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  1. Peter Augustus would smile as he would whisper a prayer, "Shall all of God's children be protected by him, all glory to him!"
  2. He would smile as he looked to his mother, lightly he would whisper to himself, "Long may you reign!"
  3. Completely biased to see the rally gap change every single shift -- and to see another warclaim fucked by a staff plugin or a stupid set of rules. We should be used to this at this point but it is still embarrassing.Β 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. NotEvilAtAll


      Pretty sure the ratios were maintained fairly well

    3. argonian


      itt a self-made entrepeneur learns what a ratio is, and why a numerical gap would change (and indeed decrease, in his favour) as total numbers decreasedΒ 

    4. Laeonathan


      Just divide the numbers, it's almost the sam result everytime. You can't have the same ratio all the time however, because half players aren't a thing... but the ratio didnt work

  4. Peter Augustus would remove his helmet and toss it to the side as he called towards the people of Oren together in the Imperial Palace -- the Youth would begin to speak towards the people of the Holy Orenian Empire.
  5. The Prince of Providence would smile as he looked towards his Serene Highness Minuvas and his parents. In his mind he thought that today was truly a historic day for all of the Holy Orenian Empire.
  6. Ledicort d'Azor would look from the seven at his boy and the people of Oren -- he would smile as his will was passed down to the next generation.
  7. Peter August of House Karpho would smile as he looked to the parchment, "Shall we dine well upon facing the heathens!" He replied.
  8. Prince of Providence Peter Augustus would look towards the missive as he would offer a nod, "Shall Lady Mayor Edith Hope serve with grace and dedication to our realm." He would move off to his next lesson.
  9. Peter Augustus would smile as he watched his parents, the ISA, the ISN, and the brave citizens of the Empire return on the ship as he waved from the shoreline. β€œGod shall protect his faithful!” The youth would turn to his siblings as he could not contain his joy.
  10. Peter Augustus would move with the Soldiers of the Imperial State Army and Citizens as they captured one more foe that remained at the gates. Upon killing the godless man, they move to place the body at the gates β€” the Empire would watch as the body was taken from the foes that wished to continue barbaric acts as they stood still, β€œOne God, One Empire, One Emperor.” He would whisper, β€œShall you never forget that.”
  11. Peter August of House Kaphro would pour out a cold one for his friend, the former Duke of Sunholdt. "Rest easy dear friend -- God willing, I shall see you in the Seven."
  12. Prince of Providence Peter Augustus would read the pinned missive as he took in the words. β€œPerhaps I should speak to Father Draskovic. I am in the need of more tutors.” He smiled as he made his way to find him.
  13. Peter August of House Kaphro would shake his head. "It is but the oath you swore to our Emperor and Empress in which you failed in. All peers and heirs must swear and hold those words to be true." We move to place a cigar between his lips as he went to light it.
  14. Peter August of House Kaphro would look towards the missive of Lady de Savoy. He would smile as he commented, "Claude de Savoy is but a idol of wisdom to all her fellow Orenians." He moved back towards the gates as he would offer to take over the next shift from the Imperial Solider on duty.
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