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  1. Fenika Lichte sits in her room where she'd been grounded after the previous night's...entertainment, holding the missive with both her chubby hands. "Badddmaaaannntoon." She whispers to herself, grinning. "It sounds funny." With that, she goes to yell downstairs to her Papej to find her a 'badmanton' racket so she could beat all the boys. @Gusano Name: "Fenika Lichte" There would be a few smiley faces and scribbles around the page. Age: "5" Association Member? "Uhhhhhh, nie?" Describe your level of ability and experience playing badminton: "I'm bestest."
  2. THE HAESENI SEASON Ve Lifstala 360 ES ______________________________________________________________________________________ It is with this official missive that the Queen's Council announce the beginning fo the new Haeseni tradition, Lifstala. Otherwise known as the Season, its aim is to bring together the eligible young people of the city in an andlesss whirlwind of festivities and pleasures as well as providing an opportunity to enjoy oneself in the upcoming events. There is no minimum age limit to partake in the festivities, since the Season is geared towards ma
  3. IGN: livrose Skin: Renaissance Rouge Discord: livrose#0950 Bid: 60
  4. Rosalind de Astrea beams as she reviews the invitations, dictated by Ana for her to write. "Ah- she's taking after me already!" The lady smoothes out both of their dresses and ensures their small army of dolls are quite prepared for tea!
  5. THE PICNIC OF KAROSGRAD Vzmey and Hynk 356ES ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Children of Haense are invited to an event to embark upon each other's friendships and further acquaint those who have yet to meet. Youths are allowed to attend at their own preference, but may bring parentage if needed, for a picnic in the gardens of the palace! If you have a babej or toddler, bring them and yourself along! Following the delicious picnic
  6. NEW BEGINNINGS The elfess sat in her armour, methodically sharpening her sword with a whetting stone. Her head was bowed over her work, lips pressed together, and with each downwards slash her mind grew clearer. Sharper. Like the sword that had been so loyal to her. Dearest friends had resigned and departed elcihi for greener pastures and it was time she did the same. Setting down her weapon Lorelei picked up a pen, balancing it in between her fingers. No words flowed onto the empty parchment for a while, despite her pacing and grumbling. Eventually her thoughts settle
  7. The missive had arrived on the elfess' desk, placed at the forefront of a pile of letters and sheets. Lorelei scanned its contents, a brow raised. "It seems reason has returned to Haelun'or." She remarked softly, setting the paper down.
  8. THE BALLOT (livrose)) Name: Lorelei Miravaris Vote for Okarir'tir: ( ) Valorin Celia'thilln ( XX ) Ellisar Aevaris ( ) Olrin Hildinyr
  9. Lorelei, whilst sat in her office would smooth out the parchment that had just arrived. She scans the work, humming in approval. "A proper structure for the clinic is now in place, thanks to our Okarir. I suppose I'd better start planning some lessons!"
  10. ETIQUETTE REFORMS IN THE ROYAL COURT OF HANSETI-RUSKA As penned by HER EXCELLENCY, the Lady Chamberlain Rosalind Elizaveta Amador de Astrea and confirmed by HER MAJESTY, Queen Isabel Franziska Barbanov, 353 ES Table of Contents I. Salutations II. Letters III. Dining IV. Behaviour in Court V. Balls, Masquerades & Parties VI. Marriage & Courtship VII. Hauchmetvas VIII. Conclusion ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I. E
  11. A SLUMBER PARTY Vzmey and Hyff, 352ES Well-sealed epistles had found themselves in the palms of ladies around the city. Innermost lay an eloquent and competently written letter. You are amicably invited to Haense's first slumber party - one reserved for ladies only. It will be a relaxed evening consisting of games and chatter within the Nikirala Prikaz, allowing for the women of Haense to converse and get to know one another better. It is encouraged that every woman laying eyes on this invitation attends. The evening shall commence with treats fo
  12. THE BALLOT ((MC name: livrose)) Name: Lorelei Miravaris Vote for Okarir'nor: (X) Maeve Elibar'acal (X) Aestenia Aevaris
  13. Lorelei sighs as she scans over the notice, placing it down on the kitchen table. For a moment her bubbling pot on the stove is all but forgotten. The elfess takes a seat, eyes flickering to the patient reports she had stacked neatly in a pile and leans back in her chair. "We will keep your legacy alive." She'd say into the empty room.
  14. THE BALLOT ((MC name: livrose)) Name: Lorelei Miravaris Vote for Sohaer: ( X ) Anethra Uradir ( X ) Eredael Rhenaer
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