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  1. +1 It would be fun to see more food dishes on lotc.
  2. Alchemy isn't just fullmetal alchemist. And the Philosophers stone has been a thing in so many alchemy lores. I agree with the transmutation thing, that one shouldn't be an alchemy thing. Anyways. I had a small time where I was roleplaying my alchemy. But I never quite enjoyed it because of the lack of explanations in the forum and wiki lore on how things work. Alchemy should be more science + maybe a bit magic. There should be more lore on the herbs and more explanations on where they can be found both ICly and OOCly. There should also be more explanations om how they are used by themselves and how you blend them with a potion both ICly and OOcly. Make it more enjoyable rp. And people shouldn't have to grind alchemy mechanically if they can make it in rp. Make a "Dummy book" for alchemists that explains most of the things that is needed. Cause hell... I've been trying to get into the roleplay side of it but I just give up everytime cause it is so confusing.
  3. application

    Good lad, and he knows how it feels like when staff doesn't listen to players or can't do their job properly. So I do believe and hope he is going to try and change this for all of us. +1
  4. Marie Brusleton would say a soft prayer to her God after hearing the news. "May God's wrath fall upon them for doing such injustice. Long live Oren!" After uttering the words she would go back to sewing a new dress for some noble lady.
  5. Woah... take it easy there...
  6. He has blonde hair +1 But nah, seriously, great guy and I believe he should be given a chance
  7. Kayla is a very hardworking lady, and she always does her best to bring good rp. I think she would once again do great as part of the ET. +1
  8. You guys are always talking about how realistic stuff has to be compared to the real world. But if a group sends for help from other groups to defend their place from a coup, they would not be stopped from doing so unless the group doesn't want to help. That is what you guys should have thought about before making the rules. Because the rules only gives the attackers the advantage.
  9. +1 she is a great girl and can be wonderful to work with. Of course when she is given power she takes it seriously, and I believe this would give her and the server some great experience.
  10. I wish there could be a rise in the mina you get from selling alchemist ingredients... considering it takes longer time to get a stack of 1 ingredient then it does to mine 1 stack of iron. And alchemy is more expensive considering you need two gold for the alchemist shears and they break so fast. And when you go to shops to buy the ingredients... the prize range from 10-20 minas to just buy them :/ Just a thought for the economy team that I would like you to know.
  11. +1, my opinion towards him is that he is a nice guy. Every person has their good and bad traits, and in my opinion his good overrides his bad traits.
  12. +1 He is a great guy and usually stays calm in tough situations, in my experience at least.
  13. +1 great guy, and good with writing lore.