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  1. โ€œThe anger in your heart warms you now but will leave you cold in your graveโ€
  2. This is quite literally the solution right here. Heavy regulation on who can bear firearms and shaming of those whom break those regulations.
  3. Mainly because people are going to meta-game one way or another, it doesnโ€™t make much of a difference to implement such a feature as there can be countermeasures created as situations arise.
  4. JustAnotherLW


    Born and raised in the Kingdom of Curonia, in the outermost parts of Avalain. The eldest of two siblings. Son to a soldier of the Curonian military whom served during the war of the two emperors, in which he was severely wounded and tended to by a young maiden from a middle class family, which furthermore he wed and devoted to. Trained since youth in swordsmanship and archery. Studied architecture and literature whilst eventually aspiring towards knighthood after his fatherโ€™s retirement. Is a follower of Canonism by part of his family, with no actual interest or devotion. Aided in the reconstruction and improvement of the kingdom alongside his brother after the war, whom decided to take after the lands of his motherโ€™s family. Never connected with people more than what would be considered a superficial level, as the rest of the townsfolk would always be wary of his familyโ€™s name and not associate with him often due to his fatherโ€™s association with the military. Embarking to distant lands after confiding his goal to his brother, he departed in search of a place where his name would not be cause of hesitation and could make something more of a life lived between feudal wars and solitude.
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