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  1. Chen Linli was most likely the one for telling her not to curse...
  2. Marah al-Hattan would be overjoyed for the happy couple. Especially happy that her niece had not only found her home once more, but found the happiness and peace she deserved. She knew her sister and brother in-law were proudly watching from paradise.
  3. Once she had helped her siblings to safety, Chen Linli quickly sprung to action, tending to wounded. The clinic was packed full, a variety of injuries. The small team of medics left worked tirelessly to provide care and comfort for those hurt, on dwindling supplies. A medical supply run was desperately needed..
  4. TIME TO PLAY RETAKE ON SITE BOI'S! Someone push CT, someone push heaven! I'll flank long!! (but seriously, excited about this event!)
  5. The Oasis Palms A beautiful view of the Oasis Palms. A beautiful couple sharing an intimate moment in the restaurant. -=-=- Want to take your romantic partner out on a date and have nowhere to go? Well, then I suggest The Oasis Palms as your destination! -=-=- Visit the most beatiful romantic restaurant, surrounded by miniature-sized palm trees, a bustling city, and incredible landscape. We serve the best meals, a gathering of many delicious delicacies from across Almaris, featuring local Qalasheen specials! -=-=- In addition to the incredible restaurant, The Oasis Palms houses a gift shop where you can purchase sweet romantic scented candles with a variety of flavors, perfumes, rose bouquets, rose petals, and many more to spice up your romantic life! -=-=-
  6. THE RISE OF THE FALCON Shifting sands in the Kharasi Desert… From the barren deserts would rise a glorious falcon, soaring over the shifting sands. Qamar Ibn Zayd al-Nabeel rose to leadership, succeeding the fallen Emir, Azzam bin Hakim al-Hattan (Azzam the Misunderstood). As he took leadership, a new era grace the lush Oasis. A renewed prosperity settled into the beautiful city: families growing, reunification, and the reestablishment of businesses and trade. -=-=-=- Those who had watched the fall and rise of the Fakhr Oasis would smile, praising Allah for his continued protection and blessings. They would remember those that had been lost, honoring their memory as they continued to press forward, following Qamar’s vision. -=-=-=- As Qamar took his leadership, he called out to the entirety of the Oasis “What is coming is better than what has gone. The future is bright, In Shaa Allah!” -=-=-=-
  7. News would reach the Fakhr Oasis, the passing of a dear friend. Marah al-Hattan would mourn the loss of Daibhidh, sending her condolences to Dunrath, and the Clan Sutherlainn. She would gather her family, whispering a quiet prayer together for her dear friend. She spent the following days remembering their beautiful conversations, times spent baking, and adventures with old friends. -=- As Chen Linli recieved the news, she would send her condolences to Dunrath, and her dear friend Sionag. While she didn't know Daibhidh well, she remembered how Sionag admired him. A letter would reach her dear friend, expressing her sympathy and condolences. Linli sat out the bottles Sionag had sold her when they were little on her desk to remember her dear friend.
  8. Marah al-Hattan would remember her brother fondly. She would cherish the 41 years she got to share with him, through thick and thin. From catching him from a tree, to watching him bravely lead their people, she would always be proud to be his sister. She held her children closer that day, whispering quiet prayers for her brother, who had risen to Jannah, In Shaa Allah
  9. Chen Linli was incredibly proud of her family, and the work they had put forth to serve the city. She was excited for further opportunities to serve Yong Ping, as well as help her mother plan the various celebratory events.
  10. Chen Linli was very proud of her little brother, incredibly impressed by his scribbles.
  11. Chen Linli was proud of her little sister <3
  12. Chen Linli happily voted in the mayoral election, as this was the first she was eligible for. She was incredibly proud of a certain candidate, though she believed each of the candidates would serve the city well.
  13. Marah Al-Hattan sighed, passing out Shawarma's in the locker room as she listened to her husband's (Head Coach Murad) inspirational speech. She shed a tear, cheering along with the team as he finished. Marah went back to work, doing whatever she could to support the team for the grand finale. Shawarmas left and right, mamoul as far as the eye can see, everything you could imagine for our bois in the dunes. She had full faith in THE Dunes.
  14. Marah al-Hattan would have been carrying her twins to the bakery when she found her sister's note. As she read, tears formed in her eyes. She held her boys close, taking them home as she went to find her father. As she shared the note with him, she quietly reminisced of meeting her sister as a young girl, sneaking cookies to her, teaching her to bake, all of their pranks, and their quiet moments together. She took her father's hand, giving it a small squeeze, the symbol of their sisterly devotion, before returning to her own family. While she was heartbroken at the news, she was proud. After years of witnessing her poor sister endure hardship after hardship, Marah understood the call to leave what seemed like a cursed land. She would desperately miss her dear sister and niece, and would continue to pray for their safety every day, until they met again in paradise. Marah held all of her children closer that day.
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