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  1. Wyn's voice resonated within the halls of Redmont, carrying the weight of sorrow and conviction. "It is always the brave that die the soonest; truly lions led by sheep," he murmured, each word heavy with grief. With solemn resolve, he cradled the urn that contained the ashes of Sol Invicta's Forlorn Legion, the once-proud warriors abandoned and betrayed by their tyrant. His gaze fixed on the urn, he proclaimed, "Every brave death should be honored. Every soul deserves peace." With a deep sigh, Wyn poured out the ashes, surrendering them to the hungry flames. They flickered and faltered, before springing to renewed life with a fervor unseen. A premonition of the struggles to come. But Wyn held on to hope: that no more would be condemned to slave for The Tyrant for eternity. He held on to hope, that this meager act might grand them the peace they had so desperately earned.
  2. Doesn't this just mean the auction effectively ends 15 minutes early and you can just get your snipes in then? Anti-snipe would be closing the auction only after X minutes since last bid, or at the closing time at the earliest.
  3. Considering that Resonantium, in the case of Kani, would function similarly to Haganeki Ironwood; a material that is readily available without an ST-Signature, I don't foresee any issues with its use. However, if it becomes a contentious point, I can certainly remove this addition. I felt that allowing Oscillits the use of Resonantium, due to their resonance anomaly aligning well with the theme of the metal, would simply provide them a cool aesthethic alternative to Haganeki.
  4. Still looking for feedback for the current iteration, before the submission is put in MAG. Big thank you to @BakedPotato @PrimnyaQuorum @TreeSmoothie and those who reached out on Discord. I realized that after establishing the initial drawbacks and limitations, I got too caught up in what made technical sense given the surrounding lore, rather than ensuring it was a fair and interesting submission. I think it's in a much better place now, but I still want to hear your thoughts!
  5. Updated based on feedback: - Added specificity and a weight limitation on Resonantium tools in regard to Kani. - Clarified language regarding Boomsteel and Resonantium interaction. Added larger punishment to exceeding 2 thunderclap blocking emotes.
  6. Thanks for the feedback! - There are multiple materials that do not rust or degrade. - Oscillits are already capable of wielding non-ST iron-strength blunt weapons (Haganeki Ironwood) Besides making a formidable shield, and a material that can block two thunderclaps what do you feel makes it insanely OP in its current iteration?
  7. Updated based on feedback: - Changed durability to iron, left too much room for possible abuse. (I always envisioned the durability of the metal to be after taking its unique properties into account. Turns out I might've been the only one πŸ˜…) - Removed mana disruption ability, to avoid the metal being a jack of all trades.
  8. I'd argue there are other materials out there, like thanhic steel that is just as useful with more applications. You'd need to be willing to wield a blunt weapon with very low impact force, in order to stun a single construct limb, or delay the casting of a spell. I took inspiration from the Resonance Anomaly from Kani for the mana disruption part; though if the general consensus is that the material has too many positive applications, that part could be removed. Edit: Feedback implemented :)
  9. [OOC Disclaimer: The term "Resonantium" is not widely recognized. Information and techniques related to Resonantium can only be learned through roleplay, either by being taught by others or through exploration and experimentation in collaboration with the Story Team (ST).] Born from the chaos in the crevices of Eos' most imposing mountain ranges, where its crust scrapes and struggles against the boundaries of tectonic plates, Resonantium is as enigmatic as it is coveted, for it possesses a bewildering attribute: it resonates. Resonantium's rare properties have captured the imagination and ignited the passions of many artists, artisans, and tinkerers across Eos, as this seemingly naturally formed alloy can resonate with kinetic, thermal, and even magical energy, producing iridescent colors, mesmerizing sounds, and palpable pressure waves. Ideal for crafting musical instruments that can stir the soul, architectural wonders that sing with the wind, shields that disperse impact, and intricate devices that buzz with life, Resonantium serves many purposes depending on the ingenuity and artistry of the hand with which it resonates. Resonantium ore, known by the descendants of Eos as 'Ripple Rock' or 'Echo Stones,' often deceives with its ordinary appearance, resembling mundane Ferrum