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  1. Name ((RP Name)): Avilia Frostbeard MC Name: MissToni Clan: Frostbeard
  2. Amelia would read the note that had been pinned on the board. "Why would a man join with us when our people murdered his own brother?" She would ask herself while scratching her head in confusion.
  3. Amelia stares at the orc for a bit before sighing "I do not want orcs, so please leave me alone and stop trying. Or I will call the guards on you."
  4. Instead of finding Amelia he would find an empty house as Amelia was walking the streets of Aleksandria instead.
  5. Amelia hears her fiance's words and would slowly start regretting to have said yes to marry him. Shame would creep over her as she tosses the ring he gave her. "I am not marrying an idiot, how could I ever be so foolish to have said yes."
  6. Amelia would snort at the reading of this before she would talk to herself Let us see...Meric Staunton, me, Annabel Staunton, Philip Marna, the Rescue Party who wished to only speak in peace vs Boris Ruthern... Now I wonder who the true barbarians are, Haense!?
  7. +1 He writes good stuff
  8. +1 Cause why not?
  9. feedback?

    Yeah, I intended for it to have been a dragon(drake in this lore) to have been asleep for centuries because of some magic put on it. And then it had been awoken again by this 'voice'(not sure if this 'voice' should have a play in the event or naw) But thanks xD forgot I could ask for help since it's an event suggestion
  10. feedback?

    Thanks, and yeah I agree with adding other stuff as well ^w^
  11. feedback?

    I'll take these ideas in mind as well, thank you ^w^
  12. feedback?

    That is a really good idea, thank you. I'm trying to rewrite a bit on the lore and stuff already ^w^ I appreciate your replies on this.
  13. feedback?

    Thank you, I am trying to read more up on dragon lore. And yeah, I think it would probably be a large drake or a drakaar. But I don't really know where it should come from or where it should be attacked, so I am open to ideas ^w^