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  1. You were a really great mod and helped me with things when others would not or simply ignored my comments. Thank you, I really did appreciate all the help you gave as staff. I am sorry to hear of the things that happened, but I wish you much luck and health in life to you and your whole family.
  2. Asria would read over the document with a smile, though frowned as she noted her people were not invited. "Mayhaps Cresonia are not known to them? Pity as I sent their past leader a letter to meet..."
  3. "He really liked that book" Asria would chuckle to herself after having signed the document.
  4. Thank you for speaking up about this Joel. I love you as my friend and I hope you can move past these things one day. Take care of yourself.
  5. Sorry to burst your bubble, but there exists pedophiles who targets people of the same gender too. There may not be a lot of females, but there are a lot of men and boys.
  6. “It is always a pleasure for the Principality of Cresonia to do business with others” Asria would exclaim with a smile after she had signed it.
  7. The Dragon and the Crow signed in the Imperial city of Helena on the 8th of The Grand Harvest, 1719. The Imperium Renatum and the Principality of Cresonia, would agree on a defensive pact between both nations. Upon the meeting the empire agreed to help the princedom against any foe as long as both parties wished and had a mutual agreement to uphold this pact. The Terms, agreed upon by both signatories, are as followed: [ I ] : Both parties shall enforce a strict non-aggression pact, under all circumstances. [ II ] : Both parties shall agree to defend one another if the other is aggressed upon, with nothing left than the full extent of their military and political authority. [ III ] : Both parties recognize the irrevocable sovereignty and independence of the others nation. If this sovereignty and independence is contested or threatened, they shall protect one another, with nothing less than the full extent of their military and political authority. [ IV ] : The citizens of both the empire and the princedom shall be permitted to freely and safely travel within the borders of both of their lands. [ V ] : Both parties shall assist one another in intercepting and obtaining fugitives and criminals in their nations, unless they would violate another treaty, pact, or alliance in doing so. [ VI ] : If either party is found to be in violation of this pact, the two leaders will meet and discuss in a diplomatic way until an agreement on what to do has been met. Until then the defense pact and all its agreements will still fully stand. [ VII ] : This pact will stand for four saint’s months. Once this time has ended the two leaders will meet and discuss the pact. And if agreed upon will continue for another four saint’s months. If the current ruler of one of the two should die the pact will still stand until the agreed upon time has run out. The new ruler and the other one will then meet and discuss if they shall continue the pact or not. Signed by, HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Godfrey III of the House of Horen, Emperor of the Imperium Renatum, King of Renatus, Marna, Haense, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, Courland, Santegia, and Kaz’Ulrah, Duke of the Crownlands, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Helena, Alamar, Frederica, Thesmer, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, Farfolk, etcetera Her Royal Highness, Asria of House Nasrid, High Princess of Cresonia
  8. Samantha would be with Francesca as they left. The old woman’s body hurting with closed eyes in a carriage. Though they fluttered open at her grand-niece’s words. Giving a firm cough before she answered, “Yes!” with a long yet warming laugh.
  9. I hope you have a lovely time during your holiday ^w^
  10. Building a city is going to take a bit longer now... But oh well. I hope the work load gets lifted so that fly can come back soon.
  11. Samantha Juliana would get hold of a copy of the document. Her old eyes narrowing deeply at what she read in the beginning. “I would rather throw myself off the palace balcony than marry this fool! Besides, I am ninety-three! What could he possibly hope from in a marriage with an old hag like me! Idiots! All of them!” She said, almost shouting as she got up from the armchair. Samantha would then throw the copied document into the fire. Shaking her head while she grumbled something about hoping she would soon die.
