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  1. It really isn’t Azdrazi have literally have no say on orc horns, our lore has been accepted since 2017. This is a REVISION post that added different types and a way of attaining horns. I really think you will be fine if there are horns of the same shapes. If Saytrs are accepted shall they not have goat horns because orcs can? Are races not allowed to have the same body parts? I am quite confused at what your issue is here. Oh and also your response in regards to them being the same race just with different culture, here is the racial lore.
  2. IDK man if there is an issue they can submit a lore revision to clarify on their lore on how their horns are, but orcs have had horns like this for years. It really isn’t that much of an issue. If you really want to focus on things being similar make a thread about mali’fenn and mali’aheral. Anyways TL;DR, horns are horns. Horns look like other horns because they are horns. They are the same word I really don’t know what else you want me to say to please you.
  3. no.. not really... The old horn lore has been in place since 2017. Also in the azdrazi lore, it states that their horns are as follow, So you mean any horn shape would be wrong because they are “Azdrazi Horns” or?
  4. Thanks for the first one. For the second one those who seek to follow these paths can do the math for the amount of growth they are able to achieve each week. Just mutliply by 0.33 and then subract that from the inch length. Thanks for the third one for clarification purposes. I like that idea and I am adding it now
  5. | ORCISH HORN LORE | Horns, one of the greatest achievements of the orcish race. The presence of horns is often associated with the most prestigious or elite of the orcish race are are a symbol of great honor. ATTAINING When one is ready to dedicate themselves to that of achieving horns, they must first seek out a spirit in which they are ready to devote themselves too for the rest of their lifetime. This may be any lesser or greater spirit, a notable lesser spirit, or even a greater spirit. However the greater the spirit the greater the devotion to them is needed. Most orcs pursuing the task of attaining horns are urged to have come in contact with this spirit or atleast gain a reasonable amount of knowledge with the spirit so that they may properly serve this spirit throughout their life. To declare your devotion to a spirit, one must first create a shrine to the respective spirit. This shrine shall need to include things that please the spirit, for example an Arwa shrine would include aspects of agriculture. If choosing a greater ancestral spirit, you will need the guidance of a lutauman. When completed with this, one must make a great sacrifice to the shrine to make their devotion known. This may include the head of a great beast, the body of one who acts against the spirits, purifying tainted nature around the area, and so on. To begin this process one must have an appropriate lore team member associated with that of orcish spirits. Some recommended ones being DarkSainthood, Frott, KBR, or Sykogenic. Once recognized by the spirit, orcs will begin to notice a pain growing beneath their skin. This comes from that of the bone core in which horns consist of beginning to form from the skull of the orc. To further grow these horns, those seeking to achieve them will be required to make continuous sacrifices towards their spirits within the mortal realm. These may be self sacrifices, sacrifices towards the respective spirit, or even mass sacrifices in which you lead. Horns are only attainable by those of the orcish race. This does include half-breeds, however the lesser the presence of orc, the lesser the ability to grow their horns. GROWTH Once the growing process has begun, constant sacrifice will be required to continue this process. Examples of these sacrifices are listed above. When moving forwards with the sacrificing process horns will continue to slowly grow at a steady rate. Some things to keep in mind that if your character is not fully devoting themselves to the spirit of their choosing this process will continue onwards at a very slow rate as the spirit will not be pleased. You will also need to complete a minimum of one great sacrifice each week; the growing process does not continue if the sacrifice is not met. For example week one starts after the first sacrifice, week two starts after the second. Below are the times in which orcs may grow their horns at an IRL time rate, [1 Week] At this stage orcs will achieve that of the pain beneath their skin as the initial tissue of bone from their skull begins to grow. [2 Weeks] The horns will begin to break through the surface of the skin, causing bleeding and immense pain. This is a bothersome pain in which users will not be able to push off to the side unless