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  1. I could scrap the part about the petals going bad...? Idk, first time ever doing lore stuff. And they become infertile at 60. The others I honestly don't know. Maybe to keep it to ST needing to watch over birth, but then it's also the fact that it becomes more work for ST. So I thought that by removing ST needed for that and only the petals and finding the creature it would be okay. Idk. I wrote that it's a mix of the same limitations and abilities of mandragora and tippen's root. Like mandragora only boosts regenation and doubles it. But too much and you'll end up with ulcers growing et
  2. Calentâl [Calen = green, tâl = foot] Calentâl Background Biology Behaviour Habitat Relevance Green Lines Red Lines Background The calentâl were around hundreds of years ago, they were plentiful in the wild. They favouring tippen’s root and mandragora when feeding. Descendants grew tired of these creatures always running around eating the herbs before they could reach them. So they started hunting the calentâl into extinction, or so they thought at least. It was only after that an Elven family’s research found the p
  3. Katerina would be with Mariya as they went off somewhere after having tried on the dress "Vy will do wonderful Mariya, I know vy will."
  4. I think a good solution could be to lower the cooldown to an hour instead of 3 hours. If it is going to be kept that they are global. I have the advantage of being European, but the americans don't because of us.
  5. 3 hours... After a 30 - 50min run to find said herb only to be told "SORRY, TOO LATE AHAHAH". 3 hours is not a "fairly short" cooldown. So then comes the option... wait 3 hours or try again another time where you risk the same thing. Make the nodes personal, not global.
  6. Can the alchemy herbs nodes be personal instead of global? We are taken out of roleplay for a long search just to then be like "nope, already taken by someone else"
  7. He removed that comment from the post as it was not actually confirmed
  8. If Oren is allowed to keep their map art posters without having to pay for those they got before it became available for the rest of us. Then I think all nations should be given the amount of map art posters that Oren got with no payment. If not then they should be removed until paid for. Make it fair for everyone!
  9. Ingrid Marie Barclay would mourn the loss of the beloved old man. They had worked so closely for years and it was a comfort to have him there with her. "Farewell Edvard, it had been a pleasure having vy in the family" she stated, tears falling down her cheek as she sat in her office.
  10. [!] Fliers go out informing all those invited that the hauchmetvas had been changed to be held in eight saint's days instead. OOC: Sunday 21st February 4:30pm EST
  11. A painting of the baroness of Antioch in Nikirala Prikaz Prinzenas Hauchmetvas of Her Royal Highness, Prinzenas Royal Katerina Ceciliya Barbanov, Bossiras of Antioch Themed for Grandness and Elegance Vzmey and Hyff A Lady Hauchmetvas or debutante in common, shall be held in the Nikirala Prikaz palace to celebrate Prinzenas Royal Katerina Ceciliya Barbanov’s 14th name day, the only daughter of the late Koeng Josef I and Koenas Isabel of Valwyck. This occasion commemorates her ascent from adolescence to adulthood. Suitors are welcome to introduce themsel
  12. Katerina Ceciliya would read the missive, as her eyes fell upon her own name she chuckled before stating to herself; "Oh look, I'm mentioned. How lovely!" she grinned
  13. Katerina Ceciliya read the missive as she thus began to prepare her diary, her new quill and some fresh ink for the day. While Ingrid Barclay sat in Reinmar pondering if the pontiff would now regret what he had done.
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