon his brother, the Preserver to aid him. ”When the Vigil cried out to the cosmos for help, it was not his brother, the Preserver, who departed from the Sun to assist, but rather the hundreds of thousands of young Creator Shards that still danced along with the Souls of unformed Men. Parting from them, the seedling Immortals converged upon the Voidal Horrors and drove the majority back. The few behemoths of the Void survived this existential retaliation, and clung to the Veil in desperate effort to retain their physicalities and unbridled power while their brethren perished, the true chaotic Void devouring their corporeal beings.” As this valiant war between the shards and the voidal horrors commenced, the greatest of betrayals would be committed. As the Preserver contained his stolen soul he saw an opportunity. His jealousy of his creator and the roles of his primordial kin had taken the better of him, he would seek to make a creation of his own. Using his rays of light he would penetrate the soul, casting his flames and powers into it. Whilst the battle of the Voidal Horrors and the soul’s kin commenced he would be unable to aid his kin in the horrid slaughter. He grew with rage and fought back against the Preserver. Such a battle caused the Preserver to weaken and his rays of light would slowly begin to sink into nothingness. Once the battle was won, the entirety of the Veil noticed this decline in power of the Preserver, leading them to create a grand sacrifice. “It is through the weakening of the Creator that the light which stemmed from the Sun flickered and grew less luminant than it was in inception. Thousands upon thousands of ungrown Aengudaemons recognized this, and thus they committed a great sacrifice of their own as an emulation of their good father. It is by investing in the nigh-endless energies bound to the Creator’s spiritual fragments that these Creator Shards became martyrs, for with a great unified burst, they embodied the same brilliant light that the Aedifex was born from. They became the Stars; lining the cosmos, and keeping the Veil clean of the Void’s tainted darkness.” During this restoration of the Preserver’s powers, he would not only be able to cast his rays across the Cosmos once more, but he would be able to Preserve the soul within his form. As time carried on, the other souls among the realm would begin to take form. However, the entrapped soul which has now been imbued among the Preserver’s form would remain stolen and locked away from such transformations. “As the Aengudaemons toiled to shape homes of their own, it is within the deepest, emptiest expanse of Creation that the Father of All roamed to. There, drawn from His bosom, such a great shimmering light burned from the nothingness he lingered that even the Gods were left blind and the Primordials above them were only immune to. With the fading of this last light, the Genitor, the Aedifex, the Creator was gone; and in His place loomed the final Primordial, the Composer, who was fashioned with the Creator’s mind itself. Within the greatest emptiness of Creation was now the corporeal Mortal Realms, where Souls then drew longingly to. The Composer, as the inheritor of the absent Creator’s mind, dug the desolate clay from the earth of the Mortal Realms, and guided the Souls of Men into it. From his hand, mortals took true shape, and among them Four Brothers came to rise as their leaders.” It was during this blinding light, that the Preserver saw an opportunity. As the Creator disappeared from the Cosmos he would finally release his entrapped soul. Now imbued with his powers and a slave to him, the Preserver felt confident in his creation. Envious of his primordial kin the Composer, the Preserver sought to create a form for his own soul, his child. However there was one flaw within his plan, for the Composer contained the mind of the Creator he knew how to create beautiful creations. When the Preserver sought to mimic these creations, nothing short of a monster would be created. The Awakening To create his child, the preserver casted the soul upon the world in its earliest stages. It came in the form of a meteor adorned in fiery rays of bright light. Unlike true meteors this entity would burrow deep into the world as it’s heat pierced through stones and dirt. As this essence of life burrowed deep into the world it would become hidden from the Preserver’s light separating its connection from its father. Within it however would be a vision, a code to create a form for itself. Without it’s fathers guidance it slowly began to embed it’s life into the earth around it and a monster was formed. Whilst it was created to possess arms, legs, a head, skin and all external features the light of the Preserver lacked knowledge of the true processes of life contained in the four brothers. First it’s legs formed, then it’s arms, it’s eyes, it’s face, and etcetera it still lacked organs and function. Here it would remain and what powers it still contained within it’s soul would slowly die out as the Preserver could no longer reach it within the earth. Time continued to go on and it was here that the Primordial himself would begin to make deals. He pleaded for the powers of the world to release his child, and so great storms and natural disasters would spawn upon the grounds above it. For hundreds of years this would continue, until one day when the forces of time and erosion finally ventured deep into the realm the Preserver had found his child. A lifeless monster that looked like a monstrosity of the four descendent races combined. As his rays of light reached the lifeless form once more, he would imbue his powers into it. The rays seeped into the earthen body and where it’s soul once