numbed via medication. [3 Weeks] By now one full inch of horns will be erected from the skull of the orc. [4 Weeks] During this time, pain will continue onwards as the skin around the base of the horn begins to spread. At the end of the 4th week, the horns will reach a maximum of 2.5 inches. [5 Weeks+][Shaman Guidance Needed] At this stage an orc has achieved all that they can upon the mortal realm without visiting the spirit for each task. From now on, they will need to come into contact with their selected spirit to receive every task afterwards. These tasks come off as quite challenging and push the orc in question to their limits. Once the task is completed it will spur another week of growth. Growing at a rate of 1-2.5 inches each time. If pacted with a lesser spirit or ancestor, growth is reduced by 33%. If you are not a full blooded orc, in any form you will attain a slower rate of growth as well. - 1/2 Orcish Blood results in a 25% reduction. -1/3 Orcish Blood Results in a 50% reduction. -1/4 Orcish Blood results in a 75% reduction. Shall your horn be removed or broken, the growth will resume at the point of breaking. However if broken into the core, massive amounts of pain shall surge into your head. Migraines, blacking out, bloodlust, and so on are quite common. This will continue until the horn is fully repaired by moving forwards with the growth process. There is also an alternative to this method shall orcs be able to retrieve the broken horn. By taking yourself and the broken horn the spirit Akezo with the company of a shaman, you will be able to ask her for the healing of your horn. However this will not fully heal it and you will need to be careful for the next IRL week as this horn will become quite fragile. TYPES OF HORNS The different types of spirits will cause the growth of different types of horns based on that of their moral alignment and their domains. Below is a listing of the different options in which orcs will find themselves able to grow. | CROWN OF HORNS | The Crown of Horns is gifted to orcs who find themselves aligning with spirits typically associated with being “Taboo”. Some examples of these spirits can be Ikuras, Kor, or even Rolfizh. Those who find themselves with these types of horns may find themselves in questionable conversations in regards to which spirit they are devoted to. These horns consist of a bone core which is surrounded by layers of keratin. For each of these horns, they may only reach to a maximum of 5 inches. | ANTLERS | When devoting yourself to a nature like spirit or those of a typically peaceful domain you will find yourself with quite the troubling time. This is due to the fact that with the growth of these horns users will need to first complete the first four weeks of self growth which will only cause a resemblance of a juvenile animal's antlers. These antlers will be composed of full bone. To continue onwards with the full growth of antlers, they will definitely need a shamans guidance. Some examples of these spirits are Freygoth, Talmindi, and Arwa. Antlers may only grow to have 5 branches on each side. The base reaches a length maximum of 10 inches from base to tip, with every branch outwards only able to reach 4 maximum inches. Every aspect of the antlers consists of curvature. | DUAL HORNS | To achieve any form of dual horns, users will need to find themselves devoting to a spirit related to forms of combat. These horns can come in the form of bull horns, ram horns, or even two horns coming out from the top of the forehead. Some spirits that will provide these types of horns are Leyd, Kezt, and Vulka. These horns consist of a bone core which is surrounded by layers of keratin. These horns will only grow to be 10 inches long at maximum from base to tip. If exceeding 7 inches curvature will begin. |TRI HORNS | Those looking to find themselves with three horns, they will need to come into contact with a neutral/passive spirit. These horns grow as two larger horns and one small horn, or two smaller horns and one larger. The core of these horns consists of bones with layers of keratin around them. The maximum size a larger horn can get, is 6 inches, while the smaller horn can reach 4. |QUAD HORNS | Those who seek that of Quad horns will need to devote themselves to that of a greater ancestral spirit. These are the most prized set of horns as they require the most devotion and work to attain. These horns consist of a bone core which is surrounded by layers of keratin. These horns will only grow to be 10 inches long at maximum from base to tip and will only affect two of the four horns. If these horns exceed 7 inches they will begin to form a curve. The second set of horns will only reach a maximum of four inches. REDLINES -To grow horns you must have a Story Team member approve this process so that it can not be abused by players randomly