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  1. Calla von Theonus planted a flower near the newly constructed Theonus family crypt, in honor of the man her kin had fought side by side with. "Rest easy, Master at Arms."
  2. Calla von Theonus squealed in excitement as she read the missive. "It took them long enough! Oh, I must put together a wedding bouquet for Yvaine!" The elderly woman then gathered a basket of freshly baked cookies to bring over to her nephew and future niece to celebrate the news.
  3. Princess Rowena of the Petra waved her mother off as she went on her journey. As she watched Catherine disappear into the woods, Rowena thought herself to be lucky that she was afforded a relatively quiet childhood, unlike the little Queen. (OOC: I’m on mobile and don’t know how to change the font, suffer with default text until i can edit this)
  4. look mom it’s me! yippeee i love seeing my trans friends, shame they have to disappear until next year.
  5. Princess Rowena had given chase after Eriantiel and the 'ame who escorted her, rounding the corner of the alleyway to stumble upon the portal. She had marched in with the rest, the little 10-year-old with her trusty mace, intending to try and save her fellow Princess. Instead, she learned a brutal truth of the world. Sometimes, you lose the battle. Sometimes, you lose a friend.
  6. Nikoletta Colborn stares at her cabinet full of carrion black, reaching for a bottle. She tilted her head back, chugging the whole bottle in one sitting. "For Aedymamej Amaya. Ea hope she says hej to my mamej and papej, they could use some good company up there."
  7. Princess Rowena read the missive her mentor put out, worry filling her expression. Her tension lessened once she read that Aimo still wished to train her. She looked out the window of her room, deep in thought about her future and the future of the knight order she was training so hard to join. "I hope I can become even half the knight you are. And I hope you can keep teaching me how to be better." The Princess crumpled up the paper and spun on her heels, racing down to the barracks to keep training.
  8. I'm grateful for so many people on lotc, a lot of whom don't play anymore. I met best friends and a partner through this silly stupid server and I'm lucky to have stumbled upon it. @discojazz, @Diaolos, @Moo_bot, @_AquaticWolf_, @NestroPapaya y'all won't see this post, but I appreciate you guys so so much <3 @Destructokeith, @Itz_Cookie, @Tremerus, @beetle, @PufferfishTrash, @Rosey, @Travisty, @Tav, @ratlordmagic, @Maevlin, @Generic , @Heart_Spam, @Deets, @Zaerie, @ColdestPepsi, and any others I forgot to tag. I love y'all and I'm glad we met through this silly little mineman server. my favorite thing about lotc are the people I've met through this game and the stories I get to create. This server has both good and bad, and there's a reason I've stuck around for almost three years now (that's a little scary).
  9. -⊰ A MESSAGE FROM ⊱- -⊰ WRITTEN BY ⊱- HEAD PHYSICIAN OF THE PETRA -⊰ THE YEAR OF OUR LORD 1965 ⊱- When I founded the Vallagne Medical Society over 30 years ago on the premise of free and accessible medical aid to the citizens of Petra, I truly never expected the trials I would have to go through, or that I would be leading the Hospital for so long. I have seen Petra through war and prosperity, and I am very, very proud to be your Head Physician. But now, as I grow older, my hands are less steady, and my eyesight worsens, it is time to pass the torch on to a capable leader. Marisol Solis has been my assistant for over 10 years and has grown into a competent, hardworking, and dedicated woman. I do not doubt that she will be an excellent leader and teacher to Petra's new generation of physicians. As for myself, I will still help the physicians and teach lessons when I can, though I’d like to enjoy a quiet retirement with my husband. I would like to say thank you to every Petran who has shown me love while working as your Head Physician, along with Renilde and Catherine. I know I leave you all in excellent hands, and again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. HER LADYSHIP, Head Physician of the Vallagne Medical Society, Former Governess to Catherine I
  10. Princess Rowena prepared to bring snacks and a sleeping bag for the event, along with reading a few spooky stories to share with her new friends.
  11. Very good Sunday :)

  12. Calla von Theonus clapped her old friend on the back, a bottle of whiskey in hand. "You've earned a good retirement. Now, let's get so drunk we can't walk."
  13. Princess Rowena eagerly showed the invitation to her siblings and cousins, so excited to be invited to the party! She made sure to set aside her prettiest tiara for the occasion.
  14. [!] A depiction of the palms found near the Al-Mona Campsite As the radiant summer sun rose upon the Al-Mona Campsite, preparations for a wedding were being made. The marriage of the Sheikh, Abdur bin Rasheed Al-Mona, and his fiance, Nayla bint Maahir Al-Majid, is fast approaching with much excitement. All are invited to celebrate the union of Abdur and Nayla, though special invitations are distributed to the following: His Highness, Cesar II, Viceroy of Hyspia, his esteemed pedigree, and all citizens of Hyspia Grommash, Rex of the Iron Horde, and all citizens of the Iron Horde Mahpiya Farisbarii, and all members of the Kwee’Hayastaani Ser Berior of Formindon Dame Marisol Solis and her Fiance Lady Sabine von Theonus The ceremony will take place in the evening of The Sun’s Smile of the year SA 169. A traditional Badawi reception will take place after the ceremony, including a feast, presentation of gifts, and continued celebration. There are even rumors circulating that the bride-to-be will entertain the guests with her musical prowess.
  15. Calla von Theonus didn't hear about Karl's death until after Theoderic had returned, through hushed words and bowed heads. After picking up the letter left to her husband, she shed several tears for the man who had always been there for her and Theo. "I wish I was able to call him my father-in-law in life, but doing so now still feels right..." Calla nursed a bottle of wine for the rest of that night, reminiscing about Karl and Annette, wishing she could have gotten to know them better than she did.
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