  12. The Principality of Cresonia The cresonians are a proud folk of men and women alike, who do not wish to take commands from outsiders like dogs do their masters. Though proud they can be, they are also patient and kind with their fellow friends and allies alike. They are also one of the few people who have learned to tame the deserts that no man wishes to reside in. Cresonia is not like most other human kingdoms as their military is more commonly run by women and so is their kingdom, for they take great pride in the women of their country. Men of course are equal to women, and no disrespect towards either man or woman is allowed if it is based on what they have in their pants. History The people of Cresonia’s history is a bloody one with long family feuds between three tribes, though their names has been purposefully forgotten by the people. During this endless fighting between the tribes, it was said that a crow was seen flying down during a beautiful crescent moon. The crow would turn into a woman by a blinding light that was rumoured to be from The Sun Goddess. The people all saw this and stopped their fighting as golden eyes looked down upon them. The woman spoke of coming together into one tribe, to become a kingdom of unity to end the bloodshed and grudges. The people made the woman named Farzeen their Queen, as that is what her name meant. And she ruled with a strong hand for many years. Farzeen’s children took her surname as their official royal house name, House of Nasrid. Though sadly once Farzeen died there was a battle between her children for the throne. Larym of House Nasrid, the eldest son, claimed that it was his birthright as the oldest child of their deceased Queen. Though he was not well liked by the people for the way he treated others and used the kingdom's resources for himself and friends. The youngest child of Farzeen, Kira, took up a spear and started a rebellion against Larym and those who supported him. The fight between the two siblings would last seven years until it would finally end, the loss on both sides being immense. The closest ally of Larym, his twin sister Pernia, would end the whole feud by cutting Larym's throat and his counsellors with her other three siblings. Though their names were lost in history during all this as they died shortly after from fatal wounds made by the counsellors. The only surviving children of Farzeen now being Pernia, Kira, Hakith and Foe. Two daughters and two sons out of nine. Together they would build up the kingdom again, though ruled together. Until they together decided on the next heir who was most competent. Instead of their ruler now being named Queen or King, they would take the name High Princess if female or High Prince if male. For they felt that their kingdom was no longer worthy of that holy title that their dear mother had worn. So instead of a kingdom, it became a principality. The heir being chosen from Foe's line as he and his son had been neutral and wished for peace during the whole rebellion. And to this day, the heir would always be chosen by their High Prince(ss) like the four siblings had done. A symbol to make sure a rebellion and bloodshed like that of the past was never repeated again. They renamed the principality Cresonia, after the crescent moon made by the Moon Goddess on the day that Farzeen flew down to their world in the form of a crow. The people of Cresonia used to live on a desert island far away before they came to Arcas. Their last ruler back on this island being Khalir Nasrid that became the High Prince in 1658 at age 15. He was a just and wise High Prince, said to have been one of their best rulers after Queen Farzeen. He was dearly beloved by his people and he loved them in return. Though there was one he loved more than most. His one and only daughter out of 3 sons, Asria Nasrid. Born year 1683 during a horrid sandstorm. Although he gave the same education as his sons had been given, he saw she took more after him. She too was a just and wise person. Although his sons were wise they never wished to bring justice to cruelty. As they believed mercy was the greatest tool, though mercy was well and wise… It was not always the best course of action to be taken. So the day she turned 12, year 1695, he named her the heir after a well done discussion and agreement from the rest of his council. The people rejoiced from this, though their happiness would quickly be blown out. Their High Prince fell ill one year after and died at age 53. Not only did their ruler die, but their resources were running dry. The mines no longer giving them what they wished for, so her highness, Asria Nasrid gave the order with her brothers that they would travel the world by the sea to find a new place. At year 1713 they finally stumbled upon the world of Arcas, and chose to settle down on the desert island there. After ten years at sea, it felt lovely to stand at sturdy ground once more. And thus the building of their city began. Choosing to wait with the official crowning of their High Princess to concentrate on more important matters, though she still held the title and acted as their ruler. For that was and still is her duty until she dies and one of her children takes over. Military The military of Cresonia is called The Sunguard. Named after their beloved Sun. The Sunguard is either run by a woman or a man, depending on who’s the most competent. More commonly by one of princes or princesses from the royal family to earn trust and bond with the people of Cresonia. The military can often be seen wearing light leather armour as it is too hot to wear a fully plated body armor. A plate covering the torso can also be seen by soldiers who come from wealthy families. Their weapon of choice are spears and bows as the country is not the richest in iron and steel. Religion Cresonia follows the faith of The Two Sisters. It is a ritualistic faith where worshipping of the Sun and Moon in the form of Goddesses is done. Festivals is common to hold for their Goddesses, along with rituals and offerings. Common things to offer are an animal that the noble houses killed during a hunt and once offerings are complete the commoners gets to eat the food that has been offered. As the Goddesses would want them to be fed with their blessed meat. The titles of those leading the faith are called a High Priestess if female or a High Priest if male. Their jobs is to hold different rituals for the people. This can be all from a marriage to a holy bath. The Goddesses and their Prophet(s): The Goddess of the Sun, Mehry. She who brings the sun to give life to the crops and people so they can live. The symbol of light, earth and crops along with life. The Goddess of the Moon, Elaheh. She who brings the moon to control the waves of the waters and a light during the darkness for those who are lost. The symbol of water, marriage, hope and