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  1. As Veris was told the news by Twilight, tears rushed his eyes as he began choking on his very words trying to escape his mouth, “I.... I never got to... call her mom.” he would say before looking up at the moon above as tears begin to pour from his eyes.
  2. Lang-Baolei would shed a tear upon reading this missive, “Baolei will always remember our few sea adventure.” he would say wiping his tear away with a frown.
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    Cya man! You are a pretty nice guy and I hope everything goes well!!
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    Clan Lur

    “Glozag Votar!” For The Hunt! The Lurs are not footmen, they are hunters. The Only thing important to a Lur is the hunt and the clan. They spend most of their time in the wilds, almost exclusively spending time among the animals and hunting in the great jungles and deserts of the orcish territories. The Lur Clan was formed by Lur, one of the four sons of Krug. The clan has a long history in Orcish culture, standing itself alongside the Gorkil and Azog clans as some of the longest in existence. A standing tradition in the Lur clan are the roles of Lur -- the Fist, Trickster, Sword, Wolf, and Axe. Each role had a specific purpose in Lur's life, and thus serves as a reminder in the current clan honors.The Lurs are not footmen, they are hunters. The hunt is the most important thing for a Lur. To prove themselves in the hunt is what all young Lurs wish to do. The Lurs have a bond to The Great Lur wolves. The Great Lur wolves are huge beasts that only obey the Lur clan. Lur and his Lurwolf Along with hunting, lurs are master beast tamers. Whether it be a simple canine being, or even the scaddernak Lurgoi himself they are the best of the best. Trained as a kub to take advantage of the nature that Freygoth provides them, they spend countless hours living among the beasts of the lands. Taming and using these beasts come with great skill, only a select few lurs are able to master this talent. Along with beast-taming, there are many other skills that lurs tend to take up. These skills are usually depending on the bloodline, but can change to the orcs interest. Lurs are also most of the time quiet and stoic, from the moment they wake, they devote themselves to the perfection of whatever they pursue. Every Lur strives to perfect the hunt and the rise. They have a strict code of conduct and believe in honor above all. Lurs are usually smaller than other Orcs but they are much quicker and much more agile. The weapon of choice varies from bloodline to bloodline but all Lurs are masters of the spear. Popular spirits that are worshipped among the Lur Clan include: Votar the Spirit of the Hunt, Freygoth the Spirit of Nature, and Arwa the Spirit of Farming and Fertility. “These am passed down to lats, kubbie. Now run, da hunt begins shortly.” Oath to Lur Lurs promise to always serve Lur, the clan and Krug. They make their oaths on the great Spear of Lur.They believe that their spirits are bound to the spear and the Lur that owns the spear can call upon all Lurs who have made the vow. Birth and Young Age Lur cubs are taken to the lair of the wolves, where all Lur wolves have taken as their lair. If the wolves accept the cub then he is truly a Lur. If not the cub is not of Lur blood the wolves will destroy him. Coming of Age When Lur cubs reach the age of 9 years they are introduced to a Lur wolf cub. The Lur and its wolf are sent to the wilds to survive while 2 Lur wolves hunt them down. This is to prove that the time of weakness is over, they are no longer prey, it is time to be strong, to be the hunter. The wolf cub and the Lur are bound together not only as rider and mount but as brothers, elder Lurs have grown so close to their wolves they can hear each other's thoughts. Once a lur wolf dies, a Lur shall never tame one again, as an act of respect for failing these beasts. However shall the orc die, the lur wolf will be slain, and laid to rest with the orc. The Hunt of the Betrayed In honour of those who died during the Clan Wars the Lur go on a great hunt where the Lurs use black spears and arrows. The beast that are killed in the hunt are put in a great bonfire where they are sacrificed to the spirits ones who were murdered in the Clan wars. A Lur and their Lurwolf on the prowl The Festival of “Da Gajutars Dahamab” A dead festival, the last one was done before the Clan Wars. In that festival was where 75% of the Lurs were killed. This festival is based on celebrating the beginning of the Great Hunt of Lur. Lurs from all parts of the Lur lands used to flock to the city of San’Lur. Death of a Lur or Lur Wolf When a Lur or his Wolf are killed in the hunt or in battle their bodies are brought to their ancestral lands and then burnt. Their ashes go to the wind and will always ride in the wind. The Lur believe that when they die they go to a great plains of the spirit realm where they will hunt with Lur for all eternity. Trial of the Hunt Shall a lur or anyone else under lur rule break a code or do an act against the lur clan, they shall be trialed by hunt. The commiter of such crimes will be armed and set out into the night. The rest of the clan will spend time preparing for the hunt that is about to begin. Once they are ready, they set out to hunt down the accused in hopes to find them, and slay them. However shall they be caught, they will serve as a sacrifice to Votar, as he chose to bless the hunters more then that hunted. Though if you survive, your crimes shall be vanquished as the spirit of Votar has been pleased with your performance. The Vow I sweat that I will ride like the wind, hunt like the