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  1. The proud mother straightened her spine as she smiled down on the letter; this was the day the Wick had hoped for her entire life: her beloved child, the one who had stood by her and her husband their entire lives, marrying the woman he loves. she placed a hand over her heart as the aging Raevir cooed in a tone one that resembled of slavic origin "my little Kroshka. I am so proud...." A tear began to take shape in her eye, using that digit to wipe it away. The maiden then turned to face her husband and extended the invitation. "Darling look! our son is getting married!" That boisterous crow erupted with excitement. @Jaigalar
  2. …what the hell did I miss?
  3. within the Jerovitz kitchen A thin, fair skinned dame was seen selecting lackluster and withered flowers, then assembling them into a bouquet. "Hmm, a perfect present for Liz..." she sang as she turned to face Avram. Truly, she thought such a gift was appropriate, for her dearest companion. "What shall we give to my darling brother as a present? Allow him to strike you across the face just once to make things better?" The flare jest. @GlassySkies The Wick then turned her attention to her beloved Magda, a sublime expression on her countenance. "Tell me, Maggy. would black be acceptable for this wedding?" The wick began to sway the dresses she was holding in front of her back and forth, seeking to figure out which one would look best on her. @Melpomenne
  4. One of the People who I was wanting to Become staff has just recently joined, ScourgeofOrder. I did actually play out my first character! it was interesting to say the least, It was the first time I had joined a server with proper rp standards, and I had to learn how to write better quick! I had left 2 weeks without saying a word before coming back. I don't even remember why tbh with you. I am still friends with 2 people from that group when I first joined yuh
  5. my favorite Mukbanger would have to be Ssoyoung, but I actually do not watch the eating part, I only watching the cooking part of her videos, because for whatever reason, that is the more satisfying part. I'd watch the rest but I Can't handle loud chewing, probably because of my sensory issues. Nataliya. While I enjoy Ysidora's, I don't think it can compete with Nataliya's. because, From an early age, she was a confused and ill-judged character. (i'll write a post on her life here soon) Despite the fact that she had been disowned and that there was a lot of ooc participation of people being sh*tty that I couldn't control, the plot evolved rather organically. I truly believe that enhanced her character and is the reason she is so well-known. I believe it's pretty damn cool that even though she was disowned, some people still address her as "Your Highness." out of respect for her. purrrrr Meow meow baby mama ;) MOMMY c: I hate that I read this in your voice, nonetheless, Mreow :3 You f*ckin know which one... the stupid mama mia one if you're talking about from you, I have none, but for me? I like Material Gorl, Five nights at freddys ringing and Microsoft exe has stopped working one that's a pretty tough one but Probably Hispanic, just because I unfortunately look more Italian than I do Hispanic...and people can unfortunately make jokes about it, wheres yeah you could make jokes about me being Mexican, but that would just be flat out rac*st...but that hasn't stopped y'all..
  6. ayo whaddup again! ask me anything. I'm not sure how much longer I'll remain in this hellscape... but then again, I said that two years ago... so, yeah... ask me anything. (I know, I posted this after the day was almost done, but I'm a busy woman...)
  7. 𝒅𝒐𝒓𝒆𝒆𝒃𝒆𝒂𝒓'𝒔 𝒔𝒌𝒊𝒏 𝒂𝒖𝒄𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒔𝒒𝒖𝒆𝒂𝒌𝒖𝒆𝒍 Hola! It’s been a while but I am back with yet another skin auction! I know it's been a year since my previous one, but I'm back with another one. All the bids will be in USD, because I am need funding. I am moving into a new apartment so all this money will be going to that! All bids will be starting at 11$ USD copy and paste this for the bidding format. DISCORD NAME: SKIN IM BIDDING ON: MY BID Rules ☼ Make sure the person you're trying to outbid is aware! ☼ ALSO! No reposting on PMC, please! Just because you bought the clothing doesn't mean you get to claim credit for making it; I still did! ☼ please contact me via PM. My discord is doreebear#3218 if you have any questions. ☼ I have the right to refuse to sell a skin to anyone. If they are a notorious skin thief, splice-er, post without attribution, or simply a toxic and terrible person, I will refuse to give them my skins. My skins, I feel, should go to individuals who value my work, others, and myself as a person. ☼ Unless I give you permission, you may not resell or put my skins up for sale/auction somewhere else. Auction will close On Friday the 13th at 4pm CST MALE Gray Gothic Blue-Pilled All for One and One for All Always Pay Their Debts You Know Nothing The Mad Prince Prospero FEMALE Adventures and Furs I would always rather be happy than dignified. You Poor Wretched Souls Nordic Goddess I and my Annabel Lee She's From the North
  8. Zarsies Lore, Zarsies Lore! what could be better? +1
  9. Nataliya began to drum her fingers in delight and astonishment after reading the proposal, her aged yet fierce sapphire hues broadened in delight and surprise. "Petyr, I've been looking for a reason to leave the cottage! I am not too old to fight!" The Princess pleaded with her rational husband. ══════ "Magda, I'm telling you! You should come along and assist me in finding him! I need you to accompany me." Calanthe pleaded with her best friend. "I'll bring Barley and Avram along as well!" The wick's lips curled into a diabolical grin, turning towards that brother of hers. "Uncle requires our — assistance, Barley. . ." the Wick dame said with a low and sly cackle.
