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  1. Username: MissToni Discord: GreenBudgie#0760 RP Name: Katerina Ceciliya How many Tickets: 40
  2. The people who has gotten the different skins are as following: A Summer's Day Stroll: @Demented_Delila120 Mina Foxy Gambeson: @Vic590 Minas Orenian Blue: @MotherLay160 Minas Light Blue and Gold: @Sri160 Minas Haeseni Noble: @Coolcod77350 Minas Floral Fox: @Demented_Delila400 Minas
  3. Discord: CasualNuker#9179 Skin/s and bid/s: Orenian Blue 150 Bidding for someone else
  4. Discord: CasualNuker#9179 Skin/s and bid/s: Orenian Blue 130 Bidding for someone else
  5. Discord: CasualNuker#9179 Skin/s and bid/s: Orenian Blue 110 Bidding for someone else
  6. Katerina Ceciliya glanced at Jackson Porter's body as he was carried away by the lord marshal. The words she had been told upon seeing the corpse still rung in her head. Her eyes now staring up at the sky as she whispered the words into the cold air that the man never got to hear whilst alive. "I forgive vy, Jackson"
  7. Auction Time has been changed to end at the 10th of May at 6pm EST!!
  8. I am doing another skin auction in hopes of getting some extra mina. So I hope some of you will want these and perhaps use them. The auction will end on the 10th of May, 6pm EST. Rules: The bids not following these rules will be ignored and seen as invalid bids. You can not edit a comment, please make a new one so that it is easier to keep track. Bidding starts at minimum 100 Mina. All bidding will be increments of a minimum 10 Mina. You HAVE to tag the person(or people) you are outbidding a skin on You M
  9. Katerina Ceciliya raised an eyebrow at the mention of Queen-Mother. "There was nie Koenas there... All of them are dead. Or is this paper claiming that Lady Rosalind is a Koenas-Mametr? Oh that is so laughable."
  10. Please keep alchemy and herb nodes! It honestly a good system compared to having no system for herbs. So please keep that!
  11. April 2021: Livrose Livrose, one of our many wonderful people in the community of Haense that works hard to bring culture and fun into it. She has been with us for quite some time now and we are happy to have her. She is also a fun person to speak to in vc and a very funny lady in general. She has written beautiful posts of etiquette and marriage culture here in Haense along with so many event posts. They are always a thrill to read and the formatting is beautiful. Livrose truly deserves a lot of praise as she worked on a lot of them for quite a long time.
  12. Katerina Ceciliya grinned upon hearing which date the wedding was to be. "Finally, took vy two long enough." she laughed
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