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  1. The Surgeon General’s Farwell [!] A letter would be posted on the front of St. Amyas Hospital, the HRA barracks, and delivered to the Aulic Chambers To all it concerns, It pains me to write this, but I must leave my position as Surgeon General of Hanseti-Ruska. I have served this kingdom since before being a citizen and have continued through fleeing my home and finding a new one. I had worked under three Surgeon Generals prior to taking this position and each taught me something. Darinn, while flawed in his practices, taught me to be stubborn with my
  2. Clove would change the sign outside of her house back to just "Clove" now that her roommate had gotten himself killed.
  3. Positions in the Hospital of St. Amyas The Hospital of St. Amyas is in charge of keeping all citizens of Hanseti-Ruska alive and healthy through the practice of medicine. In times of peace the hospital acts to keep the citizens healthy and in times of war or other such conflicts, the hospital aids the Haeseni Royal Army as Field doctors and Combat medics. Surgeon General: The Surgeon General is the practitioner in charge of the hospital and all of the medics in both the hospital staff and the HRA. They are in charge of training apprentices, givin
  4. Anna d'Arkent just smiles at the invite "About time Elisa. I was wondering when you two would get around to finally getting married."
  5. Hospital of St. Amyas Code of Conduct As of the 5th of The Amber Cold, Year 23 of the Second Age As of Msitza and Dargund, 372 E.S. On Medical Personnel: Surgeon General: The head medic of the hospital and in charge of everything relating to health and recovery of all citizens and allies of Hanseti-Ruska. This includes: running and maintaining the hospital, educating all apprentices and practitioners in the ways of medicine, and assisting in HRA operations as either a combat medic or a field doctor. Assistant Surgeon General:
  6. Dr. Aestenia Aevaris had just moved Jackson's now lifeless body from the general morgue to the specific storage until she can track down his remaining family. All the while she kept thinking how she failed him. Her mentors had warned you never forget a patient you failed to save, and this one would always stay with her. "Maybe there is an afterlife where you're happy. Van'ayla llir"
  7. Charlotte Baruch waits outside of Valstadt as another familiar face comes to join her. "You're here sooner than I thought, but I'm glad you made it safe sister..." She holds out her arms, pipe in hand, to welcome her sister home. Dr. Aestenia Aevaris would walk out of the palace and back to her clinic, another stripe of white joining her hair as she loses yet another friend before her.
  8. Baruch et al. z. Surgeon General Response from the Surgeon General To the Jovenaars and Office of the Jusiticar , I write to you regarding the recent Summons of Baruch et al. z. Surgeon General and urge this claim to be dismissed outright out of both respect for sound legal practice and dignity of the Hospital of Saint Amayas. On Cremation: The Hospital operates the same policy for body collections in all cases. They are preserved for several months after initial autopsy, after which it is the obligation of the respective family to collect the bod
  9. Mariya had gone to Heinrik’s office after making her rounds at the spring festival her cousins had planned. She dropped off Sigismund and Petra’s favorite toys for Heinrik’s next round of watching their children when the ever familiar feeling of dread had crossed her. “Proper penance, left unpaid… A blood toll, to be paid thricefold.” She knew that voice. It still haunted her from when she was a small child. Her and Heinrik had gone to the basilica to investigate and the hound spoke using her body. It drove her to be a coward and leave her two closest friends, Marie and
  10. Charlotte Baruch sits at the docks of Valstadt, fishing for dinner with a pipe in her mouth when a familiar face appears coming down the dock. She turns to him "My love, you made it. Come join me. Gotta light?"
  11. Dr. Aevaris looks over the letter and thinks of the llir that sent it "I whole heartilly accept Tara. We will use these donations to continue running at a better standard." The surgeon general would pin the letter in her office as she continues working on the paperwork.
  12. Dr. Aevaris would look over the study the young princess had originally come to her with. "A job well done dearie, now you see what you're getting yourself into when you follow our path." Koenas Mariya smiles at the report in her office "So this is what you've been cooped up with Kat.."
  13. Koenas Mariya sits in their shared room, watching over her two newborn children, as she watches her husband embark on this walk "I hope this brings him some sort of peace..."
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