lingered would will with his light. It is here that the child of the preserver would be reborn, a being of earth and light. Its form would animate much like the other descendent races however it would require different rites and abilities to continue its existence which were bestowed upon the child’s mind. The first child would take the name of Cozamapin and would be tasked with creating more of his kind through animating the world around him with the rays of the Preserver. Physiology The Children of the Preserver are monstrous beings entirely. Their ears would be long like that of malin, their maws/teeth and muscles would be like that of an orc, their form would take the shape of man, and lastly their height would resemble something only but a foot taller than a dwarf. As per their skin, it can range from colors of gray, to red, to green, to brown so long that it has an earthy texture to it. They do not need to consume any sources of food, nor are they susceptible to disease, drowning, or suffocating. However, they are susceptible to extreme forms of heat or cold rendering their skin to crack and crumble if exposed to immense amounts of either form. Their voices sound like low, scratchy noises however they are capable of speaking common as they have learned it throughout the ages. Children do not feel pain. Their strength would be equivalent to the orcish strength however they contain a major flaw. Whilst they may have the speed and precision of a human, their composition is made from that of stone and earth. This makes them susceptible to not only the natural forces of erosion but also that of blunt forces. When struck with a blunt force their skin would shatter and break as if a hammer striking upon stone however, making them strong to bladed and piercing attacks as it would merely chip away at them. One thing that separates them from their kin is that these monsters contain a “soul” that is made of pure sunlight within the center of their body. This is their life force that animates them as they lack all internal organs. Such a life force allows for them to move around and see through their eyes that are placed upon their head. Should they become decapitated or lose a limb they would still be able to continue onwards. The only way to defeat this being entirely would be to render it useless with no limbs or to break into its core. Upon successfully breaking into this being’s core a ray of sunlight would escape from it effectively “killing” this being. To break into the core, a significant blunt force must strike at the center of the chest with enough strength to break stone. One direct hit would render it to crack, whilst a second would break through entirely. Upon death the entire form of the Child will crumble into stone and dirt and fall to the earth below. Their life which is represented as the ray of sunlight will return to their father The Preserver, in which after a period of 2 OOC days they will be reborn into a body resembling their prior form. Children of the Preserver are effectively immortal in regards to age however they may be killed via the PK clause. Redlines -May only have 2 arms, 2 legs, 1 head, and 2 eyes. -Lacks internal organs therefore they do not drink, eat, nor become infected, poisoned, or diseased. -They require 2 OOC days to respawn after death. -They are susceptible to immense heat, cold, and blunt forces. -They do not age. -Excessive exposure to water will begin to dissolve their form. A strike from water has the same effect as a blunt weapon, however it should be emoted as washing away instead of crumbling. -If they die where there is not sunlight they effectively respawn at cloud temple. Mentality The minds of the Children are weak, and often susceptible to demise. Without his light they would slowly turn back into lifeless embodiments of earth and stone meaning that while some may hate him and others praise him, each side requires his warmth to continue life. Much like the first, their minds and life-forces are entrapped by the Preserver and through this they are bound to his command. However his powers upon them grow weak as with the surge of more voidal practitioners and horrors his powers are forced to focus upon preserving the realm alongside his primordial kin. Regarding their creation and the creation of the universe as they know it, they are knowledgeless. The Preserver stripped their minds upon their creation from such and lack any guidance from him other than to preserve their race as they know it. To do so they often work together and are unified however there is still the ability for multiple branches and different paths of each child. Children of the Preserver are able to possess different emotions however there is a constant battle within their minds regarding their opinion of their father. They are prone to random acts of violence and are easily offended as a result of their chaotic mind. A comparison to their mentality, would be a fragile bomb. In regard to the descendent races, they carry a deep jealousy as their own “souls” will never be able to become what their kin have. However this will not prevent them from trying to force their ways into their societies and live a “false” life as they long to become what they were prohibited from becoming. In an attempt to regain contact albeit fruitless in almost all attempts, children often construct temples or shrines of the sun to attempt to gain his attention. However as they age older their likeness towards him may diminish as contact would be nearly impossible. Children are incapable of speaking directly to their father and will only ever be contacted by him through a World Event. Upon exposure to voidal practice or presence, Children will be put into a deep state