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  1. Anna d'Arkent had left Caspian's side to go handle somethings from her past, when she got back she collapsed. It wasn't long that they had moved from the townhouse they had shared for the majority of their marriage into Sunholdt, but when he started to decline, she knew what was coming. She wasn't ready to lose the love of her life. Not when she wanted to introduce him still to those she cared about. There is very little solace for her. "Caspian d'Arkent, the finest man in the ISA." Kelhus had boasted that loudly when Anna had asked to be introduced to him. Sure enough he was right. She fell in love when she didn't think it possible and he loved her even when she didn't think she was worthy of it. Now her heart is broken once more. Only this time she won't have his kind smile, his jokes about her height and temper, and most of all: she won't have him by her side any more. And that's what did it. "Please Love, be safe. Or else I'm not forgiving you for leaving me so soon... Save me a dance for when I join you." She whispered this prayer as she looked up to the sky. He was right: the world was niet fair.
  2. Charlotte was sitting, smoking her pipe when Ingrid walked in. It had been some time since Sosina had come to join her in the Seven Skies, but she couldn't help but break into a smile upon seeing Ingrid. "Well done my dear, come join me. We have a lot of catching up to do." A voice in the wind spoke "Tell Ingrid I love her." It floated past Reinmar and hopefully up to Ingrid in the Seven Skies.
  3. Dr. Aestenia Aevaris had spent her years away from Surgeon General reflecting on what brought her to her current position. She was safe for the most part. She doesn’t leave the manor often as she used to nor does she have a reason to. Her husband of over sixty years still came home even as she fretted each day he put on his armor to defend their new home. Her eldest, the twins who were now full adults, were out experiencing the world without their over-worrying haelun looking over them. The younger two had kept to the manor and the surrounding wilderness, which helped her some, but she knew eventually they will want to learn more, just as she had. But for now, they were safe. There was something eating at her, and it started when they had left the Silver State. Left is a loose term, they fled before they would inevitably face the same punishment that all who spoke out against the Diarchy. When she was younger, she had just returned to the Silver State when the republic had just been founded but the shadows of the diarchy still loomed over them. The Sillumir were still feared for being the nameless, faceless blade wielded by the government. But that changed as the Republic caught its stride. Aestenia still longs for the glory days of the Republic, when all else was simpler. Granted there was the looming threat of Inferni and the Pact of the Titan* was still in effect, but there was a sort of peace within the city. She was just the bar keep, married to a Sillumir, with two small oem’iian of her own and two wards under their care. Their dream had always been to achieve the coveted title of a Talonni, and by the end of the Republic they were close, even attended a meeting that put them in the running for it, but then the world they had known went up in flames (quite literally as their home on the mountain was swallowed in lava). Even as the Republic wound down as they had resettled on Almaris, there was still a comfort that was held. There was no reason to see outside of the white walls that guarded the city, just on the rare occasion to visit dear friends, much like how now, there is no reason to leave her home. Upon the Diarchy’s rise to power yet again, Aestenia knew it was time to flee her home. She had never been the one to keep quiet about things she thinks is wrong, despite the trouble it caused her and her family. But when it came down to it, she turned to her husband and they packed away the manor they had so longed for, and moved to Haense, where she had friends that could help. There Aevaris’ fell into a normal step with the other citizens, keeping their head down out of fear of being hunted. But then they rose, Surgeon General before her stepping down and Lieutenant for him. They got their new manor out away from the city, but the fear was still there, especially when it became clear something was brewing. The first waves started to hit when the extradition clause was added to the treaty between Haense and the Silver State. Her youngest had been born in Karosgrad and she was not about to let him get taken back there, so he was hidden for the first ten years of his life. Even then, out of the four oem’iian she had, she made sure to have him never say where he was born. It was one thing to be an ‘aheral living outside of the city, but to be an ‘aheral born outside of the city was something else altogether. Even as things had calmed down, an uneasy peace settled across the city, she still couldn’t help but fall back into the practice of looking over her shoulder. She had to watch one of her own kind be tortured as she was asked, well ordered would be better suited here, to keep him alive. She left as the soldier said he was going to cut his ears off. All at once she was that young trusting bar keep when the White Rose had terrorized Mali all over the realm. She would not stand to watch such barbarity. It was then she had realized what had happened. Over the course of living amongst the vallah she thought she cared for, that care was starting to run dry. Most of her friends that she had moved to Haense to be with and to help her family with the transition were now dead or getting close to dying. Really it was just the oem’iian she came to see as her own that were left, but she wasn’t ready to start dealing with their deaths. Especially after the first one. “I think it’s time we rest dear, we’ve done enough for this century. Maybe in a century we’ll be back around.” She sighs from their shared office. Ellisar had once again been working on some design as she looked up from her desk, the ever present un-tipable ink well he had gifted her while they were courting was almost empty from putting almost everything to paper. “I’d like that. We’ve been wanting to become farmers anyways.” She smiled. For once they wouldn’t be in harm's way. No inferni, mages, or lizard people to fight with. No trolls or soup demons coming through to destroy everything. No bars to tend or patrols to go on. They were finally just Aestenia and Ellisar, retired to Siollin for the time being. But don’t worry, should anything happen, they will raise their weapons and medical tools to lend a hand. [!] There would be a few letters below, only for those that the letter is meant for OOC: I’ve had Aestenia for over a year now and now speaking with Johnny (who’s had Ellisar for nearly the same time), we’ve come to the realization that they’ve hit their peak for now. Don’t worry, Aestenia and Ellisar will still be around, they’re both just shelved for the time being as we focus on other things.
