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  1. A Grand Old Party The House of Malenos welcomes those who have entered into the Syndesi Feriae to the Malenos Manor for a night of drink, games, and eve of marry. If you are a friend of the Grand Duchy of Balian, if you have debuted for the festival or are a friend to the House of Malenos please do attend this event! It shall be hosted at Lothar’s Square 4. Arrive in your best attire, arrive prepared to drink and eat with your heart’s content, and arrive prepared to celebrate the glory of Balian. Shall you all enter as guests and leave our manor as friends. Time : Sunday 6/26/22 3-5 PM EST Location : Maleno’s Manor – Lothar’s Square 4 Lord, Gentry, Commoner -- Constantine of Malenos
  2. Constantine Malenos would be drinking his specialty -- Desert Lemonade with Honey, as he would take the paper in his right hand upon his roof. He would seem to be very pleased with the dispatch.
  3. Why are you so cute? On the real . . . . Why is Da_Emperors your favorite LOTCer?
  4. Not a question but just a comment I would like to say -- you are without a doubt one of the most kind people I have met on LOTC that always checks up on others. You are appreciated for all you do!
  5. Constantine Malenos would sign the Lorianne Cross as the news would be brought to him. He would remain within the Cathedral as he looked towards the altar. "God, shall you take your beloved son within your arms into the seven skies. For the little time I have known him, he has been nothing but kind and cordial to myself and our kin." He remained within the Cathedral for hours on end.
  6. Malenos-Amadeus Tavern Agreement In the year of our Lord 1871, 4 B.A. 17th of the Sun's Smile The Crooked Camel has been sold to the Amadeus family under the following agreement. ARTICLE I. The Amadeus Company shall purchase the Crooked Camel Tavern for a lump payment that is undisclosed. All assets excluding personal drinks served by the Crooked Camel and Malenos Co shall remain the rightful property of the Malenos Co. The tavern property lease shall be fully transferred to the Chief Executive of Amadeus Co, Alexios Amadeus within one saint week.((5/8/22-5/15/22)) The Malenos Co shall leave the tavern taxes paid for one additional saint week to ensure no evictions are levied against the Amadeus Co. ARTICLE II. Workers hired by the Crooked Camel Tavern shall remain employed by the new Amadeus Co Tavern. Previous Management shall retain management role at the discretion and needs of the Amadeus Co. Malenos Co ensures for three saint weeks they do not open a new tavern within the Grand Duchy of Balian. The Malenos company may however sell liquor and beverages within any other business venture outside of a tavern before such time limit. Fair business practices must be engaged by both companies during this time. Within the basement of the ‘Crooked Camel’ lies the storage facility of Mister Malenos. The Amadeus Company shall grant usage of that permanently to the Malenos Company so they shall not have the burden of moving. Signed by the Chief Executive of the Amadeus Company, Alexios Amadeus Signed by the Co-Chief Executive of the Amadeus Company, Helena Amadeus Signed by the Chief Executive of the Malenos Company,
  7. Constantine Malenos would raise his blade at the Grand Duke's side. "We shall stand for our faith and for our own kin -- shall none ever come to threaten either!"
  8. Procurator Constantine Malenos would smile as he raised his drink with friends around the large hearth.
  9. The Procurator’s Report 12th of Sigismiund's End, in the Year of our Lord, 2 Balian's Age. The Office of the Procurator has prepared the following report for the citizens of the Grand Duchy. Within the first two Saint’s days of property sales with Atrus, all homes, apartments, and business stalls have been sold completely. It is joyous to see all those who have already begun their new lives within the city but the question is left what will be done to address the requests for more housing. After carefully considering the demand, we have deemed it appropriate to conduct various construction projects to expand the housing market with the following additions to be created. The Second Tavern within the Hogius Circle shall be remodeled for additional housing for small-sized families. We expect this project to be completed within one Saint’s week. New homes will be created within the farming districts. We expect this project to be completed this Saint’s week. The Crooked Tavern has opened four housing units that are able to be rented by the Saint’s week or Saint’s month. They are available now if you would like to take a tour. As progress continues upon these projects the Office of the Procurator shall provide more details on the availability of the new homes. If you have already purchased your home or business please do keep in mind that the tax office is located to the left of the city entrance. The tax office will be opening within two Saint’s days for collections for the start of each Saint’s week. Lastly, we will be on looking to hire two citizens to the role of Steward within Atrus, if this is an opportunity that interests you please send a letter to begin the process. Constantine Malenos, Procurator of Balain
  10. In the year of our Lord, 1869, the Malenos company was formed within the Grand Duchy of Balian. Within Atrus, the company has purchased the rights to the city tavern now named the Crooked Camel. If you are looking to find employment and earn a good wage, speak to Constantine Malenos, Thomas Oliver, or Victoria Anastasie. The grand opening of the Crooked Camel shall be held the following Saint’s day. If you wish to refresh yourself do come take a visit to eat a fine meal or drink ales from local or foreign regions. We shall look forward to serving you. The Malenos Company
  11. Ledicort d'Azor would watch from the heavens as he remained disgusted with his heir and child. He would not whisper any prayers for him nor any of those whom wished the Empire ill will.
  12. A year has passed since the tragic events at the Saint Ari’s day Massacre. The Battle of New Providence was lost, Emperor Peter IV was dead, and tens of thousands of Orenians were displaced across the oceans as they looked towards God for comfort. Charles was but a simple commoner amongst the many. In his mind, the bravery of those who stood against the unjust actions of the Kingdom had battled against the scenes of bloodshed and death. Never again. Never again. Never again. He repeated it hundreds of times to himself. Never again do I wish to feel this way. Once they had arrived in the new lands led by the Star of Saint Lothar a small smile would break on his face. Around him, peers, commoners, clergy, soldiers, and others all stood together united by the promise John had given at the raised plateau. He had arrived in God’s Kingdom and had looked forward to nothing but the chance of holding a new life started afresh. The soldier before him asked as he looked to take entry into the newly restored city – “What is your name lad?” In his mind he had considered it for a moment, he wished to embrace a new start – he had little that would know of him in his previous years in the former Empire. He replied, “My name is Constantine Malenos.” The soldier would then grant him entry into the city as the youth would move to begin his new life.
  13. Constantine Malenos would smile as he entered into the walls of Ponterosa, the youth would be pleased to be able to start his life afresh amongst fellow liked minded friends and comrades.
  14. Peter Augustus would look to his friend moments before his mind would filled with memories of his childhood alongside his closest friend. "Floryan, run -- please leave!" He would scream with his might. Knowing his request was rejected, his heart was torn to pieces. Tears were all that was left for Peter to offer as he knew what was to come.
  15. You win some you lose some. Hats off to @itdontmatta and @Llirfor setting up the last minute warclaim battle on Easter Sunday. 

    Thanks for everyone who took part in some amazing roleplay and a fun Civil war, was some of the best RP i've seen in some time.

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