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  1. A dainty 'ker sat alone out on the balcony in her larger home in Lurin, the only place she really considered home at the time. The sight of the city reminded her much of her time in Elysium, especially when her sister, Nisreen, was brought into the world. Her sister has always been her pride and joy, her right hand woman. The talks of their husbands of the time, their mother and how she could never stop working for a moment, to the making of the small snail doll to follow her tracks. The 'ker got to watch her grow into an amazing individual. Annore did not understand why she had to be the one cursed with long life of the mali, she watched each of those of her family dissipate. First there was Utata, then Umama, and now her beloved sister Nissi. The river of tears began to stream down the spotted face of hers, as she was the only one left to live out their stories and tell them, this will not be the end of the Reede de Astrea's.
  2. “You will always be something great, my young eagle, my sunshine, my beautiful ome’ii…” "Haelun used to always say those words to meh. I never thought I would ‘ear them end. It was like a musical symphony I thought would last forever. But, simply, time moves on. I sit and wonder often why I ‘ad been the ome to survive in this treacherous world, protect its balance with meh own life." The quite grown druidess spoke softly to herself as she rested herself near her beloved petalled tree, watching the azure petals land near within her wild mane. Her pupils illuminated with the deep tones of ichor as she kept her hands within the ground, blossoms sprouting out as she smiled ever so softly. "I know ye’ would be proud of meh Haelun, I did wot ye’ could never complete. I did this for ye’, are ye’ proud within the skies with our Thunderbird. I even brought back a part of our culture Haelun, but, it is not enough. I am a curse. Those around mhe seem to wither away oh so quickly, what ‘ave I done to deserve this Haelun? Mal’onn ‘as passed, many of our family members have perished, my beloved, it never ends." The Inferno slowly brought her gaze to her side where her mothers wedding dagger had rested, what a beautiful piece. The druidess remembers being told of the person who have given this to her mother on her special day with Ehrendil, she loved it. The young mali took grasp of the dagger as she inspected it carefully and sighed quietly. "I know it is not good to end this way Haelun, I know. I wish our souls would meet once more, but, ye’ do not reside where I shall go. I believe my service has come to worlds end. May I be free with the birds, in the name of the Aspects and Nemglan, ahernan for my opportunities as yer servant to the lands…" And with that, Nailo begun to inch the dagger within. A soft smile glew upon her face as she soon laid to rest on the ground of her tree. The cycle continues as she joins the nature around. As she looks up at the petals of her tree one last time she remember the sweet moments with her family… Maruthir, her grandfather. How could she forget the one who cared for her even since she was so young. He was like a father to her. Nailo wanted to be just like him, the best druid in her eyes. She regretted not being around as much, but she loved him with her life and would do anything for him. Then her grandmother Zyn’ira, she came so late but was someone who she sought as a mother. As much as Nailo hated to say that, she knew it was true. Ehrendil. Her true hero. He spoke so much sense and logic into the young druidess’s mind, he cared deeply for her if she was his own. Nailo loved him as a brother, even if they were not blood. The time where he was Brother Monarch, what a true celebration, even after his unattunement, she stil called him Brother Monarch. May he continue to be the best… Before she could think of anything else, her eyes became weary as she the ichor mist slowly began to fade as the druidess let her eyes shut for eternal sleep. Soon enough, she shall be at peace with the rest of her people, in the lands of the druids. Items of The Inferno would be sent out to its new owners.
  3. A lone eagle child sat top of her dear home around those she loved as she peered out towards the rising of the day once more. The letter she received was grasped so tightly in her hand as she let out a deepened sigh. The Inferno knew nothing but blame. She could not think straight anymore, she was not there to help, in her mind, it was all her fault for listening to him as he said to lay low. "Nemglan.. Lead 'im well down the right path. I may never see 'im again, but let him soar by yer side, lovely Thunderbird. Seek 'im to be free from this horrid lands. May I tell 'is story to the world, another legend to our stories dear Thunderbird. I shall fix his possible wrong doin's, 'e shall never be forgotten within our 'ome." As the druidess spoke these words, she folded the letter up neatly, going to grab her journal of Kanavainua stories. Taking her very terribly carved pencil, she wrote the title clear as day... "The Cunning Fox and the Caring Eagle." Nailo Kanavainua wrote on these pages as she was joined by her family, blood or not, she was glad to be around those she loved deeply. The chieftess brought her gaze to the sun's awakening once more as she got to see her fox boy once more. "Be free my fox boy, I cannot wait to see ye' every single day. This Inferno will never stop spreadin' what ye' so dearly wished."