  4. Anna d'Arkent had just gotten back from yet another trip when she was made aware of what happened. "Please Godan, keep them safe as they take the break that is so desperately needed. Please let them enjoy the peace and quiet, and live long, happy lives..." She prays upon her entry, hoping it reaches them.
  5. Anna d'Arkent sunk into her couch once she read the news. A long time friend, mentor, and paternal figure had gone to the seven skies. A few tears did spring forward, but more it was what she muttered to herself "Please, please be okay. I will miss you greatly and you shall be the last. I think perhaps it is time..." She would wait of course, until she was a little better mentally, but eventually it would happen, she just wished Alfred could've seen it.
  6. Dr. Aestenia Aevaris had gotten a letter, keeping to her home as she had after leaving Surgeon General, and her face fell. Yet another reason to keep going into the city just left. "Just promise me you will stay safe my dear."
  7. Anna d'Arkent sprinted when she heard the scream. Upon seeing the blood, she slumped down against the wall. She remembered the first time she met Elisa, at their own season now so long ago. At first Anna just wanted her to feel safe with all the attention she was getting as Ruby, but as the pair grew into friends, she found a younger sister she loves as much as her own family. "Please let her be happy, please let her find her way home..." Anna prays as she leans against the wall opposite to the room where she found the blood.
  8. Legal Name of Applicant: Anna Marie d’Arkent nee Asul’onn and Sir Caspian d’Arkent Demonstration of Service (5 Years): Anna has served for 14 years as the Ambassador for the Holy Orenian Empire to the Jade State of Yong Ping and currently holds the position of Majordomo of the Augustine Palace. Sir Caspian served in the ISA, rising to the rank of Captain and being knighted in the Order of the Lion, for 23 years before retiring and continues to serve as the Ambassador to Elvenesse as he has for the last 17 years. Location of Establishment: The plot circled in black is where we intend to build. Building Portfolio: ((Shmeep is the one that did a lot of the South Petra fields and the build would be along those lines)) Personal Appeal (Optional): We hope to be able to build a farm and to have a place for our children to be able to return home to that is quiet enough to potentially raise children of their own but it is still close enough to Providence and to family within the empire. Discord Information (OOC): Maevelin#1083 and Shmeepicus#4701
  9. Anna d'Arkent smiles seeing her eldest amongst the debutantes though mentally starts preparing for the inevitable chaos the season causes especially now as majordomo.
  10. Dr. Aestenia Aevaris had just retired her white mourning clothes when the notice came through. She had only recently started to call him Cedric, not wanting to get close to another valah doomed to die before her, but she did and with each new streak in her hair her heart broke just that much more. "Housemage Barclay, you better be fine up there, especially with the rest of your family, or so help me Larihei I will personally make you smell bad.." She tries to joke, one shared over the countless times she had to heal him, but it just fell hollow like missing a friend to share the joke with.
  11. Anna d'Arkent was at home, reviewing her last reports to the Jade State. Yong Ping and it's prior iteration of Tai Ping has long since been a second home to her. And one woman always stood at the center of it. Li Xiuying has come to be a close friend and confident of Anna's, and she lets out a small, sad sigh at the missive delivered to her. "My friend, you have done more than enough and then some. On my next visit, I will buy the first round of tea given we both can finally enjoy it as friends." She smiles a little bit at that thought. Her friend will be free to enjoy the simple things of life now, and Anna plans on helping her friend as much as she possibly can.
  12. Doctor Aestenia Aevaris was at her manor out in the Attenlund when the letter arrived. Larihei's grace, she wasn't ready for the context. She collapsed on the floor, tears streaming from her face. She remembered little Revas, the same age as her own dear twins, running about New Reza, usually chasing someone or running from some sort of trouble. Before her eyes, she had become her right hand. She had become like another child, Aestenia did have that habit of adopting children that weren't her own, and she had hoped that Revas would continue to grow and be there for her own darling little one. But just like another dear daughter, she was cut short. As another stripe of white hair joined the others, right near Marie's strip, but this one hurt unlike the others. This would be the first mali she had in her life that she would have to watch be buried before her. And that's what haunted her the most. Anna d'Arkent froze when she received the news. She had decided to go to where her adoptive mother was for a visit when she got the notice. "I'm sorry dear sister, please rest easy now." There was much that was left unsaid, perhaps when Anna built up the courage to do so, she will visit Revas' grave with a bottle of alcohol. Aela Asul'onn was in the forest. She saw the letter with the flask and coat, and she ran. She ran to the place where she felt most at home. She screamed and cried. How could this happen to her older sister. How could this happen to the one that was supposed to start her training along with everyone else. Who was supposed to be there when she picked up the family profession. She sat still, and she prayed. She prayed that her sister was happy and that somehow this message will get through: "Lari'onn, Please be okay. I miss you but I want you to be happy. I'll pick up where you left off. Your lari'onn, ~Aela"
  13. Charlotte Baruch had spent most of her time since her own passing catching up with family long since passed. Being surrounded by family and friends she had lost along the way, she realized the final piece save her children had just showed up. Ro had shown up and Charlotte stood, pipe ever present in her hand "So you're done causing drama then? Welcome home Sister, try not to mess up anything here okay?" She jokes as she holds out her arms, welcoming her sister home for the final time.
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