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  1. As the final piece of aged marble fell to the ground upon the soot-stained grounds did the man, older than his time, sit down, as dusk broke over the mountain. His 100th birthday had come and gone without anyone to celebrate it with, or with the mind to recognize it. He took but a moment’s rest before a courier appeared before him, parting the dense, dimming fog with the wave of a hand. “You’re with the construction crew for St. Lothar?” he asked, holding out a piece of rough, poly-fibrous scroll, held together by a fraying piece of twine. “I beg your pardon?” “Grand Duke’ll be here with the rest of the team soon. Figured you were project head. Pass this on to him and the Duke, won’t you?” The old man sat silently, staring blankly into the eyes of the courier through the narrow slits in his helm, that inner cold piercing out and striking a chord deeply within the poor man; one that escorted him from the long abandoned hill in less than a minute. He’d grumble with a rue he’d grown accustomed to at that point. “Damn Imperials coming to start more trouble. Should’ve killed the bastard while he was still grieving,“ he’d spit, tearing away the twine and unfurling the missive, letting the contents, splotched with homemade ink with what was left of his decadent mind. . . . "Horses! Horses, fine bred, yes! Come over and, ah... buy one!" she'd trail off, letting her body fall slack. Shaking her head, she'd pull tighter on the stubborn, mutt-like horse into the town square. Bar-goers at the Novellen watched, occasionally popping a smirk or snicker before downing their beverages as the two were dragged along by the frail, discolored thing. It was a mare they'd found at the bottom of the steps, trotting through the weed-filled wheat fields that cut into the bank of the river. It was a struggle in of itself to drag it up the stairs; now, it would be a completely different ordeal trying to pawn it off to some sucker. "Yes, you, sir in the brown coat! Well- no, not the one with the wig. No, not the soldier. Yes, you! Please, do come over!" "Carted it over from Arcas! Yes, a fine bred- no, no, that doesn't mean it's forty years old... No, please! Come back!" After dragging the starved thing around Providence for the past day, the two siblings collapsed on the steps to the Novellen; their horse, collapsed unto its stomach before him, legs broken and splayed out unto its sides. "...You know something? I've been ranching these things for ten years now, and I've never seen one do that before." "Not the best sign. Think they could stand to get back up?" The girl whistled; in response, the horse's face fell further into the ground. "...Forget it. We're not selling this thing. Guess we'll have to find some other way to eat tonight." Both of the two, begrudgingly, looked upon the greatsword laying between the two of them. The boy in blue picked it up, heaving it across his shoulders, and sighed, before lifting it above his head, and slamming it down upon the cobbles. . . . A trail of reddened, black sludge seeped into the ground before the armor-clad figure. It stained nothing; leaving no mark upon that heirloom suit, the only proof it had ever existed were the thankful, exhausted cries of the knight, leaning back against the pile of rubble, missive cast to the side. As he wept, that reddened substance would seep through the paper; pieces of that substance seemed to lightly tug at it, as though desperate to scan, memorize every character inked into the page, before becoming wisps among the fog, dissipating into the air. And as that ethereal substance was cast into nothingness, what remained of the paper would fly off. Sunlight fettered through the uneven textures of the broken paper, dampened by morning’s dew and whatever had fallen from that broken creature’s armor. One piece was caught upon the trees; another landed in the center of the pond, slowly melting away into an illegible, pulpy mess. The rest continued to be blown away, strung about the rocks of the valley, and caught upon the sticker-bushes and briar-trees that lay a carpet of green upon those untamed hills, where they would lay till nature or traveler did them waste- no more the sum of its parts, but forever divided, destroyed, irreparable. Maybe it was better this way. After all, he could always get another copy. “Finally… We won.”
  2. For it was in this fresh genesis that he now stood, basking in the gleam of the Reborn. Speechless, but for a whisper. Everything in its time...
  3. unfortunately the last time i went to olive garden i almost threw up, so no :-( WE NEED AUSTRUM
  4. not sure if this 'anniversary' is worth putting up an AMA for but if anyone wants to ask something well here ya go I'll respond sometime tomorrow, or tonight, if responses come in fast enough
  5. average Rot Cleaner Association garb (can't stop people from rat posting poorly) imagine: I get to be the giant rat that makes all of the rules I will run a rat diner that only serves rat-related items (all of them made from human flesh) only good RP, no gimick, no hype, i do not abandon projects as soon as I get bored with them I promise
  6. RATS RATS RATS RATS RATS RATS RATS RATS RATS actually i'm the giant rat now surprise!!!
  7. I love Carseat Headrest :-)


    who agrees?

