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  1. Viktor reads the document with disgust. “They first attack haense like heathens, but now they prey on a peaceful nation due to the actions of some bandits. They are an uncivilized group of murderers who only seek war and gold, I hope they find God rather than their greed.”
  2. Cyprian1034


    Valter was raised in the queen's isles near pirates and drunken sailors as a child. The docks of Talons Grotto was the extent of the world he seemed to know and enjoy as he grew up. He found himself watching the local blacksmiths do their work till one day one of them invited him over to help. Then from that day, he has been working under a blacksmith as an apprentice.
  3. Yeah, there’s three different cultures that heavily influence this. Anyone who knows Lithuanian will find the words being very similar or even misused so there’s one of the cultures. Though there’s two more in there.
  4. The Wessan History: The islands The Wessan people originated from the three islands of Wess: The island of Tal, The island of Stiprumo, and the Island of Amatu. The three islands found themselves vying for power constantly as the ages went on. The island of Tal found themselves known for their bloodthirsty nature within the islands as they were the most feared on the battlefield. Mindless warfare was constantly waged on their island against the tribes with the occasional leader who rises from their bloodshed and drives it towards the other islands. The island of Stiprumo lead a name for military discipline and tactics and ruled their islands with the mind rather than strength. Stiprumo towered with large stone buildings and scores of armies that seemed to skirmish occasionally with each other. Then lastly the island of Amatu found themselves the most peaceful of the three islands as they focused on the arts and craftsmanship. Skilled blacksmiths forged weapons and armor better than the other two islands creating an advantage against the other islands as they found themselves being raided by the tribes of the island of Tal. Lover’s Rise Under the island of Stiprumo a man named Aegeus Cyberniskos of the city of Cyrene was born. He was known across the island as a prodigy during his childhood, He found himself skilled in the art of combat and leadership as if he were born for it. When he reached his younger adulthood he was found waging war across Stiprumo against the other cities, the streets ran red with blood during these times. After years of war, he finally united the island of Stiprumo and formed the first kingdom in Wess. The kingdom found itself prosperous and powerful under his rule. Though like most rulers he fell in love, but not with another noble from his island instead he fell in love with a noble girl, Helna Praetori from the island of Amatu. Unfortunately for him, this noble girl was given to Amroc’ Valdrun, the leader of Tal, as she was sold for peace between the two islands. Aegeus Cyberniskos was infuriated by this fact and called upon his armies to wage the largest war the islands ever seen before. The Waters of Red The wrath of Aegeus Cyberniskos filled the waters as warships covered the as far as the eye can see. The sea turned red with blood from the amount of bodies that fell from their boats and the islands smelled of fire from the constant razing. The island of Amatu fell quickly under siege from the Cyrene navy. Unfortunately for Amatu they couldn’t keep up with the constant shift in the battles as their enemy was far more disciplined in the art of war. The island fell within only a few years with little damage to the Cyrene navy. Though on the campaign of tal the war slowed to a stalemate as the war waged on. Hundreds of deaths piled during their battles as the Tal people rushed against the lines of Cyrene Soldiers like barbarians. Till the battle of Valr’uk when both leaders, Aegeus Cyberniskos and Amroc’ Valdrun faced each other in the field of battle. Aegeus called out demands from Amroc’ before the battle occurred. He asked for Helna Praetori in exchange for peace. Amroc’ took this as an opportunity to enrage Aegeus by allowing Helna to walk towards Aegeus only to be shot down by arrows from the Tal forces. Aegues Cyberniskos was filled with anger from seeing his love fall dead before him, the only words that left his mouth was “Mirties Savo Visus” (Kill them all). The battle waged for two days straight till the Cyrene forces became victorious leaving nearly no-one alive on either side. The Migration After the war came to a halt the land was left in ruins. The soil became barren and the waters void of all sea life. The people of Wess were united but at the cost of losing their homes. The remnants of Stiprumo and Atmatu united under a wessan name and sailed off to Arcas in search of a new home. Unfortunately, the people of Tal were far too weakened to travel and fell to starvation and death. Culture: Family Life Within the culture, it is the father's responsibility to raise up with sons and daughters for their test. When the children are born he must harden his heart and raise them with a harsh hand so that they may have a chance to survive later in their life. So, the children spend most of their time