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  1. Frida Emelie heard of the news. She clutched the letter and slammed her fist down the table. "I should have taken more of her alcohol. Why did I niet try harder... Why!" She screamed. Her friend Suzette watching her breakdown while trying to calm down both her and her children's crying. "I will meet you in the skies one day, Katerina... But niet today... I have things to do" The princess mumbled while trying to wipe away the tears.
  2. Frida Emelie read the letter with a smile on her lips while she wandered the palace. "Grow strong and powerful dear one. And one day you might surpass your own father." She stated to this.
  3. Frida Emelie would hear the news of the King's death from her chamber. She had been bedridden as her pregnancy had caused her much trouble. Tears fell from her cheek as she broke into sobs. She so remembered the boy she had met in the kitchen when she was five and finally allowed to go to Reza. Andrik and her spoke of food and her wolf until the young girl Maya came. Frida's eyes watching them both with so much respect. And that respect became fondness as she thought of them as her closest friends. Her first two friends in this cruel world. "Too soon Andrik... You left her too soon.. She needs you, and we need you..." she muttered to nobody in particular.
  4. MissToni

    The Burden of Guilt

    "You will be dearly missed, Edyth..." Were the words that were uttered by a woman known as Frida Emelie. Her face filled with tears as she mourned the loss of her beloved friend.
  5. Frida Emelie would hear of the news as she lay ill in her bed. She crumbled up her letter before she cast it into the fire and shook her head. "Those wretched traitors! They killed our beloved pontiff... May Godan pass judgement onto them and I pray they get what they deserve!"
  6. Full Name of Man - Henrik Otto Barbanov Date of Birth of Man - 7th of Sigismund’s End, 1734 Name of Woman - Frida Emelie Barbanov nee Gant Date of Birth of Woman – 7th of Owyn’s Flame, 1735 Location of Ceremony - Basilica Cathedral Date of Ceremony (Year) - 1751 Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony - His Holiness, Pontian III
  7. If you gonna make a profession system. PLEASE INCLUDE JEWELLERY!!!! PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU. ❤️
  8. Saint Julia’s saviours [!] A midwife cleaning a newborn child after birth while the mother watches. [!] Ever feared the threatening dangers of childbirth and how every woman is always at risk? Well, with this midwife program I wish to try and lower the risks and possibilities of death. For we need the women and the children to survive during the long process of birth. Even our Queen Maya is not safe from the risk, as her own life almost forfeited after birthing triplets! Thank Godan for such a blessing. A call for doctors! We call for all doctors and medics who know much of the birth and the biology of women to help during this program. Each doctor and medic will be paid 1000 minas for each woman they are able to graduate into a purple midwife. Duties of the doctors Write books on birth and the biology of women for the midwives to follow and learn from. Making sure all the midwives are updated on all the best and newest knowledge of science on births and the biology of women. Testing each pink midwife of their knowledge until they are deemed ready to take the exam to become a purple midwife. A call for midwives - Females only! If you apply to become a midwife you will be greatly respected in the country as you help in giving safe passage to our future children and for less of our women to die in childbirth. For you are deeply needed. For those of you who apply you will be given a pink medal to wear as a sign you are studying in the art of midwifery. You may place the medal wherever you like. If you are already experienced as a midwife one of our doctors will test you. And if you pass you will be given a purple medal to wear at all times so the people will know that you are a professional and legitimate midwife. You may place the medal wherever you like. As payment for helping the women give birth you will be given 500 per non-noble child, 1000 per noble child and 1500 per royal child that survives. Must however be given proof of said child and the family. If the mother or child should die you will however only be paid 100 minas. Duties as a purple midwife of St Julia’s saviours The purple midwives are always expected to try and bring at least one pink midwife during a birth to help and gain knowledge. You are always at duty when asked for the help and will always assume there are no others that can help with the task. You may not refuse to help someone give birth even if they are a harlot. Will be punished with balding and the removal of the purple medal. You must always wear your purple medal. If not worn you will not be paid and acknowledged as if you have quit your services and must reapply if you wish to continue working as one. Write books of your experience to share with your fellow midwives. To the Maer of Haense I am also looking for a proper place to have the education for these women. It will need space enough for an examination room, a classroom, a room with a few beds if some poor peasants needs to give birth in the house. And a waiting lounge for the pregnant women that are waiting for their examinations. I would appreciate if we could get a spot right next to the royal clinic or close by so we can both work together. Signed, Her Ladyship, Frida Emelie of house Gant.