  8. [!] The letter is not addressed to you… However, YOU stumble upon it. Why? A mistake? Destiny? It doesn’t really matter. Not yet. To Bipip B., It is a weeping tragedy for us to transcribe this letter, though our dressers in blue have remained fearless, and the marches to the Pond remain steadfast, there is little information we can hold back. Your commerce with our dedicated members has seen fruit; to our dismay, and most likely yours. Your philanthropic and ultimately very valorable investment has led to a series of particularities we denote as will follow. Incidence of Bloodrain comes at a staggeringly low .000159147%, with continual monitoring by various watchers across the realm. Most all “watched”, or observed, remain in blissful ignorance, a state of denial, or otherwise uninfected. However, we have noticed a large majority of the aforementioned population undergoing seemingly spontaneous episodes of mass hysteria, observing atrocities not yet occured, such as so-called ‘Service Dogs’ being mauled to death by masked shadowy figures, or buildings combusting at random, with no guards or vigilantes to halt the destruction. We notice in these people symptoms of Stage 2 Rot (more on that later). That is why we, among our ranks, have refitted ourselves to better deal with the advancing complicated geographical socioeconomical politics of the infected descendants. Adjacent is our most recent compilation of studies and observations in a non-linear, non-chronological non-timeline, for the ease of reading. Preferably this information remains from our own to yours, as the sensitive research may be too quindlefamble to some individuals. GOD or whoever, help us. - P & M Last Resort https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTksi_VXGCk The coinage of the terms ‘Rot’, ‘Brainrot’, and ‘Melt’ derive as slang categorizing the three respective stages of Crohme’s Disease. The earliest instance of these words date back to shortly after the Almaris Bloodrain, the second recorded Bloodrain in history. While the incident itself would be referred to as “The Bloodrain” in common vernacular for years thereafter, many ignored the short and long term effects of this rain on matters of health and sanity. The first ever afflicted with Bloodrot (Odolusteltzea) were contaminated by the entry of Bloodrain into the body, usually through the eyes, ears, nose or mouth. It is most likely that the raining Blood became infected through contact with surfaces, or precipitated already adjacent, or is somehow cursed. Though Bloodrain is objectively the only cause for rot, with little actual knowledge on the why. It is hypothesized that Rotten are at will to spread the disease through bodily fluids, including (but not limited to) blood, saliva or mucus. One is more likely to become contaminated with Bloodrot if they spend a significant amount of time around others bearing the disease. Once infected, people become contagious and, as there is currently no cure, chronically ill. Ways to prevent the spread of Bloodrot include distancing from persons with the disease (approximately ten meters at minimum); Personal Protection Equipment preventing fluid transfer on the part of the infected (such as goggles, face coverings / masks, face shields, air filters, long / covering clothing, etc), or on the part of the potential infectee; or the termination of those infected, and proper and utter annihilation of an infected corpse. A- Early symptoms and afflictions Early symptoms of the Rot are oftentimes mistaken for other mild diseases. Continuous sneezing, tearing of the eyes, migraines or headaches, coughing and wheezing, dizziness or lightheadedness, or acute arthritis. If found in other parts of the body, the Rot will only bruise, only if under the neck (limbs, chest, abdomen, etc). B- Classifications and Development Stage One: ‘Rot’, or Developing Crohme’s Disease The initial stage of Bloodrot manifests as a set of symptoms, oftentimes developing independently of each other, and thus developing in their own particular stages of degeneration. To reiterate, the following ‘stages’ or classifications are not in respect to the stages of “The Rot”, rather independent symptom lines of bodily decay grouped together under the umbrella stage of “The Rot”; -Odolitsutasuna (OL-I) -Odolgorreria (OL-G) -Odolusaindu (OL-U) -Odoldastatu (OL-O) The above labeled symptoms share the common starting ground of Stage Zero. At this stage of development, patients may notice a significantly potent or long-lasting loss or numbing of sensations on the face and / or neck. In all documented instances, this pain comes within a Saint’s Week of other developing symptoms. OL-I: Stage 1: Persistent headaches, general tiredness, intensified eye strain. Stage 2: Troubled vision, development of cataracts. Stage 3: Clinical blindness (Can only detect movement, blurred silhouettes of large structures with glasses). OL-G: Stage 1: Persistent headaches, general tiredness, intensified auditory difficulty. Stage 2: Increased ringing, advanced auditory difficulty, earbleed. Stage 3: