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  1. Ser Louis Valencour d'Azor would drink his wine as he had a copy of the Petra post held to his right hand, "Such is talent indeed. How else would our commonwealth be able to be informed on all the latest developments?"
  2. Louis would smile as he looked forward to the parchment, "This one holds talent indeed, perhaps I shall have to offer some contributions to this league."
  3. The Azor Administration First of the Commonwealth 10th of Owyn’s Flame, in the Year of our Lord 1898 On this day, during the Second Court of Renilde I, the Archduchess and Archduke of Petra has formed the first Chancellery to aid in the development of the Commonwealth and her holdings. The Sovereigns from the dias had tasked Louis Valencour d’Azor to become the first Chancellor to lead the government to newfound successes for the people. Lord Chancellor, His Excellency, Louis Valencour d’Azor @Da_Emperors Lady Privy Seal, Her Excellency, Dame Catherine @AndrewTech Commander of the Son’s, His Excellency, Lambert, Marshall of Petra @Ark High Steward, Her Excellency, Livia Elena @koanda Knight Paramount, His Excellency, Ser Brant Berhal @grnappa Lord Treasurer, His Excellency, Artiev Colborn @Sander Issued and proclaimed, The d’Azor Administration 10th of Owyn’s Flame, Year 1898 HER GRACE, Renilde I, By the Grace of GOD, Archduchess of the Petra, Countess of Temesch and Moere HIS GRACE, Constanz-Anton, Archduke of the Petra, Prince of Balian Lord Chancellor, His Excellency, Louis Valencour d’Azor
  4. Louis Valencour d’Azor would continue to sharpen his blade within the camp, “Suppose I can stop counting Mina’s for a proper war — they have dishonored our house and broke laws of succession and in that they must pay.”
  5. Louis Valencour d’Azor would pour himself a glass of Azorian Merlot as he would glance at the missive his “aunt” would have released to the world. “How befitting of someone whom married into our blood just a few Saint’s weeks ago to know of our lineage or grace. Well spoken mother, shall they learn what the words, by our blood, we shall rise truly mean.” The man would chuckle as he called for his brother and sister.
  6. A Call to the Name of Azor 14th of Sigismund’s End, In the Year of our Lord 1896 The House of Azor has a proud history that is rooted in dedication and service to the realm in which it serves. Such history is storied with members of each generation leading the family united together under various sovereigns in Almaris. First of the House, Ledicort d’Azor had served under the banner of Oren. In the second Generation, Diana Valentina had served under the banner of Balian. In the third generation, Edmund, under the Kingdom of Oren and thereafter. Since the fall of the Kingdom of Oren, a once proud Duchy in the texts of humanity has sunken to a House that would instead look to its land holdings and titles rather than the core of what made the Azor who they are. We are soldiers, we are statesmen, we are traders and above all, we are a house built on loyalty which seems to have slipped. I write this missive as the patron and heir to the House of Azor. I write this to those who carry the surname I hold. If you call yourself an d’Azor then I ask that you answer this call for the unification of our House underneath the Sovereigns our household swore loyalty to – the Commonwealth of the Petra, and our Archduchess Renilde I and Archduke Constantz. To my Uncle and Aunt that wish to claim the lands that my mother Mariana Antoinette once held within the Kingdom of Aaun. Our ancestral lands of Azor were lost in the South during the end of the Kingdom of Oren and those lands belong to my mother and I. You as much as we, that live within our home in Petra, wish to see our House restored to the former glories it held. I can understand your desire to remain to what is offered to you within Aaun. Yet this is not the standard for which our family should reside or strive for – we are much more. To all Azors that reside outside of the Commonwealth, I call for your arrival at our family's home. If you shall not answer this call nor wish to relocate then may it be that you no longer call yourself an Azor and hold ties to our proud house. No longer shall the name be used by those who do not wish to honor the tradition generations have lived by. No longer shall the house continue to fall into disarray. Either live by our name and history or pick one for you to earn your own legacy. Penned by Louis Valencour d’Azor, Lord Treasurer of the Commonwealth, Heir to Azor
  7. A Degree upon Taxation 10th of Godfrey’s Triumph, in the Year of our Lord 1896 In recent years the growth of the Commonwealth of Petra has risen to heights that have caused a shortage of housing. By the Grace of our Archduchess and Archduke, the Crown has directed an expansion of our fair capital of Petra to arise to the influx of citizens. To all those who look for a home within the capital, contact the office of the Treasury or the Mayor to find new residence that will now be available Such a degree upon taxation has been issued to fund the expansion of the Capital as well as the Commonwealth as a whole. Within the new Tax offices you shall find your new liabilities for property. HER GRACE, Renilde I, by the Grace of GOD, Archduchess of the Petra, Countess of Temesch and Moere HIS GRACE, Archduke of the Petra, Contanz-Anton Novellen, Prince of Balian
  8. The Charter of the Commonwealth Bank 14th of Tobias’ Bounty, in the Year of our Lord 1895 By the Grace and power invested by the Archduchess and Archduke, the Commonwealth Bank shall be formed. In such consideration, the Charter of the Commonwealth Bank shall allow for certain privileges for the citizens of our realm. Article I: Citizens shall be able to hold wealth in safe storage under the Crown's protection. The ability to withdraw or deposit wealth from accounts shall not be infringed so long as the citizen is law-abiding. Article II: Citizens can hold “family accounts” so multiple members may be listed as authorized users. In such a case, a written document will be needed to be handed to the Treasury to allow access. At the time of death of the account holder, it may pass down to the next of kin. Article III: If a Citizen’s Bank account holds a total of 500 Minas, they are able to take a deduction of 10 minas from any tax liability they hold within the Commonwealth of Petra. Article IV: If a Citizen’s Bank account holds a total of 1,000 Minas, they are able to take a deduction of 15 minas from any tax liability they hold within the Commonwealth of Petra. Article V: For deductions in Articles III and IV, taxes must be paid from the balance of the accounts within the Commonwealth Bank so long as the balance does not drop underneath the required sums. HER GRACE, Renilde I, by the Grace of GOD, Archduchess of the Petra, Countess of Temesch and Moere HIS HIGHNESS, Contanz-Anton Novellen, Prince of Balian
  9. The Name Day 10th of Peter’s Glory, In the Year of our Lord 23 B.A. The Houses of Malenos and de Rosius warmly invite friends, family, and citizens of the Kingdom of Balian to celebrate the Name Day of Lord Constantine and Lady Diane’s firstborn twins. At the gathering, drinks and food will be ample, contests of sport, and games of card and dice should you bring your coin purse. Celebrations are to start the following Saint's Day. His Excellency, Baron Constantine Malenos, Lord Legate of Balian, Baron of Malenos Lady Diane Opheile Malenos de Rosius, Heiress to the Barony of Valens
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      To the boomer,


