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  1. Old - Enkindling - Each Trial can only be completed weekly. At the end of the week, the Whelping is to show their offerings and merit in whatever they’ve succeeded. If it is insufficient, then the Trial is forfeit and must be redone. - One of each type of these trials - therefore three in total - must be carried out. The Whelpling’s wardren glows gradationally for each trial completed. New - Enkindling - If the whelping was a Herald for 10 weeks prior to beginning their wardren trials, each trial can only be completed weekly. At the end of the week, the Whelping is to show their offerings and merit in whatever they’ve succeeded. If it is insufficient, then the Trial is forfeit and must be redone. In this case, the whelping must complete three trials total to complete their wardren. - If the whelping is a new herald (lass than 10 weeks), or not a herald at all, each trial can only be completed tri-weekly. At the end of the third week, the Whelping is to show their offerings and merit in whatever they’ve succeeded. If it is insufficient, then the Trial is forfeit and must be redone. In this case, the whelping must complete five trials total to complete their wardren. Purpose Becoming a Nephilim is an end-game situation for a character. It should be something that gives time for trial and error for those pursuing it. This amendment rewards committed individuals that partake in the heraldry process, and ensures that the CA process is not rushed or compromised. As it currently stands a brand new character can be turned into a Nephilim in three weeks. This amendment would require 13 weeks minimum for a brand new character assuming that they become a herald instantly, or 15 weeks assuming they do not become a herald.
  2. As the creature conversed within the bustling market his eyes flickered hues of yellow fire. His expression changed to a smile as he looked towards his brother and student. "We will have a journey to make soon. Father calls" stated Ut'torvioth as he interrupted their conversation. @wooz @Safryie
  3. Freebuild on arcas was such a hassle staff wise to deal with landscars and mega builds never getting finished. There are loads of realms handing out land for merely approaching them with a group and asking, in regard to doing typical culture, noble families, farm lands, etc. On another note, I hope a system is found to reduce the tiles mega nations own with hardly any RP.
  4. The Announcer gazed over the letter alongside his current champion. "I suppose this will suffice. . ." he commented out loud. Soon after he received his apology the Shuul took to his mount. He made way towards the lands of Descendents. Business was to be done!
  5. A NOTICE FROM THE COLOSSEUM [!] The following message would be sent to the participating crews of the Shuul Colosseum! Behold the many souls that have fought upon their ship’s decks within our arena, but dare you venture beyond the surface's veil and test your mettle in the abyssal depths? As you make your return to the colosseum, be forewarned: close-quarters combat shall be your crucible. For cannons can only echo through the vast expanses of the seas, and the time has come to commune with the ocean's depths. In this realm, our waters beckon you to embrace their mysteries, and meticulous preparations guarantee that you shall draw breath until the final echoes of your battle come to a halt. At the end of our trials, the top crews will join together for one final fight among our colosseum. A fight that will be told for ages and will claim the lives of the many who challenge it. Prepare yourselves with great thought and haste. “As the tides among the sea change - so does our arena.”
  6. Name of the Artifact: Curse of the Depths Effects of the Artifact: Through spans of time the shuul have shown face to the descendents of the worlds that they share. Whilst descendents roam and war one another upon land, a larger world exists at the edges of their grasp within the depths of the sea. Though as some historians have noted, there have been numerous merges between these two worlds. Times were those upon land and sea encountered one another - yet always separating at the end. Through time many forget these encounters with the people of the shuul, however some will carry a part of it with them for ages to come. Application Through a ritual performed by the magi of the shuul, the mind and soul of a descendent can be altered to further blur the lines of land and sea. By gathering participants before them, the shuul are capable of applying pieces of their own make onto that of the descendent. Eyes of the Deep Those who have been cursed will find that their vision grows affected, causing a slight blurriness when exposed to the open world. Bright lights irritate their eyes and can even cause pain within their head. Should they venture into the ocean once more - they would have their full vision restored onto them and are able to see in the darkened depths of the sea. To those who gaze upon the eyes of a cursed individual would appear white and murky in nature. Visions of the Depths When a cursed individual strays too far from the sea their vision will be plagued with varying hallucinations of the depths. These visions are often frightful and can terrorize the individual from time to time. These may come in the form of jaws wrapping around them, large sea creatures swimming past them, or even low toned sounds of whales or scales scraping stone. Flesh of the Leviathans Cursed individuals will also find that their physical appearance may be slightly altered. Their fingers and hands will appear as if they have been underwater for some time - wrinkled and pale. Their bodies will also appear excessively sweaty as if they’d been living in a high humidity climate for some time. Some curse-bearers have also been known to occasionally cough up dark, muddied waters from time to time. The Sea’s Calling Individuals who bear this curse will often feel a nagging sensation to be upon the seas. They will occasionally be reminded of their deep rooted ties to its waters. Some who are affected by this have been known to go on constant expeditions onto the ocean’s waters or have even relocated to houses on the sea’s edge. Redlines - No effects of this curse will interrupt attacks or spell casting. - This curse serves no combat advantage. - Eyesight is only slightly restricted above water. - Eyesight below water is 20/20 vision. - Bright flashes of light such as a flash powder will have an extension of 1 emote on cursed individuals. - Physical changes are not major in any circumstances. - The curse can be cleansed by one paladin or shaman via their cleansing spells. - This curse cannot be spread. It is only applied through being cursed by the shuul. - This curse persists until cleansed, even after the event. - This curse can only be applied to individuals with greater souls. - This curse does not give water breathing. - Coughing up water will never choke the user, and is purely aesthetic flavor. - Visions are freeform to the user so long as they are sea-creature inspired. ET Responsible : Qizu Purpose Curse of the Depths is used as an after effect during the shuul eventline to provide players with a long-term effect as a result of their pursuit of the shuul world. This curse lingers until cleansed and gives players a long term memory of their participation in this eventline that can further expand their roleplay and create an excitement around their character.