Deafness. OL-U: Stage 1: Regular stomach aches, vomiting or diarrhea, congestion. Stage 2: Increasing trouble describing the scent or taste of things, bloody nose. Stage 3: Regular trouble breathing, ‘walking pneumonia’, decreased athletic ability. OL-O: Stage 1: Irregular bad mouth hygiene (Regardless of actions against), trouble biting, stuttering. Stage 2: Troubled speech (slurred words, swelling tongue, increased stutter) patchy white spots on tongue, tooth decay, distinct loss of taste.Stage 3: Swollen mouth; technical mute (Incoherent speech, inability to formulate words). NOTE: While the other stages are progressing, the intensity of Stage Zero may increase in tandem. That is, the severity and impact of numbness on the patient’s nervous tissue can progress, until they can no longer feel their head attached to their own body. Stage Two: ‘Brainrot’, or Crohme’s Disease There is no specific threshold to where a patient on Stage One progresses into Stage Two, colloquially referred to as ‘Brainrot’. The noticeable pattern, however, is at least for one or more of the Stage One symptom lines to have progressed to such a degree where they come into direct contact with the brain. The Rot’s contact with the brain, it is assumed, degenerates the flesh and organs surrounding the cranium’s surfaces and interrupts blood and nervous networks. With this gateway, the Rot is allowed to permeate the brain, and begin its process of degeneration therein. This point is seen as of no return, and is where the effects of the Brainrot truly show their true colors. Symptoms of the Brainrot commence nearly immediately as it is diagnosed, the first altering the patient’s perception of morality, societal norms or civil decency. They develop eccentric, taboo or unusually specific obsessions or delusions with concepts, ideas or artifacts of either regular or irregular use. They can act with hostility, or flagellation, or emotional breakdowns if questioned or approached, or disallowed to continue with their “particular” behavior. As the Brainrot continues, the symptoms are likely to draw less pity from the societies patients live in, and instead, more contempt. This is not recommendable, as deprecation and insults can only worsen the symptoms, believed to be intensified through stress or anger. The process worsens when patients suffer from auditory and / or visual hallucinations, an unfortunate side effect found especially for those with Stage 3 OL-I or OL-G. A few patients remain self aware, knowing that they are indeed not ‘real’ to other people, but the majority refuse to admit the machinations of their own decaying minds. Thereafter, patients are prone to fits of manic positivism, or depressed negativity, almost never reaching a proper balance of emotions between episodes that can last anywhere from fifteen Saint’s Minutes to Saint’s Years. Furthermore, patients begin to suffer through mild episodes of memory loss - whether it be metal fog to events that transpired just minutes before, or specific logistical or nostalgic information important to the patients (Such as dates, names, places, faces, etc). Stage Three - ‘Melt’, or Advanced Crohme’s Disease After a while, a patient’s face will cease to exist. Incomprehensibly, looking forwards towards where their head should be will only reveal the visage of what would be behind their head, were they not standing in the way. The visible neck will display inner organic structures, such as the esophagus, trachea, and spine; it is important to either stitch or constantly disinfect this area in hopes of preventing the very likely chance that this area will become infected, leading to a full bruising of the patient’s body. When the patient dies, two things will happen. It would be nearly impossible to write this section. Admittedly, patients suffering with Brainrot often commit suicide, or get themselves killed through their own affliction. However, if an individual is kept alive long enough, the Rot can develop into a much more terrifying and unpredictable version of itself known as ‘The Melt.’ Those afflicted are immediately considered terminal, and placed within appropriate containment for reasons of both own self preservation, and public safety. There is little known treatment but painkillers or other alleviators until proper disposal (and subsequent annihilation) of the body can take place. We don’t understand why it happens, but the melt is officially recognized once a person’s body begins to disappear. This is a stage beyond rot; rather, instead of a victim’s skin giving way to flow blood and sinew forth, they simply begin to stop existing. This, of course, starts with the head, where symptoms most prominently display themselves during a patient’s degeneration. Of the effectively recorded instances, the visual effects of the melt are nearly indescribable in text. It is a mix, a voidal combination of boils, bruises, scabs and lacerations with the complete loss of motor skills, to the point of losing all senses. Hearing, speech, smell, sight and touch are lost, if they were not previously. The