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  1. The End of a Bull Ileana had always been a fighter, always gotten back up whenever she was beaten down, so why was she unable to now? She did not know the answer to her question, it almost felt like a punishment of her having been born a woman. After all, had she not she would never have had to bear children. And it was her last child that caused her body to break. She had not wanted that child, but she had felt a sense of duty to bear this son for her husband. He wanted one more Vilac and she thought she could bear one more child just fine after the rest had gone well after her firstborn. And she gave birth to another son, but it cost her everything. The doctor gazed at her with a grim look, she knew what such meant, no happy news to graze her ears. “Vyr body is getting worse, Baroness. Ea don’t imagine that vy have long… Vy should say vyr farewells to vyr family and write letters.” He uttered, and then came the waterfalls from the hollow shell of a woman that was. She was not ready, she had wanted to live longer. To abdicate like so many others had done these days and watch her daughter run the house as she gave her support. But the world had different plans for her life. And so she wrote the letters, and they were stained by tears. Small hands wrapped around Ileana and she gazed up into Larissa’s eyes. She felt herself unable to smile at her daughter that had been there by her side since she fell sick. So she simply wrapped her own arms around hers in turn, silently crying. A few days passed since the news and she felt herself getting closer to death every morning she woke. She had not even been able to get out of bed for the family dinner or for the engagement dinner for Marian that she had promised she would. Her children came visiting her many times, to tell her stories of what they had done and achieved. Though Larissa almost never left her side, she had fallen sick herself and so they spent many nights together reading and hugging. She loved and treasured each child, but she could not bring herself to show the same affection to her son that would take it all. Each time her husband tried to put him in her arms she turned, she recoiled at the thought of even holding him. Was she truly that hateful? It was not the child’s fault, she knew that technically, and yet she could not help herself but blame him. She blamed him for everything, how she would never be able to teach Gwenyth how to fight the way she had during that duel. How she would never be able to watch that beautiful smile that belonged to Reuben and hopefully see him getting taller than her husband just to tease her dear August for it and hear him laugh or perhaps even grumble over it. How she would never be able to continue braiding Larissa’s wonderful hair and buy books upon books for that child’s growing brain. How she would never be able to teach Dimitri how to fish and make bait. How she would never be able to give more piggyback rides to her little Elena. How she would never be able to no longer guide her joy and pride, Irena, to the ways of running the house. To watch her father walk her down the aisle in her wedding dress. To see none of her beautiful children being wedded and bear children of their own. She cursed her son, she did not know his name. Had refused to learn it, she knew she had heard it many times. But she would not remember. She did not want to remember. She woke from her sleep to a new day and looked to the side of the bed which lay empty, August had already gone off to train or perhaps taken the other children off on a trip. She glanced at the crib where her son laid. She found herself in front of the sleeping being that had caused her so much pain, her arms reaching down to pick him up. Has he always been this small? She thought to herself, a small laugh came from her throat. She laid back down onto the bed with the baby. She continued to stare as she rocked him back and forth. His eyes opened and glanced back up at Ileana, and she felt a pain in her chest. Droplets of water fell onto the child and it blinked and made a small fuss. She glanced up to the roof, but saw no leak, a hand brought itself to her cheeks and she realized where the water came from. She looked back down to her son. Her baby, and she felt the pain in her chest become an ache instead. She pulled him close to her chest and held him as she sobbed. Why had it taken her so long to love this child, and on her last day too. “Cyrus, forgive this foolish mother. It is too late for me to give vy the love vy deserved from me, but vy will have a family that will treasure vy and make vy feel the love that ea did niet give vy in time. Grow up handsome and kind and loving. Don’t become one of those men who treat their wives badly or their daughters like they don’t exist. And know that ea love vy, even if vy are ever told otherwise. Ea just took too long to realize such and blamed vy for things that were niet vyr fault. Ea love vy, Cyrus” And after she uttered those words and had cried her heart out she felt her breathing getting shallow. She pleaded to Godani silently, to give her more time to love this child and to forgive her sins. But her wish was not granted, and she cursed herself for being so weak of a mother to have blamed her own child. She used her last strength to position herself safely along with her precious son on the bed. And so her last breaths were taken as she slipped from this world. And Larissa who was looking forward to another day of reading with her mother would find her still and cold body in the bed with her little brother sleeping on top. Ileana Stefaniya Kortrevich 1900 - 1941 Letters that had been distributed after her death: To House Kortrevich To August To my children To my heir To Fabian To Aleksandr OOC:
  2. If you are ever worried or confused on if a player is upset with you oocly during roleplay arguments one can always just ask said player just to be certain. Sometimes people tend to overthink things due to past experiences, and that's understandable and okay as we are all human. So just simply ask, you will NEVER look stupid for asking just to put your own mind at ease. Or if it's the other way around, that you are worried the player is getting upset at you over the roleplay happening, just do a little check in and put your own mind at ease. If people think you are silly for doing check ins then so be it. Better to be certain instead of worrying about it.