growing horns. -Those who have a tainted soul may not grow horns. -Sacrifices may displease a spirit if done wrong. -You cannot change your devoted spirit unless they are within the same realm, however this will anger the spirit greatly preventing you from any growth for 1 IRL month. -Screenshots must be taken of every sacrifice relating to attaining horns and growing them. -Horns from Greater Ancestrals requires full Shaman Guidance. -Elemental Spirits are incapable of granting horns. PURPOSE The purpose of rewriting this lore is rather simple. My goal is to provide a version of the lore in which players may set out on their own to achieve a set of horns while still keeping some aspects of the previous lore in play. These horns that are self achieved are kept at a smaller state to keep players from growing large horns constantly and abusing the system. For players to achieve the larger sets of horns they will need shaman guidance. Horns within both lore rewrites are an excellent way to grow your character and create roleplay. However within the past lore limiting this feature to only be granted by lutaumans, has led the lore to not be used within the past 12 months. CREDITS Spirit Lore https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/192906-deity-lore-the-spirits/ Old Lore https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/167194-racial-lore-orcish-horns/ Writer - Qizu
  6. | LUR WOLVES | Orcish Goblin Riders ORIGIN AND BEHAVIOR These enviable creatures seem to be the perfect beast for the Uruk kind, yet there is only one orcish clan with the innate talent to tame these majestic beasts. The name ‘Lur Wolf’, derives from the Lur Clan as they are the only known clan able to harness the might of these wolves as their animal companions. Though other clans may try to tame these beasts for themselves, they will be rejected and likely turned into a tasty snack. One is not the master of a wolf, nor is the wolf master of the orc. It is a bond forged from pure loyalty that cannot be changed, hindered, or passed on. Lur wolves also spend time advancing along the territory lands in which their master thrives in. Things like foraging for food, watching for prey, or even exploring the nearby shadows and bushes come at ease with the command of the master. Lur wolves show a very strong bond to their masters and if trained properly, would follow every command. DESCRIPTION These creatures tower over their original wolf cousins by nearly three times their common size. Their hulking stature makes them about the same size as an american quarter horse, making it optimal for their orcish companions to ride them with ease, charging down their enemies with immeasurable ferocity. As for their bite force, it is equivalent to that of an American Grizzly Bear. Their endurance is equivalent to that of a horse. Being the mounted creatures that they are, they are often tasked with taking orcs on long trips and journeys, or even fighting in full battles alongside their riders. For every battle or journey, most wolves will have to take rest time before completing another task and are quite vulnerable during this time. However despite its size it is still vulnerable to all forms of attack and would not simply shrug such off. Their colors can range from pure snow white, earthy browns, to midnight black and others in between. They are known in the wild to hunt in packs and could easily take down a creature far larger than themselves in few numbers. Lur wolves also serve in many roles of hunting. As they represent the clan of hunting orcs, their main service is the feeding and care of the clan. Working with their masters, lur wolves have many qualities to thrive in a hunt. Tracking down beast and prey comes at ease for them with their many features. OBTAINING A LUR WOLF Trial of Blood When a Lur child is born it is put through a test of pure blood. This is an important step in lur tradition that not only tests the lur descent in a kub, but also their potential. The kub is put into a pit of Lur wolves, where then the wolves will judge the blood of the kub before them. If the wolves reject the kub, the kub would be quickly eaten by the wolves. A standard of orcish ways where only the strongest live. If the wolves accept the kub then the child would be raised in the clan to become the next Lur member. Trial of Age When a Lur kub is around the age of 9 they are brought before the elders for their trial of age. The elders would bring the kub to the Lur wolf den to pick out their wolf. This will begin the bond between the orc and the wolf that will last for life. During this trial, the orc and the wolf would be sent out into the wild and are forced to survive while the rest of the pack hunts them. The wolves will not be held back and if the orc and wolf is caught they could be killed if their bond isn’t strong enough to get them