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  1. 3rd round of edits implemented. (See: Change Log)
  2. The feedback should be already worked into the post.
  3. I understand, but I've tried to keep this piece as simple as possible. I found with my other projects they came too bloated.
  4. Implemented feedback into post (26/01/23)
  5. Another good thing to add, thank you!
  6. This is great feedback! I'll add in what I can I've not yet considered this. I'm up for suggestions.
  7. After talking with others, you are right A thing of names can be changed, however this does tie in to the original chi lore and is not some unrelated entity. Perhaps the old Chi lore fell into disuse due to this exact reason of a tied-in and set-in-stone culture with the Oyashiman (being juggled between a certain few and characters related to). Maybe this rewrite will spread easier as it is open to its own cultural development while also having a theme to follow. @Islamadon
  8. The redlines are to be expanded upon (26/01/23)
  9. Foreword Chi Introduction Hou-Shen & Chi The Monk’s Chi Energy Chi energy is everywhere. A distinct source of power that remains latent and imperceptible. Chi is one's own inner strength and willpower granted physicality, brought out and harnessed by means of the connected monk. Under ordinary conditions, the Chi from all parts of the body tends to flow together as one mass. This happens without the beings knowledge and typically results in Chi slowly leaking away from the body without any consequence. Monks utilise the Mana Gates called the Seven Chakras, a path of seals innate to every descendant that regulates their active and passive mana from within, unlocked to grant mastery of the self. By opening these gates, a Monk has greater control over their mana flow, while also allowing them to alter ambient mana like an Oscillit. Unlike an Oscillit however, a Monk cannot manipulate the natural mana around them, instead intertwining it with their internal mana flow. They are able to exert high concentrations of mana, flowing out in rhythm with the natural mana flowing in to make up for what would otherwise drain and kill a descendant. This heightened state of mana is called Chi. To carelessly open these seals is a fool’s game, and the process requires one to train the mind, body, and soul. A Chi monk can access the powers of Chi when in a state of deep concentration. Chi, and a monk’s utilisation of it, has a distinct and tangible tell. This has been left free to a degree, varying in colour and expression of energy, but must be kept around the body of the user. For example: White tendrils like haar surrounding the Chi monk. As a bodily thing, weapons cannot be used in tandem with Chi Arts. The Seven Chakras The Seven Chakras are vital in progressing in the Chi Arts. Along with abiding the tenets of a Chi monk, unlocking each point must be done in a session of meditation guided by a TA holder. The Ajna Chakra, the Third Eye Located in the centre of the forehead, the third eye is the site of the Ajna Chakra, associated with light, perception and intuition. The Anja Chakra is the first to be opened by a new Chi monk and is a “connection”, and must be done by an existing Chi monk with a valid TA (see: Connection & Tiers). Muladhara, the Root Chakra Located at the base of the spine, the Muladhara is known as the very foundation of the Tantra and the entrypoint of chi, it is crucial that all monks preserve balance in the Muladhara as it is their core connection to chi energy. To open the Root, one must liberate themselves of all hesitation and disquietude within the mind, and reach zen in time of uncertainty. This can be done in times of emotional turmoil, acting as a redirection of those feelings and sensitivities into the chakra to open it and free oneself of them, or for those with a composed temperament, finding peace through meditation in an environment that instils unrest. Chi monks with an open and balanced Root chakra feel a sense of grounding and power. When it is made imbalanced, the monk will feel as if they are on unstable ground, susceptible to feeling anxious and stressed. Swadhisthana, the Sacral Chakra In the lower abdomen, beneath the navel, the Swadhisthana is associated with awareness, relationships, emotions, and unconscious desire. This chakra, blocked by guilt, is said to be most difficult to open as the monk must face and stand above the five poisons: Egoism, greed, ignorance, selfishness and carnal desires. One who meditates on Svadhishthana will be made aware of all temptations that they may witness throughout their daily life; things such as excess food, wealth, and pleasure, all of which must be resisted and