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  1. MC Name: JoLeTaco Discord: Big Daddy#7210 Image: Description of Image: A poster for a sort of mercenary group Dimensions: 1x1
  2. FIGHT AGAINST THE DARK, FIGHT AGAINST THE COLD, BE THE SHIELD OF THE UNCORRUPTED JOIN THE FRONTLINE The Frontline is in need of hands, whether warrior or specialist. Anyone who thinks they are skilled enough is welcome through the gates of Bjornfall's Keep. We take skilled (and those who wish to be) warriors, as well as any professional in any field, such as medicine, automations, engineering, etc.. THE LONG DARK IS COMING Is your true nature to fight, or run in front of Death? Are you proud or coward? The dark, the cold, is coming for every single one of us. We have to stand up, set aside the worthless matters, as none of that will exist if we don't stand up for the flame. Every race, background, beliefs and habits are not important anymore, only what flame is within you. TRIAL The General of the Frontline will decide of your trial on place. The darkness and corruption comes in every shape or form, from monsters to our inner selves. There will be regular trainings. It will be strenuous and it will be cold. It is nay for the weak minded, and the feeble that wish to join will forge themselves through fire and frost. We will hunt the thieves, the dark, those who prey on the weak. *DRUGS AND WEAPONS ARE INCLUDED*
  3. Event report of the 13th of the Amber Cold, 101 of the Second Age----------- Written by Enwyld Klirsk of the Ashguard--------- Armed assault and fight inside Alisgrad's tavern------- People at the scene : ---------------- Odin Freysson Rurik-------- Sindri Vildr----------- Ines Valdueza Del Rosal--------- 'King' Cyris--------- 'Pansy'--------------- Enwyld Klirsk----------- --------------------------- I was doing my patrol before entering the scene, the tavern doors were locked by the safety mechanism while a stand-off was happening inside the tavern---------- Sindri Vildr , who was demanding to see the King, has been seen attacking Ines, the principal victim of the assault, who had suffered cuts on both hamstrings at the-- achilles height and a stab wound on the right upper shoulder caused by Sindri Vildr's sword. She was also shackled.-------------- Odin Freysson Rurik shot at Sindri with a crossbow from behind the bar--------- King Cyris and Pansy entered the scene from the right front door, Cyris vaulting through the door to intervene---------- King Cyris and Sindri Vildr engaged in a combat, before Cyris inflicted a mortal wound with a shovel on the assailant's neck------- Ines's wounds have been cared for--------- ------------------------ After the suspect had been neutralized, notes mentioning a group and a detailed map to a cave have been found upon the body. He was also carrying an Ashguardian-- helmet with a severed head inside---------- The proof has been altered by Cyris, that removed the head from the helmet before putting it on his own-------- The assailant had unusual scars, a missing eye and unusual behavior from the last time he was seen before the incident-------- Sindri's body has been moved to the clinic------ -------- Taken mesures : I had to intervene in the fight, altough assailant was already unconscious and without pulse. The victim's wounds have been taken care of---------- -------------------------------- [END OF REPORT]
  4. JoLeTaco


    Raised in a tavern in the Kingdom of Norland by adoptive parents, doesn't know where are his real parents or location of birth. Used to steal from other competitive taverns to support in his own way the tavern before it got burnt to have a monopoly on oranges and for revenge. The adoptive parents are still alive, but couldn't hide their resentment against him since the other "foster kids" got caught in the fire. Feeling judged and rejected he simply fled on his own leaving his now "fake family" behind with a pile of ashes and a bunch of debts. Has only a bit of education but is pretty familiar with all kind of people he met when he was at the tavern and running around in the streets. That's when he also picked up the habit to hide underneath clothes and a helmet because his tusks and deformation were very recognizable and prone to exclusion sometimes when living in a kingdom with a majority of humans
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