out of the situation. This is a true test of the hunt in which is a strong tradition of the lurs. A kub can spend days training for this on their own, however the hunt is the only true test within the clan. DEATH The bond between the Lur Wolf and the Lur member is for life, and only in this joined life can either thrive. Due to the extended living age of Lur wolves, which comes via good care, Lur wolves typically live up to be the same age as their orcish companion. This lifelong unity can only be broken by the death of one or both orc and wolf. Commonly the orc and wolf will die alongside each other in combat. If an orc dies and their wolf remains alive, it is the responsibility of the Lur clan to kill that wolf and allow their spirit to join the orc in the spirit realm. If an orc’s wolf dies before their master, that orc will be completely overcome by grief and have been sent into a deep state of depression due to the breaking of the bond. Once a wolf has died alongside an orc, they will never take up another lur wolf again. REDLINES Lur wolves are used via a mix of their master’s command, plus natural instinct. Lur wolves cannot be tamed or rode by ologs. Depression via death of your lur wolf, lasts 1 IRL month. An orc can only have 1 lur wolf per lifetime. Lur wolves can have a maximum of 8 cubs in their lifetime. Lur wolves cannot be used to “track” someone in an area to allow you to find them behind a locked door, in a basement etc. Lur wolves are specifically only able to be used in an event setting. Not against other players. Shall mechanical pvp happen with a lur wolf present, they can simply serve as a minecraft horse with no special benefits. Wolves must be tamed from the Lur Clan pack which resides in The Eternal Uzg, as it is the most suitable land for them, and is the only known pack in Arcas. Their temperament is rather tame and won't be outwardly aggressive unless they are directly shown their bonded orc is in danger, but not another orc After each combat scenario, lur wolves will rest for one IRL hour. CITATIONS/CREDIT -Story team assistance from Sykogenic, Ulmo, and SquakHawk -Bookstarz -DummThicc -Clan Lur
  7. | THE FIRST SKIRMISH| A depiction of the first skirmish from the walls of Al-Faiz. As the Firewatch Korvassa Squadrons marched upon the lands of the Inferi, it was time for the first skirmish between descendants and Inferi to begin; however with this first push there was quite the plan in play. The armies of descendents took ranks upon a desert dune as they began to load their ranged weaponry and connect to their respective magics. The orcs of the Krughai and riders of the Vael quickly charged ahead to meet the ranks of the Inferi head on. Luckily for them, their charge was met head on with that of Inferi Footmen. During the midst of this the Azdrazi present carried on with their mission, dragging quite the surprise for their demonic foe with them. The battle began against the Orcish charge, however the land beneath the archers remaining on the dune began to shake and rumble as a beast from below was soon to emerge. Swords met flesh upon both sides of the Descendents and the Inferi, although this battle was not to last long. The movement below the ranged forces and Azdrazi carried on at a swift pace, and soon enough the beast emerged as its claws formed a circle around that of the Draconic Bomb that was supplied by the dragon-kin. As the wormlike beast below consumed the bomb, it erupted and its flames consumed all in its deadly radius. Ripping through the flesh of the beast even reaching that of the Inferi troops around it, all that stood within the blast radius was a darkened shadow in the flames outlining the bodies of Azdrazi. A depiction from a soldier among the dunes of the ranged units. As the bomb detonates, an uprising emerges from within the Inferi camp itself. All was quiet until that of the horde came emerging from within. Large insectoid beast came marching through the ranks of descendents spitting acid on them burning metal and flesh alike, imps from above throwing balls of malflame and dropping bombs from above unto groups of descendents, demons charging forwards in rage and hatred towards the descendents. It was clear today's work was done, and this was a battle not to fight at this time. As the many forces returned damage was clearly done. The strength of the Inferi was clearly shown. Some time will be needed before the next assault on these foul beasts, however next time the wrath of the descendents shall be unleashed.