  9. RP Name:: Frida Emelie Gant MC Username: MissToni Discord: MissToni#0760 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Haense Why Do You Wish To Come?: I have never seen Athera and it would be interesting. I also think it would give my character something great as she loves adventures. What Skills Can You Bring?: Skilled with the blade, bow and Frida has always been good with animals.
  10. Thank you @JuliusAakerlund, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Zazu chirped happily from my nose rub meant from you! I miss our talks about serious stuff, you always had such wise things to say yet also quite ridiculous things as well. I hope the new year will treat you well buddy. Me and my birds offer you our love and appreciation. ^w^
  11. Update the server to 1.15. Apparently the bugs of 1.14 is fixed with that update. Or do what Narthok suggested.
  12. I'm fairly new to the High elf discord, and even during my time in it never once have I seen them laugh or make fun or **** post the people who were killed in the lava pool after their purity trials. The only thing I do see are pings about people getting online for the roleplay.
  13. A Princess Only in Memory That was the title she once held many many years ago. When there was a kingdom known as Marna, before Renatus came and took over. Her Highness, Princess Samantha Juliana of house Horen-Marna. The sister of the King of Marna. But it became only a memory. And memories are easily forgotten if the people who remember them dies. “My Lady” a servant would call to an old crone laying in her bed. “They have arrived, shall I let them in?” she would ask. The woman simply nodded in return as her eyes opened and revealed their gray yet dull colours. The doors would open as a priest entered the room along with some distant relatives of hers. At least she assumes so by their grey eyes. But there was one face among them all that she recognized. Tears fell down her cheeks as the girl she had watched grow into a woman stood before her. “F-francesca…” she uttered. The people there gaining a pained expression as they whispered. A doctor meeting the priest to inform him of her state. “As you can see… she has grown much worse” “Yes… Though she already spoke of her dead great-niece as if she was still alive before she reached this state” A man stated. “But aunt… Who am I?” Francesca would ask her great-aunt. Samantha beamed at her, her hand lifting to hold at the young woman’s cheek “A woman, my dear. And a strong one at that. And wherever you go I shall follow, for you are destined for great things.” She would utter. But her words were false. Great things she was destined for yes… But her family failed her, and thus she became a dove flying off from a balcony instead. A hope for the world taken away like a burst of wind to a lit candlelight. And Samantha was never able to accept such a fate to her beloved dragon. “F-francesca, you look great my d-” she said, though she could not finish her sentence before she started coughing, blood coming from her mouth as she did. The servant by her side quickly covering the mouth with a cloth to catch whatever germs and blood came out. “Your aunt does not look very good I am afraid…” she would state with a hoarse voice as she watched a woman whom so closely resembled her dragon, but only in the hair and eyes. Not in the face, but it did not matter to her. For any that reminded her of that girl would become Francesca in her mind. “Oh, Annabelle my dear. Remember to eat your fish as I have told you, it will help you in conceiving children” the old woman croaked, an almost mischievous smile to her expression. Yet in her eyes there was nothing but fondness if one just looked past those sharp and blunt words she often let escape from her tongue. The Queen of Kaedrin chuckled at her. They enjoyed each other’s company. She reminded her so of the sister she had once had and seen in Catherine Horen, who was once a Marna, but now only in blood. Though she was long dead. Samantha had loved her dearly, yet she also hated her younger sister. Though it mattered not, for now she had new family to love and some that were not even of her own blood. “Francesca, you must be strong... For soon I will no longer be with you, my dear” she would say to the woman she thought was her. She would beam at her, those standing there not wishing to take away the woman’s happiness as she was dying. As Samantha held out her hand towards “Francesca” the woman gently took her hand as she sat down by her side. “Grow your wings my dragon, and fly!” Samantha said, her breaths becoming more raspier. “For I am growing my own… I love you my dear, you were like the child I never had…” She would say. Tears rolling down both of the women’s cheeks. The group solemnly watched the scene unfold before them. The old woman of 118 years taking her last breaths. Though one last word would escape her mouth before her light went off from this world. “Francesca…” Samantha Juliana of house Marna 1625 - 1743 Once a Princess, always a Princess
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