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  1. Acolyte Katerina Ceciliya Barbanov was surprised to see her name mentioned in the post before she smirked "The news spread fast I see"
  2. An Acolyte Thesis Saint Julia "But Julia was wise and recalled her husband’s warning. She revealed Iblees, and the Denier was cast out of the camp, and he was very wroth.” (Scroll of Gospel 2: 22 - 23) Saint Julia is a saint that every child, woman and man knows and has heard the story of. She is respected and looked upon as a virtuous and pious woman that one should take after. Many families will tell their daughters to be like that of St. Julia, she is even mentioned upon marriage as the tale of Horen only taking one wife when the others took concubines. Reminding the men in their virtue of fidelity and to stay true to their wife. For the women she is a true patron of matrimony. St. Julia was the wife of Horen, she bore him three sons of the flesh and three sons of the spirit. And has as such become the patron of mothers. Mothers looking to her for guidance in their love on how she protected her three sons of the flesh in Horen’s tent alongside Horen’s people when Iblees came in his attempt to corrupt. For a mother’s love is a pillar of protection and is pure. St. Julia is also the patron saint of exorcism, for when others could have easily been fooled, she saw Iblees for what he was, she unveiled Iblees and cast him out of Horen’s camp by herself. As stories have often been told that when mothers have asked for the help of St. Julia, miracles have happened. “When a disguised necromancer tried to corrupt the flesh of an expectant mother, a bright light erupted from her golden wedding band about her finger. When the light faded, the necromancer was blinded, and its true form was revealed, allowing the woman time to escape. Months later, the woman birthed triplet sons.” And so St. Julia is a true pillar of humanity and is to be looked for guidance on how one should strive to be. Signed, Acolyte Katerina
  3. Erika Barclay waved a banner from the house of Barclay like her father had told her to do while she shouted at the top of her lungs. "Barclay boos on Christoff!"
  4. This right here. Guys always think we exaggerate when we say how awful we got treated on lotc in the past because it was so normalized back then that girls or guys that genderbended (especially those that were gay and underage) should ERP with guys if they wanted important characters like a princess or a queen. And because that was so normalized it was easy for things like grooming, harassment and hate to be swept under the rug. And it still is swept under the rug because there is no list of people that were banned for those things or admins not taking the proof given seriously. Along with community protecting leaders that do that stuff. If you know that an important member in a nation's council, royalty or the nation leader itself is a creep, groomer, racist or harasser but you don't take action to remove them... You are protecting them, wether you want to admit it or not. We have all done it at some point because we are afraid to get cast out from the community if we do. Another thing is that abuse roleplay (especially family abuse) is so normalized, even though it is a very damaging thing to roleplay because character bleed happens. And anyone who tries to deny they sometimes end up "being" their characters are lying if they are doing serious roleplay. It's why actors take classes and therapy to help with character bleed. Because it's a very normal and real life thing that happens to actors. Things like family abuse roleplay should need ooc consent. You could be doing abuse roleplay to a person that gets beaten by their parents irl without knowing it and really **** the person up because of it...
  5. Katerina Ceciliya rejoiced upon hearing the return of the famed couple. Though dread washed over her as she knew taking back such a position as they had once held was not going to be easy. She would keep them both in her prayers and thoughts, and should the Duchess need it. She would come to her side to help her.
  6. IGN (MC Username): MissToni Discord: MissToni#0760 Likes: Art, roleplay items, herbs, peculiar stuff, weapons and cute animals Dislikes: @Valannorcause he bullies me and I don't like that ;-; Are you willing to spend USD on a gift or In-Game only?: I am willing to spend in game money.
