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  1. The Life of a Bear "Wai’ for me!" A young girl by the name of Rozalina called out, in chase of her siblings. The lot of them were playing around in Valwyck, her brothers running to where the grand hall was. Huge grins sat pleasantly upon all of their youthful visages, but just as effortlessly their smiles were gained, they were dropped in half the time. Their father stood ominously in the hall, then his threatening presence soon turned to him reaching for her beloved siblings. Their fault? Maybe, they had been running louder than usual. This was the thought that adamantly passed through her mind as she turned her back for the first time, escaping into her mind, watching on in silence as her deranged father took to beating them with no remorse. In the following years to come, Rozalina tried her utmost to ignore and pretend the pain that her father would inflict upon both her siblings and herself. When it happened she broke off into her mind, idly biding her time until it was all over, how else would she have coped? Despite the abuse, she loved her father still, and her idle thoughts weathered the storm. Though as she grew older, the storm only grew more unappeasable and harder to ignore, it was never ending. She cowered in fear every time she heard the crack of a fist, or the mere presence of her father as he would enter the room. As her siblings wept, an insurmountable amount of helplessness filled her entire body, the thoughts of retaliation if she moved to help. Rozalina often hid away, praying that her father would not find her to lay his unforgiving abuse onto her. Fortunately, due to the years prior, she had the ability to remain hidden, even if it did mean abandoning her siblings; which she felt ever so guilty for. She was their sister, was she not? Pretending for Rozalina became harder and harder as the years passed. Some days their father was so kind, without a morsel of temper in his voice. It became a guessing game, so the young Baruch took no chances. She would always be donning a smile, even if it was forced and spiteridden. She even promised her father that she loved him more than her mother, all with the intent to stay on his bright, buoyant side rather than the latter. This white lie more often than not halting her father from beating her mother as frequently, and so she held onto this little amount of power she had for as long as possible. If she ever cast her mind back to the tipping point of it all, it was always the time she sat with her sister Kamila. They had both been playing around in the palace with Nataliya, and as children do, their jokes were crude. It all ended with their father finding them caught in their childish, yet innocent act, which he thought was the opposite of the norm and instead took to his typical, malicious abuse. Filled with animosity and the feeling of power he had over the siblings, her father bound them both by the wrists with no empathy for how tightly clenched the binds were, causing them to cry and mope as they rubbed and burnt them. He dragged them all the way back to Valwyck from the palace, the damage caused was irreversible and as such, their wrists never healed and were left atrociously scarred. So she took to wearing gloves from that point onwards, not wishing to show the proof of her father’s abuse to anybody; not a soul. The final stroke was when they found their mother, lifeless and decrepit in the lake closeby. Little Isabel, who had never felt the wrathful side of their father was the one to find her, what remained from this time forth was a desolate, grief-stricken household. Just like the death of any mother, the children who were left motherless and without a proper parent cried for days and never truly overcame her morbid death. And as they mourned, their father only grew worse and his abuse almost killed the lot of them, that is, until they stood against him. He stormed into their room during one shallow night, with vicious intent in his eyes, yet he had pushed this abuse too far for once. Blinded by his rage, the father died, murdered by his son Petyr in self defense. Rozalina watched on, but as he died she did not feel much of anything for her last parent, she even felt a glimmer of hope. She finally felt free, no longer did she have to comply and force smiles. Even in her freedom, the memories lingered and caused her great pain on the daily. Time passed and Rozalina figured she would join