  4. Upon reading such a missive, the young druidess simple laid the parchment down with a short, content sigh "Well, I shall seek him out to speak of this. I may also pay a visit to an old llir."
  5. The petite mage received the letter with delight, she hadn't seen the sun or even the outside in general for years. "Well, I guess it is time I were to head back out into the world, maybe Yukio will tag along." Annore carefully slipped the invite back into its envelope and began working on something new to wear.
  6. Within the deep swamps of Vortice, a young druidess sat alone, a cigar resting between her lips. A cloud of smoke slowly escaped her as she looked to the forest front of her, the image of the Kestrel stood front her. The elfess slowly rose to her feet as she rubbed her blood shot eyes, moving towards the figure. "Ye' came back..." Once in front of the man she called her mal'onn, it would simply fade from her vision. The druidess screamed in pain within the forest, her heart ached for the one she cared for.
  7. As the lone elf made his way to the lands of the undead, a familiar elfess would meet him. The 'ame covered in traditional Tahorran tattoos, hair long and coiled, a warm smile greeting him as he entered. The memories filling her head of the time back in Elvenesse when he had just became a Puerokar, what a special day. The afternoon of his and Scarlet's wedding right below the tree she grew. These thoughts played in her head day and day out as she waited for someone she knew to welcome to the afterlife. "You made it longer than I did. I knew you would mal'onn." spoke Tahlia ap Tahorran, giving Air a big embrace before they would move on to speak and live out the afterlife together. "Why?" Thought the druidess within her head, "He was.. he was just 'ere.." Nailo Kanavainua sat under the tree of her mother's grave, looking back at her own stone, before simply letting out a sigh. "I will arrange something for ye' marmal'onn, I promise. Right 'ere, with the rest of yer family." With that the elfess began to work on a new grave stone for her lost uncle. She remembers the day she met him so clearly. At the age of five living in the Puerokar house, she always saw him as a grumpy man until it came to her learning. He even had raven hair before, the ways times change. He would joke about her not knowing her ABCs for some years, even come and talk to her from time to time, all he meant was good. The thought that only a few elven days ago, they were just playing some extreme hide and seek and spoke how much older she had gotten, little did she even know, he would not grow much longer and bloom into what was possible. So, she sobbed, she continued to cry for days and days. The druidess trapping herself in her home of Vortice for a long time...
  8. Year 72, SA The people of Vortice were enjoying there lovely day playing a good game of hide and seek. Everything was just like normal, no harm was to be made of, quite yet. As they continued with their games, Ornthalas was searching real hard for the hiders. Little did he know, there was a battle happening amongst them.. Air and Nailo stood on a roof, unfortunately, Nailo could not get where Air was hiding. Then... war broke out between the two! Nailo began to fight with Air, both throwing hands with each other. Nailo inched closer and closer to the edge before, WHACK! Air knocked her off the building, the druidess falling unconscious to the ground. The games were just getting a little too extreme, even for hide and seek... Remember kids, be safe on roofs and never fight with your uncle!
  9. The young Inferno read the missive with glee; this was something she was looking forward to for her dear friend; true happiness. The elfess got to work on something special for the newlyweds, something they will sure remember in their hearts of their special day.
  10. The Inferno druidess sat against the flowing moonlit wisteria in calm as she read over the missive. The girl son after let out a sigh as she went to place a hand on her tree. "Politics corrupt this world, bringin' pain and sufferin'. Poor Lenora, I hope she is doin' well in this. I must write to 'er." That is what the druidess exactly did, taking out her crippled paper and pencil writing away to form this note. But, another one was writen for the Maelstorm's, simply reading: "As I read the missive sent from a good llir, you are proven to be unworhty. You speak about someone to Lenora that was close to her, but you simply do not care. What makes you a better leader than herself? please, gladly back away from this fight before I step in myself, that is a promise that will not be broken. Snobby and only want power for a nation that will fall in your hands, unworthy." Singed, The druidess then went on with her day, soon making her way back to the place that was once home.
  11. Nailo was happy her nomination went well!
  12. Nailo went to crack her knuckles as she prepared herself. The elfess would spend days on end sewing. “This is going to be a hell of a thing to ruin.”
  13. The druidess walked alone in the flowering forests of Almaris as the rumors spreaders of the death of the stewardess, she would let out a sigh as she did a small prayer “I may have not known you, but I know Baz and Florida was special. For you, llir, I will send Florida to the wilds to be free. May the Aspects guide you home…”
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