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Found 28 results

  1. Thallassos, Corrupted of The Abyss Background/Origin The seas lapped at the shores of the cove, a bar of lightly coloured sand shone in the sun as the winds blew and the seas swayed. No seagulls sang and no fish fed upon the riches of the murky water just beyond the shore. Thick and vile purple ichor tinged the seas a murky deep colour as a mere tendril of Dresdrasil stained the sands in a blackened colour as life seemed sucked from the surrounding area- a harrowing sight to an otherwise untouched and peaceful land. Left to rot and decompose the surrounding sea bore a strong stench of salt and brine as the water brewed to a more brackish and muddy composition, the area was desecrated of natural life and being. The area continued to devolve and became more and more stagnant and vile with time, a perpetual storm becoming localized over the once simple beach. Heavy winds carried the stench and spread the taint that the tendril brought with it’s unholy landing, and the area further corrupted and defiled as the storm grew thicker, with perpetually smog-coloured clouds looming over the area like a curse. One day as the monsoon continued heavily and the winds blew strong, carrying foul air, travellers approached. Three, clad in coats and clothes of brown, with little more to them than walking sticks and small bags. “Cullen, is this it, what we have been looking for?” Asked a man of dim but fiery hair, almost frightened to the sight, a quivering voice behind. “It is.” He replied, firmly- a natural born leader with his stout confidence and bravery. “We will remove this aberration from our beautiful home.” He continued, approaching. “Through flame, salt and gold I cast you away from harming our village further.” He said lowly, a voice of hate as he approached. “Cullen, we don’t know what this thing is. We have to wait, what if it’s.. I don’t know, alive!” Called the man who was originally silent, cautious and careful of the god’s remnants that lay before him. “Vile creature.” Cullen said simply, spraying salt against the skin of the tendril- to no avail, or affect. “I cast you away, to the sea of whence you came.” he repeated, anger clouding his voice once more, his expression hard and irritated. He brought out a bag, pouring some of its contents as flakes of gold sprinkled away on the stormy winds as the rest fell to his hand. He threw it with little effect to the tendril, as the winds picked up and blew such back into him. “Gah, ******* thing! I said leave, beast!” He shouted desperately and filled with rage, withdrawing a dagger meant to gut sea life that would inhabit nearby. “Leave this place!” he shouted as he ran forth and went to drive his mere knife into the tendril- it tensing up rapidly, a spurt of vile purple ichor spraying toward his face, lingering as it hissed and burned him. Fear grew upon him like a weed, as he fruitlessly continued to drive his blade into the dead god’s remains. As he wore out and his companions watched on in horror, the tendril seized and gave sounds of bones-cracking and pressured water flowing quickly, as it coiled and grabbed him- Cullen completely enveloped and disappeared, within its grasp. The red-headed boy screamed in fervent horror, nearly tripping as the wind which had continued to gain favor nearly blew him over- both wordlessly panicked, sprinting toward whence they came. Days came and nights passed and the coiled tendril remained the same. Each of them was the same as the last, as the storm saw no end. On the sixth day, came the cautious man- seeming almost intrigued and curious, of the tendril he saw still coiled at a distance. With caution he approached, an almost curiosity to his unnaturally violet irises. Stepping cautiously over the stones that lined the beach and onto the darkened and coarse sands, an unwavering stare toward the tendril which consumed his friend, he had noticed this time it was different. The winds did not pick up nor did the monsoon which pelted at his cloak. “C-cullen. I.. I wanted to .. to say..” “Caller.” Replied a voice, impossibly loud and echoing off the surrounding area, a slightly feminine tone to it. He searched frantically for any source of the voice, but it was impossible to tell directionally- almost as if it spoke to him, in his mind. His lip trembled and his words stumbled, as he froze in fear. The tendril slowly uncoiled, revealing Cullen- drenched and lithe, coming to kneel in the sands- completely quiet, and still. The cautious man watched on in abhorrent horror, his body shaking in paralyzing fear and the biting cold that the wind brought. Cullen with struggle, brought himself to a stand, his cloak tangled and wrapped entirely around his head- drenched, and darkened. He said something, muffled and quiet, behind his mask. “Closer.” The mind of the cautious man sung to himself, in a voice that was almost his own. “Closer.” It repeated, unceasingly. With an agonizing terror that constantly followed every step, he inched closer to his seemingly living friend. “C..Cullen..?” He muttered, sputtered, and fumbled out as his eyes lacked focus, constantly scanning over what shouldn’t be there. “Friend. I have so much to tell you.” Magic Explanation Thallassos is a three slot deific-darkmagic hybrid, falling under either classification. Thallassos is deific in the sense not necessarily of a patron or connection to deific being, but rather using mortal remains of a fallen deity in connection and to power the magic. Thallassos is dark in the sense that it corrupts and wears on the user for trying to make intangible power theirs, though how the user uses the magic is up to them, and may not inherently be dark, evil, or “bad”. Thallassos is taught and learned by interaction with a teacher of the art already connected, and involves connection by melding one’s mortality with the remains of Dresdrasil. Overall, the magic is incompatible with any other deific magic, and requires a basic soul to use, and post-connection would render one’s soul Corrupted. Alongside that, the user would require a body producing blood to do such.(Excluding things such as Animati, Izkuuthi, Sorvians, Golems, Azdrazi, Etc.) Corruption Through time a Tidesage is corrupted and manipulated by the powers they wish to wield, no matter the intent. This may be amplified, or may seek detriment by actions taken in roleplay. Tier 0 At Tier 0 the initial infestation upon the body and mind takes toll, with an initial rejection from the body. Almost like a drug, senses may be amplified, and users may hallucinate auditorily and visually, and have delusions of grandeur as a sense of accomplishment and power overwhelms their system. At Tier 0, a user has no brine within them as transformation starts. Tier 1 At Tier 1 the body begins to normalize and the effects take a less prominent effect. The user becomes more stable and normal, almost as if recovering from their previous state. However, their thoughts may drift to darker and less pleasurable things, feeding to more carnal and simplistic desires of basic emotion. At Tier 1, a user has the potential to use three units of brine. Tier 2 At Tier 2 the body begins to take wear, weakening the user just some- as if a bit malnourished with lessened stamina, a tiredness overcoming their day-to-day life. Their darker thoughts would become more normalized, and controlled. At Tier 2, a user has the potential to use six units of brine. Tier 3 At Tier 3 the body continues to degrade, the strength of the user following the stamina- though still to not the degree of a voidal mage, just not holding standard as it did before. Bleeding would become more perfuse and clotting more difficult as their blood watered down. Their thoughts would continue to drift to a more dark and primal state, subtle and passively beginning to pursue their wants through convenient means. At Tier 3, a user has the potential to use nine units of brine. Tier 4 At Tier 4 the body ceases degradation, starting to become acclimated to the new infestation of soul and body. The body would passively have a minor burning sensation, as blood became impossible to clot as it continued to lose viscosity- smelling of salt, rather than iron. There would be less of a want to eat, drink, and perform bodily necessities, while breathing would slow along with heartbeat. They would begin to pursue their thoughts impulsively, though not actively. At Tier 4, a user has the potential to use twelve units of brine. Tier 5 At Tier 5 the body would continue the course it did at staying weak and tired, with all bodily needs and functions ceasing entirely. The heart of the mage would cease to beat, and blood completely converted to brine that slowly flowed through the veins. Far more impulsively, and near actively, a mage would pursue whatever their desire was to an obsessive degree, taking precedent of whatever they wished over any others- almost as if possessed. Their skin would pale or darken, and would become either dry or in similar moisture to a membrane. At Tier 5, a user has the potential to use fifteen units of brine. Philios A Philios is a creature descended from The Abyss below the waves, having in some form been a part of deific influence and creation. They vary greatly from one another, typically keeping distinctly within a few features. While unnatural in any environment but their home, they may be summoned by Tidesages as a permanent (until death) companion that mostly inhibits their ability to cast Thalassos magic, save for certain aiding spells. A Philios can be up to nine feet tall, with the strength of an olog and the slow speed to mirror such. They bear natural weapons such as claws, teeth, tentacles, and natural spines that vary in number or general presence. A Philios is as easy to slay as any other creature, made of flesh and blood, however holding a fortuitous stamina and an immunity to flame. A Philios is actually capable of higher intelligence, holding in some lesser form an ability to speak, with difficulty granted from their otherworldly biology. They can understand names and remember and recall faces and minor memories though to no significant extent. Redlines - A Philios must be kept to a “Basic” degree. A Clawed monster with a drilled shell for an arm and jagged teeth, a large and horrifying biped with finned arms and an angler-like appendage upon it’s head and dozens of sharp and oversized teeth. This