  7. It depends really, on some things the legs take up a lot. I was intended the 50x50 range to include legs but the actual body part can be limited to like a 30x30. The current goblin construct in krugmar is 30x30, my beetle on the beach outside is 40x20ish, ugokoyama was probably around 50x50. Lot's of taverns are around the 20x20 - 30x30 mark. I'll go ahead and lower it to 30x30 for the amendment.
  8. Wasn't intending city or town sized things, but it'd be nice to have larger constructs that are able to move without marts. Walking taverns, a crafting guild base, moving mage towers etc. I think it would be a nice way to add some more usage and fun to the smoggers piece. It would allow groups to move between nations with more ease and spreading their roleplay across the map instead of being tied down in their cool builds for the entire map. I could also see larger smoggers being moved near event sites to engage with them!
  9. Remove -Any smoggers larger than the size of a two-story building that's as wide as a standard building that is intended to move will require an approved MArt. -Any Gear Stomach intended to rival five or more plough horses (an engine mechanically larger than 8 blocks) in energy output will require a MArt, along with the smogger it is meant to fuel. Add - Any smoggers that is larger than a 30x30x30 will require an approved MArt. - Larger moving smoggers will require more/larger legs and require much more power ( a larger gear heart) and oil. - Smoggers that are larger than a two story building that’s as wide as a standard building will require an ST Approved sign to function.
  10. The Leviathan's Embrace In the profound depths of the ocean, a powerful rumble resonated through the ocean floor, sending vibrations across the underwater landscape. The insidious advance of brine seeped through the nearby reefs, asserting its dominance over the vibrant marine life within. These tendrils of brine, like creeping specters, extended outward from a source of devastation concealed on the ocean floor, weaving an ominous path that led to the enigmatic Colosseum of Ruin. The sea, stirred by an unseen force, unleashed its fury upon unsuspecting shores. Waves surged with relentless power, crashing into ships moored at the docks and forcefully pressing them against their wooden hosts. The once serene waters transformed into a tempest, a manifestation of the disturbance echoing from the depths—an unsettling prelude to the mysteries concealed within the Colosseum of Ruin. Amidst the turbulent waves stirred by this oceanic force, a presence emerged from the depths. An ethereal glow illuminated the water's surface as a structure rose from below, a beckoning silhouette surrounded by swirling mists. Fishers and sailors that awaited the coastlines looked onwards, awe-struck by the mesmerizing display, witnessed the manifestation of an ancient power. A voice, carried by the sea breeze, echoed across the tumultuous waters, inviting those daring enough to follow the trails of brine to discover the origin of this mysterious phenomenon. An unknown force that felt as if it were a living embodiment of the depths' secrets, seemed to extend a calling to sailors, urging them to embark on a journey into the unknown, guided by the haunting trails that led to the heart of the Colosseum of Ruin.