  8. |A NEW DAWN | Long Live the Eternal Uzg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yd1n2TNtZk On the 8th of Malin’s Welcome, 1778 A group of ‘ker, belonging to Ker’Okarn silently waited within the halls of The Eternal Uzg. The group was led by the stoic Artius Morvayn, who was determined to guide his fellow ‘ker after the fall of Renelia. Although the faith of the Hegemony was unfortunate, the resolve of the former Renelians did not waver. They were gathered within the Goi for a reason, to secure a future for their kin once more. They were taken upstairs, where the ‘ker each took their seats. In front of them, the Rex Ugrad’Lur. They were offered a new start, a place to live amongst those the Renelians had been able to call allies for many years. The young Artius did not know the ‘ker he was about to lead well, nor did he know the Arcasian Uruk. He was determined however, his people would live within the Uzg. The following terms are agreed to, as decided upon during the meeting between Rex Ugrad’lur and Patriarch Artius Morvayn: -The Bands of Ker’Okarn shall serve as bannermen underneath the Krug’hai during the length of the Inferi War. -The Bands of Ker’Okarn shall recognize the Eternal Uzg as the true orcish state and no other. -The Bands of Ker’Okarn shall consulate that of the Rex shall any foreign agreement with other settlements be made that are not pre-existing vassals of the Eternal Uzg. -The Bands of Ker’Okarn shall cast out any users of dark magic. The Bands of Ker’Okarn shall stray away from the worship of any god or deity that wishes ill-will to the spirits of the Stargush-Stroh. -The Bands of Ker’Okarn shall serve as a Vassal under the Eternal Uzg and Rex Ugrad’Lur Signed by Rex Ugrad’Lur Axelus the Swampmonster and Rex of the Eternal Uzg Patriarch Artius Morvayn, of the bands of Ker’Okarn
  9. | THE FIREWATCH ALLIANCE | It has come to the attention of the descendents of Arcas that there is action needed to be taken with the rising Inferi forces within the deserts of Korvassa and the lower Dwarven Mountains. Upon request of Rex Ugrad’Lur to those willing to commit their forces to aid in the offensive and defensive battle against these beasts and demons rising against the descendents, many came to attend the first meeting. Descendent armies marched into the orcish lands one after another. In total bringing 8,100 attendees to the first meeting of the Firewatch Alliance. Groups introduced themselves, raised initial concerns, and traded words as the meeting began. Rex Ugrad’Lur led the meeting as he proceeded to inform those there of what the orcs have been fighting against in the lands of Korvassa. However during the occurrence of the meeting some rather impish guests appeared. Sending the meeting into chaos as they buzzed across the sahara sky. Some groups fleeing to make way back home, others staying to fight them off. The malflame casting imps were quickly defeated by the remaining forces, further ending the gathering of descendents. As the next saints day came, it was yet again time to meet within the walls of the Eternal Uzg. Once again the forces from the day before attended, though this time bringing leaders and representatives from the attending groups. The meeting began once more, further creating the following... Offensive Forces The following groups will be tasked with leading offensive pushes against that of the Inferi army. This consists of skirmishes, raids, sabotage missions, and more. -The Eternal Uzg -The Onyx Sanctum -The Druidic Order -The Sultanate Of Korvassa -The Free State Of Sutica -The Dual Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska -The Keepers of the Red Faith ------------ Defensive Forces The following groups will be tasked with building fortifications and weaponry needed to combat against the Inferi army. Forging weapons that are needed, building fortifications, traps, or anything else useful in this war. These groups will also be tasked with doing as much research as they can. - The Order of the Orrir’Ullral -The Sultanate Of Korvassa -The Druidic Order -The Bands of Ker’Okarn -The Kingdom of Haense -The Kingdom of Norland -The Crown of Elvenesse -The Eternal Uzg Korvassa Squadron Those tasked with handling the Korvassa Inferi Invasion The Eternal Uzg The Druidic Order The Free State of Sutica The Sultanate of Korvassa The bands of Ker’Okarn The Crown of Elvenesse The Union of Vaelya ------------ Dwarven Mountains Squadron Those tasked with handling the skull of Metzli Urguan The Order of the Orrir’Ullral The Onyx Sanctum The Silver State of Haelun’or Pride Therkul Kharajyr ------------ Ruberni Squadron Those tasked with handling the Prince and Azdrazi The Keepers of the Red Faith The Kingdom of Haense The Kingdom of Norland Helena Forces All signers of this alliance hereby pledge to commit all available forces to the protection, support, and defeat of the rising threat of inferi. Rex Ugrad’Lur Axelus, the Swampmonster of The Eternal Uzg. Autumn Druid Nivndil Asimulum’ker, Archdruid of the Druidic Order Hedgehog Druid Harold Withfoot, Archdruid of the Druidic Order Deer Druid Dwyn Lorenthus, Archdruid of the Druidic Order Vyasaldris Elyra, Ducem Corvus of the Order of the