      Your message finds me well.


      I am alive, and I am glad to see the same of you.


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  11. Treaty of Monterosa Issued by THE GRAND DUCHY OF BALIAN & THE BARONY OF ACRE In the Year of our Lord, The 13th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 18 of BA In the Year of our Lord, The 13th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1885 ARTICLE I: ON SOVEREIGNTY The Grand Duchy of Balian and the Barony of Acre, also referred to as “the signatories” hereby pledge to mutually recognize each other's status as independent states. Both signatories recognize each other's right to fully rule and govern their territories as they see fit and shall not interfere with each other's internal affairs. The signatories recognize each other's heads of states as the leaders of each respective territory. The Baron of Acre, Sir Hannes of House de Vilain and his successors shall be recognized as the 0.leaders of the Barony of Acre. The Grand Duke of Balian, John I of House Novellen and his successors shall be recognized as the leaders of the Grand Duchy of Balian. ARTICLE II : ON NON AGGRESSION The Signatories will adhere to a pact of non-aggression, and will not incite conflict between them. Neither signatory will provide military or economic aid to powers hostile to the other. ARTICLE III : ON TRADE For the mutual benefit of the signatories, they hereby agree to allow and encourage trade and the seamless flow and passage of merchants within their territories. It is known that the Barony of Acre provides the highest quality of produce within the mainland. And it is also known that the Grand Duchy of Balian produces the world’s best honey. Additionally, a tax free stall shall be provided in the capital of both territories. ARTICLE IV : ON DIPLOMATS In an effort to ensure diplomatic relations continue and enhance diplomatic communication in the future, diplomatic safety shall be guaranteed in the other signatories territories. Diplomats shall not face any persecution while in each other’s respective lands. Should a diplomat cause an issue or violate the law in the other signatories territory then they are to be immediately extradited to their home territory to face judgement from the head of state or whatever internal structure is in place for such an affair. During this time, both signatories should work together to solve the issue diplomatically. ARTICLE V : ON THE VISCOUNTY OF RIVIA In adherence to the signing of this Treaty, the Grand Duchy of Balian shall agree and hold that the House of Rivia shall not enforce nor claim any titles, lands, or prestige within the former lands once called Oren. ARTICLE VI : ON DURATION The signatories both mutually agree that this pact is to be in effect for a fifteen year span. Signed, HIS IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, John I, by the Grace of GOD, Grand Duke of Balian, Viscount of Eflen, Lord of Atrus and Monterosa, and Prince of the Holy Orenian Empire, etcetera. F.O.A. Sir Hannes de Vilain Harvest Lord, Baron of Acre, Patriarch of de Vilain, Father Of All HIS EXCELLENCY, Lord Legate of the Grand Duchy of Balian, Constantine Malenos, Baron of Malenos
  12. The quill was dipped into the black ink a few times over before it reached the paper. “Constantine Malenos.” He would repeat as the name was written over the parchment while his hand continued to finish off the rest of the work. “It pleases me to see former sons of Oren come together once more as friends – and unity by marriage. God bless Sedan and Balian as they continue to prosper under his will.”
  13. Constantine Malenos would reflect upon his early life and how the promised land of Saint Lothar has given a second chance for himself. “Regardless of how we came to be within the Southern Continent, I shall thank god each and every day for giving this life I have been given.”
  14. The once child and now man would review the parchment before him as he offered but a small smile. “It was but when I was ten years of age when I had first stood within the realm of Vuillermoz, during the wedding of the last Emperor and Empress of Oren. I shall not forget those days in which we stood against those that wished to remove us from the realm as a whole.” Constantine would then place the missive down to his desk. “I stand with the House of Vuiller and their homeland.”
  15. I am sorry but I believe this needs some clarification. During Easter sunday when this entire ordeal went down you can not claim that all of the Royalists were Orenians and that the Imperialists were made of outside help. Both sides had Orenians and both sides had outsiders joined in to be completely honest as it was placed together at the very last minute by staff to give an option compared to existing RP situation that was in conflict at the given time. Keep in mind the brother's war had an actual warclaim / coup posted at the time of the conflict. I am not speaking to this matter as I was not present nor have full details of any of it -- but this is an awful example.
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