  3. A rat would sneak into John's home and eat all the avacaodos and toast.
  4. "Dobry thing we did niet threaten to shed blood in this missive, or someone might have misunderstood us and think we were planning on doing any such things. We might be hot headed, but niet THAT hot headed and stupid. " Ileana laughed to Fabian.
  5. TO ADDRESS A SLIGHT To Her Excellency, The Lady Palatine, Roslin Baruch. It has come to the attention of our Archivists that a slight error has been found in your recent courtly summons addressed on the 11th day of Msitza ag Dagund, 491 E.S. The missive itself or its intended purpose is not the issue, but a slight error in the invitations to the peerage. You must understand our confusion when our dear Countess, Ileana Stefaniya Kortrevich, was addressed as ‘Baroness of Koravia’, instead of her rightful title of ‘Countess of Jerovitz’ and ‘Viscountess of Krusev.’ At this time, we The House of Kortrevich, have seen this to be a simple mistake. An error that we request be fixed immediately. However, if the error is not addressed or clarified, let it be known that we see this to be an egregious and intentional slight against the Right Honorable House of Kortrevich. Should your memory fail you or should you be ill-informed, there has never been a public missive, meeting, or even a letter stating the demotion of the Countess of Jerovitz. To do such a thing in a mere invitation list following a brutal yet honorable duel would not only be unprecedented but completely offensive to a house that has loyally served its Kingdom for nearly a quarter of a millenia. There has been no clear or public justifications as to why our beloved Countess would be demoted, and we gladly invite you to make such clarifications known if that is the wish of His Royal Majesty, Aleksandr II. We have full confidence that this error will be fixed or clarified in a timely manner, however it is best to clarify that Bulls are not known to take unwarranted acts of aggression particularly well. SIGNÉE PAR, THE RIGHT HONOURABLE, Ileana Stefaniya Kortrevich, Countess of Jerovitz, Viscountess of Krusev and Baroness of Koravia HIS EXCELLENCY, Fabian Otto d’Arkent-Kortrevich, Grand Lord of Hanseti-Ruska and Archivist to the House Kortrevich “Tiz Dzuty, Triek Caezk” “With duty, comes honor”
  6. A letter was penned to Aleksandr "Of course ea forgive vy and welcome vy back to House Kortrevich if that is the choice vy wish to take. Though ea would advice some thinking on if vy are truly are ready to let go off the surname of vyr late wife. If however vy are certain, vy are welcomed back with open arms my dear cousin."
  7. “Tiz Dzuty, Triek Caezk” ‘With Duty, Comes Honor’ A NEW GENERATION 485 E.S. | 1932 A.H. It is with joyful news that the House of Kortrevich announces the arrival of the heir after a long period of months where it was uncertain if mother and babe would survive both before and after the birth on Joma und Umund in the year of 484 E.S. The doctors have declared both the Countess and her baby girl to now be healthy! And so the House presents the heir's name; Her Ladyship, IRENA STEFANIYA KORTREVICH @crazedpudding The Countess and Count-Consort is officially ready for visitors to meet their girl and will welcome any well wishes sent their way. SIGNÉE PAR, THE RIGHT HONOURABLE, Ileana Stefaniya Kortrevich, Countess of Jerovitz, Viscountess of Krusev and Baroness of Koravia THE RIGHT HONOURABLE, August Maxim Vilac-Kortrevich, Count-Consort of Jerovitz, Viscount-Consort of Krusev and Baron-Consort of Koravia HIS EXCELLENCY, Fabian Otto d’Arkent-Kortrevich, Archivist to the House
  8. Ileana Kortrevich read the missive with a simple shrug of her own shoulders before she spoke to her brother Fabian. @critter "Ea only said in my missive that ea only learned of the wedding happening recently. Niet sure where she got all of this other stuff from that missive we did, Fabian. Though ea do know she claimed to be from Anton's lineage we never could find anything when we looked, nor did ea know she was with the Adrians when ea met her outside of Swan Keep. In our documents it says he married matrilineally. But oh well, whatever makes her sleep better at night ea suppose."