death. Queen Farzeen the Holy, the prophet of The Two Sisters. She who came from the skies as a crow and brought peace with the blessings of Mehry and Elaheh. The symbol of a great ruler, war, peace and fertility. Marriage The way a woman and man are wedded is an ancient ritualistic way of love. The Cresonians call it soul binding, as it is thought that the pair join their souls together. It is very uncommon to do it out of love, though very uncommon, marriages has happened where the two did not love each other. The way it is done is that the man or woman will offer their partner a single ring of gold or silver. If the partner accepts they must ask the High Priest(ess) of a time and place to hold their wedding. Once decided and set in stone, the two cannot opt out of the marriage. For it is final, as it would be a great disrespect and shameful once the whole principality has been informed to end it. Both bride and groom will dress in their finest clothing no matter the color. Though red or pink is most commonly worn as it is the color of love. On the day itself the two will meet by the temple of the Two Sisters to stand in front of the holy bath. Family and friends gathered with them to watch. The High Priest(ess) will bring a goblet made of gold and a golden rope. The High Priest(ess) will ask the two if they are ready to bring together their love and make it into one. Where the two will answer “By the name of our moon, Elaheh, I [name] wish to bind my soul to [name of partner]. May our Holy Goddess smile upon this and bless us through sickness and health.” in which the High Priest(ess) pours water from the holy bath into the goblet and have them both drink to ask and show respect to the Moon Goddess. Once done, the High Priest(ess) will loosely tie the golden rope between the couple’s wrists. The Priest(ess) will then ask “And do you both swear to protect each other and hold true to one another until you both die?” In which they both answer I do. At last the High Priest(ess) will say the words “The Moon Goddess, Elaheh, has blessed your marriage and will continue to smile upon you both. Your souls are now bound together my darlings” After this a small feast is held for the newlywed couple. When the night has arrived the two will take to bed along with the High Priest(ess) and/or High Prince(ss) and the head of their family, if they both have one, to watch them consummate and make sure it is done. For if they do not consummate on the first night after their soul binding the marriage will no longer be blessed by their Moon Goddess. Divorce A marriage is a fine thing, but it can be easy to marry wrong. In the Cresonian culture it is common for women to leave their man or husband if they find him to not be competent. For she decides which children she wishes to bear into the world. If the man is not worthy in the woman’s eyes anymore, she can leave him if allowed so by the High Prince(ss) and High Priest(ess). And no harm or disrespect nor judgement will be cast upon the woman. For it is simply her duty to make sure only the best of all children gets to be born. The man can of course leave his wife, but unlike the woman he must show proof of why his woman is not fit to bear children or be a wife to him. And if his reasons are good enough in the eyes of the High Prince(ss) and High Priest(ess) then he may do so. Appearance In Cresonia it is more common to wear less thick clothing due to the heat and humidity of the desert. Therefore the people can often be seen walking around showing more skin than usual for both men and women. Their skin tone varies from dark tanned to a darker shade of pink(pale/white). Their eyes coming in all forms and colours as well as their hair. Blonde and blue eyes however is less common. Their build can also vary from person to person. The colours often used in Cresonian clothing are warm and bright colours. Orange, yellow, and red being some of them. Food The Cresonians mostly eat meat and fish as their diets. Their farms never holding vegetables or wheat unless for the animals. Cow, pig and sheep is what the farms are mostly made up of. Horses can be there too, but not used for food. They often fish for food as they live near the ocean. Salmon being the fish most valued of them all to eat. If met by other merchants that are not from Cresonia that carries wheat, they often trade for this so that their animals can eat more. Noble Houses In Cresonia the nobility is that of a hardworking family, and their houses are called a noble house. For they have done noble deeds or worked hard for the country and been rewarded to live a more luxuristic life for this. When addressing a noble person you will call them a Lady or a Lord. The titles a Lady or a Lord can bear are as following: Baron or Baroness, Their Lordships/Ladyships Count or Countess, Their Excellencies Duke or Duchess, Their Graces The noble houses can change or go from a lesser nobility than they were once a new monarch has taken over as the new High Prince(ss). For if a noble house no longer thrives to bring something to its people and their leader they will be seen as no longer being worthy of the comforts of living a noble life. They will be retired from their titles and removed from their manor. Be they Baron(ess), Count(ess), Duke or Duchess. Though they won't be shown any disrespect nor is it seen as shameful to go from a noble house to a commoners house. It just makes way for a new family to take upon the roles and thus the wheel continues to spin. As a form of respect those who are no longer a noble house can still be called and wear the title Lady or Lord, though any of the heirs or children they have will not be allowed to inherit these titles or the manor their family once held. The only way is if they once again become a noble house. A Duke or Duchess will become a Count or Countess A Count or Countess will become a Baron or Baroness A Baron or Baroness will become a commoner The Ruling Family At this moment the cresonians are led by house Nasrid. All heirs and rulers will always take the house name of Nasrid even if they are female and have wed a man as it is the law. This practise also stands for noble houses when it comes to their house name when their leader and/or heir is a female. The common trait of a true Nasrid heir and ruler are the eyes of Farzeen herself. The golden eyes that were a blessing from The Sun Goddess, Mehry. A woman or man without these eyes are not allowed to be made an heir nor can they ever take the throne. It it said that if a child without the eyes of Farzeen one day rules as the High Prince(ss), the ancient feud between the three tribes will once again begin and they will all fight to the death. Causing the destruction of the Cresonians. All titled members of the Royal Family are permitted the style ‘His/Her Royal Highness’. This style expected to be used on them.