must be well described, and kept basic- no “Rapid Regeneration” or “Steam Blast” that some aquatic creatures may carry. For simplicity, weaponry is limited to tooth, claw, tentacle, and spines that do not shoot from the body. - All things the Philios has must be described upon the signed item. Anything undescribed may not be used in combat or out of combat. - A Philios (As described) is limited to nine feet tall, with Olog strength and generally “slow” speed. They possess an intelligence capable of memory and are as damageable as any other creature, with iron, claws, and so on- only carrying immunity to flame. - A Tidesage commanding a Philios may not cast spells unless suffixed with the “Tidecommand” addition. The Tidesage may cast again a full narrative day after the Philios is killed. - When a Philios is killed, the Tidesage is profoundly exhausted, incapable of fighting. - A Tidesage may only have and command one Philios at a time, requiring a new ritual whenever their original is killed. Details of Commanding a Philios and that extent are listed in the “Tidecommand” spell. Brine and Manipulation Brine Manipulation is regarding different aspects of using brine- a course for the basis of Thallassos. In effect most spells use or begin from brine, and as such mastery of the usage of brine is required for success within the magic. As time goes on, the tidesage would begin producing small amounts of brine within them, though by no noticeably-different means. Brine is a vaguely-warm liquid with a more viscous, almost gelatinous consistency. While in conjuration from a caster, it would glow in shades from brown, to dark blue, to teal, and ultimately to purple- staying within a range of similar colours. These typically depend on the caster, and their connection to the magic. Brine eats away at lifeforce and organic matter, primarily feeding off of the blood of the caster’s supplement. These are separated into ‘Units’. A caster has a limited amount of potential-brine before eventually succumbing to exhaustion and requiring a full-day to recharge. Spells For all matter of reference, if a spell is references as requiring a certain number of emotes, it casts on the final emote. Example, if a spell specifies requiring 1 emote connection and 2 emotes additionally, the third total emote is when the spell would cast. Tidecommand Spells Rituals Calling of Corruption This ritual requires two tidesages, of tier 3 and above to gather a small body of water (typically a pond) at minimum 4x4 and 10x10 at its greatest. The mages involved would kneel upon opposite ends (As symmetrical as possible), and rest their hands upon the skin of the water and would begin to funnel brine into the liquid. Slowly a purple or brown fume would tinge the water and stain it’s colour, slowly killing all life within. The water would afterward be corrupted, prepared for whatever ritual or dark art that may be needed for it lay ahead. A pool will always remain corrupted, unable to host life, be drinkable, or purified. If performed on a paladin chancery, it would begin to fumigate and bellow a gaseous purple light and fume as the waters turned from gold to a brown or purple colour. Manipulating the exposed power of Xan, it would amplify rituals greatly (Listed below.) Unlike a ordinary pool of water, should a Chancery oncemore have paladin blood spilled within it, it is purified and cleansed. Requirements: 8 Total units of Brine, two tidesages of tier 3 and above, a 4x4-10x10 pool of water. Mechanics: Pool (Or Chancery) is corrupted, allowing for rituals to take place within it. Redlines - Pool corruption counts as a lore area, and requires ST signage. - If there was no water within a paladin chancery, such would begin to flow down from it’s focal point and replace the lightwell below. - Drinking from a corrupted pool would render someone extremely sick as if afflicted by the stomach flu and would pass in a couple of days. - Sitting within a pool would not kill someone, but would eat away and drain at them. Calling of The Siren Description: This ritual begins the process of corruption, a connection to Dresdrasil’s remnant power, from teacher to student. Requirements: 1 total unit of brine, 1 tidesage of tier 4 and above, a corrupted pool, and a willing subject. Mechanics: By exposing a prospect-tidesage to Dresdrasil’s remnants and Brine, they may begin the corruption and imbuement processes that are required to begin to fathom and practice Thalassos. Redlines - This ritual only can connect one student at a time - This ritual is required for the creation of the MA - The Tier 4+ Tidesage must possess a TA to perform this ritual. - The created MA would begin at Tier 0. Calling of The Depths Description: This ritual requires three tidesages of tier 3 and above to gather surrounding a corrupted body of water. A pact as old as time, the Binding tidesage seeks a companion or guardian to guard them in a way they cannot. Effectively becoming non-casters themselves, they would control and bind themselves to a minion of their creation. Requirements: 14 total units of brine, 3 tidesages of tier 3 and above, a corrupted pool, and an ST signed item representing the presence of the Philios (Creation). Mechanics: The Binded tidesage takes on responsibility of commanding a Philios by it’s direct creation, gaining an ability to use Tidecommand as a spell. They can no longer cast other spells until the death of the Philios. The Philios can be up to nine feet tall, with the strength of an olog and the slow speed to mirror it, alongside having natural weapons such as claws and teeth. The look of a Philios is entirely up to the user for Aesthetic choice described on the signed item. A Philios is as easy to slay as any other normal creature save for immunity to flame, and may only follow commands as described by the tidesage. They may be given names to understand and follow after. Redlines - This Ritual only summons one Philios, for whoever is the first to extend a hand to it when it surfaces from the pool. Calling of Abyssal Home Description: A place to call home is needed for any Tidesage, and spreading the influence of Dresdrasil and her spawn is necessary to the survival and spread of their ilk. By summoning a obelisk of Dresdrasil’s own creation from the abyss, they may effectively taint the land surrounding them, effectively allowing for the spawn of Dresdrasil’s creatures. Requirements: 16 total units of brine, 3 Tidesages of Tier 3 and above, a corrupted pool, and ST Oversight and Signage of wherever placed. Mechanics: After summoning an Abyssal Obelisk, the Obelisk (Nine feet in height, represented with Sea Lantern or Dark Prismarine blocks) would slowly begin to taint a nearby area, at maximum in a 50x50 square around it as the focal point. This area would begin to harbour unnatural sea-life, heavily mutated, deformed, and aggressive- including an unbound Philios, which would attack any and all but Tidesages who enter the area. The Obelisk would give a salty-burning sensation to skinned touch, but could be broken with effort of blunt tools and strength. Redlines - This area may act and counts as an event site. - The Obelisk must be placed on a shoreline, in the open air, and may only be concealed by natural fauna if such exists. - The Aforementioned shoreline must be that of a lake or ocean, a pond being far too small. - The Obelisk is about as strong as stone, and weighs upwards of a 2,000 pounds- requiring a Golem, Animati, or contraptions to move and lift. - The Obelisk, if placed within a 50 block reach of a city, must have RO permission to be placed. - Once an Obelisk is destroyed, the taint would be removed and all life would after time return to normal. Calling of The Watery Grave Description: Tidesages still fall prey to mortal desire, fallacy, and failure. In the case of mortals manipulating the powers of a dead god, By locking this person away, kept from drowning due to the boons granted by their practice, a Tidesage may be sealed away beneath the waves by a group of others. Requirements: 18 total units of brine, at least 3 Tidesages of tier 3 and above, a corrupted pool, a semi-sealed vessel (With ventilation for water to flow in freely), a Tidesage of tier 3 and above (To perform upon) Mechanics: A subject tidesage of tier 3 and above would be restrained and put into a vessel with ventilation to allow free flow of water, and locked away beneath the waves. Their vessel would not move, and would be in one place- a Corrupted pool. Redlines - A Non-Tidesage or a Tidesage of tier 2 and below may not be locked away, as they would merely drown and respawn to CT. - This acts as a soft PK, unless the magic is dropped and the character drowns, allowing for respawn. - The site of a Watery Grave must be in a corrupted pool, and such is marked with an ST-Locked sign signifying it’s validity. - Someone may be freed from a watery grave by those on the outside at any time, though the Tidesage locked within would likely be greatly malnourished and withered, taking some time to fully physically recover. Mental stability from potentially being locked away a great time may never return, depending on the roleplayer. Calling of The Lady Description: By inheriting traits and power further from Dresdrasil, one would slowly begin conversion to a half-breed, something inbetween mortal and immortal; their original form deeply corrupted and destroyed, by overwhelming one and drowning them in brine, they may begin to slowly convert into a Drowned. Requirements: 20 total units of brine, 1 Tidesage of Tier 4 and above, 2 Tidesages of tier 3 and above, a Corrupted Pool, and a willing subject. Mechanics: By collectively using brine to drown one in a corrupted pool by causing it to overflow with such, they may transform a Tidesage of Tier 4 and above into a Drowned. Redlines - This spell does not have an empowered version. Calling of The Siren [Empowered] Description: With the vulnerability of Xan’s influence ebbing over onto the mortal plane, corrupted with the influence of Dresdrasil’s remnants, a prospect-tidesage may accelerate with a much quicker, although painful version of transformation. Requirements: 1 total unit of brine, 1 tidesage of tier 4 and above, a corrupted chancery, a willing subject Mechanics: By connecting a student through a corrupted chancery, they begin a significantly more painful and violent transformation process; skipping through Tier 0 in a few moments, and