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  1. Maso, am I the greatest scheißeposter to ever exist on Earth?

  2. HI MASO

    1. masodapeso


      Didn’t u quit LOTC?

      Also want to play the hit game among us

  3. HI MASO

    1. masodapeso


      Hello! Long time no talk, eh?


  4. HI MASO

    1. masodapeso


      Hello bestie

    2. Sussy


      I saw you checking out on our mutual enemy, @AnonymousAlexa, forum

    3. masodapeso


      Never know what these e girls gonna do

  5. Who did u harass and why u sexy beast We were the best rustlers to
  6. MC Name masodapeso RP Name Inkursa Are you are Citizen of Oren no, **** Oren CRP or PVP (Limited to 1) PVP since ERP ain’t on there
  7. [!] A missive would be scribbled with the handwriting of Inkursa, presumably one of fast writing. “To the citizens of Almaris, I am a bandit of the group known as the Rustlers within Urguan. From now on, I will never bandit Oren anymore. In fact, I love Oren. -From everyone's favourite rustler, The dark elf flower crown Rustler. <3”
  8. OOC ((MC Name: masodapeso)) ((Discord: masodapeso#2938 )) (( Timezone: CST )) IN-CHARACTER What is your name? Inkursa Why seek membership to the Mages Guild? I want to learn illusonary magic. Wanting this I saw a guild I could join which then means I could learn other magics if I wanted and also be around a community of other mages. What arts, if any, do you currently practice? I do not practice any arts What position do you desire to attain upon acceptance? Practicus When should you be contacted for an interview? I can be contacted almost any time. Give a time that works for you and I can make it work with me
  9. Would look at the now burning Rustler fort and gigling. "Recruiting more people for us to kill are ya?"
  10. Would chuckle a bit "I think there is only one suitable person, ME!"
  11. would chuckle before recalling the fact she was once controlling the gate house "Ye just hide inside yer walls and houses. Last time I checked having a group control your city is ne a win."
  12. Zurk was an Orc who was known for getting in trouble. He was banned from many places, he even got in trouble with Krugmar at one point and was forced to become a snaga for a short period of time. He discoverd the lovely place of Talons. Zurk got addopted into the Majin family and was liked a lot in Talons. He eventually got into a fight with his life mate Ezra, his good friend Cillo also had killed him self and so he decided his life a to take his life by stabing himself with a glass. shard
  13. [!] The following poster has been written in Blah and translated to Common We have Elveneeses diplomat and if you do not pay us 100 Mina we will kill her. One hour or she is killed [!]Attached is a drawn picture of the caught diplomat
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