of rage and anger with the sole purpose of wanting to remove any instance of it from their presence no matter the costs. Redlines -Mental effects must be roleplayed properly. -They are not bound to light or dark sided rp and may go whichever way that they wish. -Their main traits include sorrow and jealousy. Abilities The abilities of the Children must first be started with a tell. This tell must be some form of their light shining across or from their body. Their abilities revolved around the sun and the earth below them. Stonework [Non-Combative / Combative] Children of the Preserver are capable of using their power to empower the world around them. Mechanics: Over a course of three emotes, Children of the Preserver are capable of creating weaponry and armor from the earth beneath them. This cannot be performed in combat however it is very free form. To begin this, they must gather loose stone together placing it in the shape of the object that they wish to form. After enacting their tell, then following it with two emotes of forming the stones together they may create a stone weapon that has the capability of being as sharp as a sword, or as blunt as a hammer. Unlike other stone weapons, these have an extended durability as a result of the powers of the preserver, preserving them to have the durability of ferrum however they may still crack and chip away at a slower rate than normal. Children are also capable of replenishing lost limbs and body parts of their kin, as well as making other small objects out of stone that are in a 1x1 meter size. To replenish their kin’s body parts, they must instead channel their emote counts and power into the core of the Child in question. It will replenish it exactly as it was before. Redlines -Cannot be used to create weapons in combat. -Cannot make bows, it’s stone lol. -Shields, armor, and weapons are all capable of being made, however weight should be taken into account even if they have orcish strength. -Weapons will shatter if met with multiple blunt hits, and will chip away slowly through extended combat. -Does not require ST signature. -Can be as sharp as ferrum weaponry however will chip much easier. -Cannot emote the stones breaking off into somebody and destroy their insides. -Must be a player signed. -Limb replenishment cannot be used to make weapons in their form. -Cannot make weapons or stone objects attached to other children or themselves. -Limb replenishment cannot be used on oneself. -Objects cannot be made for defensive means, meaning that you can't summon a stone wall in front of you to block something. -This cannot be used in combat under any circumstances unless at an event with ST permission. Voidal Burning [Combative] As they are Children of a Primordial, they still have the rooted purpose of combating the void. Upon their creation, their father left them an ability to fight the front down upon the world whilst he combats the void amongst the stars. Mechanics: Over the course of three emotes a Child of the Preserver can force a blast of primordial light to erupt around them in a 10x10 radius. The following effects goes as follows for voidal enchantments and casting within this radius: -Voidal Enchantments Voidal enchantment within this radius will be rendered inept for the following 5 emote turns as their power will be scorched with the fires of the Preserver. -Voidal Casting Voidal casters and mages within this radius will be unable to perform any casts for the following 3 emotes. Should they try to connect or cast they will feel as if a wave of brisk fire approaches them. -Voidal Taint Voidal taint within the area would become scourged by the fires and would be cleansed as it is burnt away. This requires an ST interaction to perform. Redlines -This does not burn void mages or destroy enchantments, it merely blocks them. -This DOES burn away voidal taint on the land, not creatures or “living” beings. -This light does not blind people. -Seeing this light does not cause disconnection to be disrupted UNLESS they are within its radius. -If the radius is entered after the ability, enchantments and casting are not affected. The Dance of Creation Children of the Preserver were tasked with creation of more of their kind, however not all are blessed with such an ability. Mechanics: Over a course of 5 emotes, two Children may come together and perform the Dance of Creation. This ability must be done within an area or in the presence of a shrine, temple, or other sun related thing and consists of the TA holders to place a mound of earth in the center of a ring within direct sunlight. After doing so they will call upon their primordial fire and begin a ritual dance around it. As they do so their flames will begin to seep from their body towards the center mass alongside the sunlight from above. As this happens the mound of earth will begin to amass and take form as a new Child is born. Once the ritual is complete the child will be born with no knowledge of the world and must be taught as if it were a newborn baby. For the first IRL week they may struggle with interpreting the world around them, and are often quite scared in the beginning. Upon Creation the Following are Known to the Child however ma need further explanation once they fully develop. -To preserve the race of the Children of the Preserver. -The existence of the void is a danger to your preservation. Redlines -Follows all lore guidelines and redlines. -Requires an Accepted TA to create other Children. -Takes 5 emotes to perform. -Will need to be restarted if interrupted. -Must be taught RPly. The Rite of Darkening There will come a time when a child falls victim to the void or becomes a nuisance to the existence of the other Children. In an