unto tier 1 directly. Redlines - This ritual only affects one subject at a time - This ritual would be reflected upon the MA, stating the student starts at Tier 1 - This ritual is exceptionally tolling on the subject, exhausting them for at least twenty four hours. Calling of The Depths [Empowered] Description: Calling upon the vulnerability of Xan, power corrupted and volatile, a Tidesage may use a corrupted chancery to summon an abnormally intelligent or powerful creature, though upon the chancery’s purification or destruction, it would instantly be banished. Requirements: 18 total units of brine, 3 tidesages of tier 3 and above, a corrupted chancery, and an MArt Submission + St Signed item representing the presence of the Philios (Creation). Mechanics: The Philios created is granted significant creative and mechanical freedom with the MArt, so long as it is accepted by the story team. Should the Chancery be purified, the Philios would instantly begin turning to brine upon the ground it stood upon. Redlines - A Philios created from a chancery must be made with an MArt. - Should the chancery be purified, the Philios is instantly unusable in combat and would begin to drain. - A Philios summoned from a chancery may not have Tidecommand spells cast upon it. Calling of Abyssal Home [Empowered] Description: By manipulating the power once holding The Wardens of Xan together and in place to defend the Chancery, a Tidesage may summon an Abyssal Obelisk, twisted by the melding of power and allowing for a mimic like effect, though the Obelisk would take up the focal point of The Chancery. Requirements: 18 total units of brine, 3 Tidesages of Tier 3 and above, a corrupted Chancery, and ST Oversight and Signage of wherever placed. Mechanics: Summoning an Abyssal Obelisk from the depths, it would sit in the focal point of The Chancery and would be immovable from it’s site. Aswell, two unbound Philios of normal level would spawn and defend the site, unable to move from it’s general location. If engaged in combat, The Obelisk would activate and would glow a deep blue colour. For each ten emotes performed by The Philios’s, another would spawn from The Chancery to defend it’s powered site. The Obelisk would be considered as strong as steel and immune to flame, and would require profound strength or effort from tools or magic to break. If the Obelisk is under threat, a Philios will stop whatever they were previously doing to defend it. Redlines - Philios spawned from a Chancery would carry the normal attributes of Philios, not being upon or able of being upon an MArt level. - Philios will stop whatever they are doing, no matter the importance, to defend the chancery. This does not apply to bound Philios. - An unbound Philios will not leave the general “Area” or “Building” of their chancery to attack others. They may be commanded by any Tidesage in the area, taking upon the order first given to them. - Unbound Philios may be played by ET, or present Tidesages, if possible as spread out as possible. - Commanding an Unbound Philios does not impair ones abilities to cast, as if commanding a bound Philios. - Commanding an Unbound Philios without having a Bound Philios does not grant the ability to access the “Tidecommand” suffixed spells. Calling of The Watery Grave [Empowered] Description: Using the vulnerability of Xan’s power, one may use a corrupted chancery to banish a Tidesage forever into beyond, irretrievably. Requirements: 30 total units of Brine, 2 Tidesages of Tier 5, and 2 or more Tidesages of Tier 3 and above, alongside a corrupted chancery. The Subject must be a Tidesage of Tier 3 and above. Requires ST oversight and enforcement. Mechanics: A subjected Tidesage is locked within a vessel which allowed for some ventilation of air or waterflow, is pushed within a corrupted chancery. Due to the power residually existing from the chancery, a portal would open, and the subjected Tidesage would be locked away into the beyond, effectively acting as a hard PK. Redlines A Subject to this ritual must be a Tidesage of tier 3 and above. The Subject of this ritual, once commenced, may not be retrieved physically or spiritually, or communed with spiritually. The Subject of this ritual is under the effects of a hard-pk, and may not be revived through monks, dropping of the magic (including dropping the magic within 24 hrs of the ritual), or any deific interference. Enchantments Using different aspects of the abyss below, a Tidesage may imbue their effects within an item known as a Poiema which grants undrowned Tidesages and Mortals minor attributes of what they can perform or do. With brine and technique, a Tidesage can easily perform this task. Taking three emotes in total, each enchantment would take one unit of brine per emote. This process is freeform, and emotes are left to user creativity when crafting Poiemas. Brining Object Effect: Imbuing this upon an object would give a light draining effect to whatever it may touch. It may dry skin and remove hair of where applied in the case of an equippable item (Such as a ring or helm). The item Brining was imbued upon would give a visual effect of being waterlogged, tarnished, and rusted. Enchantment Effect: If used in the creation of, or on an exposed or healing wound, such would have the effect of causing intense searing pain and minor muscle spasms. Gilling Object Effect: Imbuing this enchantment upon an object would mimic the effect of having gills, effectively allowing someone to breathe underwater. Enchantment Effect: Gilling must be imbued upon something that is worn upon the user to give effect, such as a ring or mask. When worn upon a user both in and not in effect, varying amounts of small three-inch cuts would be upon the neck of the user. Eyes of The Abyss Object Effect: Imbuing this enchantment upon an object would grant a subtle and light glow upon it’s physical manifestation, worn or not. Enchantment Effect: When equipped the eyes of the user would give off a faint bioluminescent glow, the colour of yellow, black, or white taking over their entire eye- along with blue or purple marks reminiscent of scales that were placed along the users eyes. While equipped, the user would have vision as good as if it were normal when underwater or dark places, immune to particulate blocking vision within their eyes aswell. If the darkness however were to be magical or blindness induced, then they would affect the wearer as normal. Skin of The Lurker Object Effect: Imbuing this enchantment upon an object would cause it to harden and calcify, the surface from end to end becoming scale-like in nature, underneath a white membrane that retained the hardness of the previous material. Enchantment Effect: When equipped, the user would gain scales or chitin that covered them in various places, though by no significant degree. These scales would take on dark colours, primarily blacks and blues. When in a cold environment, or put under intense barometric pressure, the user would find themselves unaffected and rather normal. However, ones blood would begin to run cold- and they would be clammy, and the temperature of the surrounding environment to the touch. Weapons of The Lady Object Effect: Imbuing this enchantment upon an object would cause it to ossify and become made of bone, retaining a similar hardness given the thickness of the object. Enchantment Effect: Once equipped, the user would gain natural weapons of claws and teeth of abnormal size and shape. Jagged and many, potentially long and almost fibrous teeth, alongside an additional 3 or 4 inches of hardened bone on the fingertips, sharpened to claws. However, due to the unwieldy sizes and shapes of both, the fingertips would render any armor fitted or weapons in hand unwieldable, and teeth would limit speech to become impaired as if there was some blockage within the mouth. These changes to the body occur over a couple of minutes at no pain to the user, however they may not be equipped in combat. Call of The Siren Object Effect: Imbuing this enchantment upon an object would cause it to shimmer and reflect as if created of water, though merely aesthetic to the actual piece. Enchantment Effect: When equipped, the user’s voice would become harmonic and angelic, irresistibly drawing and enchanting, unnaturally so. Lament of The Deep Object Effect: Imbuing this enchantment upon an object would cause it to become brittle and tinge a deep sea-green colour, with a ever-consistent slime to it. Enchantment Effect: This item can bind the conscious of an Abyssal creature such as a Philios, which effectively keeps its mind split to two. Once a Philios is given touch to the item, they may store their being within such as a “Backup” effectively. Shoulda Philios die and another be summoned, they may come in contact with a Lamented item and have their conscious restored to when the initial contact was made, having no recollection of their death most certainly. Should the Philios be living or dead, one may communicate with such forever in their mind through the item while equipped. Should the original creator of the item find a new Philios to bind to, the Philios’ conscious which inhabited the original item is nulled, and forever gone. Enchantment Redlines - Muscle spasms caused by a Brining enchant are minor, and would by no means forcefully induce someone to move in a way they would not normally. - Gilling-gills would act as a secondary vector to intake air into the lungs, should the mouth and nose be blocked. The same does not go in the same for the nose and mouth to intake water in place of gills. - Magically caused blindness or darkness would not be visible through eyes of the abyss. - Eyes of the abyss does not replace or function for lost or nonfunctioning eyes. - Skin of the lurker does not function as natural armour, and magically caused coldness or below-zero temperatures would take wear on the user - Weapons of the lady have the hardness of bone and rock, not able to penetrate thick steel and could break upon it. One cannot wield weapons or speak fully properly with the bodily changes given. They aswell could not speak properly- this being overlapped by the Call of The Siren enchantment. - The Call of The Siren enchantment does not “charm” nearby people magically, merely allowing for the player to allure and charm those around them naturally. - One may not metagame information (Or send information at all) through telepathy of an item made