wolf and kill like my ancestors before me. My weapon belongs to Lur, my body belongs to Lur, my life belongs to Lur. I am loyal above all to Lur, I will die for Lur. I forsake my land, wealth and glory, all that is mine belongs to my clan. Only when in great need will a Lur hunt the weak. For there is no honour in hunting and killing something that presents no challenge to hunt and kill. A Lur will always seek strong prey, as the prize is greater and he becomes stronger in doing so. Never to hurt or kill another Lur outside of an honour duel. Obey the leader of the hunt (Wargoth of the Lur clan) with no hesitation. He was chosen by the elders and by Lur himself. Never try to take the position of another Lur for your own personal gain. The Clan always comes first. “I looked in Raguk road and saw a black wolf, ridden by the Wargoth. It sprung upwards and ripped a dear from a metal hook; it’s fangs were like swords and it’s claws were daggers; it’s fur was like the night’s sky. ” Wargoth The Lur clan is ruled by a Wargoth who is chosen by either a klomp or unanimously elected by the elders of the Lur. The Wargoth must always listen to the advice that the Clan father will give, the clan father is usually the oldest and most wisest Orc in the clan. Chieftain The second in ranking of the lur clan. They serve directly under the wargoth and have almost as much say in things as the wargoth does. They are tasked with keeping the clan in shape and ready to act if needed. Packmaster Tasked with keeping the beasts of the clan in check and maintain them at all times. They are also tasked with having a public bestiary. (Which will come in the future) An old Lur chieftain Elder An elder of the Lur clan represents the bloodline of one of the heroes of the age of heroes. Elders are constantly consulted when it comes to larger matters involving the future of the clan. Rider The riders and mounted soldiers of the clan. They are the brute impact in the midst of a battle and are highly trained in mounted combat. This group is the largest group of lur members. Scout To support the Rider’s on the open field, there are scouts within the ranks of Lur. They are trained in fast paced, foot combat. Running through the tall grass with daggers, striking those too ignorant to pay attention to them with great speed and vitality. Trapper The initiates of the clan. Learning the basis of the hunt and beast taming alike. They are taught the many ways of the clan, but also spend time finding their belonging to cults, and bloodlines alike. The Fist Bloodline The fist are usually the most calm and cold of the Lur bloodlines, they think that physical strength is the purest weapon that a warrior can use. They descend from Tor the fist of Lur. The sons of Tor will go to extreme measures to get stronger and stronger. The Trickster Bloodline The trickster descends from the Trickster of Lur. They are the most diplomatic and the best at convincing others to do what they want, The Tricksters sons are many times goblins for their founder was goblin. They are often considered to be some of the smartest Orcs arounds. The Wolf Bloodline The most savage and wild of bloodlines but also the most loyal and trustworthy. The wolves descend from Kurak the wolf of Lur.They are the biggest of the Lurs and their preferred weapons are metal claws that let them act as savage as they want. They also have a closer bond to their wolves than other Lurs. A lur from the wolf bloodline The Axe Bloodline Primarily known as the most stubborn and rash of all Lurs, they are strong and powerful and put honour above all other things. They think of themselves as an always improving warrior. They descend from Bralkor the Axe of Lur. The Sword of Lur This bloodline is the most agile of all Lurs and some of the quickest as well, they enjoy riding as fast as they can and they descend from Jarkan the Sword of Lur. A lur cultist, gazing into the spirit realm Khor Cult “We are the wild, the unbound” The Khor are the most wild and savage of Orcs, they descend directly from Kurak the Wolf of Lur.They believe that Lurs should not live in the cities for being in the cities makes them weak. The main Khor tradition is to leave their cubs to be raised in the wilds with Lur wolves, thus making them more savage and wild. Gob Cult “We are the guardians” The Gob unlike others of the Axe family branch are focused on being calm calculative and they know when to use their rage. They created the Gob cult to become the guardians of San’Lur. When they need to protect their homeland they use the anger that their ancestors taught them as a weapon. The Gob went into a kamikaze rampage when they failed their task to protect San’Lur. They became depressed and lost interest in all things that didn't have the final goal of revenge. Dash Cult “Ours is the speed” The Dash focus on speed, they are the fastest Orcs in the whole desert and descend from the Sword of Lur.They are agile, quick and ruthless. They host yearly tournaments to see who is quickest of them. They breed their wolves not to be warrior wolves but to be as fast as possible. The Dash are many times messengers of the Lur. History: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/91112-history-of-the-lur-clan/ Story of Lur: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/37850-story-of-lur/ Lur wiki: https://wiki.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Lur Discord If you would like to find out some more information about the clan, or even join, message one of the following people! Qizu#0001 | Rob Boss#5332 | Bookstarz#2361 | Minagobbler#5184 Current Clan Location Below is the Stone Basilisk. The fort that was created by Ugrad’Lur to show all orcs the ways of the hunt.