  11. The Flightless Pursuit The Falling Children of Azdromoth A great soaring wind filled the earth. It crawled through the forests of the lands, tearing through withering leaves and shrubbery. It carried on from the forests of the valleys and upwards into the mountains. Rock stirred and snow dispersed; howls sounded off through the night. In the thoughts and visions of the old draconic creatures of the world a darkness sets in place within their complex minds. This darkness covered all of their thoughts, their visions, the sounds that filled their minds. It was this darkness that brought forth the whispers of old. Old whispers of the high draconic and the ancestors that have graced the world before those who linger on it now. Whispers of the fallen dragaars and drakes, whispers of their fallen kin. No words were decipherable, yet they persisted. Fighting against one another for a place in the mind of the nephilim they grew muddy and crazed. “Awaken” This singular word broke through all. This singular word awoke the nephilim upon a dream - a vision. Laying flat in the sky above the world, they faced the infinite stars before them. They felt visible and seen by the God’s above. Their prying eyes digging into their feeble physical natures, a sense of insecurity running rampantly through their form. It was here they were displayed before all that they hid from. It was also here that they began to fall. Like a film, they descended slowly through the moonlight-covered clouds, helpless as they flailed in the winds to their descent on the world that remained below. Few torchlights from the nations of the world broke through the black skies of night. The marching armies and their torchlights danced through this as they traveled below. Though beautiful the world might have appeared, the nephilim fell closer and closer to it. So high above all that the world below could have fit into their hand, yet it would be the world that they sought to grasp that would soon kill them upon landing. Panic set into the mind of the nephilim, the inevitable physical death that they have experienced many times before felt different this time - severe, everlasting. An impending doom that they could not prevent set in on their thoughts. Some take this inevitable end as graceful, though this felt far from such. This terror persisted in their minds as they grew closer, and closer to the grounds. Like a falling comet their descent painted the sky as embers of dragon’s flame trailed behind them. This descent was beautiful to those on the ground as if a falling star had blessed their very wishes for the night. The nephilim fell closer, and closer yet again. The winds slowed and the embers failed to flicker as the cold earth embraced the form of the flailing creature - silence. A painful tearing is felt upon your back. Your scales being pierced and separated as scorching blood began to run down your boney backside. Your back was lifted from the surface you lay upon, something grew painfully behind your form propelling you upwards. Scratching sounds came from behind as the pain continued, though a new sensation occurred. You felt limbs sprawling outwards from your back - tattered wings shrouding your visage now as you stepped forwards. A voice called out… “In the silent embrace of the cold earth, your descent concludes not with a blessing but a merciless transformation. These wings are not marks of rebirth, but harbingers of a brutal metamorphosis. 'Awaken,' not to a world of grace, but to a reality where the fallen stars leave scars upon the earth, and the echoes of your kin linger as a haunting reminder of the cost of ascension.”
  12. A sickly creature hunched over in his lab as he read the notice “RELEASE THE NAMES! RELEASE THEM!” the nephilim howled.
  13. How did your orc die? Old age, died teaching shamanism to outsiders. Do you think it was a justified death? No, he should have died during the inferi war. Are they in the Stargush’Stroh? Yes Are they able to be contacted by Lutauman? Absolutely. Can provide lots of guidance in regards to clan lur, leadership, and shamanism.
  14. Qizu

    The Battle of Ash

    WER IDOL DI WER ADULESE The Serpent’s Revenge Bithe’Vah calls upon us to prepare, to fall into the sin that drives us. How far will we fall? The earth shook as the banner was placed upon the battlefield. Visions plagued the mind, voices creeped upon the ear. . . As the warband of undead set their sights upon the lands of Tor’Praeth victory was likely ensured. The Prophet of the lands defeated prior, the Regent of the Titan missing - all was silent in the lands of Tor’Praeth. Though even when silence consumes, it does not mean that life exists within it. The Serpent and his followers had been lingering within the hanging fortress for some time. Displacing themselves from their own pits of despair, they awaited for this very moment. As horns were sounded off and armies marched, war had begun. Through a battle of fire and magick the forces of Undeath were swiftly pelted into the cavities within the earth. Few were even capable of getting close enough as they were overwhelmed with the powers of the Titan though this did not stop their charge. What remained of the group after the initial charge persisted against the Serpent and his Forces. The sister of the dragon doing most of the brute work upon their armies as she laid waste to those who headed the front of their charge. The two followers of the Prophet came to aid swiftly as they casted artillery upon the charges of the dead. The battlefield moved back and forth as losses were soon taken account for. Some moved to flee whilst others proclaimed their bravery in the name of their Dark Lord yet even those who sought to run were met with more. Standing in their path was the Titan of the Serpent’s Horde - The Sunderer. A behemoth of a construct blocked off their retreat slaughtering some and capturing others; the forces of Undeath were pinched between those they sought to kill. They fought valiantly, though quickly were felled to the Ways of the Serpent. What men of their charge remained were quickly rounded up to kneel before the Dragon as conversation ensued. Jabs were made, ego was displayed, and pride was broken. However, the fate of these creatures is remembered solely by those who survived. Once all was completed, dragon’s fled from the caverns they hid in. Their force no longer needed in the lands of the North - a destination had been made. [!] In the halls of Tor’Praeth a message was left - a quote from the Way of the Serpent “Strive to rise above everyone who doubts you. Play the card of resilience where they make quick grabs for fame and power. When they play the long game, smother them in your glory and rise above all. You must be the best in whichever pursuit you undergo - you must be perfect.”
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