of Lament of The Deep - Should an item be destroyed with the Lament of The Deep enchantment, so too would the saved conscious of The Philios. General Red Lines -Thallassos is incompatible with deific magics. -Thallassos is categorized under both Deific and Dark magics. If for any extensive purpose it needs further classification, it is simply under “Deific”. -Thallassos does not get their power from any form of patron or diety directly, not being affected by anything which may cause disconnection. -A Tidesage would violently react to a paladin’s purging as it would cause great distress and pain. -Line of sight is required for all Thallassos spells, including one’s Philios. A Philios however, may go behind cover to continue attacking something or performing an action. -A Tidesage may make use of a casting implement or focus. -A Tidesage is still effected by voidal poisoning and similar effects. -A Tidesage may not use brine or convert brine from their environment to replenish, use, or fill ones own brine reserve from. -A Tidesage converts their blood into brine during casting, causing it to be spent when performing a spell. This does not inhibit their way of life or functioning abnormally besides what is described within Corruption. -A Tidesage’s strength, endurance, or stamina is not inhibited, it is limited at the very maximum to the strength of one’s race; gaining no benefit from increases in any of the previous categories, magically, herbally, and so on. Tier Progression Tier 0 - Tier 0 lasts 1 week. - No abilities, spells, rituals, or brine count. A change and metamorphosis of the psyche begins. Tier 1 - Tier 1 lasts 1 week. (Two weeks total). - Tidesage now can create three units of brine with internal mechanism - Tidesage has access to the spell “Manifestation” with one manifestation. - Tidesage has access to the spell “Brine Mending” - Tidesage may now learn how to enchant. Tier 2 - Tier 2 lasts 2 weeks. (Four weeks total). - Tidesage now can create six units of brine with internal mechanism. - Tidesage may now possess a Philios, and utilize the base “Tidecommand” spell. - Tidesage has access to the spell “Dresdrasil’s Spines” - Tidesage has access to the spell “Manifestation” with two manifestations. - Tidesage has access to the spell “The Sea Takes” - Tidesage has access to the spell “Brine Mending (Tidecommand)” - Tidesage has access to the spell “Pinging (Tidecommand)” Tier 3 - Tier 3 lasts 3 weeks (Seven weeks total). - Tidesage now can create nine units of brine with internal mechanism. - Tidesage can now directly perform and learn all rituals as an actor, except for Calling of The Lady and Calling of The Siren. - Tidesage may now fall victim to Calling of The Watery Grave - Tidesage has access to the spell “Salt Spew” - Tidesage has access to the spell “Manifestation” with three manifestations. - Tidesage has access to the spell “Adaptation (Tidecommand)” - Tidesage has access to the spell “Augury and Augury (Tidecommand) Tier 4 - Tier 4 lasts 4 weeks (Eleven weeks total). - Tidesage now can create twelve units of brine with internal mechanism. - Tidesage can now learn to teach by picking up a TA. - Tidesage can now perform Calling of The Lady. - Tidesage can now perform Calling of The Siren - Tidesage has access to the spell “Manifestation” with four manifestations. - Tidesage has access to the spell “Maw” - Tidesage has access to the spell “Sound of The Abyss (Tidecommand)” Tier 5 - Tidesage now can create fifteen units of brine with internal mechanism. - Tidesage has access to the spell “Drowning” - Tidesage has access to the spell “Manifestation” with five manifestations. Purpose (OOC) Originally writing this lore, I got a good bit into it before someone had alerted me that Thallassos used to be a magic; I was merely writing a magic which fit into an aesthetic I liked. Taking some work from Perrin and an old write from Frott and Zarsies, I was able to put together a piece of lore which I believe has a very good aesthetic which varies and allows for a lot of opportunity and roleplay between Tidesages and communities. I believe this is something that any type of mage may want to get into and services an interest of culty, eldritch, dark-water esque roleplay which currently is in no niche upon the server. With proper cultivation and roleplay, I believe this magic could flourish into something memorable and fun for multiple communities. Citation Spoiler A grand and sincere thanks to; Zidoax, for resources on similar aesthetics (Such as The Shadow over Innsmouth), and encouragement Archipelago, for looking over for spelling errors and ideas upon aesthetics, alongside encouragement All my friends, for being my friends, their encouragement and answering any dumb questions I may have asked Perrin, for his old Thallassos lore, though I personally have never met or known about the person I thank them for the resources they granted Zarsies and Frott, for encouragement and inspiration of their Augury write
  2. THE PACT OF THE TITAN Haelun’or and Lareh’thilln are the bastions of true civilization in Arcas, serene safeguards which -- like all sovereign nations abroad -- face the grave threat of the Inferi Menace. Many Mali’thill and lesser species alike fear that we face certain annihilation, that any endeavours to combat these vile beasts will bear no fruit. Elheial’thilln beseeches you: fear not -- for as we Descendants share this world amongst one another, so too do we share it with Him. He who is the balance between Light and Dark, He who offers us refuge from the wicked, He who will ensure the timeless legacy of Elmali’aheral will continue on. He who is the Titan Azdromoth, The First Drakaar, Son of Dragur; Heir to the World. Rejoice then, for under Him all countries and peoples of Arcas will endure! Several new policies are to be enacted henceforth and in perpetuity to ensure the survival of the Mali’thill in these trying times, approved by Elheial’thilln and deemed true to Larihei’s philosophy of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya by his pure eminence the Maheral, and can be found attached to this missive below: I. The First Drakaar, Azdromoth, is to be revered within Haelun’or, for it is He and He alone who offers us safety. Worship of the First Drakaar is only applicable to lesser species. Mali’thill will revere His might, His knowledge, and His protection of our people only. II. Practitioners of the Light or Dark, Xannites and their ilk, dark magicians and devious monsters such as shades, are to henceforth be expelled from Haelun’or unto the end-times. Those practicing the common worship of various worldly religions are permissible, should they adhere to the standards above. This rule applies even to those who do not spout their rhetoric or share their ideals, for their connection to the Light or Dark is folly itself. No exception is to be made except by The First Drakaar himself. III. Sons and daughters of The First Drakaar, Azdromoth, Elazdrazi, are to be welcomed into Elcihi and treated with the same respect as our fellow Mali’thill. Azdrazi, despite their relation to Him, are not exempt from the standard laws and regulations imposed upon all inhabitants of Haelun’or. Any crimes they should commit will result in the same fate as any typical transgressor. It is also expected that Azdrazi extend the same respect to Mali’thill as we would extend unto them. Any raucous or discourteous behaviour will not be tolerated. Those Azdrazi welcomed within Haelun’or are required to appear only in their natural forms, wearing no guises or false faces. The Document was passed 1778, and amended 1779 signed, The Maheral, Ikur Sullas The Sohaer, Nelgauth Maehr’tehral Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya
  3. The Damerian Guard Codex For many years, Damerians have lived oppressed. They have been led astray, swaying from the purpose of Darrowmere and the Cannonist faith, which we have claimed to follow. From this day forth, the Damerians shall swear their allegiance to the Crown, and to the Noble House of Onfroi. Those who are capable fighters will be required to take up arms, joining the newly founded Damerian Guard force held in Fort Darrowmere. The sole purpose of the Guard is to defend the Noble House of Onfroi, above all other tasks. There are many duties and responsibilities which the Guard must follow. Said duties consist of: Remain fit and strong. Mandatory exercise will be a practice of the Guard to ensure the safety of the Guards and the people of Darrowmere alike; being unhealthy and incapable puts yourself and others at risk. While on duty, a uniform is required, which will be provided once you join the Guardforce. All Damerian Guards shall wear this uniform at all times without fail while defending the walls, protecting travelling nobility or being stationed on the gate. All Guards shall be armed while on duty. Failure to be armed will lead to issued punishment depending on the severity. Lack of preparation is an easy way to put yourself, and those around you, in danger in the unlikely circumstance we are attacked. Guards shall refer to all Onfroi’s as ‘My Lord’, or ‘My Lady’. They shall refer to the general public while on duty by their titles, those without titles shall be known as ‘Ser,’ or ‘Madame’. Use of force is permitted to all Guards, however abuse of power will be heavily sanctioned and those found guilty will be exiled from Darrowmere. This includes: Unjust murder, abuse of Citizens without trial, execution of a punishment before trial. The rest shall be considered common sense, and the Marshal and the Head Guard shall deem those guilty of abuse in a case-by-case format. ((OOC: If you wish to apply for the Damerian Guard, please apply on this forum using the format pasted below: IGN: RP NAME: RP AGE: DISCORD: Former military experience shall be noted below, please go into detail of your past experiences in combat, and ability to keep the public safe. Any criminal records shall be stated here, if found to be lying you will instantly be denied. Past housing and living records shall also be mentioned, for example if you lived in Morsgrad prior, or even another City:)) Signed, Dame Alli Ruse Onfroi, Burgrave and Head of the Onfroi Household Ser Hadvar av Mitteland, Marshal of Norland, Head of the Onfroi Household, Head of the Damerian Guardforce Ser Jolfrey, Head Guard of the Damerian Guardforce Alexios Onfroi, The Noble House of Onfroi Ave Darrowmere.
