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  1. Mickey


    Growing up, Fyriena, otherwise known as Fyr, has always been happy with her life. She thought nothing but the best of it. How could she not? She has a warm and loving family, good friends, and lives in the best settle an elf in tune with nature could ask for: Siramenor. Like a true wood elf, she enjoys the nature surrounding her and takes in all the beauty falling more and more in love with its enchanting look. As she grew older, Fyr’s parents taught her the importance of the forest. Soon she started to follow Elnarsae’ame making sure to treat the forest as an equal rather it being inferior, a
  2. Mickey


    As a child, Eivlynn was very fortunate. A beautiful elf with dark hair, tan skin, who wears a nice green dress to match her emerald eyes. Born into the Wood Elves, she had a loving family, a wonderful childhood, no siblings and loved to adventure and be carefree. Under the zodiac of Faesu, Eivlynn’s love for nature was quite natural and so she became a very curious child though she’s very naive as well. She was sociable enough to get through conversations and have great friends, but nothing distracted her more than the beautiful forest she lived in. Eivlynn’s parents, as any other elvish peopl
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