training. The males tend to be trained more in the physical areas as the females spend more time with their mothers in learning house maintenance, taxes, and other important support roles while still being trained in combat even though it’s less extensive. The mother is the foundation on which the house stands on she keeps everything in order and fulfills most tasks that may require a more civilized mind. She also is the educator within the family as she teaches the children while the father is the physical trainer. The daughters tend to spend more time with their mothers as the sons tend to be with their fathers more often. The fathers in the family tend to be considered the ‘House Patriarch’ as they are the head of household as their wives are considered ‘House Matriarch’. These titles typically only affect the leadership class as the titles become more important to the family. Roles of Women The roles of women are quite different but equally as important as the men. By the time a girl turns 15 she will have completed her education and training, which includes: Combat, Housekeeping, Running the home, ect… and have a tattoo inked on their backs. The Matriarch (wife of the Patriarch) holds equal power in the household however, the Patriarch's word is final. Drinking is prohibited for all children until they turn 15, but even then women must have complete their education and training, until then they are still prohibited from drinking. Women are also prohibited from drinking while pregnant. All abusive substances are prohibited for everyone, not just women. Women do not have to wear dresses and may wear trousers if they wish to. Women are not expected to marry or have children but they must get the blessing and/or permission of the Patriarch before they can marry or court (date) if they wish to do so. Women however cannot be a Patriarch, and cannot lead the family. Trials It is a common practice that the sons are tested at the age of fifteen. This is the most crucial part of the son's life as it could be their last moments before ultimately dying. The father is thought of the one responsible if they die or not as if he failed to raise them correctly then it’s their blood on his hands. The trials typically are dangerous and life-threatening as it’s a testing one’s strength for battle. If the son survives the trial is then welcomed home as a true man and typically given tattoos to signify his success. Each trial must be completed alone as if he were to experience true loneliness on the field of battle. Most suffice with a hunt with minimal equipment or raid on an enemy camp. Honor They are a proud people whom honor means a great deal. Though the honor is only shared among those within the culture as outsiders are not viewed as people with great significance. Thus an outsider’s words hold no pull over how they think or feel about their honor and pride. Though respect is held between the others within the culture. One’s honor is something that is heavily protected and sometimes such protection causes disputes that require honor dueling. This is known as ‘drawing the circle’ as a circle is drawn for the two before they fight to the death or first blood within the circle. An outsider whom has been accepted into the culture may become an honorary member of the culture, thus allowing them to hold the same weight as someone who was born into the culture.Society norms and systems The people find both strength and intelligence as virtues of a leader thus the most intelligent combined with strength will typically claim head of the village. Each village is broken down into three classes Leadership, Warriors, and outsiders. The leadership class consists of the most skilled family heads as they make most of the village decisions while maintaining a healthy control over the warrior populace. The Warrior class is everyone else within the village was all of them are raised to be warriors and they spend most of their time training or running their household. The outsider class consists of the people whom lives within the society, but doesn’t really conform to the culture that they are surrounded with. These outsiders are typically merchants or farmers who feed into the society's economy as the warriors do not have the time to properly pursue these things. Architecture Their buildings are typically made of hard stone brick to that of early lithuania. The buildings are typically spaced out across a range of mountains or plains. They never tend to overcrowd the land houses as they enjoy the open space for training. Inside the homes tend to be very minimalistic in nature with a few exceptions of course. The smaller villages typically lack walls surrounding the village, so they build garrisons near the center of the village for them to defend. Farming is based with agricultural aqueducts for the best irrigation possible, typically made further out from the village. Military: The military consists of the entire warrior class as both men and women fight on the field of battle. They typically branish chainmail and other light armors that the local blacksmiths can forge. A warrior’s armor and arsonal is typically self funded or even heirlooms passed down for generations as they typically spend