  4. [!] One of many flyers scattered about in the world would wander and find its way to you. Upon closer inspection it seems to be an invitation, reading as follows: “Greetings traveller. I hereby extend this to you, being the occasion of the inaugural event of a town away from the rest of known settlements of all races. A peaceful place where one may find shelter and opportunities at a more fulfilling life should it be what you have sought, a second chance, a new beginning or simply an adventure in far off lands. There will be much to see and do within these walls. I wish for beings of all kinds to come together and co-exist, form bonds that elsewhere may have not been possible, and find oneself more comfortable with the world we inhabit as a whole. I hope to find you at the gates of town in due time and you will be welcomed with open arms. May fate guide you here safe and swiftly. -Rowan S. Mistvale”
  5. The House Gent Lottery is a non profit made to help us fund the Gent Family Orphanage, And the Gent Family Public clinic. The Powerball was created by Hannibal Gent on the 18th of the first seed, 1763 starting in the nation of Courland. The powerball works by randomly picking four numbered balls from a spinning cage that houses them. The lottery always starts with 1000 mina as a reward. The reward gets higher for every number bought; the numbers would cost 10 minas each. The goal of the Powerball is to create awareness for homeless and parentless children around the Courland region.
  6. The Free State of Sutica Sutican Palace Along the southern-most regions of Arcas lays a majestic sight: the coast-side Free State of Sutica. With such a location brings the nature of a trade hub. Tenders and Couriers lace the city, offering trades and goods to those who enter these leaved-walls. A bustling place for those who wish to earn coin. With such a place, history is laced everywhere. From colossal pillars of untold stories to the books within the library dated Monarch-Royalty of the city. Along with such a prime trade spot, The Free State of Sutica acts as a peace ground for multitudes of parties and peoples. Nations and Groups rally towards these walls to talk with the safety of peace backed behind well-trained soldiers of the Cerulean Watch. As fighters of peace within the realm, the State longs as a neutral ground for those who seek so. Directions: 1,1 ~, 322 Market Square of Sutica Peak Times: Sutican players range from all timezones, but peak player counts reach high in times ranging from 6pm EST - 12am EST. Within that timeframe, the city bares anywhere from 10-15 people within the walls. On average, a constant 3-5 people walk the streets of Sutica. Through the gates of Sutica Population Density: Suticans range from all races. From the simple dwed within the market to the half-elves within the palace of the city. There is no expectation or preferred race within Sutica. All are welcomed! His Grace, Corwin and Her Grace, Blair Fester attending a congregation in Helena Leadership and Stewards: The State of Sutica is headed by a Triumvirate of three individuals. These people maintain the workings of the council and nearly all affairs regarding Sutica. HIS GRACE, Corwin von Alstriem - LithiumSedai HER GRACE, Blair Fester - _Wonk HIS GRACE, Jon Snowell - SaviourMeme And below, are a few other people who can assist with joining or living within Sutica and her departments. HER EXCELLENCY, Pruinae Tathvir - BasilTheBunny Greater Steward Caretaker of The Seaside Saloon HIS EXCELLENCY, Mika Goldhand - mika1278 Minister of Peace HIS EXCELLENCY, Domonic Elmoran - DukeofZufenhaus Captain of the Watch HIS EXCELLENCY, Kariv - HighOOCly Director of Foreign Affairs THE HONOURABLE, Anna Fester - spleenbeans Steward THE HONOURABLE, Kaleous - Vitalian Steward
  7. Vassal Documentation – Operation Highland Pass [!] A missive is sent to the Cloud Temple notice boards and The Highland Realm Earlier this saints week, Darrowmere held it’s final event before our deconstruction, which will lead us into a new era. The King, and some members of his council, ventured down to Darrowmere to drink, celebrate, and prepare for the stresses which will come during the reconstruction. Noctis Arkin of Norland brought a missive to the Burgrave from the Rabbit, currently in place for the Rabbit during his illness, with permissions to tear down the City of Darrowmere and replace it with a much more defendable structure. [!] An artists impression could be seen below of Noctis and his Majesty the King, Caedric Ruric, enjoying the Tavern of Darrowmere as they discuss future plans. Many Knights of Darrowmere, peoples of Norland, and even one of our Grand Generals, Adzy Stormbringer, showed up to the event to celebrate the last day of “Lorraine” and the introduction of Fort Darrowmere. [!] An artists impression was posted on the missive of the Damerians enjoying their time with Adzy in the Tavern. This missive is to those who do not know about the deconstruction of Darrowmere and that I, The Rabbit of Darrowmere, hereby give Norland the permission to start operation “Highland Pass” and bring us into a new future, Ave Darrowmere! - Signed, Hadvar av Mitteland, The Rabbit of Darrowmere Noctis Arkin, King’s Council of Norland Caedric Ruric, King of Norland Dame Alli Onfroi, Burgrave of Darrowmere (OOC pictures of the event:)
  8. The revival of Darrowmere, and the Order of the Rabbit For many years, Darrowmere has been dormant. No life in the Vassal, no integration within the Highland Realm. Norland came to think Darrowmere was officially dead, their peoples gone, and their pride destroyed. However, there were a few Damerians left from the great AIS vs. ISA War. Hadvar av Mitteland, alongside Louys, Alli Onfroi, and Athri, decided to march back into the lands of Darrowmere to rebuild. After recruiting a variation of new bloods, Darrowmere is now strong once again. This documentation is an announcement to all Highland Realm Vassals, Norland, and those who support us, we have returned. To those who oppose us, you have failed. The Dame, Alli Onfroi, marched with her guards into Norland just a saint's day ago, for an attendance with his majesty himself to speak on behalf of the newly appointed Rabbit of the Order. As a final statement, the infamous, “Order of the Rabbit” has returned under the control of the new Rabbit, Hadvar av Mitteland. The elders of the past, the Knights of the past, have left Darrowmere in ruins and it will soon be as strong as it was before, and then even stronger. [!] An artist's impression of the meeting held with his majesty. [!] The following pictures are depictions that show the text that was scribed by Dame Athri during the meeting. The handshake signified the revival, and the acceptance of Darrowmere back into the Highland Realm as an active Vassal. Long live the Order, AVE DARROWMERE! - Signed, The Rabbit, Hadvar av Mitteland, Dame Alli Onfroi, Burgrave of Darrowmere, The Knights Order of the Rabbit, Alisa Camian, High Keeper of the Red Faith, His Majesty, King Caedric of Norland (OOC: If you wish to join Darrowmere, contact my discord, Swifty#2017)
  9. Dear Curon, My name is Hadvar av Mitteland, former General of the AIS and Knight of the Highland Realm. I have recently placed a sanctioned bounty on the head of one of your people for a strongly worded missive which was posted to the Duke of Morsgrad. In addition, I placed all Imperial Curonians under a 100 mina per head genocide. Your response? An anonymous man, too scared to show his face, has posted a bounty on my head and the heads of those who associate with House Mitteland. My act of aggression was over the bullying tactics shown by the men of Curon, who wished to throw around power that they just don't have. What will I do in response to this recent bounty? I'll be doing nothing. I see this as a pettiful response to try and show that Curon has honour and can stick up for themselves, however little did I know that they are children who wish to throw out sums of money they cannot pay. What will I be planning for the future? This is a message directly for Curon. Take down the bounty, stop acting tough when you have no legs to stand on. You can't hunt those who don't live in one area. I live on the roads, my soldiers are your civilians, bandits of the road. You won't see us coming, you won't be able to find us, your enemy is invisible so you must concede. If Curon sends out a missive, apologising for their actions and surrendering their honour to House Mitteland, I will drop the bounty and call the bandits off. If they wish to retaliate with aggression once more, then War it is. Regards, Hadvar av Mitteland, Former General of the AIS, House Mitteland of Morsgrad, Scoutmaster of Rubern.
