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  1. Hammer hitting steel rings through the forge. Strike after strike on orange hot metal guided by a cold precise hand. Memories flood the mind of the pale elf with each strike of the hammer ringing the steel. Memories many yet few. The day they met during a festival in Talar’nor, the day the friendship started. Then it was the quiet moments where not many words were spoken and yet, that stern and cold elf was happy with those moments. Each and every second of those many memories play in his mind until it all disappears with a deep sigh. The elf his cold eyes turn to look over to the flames and he leans himself upon the anvil. The often posh and stern posture falters and his cold hand reaches up to remove some hair from his face and a tired huff of air escapes, with it a tired expression takes him over. “You promised me to visit again...” He quietly spoke to none but himself and the cold heartless machinery that surrounded him. Eyes falter from the flames and down to the hand that leans upon the anvil, staring towards his pinky finger with the memory of the childish promise Ambrosine had made a few times over, that she would be back, and he promised so too. A promise broken.
  2. I see a lot of "We" used in the post, which makes me curious who we truly are. As of what I have seen about there was no real discussion on it in the Seer discord, along with the fact a alt account is used for anonymity makes it feel like you aren't even sure about the change or know people won't like this change. That aside, Seers are able to recognise each other because they are not ment to harm one another. Along with this there is the ability to talk with each other telekinetically to get out of any issues that two Seers of opposing factions might find themself in, of which I would like to remind people of the idea of "Seers above all else". Family, allegiance, no matter what, Seers go above that. Only thing I do agree with is the fact the plot parts. My biggest issue being the fact that someone can be unaware OOC of what plot some other Seer might be up to and accidentally oppose it. A change I would like to see is that Seers can not Knowingly oppose each others plot. If it's on accident, it happens. Even then I feel like Seers should strife to work together. Edit: Appears I'm a doofus and it's written in the lore that it's only relevant to cabal members who are aware of the plot. Woopsie daisy.
  3. Farewell my boy. Enjoy your freedom.
  4. Joust RP Name: Julius von Theonus MC Name: NLThomato Discord: NLThomas Do you love chivalry? yes Tournament Registration RP Name: Julius von Theonus MC Name: NLThomato PARTNER'S NAME [OOC/RP/Discord]: taytotot/MaddieAcid Discord: NLThomas Do you love Petra? yes
  5. The brows of the Haverlock furrow up upon reading the missive. Annoyed, he tosses it off to the side from his desk and comes to a stand. "First they accuse my sister and now..." A sillence filling the room then. Perhaps some doubt, or perhaps pure disbelieve hearing about the accusations made to his elder, more honorable, brother. "No. They all just wish to see my House fall."
  6. Enjoy the freedom dude. But The60th? Didn't know it was the first of April.
  7. NLThomas


    "How the mighty do fall.." A man covered in black and red cloth hums out upon reading the missive. "As many do who oppose him."
  8. MC Name: NLThomato RP Name: Erendriel Persona ID: 76224
  9. Within the darkness, betwixt cold stone walls and scattered books, two eyes shot open in the darkness. The elf awakens, breathing heavily as he turns to look around the darkness of his room. Another night haunted by what is to come and in what he helps bring. "The Mother has a destiny to follow.." He mumbles lowly to himself. And so he takes his cape and departs into the night, seeking the One.
  10. blódskald 2: Electric Boogaloo
  11. WANTED: HAVERLOCK ESTATE THIEF AND PICKPOCKET, ‘THE SCRATCHER’ 4th of the First Seed, 1933 TO THE CITIZENS OF AAUN, A thief has pilfered their way through the Haverlock Estate, robbing us of valuable heirlooms passed down through generations before us. Before, the individual has been accused of pickpocketing and so we are in search of any information that may lead to the arrest of this now wanted individual. Anyone who finds the items, or turns in the individual, will find themselves handsomely rewarded. The total reward for the return of these items or the individual will be 200 MINA AND A SET OF ARMOR. If you are the ‘Scratcher’ you may turn yourself in and find mercy and forgiveness for your crimes against us and the City of Whitespire, else may justice be upon you. The accused Musin has a white/gray fur with beady eyes. He wears a multi-colored hat atop his head whilst he wears a set of studded-leather armor. A description of the crime scene: The thief left a name declaring himself ‘The Scratcher.’ He forced his way into our attic where we had previously stored these heirlooms. Other than the note, scratch marks were left upon the entrances broken into and the chest that was stolen from. It would seem as though, implied by the note left, that this individual has stolen items from MULTIPLE victims, and is most likely the same Musin pickpocketer. A description of the items stolen: An unspecified gauntlet A gauntlet that can create a protective shield around oneself The Mysterious Glamour
  12. Any niche, magic, rp, whatever it might be that you still would like to do one day?
  13. You know, I think this is a point not many have really considered. Most of the growth to me feels slow and natural. But I feel like the point isn't quite "Oh it's accepted here and there" but more so the fact the enchants are being mass produced. Idc myself if nations start accepting the magic, but it's more so the fact it's just slowly being more and more abused.
  14. As much as I would love to see Ensorcell material be more responsibly used... This doesn't quite feel like a fix and is at best a temporary bandaid to me.
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