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  1. Hi guys its me! I am doing another skin auction! ALL BIDDINGS WILL START OUT AS 3$ USD! the bidding will end tomorrow night at 7pm CST (yeah im in CST suck it.) Ping the person whom you're trying to outbid so they know! I will not be putting my payment info out publicly so please PM ME FOR THAT INFO BECAUSE IT IS PRIVATE! ALSO! please no reposting on PMC! just because you bought the dress does not mean you take credit acting like you made it, I still made it! also do not resell if you want to just pm and I might. if you ha
  2. Nataliya Reza, writing her letter in Freeport. Hello, to those whom are reading this letter. three years it has been since the execution of the former Princess Royal, Nataliya Reza Barabanov-Wick. As you may know, rumors have been floating about, that she has survived. And I am here to share with you, that those rumors are true. I am Alive. "Name and Business." an Oren Guard inquired as he looked down upon the figure, hidden behind a dark cloak. "Nataliya Reza." The woman stated simply, pulling the cloak away from her head, revealing herself
  3. What has been your favorite character? what is your favorite food? Who’ve been friends with the longest? do you love me?
  4. makes a post about going on a hiatus. logs back online five days later. :Pepehands:

  5. I'm Taking a break from the server, I don't know how long I will be gone. I have been kind of disenchanted with peoples behavior and the stress I have been put under for rp. The fact that my plans for one of my best characters have been derailed for 9 months because certain players have pixel power trips, is bonkers.  Rp has felt more of a chore than fun recently. I Will still be taking skin commissions however due to it being one of my few sources of income! I hope everyone has a lovely day, and to the people who have caused this, I hope both sides of your pillow are hot tonight. <3

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    2. capiital


      i love you doree! take your time to destress and i hope to see you back soon B) <3 youre an angel of a human being and these gyrls who are ruining your fun are {redacted}

    3. Goon


      take care of yourself doree. ooc toxicity over a minecraft based roleplaying game is super corny and will be the death of the server if it continues to go unchecked. hope you feel you can come back one day

    4. altiar1011


      I'm in the same boat tbh, Doree. I hope you get the break you need.

  6. Nataliya sat at her husband's desk upon their ship, shuffling through papers and and documents that had been sent to them to sign or read. The Weary Haeseni princess then spotted a letter, sealed with an onyx wax. The woman hesitantly reached for the letter, cutting it open gently with her dagger before plucking the paper from the envelope, reading what was inside. Her eyes then widened in shock and horror as she brought her palm forth to cover her mouth. her sapphire gaze hastily continued to read, scanning the words over and over again making sure her mind was not jumping to conclusions. sad
  7. Hola! doreebear here! This is my very first skin auction ever! I've put up several of outfits I have made over the past several months so if you're wondering some look different that's because some are more recent than other :) I will be doing actual moneys, USD, because I am a broke college student and I need the funds :( But I hope today some of you will spot an outfit you really like! today is gonna be a bit of a small auction I only have 6 outfits! (idk that may be big idk.) but I will be doing MORE in the future! so hold onto your hats and lets be
  8. Skin: Evergreen Shaw Bid: 2$ Username: doreebear Discord: doreebear#3218
  9. Nataliya Reza sat in her bedroom in Freeport. The Princess would be seen curled up on her bed, her arms wrapped around her legs tightly attempting to comfort herself, after hearing the news of what had become of her two aunts. "Why?" She whimpered gently to herself before bringing her hand forth, covering her face as she began to weep. "Haense." she gritted through her teeth. "Auntie Auntie! look at the frog I found da? isn't it- um- Magnificent!" the tiny princess stated proudly, finally able to use the new word her beloved Aunt has taught her. Irene, pursed her lips
  10. Nataliya Reza grasped onto her golden cross as she panned up to the sky, grasping onto her golden cross that hung around her neck. "You were a wonderful man, a gift from Godan himself and a blessing to Haense. Spasibo for being the kind man towards me when others shut me out." Fedosia Amador sat in her room by an open window, signing the lorriane cross. "He forgave me of my sins when I was a child. . . then offered me a cookie for it." she chuckled softly at the fond memory
  11. Nataliya is ready to boogie woogie her trauma away.
  12. Nataliya Reza sat at the foot of her bed, cleaning her onyx ferrum dagger with a dampen rag. Heinrik, I have brought you a gift! The Haeseni woman revealed a box hidden behind her before offering it to the heir. "it is my gift to you, for how you will make this kingdom proud young one." The Haeseni woman began to pressed harder against the blade with her rag as she thought back on the memory, her eyes beginning to squint with frustration. The Prince's brows raised slightly as he gazed upon the beautifully made dagger, with his name engraved into it. "Spasi
  13. Nataliya Reza sat up in her bed in the Cathalon Manor, where she stayed to make a swift recovery. The wayward princess then spotted Petyr, resting in a chair beside her bed, fast asleep. she moved off the bed slowly, not wanting to wake her husband. she then glided out of the room, the wooden floor creaking beneath her bandaged feet before ascending up the steps to the nearest window. Nataliya felt the warm beams of the sun upon her healing visage. The Haeseni woman then grasped her golden cross that hung around her neck before shutting her eyes. "GOD! punishes the WICKED!" A voic
  14. https://youtu.be/rzDPk8tqwvQ (listen to if you want dramatic music) (please make sure to read the end of this post for an important MESSAGE!) Ash In The Snow. Nataliya Reza Barbanov-Wick's Execution, 5th of Jula and Piov, 1813 On a cool spring day, Nataliya Reza had agreed to accompany Lady Margaux Helvets on a trip to Haense, to visit her brother Ser Aleksandr and her Niece, Princess Katerina. Upon arrival as the two entered the palace, they were greeted by an empty hall. Margaux decided to stay in the palace and
  15. redwall rp? bringin' back middle school memories! +1
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