all their money on equipping themselves with better gear. Spears are mandatory for carry as many of the formations they use mimic the great Greeks with their phalanx formation and many others. Formations are typically tightly formed together as they work in perfect unison to combat their enemies, using the group as a whole rather than dispersed combat. Language: Greetings/common words: Hello: Labas. Bye: Aki. Yes: Taip. No: Ne. Maybe: Siedes. Honour: Farafo. Trial(Youth Trial): Banjomaja. Blood for blood (Warriors greeting) : Tal ish tal’din. Till the dawn draws (Until tomorrow): Rashse mosa drewfes. Death: Mirtis. Traitor!: Veremus! To/the: Iki. Day: Darishur. Night: Farishur. Sun: Elina. Moon: Lunamous. Sorry: Atleisk My: Mano. Insults: Nipikan! Veruz! Sliv! Thank you: Aciu. Names: Lord: Viespats. Lady: Panele. Child: Fursi.(masc.) Fursia. (Femn.) Mother: Masan. Father: Vasan. Grandmother: Blesmasan. Grandfather: Blesvasan. Sir!: Parei! Madam!: Lisia! Patriarch: Tevo. Matriarch: Masian. Lover(Wife/husband): Meilužis. You: Jus. Friend: Draugas. Foe: Namavey. His/her/your/their: Savo. All: Visus. Outsider.: Sevti. Commands: Draw swords: Azandi Kardas! Charge: Mokestis. Withdraw!: Atšaukti! Capture them: Suokite juos. Defend: Genti. Bring me: Pareikšti. Defend to the death!: Genti iki Mirtis! Patrol: Patrulis. Burn: Irasyti. Shield Wall!: Azandi Danas! Notch! (Bow command): Žingsniu! Draw! (Bow command): Traukti! Loose! (Bow command): Palaidos! Weak!: Silpnas! Things: Sword: Kardas. Shield: Danas. Bow: Shendi. Quiver: Lockefore. Helmet: Headfar. Chest plate: Torsofar. Horse: Mutique. Food: Maisto. Drink: Gėrimas. Home: Namun. Arena: Furashur. Military: Armiati. Navy: Laivyno. Army: Armijos. (Sub notes) This was a co-worked culture, I strongly drove the history and the meat of the culture. Though the language and women’s roles was strongly influenced by LizzyTheElement. If you wish to use this culture it'd be nice if you messaged me! Citation for art: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/oAAkz https://gameofkings.wikidot.com/military
  5. Long live the pirate king!
  6. I wish to proceed with the reviewing process. @ScreamingDingo
  7. Steam power isn’t really that advanced, it's simply a conversion of energy. You’re using force applied in one direction and converting it into mechanical energy. It’s the same thing if I were to link up a bunch of horses together and had them run in one direction. So, Instead of using an animal or humanoid to power something, I’m using pressure. Technically you could use water itself to accomplish this task, but perpetual flow only exists on paper. So, steam is the easiest obtainable gas to create pressure to complete simple tasks. Keyword is “Simple” It’s built with the intent of small pully systems like a bridge or a spinning boat paddle.
  8. [Invention Lore] Steam Power Origin/Backstory (Optional) N/A Description The main component of this device shall be called the Converter to save confusion. The Converter is a cylinder comprised of steel and rivets bolted down together making an airtight seal. Towards the bottom of the Converter is an intake port where steam will enter. Inside the cylinder is a smaller flat circle seal that moves up and down within the device. So, while the steam fills in creating pressure within the lower parts of the cylinder it will force the seal to push upwards causing the force to be applied on a cylinder rod at the top. Thus moving the energy from the steam to be converted into mechanical energy that will be applied to the Actuator. Once the seal reaches the top, all the steam will blow out of the top exhaust port and allow the seal to drop down again. Now the Actuator can have a few variations in what it can do depending on the layout of the parts. If the configuration is laid out with the intentions of creating a spinning object you would require a pulley-like system bolted to the main wheel that will be taking all the mechanical energy with a joint at the end to allow perpetual motion to follow along with the spinning wheel. Now, if the main wheel was linked to several larger wheels the energy could be distributed to the other wheels to make the same motion, but keep in mind that the more wheels added to the system, it will cause the energy to become less prominent. Simply increasing the size of the Converter or linking multiple Converters will allow an increase of spinning wheels. Though, if the objective requires something else besides a spinning wheel a simpler configuration can be made. Consider a direct pushing system almost like a giant hammer for example. The energy from the Converter will push up on a thick Steel hammer-like head mounted on an axle, thus having one side go up and the other side will go down with large amounts of force. Now for the most important part of this entire system, the boiler. This is a thick 3-inch steel cylinder container that will be constantly heated by coal or any other heat source to produce the steam. The heat is made, it heats the container, the steam then flows from the container to the Converter and the energy is then produced. Capabilities This allows mechanical energy to be created from steam itself. An example of this would be a steamboat, you