ore. Its extraordinary qualities are only revealed under particular circumstances. In low light, the ore awakens with subtle iridescent ripples, echoing the ambient sound and vibrations. Resonantium ore's durability is on par with common ferrum, but may be perceived to be more durable, due to its energy-dispersing properties. The metal's toughness ensures it is exceptionally wear-resistant, maintaining its structure and properties even under strenuous conditions. The ore is highly sensitive to vibrations, reacting to touch, sound, and other atmospheric vibrations. Any contact with the ore causes it to emit a gentle, iridescent hue and reverberating sound; when struck, it disperses the impact into intense vibrations and powerful waves of sound. The unique resonating nature of Resonantium poses significant challenges for enchanting and alchemical treatments. Its constant internal vibrations at specific frequencies make it resistant to traditional magical enchantments, often causing violent reactive pulses that can disrupt or entirely negate the intended magical effects. Similarly, alchemical processes aimed at altering or enhancing the ore typically fail, as the treatments are repelled or rendered ineffective by the discordant vibrational forces within the ore. Redlines (Raw Form) The extraction of Resonantium Ore presents many challenges, primarily due to its deceptively ordinary appearance. Hidden among ordinary stone and ore, its true nature is only discernible under low light, where it subtly iridescently glows in response to ambient vibration. Therefore, miners must rely on careful observation to identify Resonantium amidst the more common ores. Resonance hazards are further complications of extracting the ore: Errant strikes on the ore can cause it to resonate and trigger structural instabilities in the surrounding rock, resulting in grave outcomes, such as cave-ins. The resilience and reactive nature of Resonantium ore render conventional mining tools less useful. The use of a standard pickaxe is inadvisable; instead, the ore should be delicately and carefully freed from its rocky encasement through other means, be they alchemical, with hammer and chisel, or a combination of the two, to avoid triggering potential resonance hazards. Copy: The ore appears similar to common ferrum but distinguishes itself in low light, emitting an iridescent glow when exposed to vibrations and resonance. Exceptionally durable and reactive to touch and sound, it can produce intense vibrations capable of causing significant harm. Redlines (Harvesting) Refined Resonantium, known as 'Harmonic Steel,' has the appearance of smooth metal. However, it constantly displays faint, shifting iridescent hues in response to vibrations and energy. This iridescence intensifies dramatically with the strength of the power the metal encounters. An example is upon solid impact, where the metal bursts into vibrant life, illuminating it with iridescent colors spanning purples, yellows, and blues, as the metal resonates deeply, dispersing sound and waves throughout the atmosphere in a sonic release. Harmonic Steel is on par with ferrum when it comes to durability, though may be perceived as more durable due to its impact dispersing properties. It is understandable that alloying it with other metals is an attractive prospect. However, such attempts invariably produce far inferior materials as the unique resonating qualities of resonantium are lost in the alloying process. To complicate matters further, the metal's resistance to change extends to alchemical treatments and enchantments; its constant internal vibrations repel and nullify treatments, making it immune to conventional methods of staining or altering, while its unique ability to resonate with and dispersing energies makes it resistant to conventional enchantments. Any attempt to enchant Harmonic Steel can provoke violent reactions, unleashing significant sound and pressure waves. These waves are potent enough to cause internal damage to any nearby. Harmonic Steel boasts a wide array of applications across three main domains. Artisans utilize it to craft instruments with unmatched clarity and resonance, ornaments and jewelry that harmonize with the wearer's pulse, and structures that resonate with the breeze and life of their inhabitants. Smiths fashion shields of striking splendor and robust defense, as well as armaments that mercifully disperse force upon impact. Lastly, tinkerers find Resonantium's potential boundless, innovating endlessly with this versatile material. Harmonic Steel is an unparalleled treasure among artisans and artists. Its unique resonating properties make it the foremost choice for items that produce or amplify sound. Musical instruments such as horns, bells, and string instruments benefit immensely from the metal's resonating properties. A Resonantium