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  1. Cheap Character Art

    Hello, I am trying to make a bit of money at the moment. But seeing as I am not the best at drawing I shall only sell my character art for like 1 - 2 USD per piece. You as a person may splash on some more money if you feel as if the art is worth more money. Either say something on this post that you want a piece or contact me in PM. Here are some references for my art. The face without any detail is the most recent one, which I am still working on. (Not sure what to draw on it). Art 1: Art 2: Art 3: Art 4: Art 5: Art 6:
  2. To the Staff Team

    I just think they should make their posts clear and straight forward @Ventai
  3. To the Staff Team

    I have seen this for quite a while in many posts now made by staff teams. Especially in war, raiding and general server rules. That you guys often tend to word your posts in ways that are unneeded or written in a way to make it look very professional and as mature and adult looking as possible. But you are not writing stuff for the people in the business world to understand and whom easily get stuff like that... You are meant to write so children aged 13 +/- can understand without help... So please stop writing your posts so hard with lots of complicated sentences .. Write them in a plain and simple way even if it looks boring to you. P.S: I am not trying to offend any of the staff team in any way... I just want to help new players and maybe old ones understand what you guys are saying. And yes I am writing this because I just read the new war rules which in my eyes was a bit messy and hard to read...
  4. FM Update Log - January

    I love you all, and if I feel like I am ready again for the FM team again I'll apply once more!
  5. I was not talking about you. I was talking about the people who are acting like children when they argue. And I have read your post, which is why that text was not for you. So instead of trying to insult me with pretty words to make me look stupid, you can ask if that text was meant for you or not. And the reason why a staff team is getting kicked should only be between the person kicking them off and the one that got kicked. And again in case it was not clear enough yet... The text I wrote was not meant for those who makes actual points with real arguments.
  6. Why is it that every single time a post like this happens people cry and act like kids arguing over the last cookie... Like yeah, we get it.... Your favorite GM got kicked from the team "without reason" as you say.... But did you guys ever stop to think that people be manipulating you to think this way? Of course someone would never admit the true reason one was kicked from the team if it was for good reason. A GM doesn't get kicked for no reason, even if you want to think that. How about we give the GM team a break eh? They are humans, not robots... They not meant to be perfect.
  7. When you try to think of something clever to write on your status update, but nothing comes to mind... So instead you write that you are trying to think of something clever to write on your status update but that nothing comes to mind instead. And I am gonna post this just to annoy you people who read my status updates, cause I show my love by annoying others. So when you are reading this know that I love you, but I also want to tickle you to death while I laugh (not literally, don't worry). 


    Oh btw, I want to eat some chocolate right now, so after class is done I am gonna go and buy some and then I shall post a picture for you all to see. Here is a cute puppy.IOrWaRb.thumb.jpg.dbb889e69463ac940ef5d78047bcbdce.jpg

  8. The Hanseti-Ruska Masquerade Ball

    Samantha Juliana would let out an annoyed sigh as she read the invitation in her room in the royal palace in the city Sennisten while she was all alone. "How wonderful... I have been waiting for so long for a ball to happen and now I cannot even attend it. I suppose I must hope for the next one instead..." She stated while going to lay down on her bed. She would then rip the invitation to pieces until throwing it all to the floor in an angry gesture unfit for a princess. [OOC INFO: Awww... why on a Sunday and on 5 PM EST... Damn you Americans... (not actually damn you, meant that in a playful way... don't hate me!) Next one better be at 3 PM EST on a Saturday!]
  9. Okay guys... Serious question here! Should I make vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting when I get home from school or not? 

  10. az616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=759&h=bb74ac87e

    1. MissToni
    2. Dewper


      3 status updates in a day can u maybe stfu 

  11. [✓] Ban Appeal wrenik

    Friendly Reminder to not comment on ban appeals -Sincerely FM TEAM
  12. Saint Krug is coming to town! - Krugsmas 2017

    I wish the times were even more GMT friendly... But oh well, at least it is 2-3 PM EST. Stuff looks and sounds like fun though ^w^
  13. [Denied]Cuckfederacy's GM Application

    He can sometimes be a bit too quick to get angry or make judgeful decisions in anger. But I also believe the guy means well and can do lots of good if he just gets past his anger issues when it comes to certain things. I think he would make a great GM if taught well. +1 from me.
  14. As her grace Marie Palaiologina saw the letter of independence she would start laughing hysterically. Her children that had been playing in the garden came to a halt to stare at their mother in surprise. The duchess continued to shake her head as she crumbled the letter. "Now that is a fine joke. Seeing as they are no longer a barony due to their titles and land having just been taken back by the regent. The man coming back after having been publicly executed for cold blooded murder in the streets... And then he declares his so called barony as independent! All of it belongs to the king... That fool!" Marie then went back to smile at her children, nodding at them.