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  1. Hammers hit their anvils in the forge, drunken dwarves sing folk songs in the Dancing Igor and the sound of axes clashing resonate from the Legion hall. Joy and might fills the Grand Halls of Kal’Omith as their citizens rejoice from the victories of war. However, one amongst them had a meeting with faith. In the deepest and darkest halls of the city, mumbles and squeals were heard before an eerie silence overcame the darkness. The next morning cries of anguish echo through the city and wake the dwarven citizens. A gathering of dwed surround the center of Kal’Omith where a body hangs limp from a bloody rope. The headless body swings back and forth above a wooden pike protruding from the ground. At its tip the head of the Grand Queen rests impaled. Her hollow eyes give off an air of sadness and despair to all who met their gaze. On her forehead a single word is brutally carved into the flesh. “KAVIR”
  2. Amelia would smile upon seeing the new King being crowned. "Long live the King!" She would call out, pausing for a bit before shouting out once more, "Long live Courland!"
  3. +1 He is a great guy and usually stays calm in tough situations, in my experience at least.
  4. Amelia Palaiologos would utter a few prayers as tears fell down her cheek. "Farewell to our beloved king that will watch over us from the skies... God save the King and long live the new one."
  5. Amelia de Savin would watch as the troops returned to Courland. A tear could be seen running down her cheek for those who had died in battle. For she had realized that many families were broken because of this war. "Who will now protect or care for those widows and lovers that lost their men to us...?" She then looked to her queen, Lisette Staunton, in hope for an answer.
  6. Amelia de Savin would look to her queen. "Have we tried to meet with the Mardon people and talk of these things that has occurred these last saint's days? Mayhaps they would listen and we could be at peace again..." She would say, though her eyes did not hold much hope for this. "Though it matters not I suppose, even if this war was to end... The war against the undead will never stop.
  7. I believe in many things, just not that... Tell me your ways oh great admin! p.s: For the people who doesn't get it, I am not serious about this at all...
  8. I am a weird person and I do things that makes no sense when I am bored. No no, dude. You can't have a social life if you play on a mineman server.
  9. I don't know why I decided to write this... but here ya go LOTC server went down - Oh my LOTC server is still down - whyyy LOTC server is still ******* down - goes out to actually do something for once LOTC server is finally up - Oh dear... bye bye the start of the social life I was starting to get...
  10. I love you too, Vege
  11. +1 great guy, and good with writing lore.
  12. Why do girls call me daddy and mommy? (always wanted to know this)
  13. Amelia de Savin would smile proudly as she had finished reading this letter. Her respect towards her queen grew even more as she whispered "How grateful I am to be led by such a marvelous queen, her mind is in the right place and God knows this is true."
  14. Amelia de Savin would stare at the monument, a flower had been gently placed down by her. "Farewell, you were a hero and a great friend to many." she would utter, thinking of those she had seen hanging with this man before and during the war.