  13. May the Bouquet Rest in Peace ”I’m going to pick a bundle of flowers for you, I’ll be back shortly!” 21st of The Grand Harvest, 1716 O’ the hour ‘pon the morn was early, the birds sung rhythmic songs to one another in festivity and delight, for summer had dawned upon the realm; crops were ripe, the grass was greener than the emeralds mined, and the flowers bloomed. “Farewell, sister!” Chimed a youthful Staunton, happy as happy can be, and with that, did the young eagle flock for the fields of flowers yore, yonder the looming, rigid walls of Helena. Her feet drifted upon the roads of dirt alike a bear dragging its paws with it, and she took in the scenery before her. Pallets of gold, emerald, black, and blue. An artist could have had his due with the myriad of sweet colours in which the Grand Harvest had brought this fateful year, on seventeen sixteen. Alas, all would not be well, for the one such girl dubbed Eleanore Louise Staunton. For she was as right as the heavens above ‘till the sounds of thunder came bustling through the fields of glory. Men atop steads of mountainous creatures, horses clad in torn materials- their colours, unidentifiable. A raiding party, or bandits, or even marauders for sure. Poor Eleanore, for her dainty legs could not carry her far, and as she ran as fast she could, did her heart beat as fast as a thousand drums. Before the youth knew it, she was struck asunder, and her body toppled to the floor; the poor girl was unconscious, at the mercy of these brigands. As rats do come the heavens split, when the rays of sunshine beams down upon the earth below is when the bandits fled. As soon as they captured the girl they rode elsewhere before the men of Helena could notice their patrol, leaving naught but the harrowing laughter of wickedness in their swift escape. To their leader, they went, and within seconds upon hitting the earth did the young Eleanore awaken; reflexes came to, and she sobbed horrifically. Her scalp, beating fiercely, she looked skyward for the man whose drapes were more noble-like now- clearly, this was meant to be. Evidently, these were no bandits at all, and this was the price to pay for war with Empires and Kingdoms. She pleaded as best she could, enticing the leaders’ heart to ache in pain for the young ones story. Offering her a truce, a newfound family, perhaps even one better than the Staunton King could ever provide with his undue absence from their lives. The man wanted more Staunton’s, more death, and more decay; in all of Eleanore’s heart, she would not betray her dearest sister, Victoria Alexandria. As death comes for us all, it came for Eleanore more shortly than she deserved. For her neck was met with the mans’ rigid blade, and severing her head from torso. Her last, fleeting breaths were in prayer to her dearly beloved sister, and alas.. Eleanore was no more. A Staunton was taken from the world; a price to pay, for war waged. Soon after was Eleanore’s two parts left at the gates of Helena, not only as carrion for the crows, but to serve as a reminder to the poor folk; that there was no honour in warfare, and there was no pleasantry in banditry. May she rest in peace, Eleanore Louise Staunton, dated back to The Grand Harvest, 1716. A child whose life was taken. Credits to @Violino for writing this ❤️
  14. Samantha Juliana would have somehow gotten her hands on the letter meant for her dear nephew. As she read through it her lips curled into a smile. In her other hand she would be holding a cup of wine, sipping on it every now and then. “Oh, my nephew has such sweet children, so sweet that I almost want to barf... I must make sure to meet them one day before they have all been turned into puppets and submissive dolls who listens to everything their dear papa says.” The old woman said, letting out a laugh as she spoke. Once she had finished her wine and the letter, she called for a servant. The young woman stepping forward as she was given the letter and some coins. “Remember... Exactly where you found it so that he does not realize it was ever missing.” She stated with narrowed eyes, the servant nodding before she disappeared. Samantha would go back to eating some cheese and filled her cup with more wine.
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