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  1. {Open} Brusleton's Clothing

    [!] A note is pinned on the seamstress shop. "Taking a small break from sewing clothes, you may still place an order!"
  2. [Denied]Cuckfederacy's GM Application

    He can sometimes be a bit too quick to get angry or make judgeful decisions in anger. But I also believe the guy means well and can do lots of good if he just gets past his anger issues when it comes to certain things. I think he would make a great GM if taught well. +1 from me.
  3. A sign from God

    A sign from God It was a cold day in the duchy of Mystra. The streets were quiet as most of its citizens were inside their houses to warm themselves. However, a lone figure could be seen in the distance. The silhouette of the person grew closer and closer towards the chapel in the town. A black gown covering the human, a sign that it was a female and a widow. The widow of Mystra, otherwise known as Marie Palaiologina, opened the doors to the chapel. She stepped inside slowly. Her fingers trailing the walls of it as she reached the altar of God. She crossed herself before gently leaning in front of the stairs leading up to the altar to sit on her knees. Marie would bow before the altar, her lips giving the stairs a gentle kiss before leaning up. Her hands clasping against each other as she began to pray. "Father... I am lost, my kingdom is at war with your church. My husband died because of your warriors by order of the man whom is appointed by you yourself. I wish for revenge, yet to have that I must fight against your warriors. I have seen their ways and what they do, tell me God... Tell me they cannot be blessed by you for their acts. My husband was loyal to you, yet he was killed. How can that be your will? Or perhaps... It is true what they say, that part of the Church has become corrupt by human greed for power and money? I will always be your loyal believer, God. So tell me... what must I do, please! Give me a sign. For I cannot betray a kingdom my husband loved so much, nor can I fight your church. Save me, God! Save me!" She uttered out loud. Marie would sit there silently for a while, her head down as tears filled her cheeks. Suddenly, a small and thin light would seep through the windows lighting up the altar. She slowly looked up, her eyes widening as her lips curled into a gasping smile. God had given her a sign on this cold and gray day. She crossed herself, kissed the stairs once more before getting up. She threw her hands up towards the roof. "Thank you Father, I know what to do now!" She would shout out as if speaking to God himself. Marie had later then returned to her manor and was now sitting in her room on a chair. She would take out some clean paper as she reached for her quill. She dipped it in ink before her hands started to write on the paper with it. It would read the following: "To The Church of the Canon, I would like to ask for all of my children and myself to once again be made clear of all sins. Bathing us in holy water so we may be reborn once more. I have seen the light and even if I will not help you in laying waste to my kingdom, I shall help making sure the faith of Canonism is still breathing and alive in Santegia. As you all now I have been allowed by the king to invite priests to the duchy so me and my kin can continue our faith. But I have learned that there are still those outside of my duchy that are loyal to thee and is disgusted by the norlandic barbarians faith and their temple in San Andrian. But know that here in Mystra thee are safe and always welcome. For I am a loyal canonist even if I stay neutral in this fight between the church and my king. If any priests are ever harmed in my duchy, know that I will do the best I can to make sure justice is answered. All I wish to ask for in return is a deep apology from the OSL for having been the reason that my husband is dead. That a bishop will be placed in my privy council, and that thee try and have the church in Hagios Lothar sing once more. Signed, The regent of Mystra, Lady Marie Palaiologina" After she had finished writing her letter she called for her servant to carry the letter to the church. This was to make sure that no other would get their hands on the letter. After a while the servant came back telling Marie it had been delivered to the church and nobody else had gotten their eyes or hands on the letter. She gave a nod to her servant and some mina for a quick delivery. After he had left Marie smiled to herself. Pleased that God had heard her prayers and now she could rest and be at peace once more.
  4. A Condemnation of the Order of St. Lucien

    The widow Marie Palaiologina would nod at this. "The OSL order shall burn for taking my husband from me... I shall avenge you Demetrios my love, I promise you that" She would say towards the sky. A small tear falling down her cheek as she remembered her husband and the life the two shared so lovingly together. "I will not rest until they are all dead..."
  5. When a Chapter Closes, Another Opens...