  10. Dear residents of Darrowmere, This missive is an announcement of new blood to the throne of Darrowmere. Adopted from the streets of Morsgrad, his veins flowing with Norlandic blood, Erik Stefan Willow Onfroi is now an official honorary Onfroi. Due to the recent loss of Willow Onfroi and the disappearance of Avian Onfroi. I, Hadvar av Mitteland, hereby give Alli Onfroi and her adopted son the right to rule Darrowmere under blood relation. The boy who has now come of age, Erik, will therefore become the honorary heir in these uncertain times. This will be my last act within the Highland Realm for quite some time, and I send my condolences to the Onfroi family and wish them the very best. [!] An artists impression of what Erik looks like is shown below: I would also like to send a message to Haense and the Imperials of the Helena road. Those who have been causing troubles within the Highland Realm, robbing and killing Damerian men, I ask you to stop these cold-blooded acts of violence and show the decency you preach. If this continues, I will be bringing back the AIS’ former glory and ridding the stretch of road between Oren and Haense of Imperials until you get the message. This is a passive warning to you, please do not allow it to turn into anything worse, you will regret it. [!] Two artists impressions of many friends of Hadvar was shown below. Trust me, you will regret messing with Darrowmere if it happens again. Signed, Hadvar av Mitteland; Former AIS Cavalier General, Ruberni Knight, Damerian General of War, and Heir of House Mitteland
  11. This letter is addressed to The Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewynn. When I retook my position as Trade Princess I was not told of many factors of the world around me and how it changed since I had stepped down. There were many things I had not known about some of the nations around me, and I am still catching up. It is due to this that I wish to both make some things clear, make a minor announcement, and request to meet with the leaders of The Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewynn. Sutica has staunch laws that enforce a number of things, and these are detailed in our writ of government. This document sets out what positions exist, what powers they have, and many other things. But chiefly in our current situation, there are a few things that matter most. The first is that Sutica does recognize your nation as a fellow nation. I made a statement when you reached out to me in the past that I couldn’t claim that you were the one true dark elven state. What informed that choice was a fellow council member who told me there was more than a single nation claiming to be the only dark elven state, and thus to adhere to Title X of the Sutican Writ of Government, I declined the offer you so graciously extended to us. As this situation has progressed, I became aware that I do not know as much about your nation as I would like to, nor the overall state of the dark elven people. I will detail more at the end of this letter about why I brought this up. The Second is that Mystery Uailben is not a leader of Sutica. He gave himself the title of Trade Father, however, his actual title is Monarch Father. This is detailed in Title I, Article 5. This is not a position, and Mystery is not a leader of the Sutican state. He is simply a man who adopted me some hundred or so years in the past now and once showed me kindness. Further on in that section, it details: I am not blind to the sort of man Mystery is. He is complex, often stupid, and with many well-earned enemies. Finally, Sutica has a pact of Neutrality as a core part of its Nation Identity and ethics. This is detailed in the writ in Title X. I bring this up because I believe I may be lacking knowledge of some events including Mystery and Xavis. I want to speak with your leaders to better understand the details of the situation in full. However, there is something that needs to be done now. I have two announcements to make. Specifically, I will be utilizing the following section of our writ of government in Title X: Under this article, Xavis Ashwood and Mystery Uailben will have their citizenship, positions, and rights within Sutica stripped under my authority as Trade Princess as is applicable to each person. Mystery has been notified already and understands that his actions have been in poor faith in the past. He seeks now to atone for the hurt he has caused, but that is his own path. We can talk about that too when we meet. I am too unaware of what the other members of the Ashwood family may have done to exercise Title X Article 2 upon them. However, once I meet with your people and discuss things, that is subject to change. Please, if there are any other sutican people who have acted in bad faith towards your wonderous nation, reach out to me and tell me. We have many rules in place and any actions that harm another nation are strictly prohibited. If someone has broken a law in your nation, come to me and tell me and it will be dealt with. The second announcement is something that requires a small bit of explanation. Here in Sutica our city in this land was built with the intent to house places of worship for every faction who desired to have one here. We have a shrine to Xan, to The Aspects, and Aeriel. I wish to extend the same chance to The Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewynn. I wish to set aside a section of land within Sutican borders for the creation of a temple or sacred space to the ancestors that you pay respect to in your worship. I am a woman of old faith, brought to my family by my ancient father who was there in the motherland to witness a time where all we knew of was Aeriel and Ibleese. As time marches forward, I want to offer all people who may come within my land the chance to experience and learn about the many different cultures and religions present in this world. Personally, I am excited to learn more about the ancestor spirits. Finally, I want to mention what I spoke of above. There is so much that I do not know, and I want to learn. I wasn’t aware that Xavis is not just another citizen in Sutica. I was not aware of Mystery and what he had done to your nation. These are things that are not acceptable to me. I want to spend time with the leaders of your great nation so that I may learn about a culture I had not known before, and if not that simply learn of the acts my former citizens hid from me. I ask you to reach out to me, to speak with me over a letter or in person at the cloud temple where neither side may fear bad faith interactions. It is my only desire that the damaged relations between our two nations heal. There is more we could do together than we ever could apart. I had already been planning a rough system to inform people on magic, but I believe there is a great depth to the faiths of the world, and I now want a space to be created that will allow new souls, old souls, and all in between to learn of the great faiths such as your own. Trade Princess Lilith Helenson-Anarion the Free State of Sutica, Sovereign Lady of the Whispering Isles, Protector of the Free
  12. The Laws and Legislation of Kaz’Stailininn (Kingdom of Steel) Cities and holdings of the Kingship: Kal’Orvul/Mynebor (Capital) Section 1:The office and powers of the Kingship Section 2: The office and powers of the Council of Kal’Mynebor Section 3: The process for amendment of laws Section 4:The process for passing laws Section 5: Laws of Kaz’Stailininn Section 6: Rights of the citizens of the Kingdom Section 1: The office and powers of the King The King of Kaz’Stailininn has the responsibility to represent the people of the Kingdom in time of peace and in time of war. The King is chosen hereditarily, if no heir is available, the king may be elected through a unanimous decision made by the Council of Kal’Mynebor., If no decision is able to be made, a temporary ruler may be elected through a trial by combat. The King has all power over both foreign and domestic affairs. He oversees everything of importance in the Kingdom, The Grand Army of Steel, taxes, building and construction, and diplomatic relations. He can make decisions regarding foreign relations and the aforementioned aspects of government without the approval of the Council of Kal’Mynebor. Section 2: The office and powers of the Council of Kal’Orvul The Council of Orvul is made up of the Clan Lords or Fathers of prominent clans, city officials, or clans which have maintained activity levels for the required amount of time. New council members can be elected with a 75% agreement among the remaining Council members and the approval of the King. There are only ever 6 council members at one given point in time. The positions are as follows; Head of Internal Affairs, Head of Military, Head of Diplomacy, and the Head of Treasury. There are also two High Magistrates who will oversee and lead the court. One High Magistrate is elected by the King, and the other by the Council. The High Magistrate selected by the council must be elected by a 75% majority agreement by the Council of Kal’Mynebor. After selection, the High Magistrate has the authorization to lead the High Court however is wished. In order to be a member of the Council of Kal’Mynebor, they must have become an honorary dwarf a minimum of a week beforehand. The individual members of the Council of Kal’Mynebor are responsible for taking charge of their positions as Head. As the Heads of the Council are removed and replaced, The training of a newly appointed councilman is to be handled by the council as seen fit. Positions under the council are assumed by the Head Council members themselves. Depending on the position, they are addressed by the title of the highest position held. Section 3: The process for the amendment of laws The laws of Kaz’Stailininn can only amended if: A. Valid reason is given to amend said law: B. The King of Kaz’Stailininn approves: C. A majority consisting of 75% of the council agrees with the amendment. Section 4: The process for passing laws New laws of Kaz’Stailininn can only be passed provided: A. The King approves. B. The Council of Kal’Khorvad obtains a 75% majority in agreement with said law. Section 5: Laws of Kaz’Stailininn Murder, unless found to be in self defense, punishable by the decision of the high magistrates, the maximum sentence to be issued is death. Treason or leaking information from any part of the government of Kaz’Stailininn is punishable by banishment and death. Killing of livestock is punishable by a prison sentence and or by the High Magistrates choosing. Stealing is to be punished accordingly, the degree of which is the decision of the High Magistrates. Threats made against the Council of Orvul is punishable by banishment or by decision of the High Magistrates. Regicide and attempted regicide is punishable by banishment and death without chance of release. If a offense against the honor of another citizen of Kal’Mynebor is made, the offended may request an honor duel. in the standard dwarven fashion the winner of best out of three will have kept their honor. The loser of said honor duel will be known as the “Dishonored” for one stone week. Section 6: Rights of the Citizens of the Kingdom Property Rights: A citizen has the right to own housing provided it has been paid for and is legally a free citizen of Kal’Mynebor. Animal Rights: A citizen has the right to own animals inside the city of Kal’Mynebor at all times provided a one time fee for a license has been paid to the Head Treasurer the amount of 200 minas. Personal Rights: A citizen has the right to defend themselves with any weapon (Within reason) available at the time. The only justifiable case of killing or injuring another citizen or visitor without a bounty letter or express permission from the Council or the King. A citizen has the right to free speech. Anything non-threatening is permissible. Free speech applies to things in writing as well as in conversation or arguments. A citizen has the right to life. Under no circumstances will a citizen be called for no purpose or reason. Citizens will not be injured or maimed by the Army, Guard forces, Council, or King. A citizen has the right to worship any deity of the Brathmordakin without fear of retaliation, retribution, or consequences thereof. A citizen has the right to bear arms, weapons, explosives, or dangerous materials including but not limited to, Potions of any sort, arrows with any modification, Lava, Boomsteel, Thanium, or runic weapons without fear of confiscation or consequences of owning said tools, weapons or potions. Signed by the authority of, Balrog Ironkiln II, King and Ruler of the Kingdom of Steel
