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  1. MissToni

    Looking For Work

    *A raven would return with a letter to Alanna. The writing having clearly been done by a well educated noblewoman.* "Dear Lady Silverblade, I would like to offer you work at the palace of Haense as our baker or chef. The pay will be a weakly sum of 300 minas with a bonus sum of 50 minas if you have done well. The job also comes with the perks of a room for you to live in the palace along with keys to the palace. If you are interested send a bird of a time we can meet to hold an interview." Signed, Her ladyship and Royal Chamberlain of Haense, Helena vas Ruthern.
  2. MissToni

    [Feedback] I hate the forums

    Preach, cause I can format on google docs and it looks fine there but not on the forums... cause I got no clue how you do it on the forums...
  3. MissToni

    Poor Leadership

    If that is the full screenshot of the convo... Then where is Max's message to you huh? Show me that, Chorale... Cause I forgave you for all those things that happened in de Savin chat... But now if I'm starting to feel unsure... Show us Max's message from your screenshot Chorale, do it...
  4. MissToni

    Open for commissions on skins and art

    My commission slots are open for those that want to reserve one. The three first people to state reserved will be written on the list and contacted first, the rest will have to wait. (if anyone even wants any of my commissions that is...) 1 - 2 - 3 -
  5. MissToni

    The Markev Carnival

    The Markev Carnival 2nd of Sun’s Smile, 1671 Posters ripe with delightful news are strung up amidst the varying citadels of Atlas, with its prevalent focus upon the red city. “The Red City invites all its citizens, allies and neutral people of Atlas to a carnival that is to be hosted in 6 saint’s days. For we all wish to celebrate the long lasting peace here in Haense. We wish to see you all dressed up for the occasion seeing as there will be no certain theme for this event. So come dressed as someone of the past that you admire or maybe even your favourite plant. During this carnival there will be a feast held inside the palace halls. Food and drinks will all be served for free. During the feast there will also be a drinking competition to see which man will be the last standing. A small pouch of 150 minas will be given to the winner. No dwarves allowed to participate during this to make sure it is fair for all. There will be a market opened for this carnival where merchants can sell their best clothing, jewellery, gems, weapons and many more. Though there will only be one stand for each thing. Meaning only 1 jewellery stand etcetera etcetera. So be quick in sending a bird to her ladyship Helena vas Ruthern or miss Octavia Grimaldi if you are a merchant and wish for a stand for 50 minas that lasts a day. At the end of the carnival a vote will be held on the best costume to those that has written themselves up to take part in this. The winner will get a small pouch of 200 minas. We hope to see you there.” Signed, Her ladyship and Royal Chamberlain of Haense, Helena vas Ruthern Steward of Haense and Royal Secretary, Octavia Grimaldi OOC: The carnival will be held Saturday, 14th July. This event will start 1 pm est. The feast will be at 2 pm est. The drinking competition will be at 2:30 pm est. The vote on the best costume will be at 4 pm est Then once all of that is done the carnival will be over. If you wish to participate in one of the contests then pm me either here on the forums or on discord. MissToni#0760 Wish to have a merchant stand for the carnival day, then contact either me in pms or Ysabelet. Her discord is : tilly #9109 Written by MissToni and formatted by @Tsuyose
  6. MissToni

    [Denied] Nafari's Application Team Application

    Nafari is a great person +1
  7. Sandey always brings great roleplay and is sweet, caring and kind. He treats his friends like one would expect friends to do and is always open for criticism. He works well with other people and is okay with things not always going his way. I believe Sandey would be a great asset for this team. +1
  8. MissToni

    Open for commissions on skins and art

  9. MissToni

    Open for commissions on skins and art

    You'll have your skins once I'm done with ponder's art. ^w^Thank you all for choosing me to do your art and skins ❤️
  10. MissToni

    Open for commissions on skins and art

    Message me on discord... Lotc won't let me upload more than one pic per post for some reason... So I'm having trouble with that...
  11. Hi, so I need more money on my paypal because there is this thing that I want to buy really badly to fulfill my artist desires. Buuut I obviously need money for that. Which is why I wish to make skins and some character art for those that want that instead. I only take paypal guys! The prices for one skin will usually stay at 3.5 usd per skin, though if the you feel like the skin I made for you is worth more then you can pay more. References: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/_misstoni_/submissions/?morder=order_latest The prices on my art is as following: Bust: 5 usd Half Body: 7 usd Full Body: 10 usd Colouring: +2 usd For colouring you can choose between normal colours or watercolours. By the way my art is done traditionally, not digitally so small mistakes on colouring can happen. My discord is @MissToni#0760 so feel free to message me there to see the references on my art. Once I've been able to gain the amount I want for the certain thing that I wish to buy I'll start taking minas for skins and art again. P.S: Rude and unnecessary comments in any form will be deleted. This is not a roleplay post so no roleplay either. Cheers!
  12. MissToni

    [Pending]HurferDurfer's Event Team Actor application

    I actually understood why you were upset, but that doesn't give you the right to act like a child and throw insults after insults instead of talking it out like grown men. So no, your "excuse" for being toxic is and won't be accepted. There are other ways to deal with things than to throw a tantrum and send out insults after insults towards someone who wasn't insulting you back. So my -1 still stands.
  13. MissToni

    New Dance of Furs

    New Dance of Furs A new poster would be hung up at the streets of Markev, it would read the following: “I wish to inform all citizens of Haense that a new dance of furs will be hosted in five saint’s days to be replaced for the one that was crashed by Renatians. The plans will be the exact same as the one that had been planned before. Information can be read on the last poster I made about this. I hope you will be there and be aware that this time you will be safe, for more defences are being made to ensure your safety.” Signed, Helena vas Ruthern. The other poster could be seen hanging under the new one: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/173831-the-dance-of-furs/ OOC: This event will be hosted Saturday June 30th, at 2 pm est. Written by MissToni and formatted by @Tsuyose
  14. MissToni

    [Pending]HurferDurfer's Event Team Actor application

    You got very toxic towards another player out of character when things didn't go your way in roleplay 2 days ago. Insulting him over and over when he didn't say anything that was toxic back to you and tried to calmly explain to you why what happened irp happened. But instead you refused to listen and kept on insulting him even after you had been told to stop. You are not someone I want on the event team until you can change your attitude and work on it. -1
  15. MissToni

    [Denied]bblackish's Game Moderator Application

    I don't think bblackish is ready to become a GM. Many people have had problems with her being toxic and manipulative. I also think that at the moment she is too childish in the way that everything has to be about her from things that I myself have seen and heard. Bblackish I think you have a lot to fix on before you can get a position of such high power, you just gotta work on fixing the way you react to things and you will go a long way. So until then... -1