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  1. After reading and mumbling by himself over the paper, Kallian snaps his fingers "That has to be it, quite easy really... yet definetly worth the look into, at least if i'm right."
  2. After giving it a good read, quite solid lore. Really well done as usual.
  3. From a lonely tower between Elysium and Vortice a elf utters to himself while reading over the missive. Slightly raising a brow with the bold claims and even bolder acts, done by Azdrazi or not did not matter. "Wonderful, a fight between two idiots. Entertaining at least perhaps?" The elf asked the jar upon his desk, within it a small mushroom man starring at him with black bead eyes, the elf starring back with a tired gaze. The awkward silence falls in the room with which the elf makes a dismissive gesture "ah like you know anything about it."
  4. A certain elf stumbled upon the flyer upon his long journey. Lightly humming, the elf his gaze flows over the paper as the wind blows the cloak back. "Curious... worth a visit if not for the potion" The elf hums to himself, carrying on with his journey shortly after.
  5. NLThomas

    The Link

    a curious elf stumbles upon the odd scrap of paper laying there upon the ground. The curious gaze flows over the paper. A few soft whispers by the mad man were spoken, quiet, barely audible from the lonely tower within the west "o'snake... o'snake, how curious". Those whispers were shortly followed by a laugh, growing louder to then fall quiet, it was now all quiet expect for that cold wind, flowing past the trees.
  6. A certain elf hears of the passing of the old Barclay. He scratches his chin a bit with a light hum "I wonder what he did with that cloak I gifted him back in Arcas... oh well"
  7. From the lonely tower near Elysium and Talons Port, the soft humming of a mage comes. The missive was left outside this lonely tower and so the mage receives the message. Kallian his gaze flows over the paper, a frown forming upon his expression with the missing of his friend. "Those who treat me with kidness, I will repay that kidness ten folds... And those, that treat me with injustice, those who hurt my friends. I shall repay that injustice a thousand times over."
  8. Goon post pog
  9. Discord: NLThomas#4337 IGN: NLThomas Style: Half sketch
  10. The mage on his lonely stroll through the lands for the past year takes notice of the missive. The elf scholar removes his hood to then rip the missive from the board and hums with his eyes gazing over the paper. Hanging it back up. "About time llir, about time..." He spoke, giving the owl upon his shoulder a gentle pat and lifting his hood back up, carrying on with his journey.
  11. You can, just don't need alchemy for it anymore. You can now just grab beardweed from a herb node although it is a bit rare. Anyways that out of the way, what is the biggest change you have noticed between now and back then?
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