Orrir’Ullral Kalius Tresery, Ducis Legis of the Order of the Orrir’Ullral Grand King of Urguan’s Folk, Lord of Gotrek’s Folk Jorvin, son of Kazrin, son of Gardath son of Osram son of Koryk son of Kazraden son of Skalf son of Gotrek son of Urguan Manfred Karl Barclay, Captain of the HRA and Royal Alderman of Haense. Primarch Dak’ir Des’Nox, Spiritual Overseer of the Onyx Sanctum Acolyte Qudlia Jusmia Keeper of the Onyx Sanctum Nelgauth Maehr’tehral Sohaer to the Silver State of Haelun’or Haskir Therkul High Aelkos of the Kharajyr Peoples & Mane of Kharajyr Pride Therkul, Herald of Azdromoth, Tilruir’Kha to the Silver State of Haelun’or Artius Morvayn Patriarch of the Bands of Ker’Okarn Halvar Edvardsson Ruric, King Of Norland, Bulwark of the Highland Realm Alisa Camian, High Keeper of the Red Faith, Hearth Mother of Norland Oliver Helane, blood of Horen -- Son of Persus, Figurehead of Hangman Saeed Ibn Hamzah Faheem, Diplomate of the Sultanate of Korvassa. SAYYID AS’SADAAT, Ameen “Al-Mujjadid” Al-Nabeel, Sultan of Korvassa, Sheikh of Al-Faiz, Sword of Allah, Defender of Faiths, Defender and follower of Al’Iman Rashidun, Supreme Leader of the Qalasheen, Defender and Protector of the Farfolk people, Commander of the Sultanate’s Armed Forces, Sovereign of Korvassa. Lilach Everupt, Captain of the Cerulean Armed Forces Fëanor Sylvaeri Sea Prince to the Crown of Elvenesse, Princedom of Aegrothond Rháthalas Calardrím Warden of the Sulier’ir, Okar’ir to the Triumvirate of Siramenor Ka’lani Elibar’acal Valareith, Haelun of Vaelya, Commander of the Knights of Vael, Keeper of the University of Vael Qing long and Jiangu Master Chi monks of the Dao Order Malfoy Proudfoot, Sheriff of Brandybrook
  10. Qizu


    | The standards of the Eternal Uzg; the text reading ‘Eternal Uruk’ in the elder tongue. | After centuries of warfare, political coup, social instability and a dark age upon the Orcish peoples, where they lived in mud huts and fought in lioncloths, and followed Rex’s for a few years at a time before they were deposed; Rex Ugrad’Lur the Swampmonster, enacted great political reform in Krugmar; conjuring changes to the very core of Orcish society with the justification that never again will they be so unstable and weak. The Eternal Uzg had been born. | THE HIERARCHY | Kratocratic Meritocratic Democracy REX The ruler and figurehead of the Uzg. This orc has climbed the social ladder to obtain the highest rank in Uruk society. He/she rules with the authority of Krug and has the last say over many matters. DOMINUS Right hand man of the Rex, the Dominus is often the Uzg’s ambassador to other lands and advises the Rex on many different topics.They often organize relation-building activities with the other descendants. TARGOTH The Rex’s supreme general. This uruk commands the Krughai [The Uzg’s Military] in battle, aswell as advising the Rex on any military affairs. They often conjure the plans for the defense and offense of Uruk forces against bandits, other nations or even demonkin and undead. MOTSHAM Spiritual leader of The Eternal Uzg. This wise uruk, most likely being a shaman, leads the uruk kind in spiritual manners in praise of the Ancestrals, Immortals and Elementals which form up into Krugmar’s religion. YAZGURTAN As foreman of Krugmar, it is their duty to lead the Eternal Uzg in logistical and architectural manners, ensuring the nation is always ready. They do this via 1.) The selection of the orc workforce, 2.) The designation of their objectives, 3.) The allocation and refinement of resources, 4.) The distribution and allocation of such resources. HUNTSGOTH As the greatest hunter in the Eternal Uzg, this uruk leads great hunts into the wilderness to procure great trophies, pelts, meats and other resources from great beasts. GRUBGOTH The Eternal Uzg is often a hungry nation, and one that needs feeding. This is the task of the Grubgoth. They will control the city’s food supplies and tavern; arranging great parties in the spirits’ honor. WARGOTH These great uruks have risen to the top of their respective clans. They command and lead their uruks, and vote in the Wargoth council when it is called. | THE LAWS | THE CODES OF KRUG The uruks of The Eternal Uzg have a loose group of laws; passed down from generation to generation and from Rex to Rex. The current iteration, scribed by Dominus Fiil’Yar, is as follows: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/191791-the-codes-of-krug/ | THE MILITARY | THE KRUGHAI The military of The Eternal Uzg is known as the Krughai. Led by the Targoth, it is unlikely to find an orc not in the Krughai, for to not participate is seen as a dishonor. