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  1. Fenika Lichte was throwing things, somewhat haphazardly, into her trunk later that evening. Packing away her childhood into a few boxes, as one does, after marriage. Once the job was finished, she looked about her old room, examining each displayed portrait and niche in the wall in hopes to commit it to memory. Perhaps Otto would even get a proper bedroom now that her's was emptied... Then, just as the girl went to close her cupboard she spied a book lying in the back corner. Taking it into both hands and blowing the dust off the colour revealed the all-too-familiar title of Prince
  2. Rosalind de Astrea, now that the invitations had been distributed, was in a WHIRLWIND of dresses and flowers and arrangements of very important things such as colour schemes. Although technically, this was her daughter's wedding - you wouldn't know it, for Rosalind the MAMEJZILLA had made her return.
  3. "Woah!" Fenika Lichte scans over the invitation, before thrusting it in Ailred's face. "I'm going to beat you."
  4. NOTES ON THE HAESENI SEASON Ve Lifstala - The Presentation 372 ES [!] The musings and thoughts of Lady Rosalind de Astrea and Lady Annika Vyronov would be written down neatly. The compilation of notes would be kept private between only the two ladies as they shared their mutual thoughts about the current participants of Ve Lifstala! His Lordship, Edmund Barclay: Lord Edmund Barclay, simply another face in a sea of Barclay genes in Karosgrad. And yet, this particular boy managed to stand out among his rel
  5. Rosalind Amador de Astrea loves Canonism. "Godan be praised." She kisses her precious Lorraine Cross.
  6. Rosalind nods a few times as she scans the missive, wiping a stray tear - perhaps out of pride for her youngest, or mourning her elder daughter. "Adalia will be good in DUMA. She does like arguing, after all."
  7. IGN: livrose Character Name: Fenika Lichte Age: 15 Place of Residence / Street Address: Nikirala Palace Position: Alderman
  8. THE MOST HELPFUL CANDIDATE Fenika Lichte on one of her campaigns, rallying the masses circ. 370 ES FENIKA LICHTE BARBANOV MEET THE GIRL HERSELF Fenika Lichte Barbanov is the eldest daughter of the wondrous Grand Maer, HRH Franz Leopold. Inspired by her father, she has decided to follow in his footsteps not only to knighthood, but his interest in the DUMA. At about 10 years old she had graduated from the prestigious academy in Karosgrad with not one, but two degrees! She has served alongside her peers, warding in the Aulic Envoy’s office and is no stranger
  9. THE FUNERAL OF KOENAS ISABEL Wzuvar and Byvca, 370 ES Va ve Edlervik, From the desk of the Grand Lady, this announcement has not been penned lightly. On this day, the Wzuvar and Byvca of 370 ES, Her Royal Majesty, our Queen-Mother, Isabel of Valwyck, - the prior Queen-Consort to Koeng Josef I - was murdered. The Kingdom is forever grateful for her long life of dedication to Hanseti-Ruska and will pray for her ascent into the Seven Skies. The people and allies of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska are welcomed to attend a service that
  10. Rosalind had been holding Petra for quite some time now. Her arms were numb from the weight of the toddler. She didn't quite want to put her down. Instead, she played with the cuffs of her little sleeves, braiding and unbraiding her hair in tiny plaits, all the while chattering to the girl - about dresses and shoes - picking off a few flowers from her crown to tuck into her hair. "Do niet fear, child. I will buy you a dress. A good dress makes problems go away." Rosalind is very wise.
  11. The Talk of the Court Edition I An Article on Notices, Court and Culture Vzmey and Hynk 357 ES POSITIONS WANTED With the new reformations in the Court of Hanseti-Ruska, an entirely new position needs to be filled as well as the other uninhabited roles on the Koenas’ Council. - The Palace Custodian is a position of great esteem. It is a role which is similar to the prior responsibilities of the Grand Lady - running palace-focused events and working with event collaborators, leading the courts. - The courts are seeking a Head
  12. The Scavenger Hunt of 368 ES This year, we welcome the coming of warmer seasons as our frigid winter draws to a close. The streets of Karosgrad bustle with activity once more as our stalls are set up, gardens fill with guests and the hum of the city returns to its full vibrance. Thus, we will have a Scavenger Hunt lasting throughout the day! Chests will be hidden in and around the city, each containing a necessary item to prove you have found each piece of the scavenger hunt. Each competitor will need to collect the six bottles found in six chests, each labelled and one
  13. Festivities in the Sun! Joma and Umund 368 ES In this year of 368 ES, Koenas Mariya and her Council see it fit that we savour the ever-growing sunlight as Spring creeps upon us. It is a season for glowing festivities during such halcyon days. On Joma and Umund, an invitation is distributed to a garden party in the Palace Gardens. Picnic blankets and all manner of snacks will be available, both from a self serving station and passed around by our obliging staff. Soft music and performances will be played for the entertainment of guests over the hum of
  14. MORRIVI ENEST -=+=- Tov & Yermey A depiction of the subjects of Haense making merry of Morrivi’s blooming, c. 366 ES. INTRODUCTION As blauwmz begin to blanket the Hanseti homelands, and the passerines warble about in gathered confiders- the Queen’s Council deems it befitting to devise and announce KAROSGRAD’S MORRIVI ENEST. Such an event shall be heeded as a symbol of Koeng Heinrik and Koenas Mariya’s first born daughter and son. To commemorate the dawn of spring and the Princess Royal, Prinzenas Petra Emma and Hi
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