  9. “Tiz Dzuty, Triek Caezk” ‘With Duty, Comes Honor’ MISSIVE ON KLARA MIRAY Est. 483 E.S. | 1930 A.H. This Saint’s Day I was made aware of the woman named Klara Miray, who claims to be a Kortrevich, is being wed to the Duke of Adria. Though no public ledger can be found of her lineage in my documents, and therefore either does not exist, or she is in possession of the only recorded ledger or certificate claiming her lineage to be true. If the former is the case, she must be illegitimate; if it is the latter, she shall be disowned. No true-hearted Kortrevich would ever, nor should they, betray our kingdom by marrying a man from a land which we wage rightful war with. As such the woman claiming to be Klara Miray Kortrevich shall from now on be known as Klara Miray Kort, a bastard’s name; for if she bears the blood of the Bull, then a bastard is what she is. SIGNÉE PAR, THE RIGHT HONOURABLE, Ileana Stefaniya Kortrevich, Countess of Jerovitz, Viscountess of Krusev and Baroness of Koravia HIS EXCELLENCY, Fabian Otto d’Arkent-Kortrevich, Archivist to the House
  10. Union of Bull & Dragon [25th June Sunday, 1pm EST] You are hereby invited to attend the holy union between The Countess of Jerovitz, Ileana Kortrevich & His Lordship, August Maxim Vilac The two shall take their vows in The Everardian Basilica in four saint’s days. All are welcome to attend and witness this marvelous event. Formal Invitations to those of Hanseti-Ruska His Royal Majesty, Aleksandr II, King of Hanseti-Ruska and his royal pedigree His Princely Grace, Manfred Barclay, Duke of Reinmar and his noble pedigree Her Grace, Roslin Baruch, Duchess of Valwyck and her noble pedigree His Grace, Aleksandr var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus and his noble pedigree His Highness, Francisco de Pelear, Viceroy of Hyspia and his noble pedigree The Right Honourable, Stanimar Ludovar, Count of Otistadt and his noble pedigree The Right Honourable, Carolus Colborn, Count of Malkovya and his noble pedigree The Honourable, Audo Weiss, Viscount of Novkursain and his noble pedigree Their Lordships, Elia Stafyr, Baron and Baroness of Thurant and their noble pedigree Her Ladyship, Nataliya Amador, Baroness of Mondstadt and her noble pedigree Her Ladyship, Alyona Godunov, Baroness of Verskaya and her noble pedigree Formal Invitations to the groom’s family His Lordship, Casimir Marius Vilac, Lord of House of Vilac Her Royal Highness, Persephone Maxima Novellen-Vilac, Princess of Balian and mother to the groom Gwendal Victor Simon, father to the groom. His Grace, Jan Ivanovich, Duke of Stran and his noble pedigree, cousin to the groom. Albéric du Lac, cousin to the groom. Formal Invitations to those of Balian His Royal Majesty, Adrian I, King of Balian and his royal pedigree. His Lordship, Ephrem Kervallan, Baron of Tuvia and his noble pedigree. Personal Invitations Stefaniya vas Ruthern Alasdair Baruch Skaul Robyn de Lyons Sir Robert Stroheim Gifts are never expected, but always appreciated! SIGNÉE PAR, THE RIGHT HONOURABLE, Ileana Stefaniya Kortrevich, Countess of Jerovitz, Viscountess of Krusev and Baroness of Koravia His Lordship, August Maxim Vilac
  11. Katerina had been watching Analiesa from the seven skies for quite a while now. The woman had wished so many times to have come down and just embrace her and telling her it would be alright. But all she could do was simply watch as she became the shell of the strong woman she had known. She supposed the legend was true, that all Barbanov princesses were cursed to not have the best life. One filled with misery. But there had been happy moments too, no? "Oh Analiesa, my dear. Ea pray for vyr soul. To think vy would go like this, if only ea could have lived longer and been vyr strength. Forgive me"
  12. Ileana Kortrevich would end up deeply missing her uncle after he had left the shores of Haense. Praying for his health and whatever it was he was looking for before she would go back to preparing for another training for the new initiates of Haense that would become fine soldiers of the BSK. She would make him proud, she thought to herself. Katerina watched from the seven skies as Georg stepped down from his responsibilities as Koeng and let a new one take over. A warm smile on her visage. " And so the cycle of the Crown continues, wonder what burdens shall trouble this one"
  13. Katerina would welcome one of her students into the seven skies.
  14. Ileana Kortrevich sat in the camp with her brother and the rest of her House. She did her best to not break after all that loss. But as she heard the news of Ser Baldrum she went into her tent and cried. He had encouraged her so much to climb in the ranks of the BSK and become a great leader after she could not become a knight. And she had done such, she was a Sergeant now. But she never had thought it was the last battle she would have seen him. No more advice to come from his mouth and she sobbed. His words along with her Ruthern cousin Stefaniya had mattered so high upon the death of her brother Virgil. She had put on a mask to deal with it all, but those two had seen it break completely unlike her family. After all, Baldrum knew the pain of having a sibling that was a murderer. "Rest well, Ser Baldrum. Ee will never forget the things vy told me."
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