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/193561-the-krughai-the-eternal-uzgs-military/ | SUCCESSION LAWS | For Yazgurtan: The Challenger must gain the approval of the Wargoth council via vote. A build/work competition between the current Yazgurtan and the challenger, the victor will be Yazgurtan. For Snagagoth: The Challenger must gain the approval of the Wargoth council via vote. Then, a 3 cactus hour slave hunt will be held. The one with the most slaves, wins. (This can be held with groups.) For Targoth: The Challenger must gain the approval of the Wargoth council via vote. Then, they will rally their people and the Targoth will rally his; and a skirmish will happen. The winner will be Targoth. For Motsham: The shamans of Krugmar will decide amongst themselves who the Motsham is, for the will of the Wargoth Council has no say in these affairs. For Huntsgoth: The Challenger must gain the approval of the Wargoth council via vote. Then, a week hunt-off will be held and the individual with the biggest/rarest prize will be the Huntsgoth. For Grubgoth: The Challenger must gain the approval of the Wargoth council via vote. Then, the two will have a party each. The individual with the best party, with the most people and the best rp will be grubgoth. For Wargoth: This will be decided within the clans. “Ûku-Urukim”
  11. | BATTLE OF THE NAAKHÛRZ | A painting of Orcs running through the fields of the Eternal Uzg slaughtering Ireheart Rebels As the new day rose again in the realm of the Eternal Uzg, the Irehearts marched upon our lands once more with the intent to bring harm to the uruks of the city. However they will soon learn the consequences of their actions. This time, bringing 100 men more totalling their forces at 700. To fight with honor only 700 uruk came forth out of the present 1500. The orcs gathered at the front of the city to mirror the forming lines of the Ireheart dwed. As the sun above the sons of Krug rose, so did their swords and ranged weaponry, without a blink of an eye, the offensive was launched by the uruks upon Rex Ugrad’Lur’s command. Their arrows and bolts shattered against the thick shields of the dwarves, however slowly causing them to retreat backwards behind shrubbery that was amongst the landscape. The battle carried onwards. The dwarf’s slow walk backwards soon turned into a full on retreat, though surely caused by the advances of the mighty warrior, Storka’Lak. Swords met swords, hammers met shields, the sounds of battle echoing off the rock valleys that surrounded the field, though in the midst of battle the orcish forces turned back and ran, though causing the dwarves to only follow with rage as they did so. As they carried onwards after the orcs, their sides soon became stabbed with that of lak goblin daggers and knives, one notable lak being that of Karrghed’Lak. As the sides closed in the orcs turned and slaughtered the dwarven raiders with ease. A battalion of Raguk Crossbowmen sent bolts flying in before the final charge piercing the dwarven armor with ease. Blood splattering over the lush green grass below, however making quite the artwork of war. When the field was cleared, a few known faces to the orcs were seen. Two of the more prominent members of the clan were identified. They were swiftly tied up and drug back into the city. Upon entering the Eternal Uzg, the orcs there argued over who would get to sacrifice who to what spirit, though that was swiftly resolved when Ugrad decided that that of a firing line would be honorably towards the dwed giving them a “peaceful” and swift death. So with that being said, the dwarves were then dragged back through the city in the eyes of all present, some slurring them, spitting at them, and wishing death be brought upon them. They were binded as they sat atop the shrine of krug himself before an orcish crowd of the hundreds. Though today only one life was to be taken upon request of the Dominus Fiil’Yar. However the dwarf insisted upon dying next to his clansmen, “So be it” as Ugrad stated. The weapons were drawn, orcish crossbows and longbows now aimed at the two. A prayer was said over the to-be slain by that of Targoth Matumahk’Raguk, which was swiftly followed by a countdown of the Rexs command.. “3..2...1… FIRE!” and there it ended for the two enemies of krug. Afterwards, respect and honor was still carried out. The body of one delivered peacefully back to the city of Urguan so that it may take a proper burial, and the body of the other being taken to the ruins of Mau’Madur to sacrifice to the Laklul for the harsh actions committed by the dwarf actions against the Lak Clan. Below is a message to that of clan Ireheart.. “The more and more you come onto our lands with swords raised against my citizens, the more and more you will become slain in your attempts. We have shown no offensive actions against that of your clan, you are only walking further into a death trap with every step you take into the Eternal Uzg. I advise you to rethink your actions against us, because we will not hold back in the protection of the sons and daughters of krug.”
