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  1. Grand Queen Avilia Frostbeard would stare at her copy of her king's response as she smiles, but also feeling saddened that war may happen once more, "Ah 'ope t'ey will get ter t'eir senses t'ese Norlanders, t'ey beh stupid ter mess wit' us dweds loike t'at." She says with a chuckle, smiling to herself while thinking of what she will do today.
  2. so first there will be a Grand Wedding at dwarf place 5 PM GMT, then this at 6:30 PM GMT :D
  3. +1, cause you good at helping
  4. +1 because of the joke
  5. "Bat'e in t'e blood o' our enemies," whispers a female dwarf in the shadows of her room.
  6. Are you forgetting that there are GMT players playing on your server as well? 5-6 pm EST would be like 11 pm to 12 am for us... Which some of us can't do because of strict parents or other stuff happening...
  7. Minecraft Name: MissToni Roleplay Name: Avilia Frostbeard Roleplay Age: 52 Timezone: GMT/UTC + 1h Role within the Frostbeards ( Son/Relative to whom? Send me a PM If you need help!): Daughter of Kerwyr Frostbeard Teamspeak/Skype: tonoerk
  8. I think that is the point, cause the rarity of these wolves would probably be like frost witches.
  9. Not every wolf is the same... read the lore that is written to this thread, boi...
  10. so are elves, dwarves, humans, orcs etc...
  11. I don't think it is a lore submission yet, he just wants feedback on what ppl think so far
  12. maybe some group of druids believed they would be more true with nature, blah blah blah, and then created this so called 'wolf kin' idk, maybe the guy who wrote this has an explanation to this.
  13. they wanted to give the gift to other races as well? who knows xD
  14. Werewolves aren't just called werewolves... they were called wolf kin, wolf man, lycanthropes and so on... but yes, the most common, or the ones we usually use are werewolf