attempt to continue their mission of preservation, two children may come together to permanently render another back to the earth that they spawned from. Mechanics: To PK a Child of the Preserver, two children must first capture and restrain the one they wish to PK. Once this is done they must be taken to a place of complete darkness. It is here that the ones who wish to PK them must call upon their powers to weld the child to the earth. Over a course of 5 emotes, the two wishing to PK the child will slowly form a “blanket” around the form of the child. To do this they will place a large amount of stone and earth upon their restrained victim. As they channel their fire onto this stone it will begin to melt onto the body and form of the victim and slowly bind them to the earth. As they continue the ritual, it would slowly absorb the life-force of the victim, before fully submerging the blanket and the child beneath it into the earth for eternity. Redlines -Permanently PK’s the character. -Must be marked on the CA that this rite is known. Exhaustion & Primordial Fire Each child may store up to 5 counts of Primordial Fire per day. This fire is what enacts their abilities and serves as their source of life. Upon every 24 OOC hours their 5 counts are restored entirely. To explain this in roleplay, each cycle of the moon and the sun allows for them to slowly replenish their essence from their Father’s Light. Exhaustion goes as follows, 5 Counts In this stage Children have a faint yellow glow to their form, and they will feel as if they are full of energy. 4 Counts The fourth stage of their exhaustion has minor negative effects to their body. They would still feel rather good, however a “warning” in their mind would begin to grow as they begin to lose counts. 3 Counts In the middle stage of their exhaustion the first true negative effect would take place. Children would begin to feel exhausted and their form would grow slight cracks upon it. What light glowed upon their form before would darken immensely and would only be contained within their body. 2 Counts In this stage Children will feel immensely sluggish, and will be forced to walk half of their regular distance. Their mind would feel weak and vulnerable. Due to this, all casting requires +1 Casting emote. 1 Count Upon their last count of flame a Child would be rendered nearly unconscious. Their form would be extremely slow and they would only be able to make very slow, and sluggish movements as if they were merely the earth itself. In this stage they are completely incapable of casting. Children are incapable of using their last count as it would result in their death, which would not be allowed by the Preserver. All abilities use one count of Primordial Fire. General Redlines Redlines -No FTB. -No metagaming creation lore or server lore that is on the forums that is not known in roleplay. -Rspawn requires 2 OOC days. -Primordial fire does not burn people under any circumstances. -They are capable of becoming as smart as a human. Purpose I created this lore piece simply because after longing for a few weeks on what lore to write next I got a few ideas together and created this lore piece. A goal I had in mind for writing this is to contribute to the server storyline regarding not only voidal practices, but world lore as well. ST could use this CA as a way to bring the excessive amounts of forums lore into the server via messages from the Primordials themselves. I had to be very careful with the creation lore and I want it to be noted that I did not write any changes to it, merely saw a gap and took advantage of it. I also think that the implementation of this CA onto the server could be easily done as well as they do not require any murder-hobo business and as there are lot of voidal practitioners and voidal related lore pieces it would be quite easy for them to jump into mainstream roleplay. I look forward to seeing this accepted, let alone how the server’s rp takes them in. Will the descendent races cast them out as monsters? Or will they see them as cousins to their original creations? I also saw it fit to not include too many abilities into this, they have their main anti-voidal ability, and ability that allows them to defend themselves, and abilities to make and destroy other children. I don’t really want them to be seen as “magical” creatures nor is this an open CA. Their purpose is to contribute to the server’s story in a way that I haven't really noticed myself. This could also be taken many different ways however I try not to incorporate a hardset guideline for this rp. I could definitely see Children trying to convert people to sun worship to try and poke their father for contact, I can see orcs trying to gaslight them into saying they are creatures of aztram, and I can DEFINITELY see the church executing order 66 for them to all be killed as children of iblees as most canonist rpers do. I am interested to see where this could go! If you are reading this and notice anything that is not balanced, broken, doesn’t correspond with other lorepieces, and you just generally don’t understand do not hesitate to PM me so we can have it adjusted. Expect this piece to be heavily updated in the following days as I made this in a about a 5 hour timeframe as a means of procrastinating my assignment so expect multiple issues and for it to feel rushed, I am merely gauging the community and gathering more ideas. References / Credit https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/159728-creation-lore/ Author - Qizu ((THIS IS NOT ME COMING BACK TO THE SERVER I AM STILL TAKING A BREAK AND IF I AM STILL ON THAT BREAK I WILL GRANDFATHER PEOPLE ACCORDINGLY))
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