body will slowly, as the name suggests, melt, and inexplicably also de-materialize, as if they were never there. It begins with the face, then to the throat and leaves exposed the esophagus or other internal organs, and for the first time in the entire process, affect other parts of the body that are not the head. In the second recorded instance, they, now completely rendered devoid of the ability to speak, hear, see, smell, or touch, will stop existing entirely. If they are wearing clothes, they will fall to the ground as though they are not being worn. Searching for the body is fruitless, as it simply no longer exists. After the process repeats over and over, the body ejects its insides in gruesome fashion, leaving a puddle state of remains, or complete nonexistence. In the recorded instances, the bodies could never be found, only the remaining clothes or personal artifacts being carried at the time of death. IV. Case Studies Study #1 - Helvetia ein Ariskiy; Human, Male, Mercatorii; 28 (Young Adult); Status: Diseased. Study #2 - De; Human, Male, Unknown; Age Unknown; Status: Diseased. Study #3 - Home Crohme; Human, Male, Originally Caucasian; Unknown Age, Hypothesized 20-30s (Young Adult); Status: Alive. NOTES: Currently the only living subject, and inspiration for the denomination of “Crohme’s Disease”. We have entrusted Home Crohme with the information detailed above, including previous findings with Subjects #1 and #2. Stage 2 has progressively taxed his abilities to comprehend, to the point of any visual or auditory stimuli consisting of glassy-eyed “stares” and muffled grunts. Stage 3 has already arrived. He is currently the only descendant, human or other, to live in the constant agony of the Melt. It is in its initial stages, however, has already hindered his physique and general aptitude completely. We have taken necessary precautions on the appropriate disposal of his body, after he melts, and the mental toll it will take on the members of our team. Crohme has unfortunately lost his face. A dark, fleshy void exists instead of it, and aparatuses for feeding and breathing have been made to keep him alive for the longest possible. After a controlled incident in Elysium, involving flogging and general tyrannous behavior, he nearly lost his life. Thankfully, after a surprising fight and determination to live, he was released and promptly treated for injuries. We do not fear his death, but we dread it. V. Treatment For Developing Crohme’s Disease, any and all regular medical practices and HOME special care procedures are to be delivered to patients, providing dedicated caregivers to follow assisted living and continuous washing to avoid Rot spread. As of the date of this document, the HOMEs (In collaboration with the) are seeking out a cure in various descendant settlements who dwindle in mystical or clandestine practices. Xannic healing abilities seem to slightly improve the morale of a patient, through an advanced and extremely effective painkilling method, but the procedure performed within Elysium’s chancery could not be documented. As such, we cannot confirm the efficacy of its immediate effects on the Rot itself. No other magi, including shamanic practitioners and voidal magis, were willing to assist in the treatment of any of the aforementioned subjects. Therefore, their healing capabilities are also unknown. We request further finance to fund our projects, as the Cure looms farther and farther away in these desperate times. [!] The document ends here. Was there more? Who penned this? Nobody signed it. Maybe it never existed in the first place. Maybe you already knew this. You should by now. You need to.
  9. Perhaps, if one were to walk two blocks down another street, they would see a man- draped fully in cloth - staring at a wall, nodding intently, only interrupted by the occasional cry or murmured apology.
  10. Scheming (one of the pledges of induboisity Itinerate Inductees (III) must go through in their pledged training) 'low and be underneath his bunk bed mali'ker style did one Professor Synthodialectic Itineratan of the Dieters Peterschmidt d'IlDagolos smirk quite the quindariously 'pon the alerted, so-called 'penned' statement regarding the affairs of skullduggery committed 'gainst the gloried and unbeknownst ungaelic Jambodian 'peoples'. "Garn, and other such words on the manner!" Did one carrier bird pigeon branded upon the eve of the Krukzkan-Mailo'ase War of 1582 (and reanimated to carry forth the messages and deeds of one such unnamed and unaffiliated 'brave' individual's long-since-birthed descendants) carry bet'ween its angled and also black ribbon talons (each spangled with a pattern of the Virsgrolth Coat of Arms) towards its awaited, yet unexpected, recipient.
  11. Trailing the path, an armored man found a scrap of paper laying alongside the road. Picking it up and unfurling it, his eyes went wide under his helm. "...I have just what you need," he'd chuckle, tucking the missive into a slit in his visor before cackling viciously."
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