the military, finally representing something she believed in instead of what her father would have forced upon her. She wanted to rebel against her late father’s wishes in fact, it was something, anything against him; keeping her going. Never truly did she have time to think over what she wanted, how she was going to do it, or why, but the military kept her occupied and with short-lived goals. Others viewed Rozalina as somebody different, as she often spent her time hiding away her past. Yet from time to time, she slipped. Thankfully, this was never used against her in any way, as those that knew cared greatly for Rozalina. She fought greatly against what some would consider unnatural feelings that she had, and even harder when others would admit feelings for her in return. She promised herself, her sisters, her brother and GOD himself that she would not sway. Thus, she didn’t. So it pained her greatly to say farewell to the woman she loved. Rozalina considered her life a tragedy at first, but as the years fleetingly passed and the once adolescent girl matured into a finely respected Lady, she looked at her life in a different light. She had been lucky, to say the least, but on one clammy morning her daily rolling of the dice had deemed her to be out of luck. So with a tankard in her hand, at her most favoured table outside of the local tavern an attempt was made on her life, the first thrust missed its mark and left the Baruch screaming for help. Only had she felt fear like this once before, so as the second strike was struck she failed to triumph over the assassin. The last thing ever to be felt by Lady Rozalina was the cold steel of a disgraced dagger lodged deep into her throat. Her life passed before her in flashes, cradling and trying to hold onto others as they strived to save her life. Yet, the blow was inevitable and had finally taken her life for certain. And she lay there, lifeless and with her newly grieving sister by her side, inside the Haeseni hospital. So Isabel gently pushed aside some final strands of hair away from her face, her thumbs idly stroking her sister’s hand, "I’m so sorry Roza.. Ye were so focused on protectin’ me, I can nie help bu’ feel like I failed a’ protectin’ ye." Isabel would utter between shaky breaths. "I nie know if ye can even hear me, bu’ I am so incredibly proud of ye." She stated, a sob being heard from the woman as she clutched Rozalina’s lifeless body. Trying to get some more warmth and safety from her elder sister one last time. But there was none to be found, for the world is cruel and dark. And so ended the life of Rozalina Baruch. A troubled bear, with a troubled past. Rozalina Erika Baruch 1768 - 1794
  2. "Krusae zwy Kongzem!" Rozalina Baruch would utter after having read the missive.
  3. The auction has now ended! Light Blue and Gold Female: @SerFinnick Light Blue and Gold: @SerFinnick Fancy Queen: @Arundlt Blue Colonial: @Arundlt Highlander Armor: @Erilobar Woman's World: @TheIchorDruid Lady Fox: @TheIchorDruid
  4. Time auction ends has been changed to 6pm EST 12th November to make time for Americans to wake up before auction ends.
  5. Will be counted this time, next time make a new comment.
  6. I am doing another skin auction in hopes of getting some extra cash to spend on christmas presents. So I hope some of you will want these and perhaps use them. You will need paypal for this or have a friend that has paypal. The auction will end on the 12th of November, 6pm EST. Rules: The bids not following these rules will be ignored and seen as invalid bids! You can not edit a comment, please make a new one so that it is easier to keep track. Bidding starts at minimum 5 USD. All bidding will be increments of a minimum 50 cents. You MUST be able to pay the amount required as soon as the auction ends. Bid Format: Discord: Skin/s and bid/s (Label clearly with the skin name, and list separately if multiple): Skins: Male skins: Light blue and Gold Blue Colonial: Fat Imperial: (eyebrow and eye colour can be changed) Highlander Armour: Female skins: Light blue and Gold Female: Fancy Queen: Red Court Gown: Beige: It’s a woman’s world: Violet Dream: Lady Fox: Peacock Gown:
  7. Karolina Barclay welcomed her friend into the seven skies with a wide grin. "Don't worry, you'll get to watch your daughter and wife up from above!" she stated to him as she clapped him on the shoulders. She then brought him to meet the fellow group of deceased HRA members and citizens of Haense.