could create a spinning paddle-wheel powered off of this system. Why would a steamboat be important when you have regular boats? Well besides the fact that it can be moving without current or wind, you can now make heavier and more armored boats off of this. Now, the possibilities are quite broad since it’s a machine that creates mechanical energy and allows a simple mechanism to be powered by it. (Pulleys, axles and wheels, etc) Red Lines/Restrictions In order to activate the system it will require three emotes, done by a trained mechanic. If it’s not attempted by a trained mechanic a 1d20 roll will be required, anything above fifteen is safe anything below will cause the machine to break down and blow hot steam and metal into the near-by area. Someone can become a trained mechanic by learning from other trained mechanics or the engineers themselves. In order to create the system they must first go through either the steps of figuring out how to make such a system or learn it from the inventor or an engineer who knows how to make it. (Learning the steps to create it is dangerous, they will be exposed to explosions of hot steam and metal. Best learn it from someone, as trying on your own most likely will be unsuccessful and possibly lethal.) You can’t use magic to power it! If you use fire magic to constantly heat it, it could either cause the machine to break instantly by adding too much heat or break it overtime by unregulated heat! Purpose (OOC) This allows a new form of energy to be created for all of LOTC. Such energy can be explored endlessly and allow for new inventions and creations to be made for the LOTC community. If we’ve advanced this far with magic and alchemy, a simple mechanical system should’ve been made ages ago! The tools and materials are there, but someone just has to put it together. Citation Spoiler I used steam and my knowledge as an aspiring engineer to make up a rough idea of how energy could be created out of steam. (No Citation)
  9. Cyberniskos Family Code "Lojalumas Arba Mirtis" All Cyberniskos found loving knife ears will be given a pint of beer and a pat on the back for a job well done. If you marry into the Cyberniskos family you are considered property and have no rights. If you murder another member of the Cyberniskos family who was born with the name then you are sentenced to death. The patriarchs may only be a male born of the Cyberniskos family and can never be a woman. (ooc) If you’re a member of the Cyberniskos family already you can not play another Cyberniskos's children. (ooc) If you are banished by the Cyberniskos family on another char you may not come back into the family as another char. All money belongs to the patriarchs of the Cyberniskos family and when they die all money and belongings go to the next patriarch. If there are no male heirs at the time of the demise of the Cyberniskos families patriarchs then the leadership falls to whoever the family serves under. The Cyberniskos family will always serve the Sterling family no matter what anyone else says, if they turn traitor then they shall throw themselves off a cliff till they die. All women who marry into the Cyberniskos family must abide by the code. Once you marry into the Cyberniskos family you are a member for life and may not remarry. All oaths and debts of another member of the Cyberniskos family is passed on to their next of kin when they die. Every male child in the Cyberniskos family must be trained and hardened for military service to serve the royal family(aka Sterling family). Every female child in the Cyberniskos family must attend school and receive military training to serve the royal family (aka Sterling family). Every male child that reaches the age of 15 must complete a difficult task that tests their training and skills. All male children will receive Irezumi (Yakuza Style Tattoos) when they turn 15 and complete the difficult coming of age task mentioned above. If a Cyberniskos family member ever considers betraying their oath to the royal family and is caught by other members they will be flayed and displayed out front of the patriarchs house. All female children will receive a tattoo when they turn 15 on their back which details the family tree and where they fall in it. All those who wish to marry into the Cyberniskos family must receive a blessing from the house patriarchs before they ask the other member to marry them. All those who wish to court (Date) someone from the Cyberniskos family must receive a blessing from the house patriarch before they start doing so. If at any time a female forcibly takes over the Cyberniskos house she is to be regarded as a traitor and shall be flayed and displayed in front of the patriarchs house. All those who abandon the family name are considered weak traitors and shall be hunted, unless it is a case of marriage. Then the House Patriarch will have to decide if they shall be considered traitors or not. All family disputes will be handled by the present siting house patriarch and all former siting house patriarchs as well as a representative from the royal family (aka Sterling family). The present siting house patriarchs decides everything for the family unless a representative from the royal family