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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all whom celebrate. This is a time to look back to what you are thankful for, the blessings that surround you and your loved ones lives and the memories that created with the bonds you share. Hope you all have a wonderful day filled with food and merry!

  2. Very nice! Looking forward to seeing what is to come.
  3. Conclusion of the Inferi War Ark. Great chapter in the books for LOTC. Had a great time and want to give a shout out to ScreamingDino and Miniguy for hosting great events alongside all of the other ET staff! Hats off! 

  4. Shout out to the ET handing a 275+ person event, you guys are amazing! Thanks for your hard work for everyone’s enjoyment!

  5. Hope you all have a fantastic day, and have a killer day of roleplay, mad stuff to come. Seize the day!

  6. Ledicort d’Azor would be preparing the soldiers upon the eve of marching to the warfront. He would light the Dubious Cigar that was between his lips as he looked at a missive that would be upon his desk. As he read the contents, a smile would be left upon his face. “Victoria, your future is as bright as can be. The Empire has a scholar in the making and one I am so proud to call my god child.”
  7. Miniguy, your event today was such an amazing one. Everyone had such a great time and was engaged even with it being 4+ hours. Thanks for your time and dedication man. Really really well done mate!

    1. Miniguy15736


      Thank you 😄. I felt like it could’ve gone smoother overall, but I’m glad people enjoyed it

    2. argonian


      miniguy??? who

  8. Seize the day 

    1. greygre


      carp and die them

  9. Have a good one 

  10. Ledicort would smile as he looked over the Entomology brief from his godchild, “I am glad to see that Victoria is a shining light for all to look to. May she continue to enlighten us with her findings.”
  11. Good morning, first hit of positivity for all of you today. Seize the day and achieve what you set out to do! Have a great day

    1. Disheartened


      YOU have a great day!

  12. Afternoon LOTC, have a splendid rest of your day. 

  13. <--------><--------><--------> The Mercantile Endeavor <--------><--------><--------> Written by Ledicort d’Azor Economic systems have evolved from the dawn of time. Peoples, Nations and Races across all of the Acras have created various means to trade and grow wealth. Over time it is seen that as wealth and prosperity grow within the markets, governmental and outside forces seek to take and regulate a larger piece out from the existing pool. Such would lead to the greatest loss of productivity and ability to reach each and every talent that may still be unearthed. When one should consider the economy and the “Mercantile Endeavor”, they should look past race, creed or belief for the thought that the individual holds talent. Talent in that they can provide service, goods or labor to an existing or new foundation of the Nation. Strictly speaking when it pertains to economic goals, we should view talent as the primary resource. Any agency should look to avoid the harming of the talent pool that the Nation will come to rely on for proper economic growth. Freedom of the Economic Endeavor The State should not interfere with the concept of Freedom of the Economic Endeavor. The free thought and will of a citizen to create and run the Mercantile Endeavor affair should be unhindered. Enterprise and markets should follow the nature of the Empiric way that promotes progress for the state, as long as they do such, no laws should be provoked to prevent the rise of business and the market. The stronger the use of the talent pool and strength of industry, the stronger the state will be in turn. Taxation Taxation remains important for the structure of a functioning Empire that can provide for the common defense, prosperity of the people and stable order for all that remain within its borders. However, taxation of Merchants, Traders, and Artisans should not prevent the ability to grow and prosper. When taxation goes above the needs of the state, it will hinder the markets and ability to maximize the talent of the nation to grow and prosper. A state should only tax for the services it must provide, and when said taxes are unchecked, the economy and markets will be left to fail. Guilds and Organizations The state should not interfere with the market's own devices. Government should not enforce the union of businesses nor prevent said guilds from creation. The market is a living and breathing entity that creates problems and solutions on its own accord. It is not the duty of the government to interfere with the ability for the market to deal with the endeavor that is placed before any talent -- rather the duty of the market and organization on its own to solve the problems that they may face. In Essence The nation is as strong as the ability for a citizen or talent to create and build on their own free will. The nation’s role in such is to promote the ability for this growth. Over regulation, taxes and interference will take away from the ability for that pool to create and grow -- and in return hinder the ability for the nation to grow as a whole. Promote the free minded talent and citizens to build the nation, do not hinder them. The Right of the individual to serve the crown and promote economic growth by relative freedom is the core of Mercantilism -- and the core in which the nation will prosper forward. 10th of the Sun Smile 1791 Ledicort d’Azor
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