  8. Monthly Player Appreciation To the Haense community, Do you ever feel like we need more wholesomeness in our community? Or a need for more appreciation of our great players and the things they contribute with? Well I do. Which is why I wanted to start a monthly player appreciation post. But before I start, I want to make it clear that this player is not greater than the rest. All of us matter and are appreciated for the things we do for Haense. So don’t feel bad if you are not included in the first few posts. There will be many more of these so maybe one day if you keep doing you and making this community great you will end up in M.P.A. one day! We love you and appreciate all of you! Sincerely the Haense community. If you feel like you know which player deserves to be on one of these posts in the future you can pm me on discord that will be listed further below on this post! Or you can fill out this form that is posted below. Remember to include why you feel like the player deserves a spot and what he/she/it has done for Haense or for you. M.P.A. Form for next post Discord: GreenBudgie#0760 Click on the next page to see which player was given some extra appreciation this month! October 2020: 0zark 0zark has been with the Haense community for around five to six months. So one can say he is pretty new, but he has still become a part of this community that some of us call a family. And this month he is the player chosen to get some more appreciation than the rest. 0zark is a part of the HRA, the military of the kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska with his character that is also called 0zark. He has been a good member of the community by making people feel welcome and also included others in his roleplay. He has protected us and our community alongside the rest from raids, bandits and other things. He has also worked hard with many of our other builders for our city on the next map. And it has been amazing and fun to work alongside him. Even though we both wanted to strangle each other with how much work there was, he still continued on. I think I speak for many of us when I say he is an incredible builder and decorator and we are so thankful for his work. My personal message to 0zark: Before I started helping with building the city for the next map I in truth had no idea who you were. And you did not know who I was either. But after having worked so long with the build alongside you and others... I must say you are super nice, kind and funny. And I look forward to having a marvelous time with you next map! This month is for you @0zark
  9. No, I don’t like Poliwhirl ;-;
  10. I love this community so much! Truly like a giant family with both bad and good memories. I'm glad I rejoined Haense again last year.
  11. Public letter to the Pontiff [III] [!] Throughout the human cities of Arcas one could see several notes hung on houses, doors, churches, palaces and in the different squares. And each time one was ripped down another five were hung up on the same place. It read the following: “I write a third letter to you, your holiness; In this letter, I wish to discuss marriage in my letter to you. I said in my first letter it is stated in the Holy Scrolls in the Canticle of Temperance: ‘9) So I am the Most High, and in pursuit of My Virtue, I bid my faithful this: You shall not lie with your kin, nor those of other tribes, and none shall lie together but in holy union.’ Horen married Julia and invented the sacrament of Matrimony. But before Horen and Julia could have been married, the first man and woman must have had sex. They couldn’t have been married as they existed before the first sacraments. Even if matrimony is exclusively heterosexual, monogamous relationships between people of the same sex fall under holy union. The sacraments of matrimony have traditionally been confined to men and women but tradition does not mean that there is only one singular type of holy union, evidenced in the marriage of man and woman before the sacraments’ existence. What is holy union exactly? One could argue that holy union can mean more than just a marriage between a man and a woman but also to that of a union between those of the same sex. The absence of recorded marriages between members of the same-sex does not mean that unions between the same-sexes are unholy. I assert that there may have been many unions between members of the same sex which had not officiated explicitly in the sacrament of matrimony as a result of this false interpretation. These unofficiated marriages were nevertheless neither sinful nor contrary to the Scrolls for if God had not wished for same sexes to be joined in holy union he would have clearly stated so as he does with that which he deems as unholy. I conclude that holy union is a union blessed by God in any way or form. If God meant marriage between a man and a woman, the sacraments would have clearly excluded same-sex relationships from being held through holy union and matrimony.” Signed, God’s Faithful Daughter
  12. Public letter to the Pontiff [II] [!] Throughout the human cities of Arcas one could see several notes hung on houses, doors, churches, palaces and in the different squares. And each time one was ripped down another five were hung up on the same place. It read the following: “I write another letter to you your holiness, For I have heard the talk that my last one had created. I have heard how some spoke harshly about the letter, while others had spoke sympathetically about it. Others had failed to understand as a result of their inexperience. I come to you now with a few questions that I wish to divulge with yourself, my holiness. Why would a just God create these feelings if they were not to be acted upon by his creation?. God created me with a love for women, so why can I not act on this due to the will of his own holy likeness on Earth? God created many different forms of love like that of platonic love, romantic love and sexual love. So he must have created the love I feel as well. If Iblees only corrupts and destroys, then he cannot create this love that I feel; It is, truly, only God who can create pure love.” Signed, God’s Faithful Daughter
