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  1. A forge, burning since the dawn of time Kadrel ᚴᚨᛞᚱᛖᛚ The fire destroys, everything it touches Ithrun ᛁᛏᚺᚱᚢᚾ The blade kills, raging through wars Creaasan ᚲᚱᛖᚨᚨᛋᚨᚾ Together, iron and fire, they can create Yemekar, I ask from thy, the pact of a mighty smith and a strong forge Your anvil shall be praised, and your craft be set forth
  2. Renny Irongut sat in a tree somewhere in the tops of Hefrumm, sobbing over the death of her father. She kept repeating the same thing to herself over and over again... he couldn't truly be dead, could he?
  3. can you make them turn into frost witches after an OOC week? +1
  4. I'm going to copy this and make sure you won't get away with april fooling this
  5. Frost Dragons ORIGIN In the frigid lands where the howling winds carve through the icy peaks and the snow blankets the earth in an eternal chill, there exists a tale as old as time itself. It is whispered among the folk of these frozen wastes that once, when the world was young and magic flowed freely, there existed powerful beings known as Frost Witches. These enigmatic sorceresses were masters of frost and cold, their magic intertwining with the very essence of the icy realms they called home. Yet, as with all things in the annals of history, change came sweeping through the land. Legends tell of a time when a cabal of Frost Witches sought to transcend their mortal forms, yearning for immortality and power beyond measure. In their quest for ultimate dominion over ice and frost, they delved into forbidden magic, weaving ancient spells that mingled their essence with that of the mighty dragons of the north. Thus, the first Frost Dragons were born from the forbidden union of Frost Witches and draconic blood, becoming living embodiments of winter's wrath and arcane might. These creatures, born of forbidden magic, emerged from the depths of the frozen wastes, their existence a testament to the boundless power of both witchcraft and dragonkind. PHYSIOLOGY Frost Dragons are magnificent creatures, towering over the frozen landscape with their majestic forms. Their physiology is a blend of the elegance of dragons and the ethereal beauty of Frost Witches. Their scales shimmer with an icy sheen, ranging in color from the purest white to hues of icy blue and silver. Frost crystals adorn their bodies, glinting in the pale light of the northern sun like precious jewels. Each scale is a masterpiece of intricate design, reflecting the magical heritage of their Frost Witch ancestors. Their wings are vast and membranous, resembling the delicate lattice of frost-covered branches, and their eyes gleam with an otherworldly intelligence, glowing like frozen sapphires amidst a sea of snow. From their serpentine necks to the tip of their powerful tails, Frost Dragons exude an aura of otherworldly beauty and primal power. Despite their draconic heritage, Frost Dragons bear the unmistakable mark of their Frost Witch ancestry. Runes of ancient ice magic etch across their scales, pulsating with an ethereal glow that whispers of their arcane origins. These runes serve as conduits for their elemental powers, channeling the raw energy of the frozen wastes into devastating spells and abilities. ABILITIES Frost Dragons are masters of winter's fury, wielding the elemental power of ice and cold with unmatched skill. They can conjure blizzards at will, summoning howling winds and freezing temperatures to engulf their foes in a whirlwind of frost. The very air around them seems to crystallize, turning into a deadly weapon that cuts through armor and flesh alike. Their breath is a weapon of unparalleled devastation, a blast of icy energy that can freeze even the mightiest warriors solid in an instant. Those unfortunate enough to feel the chill of a Frost Dragon's breath find themselves encased in ice, their bodies preserved as frozen statues for eternity. Even the hardiest of adventurers tremble at the thought of facing such a fearsome opponent in battle. In addition to their mastery of ice magic, Frost Dragons possess the strength and resilience of their draconic kin. They are fearsome warriors in combat, their claws and teeth sharp as razors, capable of rending through armor and flesh with ease. Their scales, imbued with the power of frost, offer them unparalleled protection against physical attacks, making them nigh invincible in battle. But perhaps most terrifying of all is their ability to manipulate the very essence of cold itself. Frost Dragons can drain the warmth from their surroundings, leaving behind a barren wasteland of eternal winter wherever they tread. It is said that in the presence of a Frost Dragon, even the bravest of souls can feel the icy grip of death closing in around them, their very life force sapped away by the creature's malevolent magic. In conclusion, Frost Dragons are not merely creatures of legend but living embodiments of winter's wrath and arcane might. Born from the forbidden union of Frost Witches and dragons, these majestic beings command the icy forces of the north with unmatched power and skill. To face a Frost Dragon is to face the very essence of cold itself, a chilling reminder of the untamed wilderness that lies beyond the realms of mortal understanding. PURPOSE In the world of Lord of The Craft (LOTC), Frost Dragons offer a captivating blend of mythical allure and formidable challenge, making them a perfect addition to any storyline set in icy realms or against foes aligned with winter's might. Their origins, stemming from the forbidden union of Frost Witches and dragons, provide a rich backdrop for storytelling, offering players glimpses into the depths of ancient magic and the consequences of tampering with the natural order. Frost Dragons serve as potent adversaries for adventurers seeking legendary quests and epic encounters. Their mastery over ice and cold, coupled with their fearsome physical prowess, presents a formidable challenge that will test the mettle of even the most seasoned heroes. Encounters with Frost Dragons can serve as climactic moments in a LOTC storyline, offering players the chance to pit their wits and strength against a creature of unparalleled power. Furthermore, Frost Dragons can also serve as allies or sources of knowledge within the game world. Their arcane heritage and ancient wisdom make them valuable sources of information on matters relating to magic, history, and the mysteries of the frozen wastes. Players may find themselves seeking out Frost Dragons for guidance or assistance in their quests, forging alliances that could shape the course of their adventures. Incorporating Frost Dragons into a Lord of The Craft storyline opens up a wealth of storytelling possibilities, from epic battles against legendary foes to alliances forged in the face of looming threats. Their presence adds depth and intrigue to the game world, immersing players in a realm where magic and mystery collide amidst the eternal chill of the north. Whether as allies, adversaries, or enigmatic guardians of ancient secrets, Frost Dragons are sure to leave a lasting impression on players and characters alike, ensuring that their tales will be remembered for ages to come.
  6. you wouldn't say... implement this
  7. it's anti metagame: "Oh, bob over there? Yeah, he's an azdrazi, how I know? Well, he just turned into one in a combat scene that happened a block away from me but I didn't get attacked because of the CRP lock!"
  8. Renny Irongut will become Urguan's first child labourer no matter what Name: Renny Irongut Age: Old enough Clan: Irongut
  9. Idmirr looks at the letter, pure disgust filling his face below the wretched helmet, more then further he reads “False shrines and gods… I ought to pay a visit, maybe help this Vicar…”
  10. Lord Yrmshik Fiyem takes a single look at the missive in his mailbox, instantly deciding to go on a hunt so he won’t be there when his daughter finds the paper
  11. Yrmshik takes off his gauntlets only to find a copy inside “‘ow the feck-“
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