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  1. Mage's Guild Application Out of Character: Minecraft Username: CrypticKen Discord: Cryptic#1778 Timezone: EST In-Character: Character's Name: Jarick Godfrey Why seek membership?: Jarick Godfrey had been reading many tales and discoveries about magic. He had been interested in joining a group of people who has the same interest and passion as him; knowledge in all things along with magic. Jarick hopes to gain more knowledge and hopefully gain a more practical experience when it comes to magic. The young man believes that utilizing magic would benefit hi
  2. CrypticKen


    Jarick was born an orphan as he grew up in the rougher parts of the Holy Orenian Empire; taken by an orphanage, he grew to learn the harsh ways of life as they were ruled by a dictator and being in such a poor and harsh environment but, he was taught in the orphanage of compassion and honour. Jarick would be told stories of the main land of Oren, the beauty of the city was described to the young man as he instantly amazed and intrigued as he began to wonder what it had to offer. Though he was then soon introduced to the harsher side of the city, the autocratic government when soldiers had raid
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