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  1. Marah Al-Hattan would have all of Zaina's fav cookies ready in a very generic basket. She'd welcome her cousin with open arms in Jannah <3
  2. Limei would remain with her family, caring for them in their grief, honoring Ren in her own. She'd cherish the tea set, promising to always remember that there is no lotus without mud first.
  3. [!] Cookie The Chicken, the 17th, mourned for 3 weeks straight.
  4. Always gotta have Laufey...also magnolia was linli's vibe As Chen Linli's vision began to fade, her thoughts rested on her family. The incredible life they'd given her, despite her undeserving status. As memories rushed back to her of her time in the Jade State, Talon's, Norland, all of it became quite overwhelming in the best way. Quiet moments in the teahouse with Ren and Meixing, reading with her mothers and siblings, walks in the forest with her children, or a quiet cup of tea with her beloved aunt. Regardless of the heartbreak that marked most of her life, Linli truly passed at peace, grateful for the life she got to live. Her last sight was her sister, passing in Liu's arms. OOC: Peace out Linli, and LOTC....until there's a wedding to crash @Amethyst_Starry
  5. Tiger your contributions to the community are always so helpful! This was an amazing read, and would have been so helpful when i first started LOTC. Also we love characters that make us cry.
  6. In the deserts surrounding Balian, a young prince whispered a quiet dua upon hearing of the death of Diana. She was always nice at the weddings he crashed. "Inshallah you are happy now, habibti." With that, the little prince would travel to Balian to honor her memory. -- And in the seven skies, after waiting in a line to greet Diana, Marah al-Hattan would hug her dear friend once more. After decades, the two old friends could finally have tea in peace.
  7. Somewhere, a little pirate raised a glass to the old lady who gave good hugs <3 RIP GRANDMA <3
  8. Chen Linli would read the missive, grateful that her uncle was finally able to air the grievances against their family. She'd say a special prayer to the ancestors at their shrine that day, before going about her normal routines with the teahouse.
  9. Daliah al-Hattan would begin assembling various goods and wares for the caravans, assisting her father and wife wherever she could! PRINCE ALI, and his nomadic family would catch wind of these caravans. Seeing this as a great opportunity to continue their nomadic patterns, they packed up, heading towards the Village of Saqr. As PRINCE ALI rode atop his baby camel, he sang his theme song to himself, excited to join a proper caravan :)
  10. Thank you for all you've done!! And bigggg congrats Rilath! Definitely well deserved!!
  11. Daliah al-Hattan would have been on one of her usual walks when she would discover the scene at the edge of the mountain. She'd rush, seeing her dear friend in Bubba, her precious cousin Qadir, and the noble Safar. As the devastating realization hit her, she'd simply break down. After the initial shock set in, she'd eventually notice the rings tied to Safar's saddle. As she carefully took the two, the metaphorical dagger plunged deeper into her heart. The history behind these rings, and their now solemn meaning. She'd whisper "Fatimah, I am what you made me", before falling to the ground in tears and prayers. Daliah would carefully wrap the rings up in a soft cloth, before calling for her family to help give the three a proper burial. She'd then retreat to the desert for 3 days to fast and mourn, alone. While grief itself has a gravity, the heartbreak of never reconciling with her beloved aunt would always haunt her. Four souls passed on to Jannah, though Daliah's would be pulled further down.
  12. Chen Linli would light a candle in honor of Nisreen, and the loss of a friend. Linli remembered hearing about Pyrin from Nisreen all those years ago.
  13. Daliah al-Hattan whispered a quiet dua for Naric and Arwa as she learned of their passing. "Two of the greatest of us all" She, along with Nura, would travel into the desert for three days as they mourned their passing. As Arwa reached Jannah, she would be welcomed by Marah, her older sister, who was forever proud of Arwa's kindness, compassion, and persistence.
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