  10. "Get a load of this imbecile," the Princess harked as she showed her son and husband the amusing missive. ══════════════ Calanthe Wick was observed sauntering over to her brother Barley and handing him the letter. "Who the **** is he? Are there more of us?"
  11. stg if I hear one more Italian joke 

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  12. The aged princess sighed again, recalling how she had made new acquaintances in Freeport, one of whom was Celiasul, and others along the road. However, living in that dismal town, as described in the records, was not pleasant. The small princess would be seen wandering around the docks with her husband. "You know, your eyes have always reminiscent me of the ocean, which is one of my favorite things." spoke Petyr. a simple smile came forth from the princess. "Aw Pety-AH!" she cried as she plummeted into the water as the wooden planks caved in beneath under her feet. — "Nat, hurry up! Locate the others." Celiasul had just found that the seagull had turned to sulfur, so the elfless hurried the woman out the door. The princess would falter as she walked out the door. "Da!" she exclaimed as she turned to her left and noticed a floating flower pot. "What THE FU-" yelled she as her eyes looked upon that terracotta jug, which slammed into her face and knocked her unconscious. — "please! don't throw the rock at them, DONT!" The entire town begged, an elderly beggar who had picked up a rock and aimed it at a seagull, then dropped his arm before flinging it at the seagulls. "GET INSIDE THE TAVERN!" screamed Varon Draskovic, the group of Wicks and others scurrying into the pub as the flock of seagulls soared their way. "OH GOD THEY GOT CASIMIR!" Petyr yelled. "I'm right here father!" "oh-" "let's use him as bait!" Cried Candle "NO!" — "I don't have anything left." Petyr, the previous Duke of Valwyck, responded to Darius, whom he had just lost to in a dice game. "Fine! I'll take your wife!" "What?! No! You can't have her!" He then gripped her arm. "Your boy, then." "hmmmm." "PETYR!" "I wasn't going to do it!" — "it wants a sacrifice. . . " Candle then grasped Casimir. "I'm sorry little one." "No, put him DOWN CANDLE!" the princess barked angerly. "GET TO THE BASEMENT YOU MORONS!" Juniper shouted in a panicked manner. "I'm not above hitting a woman Nat." spoke Candle. "Da? fuckin' do it then! hit me!" "No no no no! please don't hit her." a Panicked Petyr cried along trying to remove his hot-headed wife from the situation as the seagulls attempted to enter the tavern. — The scene will transition to the entire group of freeport being knocked back by an inhuman blast from the spawn of iblees that sprang from the so-called pentagram. — Finally, the following scene changed to the party looking up at the sky as a hideous pile of flesh formed, with fangs and tentacles covering its body before plunging into the water and swimming away... Nataliya would be seen with her eyes wide and her jaw agape, dead-panning towards Candle, the person who had accidently summed the monster. "Uh-" he said before smacking his lips. "That's uh- that's my bad...." the wayward Princess shook her head again as all those memories flooded back into her mind. "It's bad luck to kill a seabird. . ."
  13. "she passed?" When she heard the news, a woman queried it, her scarred brow lifting thoughtfully. Despite the fact that the dame had grown cold towards her family, towards the line that had her bound to a stake, to be put to death for nothing. Nonetheless, she felt...saddened at hearing the news. The princess knew that the Barbanov line was a fatal curse, with few living past their prime, particularly the King's "May your father's transgressions lay no barrier for you to enter the seven skies." A small young wick would be seen standing next to her dear companion Magda, whom she had only recently met. She'd be seen in the distance, signing the Lorraine cross in the air. "She choked on an almond....that's what took her." Magda murmured solemnly, dropping her head. "May the seven sky be free of nut allergens." Calanthe nodded along, going to grasp Magda's hand before scurrying off.
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