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  1. High elfen blue – 2000 NLThomas#4337
  2. blue high elfen – 1500 NLThomas#4337
  3. Jack takes a good look at the paper after a long day as he sits at his table "oh buck, you keep surprising me with the things you come up with."
  4. OOC ((MC Name: NLThomas)) ((Discord: NLThomas#4337 )) ((Timezone: GMT+1)) IN-CHARACTER What is your name? Kallian Syrivir Why seek membership to the Mages Guild? To learn more about the art of magic and possibly learn another form. and to later teach it to a new generation so the arts never get lost. What arts, if any, do you currently practice? Fire evocation, atm tier 3. What position do you desire to attain upon acceptance? Practicus When should you be contacted for an interview? Any time works for me
  5. NLThomas

    Alchemist's Guild

    MC Name: NLThomas Discord: NLThomas#4337 Character Name: Kallian Syrivir Age: 30 Race: Snow Elf Reason For Joining: in general a curious person who seeks to understand the world and practice some of it aspect. with Alchemy grabbing most of his attention. affiliation: Vira'ker
  6. "I followed you into that battle and left without you. May you find your rest now." Jack mumbles to himself as the boat sails back to harbor. Taking another drink to soften the pain of his eye cut blind and the pain of losing another friend and great man.
  7. IGN: NLThomas Discord: NLThomas#4337 IC Info Name: Jack Reynolds Age: 35 Specialty: Bow and Longsword Additional Information: Has been with a hunters guild before for a long time.
  8. NLThomas

    The Huntsmen

    Application Roleplay Name: Jack Reynolds Race: Human Age: 36 Desired role: Hunter Reason for enlistment: Looking for new hunter guild after leaving a different one. OOC Username: Discord Tag: NLThomas#4337 Timezone: GMT+1
  9. As Jack hears the news, a single tear would roll down his cheek as he looks up into the sky with a small smile ”Long may the sun shine upon you my Friend, my Brother..”
  10. NLThomas


    Born in the city of Helena with my parents. Went to school but dropped out at the age of 10 to get money for my mother. My father was a soldier and my mother worked in the city as a servant for the lord of the city. At the age of 11 my father died in the eighteen years war. Went to school again until the age of 16. Did some lumberjack work for his mother until the age of 18 I slowly left the path of the cannonist church. Then decided to explore more of the world looking for a better job. Got ambushed in the wild by a bandit who shot me in the chest and slashed me close to the eye with a sword. A ranger named john from the guild "Rangers of the wild" saved me from death and offered me a job to carry the rangers weapons. The Ranger trained me to be a skilled archer and how to survive in the wild. The Ranger died in combat when I was 23. After the dead of the ranger i tried to become member of the rangers of the wild but got denied. I have been working as assassin or body guard for hire in the city Helena, but can also be hired to hunt on monsters and mystical creatures. Saving up for better gear to do my work better.
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