avoided as to prove that the monk can truly go without. Throughout this period, the monk must also begin life anew, one without ego and ignorance, not taking without first giving, and living without earthly desires. Unblocking Swadhisthana is a trial of will, where the monk will only succeed should they lead the aforementioned lifestyle of purity - free from the five poisons. To give in to such desires would render the Sacral Chakra closed. Redlines Monks must live a simple life without the five poisons. For example a Chi monk would not also be able to play a merchant or monarch or any in a position influenced by greed and selfishness. This would extend further into a hardline against bandit roleplay influenced by ego or greed; wherein the Sacral Chakra will need to be reopened. Manipura, the Solar Plexus Chakra Above the navel, the Manipura governs digestion and metabolism, promoting the absorption of all good food, thought, and emotion, as well as the elimination of toxicities. A well maintained diet is key to opening this Chakra, and as a result, there has arisen a peculiar menu eaten by monks. Chi monks survive solely on water and a strange food-thing called Mukha. Mukha is a bread-like food made from flour and Clecire Dewberry, and oddly is a completely unbalanced food containing only carbohydrates. This gives them energy, and the lack of hard to digest protein and gluttonous fat is key in maintaining a clean diet and opening the Solar Plexus Chakra. Redlines The Consumption of Mukha is solely cultural and to disregard this will [not] close the chakra point. Anahata, the Heart Chakra The Heart Chakra is one of the harder chakras to open, relating to love and attachment. In opening this chakra, a Chi monk must rid themselves of all worldly love apart from themselves. As a result, romantic interests are unable to be pursued; friends and family are viewed with a distant fondness curtained by a love of the self. This notion should not be mistook as selfishness. A Chi monk cares dearly for all life, but with equality. Opening the Heart Chakra is a long journey of meditation and separation from those dear to them. Redlines Romance roleplay is strictly forbidden to a Chi monk - this would be a tether to something worldly. A Chi monk would see all people with an equal fondness. Friends and family, who were prior loved by a Chi monk before taking on the art will be regarded without attachment. This is a hard shift in a Chi monk’s mentality and must be considered in roleplay. Vishuddha, the Throat Chakra The Vishuddha pertains to all breath related things. This extends as far as the internal balance of heat and cold in the body, wherein a Chi monk will find a greater fortitude to hot and cool climates. Deserts will seem of a fair temperature, and wastes of ice and snow are much the same. A technique utilised by Chi monks to open the Throat Chakra called Ujjayi breathing. Ujjayi breathing is done by clothing ones throat and breathing through the nose, containing the air in the mouth and heating/cooling it with Chi. Redlines Ujjayi is a technique for regulating heat within a Chi monk’s body and coupled with mediation, is required in opening the chakra point. Once opened Ujjayi breathing is not necessary in its remaining open. Sahasrara, the Crown Chakra The Crown Chakra embodies all things mighty of the Chi monk. The strength of will and is the chiefest and final Chakra that must be opened once all others have been. To open the Sahasrara, a Chi monk must be at the end of their Chi Art journey, mastering all other abilities and opening all other chakra points. Strengthening one's body and mind is key to opening this chakra. In this, a Chi monk is recognised as a master. Confidence and decisiveness are crucial in unlocking this chakra. Redlines The Crown Chakra must be the last point to be opened. Once achieved a monk may apply for a TA. General redlines Disregarding the methods of opening chakra points will close them for a time (Unless stated otherwise in the above redlines). They must be opened again (2 weeks apart) and informed on your MA. This is up to the integrity of the user and is hoped to be played in good faith. However, ST have the discretion to dole out warnings where necessary. Exhaustion Exhaustion for the Chi Art has been left freeform, viz. A rough guide without concrete limits like Voidal Evocations. A Chi monk would find the usage of Chi abilities all of the same exhaustive potency, as while they are not physical, is a similar system of energy rather than an external source such as the void. This is to say, a similar feeling to stamina and greatly connected. An exhausted monk will be unable to revert to non-chi-assisted attacks like a