  13. [Posters have been placed throughout the Sutican waterfront] https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Lubba
  14. [Posters have been placed throughout Sutica, and they’re covered in ladybugs]
  15. [!] A flyer is nailed to the notice board in Brandybrook! A Call To Arms! Fellow weefolk, I call on ya fer aid! Th' taint of the void is spreadin', and it needs t' be stopped! Th' force ah soldiers that sieged th' last void tear, is plannin' another attack at th' last tear, and against Grief himself. They plan to repel th' spread of th' void by placin' mana stones in a perimeter around th' tear. They call for fighters to escort th' mana stones, people t' operate th' ballistae an' provide long range support, an' healers to work in th' field clinic t' tend to our wounded! I know that yer scared. I am too. But if we don't stand up an' quell this evil, there won't be a Brandybrook t' hide in! Dig down deep, an' muster the Halfling courage that Knox blessed us with with! I'll be among the fighters escorting the mana stones to their positions. Any of ya who want t' fight, you'll be doing so alongside me on the battlefield, any others should talk t' th' other folks running things in th' field clinic an' ballistae. Fight, shoot, or heal, I implore you to come an' help make a difference! Fer Brandybrook, an' fer all of Arcas! Long Live Brandybrook! Yer's truly, Benedict Hassenfort-Applefoot Deputy Sherriff of Brandybrook The paper ends with the official seal of Brandybrook! ((I made this on mobile so apologies if it's janky. This event will happen on Monday, the 18th of November, at 2pm PST/5pm EST. Its advised that you join this discord > https://discord.gg/wMvfqD7 < for any info about the event line. Big thanks to @Tha_Mystery_Man for being such a chad and creating this fantastic event line.) )
  16. Hello And Welcome! After countless hours of building, I bring you, this masterpiece! -+- Who are you? Great question! I am a designer and new build squad member to lord of the craft. I have been building for almost 6 years now and still manage to keep motivation to chug forward. Having built only a few things on the server, chances are you haven't gotten a chance to see my work. Nevertheless that is changing and hopefully you’ll be seeing more and more of it. -+---+---+---+- What are you selling? I am selling a Castle design that fits in a 50x50 Tier 1 Charter claim. Some features notable to the design: -Extra large 3 ½ floor main living quarters for the primary residents -Guard barracks (can suit other needs like a guest house or multiple housing units) -An underground area suited for multiple possibilities Additions that are less notable: -Horse stable -Water well -Multiple castle wall walkways -Military training dummies -Two watchtowers -Two terraces -Three oak trees -+---+---+- Pricing I’m asking 75$ via PayPal or another service if need be. After the payment I can deliver the world save file to you. After you can build the product in you’re charter plot. I’d recommend using some form of automatic structure creation mod to complete the build. I can give the exact blocks needed per level if need be. -+---+---+- Picture Link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1m_yIAKLxAxd-t8a6MSIgbn9Xpt1eco5wKq5ZZGZv6oc/edit?usp=sharing Please Message me on my discord for any inquiries
  17. D4NNA

    Arcadian Tides

    Naval Storyline Become a confidant of the sea and sail across the Arcadian Ocean with your ship and a faithful crew, life overseas is not easy and requires preparation, navigation and equipment ... not to forget the food on deck is required in large supply, and that's where the delicacies such as sea-fruit are found. Sailors whisper of a taste that comes from the depths of the seas … Explore the depths of the Sea Ruin and discover a world of water and the home of an ancient civilization ... The ocean itself has preserved this place and protected it from the torrents of time, much of the ruin could have survived ... It does not only awaken the treasure hunter instincts but also those of every fisherman, the first who dared to dive beneath the surface... Go under and face the forces of nature ... Descendants have always been made to live on land, but curiosity is like a blade piercing the sea, reaching deeper and diving recklessly. Conquering the deep is a trophy to each and every category, be it by arcane arts, research or even through sheer mind and will! A genius mind will reward their fellowship with the treasure of the deep, and a title to hone their tinkering skill Reveal what lies beneath the depths and ... In a place without light, life is a lantern ... Time is torn, swept between the tides changed the people T̷h̷e̷ ̴H̵y̷d̶r̴a̷ ̴r̶e̶b̸o̶r̴n̵,̶ ̸d̵e̶s̷c̶e̵n̷d̸a̴n̶t̵s̸ ̴c̴r̴e̶a̴t̸i̷n̴g̷ ̴a̵ ̷n̷i̴g̶h̶t̶m̸a̴r̵e̶ ̷o̷f̸ ̸t̶h̷e̴i̶r̴ ̵o̷w̸n̸ ̸…̴ ̴I̴n̷ ̷t̷h̵e̶ ̸p̸a̷s̸t̷,̶ ̶t̷h̶e̸y̴ ̶l̵i̷v̴e̸d̸ ̶i̷n̴ ̶h̷a̵r̶m̷o̴n̶y̸,̴ ̷p̵e̷a̵c̴e̴ ̴a̵n̷d̵ ̵f̶r̷i̷e̷n̸d̷s̶h̸i̷p̶ ̸w̸e̵r̶e̵ ̶o̴f̴f̵e̶r̵e̴d̵ ̵t̵o̴ ̷a̴l̶l̵ ̷w̸h̵o̷ ̵w̶e̴l̸c̷o̸m̸e̷d̷ ̴i̴t̷.̵.̷.̴ ̸b̷u̵t̷ ̴a̵n̵ ̸a̶g̷g̷r̴e̷s̸s̶i̴v̷e̸ ̷f̵o̸r̵c̸e̷ ̸s̷w̵a̸l̶l̶o̴w̸e̵d̵ ̴t̸h̴i̶s̶ ̴a̷g̴e̸ ̶o̴f̴ ̵f̷r̴e̴e̴d̵o̷m̵ ̵…̷s̵e̴a̸l̷e̷d̸ ̶b̸y̴ ̶a̵ ̵g̷u̶a̵r̵d̶i̵a̴n̷ ̵o̴f̷ ̶i̸m̸m̷e̸n̶s̸e̸ ̶p̵o̸w̴e̵r̸.̷.̴.̶ ̶ The great unknown... Discover new life and beings who were born in the deep, pelagic flora and amphibious ocean dwellers alike. The aquatic creatures seem to exist in a miraculous cycle and are in harmony with nature and the Descendants. In the tropical area near the Wildlands many creatures live in different ways and in different planes. Even for those who are not interested in science, the ruin is a beacon of life to ocean dwellers. ...Ultimately, every descendant can just discover for themselves what is behind the horizon for them ... Already have wet feet? Spoiler! Final Boss of the Storyline! If you’re interested feel free to leave a nice RP post! Thanks!
  18. The provincial arms of Rubern. Name of Settlement: Province of Rubern Peak Times: Any time between 12PM to 10PM (EST) Population Density: The town of Rubern proper consists of a mostly human populace, with much of that human majority comprising of Highlanders, with a small community of Heartlanders and Farfolk. Brief Description: The Province of Rubern was established via a pact forged between Prince Vladrick Barbanov-Alimar and the Black Reiter Company; the latter swearing fealty to Prince Vladrick in exchange for safe harbor. Where they once served as a mercenary company of global repute, they have since become the elite household guard for the Prince of Rubern. Upon the Ruber River, they established themselves upon the ruins of Leuven, decimated in the aftermath of the War of the Two Emperors. Once a lawless and scarce land, the Prince’s retainers have transformed the territory into a land of prosperity, centered around the newly-erected and flourishing settlement of Rubern proper. The Province of Rubern has described to be a land of opportunity, inhabited by free men who share a common value - to strike out on their arm, and make their own fortune through toil and hardwork. The Province encourages all craftsmen, soldiers-for-hire, and wanderers alike to settle upon the Ruber River and set up shop. Furthermore, any and all citizens are welcome to put themselves forward as aldermen, where they may serve as representatives for their respective guilds or communities. This allows the common man a voice in governing body of the Province; the Duma. Together, under the guidance of the Prince and the Duma, the Province optimistically looks forward to the future. Key Figures and People of Assistance: The Prince and Princess-Consort His Highness, Vladrick Barbanov-Alimar, Prince of Rubern The Prince of Rubern rules the Province of Rubern, delegating tasks to various subordinates to ensure the stability, prosperity, safety, and smooth inner workings of the Town of Rubern and its outlying territories. Her Highness, Ester, Princess of Rubern Lord Chancellor Lord Simon Basrid, Lord Chancellor of Rubern The Lord Chancellor of Rubern is often referred to as the Hand of the Prince; charged with conducting diplomacy and many of the Prince’s most sensitive tasks. Lord Commander Brutus Morr, Lord Commander of Rubern The Lord Commander of Rubern maintains and commands the Black Army of Rubern. The Lord Commander or any of his subordinate captains may be contacted for any able-bodied man or woman looking to serve in His Highness’s Armed Forces. Maer Bailiff Cassian Turo, Maer-Bailiff of Rubern The Maer-Bailiff oversees much of the business transaction and inner workings of the town of Rubern proper - keeping a detailed ledger of property sales, tax, and overseeing the roster of designated stewards. The Maer-Bailiff may be contacted for any inquiries within the settlement’s walls. Stewards Edwin Brooks, Alderman and Steward Yaroslav, Stablemaster and Steward Thondor the Younger, Steward The Stewards may be contacted for any person looking to purchase property within the city, including houses, permits for stalls, and farming plots. Directions: The town of Rubern may be found at the crossroads between the metropolitan hubs of Reza, Ves, and Helena, along the River Ruber. The front gate of Rubern may be found at [X: -144, Y: -1540]
  19. (A Depiction of Humble Servants of The Creator gathering amoungst themselves peacefully) Circa, 1725, 9th of Sun’s Smile A man sits in his study, Eyes follow trails far too muddy, Lost is his mind, Forgotten when it is time, Let us look to our predecessors we’ve forgot, For we may continue on to one hundred new Empire’s, Or not, “Do not allow your Monarchs, Bureaucratic Patriarchs, and inept Dukes decide your fate, for they shalt leadeth thee into oblivion, and allow Iblee’s chaos to once again ravage our people’s GOOD hearts.” ”Look unto my eyes for I am a man created by Lord GOD, Lo’ I am the servant to whom is all powerful, I tell thee, and I tell thee.” The man hoists up his White Scepter; made of Lord GOD’s own bounty, “There’s work to be done.”
