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  1. Daliah al-Hattan whispered a quiet dua for Naric and Arwa as she learned of their passing. "Two of the greatest of us all" She, along with Nura, would travel into the desert for three days as they mourned their passing. As Arwa reached Jannah, she would be welcomed by Marah, her older sister, who was forever proud of Arwa's kindness, compassion, and persistence.
  2. Prince Ali would send Shawarma to the party as he saw an invitation! His baby camel would probs show up as well <3
  3. Soooo excited to see what's to come....as long as there's a solid desert <3 Habibi vibes always
  4. With the move to Talons, a new chapter in their lives had begun. While the destruction of Yong Ping was utterly heartbreaking, the move had been somewhat refreshing. Chen Linli would hold her daughter and sister close, hopeful for a brighter future for them. ( @Generi @carebear)
  5. IGN: Discojazz Discord: jazzie#3925 Skin: How Bad Could I Be Bid: 150
  6. Chen Linli received the invitation joyfully as she held her daughter "Look Suki! We have a wedding to go to". As she reminisced about growing up alongside Nisreen, she grew more and more excited for her bestie's wedding <3
  7. Marah leaned over to her daughter, while enjoying paradise in the skies as she whispered. "I knew that snake was right...we were cursed" Good thing she was dead and didn't have to be cursed anymore :,)
  8. While on one of her many trips into the desert with her cousin and mentor, Fatimah ( @Heart_Spam), she would see the signs of an imposing sandstorm. While the two would quickly find shelter, they would quickly be isolated from their families out in the desert. Sheltering away, continuing to survive, Daliah would find a way back to their home one way or another...
  9. Chen Linli was very proud of big bro Kin's expansion. Perhaps it was time for another tattoo?
  10. nah nah nah, this just helps my character's constant mental breakdowns now! no more medic rp :,)
  11. Absolutely 100% based. This take cured my mental breakdown o7
  12. Habibi!! Such a great post!! Ramadan Mubarak Habibi's!!
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