says otherwise (aka Sterling family). The wifes of the house patriarchs will be referred to as the matriarchs but shall hold equal power in the family. All family members who abandon their duties are considered weak and shall be dis-owned. All dis-owned family members will be immediately executed and displayed in the Patriarchs courtyard. Each confirmed 1v1 kill of an enemy must be marked with a tally on the arms of the family member to signify a kill. All weddings must be supervised by the royal family(Sterling family) to be considered legitimate. All cyberniskos fathers are expected to train their sons early for military training and preparation for the test. The first battle that a family member has they will be painted in red paint across their face and chest in a symbolic fashion. All children must be inspected by the House Patriarchs to see any deformities that may inhibit future progression in their training life. The children who are deemed not fit for training shall have their fate decided between the House Patriarchs and the royal family representative(Sterling family). Drinking is prohibited for all cyberniskos males till they complete their coming of age task at the age of 15. Drinking is prohibited for all Cyberniskos females until their training is complete. Drinking is prohibited for all Cyberniskos females who are pregnant. All abusive substances are prohibited and any cyberniskos that partakes in it willingly will be considered weak and shall be killed. All cyberniskos males are expected to protect and preserve the royal family(Sterling family) at all costs even if it costs them their life. If the House Patriarch is considered to be corrupt or unfit for his duties, the family may bring a dispute case to the royal family where they will be able to decide what happens to the House Patriarch. All Cyberniskos are required to be faithful to their spouses, otherwise they are considered dis-loyal and shall be killed. If this contract needs to be altered, it must be done through either Arthur Sterling or Cyprian Cyberniskos (The First). Otherwise it may not be altered or voided. If a Cyberniskos family member wishes to adopt someone they must receive a blessing from the House Patriarchs. All adopted children will be raised the same way as the rest of the cyberniskos children are to ensure a hardened child. Our word is our bond, all the promises made by a family member must be kept by that family member. Family in-laws hold no power over anyone in the cyberniskos family, once you’re married they lose power over you. In-laws found interfering with family affairs shall be dealt with harshly even possibly executed. Attempted Suicide brings shame upon the family name and shall be punished severely, if you wish to die do so on the battle field. If your spouse commits suicide then you are then able to remarry only under those conditions. It’s traditional for Cyberniskos family members to die with a weapon in their hands. Signatures House Patriarch Cyprian Cyberniskos First Lieutenant Alkheim Cyberniskos Savella Cyberniskos
  10. Cyprian1034


    Cyprian Cyberniskos was raised in a small village near the Duchy of Adria. He was raised by his father Aegeus Cyberniskos and mother Adren Cyberniskos. He never knew where his family came from with their strange names being different from the other villagers, but there was one thing that he did know, and that was that His father was a exceptional swordsman. Everyday his father brutally drilled swordsmanship into him leaving no room for exploring the arts of peace. Though during the slower times his father would speak to him about the “Warriors Code” and what it means to “Live”. Death was simply a state of being to his father, and honor was found there. His father said, “If one has a chance to lay down his life for something he loves, then there is no greater honor”. Which overtime became Cyprians way of thinking. Though one day, after coming home with his father from training something seemed off. Little did they know that the war between the Empire of Man and Duchy of Adria would come to their small village, apparently some of the mercenaries were let go after the sacking of Ves and resorted to banditry. Which such bandits were attacking their village as they came back, charging in both father and son fought through the bandits to reach home. Which by the time they reached there, the house was on fire, and screams could be heard from inside. Instinctively they rushed inside searching for Adren, but the house started collapsing. A part of the roof fell on top of Cyprian pinning him down, where the fire started to engulf his body burning his face, torso, legs, and arms. Luckily his father was able to drag him from under the debris and out of the burning house, unfortunately a little too late to save him from the scarring and burns. The bandits surrounded him and his father and forced Aegeus to surrender. The bandits took his father in chains, but left him on the ground as they thought he was as good as dead. Weeks later he woke up in a strangers home, where he was treated for his wounds. He was given a mask and soon left his care takers home in search of his father.
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