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  1. Good day, some updates for this friday, i’m going to keep working on the @Renz headshots, hope to finish em till the end of the weekend, and i also did this sketch for @WhiteKnight_19 and Amayo
  2. i’ve finished some commissions: Hope you guys like it, and thank you @DarkElfs and @fieselena it was really fun to draw your characters and thank you for your patience ^^ My queue: 1- Kry -sketch done –lineart in progress 2- Twi -sketch done – lineart done 3- Open 4- Open 5- Open
  3. Thank you ❤️ you can send me a PM or my discord Lukky#5308 thank you aswell (at the moment i’m working on three comission: 1. @sophiaa (1 character) 2. @DarkElfs (2 characters) 3. @Renz (6 headshots) so i’m probably gona be occupied for atleast 2 weeks from 11/11/2019, but if you want to have a commission let me know)
  4. I’ve finished another LOTC commission: and some new ones to do:
  5. Portrait of Princess Karina Sofiya Alimar A portrait of the little Princess Karina at her young ages Oil in canvas, 120cm x 80cm Painted by Darius Morgrain Whisperhood, New Reza, 24th The Grand Harvest, 1740. - Come visit my workshop at New Reza, Blackstreet IV -
  6. Minecraft Name: Morgrainne Planetminecraft Page: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/morgrainne/ Your best skin for display (its not my best, but its my boy and i love him) : Payment forms: IRL money (2-5$) or Minas (1,7k ~ 2,2k) DrawingMinecraft Name: Morgrainne Forum post (i do not really have a site that i post) : Your best art for display (single picture, its my best as lotc commission) : Payment forms: IRL Money (35$)
  7. i’m patient, when you got the the money and want a commission jsut let me know *0*
  8. Well i playing lotc for some months now, and it wasn’t my first goal when i started to play, but somehow i ended up doing skins comms like hell hahhahaha but i did some art commissions aswell. so i’m going to post the ones i did so far and i’ll try to be updating this list with the future commission i do. (by the way i still dunno how to use forums) *Darius: i have a little workshop at New Reza where i tailor some attires and where i paint my stuff, come visit me and know my sweet store ‘3’~* I’M OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS LOTC COMMISSIONS (i’m doing irp portrait commissions like these ones ^ but payment only in USD º-º) Non LOTC pics ^ lots of old stuff and furries here >.< If you want to se some of my skins and support me at PMC here it is :https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/morgrainne/ Thanks you and hope you like it :3, let some comments aswell, let me know what you think of my stuff, or if you have any interest (~’3’)~. My queue list: Recently finished 1- Fieselena – Finished 2- Darkelfs – Finished In Progress 1- Kry (6 headshots) – lineart 2- Twi (2 characters) – lineart 3- Whiteknight_19 (3 characters) – skething 4- Zadie (3 characters) – not started 5- Amayo (1 character) – sketch
  9. Portrait of Bo’rok Bo’rok the gentle ogre Oil in canvas, 90cm x 60cm Painted by Darius Morgrain Whisperhood, New Reza, 6th Malin’s Welcome, 1738. - Come visit my workshop at New Reza, Blackstreet IV -
  10. Portrait of Vladrick Barbanov Alimar His Serene Highness, Rickard Heinrik, Black prince of Rubern, Sovereign Protector of the Riverlands, Before the siege of Krugmar circa, 1737 Oil in canvas, 120cm x 80cm Painted by Darius Morgrain Whisperhood, New Reza, 6th Snow’s Maiden, 1738. - Come visit my workshop at New Reza, Blackstreet IV -
  11. hahaha, i wish i could take it right now, but i’m with a lot of late commissions, when i finish all of them i’m considering to open for commissions here too. thanks. i’m glad you liked it. i said sketchy, cuz i usually do a proper lineart, and also try to shade it as best as i can, and this one i just made it quicky i would post something that i made recently here, but i’m preaty sure i can’t since it would probably something NSFW hahaha.
  12. Hi guys, this is my fist post, maybe more will come. This is Darius, a tavernkeeper at Reza in Haense. Iits my first character on Lotc, and it have been quite nice to play in this server, i’m very excited too, so i decided to do a sketchy simple paint just to illustrate my character. im still thinking about doing a post with some of my works and maybe open for commission, but for now i hope you like this one. If you want to meet Darius, stop by the Tub & Tuck inn at Reza to take a drink. Well this is it hahahah, thanks! EDIT Made two more of Darius
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