    Marie was clutching at the lifeless body of her husband. Screams of agony being heard from her as she sobbed. She tried to hold him as close as she could without doing any damage to her big baby bump. She whispered words like "Come back" "You are not dead" "Please don't leave me" Though it was of no use. She looked down on his body with empty eyes, taking in his face once more before leaning down to gently and longingly kiss his lips one last time. "I love you... Farewell" were the last words she uttered. An hour or two later... Marie had gone and fetched her eldest daughter Rebekah. The little girl at 10 was crying as they walked back to Mystra, their home. For Marie had told her the news. Marie entered the manor only to be greeted by her youngest daughter Amelia and her eldest son Andronikos standing in the hall, waiting for them. Amelia ran towards her mother in a cheerful motion. "Mama! You are home, but where is Papa?" She would ask. Marie fell to her knees as she started hulking. Stephanos whom had been watching from the shadows quickly went forward to bring the children away. Though Marie stopped him. "N-no... they have to get told by me" She uttered as she looked up to greet all of her children. All her six children were now gathered, though two of them too young to understand as they were only two. Marie then told them the horrible news of their father. Most of them started crying, and due to the others crying so did the two year old twins. For grief, agony and sadness had now entered this great house. And for a long time it will stay so...
  6. Dungrimm's Champion

    Mergila would hear of the news, she then wandered back to her clinic while mumbling a few words to herself. "Oi 'ope t'at lad will nevah need a visit ter moi clinic... So young, an' yet t'ey be puttin' stories in 'is 'ead an' makin' 'im brave. T'a battlefield is nay place fer a beardlin'!"
  7. The set of an Eagle

    Marie Palaiologina had stood there watching her father-in-law take his last breaths with her husband, Demetrios Palaiologos. She had not let a single tear fall, as she found herself not able to do so. Though a sadness was in her heart as she watched him die, for even if she had disliked him the first years... she had grown to care for Romanos after a while. He had not been the perfect of men, but he was still a father figure to her. More than her own father had ever been to her. Something she would always hold in her heart and remember. For family was what she held dearest in her life. "Farewell, father" She whispered to herself for none, but perhaps her husband to hear. And he only would know how much it meant and how hard it was for her to utter those words.
  8. As her grace Marie Palaiologina saw the letter of independence she would start laughing hysterically. Her children that had been playing in the garden came to a halt to stare at their mother in surprise. The duchess continued to shake her head as she crumbled the letter. "Now that is a fine joke. Seeing as they are no longer a barony due to their titles and land having just been taken back by the regent. The man coming back after having been publicly executed for cold blooded murder in the streets... And then he declares his so called barony as independent! All of it belongs to the king... That fool!" Marie then went back to smile at her children, nodding at them.
  9. Dunamis

    oh dear
  10. How to increase player retention as a player

    I agree, telling someone to /d40 just because you killed the person in roleplay is wrong... Just let them ss instead, makes it more fun for all of us. Especially those that either are the victims of villain ropeplay or are the villains in roleplay. Don't encourage pixel harvesting... encourage roleplay instead!
  11. Disgrace to Kaz'Ulrah

    Mergila would read the parchment. A mighty laughter escaped her mouth, followed by spit. She then shouted out in the city of Kaz'Ulrah for all the citizens in the kingdom to hear. "T'a Queen moig't look a beardlin, an' 'er words tuu. But s'e wus just nae lucky enoug' ter be blessed boi Yemekar wit' a beard loike Oi wus. Du nay call 'er a umros. S'e 'as evereh roig't ter call 'erself a dwed loike all t'a ot'as. A dwed w'o attcks anot'ah dwed fer t'e way t'ey look 'as nay 'onor!" Mergila then shook her head as she went to rip off all the letters she could find in Kaz'Ulrah and burn them.
  12. I want to be fat so I can sit on my haters and squash them because why not?

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      Nah.Tell me and ill squash them all myself with my hammer. :3

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      I can imagine you being fat

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      Nah.Tell me and ill squash them all myself with my hammer. :3


      Image result for white knight meme

  13. [6.0] Nexus and PvP

    I agree with the removal of the things that DPM said, I'd keep the herbs from alchemy though as they can be used in rp for maybe help in healing like in the old medieval times. Instead of those powerful potions...
  14. Torkoal_Tom's AT Application

    I myself do not believe she is quite ready yet as she has threatened with reporting many people for metagaming in Santegia whom knew that her character Quillian was an elf yet she metagames herself. I also believe she can change, but I would like for her to gain a bit more experience and try out being an ET a bit longer before applying for another staff position. I also want to see people whom knows the server lore and knows how to properly rp server lore to be in charge of accepting new players as they will be guiding new players on the server and teaching them how to rp. Not someone whom roleplays that her clipped elven ear looks perfectly and exactly like a human's ear because of surgery when medieval surgeons would not have the means to do so. And she continues to roleplay that even after having been told by a GM that she has to stop... So no, I do not wish to see her on that team, at least not yet. -1 from me Oh and people who actually gets banned for metagaming and still is banned at this moment for it should not be an AT... Not a good role model for new players then to be honest.
  15. ...Another One.

    Bye bye!