instrument amplifies and clarifies sound waves, yielding richer, louder, and fuller tones. This ability to amplify sound without distortion is invaluable in creating war horns, speaking horns, and other public address and alert systems. The complexity of working with Harmonic Steel compels artisans to continuously refine their techniques and explore new applications, fostering innovation and collaboration between artistic expression and technical craftsmanship. Architects and builders incorporate metal into structures for aesthetic and acoustic appeal. Buildings and monuments with Harmonic Steel implements can manipulate sound to create immersive ambient soundscapes and produce melodious sounds when caressed by the wind and rain. Though boasting several remarkable properties, Harmonic Steel still presents significant limitations in traditional smithing. For example, the metal is wholly unsuitable for edged or pointed tools and weapons due to the unique refinement method; any initially sharp weapon edge will shatter and be blunt. However, Harmonic Steel excels in other areas, particularly in crafting shields, blunt weapons, and aesthetic ceremonial weapons meant to avoid causing too much harm. Shields and weapons produced from Harmonic Steel endure the rigors of battle while producing iridescent glows and melodic resonances as they disperse energy, making it particularly effective for defensive purposes. However, when forged into a weapon, it delivers only half the kinetic force of a comparable weapon crafted from conventional metal. On the flip side, this quality is highly sought in shields, as they disperse around half the force of an incoming blow. An interesting exception is that the dispersed energy and melodic resonances turn to powerful shockwaves, capable of dispersing attackers and causing great physical strain on the wielders, should Harmonic Steel shields be struck with High-Density Boomsteel or vice-versa. Another unfortunate limitation is that despite the clear defensive advantages, the metal's resonant nature makes it a poor choice for protective armor. Any significant impact causes the metal to resonate intensely, potentially leading to internal injuries from vibrations transmitted through the armor, even with substantial padding. One group resonates with Harmonic Steel above all others. Practitioners of Kani, the Oscillit, with their control of and deep understanding of resonance, can resonate with the otherwise hard material, manipulating it easily despite the density of the metal, and may render strikes without dispersing the force of the impact. Resonantium unlocks a world of possibilities for innovative applications. When super-heated and cooled, it can store almost any energy and release it as resonance/sound waves, marking it as an exceptional, if not dangerous, material for creating dynamic and responsive mechanisms. As the metal becomes malleable with heat, it stores energy, a property that grand tinkerers can exploit ingeniously, creating artifacts that respond to external forces to harness and utilize the stored energy. However, the challenge remains in controlling and releasing this energy 'safely' and effectively. Mastering the use of Resonantium demands a deep understanding of metallurgy and the workings of the physical world. Grand tinkerers may feel encouraged to experiment with the metal's properties, exploring new ways to manipulate its storage capabilities and resonating energy. Given the metal's complex nature, collaboration between tinkerers, alchemists, mages, and metallurgists is crucial, as sharing insights and breakthroughs can accelerate the development of new artifacts. Ultimately, it's about tinkerers once again creating cool, innovative artifacts. Redlines (Refined Form) Refining Resonantium is a complex process that demands exceptionally high temperatures, well beyond the capabilities of standard forges. To achieve the necessary heat, blacksmiths must employ either alchemical, magical, or specialized mundane substances like Daemite powder to drive up the heat of their furnace. During the heating process, Resonantium exhibits a unique property of self-purification. As it heats, any impurities within the metal that do not resonate at the same frequency as Resonantium are gradually forced out due to discordant vibrations. This natural expulsion of impurities means that, unlike typical alloys, there is no need for fluxes or slag removal during the refining process. Attempting to create a new alloy at this stage will always result in failure; either the new alloy is inferior, with none of Resonantium's unique properties, due to changing the structure of the metal, or the resonantium will separate from the other materials, due to the discordant vibrational properties. Once the metal reaches the appropriate temperature, it becomes malleable, and