  7. A Duo’s Birthday 2nd December, 3pm EST A painting depicting the two twins playing together House of Barclay wishes to invite all the children of Hanseti-Ruksa and her allies to celebrate the two twins, Erika & Ilse, turning five years old. There will be food served at the beginning along with a cake. Then a game of hide and seek to enjoy for the youth. Parents are welcome to stay in the grand hall as the children play together. Gifts are appreciated, but not expected! Signed by, Ser Reinhardt Barclay Erika Renate Barclay Ilse Adeline Barclay
  8. I hope you have a wonderful time off the server and that your hamster keeps giving you lots of joy and happiness in your days. You are a wonderful woman with a strong personality, and even though we don't always agree on everything I know you are my friend. I'll make sure to send you lots of puppy pics forward to greet your day!
  9. Elaine sat in her chambers as she had received a letter of the news of her father's death. Tears staining the paper while her gaze was staring hollowly into the floor. Her husband most likely having entered their room at some point in an attempt to comfort her. But she did not remember, all her thoughts was with her father. Of the time they had and the time they didn't. "He is gone..." she muttered once in a while as if in an attempt to wake herself up from her state she had frozen into. But it had no effect, she stayed this way while some servants packed her things for her honeymoon trip. She then thought of her mother, how much pain would she be in now? "Miss Elaine, your things are ready" mumbled a servant to her. The woman then finally stirred as she moved to get up and walk out of her chambers. As she went outside where her husband would be waiting for her she gazed up into the sky. "Watch over me, Papa"
  10. Katerina Ceciliya frowned heavily upon hearing the news, running off to tell her friend Anna of what had happened. She needed advice on if she should send a letter or not to her nephew.
  11. Ingrid Barclay smiles as she looks down from the seven skies. "I knew that boy would do great things with his life! Always been a fighter that one!" The woman grinned towards her sister Sosina Amador and her friend Charlotte Baruch. @UnBaed @Maevlin
  12. People really out here pretending to be your friend just to use your trauma against you to insult and hurt you when you do something they don't like on a MINEMAN server. Grow up people

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  13. If Tomorrow Starts Without Me [A painting of the rose fields of Reinmar] Thuds echoed in the halls of Reinmar as Ingrid made her way up to her room with the help of her beloved grandson Johann Barclay. The woman was so frail now from her terminal illness that she needed to pause every now and then. Her hand clutched firmly around Johann’s arm. But they made their way up at last to her room as she got into bed slowly. “Johann, I am proud of vy dear. I hope vy know that” Ingrid uttered with a raspy voice as the boy turned to leave the room. When Johann looked back to his grandmother he simply smiled and answered “I will come visit you tomorrow!”. The woman nodded in return as she watched him leave. But she was afraid, would she truly be able to stay alive until he was to be married? She had promised to try after all. Yet Ingrid was so tired, she could feel her body begging for relief from the pain she bore every hour. Her breathing got more ragged for every second that passed. Was her body truly this weak, she pondered? Ingrid then glanced at the cupboard in her desk. A small relief washed over her as she knew that if this was to be her last moment at least she had written letters to those she loved. Where was her husband? She thought to herself, she wished to say farewell to him before she left this world. The man she had loved, treasured and had children with for all these years. She felt it now, that she would not wake up to see tomorrow. Alas she had no strength left to yell, call out or even get out of her bed. Her eyes struggled to stay open as she slowly succumbed to the slow and painful death that had been awaiting her for all those years. If only she could have held her children one last time she thought. And thus she got out one more sentence before she took her last breath. “Erich, I will finally see vy again my boy” Ingrid Mariya Barclay nee Amador 331 ES - 393 ES [!] Letters would be found in the cupboard that was written to the fellow individuals Friedrich Barclay Emilia Barclay Isolde Barclay Johann Barclay Adrianna Darkwood To the Barclay House
  14. Katerina sometimes pondered if Teni would ever come to visit her in Oren after she had sent her the letter about moving. The woman staring to the gates of Providence when passing the street to look for the elfess she had come to view as a mother figure to herself. Whilst in her house she would watch from her window for the known figure. But for every passing day she grew less and less hopeful of such.
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