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  1. Aldrich von Audrick thought long and hard about what he wanted to request. Eventually, he penned a response. One Fresh Rose Bouquet Box of Chocolates A Bag that can hold Vomit
  2. Aldrich von Audrick watched his little brother laugh, adding to it by tickling him in the armpits to add to his giggle fit.
  3. Aldrich von Audrick gasps, looking between his myriad of outfits, hoping to find the perfect one for his older brother's wedding.
  4. Torstein Eiriksson Ruric walked up to an old Krugsmas tree in Eirikssgrad, hands folded by his chest. “Hey… Vater. I know we haven't given you a proper funeral yet, like you requested. I… Father is still sleeping. He's not woken up yet.” Blinking, he let the hushed tears fall to the ground. “I wanted to leave, Vater. When I first heard that you were gone, I… I had everything. I was scared. Without you? What was I going to do? I don't know, I still don't know.” He sat down in the snow, taking off his coat, shoes, and gloves. “Remember Krugsmas? When you taught me and Helios how to make Gingerbread Houses? Or that time when I threw those plates?” The laughter didn't last long. “Vater… thank you for being my vater. I'm going to face life head on.” He watched as a breeze drifted through the Keep windows, the ornaments wiggling on the flimsy branches. Torstein gazed out the window, a dullen sunshine passing through as a shadow formed on his face. A bird perched on the windowsill, gazing at the mourning man. Reaching out for it, the finch jumped back, flying away. Smiling, he went down the stairs and out the front door of Eirikssgrad. You cannot cage a finch. They adapt to life.
  5. Torstein Eiriksson Ruric would wonder if he'll be invited to the game. He also appreciates Sir Jarad Munnel's choice of font and color.
  6. Aldrich von Audrick giggled as he looked over the paintings, clapping for his father's work. He scribbled on a paper, a nice stick-family portrait on the countertop. He was no artist, but like his parents, inherited the love of familial bonds.
  7. Torstein Eiriksson Ruric looked over the lake from Eirkssgrad, hugging Amelie to his side. "Papa's home." He gave his daughter a light tickle, leading her back inside the Keep.
  8. Torstein Eiriksson Ruric fed his cat, Amelie, along with himself. He knew it'd be another sleepless night, hearing the roaring from his bedroom.
  9. Of the Candidate Sanboizu Hiroto 昇る太陽の前 - In Front of the Rising Sun Sakura blossom, standing within Haenseti sun, now bows before all. My tomodachis, my friends, and allies. Upon us is a golden opportunity for any citizen of the Hanseti-Ruska nation, the future now to be decided by the People. After having been in the nation for a couple of years, I wish to give back to my fullest extent. Having arrived on Almaris years ago along with my fellow Oyashimen, each and every citizen I have met thus far has shown their dedication to their nation, a truly noble feat. The People within these walls have lives bound together, tighter than any entanglement of tree’s branch. Their lives carry value, no matter their status, supporting friends and family alike. I believe this is why Haense has come to prosper as it has. Yet, with every nation, that means flaw surely accompanies every step of progress. It is undeniable that when one issue has been fixed, two more can, and will, sprout from a cursed land. Therefore, I, Sanboizu Hiroto, have decided to run for Royal Alderman. I humbly request that my opponents be not called rivals, enemies, or words of the sort. Instead, they shall be referred to as companions, as any other candidates will share my goal: Reinforce Haense as a beautiful nation of opportunity for all. As with us all, we have our own values imbued when taking thoughts into account, myself included. Were I to be elected by the People, I believe my first order of business would be a proper submission box for issues and conflicts that may arise within our walls. Hearing each and every voice is the key to maintaining balance and order of Haense. You, the People, carry this nation on your shoulders. Let it be known each and every one of you hold tremendous power. In the coming years, once the Aldermen have run their terms, I look forward to seeing you all in the future.
  10. IGN: PixlHoopa Character Name: Sanboizu Hiroto Age: 25 Place of Residence / Street Address: Lerard Lane X Position: Royal Alderman
  11. Torstein Eiriksson Ruric crossed his arms, reading over the missive. "And the spiral continues..." Pocketing it, he went back on an excursion, this time late at night.
  12. On his daily travels, Torstein Eiriksson Ruric began to suffer a few minor cuts and burns from the rougher terrain. While his travel clothing took the main brunt of it, his face would be temporarily scarred from the wounds. Nevertheless, his route running ran on.
  13. Torstein Eiriksson Ruric crumpled up the copy sent by his Father, tossing it near the fireplace. "I don't understand..." Restocking his bag, the young man went on a mission of his own. It was nothing too dramatic, however- returning home before concern would arise.
  14. Torstein Eiriksson Ruric looked over the paper, dropping it in the Square as he walked home. Shedding a few tears, he drifted off to sleep shortly after entering his room.
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