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  1. Love your art man so might as well give it a shot, even if the chance is low. Kallian Syrivir Hair/head: https://imgur.com/a/U6Z3aCk Clothing (without the armor pieces): https://imgur.com/a/yHpPpki Skin: https://imgur.com/a/qwXNNLE
  2. Kallian sweats in commiting war crimes
  3. Kallian would stare down after reading the letter as he went completely quiet in the large empty house. After a short while tears start to roll down his cheeks with a soft smile “... Leyu…” he mumbled out. He would slowly sit down with the paper on his cough, his shoulders and head hanging with his hands clenching around the letter as slowly tears stained the paper. “... I-... I was never disappointed… I already had forgiven you a long time ago… I loved you… I- I’m sorry… I should have never let you go in that field… Our daughter… I promise but I- I can’t raise her alone... '' Kallian would mumble out before falling quiet again. Collapsed on his knees he could do nothing but softly cry to himself. a cold sense of nostalgia would run down his spine as he starts to think about all those moments with her from reading the letter. The woman he loved so much, mother of their child. From the first time they met in that clinic, to the first time they kissed and all the picnics they went on, so many great memories. Thinking about all these things would give him a small desperate smile before bursting out into tears again as he realises he would never experience these things again with her, or anyone else for that matter for she was the only one he ever truly loved that much. “Leyu… I need you… I- I was so happy… please… I-” he said between the sobs. After a long while he would slowly and weakly stand himself up and with a shaking hand recover a ring from his pocket and stare at it with a weak smile before fading back into tears “You told me we would... marry…” he would say before noticing the fague text etched into the paper, quickly making out what would be fully written. More tears quickly ran down his cheeks as he slowly dragged himself upstairs while holding the letter. Dropping himself down on the bed and grabbing hold of the blanket before tightly hugging it as it was all that was around the house that would remind him of the warm embrace of Leyu. The blanket still holds her scent, the smell of strawberries. Only making him cry more and more. Kallian would softly start to hum between the sobs. The same tune she would hum when treating his wounds, when taking care of him, when they danced on that moonlit night in the open field. Slowly humming himself to sleep for that was all that could comfort him in this desperate state. Being able to almost perfectly picture Leyu and her warm smile in his mind as he slowly drifts off to sleep while hugging the blanket.
  4. Ooc: This is a page out of Kallian's personal journey, unless showed irp it stays unknown to others but i like to write it down hoping other would at least enjoy the message. "There I was, invited by my friend Anduin To hunt down a nightmare inferi remaining beast of some kind. Never thought I would fight Inferi again after that huge siege. Now after the fact, I do not regret it. Might have fallen out of the fourth floor of a building but adds to my life experience I suppose. Oh and then the nightmare orb I got from slaying the thing, really curious. My fiancé was less amused by it but oh well, can't be perfect I guess. The nightmare orb sure did put up a fight but we managed to beat it while I got quite the reward out of it. An orb that gives nightmares." "Gail noticed it was not entirely purged and invited me along to investigate this weird labratorium under the city of Talons Grotto. There we were over taken by this ink of the beast. We got desperate, cornered. My fire balls showed no use beside more upsetting it. Then out of the sudden this... portal emerged. Eventually we went through it and reached this other world realm. Standing right above the void. It was truly magnificent. We looked around a bit and i bullied a floating orb with my own orb, not my best plan but it managed to scare it. The orb tried to flee but failed and ended up more or less killing itself. We managed to return home by floating up and that is where this story ends. This was... a confusing fight, not like any other beast. But I'm happy to have experienced it. May many more follow. -Kallian Syrivir"
  5. Kallian Syrivir sits himself at his desk as he looks over the letter he got in the mail, putting his books to the side before opening the letter and reads over the short message “Curious... perhaps he has turned around? Or maybe not and i just punched him too hard last time. I shall see” Kallian mumbles to himself and Leyu before folding the note up and puts it inbetween his notebook, unaware of that Simon had died.
  6. Love it, very lovecraftian horror like theme to it.
  7. RP Name: Kallian Syrivir MC Name: NLThomas Discord: NLThomas#4337 Item Type: Longsword Info (what you want in the desc): dm Reference: dm
  8. Kallian would see Leyu walk out of the bathroom, he had seen the child in pain but hoped she would survive. Leyu would have tears roll down her cheek as Kallian came to the realization, the young child he met a few minutes ago had passed away. Kallian would give Leyu a hug in a attempt to calm her “I'm so sorry you had to experience that llir” Kallian softly whispers to her, knowing he can't do much more then that with the child passed away.
  9. Jack Reynolds gently smiles down at his wife and daughter from the seven skies as he meets his old friends who died in the war ”Look at how grown up you are already my dear Amelia” He said as a small tear rolls down his cheek “Bring home that medal home for me Bonnie, you at least deserve that much.” he said with a weak smile as he went back to his pals, carrying on in peace.
  10. After catching up with his old friend and after what he has seen, he eventually came to the conclusion that what he said must be true. ”As former second in Command of this monster hunter guild it pains me to see that my once close friend Vyasaldris has walked down this dark path. May she find light once more or die in the dark.
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