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  1. Rozalina Baruch read the letter of invitation to her little sister's wedding. "I' is 'appenin' at last. My dear Isabel is ter be married!" she uttered in a small chuckle. Her lips curling into a smile before she hurried out of the barracks to find her beloved sister.
  2. Caroline is a lovely name ^w^
  3. Rozalina Erika Baruch frowned, she still remembered the memory of her aunt shoving her fingers down her throat to save her life after she had eaten some bad cake. Or so she was told at least, she never felt there was anything wrong with the cake... But out of her stomach it had to go anyways. Was that truly all she could remember of her aunt? No... No it was not, she remembered her smiling at her and being kind to her when she was little. But those memories seemed so distant compared to that one. Perhaps that is all she would ever be able to remember of her auntie Anastasiya. At least it was a fond one she had as it made her laugh. “Ah will miss vy...”
  4. The second one has english subtitles
  5. Roza stared at the corpse of their father in disbelief. Mixed emotions filled her gaze as she was not sure how to react. Oh how blind the little girl had been in the earlier days of her youth to how much of monster her father was. Yet she had still loved him, she still did love him. But at the same time she was relieved. No more beatings, no more shouting, no more lies except those she herself chose to utter. "I will be okay, I have to be okay. For Isabel..." She mumbled to herself before she wandered to her room and shut the door.
  6. Rozalina's heart sank as she heard of the news of her mother's death. Regret filled her heart yet also relief that she had been able to apologize to her mother for all the things she had put her through. However this loss would not be easy for the young girl. But she needed to be brave and strong for her other siblings. Especially her precious Isabel. She had to be protected at all cost. "Mamej... I will protect 'er for vy. Ah promise!"
  7. I look forward to see you grow! Though remember that lotc is not everything and focus on real life as well. Take care of yourself and learn from both your mistakes and accomplishments. ❤️
  8. MissToni


    I wanted to attend but I was too tired ;-; Love you all though ❤️ And remember to stay safe even during this time as the homophobes always out hunting. My DMs are open for anyone wishing to rant or just talk about their struggles with their sexuality or parents and friends not being understanding etc etc. MissToni#0760
  9. "Mamej! Papej! Can ah go? Pleeeeaaase!!" Rozalina asked her parents with much excitement.
  10. Rozalina ran away from her mother, Sofiya, as she tried to make the little girl seem presentable for the wedding. "Niet!!!" The little girl screamed while Sofiya shouted something at her.
  11. Karolina opened her arms and welcomed the man into the seven skies. Her usual cheery grin could be seen. "It's a pity they lost such a great fighter as you, but now you can finally rest!"
  12. MissToni’s Skin Shop Care for a skin, but don’t want to go through the trouble of making one yourself? Look no further as I will do it for you, for a certain price of course. Skins/Prices: Basic Skins: Male/Female Non-armour No face or hair 2k mina base price. More complex ones are up to 3k mina. Examples: Basic Skins(with face): Male/Female Non-armour Includes face and hair 3k mina base price. More complex ones are up to 4k mina. Examples: Waitlist If you wish to commission me then you need to fill out this form below. I will gradually make my way downwards and finish each skin. But please be patient as I have a life as well. However if you are in dire need of a skin now you can pay extra to jump the waiting list. When I contact you, please have your references ready. If you don’t have a reference I won’t make your skin, unless the description you give me is very detailed. But even then I still might say no. So please just have a reference. Form: Waitlist: Cheers!
  13. “You are too manly, Karolina” - “I may be manly, but I am still a woman” Karolina was in the attic in Vasiland. Her sword raised as she cut down a scyfling while the fire burned. Though her mind was too focused on the scyflings to notice she was now trapped. She lunged for another scyfling, her sword bloodied, though he managed to block her hit. He turned to run, though she chased him. A mistake that would cost Karolina her life. As she moved to swing her sword at him again the two fell through the floor. Karolina’s body getting cut and sliced up by the wood. Small and big splinters entering her body, some of them reaching her lungs. “Karolina!” Manfred called at her. The two starting another fight. They often did so, though she usually came out victorious. For he had only been able to beat her once, while she was drunk at a certain feast. “I’ll beat you Manfred!” the girl at eleven snarled. They rolled around on the dirt as they pulled on each other's hair. Her father Ser Osvald watching her with proud eyes as he cheered her on. She tried her best to win for him, as all she wanted was to make her father proud. For if there were anyone she loved the most it would be him. “Stop fighting children!” called Anton Barclay as he rushed to the two. Separating them to then smack them both on the head. “What was that for!” the two called in unison. As Karolina fell further down to the floor Vasili Vanir came and caught her. “Come on, we need to get out” she said in a hoarse voice. The two using each other as a cane as they limped out of the burning castle. As they got out Karolina needed to sit down for a bit as she had started to cough up blood. She wheezed as she tried to get air into her lungs. Though something was very wrong. She shook her head “Nein, we need to get out” she mumbled. Using her last strength to pull Vasili up with her. Though as they got outside the gate her strength started to fail. She called out for help in desperation as she coughed up more blood. Sofiya Baruch rushed to her help. “I’m going to become the greatest Dame there ever was!” Karolina called in the streets for all to hear. Her smile wide upon her declaration. The young prince Nikolas raised an eyebrow “But women are weak” He said in a statement, causing Karolina to frown heavily. A small heated argument at their first encounter ended up turning into a close friendship as they grew. The two hanging out much as they joked around and even fought together throughout the years. “I’m very fast.” Karolina raised an eyebrow “I am surprised you are with that body…” she said, laughing as she gazed at the fat prince. “I’m going to die…” she wheezed out. A woman called Anastasiya shook her head as she spoke “Stay with me STAY WITH ME!”. Her voice shaky as she spoke to Karolina. More blood was coughed up as Sofiya took her hand. “I don’t want to die…” she mumbled, staring at the duchess with desperation as tears was streaming down her face. She watched Sofiya’s lips move, though for some reason she could not hear her words of comfort. Though she knew them to be well meaning. Karolina used her last strength to force a grin at the duchess. Though she wheezed her last breath as her head fell back. Her lifeless eyes forever gazing up into the sky. “Come Karolina, let’s make cookies together!” the younger girl called to Karolina. “Ja, that sounds great Adryana!” she called after her. The two often hanging out together. “I will cheer you on, Adryana” the now older Karolina said, offering a comforting smile at her friend after the girl had told her a secret of hers… She often felt torn whenever Adryana and her friend Isabella Barbanov would fight. She wished they could just be friends like she were with them. Karolina had many friends. Though her closest were Nikolas, Adryana and her own cousin Manfred. She loved those three very much. Karolina Hanna Barclay 1752 - 1768
  14. Karolina Barclay would frown heavily as she saw she had not been placed on the list. “One day...” she mumbled
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