the blacksmith can shape it as desired. At this stage, resonantium ceases to resonate with external energies and starts storing energy instead. It is recommended for smiths to take measures to protect themselves from the heat, this can be through many different methods, such as clothing, the application of Athin, amongst others. The cooling process must be carefully considered. As the metal accumulates more energy as it is shaped, intermittent cooling is necessary. This controlled approach allows for gradually releasing pent-up energy before it becomes excessive, ensuring a safer environment and more stable metal handling during the forging process. Unfortunately, a side effect of releasing the pent-up energy is that any attempts at sharpened points or edges result in failure, with the edges shattering and blunting as the energy is released, posing a danger to the smith and observers. Redlines (Refining Technique) PURPOSE: I have aimed to revive the dwindling spirit of experimentation, tinkering, and invention lost over the years. I hope this can be a material the players can play with in storylines and events in cooperation with ST. I still fondly recall experiences of when the node system was introduced, and players got to discover Lunarite for the first time. The metal is designed as a counterpart to Boomsteelβ€”offering weak offensive capabilities but strong defensive potential while creating a unique dynamic between the two rather than merely acting as a direct counter to the otherwise unparalleled, dominant thunderclaps. Resonantium is intended to appeal to the artistic roleplaying community, offering intriguing aesthetics and some functionality. CITATIONS: [World Lore] - Volatite and Boomsteel [MA + FA] Kani - The Art of the Oscillit [World Lore] - The Deepsteels: Ch 1 - Daemonsteel [Magic Lore] - Transfiguration: Artisans of the Arcane [Magic Lore] Bardmancy [World Lore] Magegold | Arcaurum Athin CHANGE LOG: April 19 - Lowered durability to common iron and removed mana disruption effects based on feedback. April 19 - Added a weight limitation on Resonantium tools in regard to Kani. Clarified language regarding Boomsteel and Resonantium interaction. Added larger punishment to exceeding 3 thunderclap blocking emotes.
  10. Given names: Ettiene deLyon Age: 14 Citizenship: Hanseti-Ruska Relevant skills (if applicable): Many things Letter of Recommendation: We were supposed to give a letter? ((OOC: Discord)): oliver_eng
  11. +1 Very nice, but sometimes explicitedly stating "Ordained Herald" and othertimes not, even though it is a MA ability, is confusing. I wish it was immediately clear if it is a Feat/Herald or MA/Ordained-Herald ability.
  12. Attention Travelers, Traders, and Explorers! [From the bustling streets of towns to the far reaches of distant lands, this notice comes from Vaelorion's workshop, a humble yet ambitious blacksmith seeking to expand his craft and mastery.] In my quest to elevate the craft beyond the ordinaryβ€”to blend durability with beauty and function with formβ€”I need materials that are not commonly found within our realm. I want to acquire unique and extraordinary materials that break the mould of conventional blacksmithing. I am interested in whether they be metals with unseen properties, crystals that refract light in captivating ways, or any other resources that stand out for their rarity and quality. To you who venture into uncharted territories, negotiate in markets where the rarest goods change hands, or dig up treasures from places the world has forgotten, I offer more than just a transaction; I propose a partnership of lasting value. I am ready and willing to purchase these exceptional materials from you, offering a fair price that genuinely acknowledges the worth of your discoveries and the effort behind your endeavours. But let our collaboration extend beyond the mere exchange of goods for mina. For those among you who seek not just to sell but to see your materials transformed, I offer the unique service of crafting them into items with exquisite quality and craftsmanship without pay. Whether you desire a weapon that's the envy of warriors and knights, armour that combines fortitude with finesse, or an artefact that melds aesthetic beauty with practical use, I stand ready to bring your vision into reality. This is an opportunity for riches and to forge a legacy by creating items that bear not only my mark but also the story of the materials from which they were wroughtβ€”a story that you helped write. Should you decide to engage my forge, send a bird to my workshop with your terms. Eagerly awaiting our future creations,
  13. Skin Name - Wrath Bid - 32$ Discord Name - oliver_eng Skin Name - Loyalty Bid - 12$ Discord Name - oliver_eng
  14. Skin Name - Wrath Bid - 20$ Discord Name - oliver_eng
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