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  1. Skin name: Crusader from Crusader Kings II Skinner's username: Spoon Bid: 200
  2. Why are the voices inside my head so loud?!
  3. "ah llir of mine... perhaps I can now finally visit you more often" Kallian Syrivir mumbled to himself after reading the letter before carrying on with his day
  4. We might not have talked that much but the times we did talk was always great. Even though it is kinda sad to see people move on, it is also good to see, all good things come to a end. Stay safe wonk man o7.
  5. Sssst don't tell, I don't want the mods from the number 1 premium roleplay server called lord of the carft to ban me for being too young.
  6. Today is my brithday meaning it has been 1 year and 1 day since my enslavement to this server. Ask away on what you like to know about me or my experiences on the server.
  7. Kallian takes in a deep breath as he reads the letter, the tired mage eyes dart over the paper as slowly his hands clench up into a fist "First my wife... now this... I'm sorry llir, I should have been there for you" the elf mumbled to himself as all kind of thoughts circle around in his head. After a while the elf folds up the paper and gives a special place in his journal, a dear friend now gone.
  8. Oh Buck, definetly part of my best memories of Haense/HRA. All there is trully to say is BUCK BUCK BUCK!
  9. IGN:NLThomas RP Name: Orris Vallei'onn Nation/Settlement/Charter: Elysium
  10. Sounds like a pogger idea bro, do write such a wacky herb. God has abadoned us
  11. NLThomas

    Purchase a Cannon

    Kallian Syrivir blinks a few times as he reads over the letter at his desk "... Dear, I want a cannon" he calls out to Leyu Syrivir @minty_roses
  12. Skin: Is that a tablecloth you're wearing? Bid: 275Discord: NLThomas#4337
  13. Skin: Is that a tablecloth you're wearing? Bid: 200Discord: NLThomas#4337
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