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  1. Mariya had gone to Heinrik’s office after making her rounds at the spring festival her cousins had planned. She dropped off Sigismund and Petra’s favorite toys for Heinrik’s next round of watching their children when the ever familiar feeling of dread had crossed her. “Proper penance, left unpaid… A blood toll, to be paid thricefold.” She knew that voice. It still haunted her from when she was a small child. Her and Heinrik had gone to the basilica to investigate and the hound spoke using her body. It drove her to be a coward and leave her two closest friends, Marie and
  2. Charlotte Baruch sits at the docks of Valstadt, fishing for dinner with a pipe in her mouth when a familiar face appears coming down the dock. She turns to him "My love, you made it. Come join me. Gotta light?"
  3. Dr. Aevaris looks over the letter and thinks of the llir that sent it "I whole heartilly accept Tara. We will use these donations to continue running at a better standard." The surgeon general would pin the letter in her office as she continues working on the paperwork.
  4. Dr. Aevaris would look over the study the young princess had originally come to her with. "A job well done dearie, now you see what you're getting yourself into when you follow our path." Koenas Mariya smiles at the report in her office "So this is what you've been cooped up with Kat.."
  5. Koenas Mariya sits in their shared room, watching over her two newborn children, as she watches her husband embark on this walk "I hope this brings him some sort of peace..."
  6. Celebration on the Lake Wzuvar and Byvca 367 E.S. Extending an invitation to the fine men, women and children of Hanseti-Ruska, Her Majesty, Koenas Mariya sees it fit that during such times of heartache and gloom, that the strong people of this realm come together to show one's strong-mindedness. While the frontline of Haense is occupied by that of Troll-ridden warfare, at home, has the first child of His Majesty, and Her Majesty, been born. Godan bless Petra Emma! So this fete must be held, in celebration of the newborn and in prayer that this war might come to an end.
  7. Koenas Mariya just sighs as she looks upon the latest slander. "If anyone else continues to insinuate my husband is being unfaithful to me, let's just say my pen is just as mighty as my blade."
  8. Koenas Mariya just sighs as she feeds the page to her wooden owlcat to shred. "Oh if you truly knew what happened." She merely goes on her way, still armed to the teeth as she walks around.
  9. TWENTY-FIFTH YEAR OF HAESENI INDEPENDENCE CELEBRATION Ea byk zwem zanyotsk ter ea byk denpetravesk The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska would like to extend an invitation to all the members of the Iron Accord and their citizens, The Silver State of Haelun’or and its citizens, and the City State of Yong Ping and its citizens to come celebrate the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Independence from the Holy Orenian Empire. The year will be packed with a fair, tavern events, mass, a tournament, and a ball to celebrate. Events: Court and petitions to Kin
  10. Charlotte Baruch had finally gathered enough energy to leave Valwyck. Her years of battling her lungs had drained her to the point where she looked more like a child than a grown married woman with four children. Having grown tired of her temporary room in Valwyck, she headed into Karosgrad. Her family had been around the square when she finally walked over, loathing the fact she had to use a cane to get around when her children or husband weren't there. After speaking with them for awhile standing, the group had managed to sit at a table in front of the tavern. Her son Ruslan was challenging
  11. Koenas Mariya sighs as she tosses another missive into her fire place. "You would think something else would enrapture the court, but at least I was left out of it."
  12. Koenas Mariya follows her mother-in-law's actions in tossing the slander sheet into the fireplace in her office. "Shame they had to resort to such lies just to get their paper talked about." She sits back in her office, readying for the influx.
  13. [!] A missive would be posted outside of the Grand Lady's office and the office of the Aulic Envoy To all it concerns, I, Charlotte Baruch, here by reliquish my roles of Grand Lady of Haeseti-Ruska, Jurovare, and Deputy Aulic Ambassador to the Silver State of Haelun'or as of the 5th of Tov and Yermey, 362 E.S. on the account of my failing health. I am thankful for the opportunities given to me to serve the kingdom and I wish all the best to all my cohorts within these branches as I officially retire. All the best,
  14. CORONATION IN KAROSGRAD Korinask iv Karosgrad Tov ag Yermey 362 E.S. The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska invites its citizens and Iron Accord Allies to celebrate the coronation of His Royal Majesty, Koeng Heinrik II and his wife, Koenas Mariya of Aurveldt. Succeeding the ceremony in the Basilica of Saint Henrik, the Royal couple extends an invitation to the Nikirala Prikaz where a resplendent feast will ensue. There, the Koeng and Koenas shall stand to deliver their address to the populace. Later in the evening the gaiety shall proceed into the ballroom wher
  15. ROYAL WEDDING OF 362 E.S. [!] Mariya paces about her room, Katerina and Marie with her, as maids try to finish her dress. The pair were chatting about the upcoming ceremony, but all Mariya could think about what was coming up, worrying about everything. The maids managed to stop her long enough to finish the last fittings before a Courier came knocking at her door. She looks down at the invitation, all finalized and ready to be shipped off, before handing it off. She sighs and gets out of her dress, the last time she’d see it before she was to be
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