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  1. You guys are always talking about how realistic stuff has to be compared to the real world. But if a group sends for help from other groups to defend their place from a coup, they would not be stopped from doing so unless the group doesn't want to help. That is what you guys should have thought about before making the rules. Because the rules only gives the attackers the advantage.
  2. +1 she is a great girl and can be wonderful to work with. Of course when she is given power she takes it seriously, and I believe this would give her and the server some great experience.
  3. I wish there could be a rise in the mina you get from selling alchemist ingredients... considering it takes longer time to get a stack of 1 ingredient then it does to mine 1 stack of iron. And alchemy is more expensive considering you need two gold for the alchemist shears and they break so fast. And when you go to shops to buy the ingredients... the prize range from 10-20 minas to just buy them :/ Just a thought for the economy team that I would like you to know.
  4. Name: Valia Ireheart-Frostbeard (Username): MissToni Put an X next to your chosen candidate Grilthram Grandaxe Oyvind Goldhand Gror Ireheart X
  5. A lone figure could be seen on a bed. The room around it seeming so out of fire while a lonely cry of a baby from a crib could be heard. A bloodied knife was placed in the heart of the cold body who seemed to have been dead for quite some hours. The bed and floor covered in a pool of red. Though to the left there could be seen a couple of letters stashed on the side. A last goodbye mayhaps? The letters would be addressed with the names of loved ones... To Abdes de Savin, a loved and caring father: "Father, I know this must seem like a shock to you when you hear of the news. I, who seemed so happy took my own life... It sounds unbelievable, does it not? Though it is true... You see, I was never truly happy after having lost my dearest brother, my cousin and my unborn child. I never told anyone but my husband of the last named loss. Though I always wonder. What colour would the child's hair be? What would be the colour of the child's eyes? How would the child's laugh sound? So many questions I have always asked myself when I lost my first child. Though I did give birth to 3 beautiful children... It never filled that hole I was missing. It was like I lost a piece of myself that could never be restored. I love you father, but this is my farewell. Help Romanos with my beloved children, and help him in this despair. You will both need it. Signed, Amelia Palaiologos." To Romanos Palaiologos, my beloved and dearest husband: "My husband, my darling... my one true love, I know this will be very hard for you when you find my body on our bed. And I wish it had never come to this. No matter how hard I tried I could never shake the feeling of despair and agony I had after losing my brother and our unborn child. Why did they have to die? I ask myself this question every night. I know I am the reason I lost my child. I wish I could turn back time and take another choice that would have saved our child. But I was stupid and foolish, and that has been with me ever since. A burden I cannot bear to carry... I know I am taking the easy way out and that I am a coward for not continuing for you and our children. But after our fight I have been getting worse... I know you have forgiven me and I you. However I am choosing this for myself. It is not your fault, Romanos. Do not blame yourself for this that was my own choice. You could never have known how much pain I was carrying on my shoulders as I never told you. I wanted your memories of me to be happy ones. Which is why I chose to never tell you, though now you know... Farewell Romanos Palaiologos, my first love. Take care of our children for me. I wish you happiness and acceptance if you wish to marry another woman. Your darling, Amelia Palaiologos." The body of Amelia Palaiologos could be seen on the bed. For she had taken her own life with a knife as she could not handle the pain she had been feeling for so many years. Though she would have had many years left to live... this seemed like the end of it. A loved daughter, mother, friend and wife now gone from this cruel world.
  6. Valia Frostbeard would be walking up towards the road of Kal'Omith to see why there was a crowd. Though as she walked past the sorrowed crowd her eyes fell upon a lifeless body. Her father. A heartbroken scream could be heard throughout the mountain halls as she ran towards Bastion's body. Her small hands clutching around him as she started shaking and embracing him in a hug as tears ran down her cheek. "Nae, come back fat'er please... Yeh are nae dead! Yeh are nae dead! Yeh are just sleepin', riote?! Riote?! YEH ARE JUST SLEEPIN'!" Valia cried while holding her father's body firmly and never letting go. Her mind not wanting to believe she had now lost her last parent. Her screams of agony and pain uttered around as every dwed close would hear her heart breaking. She had lost her mother... and now her father...
  7. +1, my opinion towards him is that he is a nice guy. Every person has their good and bad traits, and in my opinion his good overrides his bad traits.
  8. Diana Catherine Amador would stand next to her mother as she looked at her father riding away from her home. Her face looking puzzled at his actions, as she did not understand why he was leaving and so many were following him. Though she tried to take a hold of her mother's dress. "Why is papa leaving?" She would ask her.
  9. Amelia Palaiologos would look at her 4 year old twins playing in her garden while holding her youngest child Tobias, whom had not turned 1 year yet. She would sigh as she read the notes that had been delivered to her about the capture of the Queen and the Queen Dowager. She would shake her head as she wrote a note that was to be delivered to her king. "If thee are in need of money, I shall offer you some of mine so you may pay for the freedom of your wife and mother. Best wishes to you and your family in all of this. Signed, Baroness Amelia Palaiologos" After sending off the bird she would look back at her beloved children while letting out another heavy sigh.
  10. Valia Ireheart would look puzzled upon hearing of the hate between her kin and the Norland's. "W'y would t'ose foolis' boys foig't oveh stuff loike t'at w'en yeh could instead play all day wit' toys and pretteh t'ings?" The young princess would say out loud to herself with a giggle. She then went back to playing with a stuffed bear toy and a small white pearl.
  11. Amelia would smile upon seeing the new King being crowned. "Long live the King!" She would call out, pausing for a bit before shouting out once more, "Long live Courland!"
  12. +1 He is a great guy and usually stays calm in tough situations, in my experience at least.
  13. Amelia Palaiologos would utter a few prayers as tears fell down her cheek. "Farewell to our beloved king that will watch over us from the skies... God save the King and long live the new one."
  14. Amelia de Savin would watch as the troops returned to Courland. A tear could be seen running down her cheek for those who had died in battle. For she had realized that many families were broken because of this war. "Who will now protect or care for those widows and lovers that lost their men to us...?" She then looked to her queen, Lisette Staunton, in hope for an answer.