  20. [!] A few propaganda leaflets are spread throughout Vira’ker T’A SPICY EMPIRE ~The crew of the Spicy Shrimp reign supreme over Vira’ker, circa 1729!~ Our little crew o’ sailors is back in action! We’ve gone and claimed Vira’ker on a whim to show our dominance over the puny non-Spicy Shrimp folks! Our new SPICY EMPIRE shall rule the waves! In order to assert out control over Vira’ker and all the waters between her and our ship, we’re going to enact a few laws to maintain public order! NEW LAWS!: 1: All shall worship the Squid Lord Arugula in order to avoid her divine wrath! 2: In order to avoid a fine of 300,000 minas, every Spicy citizen must compliment Deek Driftwood’s feet! 3: Wearing shoes is strictly prohibited! 4: All of Vira’ker is to be DIRECTLY RULED FROM THE SPICY SHRIMP! Join the Spicy Empire today, or face the wrath of the squids! ~The lands claimed by the SPICY EMPIRE!~
  21. CATHALON RISING (or How Helton Hadrian Brought Down the Republic) 12th of Owyn’s Light, 1724 Twas the 9th of Owyn’s Light when the Seventeenth Assembly was called. Delegates from around Ves attended within the Great Hall of the Prince’s Palace, and to many, it would have simply been another normal assembly meeting. However, this would not be the case, for it would be a monumental day in the history of the assembly. Helton Hadrian arose, calling forth a quorum amongst the delegates only to realize that four seats had been left vacant from departures to the demon-hive that was Llyria. And so, like the assemblies before it, a raffle was conducted. Only six came forth, offering their honorably-acquired gains to purchase tickets. The raffle was conducted, and so four new assemblymen rose to take the place of those who abandoned the Republic. GOD bless Caleb Crider, Jayce Lancefeld, Caius Rhodes, and Robert Rovin. Only one issue was brought forth to the assembly that day, a petition - a plea - issued by the Prince Regent Helton Hadrian Helvets. He sought order. “There have been tea ceremonies in Ba'as more able in government than this worthless pit of gossip.” Simon of Bass remarking on the state of the Serene Republic of Ves, 1724. “Within the past year alone, our Republic has fallen victim to all manner of vice and debauchery. The Beets began their insurrection, decimating the defenses of our Golden City. Were that not enough, our most Serene Prince, Ide Haraccus has abandoned his post, fleeing to Llyria whilst our people were stricken with the ratman menace!” The assembly frowned - not because of the honorable Prince Regent - but instead due to the feeling of betrayal. The rowdy assemblymen who had dedicated their lives to Ves’s Military boo’d, cursing the name and the deeds of corruption. In the crowd, one could hear Assemblyman Rovin shout “Drain the Swamp!” Helton, ultimately, continued. “I ask you, of the assembly, is this what our people deserve? In the past few years he was the second Prince to abandon Ves. Are we to hold ourselves as servants to this craven and that, over and over again?” He paused for some time, allowing the assembly to digest what was being said. “I will tell you all of where I, as Prince-Procurate, have been since Ide abandoned the Republic! I was in the streets, fighting alongside the Caer Bann as the Beets sought to usurp our Republic! I fought and bled alongside the people of Ves as the ratmen besieged us from within our very walls!” Those who were patriotic boomed at this, for they knew that the Prince did not simply talk the talk but instead walked the walk. The Regent had bled for his people, more than could be said for the previous heads of state. “Praise Helvets!” could be heard from the plethora of assemblymen, with claps and unruly cheers echoing throughout the hall. “And I will tell you, my assembly, that we have won! The Beets have fled the realm, the ratmen lay broken and defeated! All while our supposed Prince has hid himself away in Llyria.” “Helvets, Helvets, Helvets!” repeated those with patriotic fervor, becoming inspired by the speech. “What I ask you now is the gravest of all favors. The PRINCE has FAILED. The REPUBLIC has FAILED. I ask you, the ASSEMBLY, to JOIN with me and reorganize Ves into THE FIRST DUCHY OF CATHALON!” Helvets exclaimed. His voice rang through the room, being heard by all. A pause was evident, for not even a rat’s squeak could be heard in the dead silence of the chamber. Helvets inhaled, concluding “For a safe and secure society…” Those present knew; as did the populace, that Helvets was correct. There was need for change, and so, the hall was called to a vote. An overwhelming majority was reached, Seven patriotic men voted in Favor of the Duchy, No one dared object, and only Three Abstained. Thus, with a Two-Thirds Majority, the motion was passed, and so, the Republic was reorganized into the Grand Duchy of Cathalon. “CATHALON INVICTA!” “I love Democracy...” said Helvets with a beautiful, elegant smile. And all bar those who slithered in grass knew from this day forward Ves would be on the incline, rather than the decline.
  22. Hello. As some of you are aware I am going to win this months contest for having most modreqs completed this month. Not only am I going to be able to change Fireheart’s forum profile picture to what I want, I will also be able to change his discord profile picture. So this thread is here so that you, the people of LotC, can voice your opinion on what you believe his profile picture should be. The most upvoted ones I will add to a poll post at the end of the month, where i WILL choose the number one voted for option for his forum profile pic. I’m leaving the discord picture to myself. Rules: The picture can’t break server rules or community guidelines so obviously nothing graphic or super crazy. Below I will include a list I have created so far of my own pictures, let me know if you like any of them. 1: Bucket Baby 2: Bath Baby 3: Unpleasant to look at baby 4: Jiggly Trump 5: Melon baby 6: Mike Stoklasa 7: Rich Evans 8: Miniature Bill Clinton 9: Luigi Meme 10: Horse Baby 11: Very high quality Fallout meme 12: Chicken Little 13: Omar Grimmer’Lak’s pocket Admin 14: Tommy Pickles Please post any suggestions you may have!!!!!!
  23. AND TO THE MIRE, HE RETURNS ___________________________________ [!] A depiction of Kaer Glythen, the Aeldinic seat of House Grimm The war between the feuding Imperial Houses of Horen and Marna has claimed many lives as of recent, and families all throughout the two imperiums now grieved for lost sons and daughters - taken all too soon in the conflict. One such family is the noble House of Grimm, its members having learned of its patriarch’s death in the most horrible of ways; The Baron’s corpse was shipped to the stone-maken walls of Reza, confined to a wooden box devoid of any means to initially identify him. Eventually, however, upon reaching hold of Lady Grimm, authorities were able to properly identify the bloodied husk as her spouse - a man who had so chivalrously lived past his prime. As the family grieved together and sorted through the late patriarch’s belongings, a piece of parchment was found. On the paper lay dozens of crossed out lines of text, all discarded before the middle of the page. In there, a handful of lines remained, writing comparable to chicken scratch, though legible nonetheless. I remember my arrival upon Atlas hazily, though some memories do not escape me. The overwhelming fear of leaving my parents, and my eldest siblings, on their lonesome in Venerra. Thankfully, I had my sister Alana by my side throughout the voyage. Tempests raged about us as we ventured further into the murky waters, our vessel soon being consumed by a grey mist -- restricting our vision for a good while. In the days following, we could make out a jagged mountain ahead; Overjoyed, Alana and I leaped into the frigid waters and gradually arrived to Haeseni shores. As we made our way into the confines of Markev, we were greeted by our cousins, Emma Ludovar and her younger sibling, Jacob. My sister took the path of Chamberlain; I, on the other hand, pursued the path my father had always desired for me - knighthood. And so life went on for me: I had four beauteous children and a supportive consort. Alas, I write this for I have spent fifty-some years alive - Death encroaches, and rapidly at that. Should you find this and I’m deceased, my sole request is to be returned to my grand-nephew, William I of Venerra, where I am to be laid in our family crypts with my father Elias, my mother Selina, and my siblings. To the mire, I return. Credit to Axelu for writing the entire thing, I’m just here for the rep.
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