  13. It was so much fun working with you all on this city. So excited for the new map!
  14. The Crow in the Cage [!] A random painter’s creative interpretation of the roads in the Wick woods.[!] A lone figure sat upon a horse, her crown glistened from the lone beams of sunlight that lit up the forest as she galloped across the rough path through the Wick Woods. The leaves rustling from the wind as all seemed well and peaceful. But it was all a trick, for hiding in the bushes were evil thoughts and that of greed. The Koenas of Haense had realized that day that she should have never left on her own as men darted out from behind the thick brush lining the road. She was dragged from her horse and beaten by the two figures, her lack of strength was made clear as she was no warrior like her predecessor. Terrified and battered, she was thrown into a cage where her only company would be that of rotting human corpses. The group of bandits taunted the young Koenas, was she ever to see her beloved country again? As the sun began to set she began to lose faith, was anybody coming to her rescue?. But soon a familiar voice was heard. The shouts of the Lord Marshal and the Keong echoed across the forest. Her Koeng had come to rescue her, and with him was his army. She was to be free once more! They fought valiantly, as the warriors of Haense slaughtered the bandit ranks with ease. This of course could only be accomplished by the help of Nish Igrimmir’s crippling arrow volleys he had let off that would kill and injure many of the opposing Brigands, and the brute force of Zodd Caliban and his lumbering Greatsword that would later be thrown to impale a weak hedge knight that had chosen to run from the field of bloody battle. As the gruesome and unforgiving battle went on, some were bound to be harmed as the Lord Marshal, Manfred Barclay, would find himself with a devastating arrow lodged into his knee that would leave his men to fend for themselves against the overwhelmingly big force of Brigands. Though leaderless, Haenses great force of good would prove themselves as great fighters on the battlefield as they pushed on in the horrifying face of danger while without their Lord Marshal to accompany them in the front lines The young Koenas longed to be free, and soon she would. But she relished too quick in her relief as an arrow struck her arm. She cried out in pain, but the arrow had not come from the enemy forces. A soldier of the Haense Royal Army shot his own Koenas accidentally as he had aimed for one of the bandit guards in front of her cage. It would not be the last arrow sent by him. The Koeng himself loosened his arrow towards one of the archers standing on top of the Koenas’s cage. Alas his horse had a fright from an enemy crossbow bolt which caused the Koeng’s arrow to fly in the direction of Ser Demetrius var Ruthern, hitting him in the back and knocking him off his horse. But Koeng Josef would prove himself a mighty warrior later as he struck a bandit down with his sword. The soldier named Ithilien who had earlier shot the Koenas was struck by an enemy arrow in his knee. Causing him great anger as he started loading his crossbow soon after. For he would again send an arrow in the direction of the Koenas This time his aim was set on her. His eyes glaring at her as he perhaps cursed her in his mind? Maybe it was anger at being hurt from the bandits, or annoyance at having to come and save the Koenas.The arrow found its way to Isabel’s stomach this time. Causing her great pain and agony. A pitiful thing as she was given more harm from a soldier of Haense than that of the bandits that had taken her. In the meantime a bandit was hacked apart, his fingers flying around as he died a cruel death to the arms of Ser Demetrius. His blood turning the grass red and the soldier that took his life relished in his victory. Others fell to Ser Boris var Ruthern as he hacked them apart with his sword or trampled them with his horse. The royal army started to fell the bandits one by one as the rest were filled with fear. The bandits began to run, crying out for safety and their mothers after having seen so many of their comrades die at the hands of strangers. The last bandit to die was one that had gone mad from rage and sadness of seeing his men die. He lunged out and shot blindly with his bow. Though no man was harmed by his arrow. Ser Boris charged at him with his horse. But the bandit evaded his lunge as he took out a knife and stabbed his horse. This caused Ser Boris to fall off and land hard onto the ground due to his horse’s reaction to being stabbed. He turned to Ser Boris now laying there helplessly and lifted his knife. But that would be his doom. For the brave squire Theodosiya of house Vyronov took a stand as she saved her mentor Ser Boris from the mad bandit’s knife. Her sword went deep into the man, his blood painting the woman in a shower of red. A group of men cracked open the wooden bars that kept the Koenas in her cage as they hurried her out of there and on top of a horse. The soldier Mio Mackensen doing most of the work. Time was nigh as they hurried her back to Reza to be treated. Godan was on their side that day as the medic treated the Koenas. She was no longer on the doorstep of death, but on that of life. Godan save the Koenas! OOC:
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