magi, and will be generally exhausted in all ways. A prolonged battle in which Chi Arts are used consecutively, eg. [5+] abilities are used, a Chi monk will begin to feel tired. Anything over this amount will continue to wear upon the monk, ultimately rendering them incapable of continuing a fight. In the case of Tadasana being used, Chi monks are incapable of feeling exhaustion as their bodies are pushed beyond these limitations. The degree in which a Chi monk has progressed in their MA will not have an influence on exhaustion. Chi Arts should be viewed as a more exhaustive version of physical attacks. Chi Arts Weightless [NC/Passive] Inner Peace [NC/C] Monk’s Vigour [Passive] Balasana [C] Redirection [C] Offensive Temper [C] Defensive Temper [C] Ardha Chandrasana [C] Overwhelm [C] Bellows [C] Anja Ustrasana [C/N] Absolution [C] Tadasana [C] Connection & Tiers Progression in Chi has been left freeform. Meaning—once connected—a Chi monk is free to choose what Chakra points are opened. An exception to this rule is the Crown Chakra, which must be opened after all others have been. Should a Chi monk unlock all 7 Chakras, a TA can be applied for. A Chi monk with a valid TA can take a total of 3 students at one time. The unlocking of Chakras/tiers should be written on the related MA of the user, and a new Chakra can be unlocked each [2] weeks. A Chi Art MA is a 3 slot magic. The Anja Chakra is the first to be opened for an aspiring Chi monk. This opening awakens them to the flow and sense of Chi energy. The opening of the Anja Chakra is a means of connecting a student. To open the Anja Chakra and connect a student, the TA-holding Chi monk would place a Chi imbued thumb over the Anja Ustrasana, at which point a restful sleep takes the student. When they wake, the perception of Chi and control over it will seem clear to them. The modern Chi monk utilises restful teas and the recreational use of mind altering drugs to relax and open the student to a heightened state of perception. However, this would seem a cultural choice. Progression Incompatibility Credits Spindle - Author Hexe - Writer, Foundation and Ideas Kujo - Ideas and Proofing Lockages - Proofing Olandyr - Ideas Xx_BloodStalk_xX - Secondary Feedback Changelog
  10. I believe the original pushes for greater cooperation within covens
  11. Dost thou love picking meat? Or would’st thou see A man in the clouds, and have him speak to thee? Bunyan Mists & Rushes In the twilight came a woman in her middle years. Before her was a broad bridge, and near the water's edge a hedgerow of rushes mingled with a mist by the bank. She was with herself—her thoughts and the occasional murmurs of the wind her sole companions—and everything lay before her very still. The far-away noises and lights seemed near and clear and there was upon her a great silence. She was spurred on by the occasional wind-words at a heartpace when a new sound came. Gravel crushed underfoot as a secondary woman (one of less years but built lean and muscular) drew behind in tandem. The mild air of the sloping Petran landscape was sucked through her teeth like the bellows of a forge; a breath that was bated and held in it an evil. The first woman crested the bridge without regard; her ear remained to her thoughts and the silence seemed heavy and vast like morning mist. ‘Kazimira,’ came a hard voice. Her free hand rose. She sought to stop the woman's carefree meander. She turned to regard the sounds. ‘P-pardon?’ the woman said and blinked the night from her eyes. Soon many thoughts stole quietly into the woman-called-Kazimira’s mind. They mingled with the midnight tricks of moonlight and mist and drew her in a world known only to her. For all it seemed, the world held fast its breath; it came to her as if through a fathom of murkwater, and she realised then her fate. She was dead. Kain: ‘Kazimira, I presume?’ Blædswiþ: ‘This— This is her.’ Kain: ‘It was.’ Blædswiþ: ‘Was.’ From the door came a rapping. Alabaster: ‘It's me.’ Kain: ‘A-ah-h.’ Alabaster: ‘What the f*ck are you doing. She is Hesperia's girl.’ Kain: ‘It was. And I'd never seen this old thing until good-Blædswiþ brought her as she is now. ’ Notes I’m not exactly sure how or where to start with this. Netzhal/Kazimira was fun, but it felt high time to get her out of my hair—combing out an annoying (but dearly loved) knot. Apologies if some stories remain unfinished, for I know there were a few. Chiefly it seemed I’d done too much on Netzy as it was. Too many rounds, in too many communities. Time for something new! If there are any cute character ideas bubbling away in your minds, get to me here: Spindle#7394. I’m open for anything. <3
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