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  1. Love the post but I beg of you to make the black text some other color. Those words are impossible to read without selecting.
  2. "Perhaps I had a lack of judgement when it comes to Adelia.. ah well, everyone is wrong once in a while." The pale elf shrugs and carries on with his writing. Assuring himself that he is never ever wrong.
  3. "Usurper and a liar. She has no right to call herself Atmorice nor Fennic with her voidal taint." The Court Alchemist of Celia'nor spoke to the metalic raven on his shoulder as he stood in the forge. Placing the missive down to work on some new weapon. Hammer strike after strike ring the yellow hot metal. "The Prince was foolish to be deceived by a farce snake's words. Nay. A worm. I do hope the young Prince will grow wiser from this.."
  4. Within Dio are two Presidents
  5. Believe we haven't interacted all that much but the few times I can recall always were a joy. Godspeed Grim. Become the chef you were born to be.
  6. Would we be able to rename the bag? If so, that would be huuuuge for alchemy storage in general.
  7. Sorry Rukio could you please not comment anymore? You are making me uncomfortable with your messages
  8. Within his shadow darkened room, the mumblings of the scholar echo out betwixt walls of cold pale white stone, for he could not stand the silence. Finally, the mumblings cease and he falls into the cold embrace of the night. As many nights before, so too did this one come with visions and dreams. Falling deep into that black pit the golden eyes shoot open, turning and shifting around only to find those corpses left to eternally stir and the fallen ruins that plagued the abyss. The chanting of the dead filled the elf at first with dread but quickly he found a familiarity in that language all too well known to him. The chanting to him after some time turned into a irritating ringing noise. His heartbeat and breath picked up until suddenly, it all became quiet. The familiar silence and darkness of his chambers. Silence was broken by a chanting. A chanting of his own. Echoing the foul language heard to himself.
  9. Honestly don't mind it and feel like it deserves its place. In the end it only make sense to try and catch these shapeshifting demons. But what I do mind is that from a logical point of view, not everyone should just let it happen. Very simply put, having your hand slashed open hurts, and not just in that moment. No it has to heal and you have to deal with this slash in your hand that will hurt whenever you try to pick something up for at least a month. Guess this brings up a lack of pain RP and how little actual influence it has. Also let's not forget the fact that whenever you do emote having any sort of annoyance or pain when your hand gets cut open immediatly means you are infact a spook. Idk it's lazily used if anything.
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