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  1. Ledicort d’Azor would smile as he looked upon the charter for the Bank of Oren. He would place it down as he reflected over the advancements that were in place. “Shall the protection of the Holy Orenian Empire extend to any citizen whom wishes for it economically as well.”
  2. Ledicort would take the letter from his aid as he remained in the Selm Palace offices. He would look to see Ophelia's seal upon it as he would open the parchment carefully. His first thought was to appreciate her penmanship as the light smile upon his face would quickly fade. His jaw would lock as he further gripped the letter -- emotions would soon pour as a trickle of tears would fall from his face. The aid would look to him with question as he would rise from his seat. He took a few steps towards the exit of his door as the assistance called out his name; however, the only action that would
  3. Tom Brady was the GOAT, but winning on a bucs just makes his legacy untouchable. 7 Superbowls and 5 Superbowl MVPs. He has more than any  franchise now in the NFL

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    2. MisterChenn


      2 hours ago, argonian said:

      is it normal in the nfl for ppl to still be playing this old


      43 would be beyond ancient even for a goalkeeper in soccer 

      its not, unless you’re tom brady

    3. tasty_cheesecake


      depends on what position too like youre prob not gonna see a more physical position player continue so long, qbs can get really old tho but no playing until 43 is not normal

    4. Da_Emperors


      @argonianYou will see some players get into the 40s in football, but in select positions, for NFL a QB at 40 is extremely rare, but the fact that Brady is playing at this level at his age, it is unreal. It is if Ronaldo or Messi were playing at 40 at ST/CF and still getting 20-25 goals per season.


  4. RP Name: Ledicort d'AzorMC Name: Da_EmperorsVoted: Yes
  5. Ledicort d’Azor would smile as he would read the missive. He would gesture towards the storage units in the warehouse, “Jonathan, deliver containers filled with bread and food to the collection point. Kaphro Azor and Company shall aid in any way we can.”
  6. NAKD, See ya in the AM

  7. Ledicort d’Azor would hold onto Sir Henry Marshall’s hand as he would remain still, seeing the life from the man fade away. His fragile mind would shift further and further from sanity as the mix of anger, rage and sorrow would tear at him from every angle. As Henry passed. Ledicort would lose his ability to keep control, he would curl his fingers into a fist as the emotions would slip. He slammed the fist into the wall as he screamed, “HENRY!!!” The fist would break into the wood as a trickle of blood would pour from his knuckles as his fury continued. After some time he would com
  8. At Your Pleasure Ledicort d’Azor for the House of Commons 15th of the First Seed “Dear brethren, friends and citizens of the Empire -- Five years ago I ran for my first term in the House of Commons and I thank you dearly for your consideration to be placed within such a humbling office. Within the first term of service the National Party has shown to be one that seeks to serve the people of the Empire regardless of which part you may reside in. From the Revolution of 1800 in which we showed compromise for the betterment of
  9. Ledicort d'Azor would be seated in the park as he would look to the flyer as an aid would bring it before him. He would look at the parchment and offer a light nod. "By God seek to bless the endeavors that are to come ahead for party, for country and for prosperity of the people."
  10. SURNAME: d'Azor FIRST NAME: Ledicort ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Little Ves 4 YEAR OF BIRTH: 1760 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the Providence District? Yes Do you have any other title, peerage or military service that may conflict with becoming a Member of the House of Commons, as per the Edict of Reform (1763)? No If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the House of Commons, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered t
  11. The Union Between Ledicort d’Azor and Juliana Pruvia-Albarosa Vice Chancellor Ledicort d’Azor and Lady Juliana Pruvia-Albarosa courteously invite you to their union. The marriage that was struck on the 12th of Sigismund’s End 1800, has come to date as friends, family and the brethren of the Holy Orenian Empire are invited for a night celebration and marry. The celebrations shall begin in the Cathedral of Providence in which all are invited to witness the marriage before God. Afterwards a party shall be hosted at the Imperial Palace where a
  12. Ledicort d'Azor would read the missive in his office as he would speak to his aide, "Please arrange a time in which I can go to Southbridge soon, I would like to visit at the earliest chance."
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