  12. | FERTILIZING THE FARMS | An artistic and orcish depiction of the Ireheart slaughter at the battle of Redfields, 10th of Malin’s Welcome, 1777. Once again the dwed of clan Ireheart marched upon the city of Krugmar. However, this time it came to be quite an unfortunate experience for them. With the green and black banners of the new Rex Ugrad’lur flying in the wind above the sandstone city, the spirits were surely in for quite the show of orcish strength. With the many orcs amassing at the city’s main entrance, though only a small few were needed for this fight. The two forces faced off; the Ireheart force were all mounted, donning that of plate armor atop their noble steeds as they circled about; crossbows held in calloused hand. 600 Dwarves all stared down the golden city of San’Azgak. In the blazing sun on the other side, were the Uruk-hai led by that of Rex Ugrad’Lur. All 600 footmen, armed with orcish pikes and personal weaponry. Their eyes filled to the brim with wroth and resent, for they were defending their homeland against savage raiders seeking to scalp their kin. “Loose!” Cried he, Diome Indoren as his cohort let fly their bolts towards the dwarves, and the battle had begun. Volley after volley exchanged like that of schoolyard insults, taking turns and amounting to naught notable. The sound of four century hooves clapped upon the orcish stairway as a contingent of a hundred Ireheart riders charged forth, flourishing their axes and polearms; yet this thunderous display was merely vanity, for when it clashed with that of Boruk’Lak’s troop, their momentum had been lost; and their steeds frightened. Quickly and with ease, they were routed into the aurum wheat fields to the side. Loud warhorns blasted across the atmosphere as Rex Ugrad’Lur ordered all to commit, safe for his personal entourage, of whom pelted the enemy with a thousand arrows. All the urukish forces charged forth, as did the Ireheart riders; and conjured forth a mighty clash! A fray of chaos, and a conjuration of hell itself emerged in the clash of the two armies, as Uruk and Dwarf collided and wrestled in the golden fields. Riders were dehorsed, and footmen were impaled by long polearms. As time turned, and the grain was reddened with blood; the tide became clear. A tsunami of strength as a final push from the Rex’s entourage into the fray finally broke the Ireheart ranks, and the hundred that were left broke and fled. The fields of which were only sown a cactus day prior now lay crimson in reminder of the slaughter. Five hundred dead dwarves littered the fields, and two hundred deceased Uruk. Nonetheless, the day was won, and Krugmar victorious. The Uruks could be seen running amongst the dead and dying, mercifully ending their suffering or shaving their beards; and as they returned to Krugmar with their bountiful trophies, they chanted the Rex Ugrad’s name. “Rex!” “Rex!” “REX!”
  13. The Monster from the Swamp After disappearing from the lands of Krugmar shortly after the fort of the Urguanites was erected from the grounds of Krugmar, he went to these swamps to return to his roots as a Lur. Hunting down beasts, visiting the ruins of Mau’Madur, and suppressing himself into the lagoons below .As Ugrad emerges from the swamps once more, his destination is to return to the sand covered city of Krugmar. As he enters the city, the cloth upon him is still stained brown from the muddy swamp. However news quickly reaches his ears that the most recent rex, the lak targoth, has gone missing much like many rexes in the past. As he looks around the city he barely even finds anyone to take upon the Rexdom themselves. With a sigh he finally says, “Mi wihl challenge anyazh who oppozes for da pozitizhun ob Rex. Diz goi haz beyn dyink out for kaktuz monthz. Mi propoze a plan to make a counzil lead zyztem. Mi onli role az rex wihl bi tu help da kounzil in each ob der pozitionz. For da counzil it wihl bi mayb ub of all da wargothz, anh gothz. Dey each wihl hayb azh vote in matturz ob da Rexdom. Az da counzil planz tingz out, mi wihl den zpend tik preparink for da movement intu knew landz. Wib da recent occurancez ob flashing light ahn beamz ob energy in da zky, mi zenze zumtink iz coming dat iz nub tu bi mezzed wib. Uz urukz muzt be prepared for when daht day komez.” He then continues on rambling about end times before saying a final statement, “Mi understand daht mozt ob latz nub lyk mi, however mi pledgez tu du mi bezt for da betterment ob da bruddaz anh ziztahz ob krug, anh tu alwayz hear out latz opinionz.” From there the aging orc steps off of front he center of the city, and awaits for anyone to oppose his challenge.
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