  5. 💀 Death to the Piggies 💀 It has fallen upon a few select leaders among the nation of Krugmar to finally take action. The Gorkil clan of War Nation has committed many offensive actions upon other clans. Doing as they please against, trying to supress smaller clans under their will. Some of the following offenses include: - Causing the Death of Skalp’Raguk, Lifemate of Ugrad’Lur the Lur Wargoth, and son of Fiil’Yar, - Attempting to whitewash Fiil’Yar on Two Occasions renowned lorekeeper as stated by Ugrad’Lur. -Attacking of Clan Ox Tekgoth and threaten the clan Ox Elder - Attempted to take the lands of Clan Ox. -General degrading and harm of Krugmar and it’s Citizens. -Accused Degrading of the Statues of Orcish Members in the Arena of San’Strohk. The clans of Lur, Shrogo, and Ox have had enough trouble caused by clan Gorkil, especially in the times we are in now. Further concluding this, clan Gorkil must pay for their actions. The following terms are requested, -A new Gorkil Wargoth -The payment of 15,000 Mina to be separated among the three clans. -Cease of actions against other clans. -The Whitewash of Korgahk’Gorkil. Unless these requests are fulfilled, the following clans of Lur, Ox, and Shrogo will drive the Gorkil clan out of the city of krugmar with full force. Shall tensions rise against other groups within the realm of arcas, we will stand ground until the Rexdom of Krugmar is not occupied. This is a declaration of Clan War. Ugrad’Lur Lur Wargoth, and Hells Huntsgrat of Krugmar Snawt’Ox, founder of Clan Ox and Witch Doctor Blast’Ox, Tekgoth of Clan Ox and Renowned Boomsmith Vrig’Shrogo, Gobbgoth and Mushob of clan Shrogo
  6. Ugrad’Lur would have been walking back into the city of Krugmar with Nakita in his arms. Having to forcefully take her home to keep her from trying to save her father Skalp’Raguk. ”Eht wil be ukee Nakita..” he would say choking on his very words as he tries to hold back tears, “Latz popo wuz an honorabl uruk.. wih whill both reuninte with him someday” he would say setting her down as the tears overwhelm him, “Someday Skalp... Someday..”
  7. Trial of Survival Entry Name: Basilio Taliame’onn Nation: Siramenor Combat Experience: Xannic Dropout
  8. Veris would smile at hearing the news, ”I can’t wait to see all the ‘ker!”
  9. Grins as he hands Nakita a sharper knife, “Heyr latz go, mayk popo proud!”
  10. I am not too sure on what to think of firearms on the server until I read some more comments and views on it, but a general statement/concern that I have is that I am wondering how this will play out into roleplay? The crafting of weapons and firearms, are we going to have random shoot outs in the city and have players /roll to see accuracy, and many more things. I fell like it would be better to make decisions and collect views from the community if there are proposed ways to implement them onto the server.
  11. Would smile as he walks around the city, greeting those loyal to that of his Father and Luara.
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    Clan Lur [Revision]

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  13. Ugrad’Lur thinks for a second before saying, “Didn’t da Rex yehl aht dem fohr doink eht, anh zet da dwed free befohr da othur dwed even showed up?” he says laughing a bit.
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