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  1. Hakka would look around the clan hall with his cousins as he chuckled, "Remember how grandfather never gave us gifts for passing our trials -- or also for when we defended him against terrorists? Man, good times, He will have to make up quite a bit to restore his relationship with us laddies."
  2. 1957 of the Stone Age ᛁᚱᛖᚺᛖᚨᚱᛏ ᛏᚱᚨᛞᛁᛏᛁᛟᚾᛋ Return of the True Son ᚱᛖᛏᚢᚱᚾ ᛟᚠ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛏᚱᚢᛖ ᛋᛟᚾ Hakka Ireheart would arrive by ship from the Western Ocean as the young dwarf would exit the ship. The crisp seafaring breeze would hit him on the cheeks once more as he moved quickly to dry land. A sharp urge would come to reality as the contents of his stomach would be emptied by a nearby tree. “I am blessed to be done with these damned waters. I am tired over anything with water.” He would shake his head as he raised his hands to his lip and wiped his mouth. “I wonder where my brother Hakon and my father Bakir are these days.” The Dwarf would quickly wipe his hands on his garments as he looked towards the Capital. Upon reaching the gates of Urugan, a dwed would run up to him with a pamphlet as he observed the headlines of the realm. Upon reading its contents, it would outline the gruesome war occurring between the Covenant forces and the alliance of Veletz. With a shake of his head, he would head to the Ireheart Clan hall where the hearth still remained lit. Within the halls of his clan, he penned many letters to his cousins, comrades, and all those who bore the name of Ireheart. — “The son of Bakir is home. I see my clan empty, our halls abandoned and no songs being sung of our glory. This shall not stand. As Clan Father the revival of our clan will ensue and the glory of the Irehearts will return. As my first act, I will deal with our grudge against the Vale who wronged us a decade ago. We shall fix this grudge with words rather than a fist. You are all expected to be present in a stone’s month to come home. Narvok oz Kjellos!” Son of Bakir, Clan father of the Irehearts
  3. Within the Drunkin' Dragon in the Ireheart clan hall, Hakka would continue to mix and blend a variety of ingredients together with his new ciders and ales. Once the missive had reached the dwed a hearty chuckle would escape him. "Weh come teh peace wif dat fool'esh clan 'nd now dis? Talk 'bout bein' slow aye? Tell yeh wot. Why weh not place investagation over'a panseh fleein' from deh Grand King's side. 'or pa'haps loyality teh deh Grand King 'imself?" Hakka would move to finish the entirely of the contents within his glass as he would chuckle.
  4. Hakka Ireheart would step within the clan halls amongst the other irehearts as he raised his mug alongside the others. "Meh yeh retirement beh filled wif mead 'nd leadin' deh youngins on der' trials Uncleh." He then downed the rest of his mead as he contunued, "Fatha, wheh weh gonna do next aye?"
  5. Writ of Dissolution Issued, Circa. 6th of The Deep Cold, in the Year of our Lord 1910 Acting in accordance with the codes of chivalry and by the grace of GOD, the Round Table opposed the rule of Renilde I and her claim as the sovereign of the Commonwealth of the Petra. We were roused to act in response to the threat of a foreign army encroaching upon our lands. An army of mercenaries and raiders which sought to take the lives of the populace we swore to defend. The blood of those we once considered our brothers and sisters was shed in the civil war that followed. Our country was set aflame and many innocents were displaced by the final battle for Valfleur. Men, women and children burned in the fires of war, and anger forestalled all hope for a peaceful resolution. But though we lament the loss of life, we bear no regret in standing for what we believed to be righteous. The people believed in Constanz and stood by him until his honourable death by single combat. Our penance shall be dedicated to ensuring that the Archduke’s sacrifice was not in vain and that peace is once again restored to the heartlands. The war is over. Thus, we the surviving members of the Round Table and council of His Grace, the late Archduke Constanz, do announce this to be our final act in said capacity. We declare the following: The Round Table shall forsake its claim to be the rightful government to the Commonwealth of the Petra, and its associated territories. The Round Table hereby recognises the legitimacy of the bloodline of Paul Salvian and the House of the Petra as the sovereign rulers of the Commonwealth of the Petra. The members of the Round Table shall ensure the well-being of the children sired through the union of Constanz and Renilde I, following its dissolution, as per the will of their late father. The Round Table hereby declares any and all previous declarations of hostility or calls for violence against the regime of Renilde I null and void. Furthermore, we denounce any future dissident activities perpetrated by revolutionary remnants. Signed, His Lordship, Sir Louis Valencour d’Azor, former Chancellor of the Commonwealth Her Ladyship, Evangeline Daphne de Rosius-Malenos, former Head Steward of the Commonwealth Her Ladyship, Clementine Amaedea Huntshill Green, former Treasurer of the Commonwealth His Lordship, Sir Gregory ‘Wings’ von Hahn, former Marshal of the Commonwealth His Lordship, Artiev Colborn, former Master of the Hunt of the Commonwealth
  6. Hakka Ireheart would smile, "Cousehs, weh m'ust head back sooneh den lata! Wif honour, meh wants a duel!"
  7. Louis Valencour d’Azor would look to his best friend as the silence continued for moments longer. He observed the finished letter before before they as head finally spoke, “Where did it all go wrong?” He asked back. Louis stood to his feet as he swifter to pour two glasses of wine before the pair. “Regardless. We shall drink tonight, and tomorrow I shall follow you my brother. “
  8. Constantine Malenos would move to aid those whom were harmed by Azdrazi, outside raiders, and the like. "T-They hold no honor nor consideration."
  9. "Shall the paper never falter no matter the state of the realm!" Louis would exclaim.
  10. Sir Louis Valencour d'Azor would sign the parchment as he looked towards the names on the page. "We serve our Commonwealth brothern! Shall they never forget."
  11. The Chancellor of the Commonwealth would be with the citizens of Petra as they were preparing to deal with the what was to come. A fellow citizen would recite the missive towards the crowd as Louis would reply, "Hear hear, shall she answer for her crimes!"
  12. Louis would look to Albert, "My dear boy, how could we have known your mother would not only betray you and your kin but our nation as a whole. Shall you always be watched over by those whom call you kin."
  13. Upon wrapping up dinner with his family, Louis would be approached by an aid whom bought him a copy of the theses.“Wise words are written upon the page before me.” He would glance towards his wife as continued, “It does bother me truly that the Holy Mother Church ignores a Canonist state in our own, I shall hope that it change in rapid pace.”
  14. I had the pleasure of meeting Dantory within Petra over the past four months. During that time I can say he was a individual that cared deeply for his lotc family, the community he was a part of, and above all -- his friends he spent time with. Many members of Petra and LOTC got to know his loud voice, his laughter, and his consideration for others as he spent time both in character and in discord. Dantory was always full of life and full of energy. When the community we both were are a part of had found out of the tragic news of his accident we all came together to pray and hope he would be able to come back to us. Today -- We pray for him and his family, we hope he his in a better place, and shall always hope to spread his laughter that echoed with us so dearly to others. Rest in peace my dear friend Szander. I shall pray for you and your own always.
  15. Louis would smile the sun's smile as he saw another ally sign an alliance to with the Commonwealth. "It pleases me dearly to see that our Commonwealth stands with many around the world as allies and friends in such trying times. May God bless this union!"
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