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  1. Adryana sat upon her comfortable bed as a great tremor took her over, She could hold the heartbreak no longer and she fell to the floor in a disheveled heap as her grief poured out in a flood of uncontrollable tears. “Niet! Niet! this is must be false spread of information!” she cried out. Adry then fixated her gaze upon the cobbled walled, there, hung a beaten up wooden sword, with several dent marks upon it’s timber blade. “h-he never got to watch me train...and I-i never got to say good bye.” the distraught young girl attempt to fight back tears, however a great sob escaped her, and she covered her face with shaking hands. After a moment of sorrow, Adry looked to the insalubrious baton, and in a fit of rage, took grasp of the weapon, and swung it against the bark column that stood in her chambers, shattering it, shards flying like arrows on a battle field all across her room, as one struck her red hued cheek. Adry fell to her knees, continuing to grieve fervently, a mixture of blood and tears began to stream off her cheek, dripping on the floor. the grieving child stood up from the tarnished floor, taking a deep breath.” I-“ before she could finish her sentence, a small chocolate cookie caught her gaze, that sat on top of her dress, about a days old.”Those were his favorite...”she’d muttered softly, soon a faint smile soon formed on Adryana’s face, remembering joyful memories of her treasured uncle ”I wish i was as loved as queen Maya and the rest of my cousins.” Adryana frowned as she gazed down upon the large crowd “Adry.” Otto stated quietly “ Just because you or niet a princess or a queen, does niet mean you aren’t loved..Lya loves you, Alex and Ana love you aswell, do niet forget Maya she loves you too, if she did niet, why does she treat you like her own? even your Uncle Godfric and I love you. Child you must remember that people love you for who you are, not what you are.” Adryana then shook her head, snapping out of the daydream before looking around her room before taking a deep breath. “I will niet let you down uncle, I will niet my cousins down...or anyways else.”she gave a firm nod before striding out of her chambers, closing the door behind her.
  2. Night had fallen fast upon the land, frost grew over the windows as the frigid night went on. Margueritte watched the ice crystals grow for a while, allowing her brain to be empty with nothingness. An insistent knocking begun abruptly on her manor door, at this the woman jumped at this thunderous ruckus, she then leapt to her feet, scurrying over to the door to answer it. She then paused for a moment, eyeing her sword in the corner of the room, swiftly grabbing the long sword, readying to strike an attacker at this hour. Throwing the door open as she brought her sword up, reading to strike down before realizing it was only a mere messenger..Margueritte’s cheeks flushed with embarrassment. “ My sincerest apologies sir.” She then extended her soft hand to pluck the beige envelope from the messenger’s hands. “For your troubles.” The woman then slipped the messenger some mina, before closing the door. Margueritte then tore the envelope open without mercy. Her eyes then scanned across the letter, reading it. The bright lass went pale... as if she saw a dead man walking. “My God...”She gasped as she reached for her cloak, clutching it as she swung her dark wood door open, before slamming it shut behind her. Margueritte sprinted off into the night hoping to make it in time...
  3. Rp name: Margueritte Ironwood username: adoreeblebear discord: doreebear
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    Lady Margueritte smiled at Pierce letter knowing that he finally swallowed his pride to ask for assistance in this time of need. The woman looked upward, turning her head to the corner of her bedroom, there, stood a stand, that held armor, that been worn for sometime. “ well old friend... looks like you’re going to be good use to me one last time.” +1
  5. As Lady Ironwood heard of the news, she shed several tears for her now deceased friend.
  6. Margueritte Ironwood was ecstatic hearing the news of Ophelia running for mayor, she will be supporting her in this years election.
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    Updated my application, hope I did everything right this time.
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    Margueritte Buell and her family grew up in Sutica. Her family were canonist’s, they had three fine boys and one daughter Margueritte. she was the youngest of them but she had her duties aswell, cooking, cleaning, washing, helping bring in fish from her fathers fishing boat. to name a few she was always busy and had no time for twiddling thumbs. Being I’m such a busy town with so much commotion, she had many duties the keep up with and complete. Margueritte had a warm and close relationship with her father, they bonded harvesting wheat, a weird but peculiar way to bond. Margueritte and mother’s relationship? not so much, when she was growing up would go outside of the house to learn archery and how to wield a sword, of course her mother was not fond of that at all! “she is a lady, ladies do not fight nor have to learn hand to hand combat.” her father would always disagree, saying it was needed if she’s going out into the real world by herself, her mother was always insistent that's what husbands are for. this mindset of her mother’s had always caused the gap in-between their relationship, because while the boys would go out and play with their friends she was stuck inside doing chores and learning how to be proper. the time came young Margueritte Buell had finally turned eighteen, she took this opportunity to convince her parents she needs to go off on her own. as the young woman packed her belongings, her mother in surprise hugged her and stated “take care.” right as her small foot almost stepped out the door her father came rushing to her with a gift, it was a bow, a sturdy oak bow, covered with engraved designs of flowers, trees and water. and on the handle of the Bow was her name Engraved what looks like to be gold. he hugged her and state “ its a dangerous world out there, but I trained you to take careful yourself, I love you.” as she pulled away she brushed the tear of her rosy cheek, she waved good by and headed of to her new life and a new adventure.
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